• May 17, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Buccaneers

Foles Keeps Making Strides

In his fourth start of his career, Nick Foles made a strong case to be the Eagles’ starting quarterback in 2013.

Foles was spectacular, putting up 381 yards, two passing touchdowns, and one rushing touchdown with no interceptions as he lead the Eagles on a come-from-behind victory, finishing the game with a touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin as time expired.

Give Foles all the credit in the world today. Look at all of the factors he had working him that he was able to overcome. His offensive line wasn’t interested in providing great protection throughout the game, and allowed their quarterback to be sacked six times. His running backs only carried the ball 13 times for a grand total of two total yards. He played without three of his offense’s best weapons (LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek). He needed to find a way to put up 11 points in the final 10 minutes of the game on the road against a tough Tampa Bay team. And the rookie got it done.

Despite the pressure he was under, Foles remained confident and poised. He saw the field very well today, and spread the ball around to eight different receivers. He had great command of the huddle, and didn’t turn the ball over.

Foles has come a long way in just four starts. He had a rough outing against the Redskins, but he’s shown steady improvement in each game. Every week he’s looked more and more like a legitimate starting NFL quarterback.

Foles didn’t just put up some pretty numbers this week, he made big throws in clutch situations.

While 2012 may be a lost season for the Eagles, the maturation of Nick Foles has been a sight for sore eyes. Whether or not he’s the franchise’s long-term answer remains to be seen. Just as I stated that it wasn’t fair to give up on the third-round pick after a couple of shaky outings against the Redskins and Panthers, it would be just as foolish to run around calling him the savior after today’s game.

But today’s performance was very encouraging. If he continues to move in the right direction, he may be able to build up enough confidence that the organization won’t make quarterback a priority in the first-round of next year’s draft.

Defense Shows Improvement

The Eagles defense turned in their best performance in nearly two months today, holding the Bucs to just 21 points.

The defense showed a little fire and intensity today. They weren’t without their issues, but even when things began to go bad for this unit in the second half, they fought hard for 60 minutes, which is something you couldn’t say about them for the last two months.

For the first time since Todd Bowles took over as defensive coordinator, the Eagles managed to hold the opposing quarterback to a rating below 100. Josh Freeman completed just 14 of his 34 passes for 189 yards.

A lot of people are going to point to the firing of Jim Washburn as the reason for the quick turnaround, but that’s not the case. The defensive line wasn’t particularly strong today, and allowed Doug Martin to run right through them for 128 yards and a touchdown.

Today’s defensive turnaround was about the unit as a whole coming together and playing for each other.

A week ago, Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie gave disgraceful, embarrassing efforts. This week both of them played hard. Rodgers-Cromartie had his best game in months, and looked like a Pro-Bowl caliber corner. Asomugha still had his issues in coverage, but at least the hustle was there from him this week.

The defense also has benefited from a couple of young, hungry players getting opportunities for playing time.

Colt Anderson got the start for the injured Kurt Coleman, and played very well. Anderson brought a little stability to the safety position, and was among the team leaders with five solo tackles. Jamar Chaney replaced Akeem Jordan in the starting lineup, and was in on four tackles.

Although they struggled in the second half, the defense was able to stand tall when it mattered most, and came up with a stop late in the fourth quarter that put the football back in Nick Foles’ hands, giving the rookie the opportunity he needed to win the game.

The defense still needs to be completely rebuilt, but they showed today that they’re capable of much better play than what they’ve shown throughout the season.

Quick Thoughts

  • Alex Henery had his streak of 21 consecutive field goals snapped today, and missed two his three field goal attempts. The miss on the 58-yard attempt before halftime is forgivable, but the chip shot he missed in the second half is not. Nick Foles’ comeback effort would have been much easier if Henery had done his job. Instead of looking for a last-second touchdown on the goalline at the end of the game, the Eagles could have lined up for an easy game-winning field goal.
  • Inexcusable mistake by Damaris Johnson on the muffed punt. The Eagles were in control of the game with a 10-0 lead, and Johnson’s turnover opened the door for Tampa Bay to generate a little momentum that would turn into 21 unanswered points. The rookie has shown in the last two weeks that he may have a chance to develop into a decent return man, but he can’t have issues like this moving forward. The young receiver has got to know to just let the ball go when it comes that close to the endzone.
  • Bryce Brown just couldn’t get anything going today. Tampa Bay is the best run-defense in the NFL, and they completely bottled up the rookie who had run for over 300 yards and three touchdowns in the last two weeks.
  • Jason Avant was at his best today. He finished with seven catches for 133 yards, including an incredible one-handed reception in the second quarter. Avant doesn’t have great speed, but he makes up for it with excellent body control combined with an ability to run good routes.
  • Jeremy Maclin had a big game as well, catching nine passes for 104 yards and also caught the game-winning touchdown. The Eagles tried to take advantage of Maclin’s speed by setting him up on a number of bubble screens throughout the game.
  • I really like what Riley Cooper has done in the last few weeks. Today Cooper caught four passes for 31 yards.
  • Vinny Curry made a nice play to stuff Doug Martin on a third and one. Curry hustled over from the other side of the field in time to pull Martin down and kill a Tampa Bay drive.
  • Marvin McNutt was promoted from the practice squad several weeks ago, and got his first NFL action today. He drew a holding penalty in the second half that helped keep a drive alive.
  • Anyone else frustrated to see former Eagles third-round pick Daniel Teo-Nesheim play well today. Teo-Nesheim was a high draft pick in 2010 that was released after just one season in Philadelphia. He’s made himself into a productive starter for the Bucs.
  • Jamar Chaney took over as the team’s strong side linebacker, and Mychal Kendricks slid to the weakside position, allowing him to attack the football more.

Final Thoughts

Its been 70 days since the Eagles last won a game. The horrible eight-game losing streak is now a thing of the past, and the inspiring performance by Foles adds a great deal of excitement to the final three games of the season.

Even though it may be too little too late, it’s nice to see the Eagles come together and play at a respectable level again.

You have to give Andy Reid credit. Yes, the head coach has had a terrible season, and he’s got his fingerprints all over this team’s problems and their 4-9 record. But give Reid this much: he’s not a quitter and he’s always going to work hard to get the most out of his football team. He’s made some terrible decisions that have really hurt the Eagles, but I respect the fact that even though things have gone south, Andy coaches his best down to the bitter end. It’s just unfortunate that his methods have been horribly misguided, and driven the team this far into the ground. With all that Reid has gone through this year on and off the field, it was nice to see the big man celebrate as his team pulled out the win as time expired.

The Cincinnati Bengals are next up on Thursday night, let’s see if the young quarterback is able to build even more off of his success.

Denny Basens is the editor of GCobb.com. Email him at dbasens@ycp.edu, or follow him on Twitter.

Denny Basens

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  • Sources state that Arizona in interested in obtaining Foles for their 2nd Round pick and will throw in Kevin Kolb in for good measure
    GM Roseman and Coach AR have to respond by Monday 10am to accept the Deal or not
    As the wheels keep churning at old NovaCare Ctr.. Stay tuned

  • No do overs!

  • What a reat game Who didn’t have fun watching that game?

    We..potentially. have a $$ qb.

    This kid survived the early onslaught, then stepped up and produced

    2 things happened today:

    – Foles solidified his spot as Eagles qb next year\
    – Foles just ended Vick’s future

  • Foles grew up today…Dennis Kelly got raped by Michael Bennett and Foles stepped up….
    With Peters, Herremans and Kelce back next year, Foles should excel…..focus the draft and offseason on the defensive side

  • Did not see today’s game but will read up an re-watch it and sounds like a great game by the kid Foles
    Avant,Naclin and even Cooper have stepped up their play in the abs ensue of D-Jax. Anyone else think that maybe their are more different types run and called when D-Hax is out?? Something for the next Staff to think about
    Give more looks and have the Defenses have to cover the entire field from sideline to sideline instead of fly and deep patterns on the outside with
    D-Jax in there since that’s all he does..

  • I had a blast. Wish it were the start of next year already. Still need a coach and a DC but lets do this. I had just told my dad last night that Avant has done nothing in about 2 seasons…. glad to see him show today.

  • 3 reasons why Nick Foles is not Michael Vick:
    1) He can read defenses and call audibles
    2) He can see over the line
    3) It takes him 10 seconds to run 10 yards 😉

    Congrats to Foles on making Eagles fans care again.

  • Nick foles only now needs to show consistency, which I expect he will, he has already shown the skill set, maturity, sound decisions to be a great quarterback

  • Hopefully this is the beginning of something exciting. He still has maturing to do. The more he plays the more DC’s have to look at and game plan for. But he did not panic,he made his reads, when he needed to he threw the ball away instead of forcing it or taking a sack. He rallied his team from 10 points down despite no running game, poor protection. He did what a good QB does. He took the game in his hands and won it. Let’s see what the next 3 games bring. He lost another weapon in Celek so things will get tougher for him. Finally Kendricks in where he needs to be at WILL. Johnson besides the fumble still needs to learn where he is on the field when he is catching punts.(10 yard line).

  • Eagles may have found themselves with their own version of Ben Rothlesburger. I compare him to Big Ben because of how tough he is and although its one game he showed us that he can be clutch. He can scramble and with a good offensive line he can be tough to take down.

    If the Eagles can surround him with lots of talent IE Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings this team could be very scary in 2013. I think after this game im not so sure if Manti Te’o is that pick for them. If they can some how trade their top 6 pick and move down around the 15-18th pick and get two 2nd round picks I can see them stocking up on offensive lineman to help Foles develop. I would not have any problem with that.

  • What is hilarious is you here the Vick apologists say there is a different game plan, or that something else is happening to all of explain why the offense has a rhythm, that the offense looks smooth, it can’t be nick foles, he’s not mv 7

  • The Vick apologists will fade quickly , gtfow

  • I think defense is still the way to go in the draft. Especially in the first couple of rounds. With Peters, Kelce,Herrmanns coming back and the seeming progression of Kelly and the addition of Jake Scott they just need to build some depth which can come in later rounds I think too many decisions still need to be made on defense not to pick there. I am thinking secondary help.

  • Vick was a hell of a competitor but sucked as a quarterback, there is your eulogy

  • Forget Michael Vick.

    Foles most reminds me of Eli Manning physically…Let’s look at Eli Manning’s first 3 years:

    2004: % Comp: 48.2 197-95 Yds: 1043 TD/Int: 6-9 QB Rating: 55.4
    2005: 52.0 557-294 3762 24-17 75.4
    2006: 57.7 522-301 3244 24-18 77.0

    Giants made playoffs in 2005-2006, lost in the first round…

    Can Foles equal or better Manning’s performance in those first three years?…With the right coach and no devastating injury?…Yes.

  • Phillyfan let me ask you a question-

    What are the expectation for the Eagles in 2013? no one is going to pick them to win the division and no one is certainly going to name them Superbowl contenders. The most important this to any NFL team is the quarterback and the next coach that comes in here is going to want to see if Nick Foles can be that guy. To make sure that happens you got to give the man a offensive line. Im not sure if the next coach will like Jake Scott who by the didnt have his best game today. If the Eagles are selecting 6th overall the Manti Te’o with out a doubt will be gone. So if sitting at 6th and im the Eagles im thinking I need to move down and fill multiple needs on our team. Safety, O-Line, Tight end, Corners. There is no one safe on this team outside of Foles, Peters and McCoy.

    • You are getting three starters back on the O line my friend. That will improve the line all by itself. This team will be able to score points. The problem all year has been defense or the lack thereof. Secondary in particular. D line has been poor against the run and sacking the QB. A decision will have to be made on DRC. Asmo will be here I think(unfortunately) because of his contract. The safeties suck. There will be subtractions on the D-line also. I don’t think Te’o is the answer for what this team needs. Secondary or D-Line

  • Frank Eli!!!!???? LOL Eli can scramble? since when? hahaha

  • I think the eagles need to get back to Vick post haste He gives them the best chance to win right now!!

  • Vinnie- Thats for the most part them hot headed Sports analyst who still thinks the veteran QB’s have an advantage of the young QB’s. These guys have been covering football for so long and its hard for them to come to terms that the NFL is changing. Younger QB’s are leading their teams and they have a hard time swallowing it.

  • Maybe Arizona would be willing to trade Larry Fitzgerald for the Eagles 1st round pick. I would do that in a heart beat.

  • and round and round we go……

    I love all the losers that take this as a sign that Vick sucked/sucks. That this game proves that the birds would have won the SB if Foles had started all the games.

    Im glad Foles played well… im glad to be moving in a different direction (and by that i mean new coach soon) but what i saw today was…..

    1. A team who made lots of mistakes on D.
    2. An Oline that played like 3rd stringers most of the game.
    3. A special teams that turns the ball over.

    How was this different than the rest if the year?

    we have 4 wins…. 3 of them come behind if i remember correctly. I couldnt be happier about Foles… believe me… but i still think some of you cats think the QB wins and loses the game all by himself.

    I’m not going to let your ignorance ruin a great job by Foles.

    Heres what I liked…..

    1. The kept at that run game. Even though it didnt get much, they went back at it often enough to keep them guessing. Why didnt we see Brown run up the middle tho? Very dumb by reid.

    2. No tunnel vision- Foles has been guilty of eyeing a wr too often but today he shook that.

    3. Avant- Glad to see he is still on the team.

  • this is NOT what i wanted to see…..

    Around NFL circles – with as many as 10 teams looking for head coaches this offseason – it’s become almost a stated fact the Eagles will aggressively pursue Kelly once Reid is fired.

    “I don’t think it is a secret he is their top choice,” one NFL executive said.

  • TY Suck……..Nohing but nothing except $$.

    Best game anyone on here has seen for 4 years.


    As for Foles. What a game Command. Intelligence. So good to watch.

    Didn’t you all just feel confident all game? I did.

    61called passes, 13 caled runs….QB under seige…still stangding. $$ final drive.

    Has anyone else noticed the QB hasn’t turned the bal over for 3 gmes now??????????

    As to what Suck says…Eagles will be picking the OT from Texas AM in the draft,

  • “round and round”

    Are you kidding…..this was not round and round…this was the most exciting Eagles game since 2008. This was the future……

    This was not, “The kept at that run game.”

    This was 61 called passes 13 called runs, and yet the QB overcame it.

    This was a rookie QB.

    In his 4ht start.

    On the road.

    Against a .500 team

    Kicking ass

  • Ill have what he’s drinking.

  • Oh my what do we have going on in here? The Nick Foles for president campaign? Just joking my friends the kid played a great game today and Vinnie they actually won!!!! To hell with a better draft pick, losing to be in a better position in the draft is for losing franchises.

  • Stevo, you are an apologists or a pandererer I nt the same wy that Brian balginger is, except that he has financial I incentive to say thar Vick was not the problem, you have none except to be popular on gcobb with the Vick folk, gtfo please

  • btw…. If Chip Kelly comes here he wont want Foles as the starter… in fact…. he would be looking for a Vick type.


    I want to see a pocket passer and a balanced attack.

  • Chip Kelly, man I hope not.Another gimmick guy trying to succeed in the NFL? If It had to be a college coach and he is not available I would go for David Shaw. Let’s go for an NFL assistant.

  • Jake…. you can stop on over anytime. I could care less what you or anyone here have to say.

    I dont even like Vick. Are you really so blind to this? My point all along has been that Reid needs to go. My point all along is that we arent winning anything behind this line. My point all along is that this D is SOFT. Ill say what I want and you’ll like it sir.

  • Stevo, your post makes no sense…No one ever said the Birds would have won the Sb this year if Foles played all season..no one (not even Vinnie) so keep making up bullshit.

    Haha run game? yea they really kept at that run game…all i saw was pass, pass, pass…

    “I love all the losers that take this as a sign that Vick sucked/sucks”…nope you have plenty of other football games which Vick actually played in to know that Vick is nothing but an below average QB in the league right now on his best days. End of story.

    And today Foles basically won this game all by himself. Defense still sucked when it mattered most. Oline was horrendous. Bryce Brown was horrendous. Special teams was terrible. It was All Foles today

    • my argument with Vinnie has been that he felt we had a better chance to win THIS YEAR…. thats it. Thats all ive said you Phag.

      • you know what… im sorry. I shouldnt have said that. Please forgive me. BTW.. i 100% agree with you about it being all Foles today. The team played as normal. Although…. the D played ok today.. I seen a little tiny heart there,

  • If anything has been obvious about this disaster of a season is when the Eagles run the ball effectively and with balance it gives them the best chance at winning.WIth McCoy and Brown they may have the beginnings of a good 1-2 punch.

    • bingo.

  • BTW Jake…. Foles is EVERYTHING i would be looking for in a QB IF he is for real. I dont like the “let it all hangout” crap that we see under the Vick type. I like pocket passers who hit the target and use TE’s to get things rolling. I like a run game and a smashing D.

    all i’ve done is defend Vick when some of you cats put the entire failure on his shoulders. Go back and prove me wrong on this… I dare ya.

  • Proud of Foles. Looks like a real NFL qb. Gotta keep seeing it week after week tho. I fell in love with Bobby Hoying back in the day and we all know how that turned out.

  • Just say no to Chip Kelly please!!!

  • ANyway……. Great game for Foles. Love his heart… Im praying he is for real… im praying no chip kelly….. Btw…. I think if Foles keeps playing like this we may see a coach that HAS to love him to be here. Im good with that.

  • I ask this question again and again, why the division over who the QB is? If your an Eagle fan it shouldn’t matter who’s under center if you win.

    • YES!!!!

  • On another topic that one handed catch by Avant may have the best catch I’ve ever seen an Eagle receiver make.

    • reminded me of the Quick catch at the goaline. I think it was against the Saints.

  • Yep Stevo that’s the only one that comes close.

  • *rolls eyes*

    Stevo doesn’t even like Vick and I agree with him..lol. This team has the same problems it has always had. Just like their other victories this was a one point win.

    Overall Foles looked good BUT he still can’t throw a deep ball to save his life. He’s a bigger guy, but he keeps getting hit like he does my guess is that’s gonna get to him. And no I’m not blaming him for those hits, the line is still a mess.

    This was a win against a team that regularly gives up 300 yards through the air. It was a great game to cut his teeth on. It was good…but Kolb was lighitng it up for awhile too…let’s see how the rest of the games shake out – and I’m a be honest with a future that includes RGIII twice and Eli – the Idiot Savant – Manning twice and even hit or miss but can pull a game out of his ass Romo – I don’t look at Foles and thing “Yeah, we’re gonna win some games” It’s more “Gosh I hope it all goes right and we have a bit of luck on our side.”

    But hey, I’m happy for the win and his progression. But don’t fooled – the next HC is gonna determine who he wants at QB (well if they do it right he will) and if it’s Kelly he very well may want to keep Vick ’cause he works better in his style of offense OR may want to draft a QB and have them duke it out during the preseason.

  • Also this was a week of folk winning who shouldn’t have:

    Eagles over Buck
    Redskins over Ravens
    Panthers over Falcons
    Chargers over Steelers

    It was a crazy crazy NFL week

  • Hey TS Johnson save it for another blind fool, I will ask you and anyone else when was the last time an eagle qb led a team to back to back touchdowns, let’s hear it

  • To win a game, tell me when it happened last

  • It’s okay, trust me to call out the racists, after the greatest eagles comebacki by a rookie quarterback, they are damn bums racists, it’s okay

  • Huh?

    What are you talking about – the games we won earlier this year were because of 4th quarter comebacks.

    And ONE game does not a franchise QB make. *shrug* call me crazy for not anointing him the second coming of Montana because of one game. A very good game, but one game nonetheless. We will see how it all shakes out.

  • Jakedog you don’t even know what the word racists mean. Being realistic about one win – and saying that you get to be cautiously optimistic about it, but not all “He’s the one” is hardly being racist. It’s pointing out the obvious.

  • When was the last time an eagles qb led an offense to back to back touch downs to win a game, answer that and then I will ask you the next question

  • And let me rephrase , two back to backs in the fourth quarter, tell me when that happened last

  • I want to her from songs, mr bs m video, what do you think of this quarterbacks play under thus horrific offensive line, what say you

  • Ah Jake they weren’t playing the 86 Bears ya know? But it was impressive to say the least he was basically the entire show today. Now let’s see if he continues to get better. Real Eagle fans want this kid to be the next big thing. Instead of playing I told you so games.

    • YES!!

  • I find it amazing that the subject of Vick is brought up under the context of a new coach. First off as one of my fellow contributors mentioned, the Eagles will not be in contention for the playoffs next year.So a new coach if he does not choose to groom Foles further he will select someone in the draft. He will not waste another year of not moving this franchise forward with an aging veteran who has lost something in the only weapon he has his legs. He has been a turnover machine since he came into the league. He has never been able to read defenses which he covered that fault with his legs. difficulty going through progressions. How do you think any coach would be able to explain to Lurie, “Yes Mr. Lurie I want to keep Vick”. Lurie never wanted him in the first place. Don’t you think that question would be asked and answered in the interview process of hiring a new coach? I would sure ask that question.

    • phillyfan why won’t the Eagles be in contention next year? Did you think the Colts would be holding a wild card spot this year?

      • Have you seen the Eagles defense play this year? Too many holes to fix in one year. 2014 will be the push.

  • It’s only one game but it’s a win and the kid played well – and he was ice at the end. That’s something we have not seen a lot of around here.

    There’s no doubt that Vick has lost his job here in Philly so we have to hope that Foles can play. For the people hanging onto the hope that Michael Vick will rise again – you can forget it, it’s over for him in Philly. Put your bias aside and root for the team. Your “Irish Envy” is unattractive. LOL Just kidding….

  • Lets hear from songs, who said the quarterback was ass, what say you bsm videos, blaming Vick’s failure on an un balanced attack when foles led the team to victory in on of the most unbalanced attacks ever, close to 80 percent passing, the problem was Vick, and before him mcnabb, look how good avant looked, maybe it’s not Andy but the play of mcnabb and sorry ass Vick

    • QBs make coaches

      • So….. Alex Smith made JH? and he also chose to NOT “make” the last guy?

  • Nick Foles is the real deal. Yes, i said it. This kid is gonna take us to the super bowl one day. And he will win the hearts of many Eagles fans throughout the nation. And as far as our 1st pick we need to select Manti te’o. He is the next Ray Lewis. CANNOT PASS ON HIM!

  • Jakedog,

    To be fair McNabb had some good seasons and Vick had a good 7 game span when he played like a QB should. Contrary to what some of our fellow contributors think I don’t think you can put anyone under center and win. But there is a mix to winning championships. A defense that can get turnovers and make stops. An offense that can run the ball effectively and a QB that can instill confidence in his unit and make the throws needed to keep the ball moving and work the clock. Then there is coaching.In the Eagles case Andy’s refusal to have a more balanced offensive attack and his inability to change during the coarse of a game and draft the correct talent for the schemes he wanted to run have contributed to his downfall.A new era will start in 3 more weeks. It’s time.

  • Then there is coaching.In the Eagles case Andy’s refusal to have a more balanced offensive attack……………………

    too funny

    no one has a balanced attack anymore…you either have a qb or you don’t.

    We didn’t….now we might.

    • Vin,

      You still need to be able to run the ball EFFECTIVELY and enough to keep defenses honest in this league to succeed.Giants,Steelers,Packers,Patriots. All recent SB winners. WOuld you agree they had those qualities? Running the ball has always been good for killing the clock. That part of the NFL has never changed.

  • it has changed…..running is nice but not as essential as you guys want to believe (see GB and NO)

    I do not think teams should be 80/20 as birds were todya…..65/35 is standard….

    all i’m saying is Foles looks like he might be that guy.

    hope so

    • Nice?

      Sheesh….. DO you remember what GB did to us in the playoffs? They looked at our team…. throwing the deep ball and racking up mega yards…… couldnt stop the run at all….. so what did they do? THEY RAN IT DOWN OUR THROATS. This kept our O off the field and beat us at our weakness. THATS what GREAT teams do. Play calling matters vin. Thats all we are saying.

  • Thanks for the support Stevo. When GB went on their playoff run I think the guys they had were Starks and Grant. Not great running backs but they ran the ball effectively and at certain times of the game.New Orleans too. Even the great ones: Peyton had Edgrerrin James,Brady had Dillon, Eli had Bradshaw and Jacobs. All guys when it came time to shorten the game and run time off the clock they did it. That’s all I am saying.

  • Are you talking about theGB team that went

    P P P r P P r r r P r P P P (TD) r r r P r P P r P P P (TD) r P P P P

    that team in the playoffs?????

    • Boy you really do live in a state of denial sometimes. Do you know what kind of yardage they got when they rrrrr the ball. I said effectively and timely. You do know what those two words mean right?

  • and then the second half…

    r P P r r P P P P r r P r P P ( now up 2 tds) r r P ,,,,

    and from there almost exclusively runs…..up 14 in the 4th and they ran….until then 65% pass….

    it is what it is…..you don’t like it….find a delorean with a flux capacitor…..otherwise…..expect it

    • yes….. THAT GAME!! They have a HOF qb who can put it right on the money. In that game…. they used the run to keep us honest and they used the run to put us away. Thats WITHOUT having a RB like Shady and WITH having a HOF qb.

      • btw… in your stats there is 2 times were they ran the ball 3 times in a row. When has that EVER happened here?

        • I also like how the ran 65% of the time… until the didnt. haha.. whats the real stat Vin?

          • crap.. should have said….. I like how vinnie says they threw the ball 65% of the time…. until they didnt. Whats the real stat vin? What was the real ratio in that game? Im guessing 60-40 or so.

  • Vin I am surprised you know how to spell Delorean and capacitor because you do not know what effectively and timely mean. Got your dictionary open huh?

  • btw.. as we speak…. heres what PFT just put up…….

    “Uh-oh, somebody learned a new trick.

    The Packers might have just showed something that could make them the favorite in the NFC, something so out of character you want to check IDs.

    They ran.

    No, really, the Packers. They did. Honest.”
    The go-ahead touchdown in their 27-20 win over the Lions came on a possession on which they didn’t pass the ball. Their seven play, 57-yard touchdown drive to take the lead all came on the ground. And it wasn’t just Aaron Rodgers scrambling. They used Alex Green, brought Ryan Grant out of unemployment, gave it to DuJuan Harris, who was cut by the Jaguars earlier this year.

    The Packers finished with 140 yards on the ground, after running for 152 last week in a win over the Vikings.

    That could be trouble, as it lends some balance to a team which we know can throw it with anyone.”


  • Wow, listening to Aaron Rodgers talk about the running game getting better and getting defenses to come out of the coverages they are playing. Does that mean effectively and timely… hold on let me get my dictionary.

    • muahahaha.

      Btw… u guys are keeping me from writting my paper. Shame on you.

      • Sorry Stevo hope you don’t blame me if you don’t get the grade you need! haha.

  • Now Tony Dungy talking about the GB running game getting 150-160 yards per game and how difficult it will be for opposing teams to stop them if this continues. Maybe I do know what I am talking about. Rodgers and Dungy. Guys who have won SB.

    • stop…. who’s tony dungy? He’s only a good coach cause Brad Johnson “made” him a good coach in Tampa.

      • Stevo,

        Brother you are a funny guy! Now go do your paper! Stop screwin off! haha. Signing off, have a good one.

  • LMAO!

    That’s why i ride with Stevo. Every. Time. One of the few dudes on this site who make sense. GB of all places – where they have a QB who can throw it with the best of them – runt he damn ball – running the ball was the key to Carolina’s shellacking of Atlanta – 187 from Cam alone. What could have been had we ran the ball with consistently – teams would have been less inclined to blitz – take some pressure off the line (granted this may be before all hell broke loose with the line) – whole ‘nother season.

  • God bless bro.

    Vinnie… i hope you know im playing. All i want is to win… just like you.

  • “What could have been had we ran the ball with consistency”

    Also I think folk don’t realize that everything comes back around. Defenses are bigger, stronger, faster and built to stop the pass since the league is full of passaholics – mixing it up is going to be key as the hybrid QB – Luck/Cam/RGIII are going to become the prototype of what future QBs look like.

  • 1st….stevo..you’re writing paprs…I’m marking them

    2nd – glad you guys are listenn to talking heads on tv. Come back to men10 years when you finally realize they’re FOS

    3 – “Defenses are bigger, stronger, faster and built to stop the pass since the league is full of passaholics:
    Every sinle rule passed in the NFL over the past 25 yrs favours the passing attack. Evey sngle oach we get fot eh next 20 years will rin a65/35 pass/run ratio….getused to it and hope to hell tha FOles can handle it for the nex 10

    nd about RGIII….that diot Shanahan running his college oppene has put RGIII on the turn with one concussion and now out with a knee injury….keep rnning that shit and its game overfor RGIII by 2016…..

  • sorry….difficult to type properly when wound up….this frikkin’ keyboard skips every 3rd letter….swear its just out to get me…….

  • Sources report that Cardinals Coaching Staff and Lions Coaching Staff are
    under heavy Pressure and could be fired after the Season
    Cardinals Team is a mess losing 52-0 to the Seahawks with no legitimate
    QB on their Roster..
    Could be a move for Coach AR & Staff with QB Vick moving along with them..

  • Come on Vin, Talking heads? no that would be Chris Berman and the rest of those morons on ESPN. I think Aaron Rodgers and Tony Dungy know more about football than anyone who posts anything on these pages, so I will side with them.

  • because too many on this site aren’t real fans of the team, but just a bunch of punk-asses with a hard-on for vick. they can’t even be happy that it looks like we may have a very good “young” qb without SURPRISE; making it about vick. the vst majority of those who defend vick have done so in the context of pointing out IRRATIONAL HATRED. some -myself included- could of cared less about him until he became the qb of my team.

  • Not Official, but Paulman’s Mock Draft if Season were over today

    1st ) KC Chiefs (2-11) QB Geno SMith (West Virginia – 6-3 230lbs)
    #2) Jax Jaguars (2-11) DT Star Lotuleile (Utah – 6-3 320lbs)
    #3) Raiders (3-10) MLB Manti Te’o (Notre Dame 6-2 255klbs)
    #4) EAGLES (4-9) OT Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M 6-6 305lbs)
    #5) Cardinals (4-9) QB Matt Barkley (USC 6-2 230lbs)
    #6) Lions (4-9) OLB Jarvis Jones (Georgia 6-2 245lbs)
    #7) Titans (4-9) DE Demontre Moore (Texas A&M 6-4 255lbs)
    #8) Panthers (4-9) CB Dee Milliner (Alabama 6-1 198 lbs)
    #9) Dolphins (5-8) OT Tyler Lewan (Michigan 6-7 310lbs)
    #10) Saints (5-8) DE Bjoern Werner (Fla State 6-4 256lbs)

    When Teams have the same Records, I have been Positioning Teams with the worst Overall Conference Record as the higher Draft Selection

    • ?????????”When Teams have the same Records, I have been Positioning Teams with the worst Overall Conference Record as the higher Draft Selection”
      Is that how the NFL determines the order? I thought the previous season’s record was taken into account?

      • I believe they go by Strength of Schedule (SOS)
        for Example if Eagles Schedule was deemed more difficult than the Oakland Raiders and they both finish at 5-11, then Eagles would pick before the Raiders.. At least this is how they do it.. I just used Teams Conference Schedule as a quick reference

        As of Today the Eagles would have the 6th Overall Pick
        #1) Chiefs
        #2) Jaguars
        #3) Raiders
        #4) Cardinals
        #5) Panthers
        #6) Eagles

    • Thats too high for Joeckel Paul. None of the OT’s are good enough to be chosen that High. All the OT’s in the 1st round are overrated.

      My hope is that the EAGLES lose out, and we can get to at least #3 to draft Te’o, and Trade a combination of Players (Trent Cole, Maclin, Mathis, Allen, Watkins, and maybe Vick) and (4) Future #1 Picks – to draft Star Lotululei

      • Trades with Players who have big contracts don’t happem GMCliff
        Top 3 OT’s are Starters at OT in their 1st Year
        (Joekel, Lewan & Matthews) Eagles would be smart to draft on these players and make them Starting RT from day 1 and then shift over to LT
        once Peters days are up (which is probably after the 2014 Season)

        We have seen too often for 2 Years now the price an offense pays with competent OT’s, Select one of the 3 I mentioned and at least OT is off the table as far as a problem area..
        Defensive Draft is Deep but not excellent, very few COver CB’s, few Pass-Rushes but good in DT,LB & Safety so Eagles can address these positions in Rounds 2 thru 4

        • Paul , buddy here is one of those rare occasions, where we can agree to disagree. I think the OT draft class this year is weak; there really isn’t that much of a drop off from the 1st – the 3rd round in talent.

          If you draft one of those guys and he doesn’t pan out you are set back for more years than you think. I’m telling you NONE, of those OT’s mentioned will be anything special – maybe pretty decent – but not special, which is what they need at those tackle positions.

          I agree with you as far as addressing some positions in the 2nd -4th rounds, but not defense. I address the O-Line in the 2nd -4th rounds.

          I am sure you agree with me , If they were to somehow grab Lotululei, and Te’o, …they have already solidified the front 7. I just think Star, and Fletcher Cox, would be unstoppable for the next 10 years. Remember what I told all those guys over the summer about Devon Still? I don’t see that in Lotululei; He is our Hawaiian Jerome Brown.

          Id rather sign Ryan Clady to play RT, and move him to RT, if Peters cant go,and draft a RT in the draft in the 3rd-4th round. We need more OG ,S .help in the Draft in 2nd Round – Kenny Vacarro Texas 6-2 215 4.4, or TJ McDonald USC 6-2 218 4.48 …in the 3rd

          • LT

  • paulman
    December 9, 2012 – 6:27 pm

    “Sources state that Arizona in interested in obtaining Foles for their 2nd Round pick and will throw in Kevin Kolb in for good measure…GM Roseman and Coach AR have to respond by Monday 10am to accept the deal or not
    As the wheels keep churning at old NovaCare Center.. Stay tuned…”

    Oh man, this is a classic!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    But won’t Tom Donahoe have the final word? |—-)

  • Coldbrewski, absolutely correct, you have this clown big lion stating that what cousins did was harder than what foles did, and daggolden, more of the same, songs, a smart man but prejudiced, biased, they proclaim all the perceived shortcomings of a rookie qb and compare them to a veteran like Vick, let’s be real, foles has shown more than vick ever has as a qb, although Vick has been a highlight reel on occasion , no doubt who the better qb is, but this is Philly, and some of them will never embrace a white quarterback

    • Stop calling me out Jake your phony son, I’m stating my opinion so let me say it one more time what Foles did Sunday was great, but it was harder in my opinion for a QB to come in cold in the last minute of a game throw a TD then score on the 2 point conversion and then win it in OT without any preparation. In what world do you live in that Philly won’t accept a white QB can I have what your smoking?

  • And where the hell are you songs, waiting for the time foles will inevitably struggle, to spew your garbage ass hatred for the white quarterback, where is your praise, prove me wrong, that you are better than the trash here

    • Jake you have to be the least knowledgeable sports fan I’ve ever heard of. You were the same guy talking about how Kevin Kolb was so great when he was here. How’d that turn out? What Foles did on sunday was great but it does not mean he is guaranteed to be a great QB. You need to temper your enthusiasm just a little so you don’t end up eating crow like you did two years ago. Please stop commenting if you are not going to educate yourself on the game. You sound dumber and dumber with every post.

  • Reported the Arizona will fire their Complete Staff after the Season..
    Maybe Eagles can add Russ Grimm as Asst HC to replace MM and Ray Horton Jr as a DC or to assist Bowles as LB/Secondary Coach..

    Thinking of a Crazy Deal — Eagles Send Both Coach AR and QB M Vick to the Cardinals for their 2nd & 4th Round Draft PIcks in 2013 & 2014 ..

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