• January 17, 2022

Fletcher Cox Named To All-Rookie Squad

Eagles first round draft pick Fletcher Cox was named to the Pro Football Weekly/PRWA’s all-rookie team.  The rookie defensive tackle lived up to his billing and was the most consistent defensive lineman on the football team.

Cox led all rookie defensive tackles in sacks with 5.5.  His size, speed, quickness and work ethic should help him to develop into a dominant Pro Bowl defensive tackle.  I see offenses being forced to double team him, which will lead to opportunities for his teammates and freedom for the linebackers behind him to roam and make tackles.

Yes, he did make some rookie mistakes at times, but the young man played hard on all of the plays in which he was on the field.  I see a bright future ahead for him regardless of what type of the defense the Birds play in the future, whether it’s a 4-3 or a 3-4.

He will be a dominant player as a defensive tackle in a 4-3 or a defensive end in a 3-4.


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  • Imagine, how effective he would be playing next to Star Lotululei, and DeMontre Moore

    • Congrats! The only, consistent bright spot, on that DF! Sounds good to me GM!

      • Brandon Graham showed signs of life this year and I fully expect him to take another step next year.

        • Graham? LOL
          The little fella, can’t be counted on for 16 games – he is too fragile – the birds have Jason Babin’s money to spend of a DE this off season, I would suggest they invest in a REAL STARTER or maybe a high draft pick —–

          • wrong.

            Graham and Cole to start mix in Curry and perhaps a solid vet and we are fine there. The Dline needs a DT but other than that… should be good to go.

            • Stevo, I wouldn’t count on Trent Cole making an impact anytime in the near future. I think he should be traded for draft picks. He has been totally ineffective as a pass rusher. Yeah, I know he had what 11-12 sack the first year of the wide-nine, but that was much an aberration as Babin’s 18. He should be replaced. If anybody thinks he can still play, they’re welcome to him. I would trade him.

              • Graham, has some value as well, but I would move on here as well, and use him in a trade for another DE in the draft like DeMontre Moore, Texas A&M or Ezekiel Ansah of BYU.

            • @Stevo —What is acceptable for Graham in the sack department in 2013 since you believe the birds are fine with Cole and Graham? What do you expect Graham to accomplish ( hard stat predictions) in 2013?

              • because I expect Graham and DJax to both get hurt, again

              • and Nate Allen too, to get hurt

  • Congrats to Fletcher! Let’s hope this is the start of something special at DT like the Eagles had with #99. God Rest in Peace JB.

  • Agreed gmcliff. Pair him with a run stopping DT and we are in business.

  • I would seiously consider trading DE Trent Cole while he still has Value..
    Could package him with Mid/Late Rround Draft Pick for a 2nd or 3rd Rd Pick

    • Me too, Paul. He’s 3rd to go, on my list, after Vick & ASSomugha! Then Maclin & Patterson. ASAP, they need to go! Release Vick, before Feb 3, $3M deadline. Release ASSomugha & eat the $4M. I’d rather pay him $4M not to be here, because he isn’t worth being here, at any sort of restructure. Trade Cole, for the best compensation available. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

      • Bell should be the first —
        he might just be the worst Free Agent signing in the history of the Eagles

        • Sorry, E0, but ASSomugha holds that title! Bell, was a non-entity!

        • Bell doesn’t count for its a forgone conclusion that he does not belong in the NFL. Another shoot from the hips Roster Move by him
          When his former Team (Bills) who were in dire need of quality OT
          Don’t even make an effort to Re-Sign him, you know he’s bad
          And not only does Roseman sign the guy, but pays him a $5 Million Bonus on top of a $9 Million Salary last Season. This is why is looked upon in NFL Circles as a Fantasy GM, what a joke he is..

  • I’d be more than happy with Luke Joeckel or Star Lotulelei. I’m not so sure any other player is worth this high of a pick as it relates to our current needs. Maybe Dee Milliner but I don’t know.

  • I think right now I still like Joeckel with top pick if he’s available (just because position has more value there). But wouldn’t at all be upset if they went DT, DE, CB with any of the top 3 picks….big rebuilding needed on that side of the ball

    I think CB is going to be a very high priority this offseason as I think the Eagles part ways with both Nnamdi and DRC.

    As for trading….If I was GM….I’d be on the phones hard trying to get rid of Cole, Desean, Jenkins, and the former superstar…..

    though I don’t think there’s a market for any of them……Cole has the most value.

  • CBSSports currently has Joeckel rated as the number 1 draft prospect. Warmack #5. Milliner #7. I think Howie could do himself a huge favor by just drafting SEC players.

  • The Eagles need to make some Trades to get 1 to 2 Additional Picks in the first 3 Rounds .(Top #100-125 Players or so .
    Maybe they can Trade down from the #4 Overall to acquire more picks
    Or Package a Player or 2 for Additional Picks.. With more Juniors Declaring for the Draft the Top #100-#125 is pretty Strong for what the Eagles need at OL,DL,Safety,LB and TE.. Eagles presently have 4 Picks in the Top 100
    (#4/#36/#68/#100) as of now and could really use an additional 2 Selections by moving some of the Veteran Players while they still have Value
    Trent Cole, Cullen Jenkins, J Maclin, T Herremans would be players I would target to move or package since Asmo and Vick are untradeable due to their contracts

  • The Eagles do need additional picks because they are woefully short of defensive playmakers this is what this draft should be about. Maybe OT then nothing but strong physical defensive players and of course pick up a QB.

  • Paulman’s Draft/Trade Strategy for Eagles 2013 (Mock #6)

    In the puruit of getting additional Draft Picks, I propose the following deals

    1) Eagles Trade the 4th Overall Pick & WR J Maclin to the SL Rams for
    their 2 1st Round PIcks (#16th & #22nd), their 3rd Round Pick (80th Overall)
    and a 3rd Round Pick in 2014

    2) Eagles Trade DE Trent Cole and their 5th Round Pick (#132nd) to the New England Patriots for their 2nd Round Pick (#60th Overall)

    3) Eagles Trade OL Todd Herremans & a 6th Round Pick (#164th) to the
    for their 5th Round PIck (#129th Overall)

    Eagles now have the Following Picks for 2013 Draft

    1st Rd (#16-from Rams) CB Xavier Rhoades (Fla St 6-2 217lbs)
    1st Rd (#22-from Rams) Safery Eric Reid (LSU 6-2 212lbs)
    2nd Rd (#36) DT Shariff Floyd (Florida 6-3 305lbs)
    2nd Rd (#60-from Pats) DE Dontane Jones (UCLA 6-4 275lbs)
    3rd Rd (#68) OLB Chase Thomas (Stanford 6-4 248lbs)
    3rd Rd (#80-from Rams) OT David Bakhitiares (Colorado 6-4 300lbs)
    4th Rd (#100) CB Tharold Simon (LSU 6-2 195lbs)
    4th Rd (#129-from Chiefs) TE Ryan Otten (Fresno State 6-5 245lbs)
    No 5th Rd
    No 6th Rd
    7th Rd (#196) Guard Omoreigee Uzzi (Ga Tech 6-3 305lbs)
    7th Rd (#215-from Falcons) Safety JJ Wilson (Ga Southern 6-0 215lbs)

    I did not pick any WR’s so would have to address a big Target via Free-Agency

    • No more trading draft picks
      The Eagles were addicted to draft choice trading [and until Fletcher Cox every one of them was disastrous, ( McDougle, Kolb, Maclin, Graham)] — the Gold Standard had a a value chart for draft pick value and they actually thought 3 fourth round picks where worth more than a second round and bombed the draft every year ———– trading away consecutive number one draft picks and another the next year for Peters ( 3 years in a row, now the team is void of first round caliber talent ) — LOL

      • you also have to conclude that Shawn Andrews was a failure

      • If they want draft picks, they are going to have to package some future draft picks, in conjuction with trading down, to get them. They need an extra pick in the 1st Round, 3x- 2nd Round, 3x – 3rd, 2-3x 4th.

    • Paul, I will submit my Mock Draft, after the Senior Bowls, and continue to update after the Combine

  • ************* BREAKING NEWS

    Randall Cobb (illness) is listed as probable for the Divisional Round

  • Cowboys Hire Kiffin as there new DCoord

  • Gus Bradley interviews with Chargers last night.

  • Eagles better fortify their OL for next Year ..
    Eagles WR Corp really Struggles as a group against “Tampa 2 Coverages” since (D-Jax/Maclin) don’t like to run routes across the middle of the field with those intermdediate routes (8-15yard) .. If you cover them between the #’s and SIdelines and have Safety protection deep, they both will struggle making an impact in the Passing Game..

    • “Eagles better fortify their OL for next Year ..”

      yet you propose trading herremans every day?

      • Yes I do, Herremans is no longer a Sarting OT caliber player
        He’s a decent Guard, but not at his Salary level, move him while there is still Value, his Body has been breaking down for the few Seasons

        • then u wont be fortifying the oline u will be rebuilding it as u will need a new guard and a new tackle. i thought it was a foregone conclusion todd would go back to guard

          • The O-line HAS to be rebuilt, regardless of the injuries! They were bad, even with a healthy Peters, Kelce & Herremans! Peters had 2 achilles tears, is another year older, & well over 330 Lb’s, he CAN NOT, be counted on, AT ALL! Kelce is small & might be replaced by the new coach. We have blackhole at RG & RT. Mathis is a mediocre journeyman, Herremans is another year older, over-paid & should NOT, be playing at T! Arguably, that unit, is as bad as the secondary!

        • I agree Herramans has lost a step, and I would consider trading him as well if the deal is right for the Eagles. But, I feel he is still a better player than Evan Mathis. Mathis is who I would trade before Herramans.

  • Per Sources,

    Bradley is looking to stay out West and is not interested in the East Coast
    With new GM in Place, Chargers will throw the sink at Bradley and Hire him

    I expect Mike McMcoy to take the Arizona Cardinals Job
    I expect Greg Roman to take the Jaguars Job
    I expect Tom Clements or Marc Trestman to take the Bears

    Eagles will hire the one who does not get hired by the Bears

  • the Birds Offensive line was bad, real bad
    Bell, Dunlap, Kelly, Reynolds, Watkins, Scott, Mathis, Herremans
    the average, the bad and the ugly
    the last game of the year against the Giants summed up their whole year — they quit and ducked for cover

  • If the Birds hire Jon Gruden, reload and try and win with these players
    Anyone else hired as head coach; full complete rebuild –
    Meaning they have Cox and need 21 more starters for the playoff run in 2018

    • Gruden is not the end all to be all……..he is not what the Eagles need. He really is no better than Andy Reid. Some assume that because he won a Superbowl, certainly he could win one for the Eagles…….No he wont.

      How many teams are interviewing, or even contacting him to be their Head Coach?………NONE.

  • Reload with Gruden is not going to work with this Team
    Maybe they move from 16th Place in the NFC to about
    11th/12th spot. This Defense needs a complete maker with
    7-8 new Players abd the OL, TE & WR Corps needs upgrading
    Gruden has proven not to do very well with developing Young Talent which is what this Eagles Roster needs, not a retread who can Coach up a Team that you think is Close Rakent wise– Eagles are 12-23 over the last 35 Games with many of the same Players

    • I disagree….

      Gruden and a REAL D.C.

      1. Sign a vet S.S.
      2. Draft DT, CB, CB, FS
      3. Sign a FB
      4. cut nnamdi and vick
      5. Teach tackling, holding on to the ball ect.

      • Eagles Defense alone needs a complete new Secondary, 2 more LB’s , 2 DT’s and at least 1 DE..
        Offense they need at least a RT and OG, 1 TE, at least 1 Big WR

        I would convert RB C Polk to FB and tell him now to train all off-season,
        If he continues to have foot issues, then flat out release him
        I would convert Curtis Marsh to be a Free-Safety – He’s 6-1 200lbs and has the frame to bulk up.. Come to Camp to be prepared to compete at Free-Safety..

      • No he isn’t Stevo….Curious…..Why do you feel he is the so-called real deal?

  • True a real DC is fine also..Not feeling Gruden, but I do agree that a strong DC would suffice as well don’t necessarily need a defensive minded head coach. I like Bradley as head coach because he gets in the players shit if they aren’t producing. Gets in their face, challenges them during the game. Doesn’t play around. But a DC who fits that mold is good also. Not interested in the type of DC we see on the sidelines showing no emotion. Discipline would be my top priority coming in as head coach. With discipline tackling should follow.

  • Gus Bradley not coming. Every Eagle fan with a clue already knows this. If you have followed this regime you know all the hooping and hollering doesnt work.. When was the last time{besides Cox) this regime has done what the fans wanted from draft picks to FA to DC. If Bradley was thier guy he would not be interviewing with other teams. He would of interviewed here already and if they really wanted him a offer would of been made. No need to hide it, hide it from who? Chip Kelly was definetly thier guy. IMO.

    • Unfortunately they aren’t allowed to make an offer to him. No one is. Why would a person who runs a business listen to what we are hollering about?

      • Because thats what fans do. Also since the Eagles have never won a superbowl and are coming off a pathetic season thier opinion isnt much more valid then mine to be honest with you. Jeff, Howie and I have the same number of rings.. We all have eyes and even though Im not a NFL GM there are thousands of people that could do the same thing those guys do given the opportunity. Howie didnt major in scouting at Temple.

        • Right and if you had that job you wouldn’t listen to fans… What’s that saying listen to the fans and you will end up in the bleachers sitting next to them

          • Very true I guess when the fans cry for Earl Thomas and he has been ranked as a top 10 pick WTF do we know.

            • when drafting, it’s really simple, TAKE THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER POSSIBLE REGARDLESS OF POSITION , you can never go wrong that way. 3 yrs ago, Earl Thomas was the best player on the board.. period ( JPP was a reach ) and saftey was a position of need, that will haunt this franchise for yrs to come, we draft a DE in graham and we already had one here, THAT WE GAVE AWAY , yeah it’s chris Cleamons , Earl Thomas’s teamate. Cleamons has as many sacks as Trent Cole the past 3 yrs.

              • Exactly!

            • The fans also screamed for Ricky Williams if you remember correctly….

    • Gus has to do his due diligence too. If there are multiple teams in need of a coach, why wouldn’t he interview with them? Gus gets leverage when teams know he’s in demand. Everyone just take it easy. None of our choices, with the exception of Marrone for some, have signed with other teams. Very few legitmate candidates can even accept an offer at this point. Four teams will be going home this weekend so I imagine a lot of dominoes will start to fall next week.

  • I’m still hoping Manny, Moe and Jack pick the right guy not panicking but I have that sinking feeling this doesn’t end well.

  • I hope they are not laying in wait for Gruden. I just think he is not the choice. I wanted McCoy but …
    Obviously it is someone still playing.

    • If Gruden were truly Lurie’s/Roseman’s target, he would have been hired already.. I believe they will only talk to him is they strike out on their Top 5-6 Candidates (which appears likely to happen) and I stil don’t believe Gruden will be coming back to Coach period..
      Looking at how Lurie Manages and Hires, He is looking for a younger Coach that’s a complete Team Player and can grow into the Position and be a long-term HC of the Eagles.. Gruden does not fit this mold, neither does Cowher,Dungy,Holmgrem and most other experienced HC’s

      I believe at the end of the Day it will be Tom Clements, Marc Trestman
      or a surpise name like Winston Moss or a Josh McDaniels

      • if gruden was really interested in coaching he would have been at or at bare minimum watching the ND/Alabama game. But instead he was at WWE. tells you all you need to know.

        • WTF did he need to watch Bama/ND for? I’m mad at MYSELF for watching that garbage.

  • “Hot Eagles News”

    Confirmed thru my source that Brian Kelly will interview with the Eagles for the 2nd time sometime next week after he comes back into the country.
    Bruce Arians will interview with the birds Monday
    Gus Bradley will interview with the birds this weekend in Atlanta

    My Thoughts- Wow. This interview process is starting to really pick up and as the days and weeks go by its becoming more and more apparent. This process is far from over. The Eagles will search high and low for the right guy for the job. It may be Brian Kelly that’s our next new Head Coach. Could Gus Bradley blow them away on the interview this weekend? Will the mind of Bruce Arians and his coaching philosophy and experience be enough to wow the Eagles? Alot of unanswered questions but 1 thing is certain, Brian Kelly is going on his second interview with the Birds next week. Wow

  • **Eagles to interview Jay Gruden Monday, Arians sometime next week. My error

    • waste of time…the guy is not ready

  • I heard that Mike Holmgrem is making a visit to Philly

    • Noway nohow

  • Wow, a lot of wows there, who gives a shit except a gdamn faggot like you Jh, tell me about something interesting about what you can do other than …..wow, about who the eagles are interviewing, because these dipshits who are interviewing know nothing about anything football related, do you realize what a puss you sound like, grow a pair , go to the gym, get a chest, find a woman, then tell us about it then, then we will not to hear ny more wow

  • ****HOT- HOT- NEWS****

    LIL BRON-BRON JON, is still a nauseating, delusional, @$$CLOWN, @$$MINER, who is play acting the role of, intrepid CSN reporter D Mini-Gunn, breaking already broken news, that he’s plagiarising, from every other news source, in the world! Dude, get a F^#@ING LIFE!!!! Instead of sucking on Lebron’s mahogany, why don’t you do society a favor, & go suck on a tail pipe!!!! Sorry, to be so callous, but enough, F^#@ING enough!!!! GO AWAY!!!! YOU HAVE NOOOOOOO SOURCES, YOU IMBECILIC, FOOL!!!!

    • LoL I’m always reading from a distance, and each and every morning I read your comments, and sure nuff.. you’re yelling at Jon Hart. I find it annoying myself when we all have a twitter page or read profootballtalk on a daily basis, so his “breaking news” stories are laughable!

      Just ignore the guy altogether….

      • Camden, I can’t help myself! LMFDO! All of this started last year, when he was ripping Paulman & myself, & calling us fraud fans, for calling Stinkadala an overpaid, delusional, bum, who was holding the roster back, & calling the 76er’s fraudulent playoff run, for what it was, all-the-while, he was rooting for the Heat & calling Lebron James, BRON-BRON, like a horny school girl, in heat! Also, he said he works at the Nova Care center, has sources, & gets all the inside scoops! Then he has the bean-bag to come on here & call Paulman, fraudman! Dude is a nauseating, delusional, @$$MINER, @$$CLOWN, nut-case, who I will rip into, everytime he posts his stupidity, & idiocy! THUS, his nicknames, “Lil BRON-BRON” & “Lil D Mini-Gunn!”

        • Dcar can’t help but obsess over everything I say. He is infatuated with my words like some kind of maniac. This guy gets home at 3-4 in the morning everyday and combs the site for my posts hahaha and he says i need to get a life? Hahaha this guy is long gone.. peep the way he writes his posts. Something is seriously wrong with him. This will be the last post I use to address this “guy”

          • I am at my 2nd job, at 3-4 in the morning, retard! There isn’t anything wrong with me, imbecile! Look at yourself in the mirror, lunatic. I don’t come on here play acting, like I’m a reporter everyday, like your stupid @$$ does. You bring nothing to the table, on here, but your idiocy, stupidity, & @$$CLOWNERY, & try to take credit for all rumors, news, & transactions! Then you got the balls to criticise Paulman, & call HIM, a fraud! GET OVER YOURSELF, & SEEK THERAPY!!!! Don’t try to take the attention of your own issues, by trying to make everyone else look like, they do!

            • BTW, as for me being obsessed with you, I couldn’t care less about you! But everytime, you say something stupid, idiotic, I will criticise you, & give you ZERO respect, like you’ve shown to Paulman & myself, the last year plus! Remember, you started the unwarranted, clueless, attacks, & labels, you put upon us, calling us non-fans, & we didn’t know what we were talking about! Paulman won’t defend himself, but I will! If you don’t like it, STFU, & don’t do it to anyone else

  • Who needs some Dunkin “Turbo” Coffee .. Ha

  • Fletcher Cox will be a Pro Bowler for years to come,its about time this team did something right on draft day !!!!

  • **Breaking News**

    Brian Kelly is staying at ND

  • Hearing this may not be the last college coach they interview but it should be. Enough with the college guys now unless its Nick Saban 🙂

  • Hearing now that the Eagles WILL NOT interview any more college coaches

  • As I reported the other day, no high-profile HC is interested in the Eagles HC Position, call it a Howie Roseman Curse, whatever, it’s not happening
    Eagles will interview their next HC next week and will be from the 49ers/Packersz Staff
    My $$ is on Tom Clements or Winston Moss of the Oackers
    They fit the Promfile of what Lurie looks for in a HC..

  • As if there any left to interview JH,
    Stay away from College ,Coaches as many of us have said, they just wasted the last 2 weeks interviewing Coaches that were not coming to Philly
    And leveraged and abused the Eagles for pay raises for themselves and their staffs..

    • Wasted what exactly? As you say they will pick a coordinator in the next two weeks. All theyve done is kill time and pick the brains of three successful college coaches about trends and things coming to the nfl. Maybe get some intel on players as well. You all assume the college coaches were playing them…. Hmmmm… Lurie turned his small investment into a billion dollar franchise and the college coaches were leveraging him… Think about that

  • “As I reported the other day, no high-profile HC is interested in the Eagles HC Position

    What high-profile head coaches are you talking about – Jon Gruden, who has all his friends (Dick Vermeil & Ron Jaworski) campaigning for him, and still can’t get an interview?

    As far as any of us know the Eagles have not offered the job to anyone. And what abuse is it to the Eagles if college coaches get a raise after interviewing with the Eagles – what do they care?

    I am very happy that the Eagles are interviewing a lot of candidates. I hope they get the right guy. None of the guys the Eagles interviewed took jobs elsewhere so they obviously didn’t lose any candidates. Those college guys had jobs.

  • **Breaking News**
    Eagles to interview Bobby April for HC

    • Fraud you always follow your wrong breaking news or predictions with absurd stuff. Juvenile

  • Here’s a real news flash for you paulman.

    Per a league source, some teams believe the Bears and Eagles are employing the Al Davis approach to interviewing coaching candidates. Davis was notorious for using a head-coaching vacancy as cover for bringing in assistant coaches from other teams and picking their brains, all under the guise of possibly hiring them.

    • Irish that approach didn’t work too well the last 10 years for Al.

    • Believe e Irish, Lurie & Roseman are not Football Savy enough
      To even ask the right questions, these guys along with a ticket man, event-planner for the Linc, Smolenski don’t know jack about putting a Roster or Football Coaching Staff together.
      Lurie should have Hired Bill Polian, even as a Consultant to lead this Coaching Search like the Cgargers have done hiring Ron Wolf to help them out since Owner Spanish and his sons know little about Football
      What a joke this Zeahle Franchise has become in a 2 Year Time span..
      A great disservice to the Fans that have lined up Laurie’s pockets
      For the last 15 years..

      • They should be savvy like you

  • Yeah, so… the “vertical game” didn’t always work for Al Davis either, but it was a good idea.

    • Al Davis was always going to only hire a “yes man” who was going to follow his instructions which is why he always had to hire Assts and go thru a lot of them to find the lacky who would not disagree with Al or have his own plans & ideas.. At least at one time was very knowledgeable about Football unlike Litie & Roseman.. There’s no comparison

  • Just being sarcastic but if Howie is doing his homework and has all this information at his disposal what is he going to do coach?

    • Lion, howieisnot a tough guy guy but to mistake him for stupid is a mistake on your part

      • He is smart enough to be GM of the Eagles nobody is questioning his smarts. What are his qualifications for picking players and picking the right HC.

        • Dude you are a fan… All we can do is hope the mother fucker knows what he’s doing cuz if he is some book keeper nerd we are fucked

          • LOL right you are cigar.

  • Sorry to say, he’s abook-keeper and a nerd who is nowhere in the class of Joe Banner. Banner would never have signed Asmo, Steve Smith, Vince Young,
    Demetress Bell and would not have extended the deals for Cole & Herremans
    And probably given the big deal to DUax which a were bad financial deals for the Eagles..

  • Exactly paulman, but let’s talk about overrated quarterbacks, Peyton manning now tied for the most payoff losses at 11, tied with another overrated quarterback Brett farvre , but ooh, aaah, Peyton looks like a quarterback at the line of scrimmage, they alreAdy have him in the hall of fame but in the big moments he’s tied for the prize as the biggest loser

  • I remember way back when Joe Banner was the laughing stock of the city and media. All everyone thought he was was a pencil pushing calculator clicking geek. Noone understood why Jeff Lurie hired him. Is anyone questioning the hire now? In regards to the front office he is now one of the most respected and mostly regarded as a genius esp when it comes to salary cap. Well Howard Roseman studied at the feet of Banner and its interesting everyone is wondering why Jeff hired him now too, calling him names similar to what they called Joe. Wlell you will find out soon enough. We are now witnessing the new era of the Philadelphia Eagles with Howard Roseman leading the charge. Judge the entire body of work not a few moves here and there for the sake of complaining. The birds are in good hands..

  • Can anyone say with a serious face, that Roseman has made more good decisions than poor ones since 2011 when he’s been the man in Charge as far as Drafting/Scouting/ Contracts/Free Agency Acquisitions/Salary-Cap Mabagement as well As Overall Roster Management
    I say he has done a poor job overall in all these areas and if he doesn’t hit a homerun and hire the right next HC, this Franchise and Team will suck for the next 4-6 Years

  • Overall Roster went from $17 Million under the Cap 2 Years ago to
    Approx $14 Million over the Cap for 2013
    And went from 8 Wins to 4 Wins with a bottom 1/3 of a Roster of Players who would not be on most NFL Rosters
    (Bell,Dunlap, Kelly, Harbor, Havilli, Polk,Menden,
    Danarius Johnson, Tapp, A Jordan, C Matthews, B Hughes, D Sims,
    C Marsh, Edwards, Rau) to name a few

  • No – he’s a book-keeper and a nerd that makes seven figures to be the real GM of the Eagles, while you get yourself moist making-up lame Mock Drafts.

    • Irish, what I want to know, is where all of this unwarranted, undeserved, FO defense is coming from, with you? They have been incompetent, at best, for the last 7 years, from “wood teeth” Banner, to the Hindenburgh, to the “Gopher puppet” Rosebuds. They went from being cheap @$$, Gold Standard, salary cap Champs, every year, to consistently bad drafts, to throwing away, foolish, ill-advised, imprudent, $$$, to make up for those past, major gaffes! That is ALL FACTS, my man! So why the defending?!?

  • Well that’s good for Roseman Irish, but bad for us Fans is all I can Say. Not only was he not qualified when promoted to GM 2 years ago, his record and decision making in all Foitball related matters stinks if you Sk me
    I told everyone 2 months ago that Lurie should have been spending his time to Hire a “Football Guy” as VP of Football Ops which has been Vacant since
    AR was Terminated and then let that person head up the HC Search with imput and participation from Rosenan, but now we have the blind leading the blind joined by an Event Planner & Stadium Operations in Smolenski going out to hire the next Eagles Head Coach so yes, I’m pissed off. Because I know it will end up a disaster just like the last 2 Tears have been with Franchise

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