• July 1, 2022

Eagles Begin Contract Discussions With Dennis Dixon

dennisdixonAfter the Eagles hired Chip Kelly, there was a great deal of speculation that the team could pursue quarterback Dennis Dixon, who played for Kelly at Oregon.

According to Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com, the Eagles are in contract discussions with Dixon. Although the free agency period is still over a month away, Dixon is free to sign with any team because he’s currently just a member of the Ravens practice squad and not part of the 53-man roster.

Dixon would be brought in to compete for the starting job, and would have a leg up on Nick Foles because of his familiarity with Kelly’s offense.

It seems like a sure-bet that Dixon will be an Eagle before long. The Eagles are the only team in the league that has enough interest in Dixon to immediately add him to their roster, let alone give him an opportunity to start. Why wouldn’t a guy struggling to even make an NFL roster not jump at such an opportunity?

Denny Basens

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  • Just plain dumb………..

  • ?????????????

  • ‘why would a guy struggling to make a team not jump at the opportunity to start?” I think a better question would be why would an nfl team want to start a guy that can’t make 31 other teams

    • Kelly better be hiring a good DC, & have a good draft, because this love affair will end quickly!

    • Thank you Ciggy

  • I wouldn’t be against having Dixon on the Eagles practice squad next year. He damn sure won’t start in the NFL. That’s a joke.

    • Totally agree Irish.

  • Paulman’s Revised Eagles 2013 FInal Record goes from from 7-9 with Foles at the helm to 3-13 with Dennis Dixon calling the Shots… Details at 11pm

  • The guy was on the Practice Squad for a reason. Can anybody guess why?
    He stinks. Chip Kelly is not going to change that. I like him on our Practice Squad, that will make our defense better.

    • What’s next, keeping Vick, getting Tim Teblow, Tyrod Taylor, Colt McCoy, & drafting EJ Manuel?!? My little bit of optimism, is steadily decreasing back to irate, pessimism!

  • Why wouldn’t you sign the one guy available in the NFL at a position you need filled that knows your system ??

  • Don’t take long for the second guessing to start around here, everybody knew this was coming. Every coach will bring in his own guys, this is also an indication that he won’t be running a New England style hurry up.

    • That would be disappointing Biglion because clearly the hurry up has been very effective in the league. Don’t know why you wouldn’t want to see that here? Its helped guys like Rodgers, Brees, Brady win rings. As an Eagles fan, I’ve been jealous watching other teams run it.

      • I hear you pheags I can live with Dixon coming in helping the other QB’s learning the basics of Kelly’s offense but something tells me they are bringing him in to compete for the QB job.

  • Foles will be the starter. If Dixon comes on board it means nothing. There is no word from the eagles on coaches, qb, defensive alignment… No national interviews with Kelly. Everything is close to the vest. Kelly has said less than AR…it’s all coaches mind games designed to drive fans nuts!

  • I don’t read anything more into this as a Camp QB who can help speed-up things and help familiarize the other QB’s and WR’s to some of the basics of Chip Kelly’s System..and maybe he can even win a back-up spot..

  • Who cares if Dennis Dixon is the QB,if he sucks we will have a top 5 pick next year and get the QB that we need.

  • I have no issue with the team looking for a QB who has been trained in the Kelly style offense.

    Where I have a problem is with the preceding decision – the team hiring a Head Coach based on a vain attempt by the owner to one-up other teams who’ve moved out with the Read Option. This scheme has elements that have proved fairly effective in the NFL – but has produced more QB ACL tears than Super Bowl winners so far.

    The scheme isn’t what wins – it’s the players executing a well-designed plan against a defense’s plan/tendencies; and adjusts effectively in realtime to the opponents’ changes. 14 years ago, Lurie was engorged every time someone said “west coast offense”. Now he’s getting fluffed by this new fad/trend and is going all in. Reid’s scheme was such that it took QBs a long time to learn and run it. It made it difficult to get good backups and plug in key pieces. And this new offense is going to have just as big a challenge to succeed.

    Those who wanted to build a team around a unique, gimmicky system shouldn’t be surprised or angry – this is what has to be done for the Eagles to become the world’s most amazing Read Option offense. Those like me who aren’t sold on this fad have no choice but to watch how all this plays out. If it goes bust, I can only hope for a quick and merciful exit from the system.

  • And the Chip Kelly era kicks off with a bang!

    Get home to open the email inbox to read a continuing stream of

    “Hey __________, just read the Eagles going to sign Dixon. Wow. Can’t believe he’s available.”

    “Just reported Eagles are negotiating with Dennis Dixon. You must be pumped. Didn’t he back up Travis Lulay last year?”

    “Hey Eagles are negotiating with Dennis Dixon. Good for them to jump on that guy so fast. Demand for him is going to be HUGE!”

    “Saw the Eagles are persuing Dennins Dixon. Is it really true that they’re actually going to move the team here to Ottawa as the new expansion team? That would be pretty cool.”

    So wonderful, wonderful start….that the first signing (potentially) allready resulting in plenty of high comedy.

    Bad enough with the 4 win “dynasty dream team”…..

    Even better that the first FA signing will result in thousands of Eagles’ fans being peppered with (albeit good natured) internet jokes.

    I’m sure this is just what the Birds were going for.

  • All these people on here that are hating this are the same people saying they have no problem bringing in Alex Smith, thats the same Alex Smith who was considered a bust his first five years in the league. What happen the past two years that all of a sudden made Alex Smith such a hot commodity? COACHING! Its all about coaching! People forget Dennis Dixon was a Heisman canidate before he tore his knee up, im not saying he should come in and start, but if Chip thinks he would do better then what he sees on our roster until he drafts the QB hes looking for, then im all for it! As of right now im gonna back all the moves he makes until he proves otherwise.

    • Not true, Andrew P. I want nothing to do with Alex Smith just like i want nothing to do with Dixon. Cant speak for others but in their defense at least when Smith was considered a bust he was actually on a NFL roster and actually playing games every year. Dixon couldn’t make practice squad and he has been in the league for years

    • andrew,

      The difference between Smith and Dixon is that Smith was the first player taken in the 2005 draft. There was always potential for Smith to be good. Dixon was the taken in the 5th round (156th overall) in 2008. There was never much hope that he could be any good.

      Smith played for six different offensive coordinators in his first six seasons in the NFL. Dixon played his first four seasons for one offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians.

      If you think Pat Shurmur can get more out of Dixon than Bruce Arians did, I think you are wrong.

    • I would take Alex Smith over Dennis Dixon any second of the day. Alex Smith had 3 head Coaches in 4 years, but was NEVER on the Practice Squad, and proved he can play in this league. If you think Dixon is better than him your just straight stupid.

      Oh, and Drew, so what Dixon was a Heisman Trophy Candidate? What does that mean in terms of his Professional skill level? In Fact how many Heisman Trophy Winning Quarterbacks, have won a Superbowl? Most of the time they are no the best players in the country, but the most overhyped player on the best team.

      Of course you would be all for Dixon, you’ve been preaching mediocrity all week. I will be on here saying I told you so, when his being on this team blows up in the faces of all those who think this is a good move.

      • Heisman trophy means STUGOTS, at the pro-level.
        1983 Mike Rozier
        1984 Doug Flutie
        1985 Bo Jackson
        1986 Vinny Testaverde
        1987 Tim Brown
        1988 Barry Sanders
        1989 Andre Ware
        1990 Ty Detmer
        1991 Desmond Howard
        1992 Gino Torretta
        1993 Charlie Ward
        1994 Rashaan Salaam
        1995 Eddie George
        1996 Danny Wuerffel
        1997 Charles Woodson
        1998 Ricky Williams
        1999 Ron Dayne
        2000 Chris Weinke
        2001 Eric Crouch
        2002 Carson Palmer
        2003 Jason White
        2004 Matt Leinart
        2005 Reggie Bush
        2006 Troy Smith
        2007 Tim Tebow
        2008 Sam Bradford
        2009 Mark Ingram, Jr.
        2010 Cam Newton
        2011 Robert Griffin III
        2012 Johnny Manziel
        Other than RGIII, Newton, George, Sanders, Brown & Jackson not a whole lot on there, to write home to Mom about, winning the Heisman, the last 30 years! Means nothing to success, to the NFL level. It’s a popularity contest, for sob stories, & good stories. Not always the deserved win it.

        • Woodson too.

        • My point exactly DCar. If you are going to get rid of Vick, I don’t mind Dixon as my 3rd string; Practice Squad QB. But he is not a starter. I’m not an Alex Smth fan per say, I just know he is a better option than Dixon, or EJ Manuel. My choice is Foles, and I think he’ll win this Job outright.

          Neither Tom Brady, or Joe Flaco are mobile, but know how to play the position. Most that don’t like Foles because he isn’t mobile, ignore the fact he is flat out a better Quarterback than Dixon, and EJ Manuel, AND HAS A STRONGER ARM.

    • Alex Smith blows, & I don’t want him either!

  • Im with you andrew p!! Nobody know unti you see it play out on the field.

  • LOL begin contract discussions? Honestly, how hard could this negotiation be…sign him for a double order of crab fries. We would still be overpaying for his services

    • HAHAHAH!!! Thats right Pheags!!

  • nGreat post timm.00 ultimately it’s not about winning to lurie but winning in a splash, solar energy panels, gimmicks, look at me, the gold standArd, ooh, ahh, gtfo, lurie you haven’t won shit, you will not win with gimmicks, Kelly better not be another gimmick

    • Thx, jakedog!

      The [future] signing of this kid certainly implies that it’s a gimmick, tho. If you have to fish some kid off of a practice squad to get people in there to play in or help others learn your system, then there’s something broken with the system. If only 6 QBs in the NFL can run the system, then what happens when any of them go down to injury?

      I like what SF did this year. They ran an offense that suited Smith to a degree but then they figured they could do better running a modified version with Kappy – and off they went. They didn’t build a team around a scheme – they built a scheme around a team. Since the salary cap era set in, that’s how you win.

      The ‘build a team around a system’ approach seems doomed to me. You never know until it’s over, but it’s not the way teams win championships (look at the last 20 SB champs – no revolutionary offenses anywhere). And it’s all because Jeffy can’t tolerate winning like the Ravens did – he’s got to become a legend of some sort or else it’s not good enough. It’s starting to look like Lurie is the weak link in all this.

      The only good thing is that we won’t be staring at Reid’s pumpkin head for another season. But that’s enough for me right now.

  • Breaking news the eagles are in hot negotiations with……Casey mathews man dam chip come on man.


  • Nick Foles is our QB. They wont sign Dixon. Well he just knows the system. Nah hes just practice squad. No he is just the backup. Nah hes just starting the preseason. Well maybe just the 1st game. Foles dont know system. Well maybe just this year. Lmao. Dam they released Shaggy!

    • dag,

      Foles has more value than any QB on the team. If Foles goes anywhere we will get something for him in return. He won’t be released….

      Just out of curiosity, would you want Dennis Dixon to be the Eagles starter? Do you honestly believe that a five year journeyman quarterback who was drafted in the 5th round and has done nothing but play his way onto the practice squad can transform into a legit starter?

      I’m just curious if you’re that color blind?

      • Hes the same damn thing as Foles. Foles was 7th rated QB in that draft and was a projected 5 th round pick. Dixon stinks to. I just understand that Kelly didnt come here to have s non athletic QB. It aint happening. Dixon is coming to install Kellys offense. Nick is done. But to answer your question I like Alex Smith actually.

  • @Andrew p I feel your post man, I mean Kurt Warner was bagging groceries so it can happen. I hope your right man.

  • The whole point of bringing in Dennis Dixon is to create COMPETITION more than likely. What’s wrong with that? We haven’t had that in this city for a long time. With the right coaching, maybe Dennis D would be a good fit. Especially with Dsean, Maclin, McCoy, and Chip Kelly’s coaching. Giving the Heisman candidate a chance to compete isn’t such a bad idea.

    Maybe he didn’t get the Job in Pitt and Balt is because he was going up against Joe Flacco, and Big Ben?

    • again…nothing to do with not beating out Big Ben or Joe Flacco for the #1 spots……….

      ….but a lot to do with not being able to beat out 79 yr old Charlie Batch, the living jelly donut Byron Leftwich, or somebody named Tyrod “6th round pick” Taylor…for the 2nd and 3rd spots.

      • Took the words, right out of my mouth!

  • As a 3rd QB (behind Foles & Edwards) I don’t see what the big deal is
    Why waste a 3rd/4th Round Ddaft pick when the Eagles gave so many other needs, bring in Dixon, let him help with the OTA’s in running the a offense and sharing whatever insight he has to the other QB’, WR’s & RB to help with their learning curve.. I rather have a familiar Dixon in Csmp than a MidLate around Draft Choice who is still trying to figure out terminology, schemes, etc, etc
    What the downside if bringing Dixon in…
    If this move actually occurs, thus only enforces that Vick is a goner which us what I want to see..thus will not be Chip Kelly’s Team until Vick is out of Town..

    • WTF is Nick Foles that he doesnt have to compete for his job? lol thats laughable Paulman. They aint bringing in a running QB to teach a guy who cant movelol. Obviously Dixon probably cant throw well or read defenses so whats he gonna teach Foles the read option? lol


      • That was for paulman post above.

  • Pdidy, great one! I forgot about Kurt Warner, it all comes down to systems, like I said, I’m not saying Dixon is the answer, I’m saying if Kelly thinks he can do the job better then anyone on the roster for now who are we to doubt it? we have to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

    • It’s not that good a comparison. Kurt Warner had never played a down in the NFL before he came in and won the super bowl. There was not a five year body of work to look at like you have with Dixon. Dixon has played in the league and everyone knows what he can do….which is not much.

  • There is no benefit of the doubt for Chip Kelly until he releases Mike Vick
    He needs to put his big boy pants and nake the tough Decisions that a new HC had to make to change the culture and set a new Viosion and I am still waiting to see/hear something from Kelly..

  • Nick Foles is nothing. The one year we finally get to select a quarterback there is only one guy and he will be gone before we pick. Id bring in Josh Johnson and let him compete with Foles. Dixon is a bad move..

    • Geno Smith, will NOT be selected in the top half of the 1st round. Not happening!

  • Remember guys, the Eagles think cheap. Dixon will be much cheaper to have, then paying Vick that 3 mil he is due to get tomorrow. So, Dixon will be an Eagle, and he will compete with Foles in training camp. Pretty plain and simple unless i’m missing something here??

  • Dennis Dixon is being brought in so EJ Manuel can be his understudy. Chip Kelly wanted him .He recruited him in high school to go to Oregon, he will look to get Manuel in this draft . That’s my prediction.

    • Yeah, understudy, to learn the practice squad! BRILLIANT!!!!

      • Pwahahahaha!!!! DCar do you see how much common sense some of these guys display. None of the posters are stupid, but the logic leaves something to be desired doesn’t it.

        • They live in their own deluded, irrational, world, that lacks common sense, & reality. They think that the NFL is like playing Madden, in GM mode! It’s f^#@ing frustrating to try & talk sense into these @$$clowns. That’s why I go off on tirades. JEESH!

          • LOL!!!

  • Let Trent Edwards run the read/option, he’s about the same speed as Dixon and he’s a much better QB.

    • LOL Trent Edwards has been legally stealing money since he signed his first contract. That guy is captain dink and dunk just think how awful Kafka had to be to lose his job to him.

      • LOL – The Ravens will gladly send us Dixon. They think less of him than we do of Trent Edwards.

        Tyrod Taylor beat out Dennis Dixon. Taylor is on the active roster while Dixon is plying on the practice team. Dixon barely beat out John Brantley! How bad is that?

  • I tell you Irish I can understand Chip Kelly wanting him here and I don’t hold it against him that he couldn’t beat out the human statue Leftwich and the ancient one Batch in Pittsburgh but Tyrod Taylor speaking of Tyrod where have all the QB’s gone if that guy is the back up QB on the Super Bowl Champs.

    • Big, there aren’t any! That’s the problem! Bad year to need a franchise QB! We don’t have one yet, & there aren’t any at hands reach.

      • You got that right DCar I think its youth coaches and high school coaches love affair with the read option that got us here, look at the college level all these kids are not being coached up. Next year Bridgewater and Boyd are coming out and neither one takes snaps from under center.

        • I really like the both of them. Both should be targets next year.

    • Couldn’t beat out Leftwich with all that speed, but Chip Kelly, and some posters think he’s better NFL QB than a younger, smarter, stronger armed Foles?

  • ***NO Saints hire Rob Ryan as their DC

  • Wrong again Wrongman, the Saints have not YET hired Rob Ryan. The team will interview Todd Grantham on Thursday and Rob Ryan on Friday.. Do you get anything right?! Hahaha pathetic

  • There was reports that said it was a done deal. They prob retracted the articles.

  • It’s February. We need to relax.

  • best this guy is is a 3rd string qb after all didnt he go in 5th rd way down I mean this is starting to look idiotic this owner is the worse they always think they know more4 than everyone else yea right 31 other teams not interested only eagles gonna be long 5yrs man

  • Eagles are trying to trade Vick , I’m with paulman on Dixon , if he comes here he’s a third stringer helping foles adjust to a Kelly offense, tailored to foles sttenghts or the next qb if foles doesn’t get it done, but no way is Dixon coming here to start or even play

  • I also think that if they Sign Dixon that it’s a clear indication that Kelly is going with Foles for 2013 as the Starter and is not interested or enamored with any QB’s in this 2013 Draft Class.. (Vick is a goner and not even in the Conversation for the Eagles plans in 2013 or beyond)

  • Hhahaha…you guys are comical…already throwing tantrums and hissy fits…booo hooo, Dixon hasn’t won a QB job on any other team, boo hooo As I’ve stated all along, put a player in the right system and he can thrive only a matter of time until it is proven, either with Vick or Dixon…Foles does not fit the mold for the Kelly system bottom line and whoever continues to believe otherwise is in denial……Why wouldnt a coach want a QB that is familiar with the system..Everyone wants to bring up the comments that Kelly made of Foles…think about the comments Kelly made of Dixon when he was in college….

    If the Eagles sign Dixon its a possibility that Foles may be out the door, maybe to Kansas City? NY Jets? Because I guarantee you based on the system Dixon and Vick will beat out Foles in the Kelly system. I know it sucks and its hard to handle but maybe its times to face reality

    • I would agree with you RealTalk that Dixon would fit the system that Kelly ran at Oregon better than Foles. But we don’t know that Kelly will run a zone/read offense here in Philadelphia.

      At Oregon he could use their quarterback’s speed advantage in the option, while knowing he had a guy on the bench who could replace the starter without losing much. It’s not that way in the NFL and he knows it…

      A hallmark of Kelly’s offense is to spread the defense so they can’t disguise their look – and to speed things up so he can run the ball down the defense’s throat. You don’t need a running QB to do that.

      I wouldn’t count on seeing Vick or Dixon as the starter. I’m not sure it will be Foles either.

  • @Irish – you are 100% correct…we don’t know what Kelly will run here…But signing Dixon, should give you some type of indication…otherwise, as many of you say, why bring in a guy from a “practice squad”? There has to be some reason/rationale behind why the Eagles are looking at Dixon. Maybe Kelly believes Dixon can be an “NFL QB” in his NFL system? We may not know what Kelly will run, but I’m pretty sure Kelly has a pretty good idea…and by signing Dixon, in my opinion that is a “hint”….I do believe zone/read will be part of the offense…maybe not highly used as it was in Oregon….but expect to see it…

  • The fact that he wants Dixon is enough of a sign that Kelly wants his QB to be able to RUN as well as THROW. It’s really that simple.

  • Im fine with grabbing dixon…. the eagles need options.

  • I think they are bringing Dixon here to see what a super bowl ring looks like – Dixon has more super bowl rings than he has TD passes.

    But seriously, what’s the hold-up? If Dixon is coming then where is he? There can’t be too much for the Eagles to discuss with Dixon. “”Do you want a job on the 52 man roster?”” —- “”Okay”” — “”Good, you’re in!”””

  • I don’t think practice squad players receiver Super Bowl rings. I think its up to the team to give them one or not — so your logic is flawed.

    • No there wasn’t a lot of logic in Irish’s comment.

      Because it was a joke you dimwit.

  • And Irish is right. If Birds so interested in Dixon…what’s the holdup?

    1 year. League Minimum. Done.

    What else can a guy, who hasn’t thrown a pass for almost 3 seasons, hasn’t dressed for a game since early 2010, and was just released from his 2nd team’s practice squad expect?

    League minimum (600k) would be a huge raise over the $170k or so he made on Balts practice squad last year.

    OMG – are we pinning our hopes on a guy who last year made about $170k? That’s less than a CFL QB.

  • I’m the dimwit but yet I’m the one that kept telling y’all that Chip Kelly getting hired was the best news for Vick. He’s coming back next year and he’s going to excel with Chip Kelly. Get ur popcorn ready.

    • If Vick is the starting qb…I’ll buy you a years supply of popcorn… If they don’t how bout you buy me a six pack every sunday

      • And I’ll buy you a brand spanking new #7 Jersey with Ron Mexico emblazioned prominently on the back. And I’ll throw in as many new posters for your bedroom as you’d like.

        • And I’ll eat my fucking flat hat!

  • If they stick with Vick can you cry and make stuff up again for us vinnie?

  • LOL you guys are hilarious just because he wasn’t released today means absolutely nothing Birdo, Chip Kelly has much more important things too do like find a damn DC and of course figure out how to use the three headed tandem of Vick/Foles/Dixon. LOL I hope this turns out well but first year coach and Howie as the GM might spell disaster.

  • You guys need to understand Kelly ain’t saying crap. He knows what he’s going to do but is enjoying driving bloggers nuts!

  • ***** BREAKING NEWS ****

    Buckwheat Has Been Shot !! —- I repeat… Buckwheat Has Been Shot !!

    In other news – The 49ers blocked the Saints from interviewing secondary coach Ed Donatell for their defensive coordinator job.

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