• May 24, 2022

Eagles Come Back For Victory, As Foles Passes Another Test

This was an up and down affair between the Eagles and the Bucs, with the Birds winning on the game’s last play.  It was a fun game after a very slow start, with both offenses doing nothing early, then going up and down the field later on.

Rookie quarterback Nick Foles showed tremendous composure with the game on the line in the win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He was playing against the worst secondary in the NFL, but you credit him with taking advantage of it.

The fact that he told the coaches what play he liked on the final play of the game says it all.  One of his biggest strengths of Foles is that he understands the game and he has a good feel for the game.  The young man is able to walk to the line of scrimmage and grasp what he’s looking at and possibly change the play to a better play.

The touchdown run took forever but he got there.  It wasn’t the only time that Foles used his legs to take advantage of open areas.  He took off for a key first down on the final touchdown drive.  He isn’t going to be scaring anybody with his speed, but he is athletic enough to take advantage of scrambling opportunities.

Foles does a great job of keeping his eyes downfield on scrambles and that helped him create big plays to Jason Avant, Jeremy Maclin and a touchdown throw to Clay Harbor.

I’m not ready to say that Foles is the Eagles answer at the quarterback position, but he has gotten better in each of the last few games. Remember he threw a pass that should have been picked off on the last drive.  He’s been very fortunate about sure interceptions being dropped, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Remember if he’s throwing sure interceptions against the worst secondary in the league will he be able to lead a team against a good pass rush and an excellent secondary.  The jury is still out on the young man.

There are certain things which he has proven to us.

He’s proven that unlike Kevin Kolb he’s got the body to withstand the pounding a quarterback must take in the NFL.  Foles will stand in there with a pass rusher in his face, take the pounding and deliver the football without blinking.

He’s proven that unlike Michael Vick, he understands the NFL passing game thoroughly.  He can change the wrong play into the right play at the line of scrimmage, then execute the play.  You can send Foles to the line of scrimmage with three plays and he can call the right one then execute it.  He does meet the necessary requirements on the understanding level.

Bryce Brown was shut down by the Bucs defense.  He couldn’t get outside of the Bucs contain because they were attacking him as he went down the line of scrimmage.  Tampa Bay’s secondary does a great job of supporting the defense front on run plays, but they’re awful against the pass.

Brent Celek was knocked out of the game on the second play and it opened up opportunity for Clay Harbor and he took advantage of it.  Harbor has been improving as a receiver and as a blocker behind the scenes all season long.  He consistently got open against the Bucs and he caught the football.  I see a bright future for this young man.

His touchdown was a key play which set up the come back win.  He can beat any linebacker in the league who tries to cover him.  The youngster made a great one-handed catch on another play.  He’s shown he can catch the football despite getting pounded, which is a must for a good tight end.

Jeremy Maclin made the catch to win it all, but he struggled to get open for much of the game.  I will give him credit for stepping up with the game on the line.  He caught 9 catches for 104 yards and a touchdown, despite a slow start.

Despite the winning touchdown catch, I don’t think he showed us that he can be a number one receiver.  There were too many times when he was covered like a blanket when Foles was looking for somebody to get the ball to.  If he aspires to be a number one, he’s got to get open against double-teams, which DeSean Jackson did often.  Maclin hasn’t shown us that he can be a number one receiver.

Jason Avant had one of the best days of his career.  His one handed catch may have been the best catch of 2012 in the NFL.  His catch down the middle on fourth down was a game saver and set up the winning touchdown.  He made 7 catches for 122 yards.

Avant did a nice job on a number of scrambles of heading downfield and getting open for Foles.  It’s not an accident that he and Foles did a good together because both of them understand the passing game.  The veteran wide receiver is a calming influence for a young quarterback and has always been willing to do whatever it took to help the team win.  He’s not a personal stats guy.


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  • How did LB Jendricks look at the WILL Position
    And Safety Colt Anderson and the DE Curry, Graham & Hunt
    How does Special Teams Coach Booby April manage to stay employed

  • Irrelevant.

    Paul…you want to talk speial teams???

    Com’on….this was best game last 3 years……hope…….future….

    the secondary, spec teams, etc….they’ll be fixed over the next 2 yrs…..untill then, enjoy the hope you saw today

  • Kendricks looked better than he had in the last few weeks. Anderson played well enough to earn another start over the dreck there is currently.. D-line not so good. Martin rushed for 128 yards and very little pressure on Freeman.

  • kendricks should have been at the will weaks ago. he’s a playmaker. good games from fletcher cox and COLT ANDERSON!! wow he shot in the backfield a few times.feels good to see good safety play. nicky foles looks promising, but like i said we still need a OT in the first round.Nate allen and nnamdi are still liabilities, hopefully the new coach recognizes this going forward.

  • Congrats to Nick Foles his 32-51 381 yard passing day rivals Bobby Hoyings 4th NFL start vs Cincinnati in 1997 when he passed for 313 yards and 4 tds. I still have that Hoying jersey somewhere. grrrrrr.

  • Wow is this deja vu? Bobby Hoying 3rd round pick also. Im looking at 1997 Mike Vick i mean Rodney Peete replaced midway through season by Bobby Hoying I mean Nick Foles. Bobby Hoying lights up NFL in 4th start. Fans go crazy! Fans buy every Bobby Hoying jersey in Deleware Valley. Next year Bobby Hoying starting QB for Eagles. Eagles find out he cant play and get #2 pick in draft and select franchise QB Donovan McNabb. I definetly will wait this time to buy a jersey just in case 🙂

  • Vinnie,
    I only brought up how the Defense looked for many of us posted about
    Foles great performance already and wanted G’s take on the Defense
    Since the Eagles did limit the Bucs high-scoring Offense for most of the game
    (Until the muffed punt)

    • ha…Paulman, you can’t talk defense with Vinnie….he’s only open for one subject of conversation…

  • I can’t believe how Brown’s performance was such a failure after his first 2 games
    The coaching staff couldn’t make any adjustments to the game plan at half time to get him at least some yards

    Foles would have had a more impressive game if play fakes could have been effective

  • The bucs werent goign to let brown beat them .. The bucs can easily shut down desean and maclin because they never go over the middle.. so the were going to make the eagles have to win with avant and harbor..

    • Except for Maclin was 9-104 with a TD.

  • G,

    Foles was sacked 6 times and hit quite a bit, under constant duress. He was given no running game, and I’m talking none. Bad secondary or not, he was missing his top WR, RB, and TE. As for 1 near interception, find me one QB in the NFL that doesn’t throw at least 1 near interception in a game. You keep harping on this, but Foles has not turned the ball over in 3 straight games.

  • @ Kevin Kolb4sb he wasnt given any running game because stopping the run was the bucs key focal point. Lets not reach and just let him progress as he’s been..

  • And congrats to Andy Reid who came sooooo close to a perfect game.

    We all know he’s working his way to a game where he calles 100% passes.

    This one, with 61 called passes and 13 runs (82%) was his closest yet!

    On top of the win, almost a perfect “Reid”. Cool.

  • That formula is gonna get this kid killed. The Bucs secondary is worst in the league. With protection Foles could have passed for 500 yards. They have got to be more balanced starting Thursday night.

  • I dont know about this being the best game in the past 3 years…But it was a good game. After watching Foles get hit behind that O Line and seeing him respond in the end, I definitely gained some respect for the kid. That’s the type of game I give him credit and what I called paying some dues. Win or lose yesterday, he played well…But still I am not ready to jump through the roof just yet nor is the Eagles front office. What could an awful performance against the Bengals do? Be positive but be patient some of you probably fall in love easily. First taste of “puddin” you had probably turned out to be your wife…

    Vinniemysister, what’s your take on the O Line, and how did you feel about the sacks Foles took? Did he make the Line look better? or was the O Line just simply horrid, like they’ve been the majority of this season?

  • Real talk, you have to see something special, seven minutes, down 11, back to back touchdown drives, last one with no timeouts, that’s big time, big time franchise quarterback stuff

  • Even with the pourous line Foles still managed to get the ball off 51x of his 61 dropbacks…84%…and, seeing that 2 of the throws were beautiful throw aways and 1 was a spike…he was again able to get off almost 90% of the pass plays called. Pretty impressive.

    What did I see?


    Intelligence – the 2 throw-aways in the 2nd to keep team in FG range were $$. I’ve read he constantly audibles throughout the game, modified the 2nd last play and then chose the final one.

    Very very positive. WIll be fun watching this kid develop through next year.

  • Oh, and BTW…..who was it that said he couldn’t see “it”….whatever “it” was (couldn’t be defined)….he just knew Foles did not have….”it” Was that you Bigion? Did you see “it” yesterday……..

    And last week Songs you asked how Foles would hold up passing the ball 75-80% of the time. Well?

    • Vinnie I saw some of it yesterday like not losing his composure and not getting happy feet, now let’s build on this. I still don’t think he’s the answer long term and I still hope I’m wrong.

  • “He was playing against the worst secondary in the NFL, but you credit him with taking advantage of it.”

    Hey, man, thanks for the great compliment for the young guy!…But, wait, I thought the Eagle secondary was the worst?

    You know, I have to crack up when I read all these ‘fantasy football’ critics and ‘keyboard warriors’ analyze the Eagles performance with a microscope…Most have NEVER played a competitive sport in their whole lives!

    I have been a musician/performer for almost 35 years, so I have a little experience reading/inter acting with ‘critics’ and ‘journalists’…Most have no clue, as they would sh*t themselves if they ever had to get up on stage in front of ONE person, let alone a hundred or thousands, nor can they ‘create’ anything.

    So, while I myself understand the problems with the Birds coaching, administration an players, I just have to laugh at many critics’.

    Now this is G.Cobb posting here, so his opinion carries more weight with me, as he knows what putting it on the line…But G has been hanging with the WIP sleaze balls so long, he might be picking up their tricks.

    • To Frank
      Cool to hear that you are a musician, what instrument and type of music do you play if you don’t mind me asking.. My Father is life-long Jazz Musician and plays the Upright Bass among the Sax,Flute and played in th Philly/AC area for years .. He lives in Florida now and is 81 Years old and still plays, and teaches down in the Sarasota,FL area now..
      He used to play in the house band for the old “Mike Douglas Show”which was taped at the the KYW Studio’s as well the “Tom Jones Variety Show” House band which were done up in NYC..
      Unfortunately, I never had the Natural “Musical Ear” and was more into School & Sports as a kid as opposing to playing an instrument, but someday will learn the guitar/piano ..

  • The bucs are literally 32nd in the NFL?

  • In terms of total yrds given up…yes they are 32…..but NO is lower than them yrds/play and TDs given up.

    TB is 4th in the league in interceptions though.

  • So vinnie… the Oline was bad then?

  • Of course the oline is pretty bad…though not as bad as before) and as I’ve stated 50,000 times it must be fixed over the next couple of seasons…

    But first…always first….quarterback. Hopefully we’ve got that one down…though I need to see 12-16 games before I make any judgements on the QBs performance. As good as he was yesterday (and we all do realize that was the best QB performance the Birds have had since the former superstar’s MNF game – no seriously…look it up…try and find one that was better) I still expect a 4 int disaster at some point moving forward….happens to all rooks.

    • Vinnie how is you saying I need to see him play 12-16 games before you pass judgement any different from me saying I don’t think he’s the answer but I hope I’m wrong?

    • really? 11 games? You were on Kolb’s nutz the way he walked out of the locker room before his first start. Why change now?

      • hate vick and wanted anyone if it meant vick gone

        • This is why I like Vinnie, brutal honesty

  • Oline is bad, the Bucs secondary was worse, the Qb understood that if he could remain up right he would have receivers open. Does that sense?

  • Sis, it was a simple question…no need for you to start campaigning.

  • very few veteran nfl quarterbacks can do what nick foles did yesterday, the most impressive was perhaps telling the coaches what play he wanted to win the game, then going out there and executing the play, winning the game, theres no talkin around it, it was the best quarterback performance by an eagles quarterback since jaworski, randall, with the exception of mike vick’s win at the meadowlands, they both put their teams on their back and won the game

  • Jake most NFL Qb’s could pull off what Foles did yesterday with the exception to that dreck Arizona calls Qb’s. And for calling that play, great maybe he should call all the plays.

  • MM and AR asked 7 on the game winning drives earlier this season, what play he wanted to run as well…This is part of the way they coach…I’m sure they’ve asked McNabb in the past what play he wanted to run as well…Wasn’t because they felt differently about Foles, lets just be clear on that.

  • the point is the poise, the confidence he has as a rookie, when was the last time a quarterback in the nfl directed two touchdown drives less than 11 on the clock, last drive with no timeouts, maybe elii manning, the number of quarterbacks that can do, did this is very small, biglion you must not watch a lot of football if you think many in the nfl do this, there are very, very few, those who have done it have “it”

    • You must not watch many games either, Andrew Luck has done it twice already this year.

      • And I guarantee you can find guys no longer in the league who flamed out that have done it as well.

    • have to also give credit to the defense…hadn’t they held, there would of been no shot..again another revelation to how football is a team sport.

  • I like Foles but I would aslo like to point out that many of you were talking about how Kolb was the first rookie to throw 3oo yards bla bla bla.

    I really liked what I had seen in Foles last night and I really hope he is the guy.

    The bigger key will be who the guy calling the shots is.

    Vinnie is right about the QB making the coach WHEN the QB is a HOF’er. Most in the NFL are not and so you need to have a good coach who knows balance…..and around and around we go.

  • The other issue here is how this team could easily have folded up after the botched punt. Here’s a team who, with that fumble, the missed 31 yrder, and the false start on the 53 yrder gave the Bucks a 13 pt swing….for a team that had lost so many in a row, they could have folded, but didn’t.

    Young kids showed a bit of character.

    And I agree, Foles showed poise, and clearly a knowledge of the playbook that I’m quite sure the former superstar never had. The modifying of the 2nd last play to a post because of the coverage + the audible to Cooper last week on his TD + selecting and then executing the final TD play + Reid saying yesterday that Foles is audibling and changing plays constantly…tells me this kid is pretty smart.

    I’ll take smarts over speed and arm strength any day of the week…oh wait, he has good arm strength too. And he’s 6’5″.

    Lots of positives at this point.

  • Im just trying to figure out something here..

    In the preseason all we heard was “Oh, well its just a preseason game against a bunch of back ups he cant play well against starters”

    Now im hearing

    ” He only did good because Tampa is bad against the pass”

    When will the excuses stop?

    • Excuses?

      Im pretty sure we are all on board with the kid. There are some here that would like to…. you know….. watch him play a few games before we give him the old Vinnie/Kolb treatment.

  • If tyrann mathieu (LSU) is available in the 2nd round do you select him if you are the Eagles? I say yes. Just wanted you guys opinion. Paulman? daggolden? Stevo? Vinnie?

    • This kid is a great talent, if your looking for a playmaker he’s your guy, but the character issues scare me and he freelances too much in looking for the big play.

  • Honey Badger? I don’t know….I’d probably stay away.

    I think new coach is going to come in and drop a lot of older “dead weight” players (already begun) Try to build a new culture….do you bring in guys with questionable pasts? Not sure.

    He’s also 5′ 9″….thought we agreed no more smurfs.

  • E.S. I dont watch college football. I dont have time. I am a youth minister 60 hours a week. A father- all day every day. And a Seminary student-lots of hours. I pay attention to the college game in Dec and Jan although…. if Andy Reid found a way to come back next year I would prolly just move over to college for a few years.

    • That’s impressive Stevo, I hear you I’m on the youth council at my Church in Florida as well as a full time dad, don’t know how you find time for Seminary school good luck my man.

      • good work Big. yea… fun but nutz.

    • Stevo- you are a busy dude, but try to find some time to watch the rivalry week games in mid to late November in college football. Decades of history in some of these matchups.

  • what are you watching biglion, stop with all your bullshitting here, the only drive by Luck that compares is the one two weeks ago, that was rare, yesterdays was field goals with time remaining, bring some cred here for a change, foles marched his team down the filed twice in eleven minutes, last drive with no timeouts, then beautiful back to back passes to win the game, can’t remember a better played game by an eagles quarterback save vick’s game at the meadowlands

  • Luck did the same thing against Green Bay earlier down 2 scores in the 4th or don’t you watch the games? Foles played great stop trying to put him in the HOF. Hell it was harder to do what Kirk Cousins did yesterday then what Foles did. Do you know who he is Jake?

  • On LSU’s Natthieu
    He’s listed as 5 9″ but many reports have him a shade under 5 8″
    I stay far away from him, Eagles need 6′ + CB’s who are Physical
    (Like the Seahawks, 49ers and the Packers have)
    Eagles current CB’s gave size but no toughness
    Matthieu will most likely go in the 4th Round due to his Character issues and lack of size and I can see a Team taking a chance with him as a Punt Returnnan and a Nickel Back, but that’s about it

  • as I said weeks ago the future of this organization is bright.

    new coaching staff
    maybe a thunder lightning running Attack next year.
    stud o lineman,dt or the lb from nd next year

    I’m a big fan of last years draft.

    yesterday was just awesome to see & feel as an eagles Fan.

    unreal how this kid is making cooper and harbor like they belong in the nfl

    love this teams future

    • Hey Mhenski,
      On a side note, How’s the Baby and Mommy doing..
      Hope all are healthy and well.. Congrats and Happy Holidays to your growing family.. ..

      • appreciate it paul. our daughter was born nov 15. everyone’s happy & healthy. happy holidays

        • amen!! Peace to you and many many blessings on your future. I have 2 daughters and 1 baby on the way…. your life is changed forever.. trust me.

  • Billion yo are a pure bulshitter, cousins made two passes and ran a quarterback draw to tie the game, he played all of about thirty seconds, he made clutch plays, but to say what he did was harder than what foles did, you sling shit, no facts,

    And the green bay game was one score, do some homework.

    • Got better things to do, they were down 17 that game just not in the 4th okay, anyway what Foles did yesterday was outstanding its just not as unheard of as you think. Yes I do think what Cousins did was more impressive coming in cold in that situation and then winning in OT with no preparation.

  • Riley cooper and Jason avant are the two best wideouts on this team, not even close

    • You’re a moron.

  • Speaking of Cousins and the Skins……I’m getting less and less concerned about RGIII on the Redskins.

    Guy is only going to have a 3 year career the way Shanahan is running him into the ground. A concussion and a sprained knee already and the season isn’t even over yet.

    Cooper and Avant…and maclin….look how impressive our WRs can suddenly look when they have an actual QB and not a glorified pinball at the helm…..

    • I know… that McNabb guy over in philly has a broken leg, a few broken ribs and his bell has been rung too many times in only a few seasons, I bet he’s out of football soon.

  • Speaking of Cousins isn’t he the reason why Foles transferred?

    • Actually, it was the when Keith Nichol transferred from Oklahoma that Foles transferred out. Then he would be competing against 2 other dudes instead of one. Cousins eventually won the job, but he was never really competing head to head against Foles, because Hoyer was the QB through the 2008 season.

      • Thanks bugsy

  • How’s that for homework Jake.

  • I agree with Vinnie noway RGIII has a career playing the way he does.

    • agreed. BUT…. they are doing this because there Oline is still a work in progress and their D is too. This is HOW you win in the NFL. U take what u got and you make something of it. I think you will see the skins build off this in the off season and use this style less.

  • Rg plays under controls boys and his accuracy is really spectacular to watch. He really is unreal and shanahan hasn’t even opened up his passing play book in its entirety yet.

    Rg has a very bright future.

  • Mathieu has been an impact player since day one for LSU. Mathieu compiled 57 tackles with 8.5 tackles for a loss, 4.5 sacks, five forced fumbles, two interceptions, seven passes broken up and two interceptions as a freshman in 2010. He was one of the best defensive players in college football as a sophomore. He was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, having had a massive impact for LSU. Mathieu led LSU in tackles with 76 and also had 7.5 tackles for a loss, 1.5 sacks, six forced fumbles, two interceptions and nine passes broken up. Additionally, he served as a punt returner in 2011, averaging 16 yards per return with two brought back for touchdowns.

  • Tyrann Mathieu we said the same about Vontez Burfict and he is having a good season as a Bengal. You cant ignore the fact that this guy was a Heisman finalist. He plays bigger than his size. He would be great as a free safety.

    • Vinnie I don’t think that’s going to be his offense going forward. I think this is like Stevo said let’s win now and tinker later. Hopefully he doesn’t kill him before then, I’m with you I hate that offense it will do him no favors as his career progresses.

  • True statement @mhenski

  • A very bright 3 year future. Short term success over long term success. Mistake. Kid is getting hammered every third play.

    He’s 22 yr old 200lb qb who has already torn his ACL, had at least 1 concussion in the NFL, and now sprained his knee.

    Shanahan and the stupid pistol offense might win now, but the kid is going to get pounded into the turf before he ever gets his career going.

    • honestly vin… i dont get it…

      when Vick was getting killed on every play you were clear that the Big boys win games no matter the coaches or Oline. With Rg3 you cry that they dont help him. You see how crazy this is right?

      • not really. its not about “helping” anyone. I don;t think RGIII needs to be “helped”…but I think not running a pro offence is going to hurt him long term. Both phisically because he;s getting pounded, but also not developing the mental aspects as he should.

        Wsh O calls for RGIII to run 7 or 8x a game on purpose. That means 7 or 8 more hits a game – on purpose. That’s fine for college, but not NFL.

        That’s different than calling 50 passes and how you guys think that “dosn’t help” a qb.

  • Vinnie, isn’t shanahan playing to his qbs strength, if he flames out, he flames out, but he’s playing well and his game

  • RG3 is not helping his career. When a quarterback becomes his own check-down it turns into a bad habit. He should be honing his quarterbacking skills – going through his progressions – checking down to his RB when there’s nothing open. It won’t help him or his team when he is out for a few games every year. He should let Vick be a lesson.

  • Biglion no homework, you just plagiarized bugzy, what the hell kind of student are you

    • LOL. Bugsy got me straight I had the wrong info.

  • All I can add is that the Bengals are coming up Thursday, and they are fighting for a playoff spot.

    Offensive line better be ready, that includes Danny Watkins, because ‘King’ Dunlap is an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

    I would hate to see Nick Foles suffer a broken neck…And OC Marty ‘What’s His Name’ better call some better running plays for Bryce Brown AND Dion Lewis…How about running the ball maybe 25 times? LOL

    ‘Bad Newz Kennels’ defense need another 60 MINUTE effort.

  • All I know is Ben Rothlisberger is the most injury prone QB in the NFL. Funny how no one makes a big deal with Big Ben. Maybe he should learn how to hone his skills and check down.

    • One of the criticism of Big Ben is he holds on to the ball too long, looking for the big play.

  • Maybe he should hone his skills such that he no longer has two super bowls, yeah, that’s great, maybe be just like mike Vick, seriously dude, could be more damn stupid

  • All you ever have to do is win a Super Bowl and you will forever be great. Just ask Trent Dilfer.

  • Maybe I am too harsh here considering my audience, I mean no one has to pass even a baseline intelligence test to post , you have this cat daggolden promoting his homey vick but criticizing a two time champion big Ben because Ben is injured and that is because he holds on to the ball too long, really, and this guy bilg lion suggestiing big Ben is another Trent dilfer it’s a damn shame thome eagles fans are so damn dumb

    • Jake all I said was it seems as though people forget all about QB’s flaws when they win a Super Bowl, and when they don’t win Super Bowls their careers are failures. See some people discount QB’s like Marino, Moon and Fouts because they didn’t win, now do you understand? See you call Ben a two time World Champion like he can do no wrong. Who was better Big Ben or Marino? Please before you try to insult someone please think first.

      • One more question Eagle fan Jake, why oh why were you hoping for Vick to fail if your this big time Eagle fan? See as I told you before I don’t care who the damn QB is just win Vick, Foles, Edwards whoever just win.

        • he wanted \Vick to fail/gone precisely because they weren;t winning with Vick….nor were we going to

      • I think I might say Ben

        • Please try and make a Ben is better then Marino, argument everything you complain about Vick, Ben does the exact same thing holds the ball makes mistakes and incurs injuries because of holding onto the ball.

          • And he’s also a reformed pos, ah but he was fortunate enough to QB the Steelers and win Super Bowls. I get it.

            • Has also led the league in 4th Q comebacks the last decade. Is absolutely clutch. Doesn’t seem to spend his time pointing fingers at his temmates whenever a mistake happens (Marino was a complete ass for this all the time) Rothless doesn’t telegraph his handoffs which Marino did his entire career.

              BTW – ROthless might be able to afford holding the ball a little longer because his physical statue allow what was not allowed with your smurf hero.

              Besides, Rothless is nowhere near the top of the league in taking sacks after 3 secs,,,,,

              • Vinnie his large stature hasn’t stopped him from being injury prone. Switch Marino and Big Ben how many Super Bowls would Marino have?

  • I would like to thank Andy Reid for NOT doing the right thing and turning this team over to Foles in week one as he SHOULD have based on Preseason. YUP Preseason where 7 took 6 snaps. Imagine where we might be had we started out with a QB in game shape and ready to go. Foles might have beaten The browns…Castillo may still be here… we may be 7-6 and in the hunt. AR might be back next year.

    Thank goodness he played Vick and this horrible Vick-Reid partnership in Philly looks to be Over.

    My only nightmare is that AR moves into the FO- MM is named HC and a new OC and DC are brought in because Marty shure looks to be doting on Foles.

    I don;t blame him. The kid is the best Pure QB we have had in an eagles uniform since McNabb.

  • I wanted Kolb to be good but he just did not have the toughness or the arm strength required. I do think he was sharp with the mental aspects of the game and would welcome him back as a backup for veteran minimum. Foles has Size, Strength, and POISE. He can sense the pocket and move to throw. That Avant catch was one of the best I have seen from an eagle EVER!! That only happens because the ball was there for him to make a play on. Not a worm burner and not a sky rocket. That pass was a completion or it was out of play. This kid may never be Luck, or Manning… but he is more like them than anything I can remember seeing on this eagles team.

  • RGIII is totally capable of running a traditional NFL offense and long term would be more like Steve Young if they move him too it.

    I believe that the spread option is fantastic when you have young guys that heal quick and are less likely to get injured. In the NFL it is not sustainable and NO team can afford to have 3 QB’s of high enough quality (SALARY CAP) to consider the spread option long term.

    The Chip Kelly Rumor scares me as I would much rather Have Bruce Ariens from the Colts (he prob too old for JL).

  • I think G you are little over negative on Foles. EVERY quarterback in almost every game has at least 1 near interception per game. Fact is, Foles has not turned the ball over in 3 weeks. You didn’t see him throwing into double coverage much at all. He had no DeSean Jackson, no LeSean McCoy, no Brent Celek, missing your top 3 offensive lineman, and still found a way to win and that is with his FG kicker missing 2 FG’s. The 1 sure INT was partly because Riley Cooper for some reason came out of the game and we had to put a rookie in there in the kid from Iowa. Foles was also sacked 6 times and the offensive line was not good…he has no running game, it was all on him.

  • Michael Vick and McCoy were cleared to practice.
    Next year is going to be fun to watch. Reason being is because next year you dont expect much from this team instead we are going to witness development as we watch this team form an identity.

    For the most part the last 14 years have been almost a superbowl or bust mentality but this time we get to sit back and absorb these players and coaches and see what identity they have and what we can expect to be Philadelphia football.

    I dont know much about Nick Foles but what I do know is that he will work harder than any quarterback this town has had in years. He is tough and he wants to be the best in the league.

    2013 will be like sunshine after 14 years of rain.

  • @jakedog Nobody has ever promoted Vick thats where your dumb ass doesnt get it. Its all about dealing with you racist rednecks who criticize Vick, McNabb, now RGIII for what they cant do but there are 25 white QBs who do the same damn thing and cant win shit but you have a excuse for them. lol. I could care less who the QB is as long as he can play.

    • YOu are an idiot.

      1 – Complete and utter BS that there was “nobody ever promoted Vick”. His entire career has been one big promotion, and you lapdogs (pardon the pun) eat it up.

      2) No one on here has once bashed RGIII. We are bashing Shanahan for how he is treating RGIII.

  • @eaglessuck I just read your post you just posted that YOU know Nick Foles will work harder than any QB in years in this town and he wants to be the best. My question is do you know Nick Foles personally? How could you possibly know Nick Foles will work harder than any QB has in years in this town. How do you know how hard McNabb or Vick worked? Do you know them? You must be on the team and in meetings? Please explain?

    • We know how pfar Vick, or at least had an inclination, because of the reports of MM chasing him down after practice and dragging him to the film room. And that from this year’s TC.

      We have an incling of Foles working hard because every report says he’s the first one in the building in the Am, and how after the Dallas game he got off the plane and went right to Vovacare to watch film

  • EaglesSuck shouldn’t even be allowed to post on this site. @EaglesSuck, of course the future will be fun to watch for you, you have no emotional attachment to the team, your name says it all…how can one be a Giants/Eagles fan? you are, correct?

  • I for one am happy of the short turn around this week. The less of a wait the better. It’s been a long year and frankly I need another good game or two to hold me over till next year.

    @Real Agreed no on named Eaglessucks should be allowed to post on here..

  • Should be an interesting game Thursday versus the Bengals who are a Physical Team and like to pounf the rock and have some nice weapons on Offense
    (WR AJ Green, TE Gresham and tough RB Jarvis-Green)
    Thier Defense is active and physical but do have some issues in their Secondary and Safeties..
    Bengals playing to keep their Playoff Chances alive and the Eagles have lots of young players playing to keep their momentum and make the most of their opporunties.. (Eagles have RB Brown & Lewis,TE Harbor, WR D JOhnson, MCNutt and DB Colt Anderson, SAM LB J Chaney,and DE’s Phillip Hunt & V Curry, C Thornton all getting more snaps..

  • Foles played a nice game
    I still think he has to succeed in cold weather to be a playoff QB in this division.

  • Yes indeed Eagles0SB
    They said the same thing about Eli, RGIII and even Mike Vick

  • Cold weather is not the issue people think it is. Yes he went to Arizona but competitive juices get going and it’s no big deal.

    • Jim Kelly, John Elway, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady beg to differ — nobody beat them in cold weather

      • Cold weather. Philadelphia.

        You guys crack me up.

        • I’m with Vin on this what dah what has cold weather have to do with what kind of QB Foles turns out to be?

          • I just don’t think the terms ‘Cold’ and ‘Philadelphia’ go together. Downright balmy down there in January.

            • Yep I guess when that wind chill drops under 32 you have to run the single wing.

      • Elway went to Stanford! PlaYed in same conference as Foles. No one beat them because they are good

      • Jim Kelly played at Miami. Troy Aikmen ran thru NFC east and went to UCLA? Come on Man! You think an NFL QB who gets a shot to lead a franchise, who is big strong is going to care? They wear big boy pants.
        Eli went to the frozen tundra of mississippi! Terry Bradshaw Louisiana Tech… Buuuurrrr cold! Bart Starr Alabama! FAVRE SOUTHERN MISSISSIPI… Get out your gloves and hats!

        • And Rodgers played at Cal. Not cold in Berkeley.

  • 4 reasons to get excited for Thursday Night football
    1. Foles’ 1st December night football game with December Northeast weather.
    2. Cox vs. Zeitler – who is stronger?
    3. Dalton vs. Foles – who is better?
    4. Vontaze Burfict — Songs’ already has his told you so Friday morning post ready
    5. Jeff Lurie watching a home crowd that might leave at half time again.

  • Its a free country. In fact you guys bash your team more than I do. I just offer an outsider perspective on your club. I enjoy football in general. I can watch every NFL game. Of course I root for the G-Men. In fact I think a name like Eagles0superbowls is more of a dis than Eaglessuck.

    Im not a Eagles fan but I do love the city.. Does that count? lol

  • Don’t forget Franch Reich of U of MAryland who brought the Bills Back in that
    Epic Comeback versus the Houston Oilers..

    Quick List of QB’s who have struggled in Cold Weather
    #1) Warren Moon
    #2) Mike Vick

  • Hey eagles suck, get a damn clues you have no right to post on gcobb, it’s a privilege granted by the owner, get it, and can’t wait until the eagles will kick the giants ass with “shaggy” nick foles, revamped defense, new attitude , the giants days of domination are soon over, but in the meantime study up on constitutional law, learn the difference between a right and a privilege you dumb ass giants fan

  • And next time you post here change your damn head name

  • It’s bad when a giants fan tells an eagles fan what’s good for the eagles, screw him

  • reality check….every team gets 300 yards passing against the Bucs…We need a punt returner and a kick returner.

    I do think the defense took a step but want a 3-4 next season with Nnamdi with both of our safeties cut.

  • Reality check. TB is 4th in the league at intercpeting the ball. There are only 2 teams who have not thrown ints against them. They have multiple interceptions in half their games. Wsh and the Eagles are the only 2 teams not to throw a pick against them.

    The QB performance should be taken with a grain of salt, and I expect foibles to come, but I don’t think it should be put down with a “everybody throws for 300” comment. Remember, everybody throws for 300 against the Saints too….but we weren’t able to in that instance.

    The TB game shows improvement.

  • songs, still got it for assomaugh, come on, he would be better as a college professor than playing corner in the nfl, I thought he was killed on that play, let marsh play, also let anderson play

  • and songs, what’s your take on nick “shaggy” Foles, you and baldinger eating some crow, what say you rev?

  • Jake…you would have thrown 300 yards against that secondary.

  • Foles looks awesome in preseason:
    Doesn’t matter. That’s just against scrubs inpreseason

    Foles looks good in Dallas:
    Doesn’t matter. Its only because Eagles actually ran the ball. Lets see how he does when they throw 75% of the time.

    Foles looks awesome in TB: No running game. Throw the ball 83% of the time.
    Doesn’t matter. TB has a terrible secondary.

    Do I have that right Songs??

    And if Foles looks good Thurs,….
    Doesn’t matter. Its a Thursday game, and home teams always look good on Thursdays.

  • Congratulations to Nick Foles on his first NFL win. I am not a Foles fan or a Foles hater. My opinion has always been that Trent Edwards should have been the back- up QB. He looked just as good or better than Foles. An with his NFL experience would have given the Eagles a chance to win the four crucial very winnable games after Vick went down. Instead they gave those losing teams a leg-up.A back-up QBs job is to come in and take charge and win the game like Kaepernick, Cousins, and even Charlie Batch did. Files didn’t give the Eagles that chance. The Eagles might have gone 4-0 or 3-1 or even 2-2 and still be in the play – off hunt right now instead of celebrating a rookie’s first win over five games(including Dallas twice). Foles has talent but he should have been a third string rookie project this year.

    • Charlie Batch is a 40 year old vet.

      The Kapernaick experiment is going to blow up in the 49ers faces.

      Cousins first action he threw 2 ints in 9 passes as the redskins got trounced.

      The 4 crucial winnable games?? Eagles were 3-6 when Foles got his first start. If you honestly believe that Trent Edwards would have gone 4-0 in those games well, lets just say you obviously never watched a Buffalo Bills game before.

      • And on another note. That 3-6 eagles team was done. Quit. YOu think dropping an old re-tread would have helped turn that around. A guy who’s been bounced from 2 teams and spent a year out of the NFL. You think the team would have rallied around him?

        Gimmie a break.

        Look at what we have here…I don’t know if Foles is going to continue to grow (but I think he just might) but I do see the effect this is happening on the team. You had to see it after that last TD. Therre’s some excitement building. Hope for the future.

        And most importantly…..fun. Its fun to watch this kid get better each week.

        We would have had none of that if they had dropped Edwards into the breech.

    • This has to be a joke? Kind of a ‘smile your on candid camera’ thing??? A 20$ QB was riding a long losing streak and could not put the ball in the end zone.The team was turning on each other and you say a guy that got canned in BUFFALO was the answer?

      • Victor and Cigar ,
        Perhaps you didn’t read my post correctly. I said when the starter goes down (gets hurt) the back-up QBs job is to come in take charge and win the game anyway. The QBs I mentioned have done that this season. I have nothing against Foles but couldn’t do that. As I remember when Foles came into the Dallas game both teams were 3-5 and fighting for their playoff lives. Foles was not ready for the job. He turned the ball over twice, each one leading to a seven point score for Dallas. The Cowboys won the game and are still in the playoff hunt while the Eagles proceeded to lose three consecutive crucial games with Foles and are out off the playoffs. Could Edwards have done any worse? Maybe not 4-0 but 3-1 or even 2-2 would have kept the Eagles in playoff contention. I sorry I don’t share your excitement watching the Eagles lose every week while baby sitting a rookie QB. I’ve gotten used to watching my favorite team playing in primetime in January. That’s excitement!

        • you have not been in eagles practice and had the ability to evaluate the back up QB’s.
          As for playoff contention…. can i quote jim mora….”playoffs?, PLAYOFFS, are you kidding me”
          i’m not a foles guy- i’m a lets evaluate him and see what he can be- edwards we know what he is.

          • I watched the same training camp that everyone else watched. Edwards looked just as good or better than Foles but Foles was anointed back -up QB. Pre-season training camp is the time to evauate rookies. Not during crucial games when making the playoffs is on the line. Foles could not do the job when called upon.

  • Geno Atkins is going to be a big problem for Dunlop or Kelly? I don’t envy Foles Thursday night — the crowd is a a three and out away from turning on Reid and Marty ( long time paying customers will be carrying signs with anti- Reid, anti- Lurie info )

    • opps i meant Mathis, Reynolds & Scott

  • Cam Newton had a 72 yard TD run this week unreal..

    • Who cares?

  • Andrew Luck is one of the lead vote getters for the probowl and he sucks.. 10 fumbles and as many interceptions as touchdowns.. unbelievable

    • Andrew luck sucks? Hmmm wins and losses. Turnaround of a 3-13 team… Too bad we didn’t draft him

  • I was just looking at the probowl leader and they had a video .. just sayin 72 yard run for a qb is crazy

  • Its not because of him. He has 28 turnovers.. and the seasons not even over.. Manning would have came back off injury and had 11-13 wins, the usual.

  • sorry 23 turnovers.. Philly would have been all over him if we drafted him .. Vick only has 14 turnovers

    • Vick is a ten year vet. Vick only played what 8-9 games. Then you say they would have had that record had manning come back, dude you are arguing against yourself! They were 3-13 without manning last year and you are saying that luck and manning have them better. You just compared him to a HOF all-time great

  • Larrwd its about the hype, statiscally he’s not having a very good year but he shows up at the end of games and gets it done. You know the pro bowl is a popularity contest.

  • Yeah I know I think he going to turn out to be very good anyway. hes not really accurate with the football.. The have a good record but they have an easy schedule:Jac jac ten ten mia det min buff cle nyj

  • If luck was the qb here there would be talk of bust, but in terms of tools, we have the better quarterback especially for the price

  • i hope Foles gets a concussion in the first quarter so we can see Vick

  • Eaglesinoak- Stop Posting your VILE

  • The eagles are built poorly. The best defenses run a 3-4 which we should be running but only with the right coach.. honestly they shouldnt have fired juan . that was the wrong decision…

    secondly, why not get a tough couch you runs the ball more like dungy or cohwer those type of teams are good almost every single year steelers ravens patriots.. we have bryce brown lesean mccoy dion lewis chris polk.. with a good defense and good run game with a big tall game manager the team could thrive..

    • patriots air it out man

      • About the Patriots…Those of you that like stats, will find this interesting..

        Majority of Patriots damage comes on short routes, or passes behind line of scrimmage…passes to the slot WR on critical downs. I wouldn’t say they air it out…
        Passes thrown behind line of scrimmage
        56 of 71 for 79% completion percentage

        Pass Thrown 1-10 yds
        188 of 253 for 74% completion percentage

        Pass Thrown 11-20 yds
        39 of 87 for 44% completion percentage

        Pass Thrown 21-30 yds
        11 0f 32 for 34% completion percentage

        Pass Thrown 31-40 yds
        4 of 10 for 40% (not bad perc. on deep balls)

        Pass Thrown 41+ yds
        0 for 6

        A total of 324 passes have been thrown by the Patriots when you include passes behind the line of scrimmage and passes 1-10 yards from line of scrimmage…accounting for a total of 2326 yards.

        A total of 135 passes have been thrown by the Patriots when you include passes thrown 11-20+ yards…Accounting for a total of 1211 yards

        As shown in the stats above, the majority of the damage comes from the short yardage passing game…Something the Eagles should of tried a bit more of instead of trying to throw it down the field on almost every down earlier in the season.

  • Only because they a machine in QB Brady
    Put another QB in their system and they are .500 Team
    I don’t personally like Brady very much, but he is a beast when it comes to playing QB

    • but you weren’t in the practice sessions. my point is that anyone that judges foles or edwards by a couple meaningless preseason games. the coaches evaluate based on practices and of course on a players upside.
      there you go again….”PLAYOFFS?, PLAYOFFS ARE YOU KIDDING ME?, PLAYOFFS?”

  • “http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/8705491/nick-foles-philadelphia-eagles-start-rest-season”

    the stats on interceptions dropped

    • So? most people on here aren’t saying he is the second coming! he’s a rookie QB that is playing for a bad team. he will have ups and downs. and people on here shouldn’t over react either way- he had a nice game last week, showed poise, confidence and a bit of leadership. he could go out tonight and throw 3 int’s. either way its just the beginning

  • Agree 100% with HAC above..
    This Team is a bottom Team in the NFL and without most of it’s Projected OL or it’s biggest playmakers in D-Jax/McCoy.. Let the Kid play and let’s support him and see how he does for there is really no other choice at this point of a disappointing Season to be playingVick (if Healthy) or to go to Trent Edwards
    Foles was a high Draft Pick last year, is signed with the Eagles for 3 more Years and when else can you find out if he’s a legitimate QB for the Future
    of the Team than right now…
    The Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda all became a moot point when they lost to the Saints in that Monday Night game which they had to have to remain in the NFC Confernece Playoff Race.. It is what it is.. but to be honest, I have at least enjoyed these last couple of Games in there with Foles at the helm (even the loss to the Cowboys was a fun and exciting game to watch)

  • They lament the past, what cloud have been , get over it, look to the future

  • Anyone miss Schiller.. In a weird way, I kinda of missed that old chap..
    I remember he would always tell me that I can’t possibly know about Future Events and that it was a waste or time to discuss or worry about and would give me a hard time every time I made a prediction (which is what Fans do by the way) ..

    • Schiller won’t be post any time soon about his chap Mike Patterson being screwed out of $150,000 by Lurie today

  • Larrwd. Changing your name to Larrwdthevictor with your dogged pursuit of enlightening all of us morons on how bad or lucky Foles is. Stop hiding behind trying to keep it real and root for the QB who is currently starting or you are the same as Vinnie who roots for Eagle’s players to fail.

    For everyone else, let’s see if the Birds can spoil some playoff hopes for other teams.

  • RT777, Great work with the Patriots Passing Stats,
    They use a majority of their PAssing game (Routes 10 Yards or less) as their Running game so when everyone says theey PAss70% to 30% of the Time, it’s all relative..
    Do you have these Stats for the Eagles Offense..
    I bet when Vick was playing, the majority of the Eagles Pass Attempts were 10 Yards-15 Yards or longer which is a more all-in, higher-risk/higher reward type of Offense
    Pats Offense is geared to stay on the field, wear down a Defense, consume time and finish with Scoring TD’s (which is the key.. 7 Points and not 3 Points which has been an issue with the Eagles for years and years) and then take deep shots once a Defense is pooped out and have Safeties biting on shorter routes..
    Eagles Offense is a big-play, all or nothing type of Offense and when it’s clicking (like against the Redskins that memorable MNF Football game in 2010, then it’s a beauty to watch, but the reality is that Teams and Defensense have made adjustments over the years against the stale and predictiabl AR/MM Offense so once the big plays are taken away from the Eagles Offense, they are just not able to execute consistently long drives with getting 4-6-8 yards a play.. They were tyoo undisciplined inPlay-Calling, In executing and ledf by a QB who strength is not managing a game but nickel and diming down the field and taking what the Defense gives you and in a nut shell, this is what has occurred with the Eagles Offense since D-Jax/Maclin arrived and it has gotten less productive with each passing season since..

    • AR did that for years! and you hammered him for it!
      he only became big play when he fell in love with vick.

  • Eagles offense showed a glimmer of that type of offense last Sunday with foles, avant cooper and to some degree maclin, bit djax is a bad fit fir this toy of offense

    Andy wanted to develop this type of offense with kolb, but Lurie told him he had to start Vick, bad decision, put the franchise back 2-3 years, did you see how happy reed was after buc victory, Andy finally playing his quarterback, never was Vick, I don’t even think it was mcnabb either

    • The more I read your posts the more I become convinced that you don’t know what the f$%k you are talking about

      • do any of us – but every Monday morning we know that Lurie and the rest of the former bum cheap penny pinching tight pocket owners don’t either since 1960

  • Before this year Ben Roethlisberger only missed three games due to injury, in 7 years. He was suspended for four games, that’s not an injury. Plus, Ben gets hit in the pocket trying to pass the ball. He don’t get hit when he’s moving at top speed like RG-III. I have nothing against RG-III, but it looks like opposing safeties hate him…

  • I beg to Differ HAC
    It’s when AR & MM fell in love with D-Jax & then Vick..

    • some one once posted Atlanta’s CB Dante Robinson ended that plan with one hit to the jaw a couple years ago

  • paulman, andy reid never fell in love with vick, he was told to start him, Reid wanted to develop his quarterback, Kevin Kolb, after Vick lit up the Lions, Lurie told Andy to start Vick, right after Andy told everyone in a press conference that Kolb will start when he returns, in fact he got angry about it, then the next day or so, he reverses himself in a soft, apologetic voice, wake up

    • That’s Bull Jake,
      Owner Lurie has very limited Football Knowledge on who can do what and how, he’s never been the type of Owner to tell Coach AR on who to play
      I believe Coach AR sensed that Kolb just didn’t have it as simple as that
      so that when Vick filled in for him and played well, he stayed with the hot hand that was Vick in October of 2010 and stucl with Vick in hoping he could develop him as a Pocket Passer which most of us knew was not going to happen.. It was, what it was, but if Coach AR was so high with Kolb, then why what is so common knowledge around the NFL that Coachr AR was going to trade him to get him out of Town..

  • and thereafter he didn’t have much of a choice since Vick had that 6 game stretch and most thought Vick was the answer, turned out tobe “fools gold”, Vinnie adamant all along Vick was a mistake, may hve been all alone with that

  • I bet though Andy now upset that he won’t be able to develop his quarterback Foles

  • The Eagles have decided to not to reduce the salary of defensive tackle Mike Patterson after his placement on the non-football illness list.

    Patterson, who began the season on the non-football illness list after surgery to repair a tangle of blood vessels in his brain, had a provision in his contract that automatically reduces his pay for any week that he is on the NFI list. But the provision was implemented to protect the team in the event that Patterson couldn’t play due to the brain condition.

    Since returning to the field, Patterson contracted viral pneumonia, which unlike the brain condition arguably was connected to practicing and playing in the elements.

    “After a day of reflection, the Eagles and [G.M.] Howie Roseman decided to treat Mike like the high-character player that he is,” agent Peter Schaffer tells PFT. “They’re doing it because they believe that players who have done what Mike has done for the franchise should be rewarded. They always had Mike’s best interests at heart. So they renegotiated his contract to remove the provision that automatically dropped his pay.”

    Schaffer emphasized that the outcome reflects not animosity between himself, the Eagles, and Patterson, but the existence of a strong working relationship that allowed the parties to find a solution when it otherwise appeared that the team’s hands were tied. The Eagles promptly sought and obtained league approval to revise the contract, allowing the Eagles to pay Patterson the extra $150,000 that otherwise would have been removed from his 2012 compensation over the final three weeks of the season.

    It was the right thing to do, and it was wise for the parties to find a way to work it out. It’s also a positive sign that the Eagles have the kind of flexibility under Roseman that would keep them from clinging to an unreasonable position simply because the franchise doesn’t want to admit that perhaps there’s a better path.

  • Should have been released medically or placed on the IR for the entire 2012
    Another Wasted Roster Position and a poor Example of Roster Management by the Eagles once again, as I stated back in June..
    Pattersonn will not figure in Future plans and will be gone after this Season
    wonder if Patterson and his agent are playing the medical card once again for him to receive a “Medical Settlement” instead of a flate out release..
    As the wheels keep a churning at NovaCare.. See this is what happens to an organizxation when not making decisive and half-assed Personnel Decision.. They stuck with the Andrew Sisters too long, Abriami,Kevin Curtis and this season Demetress Bell, and others.. Once you setermine that the Player cannot be productive or ever a legitiemate shot at being a Starter, then you cut the chord and move on.. Unless your a back-up QB,Return Specialists or simply a SPecial Teams Demon..
    Back-up OL, DL, Secondary, WR, QB are a dime a dozen and all around the waiver wires or practice squads…
    GM Roseman is proving to be very poor at “Roster Management” and worse than when AR and Heckert did, when they were handlign it themselves in my opinion,,,

    • Paulman, Im with you on the Patterson thing. All i keep hearing on the radio is how could they do this to a guy like Mike Patterson..and then you got his agent talking him up like he is Warren Sapp or something…Fact is, Patterson and his agent has been stealing money from the Eagles since the day he was drafted…He has been a major disappointment IMO based upon where he was drafted. He gets paid millions a year, one of the highest paid players on the defense year in and year out and he has been nothing special…Seriously, can anyone tell me when we actually won a game because of Mike Patterson? Not trying to sound like an asshole but sorry if I dont feel the compassion for the guy. I just didn’t get what the big deal is. The NFL is a cut throat business period. It was his choice, just like it is all these players choices, to risk their bodies everyday for the NFL lifestyle. The eagles didn’t force Mike Patterson to play football this year. This country is getting so damn soft these days.

  • Again, look at the Roster and certain players that have had strong Ties to Coach AR are one-by-one, they getting moved out..
    I expect QB Vick, OL Todd Herremans, LB Akeem Jordan, S Kurt Coleman
    LB MAtthews to be on the cutting blocks as well just like Juselio Hanson, Antonio Dixon, were this Summer ..

    • Kevin Curtis? He was one of the better FA signings by the birds. Even if it was rather short lived.

  • Kevin Curtis got no balls…since the surgery that is.

  • Curtis had 1 1/2 good Seasons iwth his final 2 Seasons pretty Average
    It was only deemed a Good Signing for he was a 2nd Tier Player that they did not way overpay for like lots of other Free-Agent Signings..

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