• August 16, 2022

Plenty Of Questions Remain Concerning QB Position

Chip Kelly has been head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles for a couple of weeks now, but still nobody knows who is going to be the Eagles quarterback.  Kelly has had nothing but good things to say about both Nick Foles and Michael Vick, but he hasn’t shown us which one he prefers.

There’s an article on Philly.com today about how foot speed at the quarterback position isn’t necessarily a must at the quarterback position in Kelly’s offense.  The article tells the story of one of Kelly’s early quarterbacks, Ricky Santos, who ran a 4.8 forty-yard dash, but was still very successful in running Kelly’s offense.

We’re told that the key element of a good Kelly quarterback is good decision-making ability, not speed.

Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com reports the Eagles will reach out to the Ravens after the Super Bowl for practice squad quarterback Dennis Dixon, who played for Kelly at the University of Oregon.  Dixon was nearly unstoppable as the Ducks quarterback and is said to be eager to link back up with his old coach.

We learned earlier in the week that the Birds won’t have to make a decision about where to hang onto or release Vick until March.  February 6th was thought to be the day in which a decision would have to made about number 7, but it could be March before we learn the fate of Vick here in Philadelphia.

I was talking to one of the Eagles key weapons last night and he’s anxious to see what they’re going to do with this offense.  The players like the fact that offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur will be part of the process because they know he’s going to be pushing an offense, west coast, that they’re already very familiar with.

I think the biggest plus the Birds have going for themselves offensively is the fact that they have some talented personnel.  Both the offensive line and the skill position players are some of the best in the business.


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  • “I think the biggest plus the Birds have going for themselves offensively is the fact that they have some talented personnel. Both the offensive line and the skill position players are some of the best in the business”.

    Gary, could you elaborate?

  • call me confused G…. a 31 year old LT (yes a great one) coming off 2 Achilles tears, a good but really unproven center and a rag tag rest of the line and we are saying some of the best in the business. A very good top 5 RB, granted– smurf WR’s that are over rated and over paid, a TE who dropped everything last year… sorry i just don’t see it.

  • I am not so sure that the Eagles WR/TE’s (Skill Positions) and OL are all that Productive… They have a great RB in McCoy and lot of unanswered questions
    at RB & B going into 2013 (IF Brown doesn’t fix his fumbling issues due to carrying of the ball loosely and in the wrong arm half the time, he’ll be out of the NFL next year)

  • I hope if Chip Kelly can do 1 thing, it’s to rid this Eagle Franchise (Front Office and Players) of this continud misconception that they are a elite Talented Team
    remember this team is 12-22 in their 34 NFL Football Games dating back to the last 2 weeks of 2010 and the last 2 Full Seasons.. They are not as good as they hink and why they keep saying we are beating ourselves, or no one can stop us offensively, or we could be a dynasty in the making is ridiculous..
    Watch the Game Tapes.. HOpefully Kelly will kick some ass with 1/2 this Roster and gut the other half and get some plays who play as if their hair is on fire instead of this non-chalant,laid back, all is ok attitide that many of their Players seem to play with ..

  • Undersized receivers that run for the sidelines or drop to the ground rather then try get yacs, te that drops passes like crazt and runs like he is in quicksand when he finally catches a pass,ol that you have to hope comes back healthy,2nd rb that fumbles like theres no tomorrow even though hes told hold the friggin ball only bright spot is shady these other strappers are so overrated. G what u lookin at man this team needs so much help unbelievable. They should have grabbed Gus bradley and made this defense into what it was when bryan had it no shit man!

  • In 2010 his top 2 QBs combined for 79 “runs” in 14 games. In college sacks are included in QB run totals. That means that 5.5 times a game his QB either ran or was sacked. To put that in perspective, RG3 had 179 QB runs in his final season at Baylor. That was in 13 games. RG3 had 14 QB runs per game.


    looks like Nick will be our QB

    • Frank what about that stat makes you think Nick is the guy? When he had Dixon running his offense how many carries did he have? So when he signs Dixon after the Super Bowl does that mean Dixon is the guy?

      • Big, should have copied more of the article and pasted it. But, in that stat, it shows that Oregon qbs in 2 years ran the ball on average of 5.5 times a game and that includes sacks. So lets say they ran the ball 3.5 or 4 times a game. I just think that dispels the myth that you need a running qb in Chips offense. I can’t tell you for certain that Chip dosent prefer a running qb, I just don’t think it’s a necessity like most believe.

        • Dixon is being brought over to help implement the offense. Reid did this with Doug Peterson when he came to phila. I didn’t verify that, I think someone previously mentioned that on here.

        • I read that Frank, by the way I do think Foles should be on top of the depth chart regardless of who they bring in except maybe a Alex Smith type.

          • I agree, give the kid a shot. That way the eagles can work the D and the oline in the deaft

  • The Philadelphia Eagles will likely pay the $3 million that is due to veteran quarterback Michael Vick by February 6, according to a report by CBSSports’s Jason LaConfora, as new head coach Chip Kelly is still studying the film of Vick from 2012.

    In other words, the Eagles will take the $3 million loss if the team does end up cutting Vick during the offseason. But they don’t want to move too soon, which makes sense.

    If Kelly decides that he is not interested in Vick, the Eagles could shop the soon-to-be 33-year-old. once league play begins on March 13.

    • I guess the cutting Vick after the superbowl talk is just about dead. It reminds me of the noway we resign DJax shit I heard.lmao. Why dont they just release him since he sucks so bad? Who cares about trading him down the line if the Nick Foles era is upon us? I just dont understand. Then all this Dennis Dixon talk why is that? As a backup? We have our QB for the next 10 years Ive been told. Why all the college QB talk? I dont hear Washington, Indy or Seattle talking about other QBs why is that? We have our franchise QB just like them Ive been told. hmmmm

      • Exactly Dag. They aren’t sold on anyone so they willing to eat 3 million to make sure hey don’t make the wrong decision. Anyone who thinks otherwise is on some dumb shit. lol

        There goes those Foles is the future hopes. He may be in the end, but he damn sure isn’t now.

        We will find out soon enough though. If he still on the roster come Feb 6 we know they ain’t sold on Foles or the end of the Vick era.

    • It’s not a loss! No one except one idiot on here is CONVINCED we have a franchise qb. As I stated the eagles only owe the difference of Vicks salary with a new team and 3 million. If some sucker pays him 3 or more the eagles are off the hook. As for Dixon don’t get too excited… If he goes with him the Kelly experiment won’t last three years

    • There’s a loophole in his contract, where they don’t have to cut him by February 6, & they still don’t have to pay him, the $3M! Get your facts straight! READ UP! He’s gone! They’re just not rushing!

      • I swear to God, I don’t know WTF, you guys read sometimes! They only owe him the $3M if no other team signs him, when they release him! Regardless, he’s still costing us, $4.2M against the cap, when they release him. Get your comprehension & facts straight.

  • You hear talk because its a giant black hole of actual happenings right now.

    And that’s all it is…talk. And by who exactly?

    By a bunch of know nothing twits who spout baseless statements like: “Kelly prefers a running qb” “vick..or Dixon…or nameless college qb..would be perfect for a Kelly offense, even though they never once watched an Oregon game.

  • Mccoy might be a great player but he needs to know one thing. Before he hits it raw at least ask the whores name. LOL

    • Pdiddy, I learned more about Shady than I needed to know.

      • I agree 100 percent. Wish these guys were not able to use social media. It’s a lot nicer not knowing much about them.

      • LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay, listen up..

    If you heard anything from Kelly’s mouth, Vick is a goner….

    He wants a qb that gets the ball out to the playmakers, not Vick

    He wants a qb who is smart, can malke adjustments at the line of scrimmage..definitely not Vick

    Hope all you want, but your idol is on his way out, it will be nick foles, nick “shaggy” farm boy foles, can’t wait to see big nick lead this new offense, exciting times ahead boys, get ready

  • McCoy got a bad rap, who knows who this woman is, she spread for shady, because that’s her paycheck , shady stupid no doubt, but who can blame his anger, if shady were a nobody this hoe wouldn’t be with him, I don’t buy any of this , shady has to fall in line be politically correct, instead go telling this bag of hoe to gtfo, sad

  • I hope we go with Foles for 1 year at least. I also hope he is more Luke Skywalker than Shaggy.

    Shady is grown but to call a woman who had your child anything negative does not reflect well upon yourself either. If she was trash why get in the dumpster with her? That has nothing to do with football though and isn’t really anything new these days.

    I hope (OL aside) that there is no one over 30 on this roster come training camp. Fellas we are rebuilding and have been since McNabb was traded only our Owner was too chickenshit to do the right thing and end the Reid Era then and there. (would have been better for Andy Too!)

  • We are now changing architects after laying a foundation for a totaly different building.

    Kelly will have to demolish the whole thing and start anew. If Foles is not the guy and Howie was so involved in this last draft, then what does that say about Howie and his ability to plan as he picked a coach that is going to piss away last years 3rd rounder. Those are important picks when you are as bad as the birds have been.

    • I don’t think it’s a total indictment on Howie. Nick is a 3rd round pick, a project player. Worth the risk, lets hope we get the reward.

      • Yeah not the end of the world but still costly. My real point is that Reid should have gone and we should already be on the 3rd year of a rebuild but instead we are back at year one.

        Lurie should hire a President of football operations for 15 years and let him hire and fire GM’s and Coaches so as to allow for change without Lurie needing to have anxiety about the Head coach. This guy bothers me with statements like we are looking for the coach for the next 15 years.

        • I hear ya regal. Would have been nice to have a football lifer running the show.

  • Fix the DEFENSE now. Russel Wilson would have sucked as an eagle this past season. Hell RG3 and Andrew luck would have struggled. You can’t ask guys to play 11 positions at once. Block and Tackle. Cover and Crush. Really now.

  • I agree and stated so in previous posti would keep Jason Peyers
    And every other player 30 or older would either be released after attempting to trade.. Vick, Herremans, Celek, Jenkins, T Cole, Asmo, Nate Allen, D Ryans, would attemp to trade and get more Draft Picks in 2013/2014
    The I would flat out cut Dion Lewis, D Bell, K Dunlap, Landri
    Jordan, Chaney, Matthews,
    I inform RB Polk to Beef up and come to camp prepared to pkay FB
    I inform Curtis Marsh to bulk up and prepare to battle for Free-Safety
    I inform Boynkin to prepare to play outside CB
    I do not offer to resign CB DRC and let his ass walk
    Same with Darryl Tapp and Mike Patterson
    I get 10-12 Draft picks in 2013 and sign anoth half-dozen undrafted Free-agents and 3 key Free-Agents (Safety, CB and a starting RT)
    And go to battle with a new looking, hungry squad
    I rotate QB Foles for 2 Series and then Dixon in for 1 Series and alternate all game long to keep Defenses unsure of what’s coming next

    • Long time no see…. Paul going with the nuclear option.

      Marsh is probably fine at 200 lbs and his 4.42 combine speed is plenty fast enough that I could see him making a McCourty-like switch to FS.

      I’d keep Herremans if only because his deal is not terribly expensive and Im not ready to give up on him yet. At worst he is a solid starting G and a very good swing Tackle.

      Cole would be interesting, depending on the trade value as he also has a cap friendly deal for 2013-14 ($5.4, $6.6 respectively), but the Eagles would have to eat $1M in a cap hit in 2013 if he were traded. That’s not a terrible figure by any means, but I’d want at least a 3rd for him.

      Landri, Jordan, Tapp and Dunlap are all FAs so no need to cut them

      Cutting the players you stated would save about $53M in cap space (after dead $) and with the est $23M carryover from 2012 they would have about $76M in cap space in 2013. Only way to merry up to the CBA req would have them WAY overpaying for any interesting FAs on the market, but you could take your pick. Again for your < 30 that would be (WR: Bowe, Wallace, TE: Davis, Keller, OT: Clady, Smith, Albert, Long, DE: None of note, DT: Melton, Jones,….on second thought I'm not doing this anymore…..I hope all enjoyed

    • Taking my approach I see? NICE!!!!

  • You had me until the 2 QB system. Men crave leadership and in football your leader is your QB. You can not lead from the bench and you can not have 2 Leaders.

    Tom Brady= Leader
    Peyton Manning = Leader
    Flacco= Leader
    alphabet soup in san fran= Becomming a leader by winning
    Wilson = Leader
    Tebow = Not a leader cuz he don;t play

    • Tebow = Not a leader cuz he don;t play
      Because he blows!!!!

  • The fact that Shurmur became the DC makes me think that we will see Foles this year with a healthy line. Also I believe we will actually run the ball to a larger degree setting up the effectiveness of west coast slants to net 3-5 yards with a chance for more.

    We must find 2 more big targets on offense. (WO and TE) Remember Cruz was a Rookie FA i believe. If the Giants can pick them I hope we can start finding some studs hiding in the weeds too. If we could move allen or coleman for a 5th or later I would do it to try for some Height Weight guys.

  • I had to mix it up a bit Regal..
    I believe one of the things that Coach Kelly will do is keep opponents on their ties, force Defenses to prepare for 2 styles of Offense from the Eagkes
    (Foles with the more conventional Pro-Style Offense and then have Dixon in every couple of Series to run the Spread-Option Offense to keep Defenses guessing all game long..

    • I like that thought paulman. It makes sense to me.

  • Excellent insight regal, not only do men crave leadership, they require it, that has been a major void in the eagles franchise for a long time, no leadership at qb

  • Draft Star Lotulelei in rd 1 and Jonathan Cyprien in rd 2. Draft best OT in rd 3. Sign Dwayne Bowe and William Moore in FA. Franchise DRC. Cut Nnamdi, Vick, and D. Bell. Give Foles a shot.

  • Whats all this talk about Dennis Dixon?.. Im not fan of bringing in dixon the guys been hurt and had only one good year in college. Id rather have Josh Johnson. Just because dixon played at oregan doesnt mean a thing Johnson is faster and throws a beautiful ball… I dont like any of the quarterback.. People are now saying EJ Emanuel is going to go in the first round. Even if the eagles traded dwn I would never take EJ Emanuel in the first round. I would rather wait it out a year and let Foles and Vick battle it out and draft a qb next year.

    • Manuel, IS NOT GOING IN THE 1ST ROUND! 3-4 at best! There might not be a 1st round QB this year.

  • You don’t pay a 33 year old QB $16 mil to battle it out. Manuel, not Emanuel.

  • Open competition…..There’s no one on the roster the roster that have earned to be named starter before camp.

    That’s the truth.

    Bring in Dixon and keep Foles and Vick at a reduced salary, and have them compete.

    The best QB gets the nod after a healthy competition.

    If Foles is the guy then he’ll shine above them both, and the same goes for the rest.

    Everyone thought Matt Flynn was the starter after the Seahawks committed a nice paycheck to him but they could not deny Russell Wilson…The best guy won out.

    So, the Eagles need to do the same and have Chip Kelly explain to the QB’s that the best guy will start and be named starter once they’ve won the job.

    Not before.

    • In a fair world Songs that makes sense but in the NFL that rarely happens.

    • A rationale argument, Songs I’m impressed (breaking your balls). I agree with everything you said. 100% behind your open competition angle.

      Not the biggest Vick fan, but I think it will be hard to get him to renegotiate down to around $7.5M (from $15.5M). The reason I say 7.5 is because that is the Alex Smith # SF is going to be dangling as trade bait if they don’t cut him loose. Either one of them is going to be battling for a starting QB spot in your scenario. He could probably get $7.5M or better from a QB needy team (I’m looking at you Jax, Oak, Buff, AZ?, NYJ?) that would all but guarantee him a starting gig.

      Even if they are bring in Dixon and keep Vick (at a discounted rate), I wouldn’t be surprised if a QB is still in play on the draft board on the late 2nd and 3rd days. If they bring in Smith, I think it is safe to say the FO will stay away from QBs in the draft unless they find someone they think can at least compete for backup in 2013.

    • Songs, nice to see you finally make a post with substance and not ripping others. I agree Foles has to earn it. My assumption is that he will. Vick has already said he will not renegotiate. He wants to start and he knows this is his last shot. I see Vick landing in Buffalo.

    • Bring in whoever, and let them be a compete for the starting QB position. Just don’t include Michael Vick in the competition. Vick is great at impressing coaches in practice when nobody is hitting him.

      Vick already had a two year audition for the job – he failed.

  • “I think the biggest plus the Birds have going for themselves offensively is the fact that they have some talented personnel. Both the offensive line and the skill position players are some of the best in the business.”
    Are we talking about the Niners, or the Ravens?!? GC, put down the pipe! You are both clueless, & delusional! Sorry bruh, but I don’t know if you’re serious, or trying to get a rise out of your posters, but you’re insane!

  • In a perfect world my 3-4 DF next year-
    RCB Xavier Rhodes- FS Jairius Byrd- SS Jonathan Cyprian- LCB Sean Smith
    OLB- Spencer- MLB Kendricks- MLB Ryans- OLB Graham
    RDE Cox- NT Lotuleilei- LDE Jenkins
    BU- CB Boykin, CB Trufant, CB Marsh, S Baccari Rambo, DE Thornton, OLB Curry, OLB Hunt, NT Knighton.

    QB- Foles
    RB Shady- FB Havili
    WR DJax- WR Bowe- TE Mike Williams
    LT Jermon Bushrod- LG Mathis- C Kelce- RG Levitre- RT Kyle Long
    BU’s- QB Dixon, RB Brown, RB Polk, TE Harbor, WR Justin Hunter, WR Cooper, WR McNutt, OT Kelly, OT Jordan Mills, C Brian Schwenke,
    All hinges on FA & getting more picks in the draft.

    • I know, a lot of moving parts!

      • That is one hellava roster Dcar. Would be nice if they could actually pull it off. Love Sean Smith as a free agent pick up.

    • HOLY SHIT DCAR…what did we have to give up to get all that first round talent this year?

      -would be nice tho

      • Unlikely can do all, but we save $$$, & get dart picks by releasing, Vick, Patterson, Dixon, Bell, ASSomugha, Watkins, Peters, & trading Maclin, Avant, Celek, Herremans & Cole.
        FA’s Byrd, Spencer, Levitre will cost the most. Bushrod is a 2nd tier FA. Sean Smith & Knighton are under the radar FA’s. Trufant is a vet BU CB. Bowe is unlikely. We need 3 more picks from 1-4.
        1st Lotuleilei
        2nd Rhodes
        2nd Kyle Long
        3rd Cyprian
        3rd Hunter
        4th Rambo
        5th Mills
        5th Williams
        6th Schwenke

        • DCar, most mocks have Rhodes as a first round pick. Also, most reports have indicated that Byrd will either be extended or franchised.

          • Late 1st early 2nd. We have 4th pick, 2nd round. Very possible. Yes, Buffalo would be retarded, to let Byrd leave, but it is Buffalo! That’s why I said, in a perfect world. LOL!

  • One quick point about Leadership
    I think there is no doubt the Eagles lamck in this area Nd I am expecting the new HC Chip Kelly to be the initial Leader as he molds the Roster with his type of fiery, passionate Players in his likeness which will take 1-2 Off-Seasons to do
    But lets make no mistake here about this Current Roster
    12-22 is last 34 NFL Games, no heart or passion or pulling for one another
    And there should really should no one that is expendable.. We are talking about the worst Team in the NFC Conference right now and if there ever was a time to gut the Rosger of underachievers, complacent player who are selfish and overpaid, then this is the Off-Season to do it..
    Model Off-Season like the Colts and TB Bucs did last off-season and what the Seahawks did 2 years ago and let Chip get his “own”Players.

    • they have to do that. the only untouchables are…..uh….um….. i was going to say shady but he has shown an ugly side certainly…. um after him i guess a couple of the young d. lineman…yikes! how many players did the colts turn over? like 42 or something????

      • I beleive it was 35-36 New Players on their 2012 Roster for the Colts
        (about 4-5 ex-Eagles too,, OL W Justice, M McGlynn & AQ Shipley
        LB’s M Fokou & G Lloyd Jr until he got hurt..

  • Lots of Teams looking for CB’s..
    (About 1/2 the Teams in the NFL when you think about it..Teams like the Eagles,Lions,Browns,TB Bucs,Panthers,Saints,Chargers,Raiders,Redskins,
    Giants,Steelers could all use CB’s) .. The Jets depending on what happens to Darrelle Revis too

    The Top 3 Rated CB’s will all go 1st Round due to the Demand of the Position

    #1) Dee Milliner – Alabama (1st CB taken, goes #5-#12 Overall)
    #2) Desmond Trufant – Wash State (Middle of 1st Rd – #14-#20th Overall)
    #3) Xavier Rhodes – Fla State (Middle to Late 1st Rd – #20-#30th Overall)
    #4) Jordan Poyer – Oregon State (Late 1st- Early 2nd – #30th-#40th Overall)
    #5) Jonathon Banks – Miss State (Mid 2nd Rd – #40th-50th Overall)
    #6) Logan Ryans – Rutgers (#mid to late 2nd Rd – #45 to #55 Overall)

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