• July 3, 2022

Reports: Eagles Interview Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly

According to various reports from Philly.com and CSNPhilly.com, the Eagles interviewed Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly after the BCS Championship game.  They would not confirm the meeting but numerous sources with Philly.com and CSNPhilly.com have confirmed that the Birds have met with Kelly.

The Notre Dame coach has gone out of the country on a vacation and will meet again with the Eagles when he returns.

This is an amazing report.  Kelly is under contract with the Fighting Irish until 2016.

In the week prior to the game against Alabama, Kelly was quoted saying the following.  “I think from my perspective I’ve got the best job in the country – NFL, college, high school, whatever.”  In the same press conference, he talked about how he looked at high school, college and NFL football.

He suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Alabama Crimson Tide in the BCS Championship game earlier this week.  It was a laugher of a game as the Tide embarrassed Notre Dame from the opening kickoff, 42-14.   The SEC boys called off the dogs or the score would have been worse.

I do believe Kelly is a leader and that is the most important ingredient required for this job with the Eagles.

As an offensive coach, I haven’t seen great innovation from him offensively at Notre Dame, but maybe he doesn’t have the quarterback right now to implement it.  At the moment, the Irish run an unsophisticated offensive system.  I thought he was totally outcoached by Nick Saban’s Alabama staff in that championship game.  It looked like Kelly was coaching college football while Saban was coaching Pro Football.

There have been reports that the Birds were very impressed by Kelly because of his record of turning around programs, Central Michigan, Cincinnati and now Notre Dame.  There’s no question that he has the ability to motivate and lead young men.  The big challenge would be bringing together an NFL staff.

The Notre Dame players were dominated and Kelly was totally outfoxed by Saban.


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  • What’s what’s these Irish Guys keep popping up
    Bill O’Brien, Chip Kelly and now Brian Kelly…
    When was the last Irish Head Coach in the NFL to ever Win anything??
    I have tobeileve that Brisn Kelly will follow the other leprechauns as
    Using Eagles interview as leverage to get a bigger finanancial package from Notre Dame.. Kelly is a good College Coach and has been a winner everywhere he has gone with a sound basic and fundamental Teams
    He’s energetic, straight-forward, a good recruiter but I am so sure he’s
    Sophisticated enough with the X’s & O’s part of the Game to compete
    With the NFL Schemes of today’s Football
    His Coaching style reminds me a bit of Gary Schiano of Rutgers who did a pretty nice job with the TB Bucs for the first half of the Season until they played they played some of the better Teams.. No harm in talking to him, but I do not think he’s the Coach to get the Eagles over the hump

    • No Pman…..it isn’t just the that they are Irish guys, it is that they have ties to the New England area. Lurie is obsessed with anything remotely having ties to his home area. I won’t be suprised if they don’t start serving lobster rolls and clam chowder at the Linc soon

      • I am Half-Irish (McLaughlin is my Mom’s Maiden name) so I can make fun of the Irish., but they should stay with making Whiskey, Beer, Potato Soup,Corned Beef & Cabbage, Designing Links Golf Courses, making homemade woolen Sweaters, and producing those wild Red-Headed Women and leave the Head Coaching of NFL Teams to the Scots,Germans,Italians, Africans and the Hispanics in my opinion..

      • lol

    • Tom Coughlin twice

    • Mike McCarthy

      • McCarthy’s real family name is McCarthywitz and is of Ausrtian/German Descent..His Granfather shortened it to McCarthy since he wanted to work with Laverne & Shirley at the Shotz/Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee..
        I read this in my Almanac just the other day by chance..

        • ROTFLMFBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • PAUL, IDK what anyone says about you, you are one funny SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • *IDC*

  • gold standard / pot of gold . over/under on coaching interviews -27

  • I questioned why Brian Kelly hadn’t gotten an interview or consideration last week. My biggest concern with him is that he has zero NFL experience and the staff he assembles likely has no NFL experience either. I’m enamored with his track record of turning losing teams into successful ones. Hearing him speak, he sounds like a leader. But I have to agree that this is a power move by Kelly to get more money out of Notre Dame.

    I’m torn between thinking the Eagles are doing a great job by interviewing as many candidates as possible and the thought that the Eagles are going to screw the pooch with this. I’m really starting to want John Gruden but he has to feel snubbed that all these other guys are getting interviews and consideration while he is not.

  • You have to believe the Brian Kelly was focusing and concentrating his time and energy for the NCAA Championship Game which was the Biggest Game of his Life as a Coach.. Now that it’s over, he will field calls,interview a couple of places to give him leverage for a better Financial Package at ND..
    I stand by the earlier statements is that Jon Gruden would be a last resort
    if the “Three Amigo’s” can’t get a to Coordinator to come to Philly. They will only reach out fo rGruden when they exhaust their Top 6-8 Candidates..

    I still believe Tom Clements and or Dom Capers are the “Darkhorse Candidates” for the Eagles HC job.. Capers wants 1 more shot at being a HC and is a master of building Defenses and having a sound,fundamental team.. He’s been in the NFL for year and years and could assemble a Pro NFL Coaching Staff with relative ease and is well respected around the NFL with great building jobs at Carolina and Houston Texasn when they were newbie Franchises and helped build them into competitve Team relatively quickly..He’s done an excellent job with the Packers Defense as well the last few years.. HIre Capers, bring in an innovative OC as Asst HC like a Clements or Abbot from the Packers and then transition the HC job to one of them in 3 Years time as Capers gets close to his retirement would be an excellent Plan in my opinion for this Eagles Franchise for right now and moving forward..

    • I was hoping they would interview Clements as well. Don’t’ want anything to do with Capers I think he might be satisfied with being just a DC. Also paulman I kind of worry about guys who we haven’t even being mentioned for any of the openings like Capers and Fangio.

  • I believe JH called this daaays ago and everyone said I was crazy/nuts/insane/wrong for thinking that. No denying it now!.. You can’t base a careers worth of production as a coach off of 1 bad game. ND was overmatched. That Bama team has a plethora of NFL prospects on that roster. I believe BKelly did his job he made ND relevant again now I believe (as I’ve felt all along) that he’s ready to make the jump.. Hes an excellent candidate for the Head Coaching job. We’ll see soon if Saban gets added to the list too

    • Speaking in 3rd person makes one sound even more like a jerk.

      • I know right lol

        • You mean JH knows….right??

          • Yeah that too lol

  • Very poor context using the word “plethora” as it relates to having many good Food Football Players.. WHere did you go to School at JH ..

    • Aw fraudman trying to create a diversion away from the fact that he was the main one on here saying noway the Eagles interview Brian Kelly, they have no interest, they wont go that route, Kelly isnt interested hes a king at ND yada yada yada, Wrong wrong wrong again fraudman

      • Right niow JH, it looks like the Eagles are panicking and will Interview 100 Coaches around the Country as the find their Top Targets are using them for better deals elsewhere.. So go ahead and throw out names..It’s meaningless since the “Three Amigo’s” don’t know what the hell there doing and Roseman again is showing his “Fly off the Seat of his Pants” mangement and decision making behavior.. This Franchise is doomed is he continues to be the “Football Mind” of this Eagle Front Office..

        • kind of the way you throw out a hundred names.
          they aren’t panicking– the main dudes aren’t even free yet!

    • Paulman, his use of the term plethora was appropriate. I don’t think your use of the word “context” was used correctly. SMH.

      • Probably should have used the word “Syntax” instead… ha ha
        Anyways, I like the word “Plethora” but in a more Science,Mathematics,Politics, or Public Transportation mode rather than Football Players, but that’s just me..

  • Are we kidding? Another college coach? Why don’t the Eagles interview one of the local high school coaches? That why Lurie covers all his bases and performs his due diligence.

    This is the Eagles showing their arrogance again. They think they are the most forward thinking innovative organization in the NFL. Lurie, Roseman and Smolenski are going to screw this up huge. Can’t you just feel it. They are showing the rest of the league how inept and disorganized they truly are. No self respecting candidate will any part of this circus. This is going to end up bad.

    • Yep like I said before they are two steps behind everyone but think they are a step ahead. Just a question anybody please jump in. Why was Roseman given this new deal when you essentially had a lame duck coach? Shouldn’t the two have been tied together?

  • Kelly is a good COllege Coach, and nothing more ..
    He has rebuilt ND but then again, the Big 10 and Overall Midwest Football has had some Down Seasons recently with Teams like Michigan,Michigan State and Purdue all having mediocre Seasons.. and even ND Wins this Season
    over Oklahoma & USC come with an asterick to me, since both Oklahome and USC probably had their weakest Teams in 10 Years, so the fact they went undefeated was a little skewed in my book, but still a great accomplishment and we all saw how easily they were manhandled and out-coached by a much better team and a better Coaching Staff…
    I see no way the Kelly leaves ND for the Eagles, of course he will talk to them, the Browns, the Bears and use the “interviews” as getting his name out there and eventually get a better Financial Package from Notre Dame

    • I agree no way he leaves its all financial.

    • “Of course he will talk to them” you flip flop at the drop of a dime and try to twist every outcome your way haha what a joke.. you’ve changed your tune from he won’t be interviewed by the birds and that they have no mutual interest to “of course he will talk to them”.. pathetically funny lol


        • “Pathetically funny” You wanna talk all this junk yet copy my words and phrases. Instead of combing gcobb.com for all my posts like some maniac, go spend time with your kids and wife since you flip houses all day and work 3 jobs right? Your obsessed with me, a stong infatuation. Everytime you comment on my post you look crazier abd crazier and I laugh louger andlouder

          • Keep laughing! Keep my Family out of it! Don’t be hating, because I actually work for a living, & have a real family, & not the make pretend world you live in, bubble boy!

  • I should have originally stated that the Eagles “Shouldn’t be wasting their Time in INterviewing Coaches who are not ready, and who are not really interested in coming to Philly.. for it’s a waste of time, which is something that is not on the Eagles side as we tick closer and closer to COllege All-Star Games,Senior Week and INdy Combines in a month from now with no Coaching Staff in place.. How do you evealuate players when you don’t know who is going to Coach them, or what schemes they will employs, etc,etc.
    Who is going to evaluate these PRospects in the first place.. MArty M, Bobby April, Todd Bowles, Howie Roseman may be too busy interviewing every Coach in America across the Country and Canada and miss all this College Prospects All-Start Games and weeks that are coming up..

  • If Brian Kelly gets this job I would be shocked. I think its obvious that he’s using this as way to get more money out of Notre Dame. The guy currently has the #1 recruiting class for next year, so if he were to leave so would all those players. Notre Dame can’t and won’t let that happen after this years success.

  • Why are the Eagles getting knocked for interviewing a bunch of candidates. What do they have to lose by doing that? Isn’t it the right thing to do? Most people seem to all want McCoy or Bradley. Well, for starters, McCoy can’t even be hired right now so chill out. Bradley hasn’t even interviewed yet. Chill the f&ck out people. It’s amazing that everyone says they don’t know what they’re doing because they keep interviewing people.

  • I just read on BIshop Carrol’s High School Web-Page that Football Coach
    Ed O’Flaherty is intervieing with the Eagles this Saturday.. Stay tuned for JH will be telling us he told us so shortly…

  • Eagles are interviewing ever one under the sun, paulman probably next, because their short list of candidates said thanks but no thanks, and the are not too confident that McCoy or Gus will want any parts of them either, it’s pathetic , Lurie practically begging at his news conference, that was supposed to be about firing Reid, but instead turned into luries soap box on how howie iisnt the nerd he looks like, howie knows football, howie is great, well it doesn’t pass the smell test for any coach with brains, pedigree and an ounce of testosterone , it all falls back on the owner who has not surrounded the franchise with men with football acumen, this franchise appears to be doomed as paulman says

  • So much for the gold standard

  • Exactly btc, this is the smartest thing this organization has done in years. In the past under Roseman they’d make outrageously fast decisions and not think first. Now theyre taking there time doing there due diligence and are leaving no stone unturned. Roseman seems to be maturing right before our eyes. They just have to make sure they make the right choice. Theyre not the type of organization that gets a new coach every 3 years so they wanna hire a HC and keep him for 10-15 years.. So I like there approach of interviewing any and everyone they have to in order to find that guy to take this team to the next level

    • Agreed.

      Paul, that “panicing” business is nowhere near what is going on. I love that they’re lining up interview after interview. Why not?

      What is the rush? SO far the Eagles have “missed out” on……wait for it…..Doug marrone and Andy Reid.

      That’s it.

      If the opportunity presents itself (and it has) Why not interview everyone?

      • LOL, OK point taken

    • Jeez JH

      I hope the next coach isn’t here for the next 10-15 years. The birds did not get the result they needed with the last guy that was here that long. Let’s hope Lurie has the cojones to cut this guy loose if he hasn’t won the SB oh I say around the 8-9 year mark at least.

      • Philly, 8-9 years is too long as well. Imo 5 years is the max but Lurie doesn’t. He is one of the most patient men Ive ever seen. Patient and loyal to a fault. Maybe Roseman will assist him in pulling the trigger faster when necessary

  • I wish Lurie will get some guts and fired Roseman. Now we are interviewing Brian Kelly. Did he see the BCS National Championship game? I would not go near that guy.Let go after an experience NFL coach Roseman!!

    • if you had the voluminous notes Jeff Lurie had then you too would understand that by far Howie Roseman was the best talent evaluator in the building LOL bwahahahahaha

      • Here’s the EAgles SIgnings so far this Off-Season

        CB- Trevor Lindley (Out of Football all 2012 Season)
        DE – Everett Brown (Out of Football all 2012 Season – 6-2 255lb DE??)
        WR- Nick Miller (Out of Football all of 2012 Season – 5-9 180lbs ???)
        WR – DeMarco Sampson (Out of Football all of 2012 – 6-2 204lbs)

        This is what Wonderboy Roseman has Updgraded the Eagles 4-12 Roster with so far.. I do not have an ounce of COnfidence in his Talent Evaluation, His Drafting and Scouting Ability and his overall Roster Managment ability to lead an NFL Team.. Call me negative, over-critical, or and ass, whatever… I will call them as I see them, bottom line is that Howie Roseman is not qualified to be a General Manager of a NFL Franchise, or at least one that is supposed to be concerned and driven by trying to win a SUper Bowl Championship.. He’s a joke, there is no 2 ways around this..

        • he drafted your whole wish list last year – Cox, Curry, Foles
          you and Howie are like two peas in a pod
          Best Friends

          • DE V Curry was not on my Wish List last year,
            I wanted LB Bobby Wagner or LB Lavonte David in the 2nd Round over Mychal Kendricks

            #46) M Kendricks – Eagles
            #47) B Wagner – Seahawks
            #58) L David – TB Bucs

            • GMCliff wanted Vinny Curry, Kelechi Osemele, and Bobby Wagner in the second round.

              • Me too! 1 0f the 3 ain’t bad. No way they should have passed on David! What a f^#@ up. Perfect WILL! Kendricks was better when they finally moved him, but David, IMHO, would have been perfect!

        • paulman,
          Who the fuck cares what you have confidence in? You are a armchair douchebag that reads the internet and watches a few bowl games and thinks he knows something. Without the internet to copy from you couldn’t make a mock draft past the 10th pick.

          A NFL General Manager relies on a group of scouts that spend their lives evaluating players, watching film, and standing in the cold holding a stop watch.

          Everything you know about the job of a NFL GM could fit into an ants ass. You might be the hero of the GCobb site but in real life you don’t know shit!

          • OS welcome to the site. if you are a poster that i don’t remember. sorry bout that. the fraudman is no hero- he does read the internet very well as you pointed out. another tendancy is he will make 1237 picks/mock drafts gleaning from various web sites- 1 or 2 will work out and he will crow about it. he has picked over 30 names for the next coach of the eagles- 1 of course will be right and he will crow about it. of course he will fail to mention the 32 wrong picks– it is for his entertainment in mommys basement!

          • Yikes! Is that you Howie? lol

          • Take the stick out of your @$$ OS! What do you know, GENIUS?!? Let me guess, you’re another so called retired Coach, like the nimrod above me, who criticizes someone for having fun being an armchair GM? STFU!

        • LOL @ Old School exposing Fraudman hahaha classic..dead on OS

          • you aren’t far behind with your ‘breaking news’ that everyone knows. i think it was you that did ‘breaking news’ today about mullarky– i heard that it was going to happen at 4 a,m… it was all over espn this morning that it was going to happen.

            • Wrong guy hac Fraudman decided that was breaking news worthy not me…I knew all about the Mularky news it just wasn’t worth dropping on here imo

              • Dude you’re as delusional as they come! Go get your head checked,
                nut-job! you’re on here everyday, acting like Lil G mini-Gunn, with your breaking news, & coaching interviews! The entire list of coaching candidates, has been out there, on every F^#@ING sports site, for everyone to see, since the season ended! Just S..T..F..U!!!!

    • So one bad game against a team that many questioned if they could beat the Jags and Brian Kelly is all of a sudden a bad coach? I’m not necessarily sold on Brian Kelly but he has definitely done a lot with a little at every program he’s coached.

    • Com’on

      If Alabama played the SF 49ers tomorrow they’d get steamrolled. DOes that make Saban a bad coach? College football, right now, is set up so that anyone outside the SEC cannot compete. They differences in personnel are too much of an obstacle….doesn’t make Kelly a bad coach. In fact he’s been sucessful every level he’s coached.

      Is he the guy? I dunno. I’ll leave that to Lurie to decide….

      • if alabama played the jags or chiefs they would leave with a 50 point defeat and no QB’s left not concussed and/or hospitalized

  • the east west shrine game is coming up and then the senior bowl —
    hurry up!!!

  • “”Actual Breaking NFL News not from JH

    Jaguars Fire HC Mike Mularkey
    Recently Hired GM David Caldwell is expected to Hire his good friend and College Roomate Greg Roman of the 49ers as soon as their Season ends..

    On a side note, Eagles have contacted Mularkey’s Agent and would like to add him to their Interview List in Febuary some time… (JH as usual, will update everyone on this situation)

    • I called this the minute Caldwell got hired. Where is realtalk? This is a great example of right place right time for Roman although the Jags suck he gets a HC gig because his best friend and roommate gets the GM job.

      • goodbye gabbert hello alex smith

        • Nope Tebow gets first shot. Khan wants him there and Roman replaced Smith with Kaepernick.

          • funny we all talk about ‘will this coach come here with foles or roseman’…. meanwhile this poor puke is going to get tebow…

            • Yep I live in Jacksonville Khan wants to sell tickets and yes if that’s the mandate then poor Caldwell and poor Roman.

              • Jaguars will be in Los Angeles,Ca before the end of the Decade
                When does the Team’s Stadium Deal with the City of Jacksonville Run out… They should have never been awared a Franchise to begin with and was a dumb move by the NFL..
                2 Teams in Florida already.. College Football is King, Fishing and GOlfing.. Just too many other Recreational things to do there.. plus your 5-6 Hours from Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers.. Should have been Memphis or Oklahoma City where theye have rabid Football Fans and did not have other Pro SPort Franchises back in the day (now the NBa is in Memphis/Oklahoma City and doing quite well there)

          • That was Harbaugh’s Decision to go with Kaepernick and not OC Greg Roman.. Alex Smith was not in the future plans with the 49ers after this season regardless of how this Season panned out for the 49ers. Kapernick was Harbuaghs Draft Pick and being a former QB himself, sees a lot of himself in Kapernicks style of play and wants to win with “his guy”

            • you don’t know what you are talking about if you think for one minute that the OC is not involved in that decision than you are stupider than you appear on here. of course harbaugh is the one that announces it, the one that answers to the press. damn you are dumb.

              • Agree Cigar, Roman is the play caller he is the one who put the pistol offense in play with SF.

  • one real good thing that came from Reid’s firing is now we can see the incompetence up the chain.

    There’s many coaching opening and I’ll bet every coach hired by other teams will be better than the one who agrees to be Rosie’s lapdog.

    • Songs — mhenski is blaming you for jinxing RG3 the Redskins with your new allegiance


    The Chiefs are expected to hire Doug Pederson as their offensive coordinator.
    Pederson was a backup with the Packers, Eagles and Browns during his playing days, which ended in 2004. He signed on as an quality control coach with Andy Reid and the Eagles in 2009 and served as the quarterbacks coach in each of the last two years. He’ll have plenty of support in his first stint as a coordinator — Brad Childress is expected to sign on as an assistant and Reid himself is a good bet to be calling the plays.


    • Not saying that Pederson will necessarily be any good as an OC, but the fact that he was a backup QB in the NFL really doesn’t mean shit when it comes to your evaluation….there are many many excellent coaches in the NFL who were not stars in the NFL….many never played in the NFL at all.

  • **BREAKING**

    “Swoop” agent have been contacted by Lurie….word around the nova care is while Juan was having lunch discussing line assignments with the late “JJ”, Swoop was discussing receiving routes with Andy in the sauna while shaving Andy’s back.

    I’ll keep you guys updated.

    • you sure swoop was shaving Andy’s back and not the front — Coach Reid did spend many a night at the nova care center

  • Songs, did the website you bought your RG3 jersey allow you to return it for a refund? Have you recovered yet from yet another Redskins’ loss. I believe they have won two playoff games in 20 years.

    • He’s now a Seahawks fan!

  • @paulman they have a 10 year lease but you know that means nothing. FYI they will move to London before they move to LA.

    • I think the Eagles are the ones to move to London
      Lurie will sell to Richard Branson who will move to the Team to London
      and rename the Eagles to the “London Virgins” to grow his Brand of Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines and Resorts & Hotels, etc, etc
      Virgin Uniforms will have a picture of Madonna on their Helment is will be
      Pinkl & White to go with the rest of the “Virgin Brand” ..

  • Sounds like “someone” doesn’t like his new friends in DC and keeps coming back to play…..leave you maggot. You loudly declared that you were a loser, jumping ship to the DeadSkins….go get on WebMD to see what your QB’s knee is in for over the next year, but as far as the Birds go, we are very happy to count FraudSongs as a former fan, never to return……leave and shut the door behind you.

    • Nah…. I like having Songs around. If I had to put up with half this site shyting on their own qb(Vick) since the day he became starter; then anything Songs says from an organizational standpoint is definitely ok. You don’t get to constantly denigrate your own qb no matter how well he plays and say you’re a fan of the TEAM; but somehow Songs pointing out how incompetent the organization is from the punk-azz owner down to the incompetent hc is disloyal.

      The line for fake fraud azz fans would start well before you get to him.

      • Really?!? Do real fans say they’re now Foreskins fans, then when they lost, he’s now a Seahawks fan?!? STFU! You’re another fraud, who roots for the name on back, instead of the front! Vick will be with another team next year, so you, Songs, & all of his idol worshipers can go root for them!

  • NFL Breaking News

    Chicago Bears are interviewing Tom Clements from the GB Packers and are apparently close to offering him a Deal.. The Bears are being very Proactive in their Job Search and looking for Offensive Minded Coaching to give them a chance against the high Scoring Teams like the Packers/Lions that they face every Season.. (JH can fill you guys in later on)

    • we all know this… it is not breaking news.
      so hte bears who have interviewed 13 are being proactive and the eagles who are interviewing a lot of guys are panicking? are not able to get their man?

  • Paulman, you just gonna take it from old school, what qualifies Roseman to judge football talent, what if Roseman had no Internet, do you think Roseman was ever timed in a forty or has ever seen a stop watch, I am sick of being sold a bill of goods from Lurie, really, howie is the best talent evaluator, howie is lurie’s girlfriend, banner couldn’t take it, neither could mrs Lurie it’s flat out sickening

    Old school, what knowledge do you possess to come on here and question anyone’s ability to be a general manager, what are your credentials, probably just another Schiller ghost poster

  • And paulman is a blow heard but he knows more about football than Roseman,mits not even close

    • Better believe it……Howie is no better a talent evaluator than Paul, Myself, Daggolden, Jon Hart, Greenfan, DCar, Vinnie, and Others on here…He just has the real opportunity……..During which he’s killing this team playing Fantasy Football………….

      I want him to step up to GMCliff. just once, and I will make him look smaller than the win total we had this year. Bring on the mediocrity!!!

      • Bunch of arm chair blow hards. You read lots of web sites watch a few college games. None of you have made real talent evaluations or coached real players. You are never wrong because you never had to make a real decision.

        • Hey haveacigar, are jake and gmcliff adults?

          Because if they are adults and they actually believe that they are more knowledgeable, and better judges of football talent than a man who is paid seven figures to do the job, borders on insanity. lol

  • Trade Alert..

    Eagles Trade QB Mike Vick, WR Jeremy MAclin, OT T Herremans,DE Trent Cole, DT C Jenkins to the Jacksonville Jaguars for QB Chad Henne,OT Egene Monroe and their 1st Rounder, (#2 Overall) their 3rd Rdounder (#66 Overall) and their 5th Rounder (#130th Overall)

    The Eagles now Draft the Following

    1st Rd (#2 Overall) – DT Star Lotulieli (Utah 6-3 320lbs)
    1st Rd (#4 Overall) DE Demontre Moore (Texas A&M 6-4 255lbs)
    2nd Rd (#36th Overall) Safety Eric Reid (LSU 6-2 215lbs)
    3rd Rd (#66th Overall) CB Logan Ryan (Rutgers 6-0 190lbs)
    3rd RD (#68 Overall) OLB Chase Thomas (Stanford 6-4 248lbs)
    4th Rd (#100 Overall) OG Gabe Jackson (Mississippi 6-4 320lbs)
    5th Rd (#130 Overall) TE Ryan Otten (Fresno State 6-5 245lbs)
    5th Rd (#132 Overall) OT Ricky Wagner (Wisconsin 6-6 318lbs)
    6th Rd (#164 Overall) WR Aaron Mellett (Elon 6-3 220lbs)
    7th Rd (#190 Overall) CB Terry Hawthorne (Illinois 6-0 190lbs)
    7th Rd (#215 Overall) WR Marcus Davis (Virginia Tech 6-4 230lbs)

    • switch desean for maclin and i’m in

    • Paul, I just removed Monte Te’o from the first Round. Your First Round, and mine are exactly the same. The rest is totally different.

      • I am working on the complete first around Mock Draft and will have one out for the Top 24 Selection by this evening or Fri morning

        • looking forward to it brother

  • New GM new HC why in the blue hell do you think the Jags would give up those draft picks? I told you anyway Khan is bringing Tebow back home to sell some tickets and merchandise.

    • thats the way they GM….in unrealistic terms. ive told him before vick is untradeable. he just goes on and on… he is a fantasy gm and believes he is playing against other fantasy gms.

    • New GM for Jaguars came out today that he has no interest in bringing Tebow in and is not interested in having a side-show as his QB
      Chances are, they Hire Greg Roman as their HC and sign QB Alex Smith
      As their QB making my trade alert moot..

  • Why don’t these 3 strappers get the best guy for this team Gus Bradley before he goes to some other team and we wind up with some asshole with no nfl experience and tank the franchise fo another 14 yrs

    • do you not understand they are not allowed to ‘get bradley’ at this point? he is still in the playoffs.

  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on NFL Live Wednesday that Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly’s talks with the Eagles went “pretty well,” and indicated Kelly has genuine interest in the Philly job.
    Everyone is assuming Kelly is “using” the Eagles to get more money from Notre Dame. Schefter cautions that’s not necessarily the case. “I know there are people who believe … that this is nothing more than a leverage play,” Schefter said. “But the fact of the matter is he has a 12-1 record. He got Notre Dame back to where it wanted to go. And the people who are familiar with that situation believe he has all the leverage he needs anyway, with or without the Eagles. He’s interested. He’s gonna continue to talk to the Eagles … and then he’ll have to make a decision about whether or not he’s ready to jump to the NFL.” Meantime, the Eagles interviewed Lovie Smith for their head-coaching vacancy on Thursday.

    • I have been a ND guy since I started watching football and having said that Kelly needs to stay where he is another gadget guy who prefers mobile QB’s. Especially when you consider he has put together back to back outstanding recruiting classes. I wonder how Schefter got this info with Kelly being out of the country.

      • I don’t know what to think of Kelly. I’ve heard many guys talk pretty highly of him with the only negative basically being he has no NFL experience. IMO i Dont think he goes anywhere but if we landed him I wouldn’t be mad at all as long as we got an established NFL guy on the defensive side of the ball. Sure, he got blown out in the bg game but even if you had Lombardi coaching that game, it would still be a blowout. Alabama was just simply better all across the board.

        The more I listen, the more I’m getting talked into Jon Gruden. I didin’t want him at first, and obviously all reports say Eagles haven’t contacted him yet but a combo of Gruden as Head Coach/OC with Lovie Smith as DCORD would be good for me. I think Lovie would do it too mainly because if he screws up his next HC job he may never get a shot again. Also knowing Gruden, he will not likely be here for 10 years or something like that so they could tell Lovie the job is his after Gruden bounced after like 5 years. Thats why I dont think the Birds are calling out to him because they know he will likely bounce after about 5 and Lurie hates hiring/firing HCs. He would also be the most expensive likely which is probably another reason Lurie is staying away so far.

        • No way Lovie takes a step back as a DC. Why would he do that? Many believe he shouldn’t have even been fired. He’ll be a HC somewhere. There are plenty of open positions.

          • Where btc, the jags…chargers? why would Lovie want to go there. You don’t even know where those teams will be playing in a couple of years, their own “fans” don’t give a shit about them. The Browns? thats prolly the most snake bitten franchise in the league. Plus you play in a tough division (steelers and ravens will regroup and Bengals have solid young team) where making the playoffs with the browns will be near impossible.

            Eagles and Bears are the best landing spots. Obviously he isnt going back to the bears. My point is just that HC jobs are precious to these guys. You dont get many chances at it. Thats why guys like Josh MCDaniels/Eric Mangini are laying low until their ideal opportunity comes along cause it might be their last.

            IF you get an SB winner in here like Gruden (who should have won 2 of them if it wasn’t for one of the worst calls in NFL history=tuck rule) I think Lovie would all for working under him. Lovie could become HC of the team when Gruden moved on.
            A combo of HC/OC Gruden and Dcord Lovie would be pretty good to me. ANd I think if Lurie really wanted it he could make it happen, tho it would cost lots of money.

            • Actually you can take the Browns off that list for Lovie since they just picked their guy.

  • Andy seems to want MV7 in KC with him. When asked would he want MV7 there with him in KC Andy says “Right now he is property of the Philadelphia Eagles, hes a good kid”… hahaha he’d snatch Vick up in a heartbeat if he gets released, you better believe that. It’ll ignite that entire fan base and be the driving force for a legit playoff run in Andys first year.. Guaranteed

    • Interesting to say the least, we shall see.

      • He will need someone in the Doug Pederson roll for the first 2/3 of the season.

        • Pederson is going to be the OC there remember?

          • He needs someone in the Doug Pederson 1999 role. Someone to keep the position warm for 10 games while he grooms Geno or whomever he takes #1.

            Someone that no one will be upset about losing when he’s demoted week 11. Vick seems well suited to this role don’ca think?

    • More BS comes out of Reids mouth than anybody I could think of in sports. But thinking about it, it would be hilarious if it happened. It would be another disaster. As if a Reid/Vick combo could out duel Manning for a playoff spot in the next 3 years lol. I bet Manning plays more years than Vick does. I think Reids best shot is to draft or develop a young player that will be able to take over that division in 3-4 years when Manning retires. Thats my opinion on whats he is going to do.

    • All around dumb post guy.

      1- nothing Reid said implies he wants him. Have you noticed he always protects his guys? He is saying what he has to there.

      2- Andy is pretty dumb but he doesn’t have Down syndrome, he won’t pick him up , he benched the guy for foles dude.

      3. You guaranteed Vick would lead a team to the playoffs ? Really? His teammates on offense better find a way to strip defenders after Vick throws a pick or fumbles and return them strips for touchdowns if they are gonna make the playoffs.

      Dumbest post of the week by far dude.

      Lay off the LSD

    • Reid may have said that as part of his “never say anything negative about a player or coach” policy…..he would probably say the same thing about McNabb too….I don’t buy it….I cannot believe that Reid would want MV running his team the way he turned the ball over the past 2 seasons. He has the 1st pick in the draft and will either go with Matt Castle or find a way to get another QB…but not MV.

      • Matt Cassell??? Errr??? Never will Cassell start again for the KC Chiefs. He had his chance. They need a spark, some energy and excitement. They have some talented players on offense, they just need a QB. MV7 will most likely be that guy.. they wont draft a QB with that first pick unless a QB wows them during the draft combine workouts..

      • The Chiefs will try to obtain QB Matt Flynn from Seattle for a 2nd or 3rd Round Pick. Seattle is not going to pay Flynn$6-7 Million to be the back-up
        To Starter Russell Wilson
        Flynn was groomed in Green Bay which runs a similar system and terminology as AR’s System then he will Draft a young QB Cassellis out, Contract is up and AR has no ties to him at all..

  • So Jake Mathews and Taylor Lewan go back to school. I thought Lewan did pretty good in that bowl game against that freak of nature. Im sure Mathews went back knowing he had a shot at a National Champ with Johnny Football. If we stay at 4, and Luke Joekel is there, we are guaranteed IMO to take him now without those other guys there if we were going to trade down a few spots.

  • This means there are about 3 Top OT’s with a 1st Round Grade left
    Joeckel, Fisher & Fluker
    Joeckel a Top 5 pick the other 2 mid to late 1st Round Grade Selection

    • how many hours of coaches tape have you watched? hell how many hours of televised games have you wathced?

      • Lots

  • Pete Carroll on Gus Bradley: “He’s got a great work ethic, he’s got a brilliant
    football mind, he’s got a way of reaching people and touching people and
    getting the best out of them, coaches and players alike. He’s got everything
    that you’re looking for.”

    • I’ve been sold for about 2 months now Irish. Lets get him in here, and hired so he can assemble a staff, and get ready for the draft.

      • as a ‘gm’ i’m sure you understand we can’t get him in here and hired…. right?

  • “Breaking News”

    Browns have hired Rob Chudzinski, source says. Official annoucement could come as early as tomorrow

    • who cares about some lame working for the shit stains.

    • It’s a done deal. Chudzinski is a up and coming Head Coach
      Nice hire by the Browns

      • awful hire dude they had stewart& deangelo in Carolina and didnt use their players properly and that’s the OCs fault. awful hire by the Cleveland shit stains

        • Agree, that guys play calling sucked…they spent huge money on the backfield with Dwill, Stewart, Tolbert and they would barely touch the ball for the first half of the season. Cant believe he got a head coaching job

  • As there new head coach

  • Im also hearing that Norv Turner will follow Chud to the Browns to be the OC

    • who cares about some lame working for the shit stains?

    • Anybody can read PFT or Jeff Mclane’s twitter account below (or any other Eagles reporter twitter for that matter)…

      “RT @mortreport: Panthers OC Rob Chudzinski will be the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns, per league source.”
      “OK then. RT @PSchrags: I’m hearing from a very good source that Norv Turner is, in fact, coming with Chud to CLE.”

      “Source says” lol what a fucking weirdo

      • pheags, don’t say that! Lil Bron-Bron Jon broke the news! He has inside sources! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a delusional, retarted, @$$miner, he is!!!!

        • Retarded too!!!! LOL!!!!

  • I heard Kelly is making this play because he wants to get more money for his assistants.. He knows with the success he has had at ND it won’t be a problem for him to get more money. That is why ( drawing a blank) coach of Wisconsin left for Arkansas.

  • Bret bielima

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