• May 26, 2022

Reports: Gus Bradley Is Leading Eagles Head Coaching Candidate

Adam Schefter of ESPN and Mike Garafola of USAToday reported that Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley is currently the leading candidate to fill the Eagles open head coaching position.  The Birds interviewed him on Saturday and he’s now available to be signed because the Seahawks were defeated by the Atlanta Falcons, yesterday.

The Eagles put a lot of weight on the interview process, so Bradley may have bowled them over with his interview on Saturday.  He’s described as a coach with tremendous leadership skills, who can light up a room when he walks into it.

The Eagles are slated to interview Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Brian Arians and Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden this week.  Lurie has always leaned toward hiring an offensive coordinator, but Bradley’s interview could have tipped the scales in his favor.

There have also been reports that the Eagles interviewed former Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt, today.  They are also expected to interview, Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, today.


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  • After 14 years of FATBOY I am in no hurry to sign a coach.

    There are plenty of coaches in the Pros and college that can handle the Eagles.

    Lovie Smith plus a good offensive coordinator would be great.
    Gus Bradley and a seasoned staff would be great.
    Kidnap the Harbaugh brothers or one of their assistants.
    Give Saban absolute control and 100 million he’ll leave Alabama.

    Oh and hire a coach that’s in shape. No more blubber butts.

    How can you get the best out of prime athletes when your a fat undisiplined morbitly obese coach?

    Deep down nobody respects a fat person unless he has on a red suit and goes ho ho ho.

  • Exactly bsm, not only Reid, but gcobb posters dcar and big lion, obese, time to get your sorry asses in shape

    • LOL. CC Sabathia does not agree with those comments.

    • Dude, I can guarantee, I’m not obese, you goofball! LOL! Bet I can Military press you! Stop busting my bean-bag!

  • Im taking Chicago’s advice. No to Lovie Smith.

  • Bradley coming in tomorrow for a 2nd interview. I guess Eagles0Superbowls news flash was false, as I said.

  • gonna be great going from
    “I gotta do a better job”
    “do your job”!!!!!

    • Nice Mhenski..Love it….

  • Eagles take Geno Smith as their #1 pick!!!!!!!! we’ll build the fast Offense around Geno…Damn right “Do your job” good stuff mhenski.

  • THE ROCK IN THE BUILDING, shot out to my man Rocko been a long time since I got at you on the post. I hope all is well with you big dog. Oh yeah no to geno smith please no

  • No way on taking QB Geno Smith..
    Draft DT Star Lotulelei and Team him up with DT Fletcher Cox and you have one of the Best DT Tandems in the NFL for the next 8-10 Seasons ..
    Then Draft Safety/CB/OLB/OL

  • Pman I am with you on that one, this draft is another defensive draft first unless that tackle falls but we all know that will not happen.

    • There are some good OT’s that will be on the board with their 2nd & 3rd Rd picks. This Draft is deep at DL, LB & Safety as well as OL and TE
      They need 2-3 Playmakers added to this Defense along the DL,
      LB and Safety Positions

  • I am surprised tht has not been more chatter surrounding Jarvis jones from UGA. If the eagles do indeed go defense, like most prefer, this kid is a beast. That’s my cents if anyone cares.

    • Jarvis Jones is a freakish athlete but at 6-2″ 242lbs, he gas been a great pass-rusher in College Ball. He came up small in big games when he got pushed around and some Scouts question whether he can be an everydown LB as a WILL backed due to not being real strong in pass coverages.
      He’s at his best at blitzing and getting into the backfield
      Some think he can be a Von Miller type and then others see him like a Ricky Sapp type, great in College but not big, strong enough to play with his hand on the ground as a DE. He shows glimpse and the disappears for periods of time which has Scouts ranking him anywhere from a Top 5 Pick to a mid 1st Rounder.. I believe he would be best suited as a stand-up OLB in a 3-4 Schene where his job is to get after the QB and the backfield
      If Bradley comes on board with the Eagles, Jones could be that designated Pass-Rusher from all different spots
      In a standard 4-3 at the WILL Spot, there is some concerns I have when dropping back in pass-coverages, but nake no doubt, he’s a talented player and if utilized properly in the right scheme where he isn’t taking on 300ln Offensive Lineman, he can make an impact

  • If geno smith falls to the third, fourth round, yes, but no way in hell the early rounds, the eagles have a much better qb in foles, smith may be a good back up, spark material when the starter goes down, but he lacks poise, smarts in the pocket, he is not a starter in the nfl

  • Same to you pdiddy, thanks a lot buddy!! I’m kinda feeling G-Smith with his size, speed, and accuracy man…

  • We do need Defense more than anything though. Alabama, please give us all the best you got from your defense.

  • Amen can’t go wrong with bama.

    • LOL Rolando McClain pdiddy. Just joking buddy.

  • If Gus is the guy, the Eagles will probably draft a cornerback. I think that tall physical corner out of Bama who covered any and everyone, Dee Milliner, thats the type of Corner Gus would like especially in that Leo defense

  • Eagles need to get 2 additional picks in the Top 3 Rounds
    Either by trading down from the 4th Overall spot or Trading a Trent Cole or Jeremy Maclin who are Players that have the highest Trade Value
    On the Roster based on the Positions they play, their age and Current Salary

  • @Doubles7605 #GusBus #GusBradley #DOYOURJOB bradley did not leave town. Sleeping in town tonight. Will know in morning.
    11:06pm – 15 Jan 13

  • Foles does not protect the ball all that well. And he ranked 29th out of 32 NFL quarterbacks in yards-per-attempt. The three quarterbacks behind him (Mark Sanchez, Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert) are also quarterbacks no one wants to build around.

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