• July 7, 2022

Former Phillies Ace Curt Schilling Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

It’s Hall of Fame time in Major League Baseball and that brings us to a familiar name around these parts, Curt Schilling.  I think Schilling is without question a sure Hall Of Famer, but he might not get in the first time.

He has a great regular season resume, but his post season exploits make him a sure Hall of Famer.  Schilling has three World Series rings, 2001, 2004, and 2007.  First one with the Arizona Diamondbacks, then two with the Boston Red Sox.

The one thing that stood out to me about Schilling was the fact that he took his game to another level in the playoffs and he wasn’t even better when it was a do or die game and the series was on the line.

The only current Phillies ace who has shown this quality is Cole Hamels.  Yes, Roy Halladay did pitch a no hitter in the playoffs, but he’s come up short at other times in the post season.  Cliff Lee’s game goes south in the playoffs and when everything is on the line.  If Schilling were a part of this staff, we would already have a few World Series victories to talk about.

The first time I witnessed Schilling’s ability to take his game to another level was in the 1993 post season, when Curt carried the Phillies to the World Series by being MVP of the NCLS.

He was Co-World Series MVP in 2001 with Randy Johnson while on the Diamondbacks.  He and the fireballing lefthander put the team on their backs and beat the Yankees in the series that year.

The hard throwing righthander had an 11-2 record in the post season with a 2.23 ERA.  He was pure money in the second season with a .968 WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) in a total of 19 post season starts.  That’s consistency.

To me he walks into the Hall of Fame because he was the best big game pitcher of his era with a 4-0 record with a 1.37 ERA in five “win or go home” starts.  Think about it, when everything is on the line, he was hands down the best pitcher of his era.

Schilling got the win in four of those five starts and his team won all five of those games.

I know there a lot of people in the Philadelphia media who don’t like him, but the guy belongs in the Hall of Fame.


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  • The only guy in this years class that deserves first ballot induction is Craig Biggio.

    I hate to say it but that scum bag Bonds should get in too but hard to say he earned it.

    Pete Rose needs to get in there.

  • I once heard someone say — they have to let the steroid users in or they will have to close the Hall of Fame for ten years with no inductees or ceremonies
    I would say yes to Curt also — he snapped the Red Sox World Series jinx and the 2001 Diamondback Series win will probably be their only in my lifetime

  • I don’t thnk any Player from this Group belongs in the HOF on the first Ballot
    Bonds,Sosa,Clemens need to wait a few years which will be their penalty (just like it’s been for Rose)
    Players like Piazza,Schilling,Biggio I believe will make it in, but not as a 1st Ballot.. These old pricks up in Cooperstown have a funny way of inviting former Players/Managers into their exclusive club.. They like to make players squirm for a couple of years unless they were a popular,squeaky clean…
    If Jack Morris doesn’t make the HOF, than Curt Shilling should not ..

    • OF the 18 2nd baseman in the HOF here is how Biggio stacks up:

      If Craig Biggio was the 18th second baseman elected to the Hall of Fame, where would he fall in the order of things?

      Hits – 4th
      AVG – 15th
      OBP – 11th
      SLG – 8th
      HR – 2nd
      RBI – 8th
      Runs scored – 1st
      SB – 5th

      Craig Biggio is one of 28 human beings to reach 3000 hits in the majors
      Biggio is currently 14th on the all time list of runs scored in the majors.
      He’s 5th all time in doubles, 31st in extra base hits, 31st in total bases, 31st in Runs Created, 17th in times on base, 16th in games played

      I’m not sure who else has ever played significant time at catcher, 2B and the outfield, much less making the all star team at catcher and 2B.

      2 players have hit 50 doubles and had 50 stolen bases in a year – they were Tris Speaker (Hall of Famer – of course) and Craig Biggio.

      For what its worth – he is the only player in history to have 3000 hits, 600 doubles, 400 stolen bases, and 250 home runs and came close to joining Willie Mays as the only players with 3000 hits, 300 HR’s and 300 SB’s.

      He made 6 All-Star teams, won 4 Golden Gloves and 5 Silver Sluggers

      And what can’t be put into stats is the way he played the game!

      You my friend are on PCP if you think Biggio does not deserve 1st ballot.

      • everyone assumes Biggio, Caminiti and Bagwell were juicing

        • bad assumption when it comes to Biggio. Cam & Bags maybe… baseball writers do not associate Biggio with steroids and there is no link with Biggio and roids… roids will not factor in the decision to let him in 1st shot.

          • Caminiti admitted it in 2002, so not much of an assumption there.

            • yes he did but you can never trust a crack head. haaaaa

              • “Never Trust a Woman, who wears her Pants her Pants too Tight”

  • He’s got too many Vowels in his last name Henski, the Baseball Writers were never too kind to Italians.. He gets in by 2015

    • gonna be a shitty day for me if he dont get in.

  • Schilling is borderline second ballot, lstst not get carried away here

  • As Paulman Called earlier this morning

    Not 1 Single Player made the 75% threshold of making the Baseball Hall of Fame, most were not even close

    Highest Vote Getter

    1) Greg Biggio – 388 Votes 68%
    2) Jack Morris – 385 Votes 67%
    3) Jeff Bagwell – 339 Votes 60%
    4) Mike Pazza – 329 Votes 58%
    5) Tim Raines – 297 Votes 52%

    Other Notable Players
    Curt Schilling 221 Votes 38%
    Roger Clemens 214 Votes 37%
    Barry Bonds 206 Votes 36%
    Sammy Sosa 71 Votes 12%
    Ralphie Palmiero 50 Votes 8%

    • total disgrace. i would love to be able to know who the 32% that said no to Biggio so i could email them and ask why. what a joke the hof is.

      i guess the hof cancels hof weekend.

      wow what a disgrace. how the hell do you say no to biggio????????

  • I told you Henski.. They don’t like Italians or Polish folks very much up there in Cooperstown…When are you going to start believing in some of my posts…

    • the men in Cooperstown don’t make the decisions as far as I know. and I don’t put much stock in racism as you are implying.

      I am highly disappointed biggio didn’t make it in.

      2 things I learned today

      1-32% of the people that cast hof votes are dumb
      2- playing in small markets screws u. no doubt if biggio played in ny, la, Chicago, Philly, Boston, etc he would be in. his problem was he got no press when he played

  • Tbe voters blackballed the entire class because of the taint of performance enhancing drugs, you just do not know who was really clean during this era, so move on, it will be viewed as one of the darkest eras in baseball history, like the black sox scandal and shoeless Joe Jackson, maybe field of dreams 2

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