• July 1, 2022

Amazingly, Todd Bowles Has Made The Defense Much Worse

In tremendous irony, Andy Reid fired Juan Castillo from his defensive coordinator’s position then hired maybe the worse defensive coordinator in the history of the NFL, Todd Bowles.  I know you think I’m stretching the truth, but there hasn’t been a defensive coordinator in the history of the NFL, who has started out as bad as Todd Bowles.

In the five games which Bowles has been the Eagles defensive coordinator, the opposing team has scored at least 28 points.  The opposing team’s quarterback rating has been at least 120.  Panthers quarterback Cam Newton completed 18 of 28 for 306 yards for two touchdowns and no interceptions.  His quarterback rating was 125.

In Bowles first game as a defensive coordinator Matt Ryan posted a 137.4 quarterback rating.  Drew Brees then followed that up with a quarterback rating of 128.2.  In the next week, Tony Romo’s quarterback rating was 122.1.  Then a little over a week ago, Robert Griffin III had a perfect 158.3 quarterback rating.

Quarterbacks are completing over 75% of their throws against the Bowles-led defense in those five games.  He’s a secondary coach, yet the Eagles secondary has given up 13 touchdown passes and not been able to pick off a single pass in the five games under Bowles leadership.

Remember that he’s replacing a defensive coordinator who supposedly wasn’t doing a good job.

Bowles was supposed to be a secondary coach with head coaching potential, yet the secondary seems to be totally confused about their assignments.  His job is to coordinate the different areas of the defense, namely the defensive line, linebackers and secondary.  It seems that every other play, part of the defense is on one page and the other parts of the defense are on another page.

Cornerback Nmandi Asomugha said the secondary blew  two coverages at the beginning of the game which gave the Panthers two touchdowns.   First it was Panthers tight end Gary Barnidge who caught a 24-yard pass from his quarterback Cam Newton on the first touchdown drive and there wasn’t an Eagles defender in the same zip code.  Wide receiver  Brandon LaFell, then caught a 43-yard touchdown pass from Newton and he was even wider open than Barnidge.

On another play, Newton threw the ball up deep in much the same way Robert Griffin III did in the Washington game.  There were two Eagles defenders, cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and safety Kurt Coleman with close coverage on Panthers wide receiver Louis Murphy.  You would think it was a mistake for Newton to attempt this throw against such tight coverage.

In the much the same way which Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss did a week earlier against Coleman and Brandon Boykin, Panthers Murphy went up in the air over DRC and Coleman to make the catch for a 55-yard gain.

This secondary plays with no confidence when the ball is in the air.  They play passive football and perform as if they’re supposed to allow completions without challenging the receivers for the football.

The Birds secondary seems to be trying to make sure that Bowles never gets a defensive coordinator’s position after this one.


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  • Yep Reid succumbs to all the pressure from the media and fans to fire Castillo
    and this what we get

    • Ridiculous. Reid hasn’t ever done a single thing that he didn’t want to do. In fact, he’s so into rejecting anything the great unwashed think that if the firing was influenced in any way by fans, it was to postpone Reid’s intended actions as long as possible so that it didn’t look like he was doing what the fans wanted.

  • I’ve never seen a Secondary as a group look so lost on so many plays each game.. Both Safeties are not NFL Quality Starters (Coleman gets burnt on multiple plays a game and also misses about 5-6 Tackles each game
    Both CB’s can’t cover beyond 20 yards down field and are puss’s when it comes to tackling anyone in the run game.. This is the worst Secondary in the entire NFL and the worst group the Eagles have had since the early 70’s..
    It’s brutal to watch
    Eagles Overall D was Ranked about 8th under Castillo and now they are ranked 15th Overall and falling fast giving up over 25 pts a game which ranks 24th in the NFL and has only produced a NFL Worst 10 Turnovers which is waht wins and loses games in the NFL.. They are dead last at -17 in the all inportant give/takeaway catergory and that my friends is the real story of this team and remember they had 4 Takeaways in the first Game versus the Browns so take this away and they have only 6 since Week #1.. Pitiful

  • A wise man (Buddy Ryan) once said. If you pay attention to the fans pretty soon you‘re are seating with them.

  • Paulman,
    Is Sean Patton under contract with N.O. and is he available next year ?

  • his contract was voided by the league. he is free to sign anywhere but N.O and Dallas (where he has a home) are the leading candidates.

  • That’s what I thought…………….Thanks

  • the eagles job is not a premium job right now. Carolina with newton, SD with Rivers (i’m not a fan but…), dallas with the spotlight and maybe romo are probably going to get the cowhers, grudens of the world–
    we are going to hope lightning stirkes twice and get us a coordinator probably.
    also, i heard a caller from oakland yesterday on WIP talking about the downward spiral– it was scarey. and could be our future. we need a rockstar head coach and have to get VERY LUCKY with Foles– chances are he will be a bust but we need to get lucky.

  • Sean Peyton is availalbe after this Season to make a move if he chooses to
    It’s very unlikely that he would leave New ORleans though.. The only job he would leave the Saints for would be with the Cowboys since his Kids live in the Dallas area, He would have little to no interest in comign to Philly..
    The Saints have stuck by him duing this “Bounty-Gate” and he will re-sign with them after this Season is over I am 90% sure for he is a loyal guy and has many Assistants who are under Contract with the Saints and very unlikely that he would leave

    COwher/Gruden/Dungy are not coming back into Coaching so everyone can take these fellas off their lists …

    I believe the new VP of Football Operations (Tom Donahoe who listed as an “Advisor”) but is now starting to handle to duties of a VP of OPs will hire
    old friend Dave Wannstadt as the Eagles next HC and bring in another firend Tom CLements to run the Offense for the Eagles
    Wannstadt and Donahoe go back a ways and Wannstadt and Eagles best Player LeSean McCoy are very close as the Eagles will build around the RB moving Forward.. Wannstadt runs a 4-3 Scheme so the Eagles would not have to entirely re-vamps their Roster on Defense

    • Wannstadt took the 30th best defense of 2011, added quality players like Mario Williams, and has led them to what is currently the 30th best defense of 2012 (based on points allowed).

      No freaking thanks.

      Surely we can do better than that clown. And if we can’t, then the coach selection isn’t the problem – the problem is the owner of the franchise.

  • If somehow Dave Wannstadt is hired as the next head coach it will put Eagles football back in the stone age. Dave Wannstadt has been a losing coach everywhere he’s even been. I would fire anyone that recommend him. PLease please please do not hire Wannstadt.

    • Wannstadt is DC in Buffalo. And bad. I don’t want any part of the man, either. He’s a weak retread at best.

  • Tom Donahoe will be calling the shots from a Football Perspective..
    He’s Role of “Advsor to Senior Manangement” will be updated to VP of Football Operations once AR is Terminated on Monday 12/31/2012
    DOnahoe’s is removing/firing all of Andy Reids hires on the Administrative Side of things for the Eagles Organization and then Donahoe will move to the Football side of things once AR is gone as his role made to the Public..

    I see Donahoe hiring one of the 4/5 Coaches listed bleow as the next HC

    #1) Dave Wannstadt — (DC/Asst HC of Buffalo BIlls)
    #2) Tom Clements — (OC/QB Coach of the Green Bay Packers)
    #3) Vic Fangio — (DC of the 49ers)
    #4) Brad Seely — (Special Teams of the 49ers)
    #5) Ray Horton Jr — (DC of the Arizona Cardinals)

    • Dave Wanstadt NO NO NO he is just another Jimmy Johnson tag along who was mediocre without Emmit, Troy and Jerry Markbreit (and his magicical yellow flag) just like Norv Turner
      the other 4 choices OK they might deserve a chance at least an interview

  • G:

    OK. You take over. See if you can coach these man-children. DO YOU WANT THAT assignment, G? Throw darts all you want – but enter the (coaching) ring before you make the statement about his being the worst ever. I have no affinity for Todd Bowles, but you have performed THE WORST, and MOST BIASED assessment, during the easiest time to throw darts, of a coach. AND I OBJECT!! YOU ARE WRONG HERE, G! There is nothing fair about this coach taking over this defense in the teeth of a losing streak. You have taken the easiest bait, the lowest hanging fruit. You need to be slapped!

  • G:

    Volunteer to take over right now! Otherwise you are being a celebrity – and I always considered you a football man.

  • @nsidious – I agree 100%, good post! The defense started off terrible but settled in for the last 3 quarters. Played much better than previous weeks. If not for field position due to turnovers, we’d be talking today about how well the D performed after a shaky start.

  • I reached a new low in fandom and must admit
    I miss Juan
    sorry Mr. Castillo for disrespecting you on GCobb’s website

  • I think they go in the direction of an offensive minded coach. I am a little reluctant to believe that Davey boy will be the next coach. I would love to see a local guy- Vic Fagano (Scranton) get the gig but I don’t see it happening. I can see them going with Dirk koutter or someone with similar cred.

  • Remember the Panthers have 4 back-up O/Line playing too as they lost everyone but LT Jordan Gross.. There LG is Rookie Draft Pick and Center,RG and RT are all Back-up/Journeymen Players so the Eagles D/Line & LB should have dominiated here.

  • Rport that D-Jax is out for the Season.. What a sorry ass half this Roster has become, these players appear to have the mindset on why bother get hurt and play in meaningless games for the remainder of this 2012 Season..when they are making millions of $$, these Players on this Team don’t give a rat’s ass about the Fans or giving 100% Effort regardless of the situation..
    Anyone think D-Jax deserves his Millions.. I don’t …

  • RealTalk777:

    Thanks. It’s the easiest time ever to throw darts at the new DC. I don’t care about him, I don’t know him. But to lay this mess at his door is just wrong. Big Red should have made that move in May. The fact that he didn’t put Bowles at an incredible disadvantage as far as implementing his system.

    AGAIN, G, I challenge you to put in YOUR system mid-season, and mid_week. See how you make out.

  • @Paulman…I don’t want to say it…but you sound like a dumb ass!
    Actually saying players are getting hurt on purpose? WTF? or maybe you are saying that some of the players have quit..I’m sure xrays/MRI were taking, so there is more than just DJAX saying my stomach hurts…Pretty sure there is some proof. Calm your ass down.

  • I would love to see Vic here.

    First order of biz…… fine any player of ours that does that “popping” thing or works out some friggin dance when he makes a tackle at the kine of scrim. If this team worked 1/2 as much on their tackling as they did on their stupid celebrations… we wouldnt be in this mess. Read what troy vincent just said about all of this. Ive been screaming at the TV all year. Add to this….. notice DRC talking traash after every play? Get over it eagles. Make a place first.. talk 2nd.

    • lol… by vic i was talking about the coach… not the player.

  • RealTalk I don’t know the difference between the severity of Jax’s cracked ribs and other cracked ribs I’ve heard about in the past, but I do know that when the games are still meaningful I haven’t heard of someone going on IR with cracked ribs before.

  • I wonder if the corners are bad too or if the safeties (Coleman in particular) are so bad that the corners get less help than the corners on other teams do.

  • No Wannstadt. Has wrecked every franchise/university he has been to. I will add another candidate to the coaches list. Mike McCoy, OC for the Broncos. On another subject both Brian Westbrook and Ike Reese have stated in the last 24 hours about the smarts of the current group of players. Has Todd Bowles forgotten how to coach? I don’t think so. He has been a defensive player and coach all his career. He hasn’t been taken from offense to Defense like someone else. He got good reviews at Miami last year at the end of their season. He is respected around the league. I think the release of Babin says it all. Washburn should go too. They have defensive players who are selfish and want to play their way. All coaches should go for a fresh start but the defensive players are just stupid and unwilling to listen and learn.

  • Juan Castillo was the best coach on the eagles..Soon as he was fired I screamed they fired the wrong guy.. It should have been Marty Mornenwieg.

  • Should have been Jim Washburn first

  • Panthers the other night played 2 First Year Players in their Secondary (josh Norman and Safety Thomas) and 2 3 rd year players in Munnerlyn and Godfrey and are coached by Sean Mcdermott and didn;t see many Eagle WR’s running down the field open all game long..

  • I also would have put boykin on the outside with his 4.32 speed and put asoumough on the inside vs slower tight ends and running backs and make him gain 10 pounds on the offseason..

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