• December 4, 2021

Eagles Were Without Answers In The Post Game

How could a team which is fighting for its playoff lives show up and play such an emotionless game against the undefeated Atlanta Falcons?  For three quarters the game wasn’t in doubt.  The Falcons dominated the Eagles from start to finish with the Atlanta offense ruling the game and dominating the ball.

Some of the comments after the game were very negative while others were very positive.

Andy Reid

Reid was on the defensive after the game last night which is what he his team did most of the game.  He was the first time his team has lost their first game after the bye week.  He didn’t shed much light on any moves he might make going forward, but as usual he took responsibility for everything, while saying he didn’t regret firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

” However you write it or perceive it, it’s my responsibility to make sure they play better than that,” said Reid. ”I didn’t do a good enough job of getting them ready.”

Michael Vick

Of course Vick was disappointed after losing the game which may wind up being his last start as the Eagles starting quarterback.  The Birds quarterback was 20-34 for 176 yards with one touchdown pass and no turnovers.  His quarterback rating for the day was 82.5

“This was a big game for us — it was one that we needed”, Vick said. “Collectively, we needed to put it all together.  We find ourselves in a situation where we didn’t do it. We didn’t play the way we know we can play. Like coach said, it’s flat-out embarrassing.”

DeSean Jackson

Jackson sprained his ankle during the contest and wasn’t able to find the end zone or get deep for a big play.  He managed to catch five passes for 59 yards, but  he was still positive after the game.

“I’m very confident in this team,” Jackson said. “I believe we have a great team. It’s just frustrating that we can’t put it together.”

LeSean McCoy

McCoy found a way to get in the end zone twice on Sunday.  He ran the ball 16 times for only 45 yards scored a touchdown on the ground.   The running back straight-armed Asante Samuel to the ground on his way to the score.

McCoy caught three passes for 22 yards and scored on a short screen in the red zone.

After the game he called out his teammates by questioning their effort.

“How we played, how the game ended, I didn’t see any pride,” McCoy said after the game. “I didn’t see any heart.”

Cullen Jenkins 

Jenkins has become one of the guys who the media goes to for a quote.  He registered a sack yesterday on a play which Matt Ryan slid on the ground with the clock ticking out.  He was mis

“We didn’t show up,” Jenkins said after the loss to the Falcons. “Whatever we could have done wrong, we pretty much did it.”

“You would think obviously [we would have come out well]. We must not think.”

Nmandi Asomugha

It wasn’t a good game for Asomugha or any of the other cornerbacks during this game.  The former Oakland Raider was beaten deep by Julio Jones on a 63-yard bomb.  Asomugha was out run by Jones and could only dive after his ankles as Jones halled in the pass and ran into the end zone.

Asumugha was matched up against Jones and he caught five passes for 123 yards and one touchdown.  That’s what you call getting torched.

He came here with the reputation of being a shut down cornerback whom nobody wanted to throw against.  He has become a target for opposing quarterbacks.  After the game, he defended the play of the team.

“The game was bad. This team isn’t bad, though. This is a good team,” Asomugha said. “Unfortunately, we show stuff like that and then the question is, ‘Well, are you?’ “


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  • I’m sick and tired of hearing how much talent this team has, especially on offense. Other than Lesean McCoy, are any of the other skill players special? I mean come on, our WRs are tiny and soft and our TE, while reliable, is nothing special either. Look at the Falcons WRs, they are fast AND big. In today’s NFL you need speed AND size. Maclin is average and Desean is nothing more than an # 3 receiver… This team and their “we are so talented” mentality is a joke

  • And I’ll tell you what else we need. A friggin pocket QB who can make NFL throws. So tired of the BS running QBs we’ve had for the past 15 years, can someone tell me the last running QB to win the SB … I didn’t think so, because there aren’t any. That should be the last trait you look for in a QB, but for some reason the Eagles make it the first … Unbelievable

    • jdoggy dog, you’re an idiot as are many many Philly fans. One of those pocket passers is the best QB in the history of the franchise and you want to treat him like he has Ron Jawarski career stats.

      While I don’t have a problem with “Pocket QBs” they are a dying breed in general. Very soon the “Pocket QB” will be an anachronism synonymous with the “Old Dogged Era” of NFL football. Aaron Rodgers is not a pure pocket passer, neither is Andrew Luck, neither is Jake Locker, neither is Josh Freeman and obviously Robert Griffin isn’t. If over the next four to five years the top two or three QBs taken in drafts are not “Pocket Passers” it will cement the growing trend away pocket passing as a solo viable QB technique and it will go the way of the DoDo. Get used to it bub.

  • G, The Eagles were without answers in the Post game, Pre game, Bye week, you name it, this coaching staff doesnt have a clue, its over! What needs to be done is, get a bright young coach and surround him with experienced Cords, my picks would be, Norv Turner on O, and Rex Ryan or Ron Rivera on D, we all know those guys will be gone at the end of the year also, those 3 guys are in the same clone as Wade Phillips, horrible Head Coaches, Great Cords.

    • Terrible idea. You can’t surround a young new coach with a bunch of guys that were head coaches the season before. None of the 3 you mentioned are going to be happy taking a step backwards and working for somebody with a limited resume.
      The Eagles should hire a General Manager, somebody like Casserly or Polian or Lombardi or Modrak and let that person hire a coach.

  • E-money, i think your forgetting, the Eagles did exactly that when they hired Reid, the man was never even a Cord and yet Jimmy Johnson came on board plus Childress who had way more experience than Reid, but i do agree, we should hire a good GM and let him hire who he wants, I wouldnt have a problem with any one of those choices.

    • Jimmy Johnson has never been a head coach at any level. He hadn’t been highly successful as a defensive coordinator either. Childress wasn’t Reid’s first offensive coordinator, Rod Dowhower was. While Rod has been a head coach in college, he has never been a head coach in the NFL.
      So the Eagles didn’t do anything close to what you’re proposing when Reid was hired. How happy do you think Rex Ryan is going to be losing a head coaching job after taking his team the AFC championship in his first 2 seasons, and coming in here and reporting to a first time coach? Same thing with Norv Turner. These guys don’t want to take a step backwards.

  • Lack of a proper blitzing strategy as well as no strategy for defending bunched receivers helped the Falcons. New Orleans bunches receivers quite a bit too, so the Eagles can expect more of the same.

    Poor O-Line play even though Demtress Bell and Vick’s lack ability to change O-Line configurations is apparently responsible for the entire O-Line looking like a Raggedy and an Andy doll set vs. Fido.

    Just to clarify for everyone audibled shifts are going to be more useful to blocking TEs, blocking RBs and block FBs and less effective for O-Linemen simply because every O-linemen can look directly at the man they have to block directly in front of them and make an individual decision about how to position themselves to block the dude. The biggest problem is that Mudd’s “Launch technique” eliminates precious milliseconds for the O-Linemen to anticipate the movement of the defensive lineman in front of them.

  • Jon Gruden is the obvious choice and the one choice so many people want to scoff at like his SuperBowl credentials are a mirage.

  • After Reid and his staff are fired, the Eagles need to let go of the following players:

    Desean Jackson

    These players are cancer

  • Others:


    The coach to hire: Boise State’s Chris Peterson

  • I sat in the fucking rain till the very end of the game to watch that pathetic performance by this team. Reid is a complete joke as a coach at this point in time. Watching him coach week in and week out and listening to his BS after the game feels like having an ex girlfriend kick you in the nuts as hard as she can.

    I’m not a huge fan of Gruden but I would take him in a heartbeat over Reid any day. My choice would be Dungy (who built that superbowl team you speak of Butch)…I said it plenty of times on here that I would offer the guy a blank check to come back to coaching.

  • “How we played, how the game ended, I didn’t see any pride,” McCoy said after the game. “I didn’t see any heart.”

    McCoy should have looked on the T-shirts they made. Nothing proves you got heart liking putting it on a T-shirt.

    What a bunch of softies.

  • How about giving some credit to Matt Ryan
    He hits his receivers in stride

  • Butch, you’re the idiot, because it’s obvious you need a QB who can stand in the pocket and make tough throws against the blitz. All the top QBs in the League do this, none of them run for first dows (Brees, Brady, Manning(s), Rodgers (runs a little bit)) But the point is running QBs don’t win, and everyone but you and Andy Reid understand that. I’ll also go on record now, saying RG3 nor Cam Newton will ever win anything nor be considered a top QB in the NFL

  • I told everyone who would listen that Asmo was no match for Jones, he simply can’t cover beyond 15 yards with a fleet footed WR
    He should have been on the slower Roddy White
    I also stated the Eagles would have there hands full with Falcon scat back Jaquizz Rogers which they did and also will struggle vs the Saints with scat back D Spriles and WR L Moore and Upcoming RB Alfred Morris of the Skins, I could go on Nd on, but I am finished with this Team and will no longer bang my head against the wall in analyzing what’s wrong with them
    I’m done with them until a complete change in GM, philosophy and a new coaching Staff, call me a hater, but enough is enough with this Franchise

  • The eagles are built wrong. When you have a QB like Vick all you need is an offensive line.. Thats all you need. He can do it all by himself.. But thats what we do not have… The eagles probably have the worst line in football right now.

    Also lets fire juan castillo who worked wonders with below average offensive lineman for 10 years.. Andy reid fired the best coach on the eagles..

  • Fraudman you also stated that the birds would win but you haven’t mentioned that post game!
    And to butch don’t give us Gruden! His W L record is worse than AR.
    A good GM picking his coach is the way to go. Rid this team of the cancers that were previously mentioned.

  • this team has no identity and no leadership. I also would not touch Gruden with a 10 foot pole. he’s as overrated as they come.

  • and haveacigar, dont waste your time with pman..

  • To HAC
    If you ever paid attention, every time I pick them to Win, they Lose..So I will be picking them to win out this Season, for I really want them to go 3-13 (which is a strong possibility) so they clean house and end up with a Top 5 Draft Pick
    and Draft a Punter or a Long-Snapper.. This Franchise is so damn clueless right now that they have become a real “Joke” among NFL Circles.. People won’t say it, because they personally like Coach Andy Reid, but dumb ass move after another and now the panic button is blown off that this Team and Franchise probably has has as quick as a demise as any Team in the NFL in recent Memory.. (reminds me a lot of the Raiders of recent years– A Crazy Owner who called the shots with poor Coaching HIres, Gut-Feeling Draft Picks, Poor signings, Undiscipline Teams and a complete mess for the last 10 Years.. This is what the Eagles have become in the NFC..Players who think they are better than they are, fans who think they have a legitimate shot every year and Coaches and Ownership are clueless

    I saw post earlier by daggoldn about Turner,Rivera and Ryan, tell me exactly what the F these Coaches have Won.. are you kidding me… Many of these Eagles Fans are as clueless as the Eagles Leadership..

  • our safeties are TERRIBLE! they contantly bite and always get caught looking the backfield. too many wasted draft picks in 2011-2010. Our O-line is a JOKE.

  • win or lose Pman Reid is OUT. SD already has him on their radar and he will get first choice at whatever openings are out there. Vick is definitely gone. he has already checked out and his contract was set up this way.

  • Fraud the point is you make a thousand predictions and crow about sme but ignore your own idiotic statements. A broken clock is right twice a day and you are a broken clock.

  • Well, I’ve saved my hard earned money for over 3 years now vowing to not go to a game or buy anything Eagles until Andy is outta here…..a few more months and I’ll finally have something to cheer about.

    Andy Reid’s pink slip

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