• August 14, 2022

DeSean Jackson on Michael Vick: He’s Not As Comfortable Running The Offense

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was on the NFL Network this morning on their NFL AM show and he didn’t give a ringing endorsement of current starting Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick.  In my opinion, he seemed to be quite open to a quarterback change.

When asked what he thought about the possibility of a change at the quarterback position, Jackson responded, “We are too good of a team to be on a three-game losing streak, so whatever it is we can do to get things rolling that is what we are here to do.”

That comment doesn’t sound like somebody who is against a quarterback change. When asked point blank whether a quarterback change would make a difference, Jackson responded, “You never know until it happens.”

If I were Michael Vick that isn’t exactly what I would be wanting to hear. The most incriminating answer Jackson gave during the interview came when he was asked what the difference was between Vick this year as compared to in the past.

“I don’t think he is as comfortable as he usually is (running the offense).”

He could have said something about the fact that Jason Peters and Jason Kelce aren’t in the lineup, but he seemed to be laying Vick’s problems solely at the quarterback’s feet.Jackson’s mindset.  He doesn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in Vick at the moment.

This says a lot about Jackson as a teammate and what could be the mindset of this football team right now.

When asked about Andy Reid’s status, he responded, “This is a big year for us.  There is no room to be struggling.  I know Coach Reid’s back is against the wall.  We just have to figure it out.”

When asked how to improve the Eagles, he responded, “Everyone has to be accountable.  Everyone can’t look at anyone else and question (them).  It has to start with each individual…. look at their mistakes and correct them.” 


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  • The rats are jumping ship! AR has broken his cardinal rule about having character guys in the locker rom. He fell in love with flash where he made his name on substance. I always thought they should have let Jackson walk… He is me first.

  • This is just fantastic.

  • He’s not comfortable because of the hits he taking. Please quote everything Desean said that he considers 7 still elite. I love the way reporters pick and choose what to comment on.

  • Big lion the point is this team is not made up of character guys…. Me first egos. This is so unlike an AR team. He was always a character guy, sometimes he didn’t have the best players but they were team first, quality people. Now he has thugs and me first assholes. Vick is the leader of that group, followed by Jackson.
    I feel sorry for shady, Ryan’s, celek , Herriman they are surrounded by heartless jerks.

  • Won’t go as far with the thug thing Cig I agree the character is lacking and Shady’s comment about them lacking heart is on point. The first sign of adversity and they tank so unlike a usual Andy Reid team.

  • Well the leader of the group is a thug. Lived the thug life. I give him credit for his getting it together but his character is still from the thug life. That doesn’t change

  • I stTated all summer long that I was more co Verne’s about the Eagles Offense than I was their Defense, very few Teams outside the 49ers and Bears have total Team Defense. It’s all about s Kringle TD’s and the Eagles are ranked in the bottom of the NFL whenit comes to scoring TD’s
    This red-zone problem for settling for short Fg’s has been around for 5 years now and gas veen masked by their big plays down the field.. Fast forward to 2012 and the big plays are long gone and the result is what we see. An NFL Team averaging 15pts a game which means about 4 wins a Season
    In today’s NFl, if you are not scoring 26-28pts per game as an average, you are not going to be a winning team let alone a real SupercBowl conte did and the bottom line is that the Eagles lack in consustency, discipline, execution Bd test Talent to get it done week in and week outs. Opposing Teams DC have figured out Coach Ar/MM system years ago so it’s old hat and predictable but isn’t it amazing that every Team’s Defense the Eagles face in 2012 looks and plays good…. Maybe it’s this outdated Offense and their predictable schemes and formations…

  • Well Cig running a dog fighting ring is hardly thuggish more like trailer park, but I think he’s changed but all that aside he needs to play football and stop thinking so damn much. Should I run should I slide should I throw it away should I stay in the pocket. Over thinking everything right now and not playing natural.

  • I second what McNabb said…the whole O-Line needs to get benched.

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