• July 2, 2022

Eagles Players And Coaches Are Very Excited About Foles Starting

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg were in Nick Foles’ ear so much Wednesday that he wasn’t able to get freed up to do the the usual Wednesday lunch time interview with the media.  They don’t say it but yoiu can tell ‘re counting on Foles to help save the season.  Reid and Mornhinweg know they have the perfect situation for the kid, so they’re focusing especially carefully on this game plan.

As you would expect, rookie quarterback can hardly contain himself as he prepares for this weekend’s battle with the Skins. “I’m ready”, Foles said. “I’m excited to just play again. Like I’ve said before, my prayers are with [QB] Mike [Vick] and I just want him to be healthy. It’s my time to just go out there, play, do everything I can for this team, and help in any way possible. We just have to play fast.”

The Redskins are a team which the Eagles are very capable of beating.  They have a pedestrian offense which is led by a rookie quarterback in Robert Griffin III. and they have a defense without a pass rush backed up by a mediocre secondary.  The Washington defense as it is constructed right now are a perfect opponent for Foles to play against in his first start.

Foles is sensing a terrific opportunity.  “He’s around here all the time, and he spends a lot of time in this building getting himself right”, Reid said. “You have to do that when you’re the relief pitcher as the backup. He’s used to that workload and he’s continuing on with that. He came in yesterday and made sure he put in a few hours.”

According Mornhinweg, Foles’ teammates are just as excited about playing with the rookie.  “There’s two things we talked about. Nick starting – I love this situation because, hey, it’s us against everybody. Even to the point of thriving on it with our players. Then, you put with Nick in there, a rookie quarterback, and our players certainly see bright spots with Nick. I know there is some excitement there.”

Mornhinweg was very strong in about Foles’ leadership skills.

“I will say that Nick Foles has excellent command,” Mornhinweg said. “It appears he is an excellent leader. He is big, he has a big arm, and I thought he carried [the University of Arizona] as best he could [last season]. They really had problems personnel-wise . . . and he was tough both physically and mentally. He certainly is built the right way.”

Nationally they’re be a tremendous focus on the fact that two rookie quarterbacks will be the likely starters in this game.  Foles for the Eagles and Griffin III for the Skins.  They are both part of a rookie quarterback class which has made an amazing number of starts in their rookie seasons.

“It’s crazy how it’s going this year with all of us rookie quarterbacks,” Foles said on Wednesday. “But sometimes life is crazy and it just happens that way. Right now, we’re playing against each other, we’re starting and we’ve got to play at a high level.”

I didn’t know Nick that well until we got to the combine,” Griffin said via phone on Wednesday. “He’s a really cool guy. All us rookie quarterbacks are leaders on the field, but we’re down to earth off the field. And it’s exciting that all of us are playing now. As a group, we’re definitely clicking.”

You can tell that there’s a pride amongst this group concerning how many starts they’re getting.  We’ll see who comes out on top on Sunday afternoon.


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  • I’m not even going to touch this one. BUT, why would the excitement be any different than any other week, or any other game. The Savior is paying QB this week… we shall see. A different game plan, if they come out and run the ball 30 to 40 times, then Andy and Marty need to be fired immediately… because that would mean you are helping this QB…something you didn’t do for the previous one. We’ll see…

    • Bruh IF THEY DO THAT BULLSHIT. I WILL NEVER ROOT FOR THIS TEAM AGAIN AN PRAY VICK COMES BACK WITH A VEGEANCE AND DESTROYS THIS TEAM AND ITS RACIST FAN BASE. Youre right they are going to run the ball more and Call plays using Desean and Maclin inthe slot. Theyre gonna do everything they shouldve done with Vick. Andy is a fool and this fanbase will be stuck with this idiot and once teams get film on Foles he will get destroyed.

      • jeremy maclin playing in the slot was successfull last week but it was an accident when Jason Avant got hurt — Riley Cooper replaced Avant and Cooper did not know the slot plays or have the body type to succeed there — Dingbat Marty was calling full back pass plays and RB screen passes and letting Dallas safeties get running head starts at demolishing them ( some help Marty and Andy were)

      • STFU Vickryder with the racist bullshit. Vick has gotten tremendous support from this fanbase despite the fact he has so many short comings as a QB. So your saying they should treat Vick like a rookie when they make their game plan? That says it all. This fanbase is so racist it has supported 4 black starting QB since 85. Millions of Jerseys sold and worn..Stop being a stupid idiot and making it a race issue. Its a bad QB issue. Vick is bad!! Ron Jaworski Got bood off the field cause he was black remember that??? Jackass!!

        • Xevious – TTremendous support? guess you’ll say you are one of those supporters as well, considering how bad Vick is, right? get real! Fans ready to tear into Vick at any moment they get.

          With a horrible O Line, the Eagles should have modified their game plan no matter who the starter would be rookie or veteran..Really, McNabb never got the respect he deserved, only to be traded away and replaced by Kolb, who was never on the same level of McNabb. But thats what you fans cried for, right? now the same thing with Foles….Bottom line Eagles fans don’t appreciate shit, therefore don’t deserve shit and we wonder why our team hasn’t won a SB…Bad karma, negativity amounts to losing…The Eagles will be the furthest away from a SB they’ve been in years if Reid is dismissed. Foles Era, lets go!

          Lets really take a look at something…
          First 3 games, Vick was a turnover machine…Eagles went

          Dont act like Reid is benching Vick because he played awful. Vick is hurt, not being benched because “he is a bad QB” as you say.

          • Lets really take a look at something…
            First 3 games, Vick was a turnover machine…Eagles went 2-1 Vick throwing 70 QB Rate 6 INTs and completing 56% of passes …

            Since then Vick has completed 62% of his passes, 94 QB Rate 8TD’s to 3 INT’s and the Eagles lose…

            When Vick was truly the problem, the Eagles won….When Vick was not the problem, the Eagles lost….

            This shows that there is more to the win/loss record than Michael Vick!

        • IDIOT@Xevious YAH GODDAM RIGHT THEY SHOULDVE CALLED PLAYS TO PROTECT HIM LIKE A ROOKIE WITH THAT SHITTY OLINE. You dont keep running no back sets and doing 5-7 step drops with no Oline you idiot. You stupid fans are racist. Vick has put this shitty team in a position to win 4 out of the last 5 games. It wasnt Vick fault the defense couldnt stop nobody or the line couldnt protect. Cant wait to see Foles fail. Same way you idiots rooted for Kolb over Mcnabb. Kolb aint done sh*t. It will the same thing once teams get film on Foles. Andy Reid is the problem

          • they did modify their game plan, they ran a ton of WR screens etc. as for the no back sets…. it is a great thing to do with a crappy line, the other team sends the house and your QB rips them to shreds once he figures out where the overload is! put brady or manning behind that line and run the no back set and see if teams play them honest or if they send the house… they might send the house once and then after that TD will play it more honestly!

            • @realvick..Vick is a bad QB and Im entitled to my damn opinion and it doesnt make me racist. I know about QBs and supported both Randall and 5…Vick is bad. Never seen a qb get so many flipping lap dogs to cover for their bad play before. So If the O-line looks better as I suspect they will, must be a racist line. Dont make asinine statements. And yes Vick has gotten tremendous support, but lately people have gotten smart and saw his deficiencies. Sorry he’s your hero and he let you down, but that happens. And every time you make accusations or blame everyone else for his failings you are showing your Vick fans and Not Eagles fans.

              • @Xevious – First, watch your tone, bitch! you can have your opinion and I have mine! Your expectations on the O Line doesn’t mean shit. The O Line may look better because the play calling is much more in line with their abilities. Dont question my Eagle Hood, I’ve bled green since I was 6! If you can’t see how inept the Eagles O Line is and has been then you obviously have an issue with Vick in more reasons than just his play! Thats what I believe to be the case and the majority of people that are so outspoken about Vick are the ones that can’t stand him due to his past…Sorry that is just how it is, sometimes!

              • Ive spoken of a double standard in pertaining to Vick all season long. Throws he made, completed or intercepted. Vick throws an interception throwing the ball up to a receiver to make a play, and he gets chastised. I watch Eli Manning and many other QB’s make the same type of play, and its “Not a bad play, he’s letting his WR’s make a play on the ball” Vick throws a dangerous pass, and is completed. Another QB throws the same pass, and its a great pass. This week a lot of people on here blamed everyone but Foles for the loss. His INT didn’t make a difference, his ability not to sustain a drive, didn’t make a difference. It was Avant’s fault , DJAX’s fault. But we see Celek go out there in multiple games and drop balls on first downs and in the end zone, and I don’t hear a peep from any of you clowns. Why? Agenda? Personal feelings? ignorantly selective? wrong skin tone? There are many variables but the constant would be some sort of bias. So you cant yap all you want, RealTalk, knows whats real and most importantly know who is real….and you are not real, nor is half of your buddies on here!

              • YES REAL… YES….. Preach it!!

  • The biggest boost Foles will get this week is Jason Avant not playing. I love Avants toughness and he catches everything thrown at him, 1.5 balls a game but the truth is he cant get open and we never have a matchup advantage in the slot. They broke down last week Maclin sliding to the slot and flourished. They said expect Maclin and DJax to both move in and out of the slot with Cooper staying outside. Just like DRC and Nnamdi cant play in the slot other teams best CBs cant eithier. Ray Didinger first said he never knew why DJax didnt go inside more often. This definitley should help Foles out.

  • Redskins without their 3 Top Pass-Rushers
    Oral mo, Kerrigan and Carriker should help the Eagle Patchwork OL out and Foles big time.. D-Jax has had some good games versus this Redskin Secondary and I expect some big plays from Foles to D-Jax down the field
    The player who scares me from the Redskins is RB Alfed Morris who you will most likely have a big game verses this Eagles Defense if he gets going early
    Redskins 23- Eagles 20

  • @Paulman put 8 in the box. The Redskins recievers stink. You pay all this money to DRC and Nnamdi if they cant cover 1 on 1 all game vs this team then whats the point?

  • With proper game planning, (which we know this team doesn’t do) Foles could be set up to succeed on Sunday against a struggling Redskins team. The person that scares me the most is RGIII. With his ability to run and avoid pressure, (doubt the eagles will get any) he could be in for a big day against this eagles D. The ends are always up field so that should leave room for RGIII to slip right around them just like on screens to the RB. That’s why this wide 9 needs to go. Babin is the one that seams to get beat the most that way. The corners shouldn’t be in 1 on 1 coverage because they both get beat like red headed stepchildren. I know everyone is blaming it all on Nnamdi, but I really haven’t seen a whole lot out of DRC to warrant a big contract extension. Should make for an interesting game, and I really don’t want to try an predict an outcome because these team are too similar to each other. Any ones game on Sunday!

  • WHy are they excited? Well perhaps members of the team weren’t as enamoured with the former superstar as we were all led to believe.

    Addition by subtraction.

    • bla bla bla… they are excited because they are told to be excited. One thing Andy has done right all this years is have control of his teams….. the one time he didnt…. T.O. and Freed X paid big prices for their mouths. So…. dont give me this crap… its hype hype hype all the way. Be real…. dont you think they would be more excited if they had 8 wins and leg the div by 2 games? Give me a break….. Andy is excited because he has to be to save his job.

      • *these

  • Nick Foles won’t last 2 games with that horrible line and when he gets carted off the field I hope the yellow belly press explain that Coach Reid’s draft picks are the reason.

  • after one game in the slot jeremy maclin looks to have Victor Cruz and/or Wes Walker skills —– could you imagine if they had one of the best slot receivers in league playing out of position for 3 years — I remember they had Derrick Burgess playing on the wrong side of the line his entire Eagle career, Oakland saw him dominate in an Eagle playoff game and game him a good contract —

  • Why wouldn’t the team be excited? There’s a chance that Foles will play well in this offense.

    Just because Michael Vick can’t read the defense and find open receivers doesn’t mean Folds will have the same problems.

    Just because Vick can’t pick-up the blitz and get rid of the ball doesn’t mean Folds will have the same problems.

    Just because Vick can’t see over the taller lineman doesn’t mean Folds will have the same problems.

    Just because Vick has no pocket awareness and can’t feel (or see) the rush coming doesn’t mean Folds will have the same problems.

    I can’t wait for Vick to go elsewhere and play. I have no fear that Vick will come back and beat the Eagles with another team.

    • with all of that said….only time will tell!
      Due to the fact I like Foles, and as a fan I support him…I won’t bash him as you bash Vick…

      But I will bash your drunken dumb ass….Vick isn’t playing because he can’t pick up the bltiz, can’t see over the taller lineman as you suggest….He’s hurt, that simple.

      • Amazing isnt it real? In order to be a fan of this team one has to pick a QB… its unreal. How blind do people have to be? The guy has no friggin line and stands there and takes a beating and the fans turn on him. Listen…. i dont like his past either…. and i dont like where we are… but it doesnt take rocket scientist…. or even a GED to understand that this is a TEAM sport and this TEAM blows. Your stat is dead on….

        First 3 games, Vick was a turnover machine…Eagles went 2-1 Vick throwing 70 QB Rate 6 INTs and completing 56% of passes …
        Since then Vick has completed 62% of his passes, 94 QB Rate 8TD’s to 3 INT’s and the Eagles lose…

        Even the stat girls cant argue this…… oh wait… sure they can…. who am i fooling here.

        • Exactly Stevo! the problem is, that “real” fans know that there is more than Mike Vick to blame for the Eagles struggles…Basically they contradict themselves…Get on Vick for his QB play, with lines like he can’t see the whole field…But them, themselves can’t see the whole field in regards to each component of a football team having a job to do!

          • @real Your a stooge, anyone to compare a rookie without any starts to a 10 yr veteran has no idea what they are talking about. You show your bias by talking about all these variables that you mean squat right now. Vick has 10 years for his “body of work” for us to judge. I will try to watch my tone in a post. You have a small mind with a narrow scope. Vick was not good before the eagles and still isnt. Just cause he gets fantasy points and plays well on Madden doesn’t mean he’s good in real life. You bring up Eli and all these other QBs but they have superbowls. I dont care how long you say you have bled green. If you dont understand the position and its demands then you will always sound bias and stupid. Bottom line Buddy.

            • @Xevious – Ummm do you know how to read? at no time did I compare Vick to Foles… WTF are you talking about! you sound more and more like a dumb ass so maybe I shouldn’t even continue…just let you keep talking and bury yourself! I understand the position much better than you do, along with every other aspect of football!

              Again, and this really applies to you
              In regards to supposed Eagles fans like yourself….”Basically they contradict themselves…Get on Vick for his QB play, with lines like he can’t see the whole field…But them, themselves can’t see the whole field in regards to each component of a football team having a job to do!”

            • And did those QB’s you speak of win the SB on their own? Did they have good defenses, bad offensive lines, good special teams! In fact I remember Big Ben winning a SB, while having a terrible game. Who’s stupid? QB winning the SB has nothing to do with why there is a double standard, you dumb ass

      • Yep – I know Vick is hurt, Jesse. That saved Reid the trouble of beaching him. And by the way, Celek sucks too and should be replaced.

  • I want bigger receivers on this team. Dwayne Bowe would be a nice addition…and i agree with you Xevious this racist bullshit needs to end already. Fucking tired of reading this shit on the blogs. Vick isn’t the answer. Period. Now get over it and let’s see what Foles can do

    • Vicks is not issue,but you want bigger recievers huh. I keep hearing you idiots talk about all the problems with this team. And not having a big physical reciever since T.O but you blame Vick. When you have a short qb like Brees or Vick you dont give them a midget for a number reciever.Its a disaster waiting to happen. All of brees receivers are 6 ‘5 and up I think Jimmy Graham is like 6’6. He can just throw the ball up and let his reciever get it. Cant do that Desean is a one trick pony and Maclin is just a number 2 reciever and add in the fact the Oline is shitty. You cant name all these problems and blame Vick.

  • I can’t exactly explain why but Nick Foles looks like Tom Brady to me. DMAN you are right but Bowe will cost us more than we want to pay.

    The Eagles have to draft better. Keenan Allen – University of California Berkley – is who you want. He is a bigger, Taller, stronger DeSean Jackson 6-4 215 runs a 4.3 will be in the top 20 picks of this years draft. GOT TO HAVE HIM!!

    Getting Marty Morningwig away from Foles would help too. Joe Lombardi – took Drew Brees to another level – should be pursued by the Eagles, and would take Foles to superstar status.

  • Some of you VIck SUpporters crack me up.. You sound like a lot of Romney Supporters who can’t let the fact go that Obama won the Election and it’s time to move on..
    All I can say is this.. What has Vick and the Eagles Won as the Eagles QB..
    Do you realize he’s 10-15 in his last 25 Games as a Starter for the Eagles..
    I don’t blame him for all the Eagles Woe’s for there’s AR,ROseman and a host of other Players not performing, But when your Team and it’s QB lead the NFL In GIveawys the last 2 Seasons, you have zippo chance to Win
    It can’t be any simpler than this.. Get the ball out of Vick;’s hands for he’s a Turnover-Machine and then maybe the Eagles can get back to a .500 Team..

    • @Paulman, if Vick were playing the game by himself, then that 10-15 record would mean something ..But thats not the case, so that record means shit…In fact it means even less considering, everyone is touting for the head coach to be fired…last time I checked head coach has something to do with winning football games….in fact, last time I checked, good personnel has a lot to do with winning football games…
      So you dont blame him for all the woes, then your 10-15 stat is irrelevant..
      you crack me up, cause you think your opinion holds more weight than others and it means shit…you may know a lot about certain players, players on the radar, but with the comments you have posted as of late, you’ve shown me you know very little about the game of football as a team sport!

  • Eagle fans black and white were excited when we saw Vick circa 2010. A bad offensive line can be used as an excuse for only so long……. We were never gonna win with him, particularly with this coaching staff. Be thankful Reid is doing the next regime a favor by playing Foles for them.

  • like mike
    like mike
    I want Foles not to be like mike

  • 2010 Was 2 Years, The NFL has not since Vick on the field since 2008,
    he had fresh legs, lots of zip[ and motivation and played great..
    After a few weeks, Defensive Teams/Coaches figured how to defend him and he’s been below average with a 10-15 Record as a Starter ever since..
    It’s started with the VIcking Game and it became, blitz, blitz,blitz and take your shots on him.. Granted the last 3-4 Weeks, the OL been Horibble, but for the last 1 1/2 yers. Vick has been horrible.. He just doesn’t have it upstairs and now that his body is beaten up, he’s legs and explosion missing/lacking.. he’s become a below average NFL QB.. It;s what he’s become..

  • vickryder is the biggest racist to ever post on this site.

    what’s great about all these Vick supporters is their continued support of him has nothing to do with football reasons.

    • im not a vick supporter but some of you are blind…. this is not about Vick. Vick.. Foles… McNabb…..who cares? The coach..,. the system…. all of it come up short 100% of the time.

      I dont get you people…… do you ever notice that its always SOMEONE ELSE… that has fallen short. Never Reid…. this D is always soft and small…. our WR’s are either short…. or just plain bad (early years)… our Oline is either beat up…… or a bust….. our FB is either… really a DT or…. we dont have one at all….. our LB’s are either… “tweeners”…. or we give up on them early (maybe, emmons, sims, SPikes)….. our Qb’s either….. cant throw a fade…… or cant read a D…… Enough is enough already. How many scapegooats must we have before we hire an actual DC? How long must we go without a real run game?

      So…. go ahead… lap it up…. its all on Vick… but…. how long will we go till we actually understand that this is 100% on Reid? Always has been…. always will be.

    • Mhenski, Actually my support for Vick has everything to do with football reasons! Vick is the best QB on the Eagles team to start…
      Also he hasn’t played back over this losing streak, the stats below is another reason why I support him. To win games where he is playing awful and bring his team back…Then to lose games where he played well. I support him because he can still play well. I support him because I have respect for a player that gets hit time after time and keeps getting up. You have clouded vision and can’t see beyond Mike Vick the person, and that is real talk!

      First 3 games, Vick was a turnover machine…Eagles went 2-1 Vick throwing 70 QB Rate 6 INTs and completing 56% of passes …
      Since then Vick has completed 62% of his passes, 94 QB Rate 8TD’s to 3 INT’s and the Eagles lose…

  • Funny thing about those stats over the last 6 games…Those are the type of stats that everyone said Vick needed to put up for this team to be successful…Everyone said, the Eagles don’t need Vick to be Superman. Those stats aren’t off the chart but pretty solid…

    In fact, 94 QB Rate would be good for 9th in the league…right after Brees and right before RGIII

  • Fans are full of s#$t. The fans dont get it in Philly. This isnt about Vick. This is about the racist rednecks that we have to listen to all the time. From Cunningham to Iverson to McNabb and now Vick. Your damn right its about race Paulman and Mhenski. McNabb throws dirt balls cant read a defense,blah blah blah. Did he win a superbowl, no. Alot of QBs never won a superbowl. 6 probowls and all-time franchise leader in all categories. McNabb gets criticized even now when he gives a opinion on DNL from the rednecks. Cunningham just runs around, (Check out his year in Minny when he left this shithole), Allen Iverson at 6 ft carried this team for years and the rednecks only carried about if he practiced.lol Are you f*&ing kidding me. Enjoy the last 12 years with that shitty team. Oh yeah they play the right way. So thats what this is about.



      • He kept it real…. Look where it’s gotten him! Class act!

        • HaveNoBrain – you must be a redneck, if you’re bothered by the rant!

          • Anyone else watch the Eagles post and pre game shows on CSN…That guy Ray Didinger is a prime example…he won’t even look at Ike Reese when he’s talking to him, but looks at the other two…He has a strong opinion about Vick as well…The man can’t even look at Ike Reese in his eyes, tells me a lot about his character…Many of you, I feel are the same type of individual….

          • When wrong pull out the race card! Only racist are burned at that rant, right! Now that is keepin it real!
            And now ray diddy is a racist! What a joke you are.

            • Never said anything about being a racist….you really can’t read, can you, you must certainly lack the ability to comprehend a paragraph…I said the fact he can’t look a man (Reese happens to be black) in the eye when he is speaking directly to him, tells me something about his character…I don’t trust anyone that can’t look a man in the eye when speaking to him.

              Also since when did being a redneck = racist??? I didnt get that memo…you dumb fuck!

              • Holy shit Realtalk…thats some nice backpedaling.

                You intonated it….You implied it…..You alleged it…and anone with half a brain could infer it……

                But you didn’t actually SAY it…..so you’re all clear.

              • The more you speak real the dumber you look…..

        • One day the…. H.O.F

  • Unreal QBs are always identified by heir W/L record so the 10 and15 record is a valid complaint about him. I heard a conversation today that said big Ben is like 86-20 (or something like that ) and the STEELERS are like 6-10 without him. When you are the man you bare that weight. It isn’t racism to think a player is bad. Vick is bad.

  • Maybe there are some racists in the Philly fanbase. I can’t stand here and claim there are none. But come on, we’ve had Cunningham, followed by McNabb, followed by Vick as our franchise quarterbacks. When people got sick of McNabb and he eventually left, his career fizzled because he was washed up. Now Vick is washed up. The exception was Cunningham, who came back strong a couple years after he left, but we replaced him with Rodney Peete who is also black, so that also doesn’t fit into the idea that Philly hates black quarterbacks. Philly loves their quarterbacks when they’re doing well and we turn on them when they stop doing well. It’s that simple.

    • @Horatio – unfortunately not everyone thinks like you…its deeper when it comes to Vick and deeper in general with some of thise clowns…the problem with that is the last 6 games Vick has played well….its the fans that don’t see it or believe it..

      The first 3 games of the year, Vick was terrible and led the Eagles to wins….Vick deserved a lot of the criticism he got the first 3 games of the year. But those games have come and gone and Vick has played better….His QB rating over the last 6 games is good for 9th best in the NFL…so he really hasn’t been playing that poorly….These fans on this site, get on DJAX, Avant, Maclin for dropped passes all the time…what about Celek? I can think of two games this season if he makes a catch, the Eagles win the game….Its not all about the QB…some fans are ignorant its as simple as that…don’t make excuses for those fools…

  • HaveNoBrain aka GetsNoAss – the 10-15 record is not a valid complaint when you take into account coaching, personnel, injuries….There is no single player on this earth that wins football games all by his lonesome…you provide me with the name of that player and some proof and I’ll withdraw all support I have for Mike Vick!

  • I never said that he wins by himself I said qb are commonly identified by their win loss record… ALWAYS! The qb is the MAN. Notice how teams with franchise qb’s drop off when he gets hurt. Qb is the man for a reason.. People don’t talk about a left guards won loss record. It’s the real world so even tho you are unreal.

  • I’m not going to make excuses for people who don’t like a player just because he’s black. That’s a sick attitude to have. I don’t want to be counted as one of the racists just because I don’t like Vick, though, and if I or someone else argues that Vick isn’t that good, that shouldn’t automatically lead to accusations of racism. People here have legitimate arguments against Vick as a quarterback that have nothing to do with race.

    • If a comment doesn’t pertain to you, then just keep it moving….

      • In other words if you don’t like Vick you are the grand dragon! He is the only qb in history at you can’t judge on performance…wins losses. Funny how Keeping it real is all about EXCUSES!

        • Ok, lets see what excuse you come up with, when the O Line fails to protect Foles…It will be the O Lines fault then, right?

          • I’ve always said that Vick gives them th best chance to win and never been on here cheering for Foles. There are soooo many busts at the qb position. Foles will be evaluated as a rookie.
            I don’t make excuses… I KEEP IT REAL!

      • Then stop making comments about how people are just tearing into Vick because he’s black. That’s not how it works. We turned on Kolb when he was throwing three picks per game and many of us wanted to see Vick go in his place then. Before Kolb we wanted to move on from McNabb, but that was when he was clearly washed up. No team in the league that I can think of has had as many starting QBs who were black, and we’ve supported them all as long as they were putting up the Ws. When they start losing, maybe you can call us fair weather fans, but it’s just not right to turn around and call us racist when we want a change from a QB who just isn’t getting it done.

  • When people white or black play the race card it is because they are losing the argument!

  • Stating Vick’s win/loss record considering all the variables is bullshit…yes it will go down on his win/loss record…but anyone that knows football, knows that every game wasn’t on him, the same with other QB’s and their win/loss record…its not just privileged to Vick alone…All QB’s need a team a coaching staff to do well to have success….

    you judge coaches on win/loss records too, right?…coaches that win SB’s have great QB’s…players that win the SB have great coaches, …there are numerous coaches in the NFL on not so good teams, if given the right team could win a SB…same with players, put them on the right team they can win the SB…

  • Absolutely unreal you are correct Vick is the second best qb of all time. You won the argument, you’ve convinced me. Sorry man I have Montana slightly ahead of him but when he comes back next year and leads the Toronto arganots to the Canadian league championship I will concede that he is the greatest

    • Never said Vick was the greatest…you’re a dumb ass, I won’t waste my time talking to your ignorant selectively ass any longer!

  • @real you have proven over and over people have biases, they will never get it or acknowledge it. I get upset because these so called Eagle fans are and were openly rooting for the team to lose and when you call them out they run and hide.

  • What is so hard to hope Foles does well and Vick gets healthy and back under center. The redskins game will be no indicator of Foles real skills because their defense blows.

    • Almost as bad as the saints!

      • Yes and the o-line played horrible.

        • Keep it real man the qb has the responsibility on zero blitz and in the end is the leader. Stud qb’s make it happen.
          So th same o line will be in front of Foles, oh wait minus herremans! But you said Foles game won’t matter because the skins blow…. There is that double standard, Vick didn’t kill the saints because the line blows but if Foles does well its because the skins blow… Interesting

          • I said a true indicator cigar no double standard we can get excited but the skins d won’t show us anything. We watched the Saints game the line was terrible nothing to debate.

            • If he audibles into a good play on the blitz, if he extends plays by moving the pocket it will show something.
              Excuse maker…

              • No excuses just watch the games, I will continue to say I hope the kid plays lights out. But for people who sit at home and questions a Qb’s audibles like they have a clue cracks me up. We obviously see somethings differently but its cool.

  • I do have bias, I never denied that. I’m biased against belo average qb’s who make way above average qb salary. Unreal implies race is a factor. I have three jerseys in my mancave.. Dawkins, Randall and 5! I guess I have to put them away when I host all my racist freinds. Oh my brother wears an old Andy Harmon jersey for laughs… Andy was white I guess that makes him a racist.
    Again when you play the race card you already lost

    • You don’t really believe that cigar? Let’s get back to Ray D. After the saints he sowed about 6 plays where Vick was at fault but failed to show anything that pertained to the horrible line play.

  • Yo bitch….have i ever said that “Haveacigar” doesn’t like Vick because he is black…No never…fact is there are some folks that don’t…so if you really want to speak on it then speak on it, truthfully…don’t try and act like everyone on this site doesn’t like Vick soley based on his QB skills, even you know it gets deeper than that…But again, you can’t read, and anything I say to you is misinterpreted, so I digress from conversing with you from here on out…

    • I retract. I thought you were lumping me in with them. You are correct some do not look passed the color.
      I have always stated he is tough as nails and has done very well with his second chance. I actually root for him on the field, he just can’t play well

  • Foles cant be any worse the Kolb.. Kolb couldnt even take a hit.. Every time he was hit he was injured.. It has nothing to do with the quarterback. The whole offense sucks.. Quarterback is a plug in position .. If you have a great offensive line and great skill positions any body can play it.. Quite simply the eagles do not. The line is the worst in football and the receiver are one trick ponies that run deep routes and cannot go over the middle. Every team knows what we are doing because we do the same exact thing every week and we cannot do the reciprical because of our personal.

  • Redskins 44

    Eagles 13

  • What’s up Songs. Only 13 points the skins d blows no pass rush birds score at least 24.

  • Whoever brought up dwayne bowe I wanted him too. You cant have all these mini players.. they get beat up and look like sad little kids at the end of every game.. by the end of the season theyre withered and ready for recovery instead of the post season..

  • Foles does not play defense and Andrew Reid is still the head coach.

    The Lions stink and so do the cowboys…but the Eagles lost to them.

    This team is full of cowards and overrated bums.

    the walking toothpick, offensive and defensive line coaches mailing it in, and for goodness sakes lets not leave out Dunlap. (I refuse to call him a king)

    Let’s start the head coach search today. The 49ers defensive coordinator is the real deal. Let’s start with him.

    Andy the time is no longer yours…

  • Biglion i know..but we’re talking about the Eagles here. We made the Lions look like contenders…breathed life back into the Lions….Got our asses kicked by the worst defense in NFL history…I’m a realist here.

    The Redskins defense will look like the steel curtain against our predictable offense.

    Redskins 44

    Eagles 13

  • The Browns looked like contenders playing the Eagles.

  • The only thing dumber than this statement-

    “Quarterback is a plug in position .. If you have a great offensive line and great skill positions any body can play it.. ”

    Is calling each other Racist without really getting to know one another!

    Sorry Larrwd but if anybody can do it explain why the league bothers to pay QB’s more than any other position.

  • Sad but true Songs, but I can’t see that happening I just can’t.

  • After all this analysis and debate and accusations of racism, the Eagles still suck and will for the rest of the season. Why- Lurie ,Reid and Roseman and the coaching staff and lame ass players. The fans have no choice in the matter. If we marched Vick in the stadium on a Chariot and called him Caesar, it wouldn’t improve his play. They suck because they were Reid Built.

  • I have no more emotional attachment to the Eagles. They are overpaid under performing excuse makers. Better Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bullshit

  • I must say this – I want Andy Reid Gone!!

    However- Execution trumps Play calls. I want a team that is physical and tough. I want Lombardi style teams. The kind where the coach can mail the opposition the game plan and the players execute it so well it can’t be stopped even when they know it’s coming.

    Block, Tackle WIN!!!!!!

  • That’s a statement we can hopefully all agree with. We’re not winning or losing because our quarterback is black or white. We’re losing because our coach has lost it and our players are soft.

  • I feel sorry for some of you guys. That every time someone presents a counter argument you don’t agree with your first thought is that the counter-argument is first and formost predicated on an assessment clouded by racial prejudice.

    That somehow, the only possible way one could look at Vick’s career long record of ineptitude and conclude he’s not a good player, is because he’s got a white sheet hanging in the closet and a swastica tatooed on his chest.

    Lead league in fumbles every single year? You only hate that because you’re a bigot.

    Career int % of 3.3%? You only hate that because you’re a bigot.

    Attempts throws only 75% of time over career. 20% below league average? You only hate that because you’re a bigot.

    Top 3 in sacks after 3 seconds his entire career. You only hate that because you’re a bigot.

    Losing record with the eagles once D co-ords got to watch new taps and figure him out? You only hate that because you’re a bigot.

    Can’t adjust for blitzes and Ds pre-snap? You only hate that because you’re a bigot.

    Too short to see over oline which is detrimental in Redzone? You only hate that because you’re a bigot.

    Never once thrown for more that 21 TDs (I mean 21? Are you kidding me?) You only hate that because you’re a bigot.

    Oh…and solid article over on Bleeding Green the other day about how Vick doesn’t follow the blocking schemes assigned to a play. Ex) play calls for line sliding right….Vick steps left and gets pummeled…everyone yells “Line’s fault!” But it wasn’t. You only hate that because you’re a bigot.

    Again….unfortunate that you feel any counter arguement against Vick is defined by race.

    Perhaps one day, you’ll recognize that people all over the world, do have the ability to look at some things empirically, as well as emotionally.

  • And now Dennis Kelly is a bigot too!

    • Nope he just missed a block and that hit didn’t get Vick concussed it was the play before that.

  • @Vinnie unless you have been there you wouldn’t understand thats what real and I and some others have pointed out is that some of the complaints people point out about Vick is racially motivated you would have to live under a rock not to see that. Some qb’s do the same dumb shit and never get the same treatment that Vick or McNabb got.

  • So if the bleeding green website says it so that makes it true? Just like Aikman said Maclin didn’t want to get hit so we take that as the gospel. And no I am not saying Aikman is a racist just that he was wrong.

    • @big Im not Naive enough to say racism isnt out there. But dude seriously with Vick he;s just not a good QB. I have never liked him as a QB could care less about his past or any other non football BS. I get really pissed when you bring up football stuff about him and people like Real talk about skintone. I undermines a lot of the credibility of his posts. The fact that “the great white hope” was in one of these posts just shows how racism can go both ways. Im an eagles fan and I just want them to win. Tired of the race bullshit.

  • @xevious and that is true, but all realtalk is saying is that all QB’s are not judged equally by everyone. You and Vinnie don’t think he’s good and I personally don’t think color has anything to do with it. maybe Vinnie LOL. And yes if your an Eagle fan the great white hope shit is just as wrong.

    • Lion I just disagree an NFL QB is the most analyzed person on earth. Every move they make gets looked at, rewind and looked at again in slow motion. They are the man and that is it. As Vick has been analyzed he has been exposed it is that simple. It is not race, years ago Ryan leaf was a number 1 or 2 pick he was stupid and terrible and espn, and i assume San Diego local sports channels, talk radio and blogs (if they have that in SD) busted his ass. It’s the nature of the position.
      I coached HS football for 30 years and one year I had a new qb, a SOPHMORE who was a great kid, we lost a game and the local reporter asked me ” coach, you aren’t getting the quality QB play you’ve had in the past, have you had to adjust?” the reporter wanted to throw a kid under the bus! i wanted to kill him, but the qb position is over analyzed and it goes with the territory. And btw that young man played division 2 for 4 years, went to med school and is my family doc.

  • Guys, let it go, would you talk the same smack in person, Vick or foles isn’t the issue ,it’s Reid and the poor drafts over the years, read everything mr. Bsm videos posts, paulman, and songs, they have figured out this lame franchise, you guys are getting worked up over race, whether Vick stinks, it doesnt matter, and it’s all for nothing, foles may play well tomorrow, but he is ultimately doomed just like Vick so long as amateurs continue to draft, so long as the coaches continue to thrive on gimmickry, this is a losing combination, it’s not about Vick,mits not about color it’s about Lurie and Reid

  • Jake, that’s all most of have been saying it’s more then the QB no matter what color he is”. @cigar without question it’s the most analyzed position in sports but it gives some of us pause when Eli sucks and it’s because he’s in a slump and but hey won 2 Super Bowls. Jay Cutler sucks but hey he’s a gunslinger not stupid, same thing with Farve the ultimate turnover machine. That’s what Real is talking about with the double standard.

  • Eli is getting killed in NY media and he won two SB! And cutler has been killed in chicago for his up and down performance. Favre is the media darling and an a.hole and stupid. It is not a double standard, The double standard is that you CAN’T criticize Vick for his terrible performance without being accused of racism, and for some reason people take up for him based strictly color. Bottom line is that making him a franchise qb was the biggest mistake AR ever made… That is a fact.

  • I think john gruden could get the most out of vick..

  • Vick will not be in Philadelphia next Season Larrwd
    Can you understand that.. Eagles have buyout option after this Season and going to exercise it and let him become a Free-Agent after 2012..
    You really think they are bringing back Vick and his $20 MIllion Salary while losing lose 2/3rds of his last 25 Games Started..
    Coach AR has a better chance of returning than Mike Vick does..
    2/3 of his last 25

  • I think they’ll restructure. Youre flat out wrong.. Andy Reid has no chance of being here. Foles is not starter material. So if we’re drafting a guy Vick should be here.

  • Lawrd I hope you are taking bets on that and if you are put me in for a thousand

  • No chance in hell that Vick returns.. you don’t restructure a “start’s Contract” and compete as a back-up.. Foles/Edwards are under contract next year and will battle it out as Starter.. Eagles are $17 Million over the Cap for 2013 Season as their current Roster Sits.. Vick will be gone,Asmo will be gone, D Bell wuill be gone and should have been released already,J Babin will begone, D Lewis will be gone for another wasted Roster Spot keeping him around.. when doe he play, what does he add to the 53 Man Roster..
    J Avant will be gone, C Matthews will be gone…
    I believe Coach AR 90% will be gone but there is a slim, slim chance that if Foles plays well over the final 7 Games that AR may have a slight chance of returning.. But the Vick ERA in PHiliadelphia is over.. Remember it was Reid/McNabb who had to Lobby hard to get both Banner/Lurie to decide to give him a chance.. Lurie and AR have given him 4 Years to Produce and he has failed to do so, blame this, balme that, the Eagles ove rthe last 2 full Seasons while VIck has been the #1 Start have a losing Overall Record and a losing overall Record at home which is inexcusable for the amouth of Talent that’s on this Roster.. and yes, there is plenty of blame to go around the entire organization from Poor Drafts, poor Free-Agent SIgnings, Coachinf Personnel Decision to week by week flawed game plance, but VIck playing QB which is th eleader and face of the Franchise has failed to rise about any of this and his 10-15 Record in his 25 Starts demonstrates that his QB skills and PRoduction are just not there anymore to be a Winner in the NFL and tthat’s what it’s all about, WInning Games.. The Eagles have a difficult time even win the ugly games any longer… Time for a Change ..

  • There is no talent on the roster.. Andy Reid and Howie “your boyfriend” Roseman are horrible talent evaluators.. Not only do they draft poorly theyve played the wrong guys numerous times over the past 3 years. This coupled with Andy Reid not being as focused because of his sons death magnified these problems.

  • I want Owner Lurie to Hire Bill Polian to be the President of Football Operations and oversee the Drafting/Scouting and PLayer Personnel Depts, Let Howie ROseman handle Contracts/Salary Cap issues
    I am no Roseman fan at all as a NFL GM, but since he has 4 Years on his Contract left, I know Lurie is going to keep him around.. Jeff Lurie is not the type of Person/Owner to simply Buy-Out a Contract and Pay someone $$$ and not work.. it”s who he is as a business man.. He may shift Roseman’s Duties/Responsibilities, but no way he buys out the 4 remaning years of Roseman’s Contract.. My biggest feat is that Lurie is not a Football man, and I am not sure how close he really is to “Football Minds” in the know..
    He has relied on Coach AR on Football matter and Banner and now Roseman about the fininancial things of the Franchise that it he leaves the Coaching Staff and Future up for Roseman to decide, the EAgles Franchise and Fanes are in for some serious Trouble… Lurie needs to focus on one thing these nect 8 Weeks, and talk to as many solid “Football Minds” around the NFL to hire a President of Football OPerations and then let that person determine the vision.path and philosophy of the Team moving forward with the hiring the proper Coaching Staff to reflect this new Philosophy and Vision.. Lurie has no idea nor do GM Roseman in my opinion so the next 8 Weeks will most likely determine the fate of the Eagles Franchise for the nect 5-8 Years regardless of who plays QB, if the Eagles win,lose or draw..

  • I hope that Owner Lurie is using his time wisely and reaching out for Football Minds like a Bill Parcells,Tony Dungy,Mike Mayock,Bill Poilian, Cowher, Grudenm Billick, Herm Edwards and hell, even Ron Jaworski.. and to other Owner’s like Robert Kraft,the Rooneys, the fella who owns the Ravens to get a sense of who out’s there to start a new Vision..
    These Owners for the most part are a pretty close group and though they are competitive people by nature, most are willing to help out,reach out for their small group of mostly Billionaires when needed and can at least point Lurie on some people to chat with about how rebuilding this Eagle Franchise and how to re-brand the club.. Remember, for 14 Years, Coach AR has been at the helm to handle all Football DUties so this is new Territory for Owner Luries and worth keeping a very close on … The Decisions he makes or doesn’t make in the next 8 Weeks will impact the future of the Eagle Franchise and all of us Fans too.. Do they go with an experienced HC and reload for the short-tem, or Blow the damn Team up and bring in a new energetic Coach with a new Philosophy that can win over the long haul and keep the Franchise Competitive
    The Thought Of Lurie just simply announcing that Dec 31st (1st Monday after the final Eagle Regular Season is over) that Coach AR and his complete Staff are Fired and that all Future Football Decisions are left up to GM Roseman scares the Be-Jesus out of me..

  • I agree with your last post. I just dont think Foles is the answer. He is a long term project. Honestly , Id like to draft Geno Smith. So if Foles starts the rest of the season and performs horribly and we lose the majority of our games we will have a high draft pick.

  • Im excited to see how Foles performs tomorrow. at 6’6 other quarterback his size ie Freeman and Flacco are ok Id hope Foles can be better than both of them. I dont think he can reach Ben Rothlesburgers level..

  • It’s time to see what the rookie can do. Vick should never start another game for the Eagles.

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