• August 19, 2022

Eagles Secondary Isn’t Giving Full Effort

The touchdowns which were scored by Dez Bryant and Miles Austin were not defended the way NFL defensive backs are supposed to defend NFL pass plays.  The effort wasn’t there from Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha.

This cannot and should not be tolerated.  The lack of effort and lack of willingness to tackle was there for all to see.

Andy Reid was right about his offense and most of his defense giving a good effort on Sunday night, but there are a number of members of his secondary that seem to be more interested in not getting injured than playing football.  They don’t want to hit and tackle anybody.

I don’t like what I’m seeing out of Nate Allen as well.  He didn’t seem to be very eager to tackle Jason Witten or the other Cowboys receivers.

There’s definitely something seriously wrong in the Eagles secondary.  That’s the only way you can explain the numbers which have been put up against the defense since Todd Bowles has been a defensive coordinators.


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  • G, they all packed it in a month ago! All 4 starters in the secondary, need to be exiled to Siberia, in the off-season. Can we now say, that Asomugha, is the biggest bust signing in Eagles history, based on $$$, reputation, & expectations?

  • Maybe Juan Castillo wasn’t as bad as a D/C as everyone thought he was
    Most of you that I was not a fan and did not like the signing avd overpaying for CB Asmo who best years were 2009 and earlier
    His last couple of Seasons were average, he’s 2 seasons have been forgettable
    He has not been a winner in College (Cal) at Oakland and now Philly
    He’s a Cancer and should be released today by the Eagles
    DRC is what they say he is while at Arizona
    Talented, Fast but unfocused and cannot play physical Foitball
    I’ve stated numerous times that the Receivers and The better Competition in the NFC requires a physical Secondary
    The Eagles went all in with the Signing of Asmo
    And failed miserably, they coulda, shoulda had 2-3 other players for what they paid him
    I wanted the physical, non-nonsense Carlos Rogers who signed a small Deal with the 49ers and is now a Pro Bowl Player or even a Ricgard Marshall who will at least tackle people..
    The more I think about it, the 2 weeks following the NFL Lockout
    In 2011 has set this Franchise Vack a good 3 years at least with the crazy signings of Asmo, VY, Ronnie Brown and Steve Smithled by the kid in the candy store Howie Roseman, the Team and Franchise have not been the same ever since.. Lurie better get someone in the Front Office for the Football side of things and not let Rosenan anywhere near the Player Personnel, Drafting, Scouting or Roster Management areas or this Franchise will continue to be a bottom feeder in the NFC and the entire NFL for that matter
    As lousy as a job as Coach AR and his Staff have done the last 2 years,
    Lots of blame and concern should be at Howie Roseman and yes. Owner Lurie in my opinion. Wholesale Changes are needed and this Feanchise is not a
    1 Off-Season easy if , it has issues up and down their Roster
    Along with its Coaching Staff and Front Office
    It will be a while before Eagles see the Playoffs again as many Teams in the NFC have improved a great deal in the past couple of Seasons
    The 49ers, Seahawks, Rams,Redskins,TB Bucs to go along with the usual tough Teams like the Packers Giants,Falcons & Saints

  • Report is that Reid has fired Washburn this morning and replaced him with retired DL coach Tommy Brazier.

  • Its unrealistic to get rid of every guy in the secondary, but nnamd has to go first. D.r.c is an idiot!!! flat out, i dont like to judge people but do u hear the guy speak after games? zero i.q and he doesnt tackle. i would keep him over nnamdi because nnamdi cant cover or tackle and hes 5 years older.
    Kurt coleman is not, and will never be a starting player in the nfl. not on a winning team. he has to go.. nate allen doesnt make much. keep his non tacling ass on the bench and get two new safteies in here to start.

  • Oh and g, i know this is about the secondary but why isnt anyone asking for trent cole to be benched? did u see him on the first drive?? zero insticts. runs like a dumb ass up the feild never tacking the rb..I respect him for time served but hes finished.. 1 sack this year, are u kidding me!!! i dont wanna hear about injury or the wide nine thats inexcusable. he was givin way too much money for one sack.No more resignings over 30 damn i miss joe banner LOL

  • “Eagles Secondary Isn’t Giving Full Effort”

    Well, this is an understatement…These guys are pathetic, except for Kurt Coleman, who gives max effort with minimum tools…The rest, just doggish.

    The whole defense is the worst I’ve ever seen from the Eagles…Can’t make tackles, cannot blow up plays, produces no turnovers…Except for a short period at the beginning of the first quarter, they were miserable.

    ‘Smiling’ Todd Bowles?…How did this guy get a job in the league?

    Washburn fired?…Good riddance, hasta la vista…The great ‘Jaws’ on the radio saying ‘I can say unequivocally that this Eagles team has not quit on Andy Reid’…Jaworski means ‘bullshit artist’ in Polish.

  • DRC and Nnamdi are playing with zero confidence and I can’t blame them Allen and Coleman are never where there supposed to be. Allen is the worst of because he ducks contact, Coleman is a special teams guy forced to start because our player evaluation sucks.

    • I want to see those corners with competent safeties…
      I really don’t think Asoumugha is that bad..he can’t be..LOL..
      Even Chirs Collinsworth mentioned how the middle of the field is ALWAYS open for routes whether it’s TE’s down the middle or WR’s on post routes…always the same thing wide the phuck open for TD’s or big gains…
      I may be in the minority here but I trust a veteran all pro Corner on knowing the scheme and who should be where before I trust Allen and Coleman ?

  • Drc and assomaugh should be put in stockades next to the love statute so we can publicly flog them, they are disgraceful athletes, to make that mich money and not even give half effort, where is that damn Schiller so I can at least vent responding to his emotional gobie gook about how these over paid bums need our love not our angst, where the hell are you Schiller, come out come out damn it…..

  • “Drc and assomaugh should be put in stockades next to the love statute so we can publicly flog them, they are disgraceful athletes, to make that mich money and not even give half effort…”

    Two dogs…They got a few million each, so ‘For who, for what?”…These pups are veterans, so if the safeties are out of place, well, get in their face and straighten them out…Same with ‘Coach’ Boles: “For who, for what?”

    Bowles and DRC ‘IQ90’ are both messing up future job prospects…But, maybe DRC will team up with DJax and partner on his ‘rap record label’

    Oh, and Foles?…Kid is good, has guts and smarts, needs good coaching system and time…Remember what Eli Manning looked like his first few years?…Was called a pussy & bum…Foles will come around sooner with a good coach.

    Tony Romeo played great, made a few fakes in the 1st quarter that the whole Eagle defense bit on…The Eagles have the book on Romeo, but ‘Coach’ Bowles can’t read, and his dogs won’t bark, let alone bite!

  • I dont know if it is effort alone I think there is some confusion issues…I don’t know if Bowles is trying to do things too differently or what. Not just with the corners but with the back 7 as a whole. Every game I see a corner look confused in coverage. The safeties the corners just don’t look like they are on the same page on many occasions.

  • @realtalk you are correct, end of the half Witten wide open down the seam it looked like Coleman blew the coverage but actually it was Ryans who for some reason chased Murray across the field instead of handing off to Kendricks.

  • Watching the games it is obvious that the safeties are the major problem. They are either completely out of the play, taking bad angles, or avoiding contact. If you can’t remember them making plays they aren’t. As far as the corners, I don’t like the way they give up on the play after they feel they have safety help. At that point it should be double coverage. Not single coverage by a clueless safety who has bit on a pump fake and now is comepletely out of the play. Shameful play by all four.

  • Plus, the poor pass coverage is not doing the D-line any favors.

  • some of you guys have so many damn excuses for inexcusable LACK OF EFFORT by millionaires, dogs both drc and assomaugh, on the bright side, we have a lightening fast bruiser to compliment shady and a developing quarterback

    • Realistic assessment…Couple of real good backs and developing QB.

      My suggestion for a nickname for the Eagles defense: ‘Bad Newz Kennels’.

  • Jake its not excuses, nobody is going to dog it on national tv. There are reasons for everything.

  • This have nothing to do with effort. DRC never could tackle and was the worst corner in the NFL on 3rd down (when it matters) before the Cardinals traded him. He’s not good.

    Nnamdi use to be a bump and run corner using his physical ability to knock receivers off their routes before coming here and losing his confidence because the Defense Coordinator didn’t have confidence while learning on the job.

    Nate Allen was getting run over constantly before his injury in his rookie season, and Tennesse exposed him then with QB’s looking him off, to create seams right up the middle of our defense. He never scared anyone.

    Kurt Coleman was a 7th round player picked because he plays hard, but lack the measurable s and should have been a special teams player at best.

    The Eagles made a mistake letting Hanson go in the slot.

    At least Hanson played physical in the slot as a sure tackler and could bring cohesiveness that make up for our pathetic Safeties.

    Boykin is not a slot corner and would do better than DRC on the outside.

    It’s not lack of effort.

    These are the players the Eagles front office put together without leaders on that side of the ball to put a foot in their behind…..and it started when the Eagles gave Asante all that money after letting Dawk go. Sheldon Brown did not like the individual attitude Asante came with and challenged him to be a team player…Sheldon was the last voice of leadership who know what it took to compete..they traded him leaving Asante’s selfish attitude as the voice in the locker room and it have been downhill from there.

    Now, I don’t blame Asante because at least he produced but the Eagles should have known that you can’t have a strong personality like Samuel come from another team without veteran leadership he would respect.

    Andy Reid destroyed the strong defensive mindset that was established before he got here.

    The Eagles defense will be left in wayyyyy worse shape compared to when Andy came here.

    ……………. To be continued

  • Nate Allen is TERRIBLE! Watched him last night avoid contact several times, especially on Murray’s TD run.

    Gumby (Nnamdi) is a piece of garbage

  • G:

    These guys wear toe-nail polish. They are WOMEN. Exchange their uniforms for pumps and cheerleader outfits. Onto the streets with them! I remain ready to pay for hairdo’s and pedicures for these guys’ Christmas presents from GCobb.com.

  • songs, give it up on assomaugh, he is not a the player we thought he would be, not even close

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