• August 15, 2022

Safety Jonathan Cyprien Could Be An Answer At Safety For Eagles

It seemed that last week after each Senior Bowl practice, the Eagles were measuring every safety who showed up.  They were getting every measurement known to man on these guys.  They had good reason to be checking them out.  The Birds are in desperate need of help at the position and it’s become an extremely important position because of the way NFL offenses are forcing matchups.

The safeties have to be good football players to even line at the position and do a decent job, nowadays in the NFL.  Let’s take a quick look at the tasks the safeties will have to accomplish next weekend at the Super Bowl.

They will be asked to tackle powerful running backs Frank Gore and Ray Rice out in the open field.

They will be assigned to cover tight end Vernon Davis one-on-one, who runs a 4.38 forty yard dash and stand 6’3″ and weighs 250 pounds.  Their job will be to cover the quick-footed Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta one-on-one in the red zone.

They’ll get caught running deep with speedsters Randy Moss, Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones and Michael Crabtree.  The safeties will be required to run with these guys then outjump them to knock the ball down.

Safeties are also asked to direct the secondary with their calls.  The safeties must know the coverages and the favorite routes of the other teams receivers like the back of their hands.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman has said that it’s very difficult to evaluate and predict which college safeties will succeed at the next level.

I was pleased to see that after one of the workouts, the Eagles had about four of their personnel circling young safety, Jonathan Cyprien from Florida International, who had been turning heads during the workouts.  This young man has some special qualities and his stock is rising rapidly.

Cyprien, was invited to the Senior Bowl at the last minute, but he’s taken advantage of the opportunity and made a name for himself during the week.  He plays with the type of enthusiasm and love for the sport that you like to see.   The Eagles need these types of players on the roster to change the culture on the defensive side of the ball.

Cyprien doesn’t play with any fear.  Through the week, he showed that he’s capable of doing anything you need at the safety position in the NFL and that says a lot.

This young man is a hitter.  He attacks the line of scrimmage on running plays with an abruptness that you like to see from a safety, but he’s also a good tackler.  He can come up and lay some wood on ball carriers. Cyprien would immediately be a drastic improvement for the Birds as a run supporter.

He also is comfortable getting up in the face of running backs and tight ends in man-to-man coverage.  He plays an aggressive style.

I like the way he reads the eyes of the quarterback when playing the deep half or deep third in zone coverages.  He gets a great get off when reading the quarterbacks and he will attack the ball at its highest point.

“I watched him over the summer based off last year,” Senior Bowl executive director and former NFL scout Phil Savage said to. “I loved his tackling, his explosiveness. He just had a football temperament that jumped off the tape. We kind of waited and let some of the other people go in and check him out. I had a friend from another team go in and check him out late in the year and I told him to just text me, thumbs up or thumbs down. He texted me ‘Thumbs way up.’

Cyprien was supposed to go late in the draft, but he used last week in Mobile to prove that he deserves to go much higher.  I would have no problem with the Eagles taking this young man in the second round.



“I think his instinctivness and his reactions, an ability to just want to go to the ball. It’s almost kind of a natural thing for him. And if he can run fast enough at the Combine for people to say, ‘Hey, his instincts will overcome any deficiency in speed that he might have.’ There are some scouts now, after this week, who already say he can run. That’s one of the final blanks he’ll have to fill in, but overall he’s been terrific here this week.”


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  • GMCliff has been all over Jonathan Crypian, this whole offseason for the Eagles. He is a 6-2 212 lbs that can play either Strong, or Free Safety, that will remind you a lot of a bigger Ronnie Lott, or Wes Hopkins, with more speed.

    If you miss the hits Dawkins used to lay, you will love Jonathan Crypian. I DEFINITELY have him forcasted to be drafted by the Eagles in the 3rd Round.

    Google him fellas, because if the Eagles draft him, and Dawkins, can come in and get in his head……We finally have a star at the safety position!!!

    • gm, he’s listed at 6’0″ Looks smaller with muscles. Where did you see 6’2″?

      • I’m confused, he’s listed anywhere from 6’0″ -6’1″ from 195-215. WTF! What where his Senior Bowl measurements? Anybody? He’s built like
        B-Dawk. I like it. Honestly I only seen him, a few times, & dude can tackle & hit. If we can sign FS Jairius Byrd & CB Sean Smith, in FA, draft SS Cypien & CB Xavier Rhodes, we’re instantly bigger, younger, much more talented. That’s why we need more draft picks in the 1st 3 rounds.

    • “He is a 6-2 212 lbs that can play either Strong, or Free Safety, that will remind you a lot of a bigger Ronnie Lott, or Wes Hopkins, with more speed.”

      Who you talking about Cliff? Did you accidentally paste TJ McDonald’s scouting report here? Cyprien is 6’0″ 205 lbs and runs a 4.56

      • C’Mon fellas, are you really going to bust my stones, because I was typing too fast? Forgive me but I am excited about this prospect.

        No Irish I didn’t cut and paste TJ McDonald. I like him as well, it would be nice to see both of them playing together with the Eagles. Cyprian has totally outplayed TJ McDonald, as far as production at the Senior Bowl. That was stated several times during the broadcast.

        Jonathan Cyprian can ball fellas. I have him being taken in the late 3rd – 4th Round. Be excited he hits hard, 4.5 is not slow, and he can cover. Is that not what we want, and need?

        • GMC, you wouldn’t be worthy, if your boys didn’t bust your bean-bag! XD
          I knew he wasn’t that big, & in no way am I drafting a safety in the 2nd round, unless it’s a multiple pick. 3rd round yes. If we don’t trade for multiple picks, we have to come out of the first 2 rounds with either a 3-4 NT, 3-4 ROLB, or a stud CB. We gotta trade down, for multiples, if Star & Joeckel are gone. Also use Cole, Maclin, Avant, Herremans, Mathis & Peters as trade bait. If we can get 2-3 more picks, in the 1st 3 rounds, we’re golden.

    • One of my Florida guys Cliff this kid hits you with nasty intent.

      • I know Biggie. You all have seen my early mocks. He will remain there. I do my research, and I look for impact……Mr Cyprian

    • Eagles GM Howie Roseman has said that it’s very difficult to evaluate and predict which college safeties will succeed at the next level.
      HMMM… howie said 2 years ago HOWIE HAD the best player on the board at # 12 AND IT WAS A NEED… Saftey Earl Thomas was there… and Howie and Co. whiffed…. a decision that will haunt this franchise for yrs to come

  • Nice article G. You are on a roll with evaluating the talent this year.
    Eric Fisher, now Jonathan Crypian. I have two more for you to evaluate :
    Ezekiel Ansah,- BYU DE/OLB and Larry Warford – Kentucky OG

  • He might be a good SS, but 2nd round is too high, & a reach for a need. Also, he’s barely 6’0″. He ain’t much bigger than Coleman. He’s rated anywhere from 4-6 round. Do you think he’ll jump up that high? Can’t get worse than what we already have, & we need to nuke our secondary, so I wouldn’t mind. That’s why we have to add more draft picks. Use Cole, Maclin, Avant, Herremans, Mathis, Peters (injury? I don’t think he’ll return) & #4 trade back as possibilities. We have TOO many holes, have to give an enima to the secondary, & O-line corps, & by all of the signs, we’re switching to a 3-4. We need more picks in the 1st 3 rounds!

  • You can tell in his picture that G posted that he’s no where near the same size as B Dawk.

    • That might be a photo from his sophomore year Btc, he was much bigger than that at the Senior Bowl. He has a more solid muscular build. Not like Dawkins; Dawkins is ridiculous. But if Dawk could talk to this kid, and work with him, he could be special.

  • My only question is why was he slated to go in the late rounds and wasnt even invited to senior bowl until last minute if he was that dynamic?

    • Mike Mayock stated at the Senior Bowl, that Phil Savage, who has a say in inviting these guys, had a scout to look at him several times,before he officially invited him, and asked the scout for just a thumbs up, or thumbs down…………..The scout said WAY UP!!!

  • Johnathan Cyprien will be a good pick in rounds 3 or 4. I am hoping the Eagles also have Jason Kelce’s brother, Travis 6’6″ 260 on their radar. He will give the Eagles a fast pass catching and blocking Tight End. He would be a good second round pick up!!!

    • I pass on Kelce’s Brother…5th -6th Round Pick nothing special

      My choice at Tight End is Michael Williams, Alabama 6-7 270, or the Kid from Rice. Williams is the best Blocking TE in the draft, and biggest problem match up wise.

      • Michael Williams is a fat pig, & a few burgers away, from eating his way to undrafted. Want no parts of anybody named Mike Williams.

        • No he’s not DCar…..That fat Pig burned TJ McDonald, and Phillip Thomas all game long, and is the best blocking TE in this draft. Remember, Jason Peters when he was drafted out of Arkansas was a TE, but this one has a little more speed.

          • Lots of Good TE”s in the this Draft

            I like the Following Pass-Receiving TE”s in the Mid-Late Rounds
            (these guys can stretch the middle of the field and are athletic to make yards after the catch similar to an Aaron Hernandez,etc)
            They are not end of the line Very good Blockers, but they are big targets who can make some plays down the field…

            1) Vance McDonald – Rice (6-4″ 262 lbs — Projected 4th Rounder)
            2) Gavin Escobar – San Diego State (6-5″ 255lbs Projected 5th Rd)
            3) Ryan Otten – San Jose State (6-5″ 240lbs – Projected 6th Rd)

  • A couple of Safeties that I like that are flying under the Radar

    1) Phillip Thomas – (San Jose State – 6-1″ 210lbs)
    2) JJ Wilcox – (Georgia Southern – 5-11″ 214lbs)
    3) Duke Williams (Nevada 5-11″ 201lbs)
    4) Josh Evans (Florida 6-1 205lbs)

    A couple more Players who had great Senior Bowl Weeks

    DE – Datone Jones (UCLA 6-4 280lbs) – Probably a late 1st/early 2nd Round Pick
    OT – David Quessenbury (San Jose St 6-5 295lbs – Versatile, can play RT,Guard Sports.. moved up from a late 4th/5th Round Pick into a solid 3rd Rounder,,

  • Some of u are clueless….

    Cyprien measured in at 6-0 209 at the senior bowl

    He is rated a 3-4th round player at best….

    No way u take him round 2 no frickin way gcobb….thats reaching

    • Exactly what I was saying.

  • Whats going on fellas, i have not been on here in a very long time i forgot my password and had to get all new info. I read this site everyday but i am kinda new as far as the commenting goes. Anyways, i think our best bet at safety from what i see from the highlight films and individual game tape that they have on the internet would be Phillip Thomas from Fresno State. I just like what i see out of this guy (6-1, 215 lbs) he always seems to be near the ball and is physical as well. He led the nation in interceptions. He seems to be in the second tier of safeties that will fall i am guessing second to third round but he still looks like a very valuable pick to me. Im not to sold on Matt Elam or TJ Mcdonald and Eric Reid may possibly go in the first. And anything is better than what we have right now. What do you guys think of Phillip Thomas?

    • Welcome to the family B -Dawk. Of the highest rated Safeties in the draft I like Tony Jefferson. He reminds me more of you, than any of the other safeties including Jonathan Cyprian, who I would love to have here.

      Phillip Thomas, only based on what I’ve seen so far at the Senior Bowl, seems like he needs to spend some time in the weight room. He didn’t look that great in coverage; he kept allowing the Receivers, to get behind him. I think he could develop into an eventual starter, but will be a special teams player for the first few years, before he develops.

    • Welcome aboard BDawk..
      I like Phillip Thomas as being the most complete Safety (after Kenny Viccaro who will go in the mid-late 1st Round to a lucky team)
      Thaoms can ruc,cover, and hit.. Had great leadership skills and is a tough,hard-nosed pleayers.. He is ranked at the #46 The Overall PRospect by NFLDraftScouts.com Top #100 Prospects..
      Eagles would have to select him at #36 for he will not last to the 3rd ROund.. Eagles need to trade some of teir dead weight off their current Roster to obain another 2nd Rounder and another 3rd Rounder

      I would like to see the Eagles Trade WR Jermey Maclin to the Rams for their 2nd Rounder (#48th Selection) and Trade Trent Cole & a 6th or 7th Round Selection (#164th) to the Patriots for their 2nd Rounder (#62nd Pick)
      Then the Eagles would have the #4, #36, #48th, #62nd, #68th & 100th
      which is 6 PIcks in the Top 100 …(add 4 Prospects on Defense and 2 on Offense)

    • BD, he’s the Mesante of safeties. Gambles, makes plays, gets burnt & ole’s on tackles.

  • Fyi – TJ McDonald blows

    He cant cover anyone and the scouts say he is a 7th round pick.

    He ket a 280lb TE williams run by him at the senior bowl for a td..

  • I think TJ McDonald will end up like Former USC Safety Taylor Mays that everyone was Ga Ga about 2-3 ago.. Including many on this sitr.. Whatever happened to him.. Another USC Bust…

    • Taylor Mays is on Cincy I think, they are two different athletes paulman, McDonald can move and hit and needs to be better coached. USC was just a bunch of undisciplined athletic idiots who thought talent would beat anyone.

    • Paul, Mays was a man without a position, when he was drafted, & many thought he’d convert to LB. McDonald is a legit Safety. NO comparison. Losing your eye!

      • Mays has bad hips, enough said…. ha ha

        • Your infatuation with hips, is starting to worry me! LMFBO!!!!

  • Look at many of the Great Safeties over the Years, most of them do not have great burners Speed, but they have great hips, able to turn in and out and go backwards quickly. They all have an innate abilitity to anticipate and read the QB and Receivers tendancies and they all can make plays on the ball and be Physical at the same time
    Look at Ed Reed, Ronnie Lott, Steve Atwater, Brian Dawkins and even a John Lynch in his heyday.. All smart, headsy players rarely caught out of Position
    And can close on the Ball, the Receiver or RB..

  • The most important attribute of a safety is his ability to anticipate , which is based on his intellect, so speed is not that critical, unlike at the corner position, corners have to be far less instinctual, rely on attributes of speed, so do not concentrate on the 40 time of our safety, look for toughness, anticipation, intellect

  • Great hips, paulman, every elite athlete, has great hips, more so defined as the ability to turn quickly, the safety requires less of this he can marginalize his athletic ability in exchange for his smarts, that is the true indicator of a safety, instincts, based on intellect, then athletic ability, remember bill Bradley , the quintessential safety

    • Check out Jake going old school on us with Super Bill Bradley, anyway if a safety has tight hips he will not make it in the NFL especially with the increasing use of the slot receiver. It is a must for safeties to be able to cover on CB blitzes, and to be able to run with RB’s out of the backfield.

      • Jakes the man….

  • whenever Pman talks about hips it creeps me out. jk.

    • BWHAHAHAH!!!! LOL!!!

      • Marilyn McCoo had some great hips in her day.. Just for the record..

  • Good memory big lion, bill Bradley real old school

  • truth is…. you need good hips, great instincts… all of it… to be an elite NFL FS/SS. The birds have fallen short on this for some time. I hope they have someone new looking at the FS and SS’s instead of the scouts theyve used in the past.

  • Cyprien could be a player, but I recall hearing the same kinds of things about Macho Harris, Quintin Demps, Kurt Coleman, Jaquan Jarret, Jared Page and Nate Allen by some of the the usual suspects that are mentioned here too. I just don’t know how much I should believe coming from these jokers any more. Anytime Roseman says something is easy that I know for a fact isn’t I just start shaking my head.

  • The Safeties of today have to be better in pass coverage than years pass
    The NFL passes a lot more then the Days of Bill Bradley
    And QB Pete Liske and Mike Boyrola (Good Grief).. Why do I remember these Eagles QB’s of the early 70’s…
    The days of a undersized LB playing the back line and
    Simply baking hard huts is not what the Safety Position has involved
    These elite Safeties of Today also has to excellent in pass-coverages and be ball-hawks or today’s elite QB will expose them early and often

  • Hey Paulman, I’ve been gone awhile. This article reminded me of something….. Burfict was a starting linebacker for Cincinnati this year. Told You!!!

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