• August 19, 2022

Notes From The 76ers’ 88-69 Loss To Indiana

etrtThe Philadelphia 76ers had their three-game winning streak snapped on Wednesday night, falling 88-69 to the Indiana Pacers. Their record drops to 21-27.

  • It’s been a rough ride for the Sixers this year, but this game could be a sign that things could get uglier than they’ve been pretty fast. The absence of Thaddeus Young took a big toll on this team tonight. No one on the team plays as hard as Young, who has spent the entire season trying to outwork and outhustle opposing power forwards that normally have a significant size advantage on him.
  • Without Young, the Sixers were forced to turn to a lineup that featured Kwame Brown as the starting center and Spencer Hawes as the power forward. The team’s offense struggled mightily throughout the night, and couldn’t keep up with the Pacers.
  • Jrue Holiday led the team with 19 points, but had an off night shooting the ball, connecting on just seven of his 21 shots.
  • Holiday was forced to take a great deal of shots because few of his teammates were interested in stepping up and lending him a hand.
  • Spencer Hawes, Nick Young, and Evan Turner were all woefully bad in this game. After putting together a 20-10 double-double just two nights ago, Hawes shot just 3-13 from the floor. Young only hit on four of his 13 attempts, and Turner was a horrid 1-10. These are three guys that the team needs to get a lot more out of, but they’re all too inconsistent to be counted on to perform well each night.
  • If there were a couple of bright spots from this game, they were Lavoy Allen and Arnett Moultrie. Each player scored 12 points off of the bench.
  • If you’re looking for good news on the injury front, stop reading immediately. The Sixers also learned today that Jason Richardson will undergo knee surgery, and be lost for the rest of the season.
  • The Sixers really just can’t catch a break. There’s been a dark cloud over this team from the start of the season. They had just managed to get a little momentum going with their three-game winning streak, and then Thaddeus Young goes down for three weeks with a hamstring strain. Remember all of the excitement surrounding this team before the season? It seems like that was years ago.

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  • Andrew Bynum…LOL what a joke

    • He’s got purdy hair though! What a f^#@ing waste of oxygen! I honestly hope his faking, milking @$$, never plays another game, in his career! He’s a POS!

  • Where’s JH at.. This is what happens when the 76ers play a Quality Team
    They not only lose, they get their asses handed to them..
    No comparison in Talent level or Coaching and Pacers are probably a 4-5 Seed
    Team in the Eastern Conference so keep dreaming about this 76er Franchise with or without Bynum, there are a bottom half

    • If you watched a game (Which you dont being in Boones North Carolina) You would know that the Sixers were playing without 3 players, Jason Richardson who may have season ending knee surgery, Thaddeus Young who has a leg strain and is out for 3 weeks and has the size and speed to defend their star players, and BYNUM who is expected back around Allstar break. This same team the Indiana pacers beat the Miami Heat ending there 5 game win streak just a week ago. Now they just snapped the Sixers 3 game win streak. Relax. It happens to every team in the NBA. You dont watch the Sixers or any other game so why act like you do? What a weird, sad, clown you are Fraudman Fraudfan..

  • Evan Turner is just not good. too many years under Doug collins early has him hesitant and inconsistant. he should have been given the green light in year one, now he is just a talented role player. he is no better than Doug West was, and thats not good enough for a number 2 pick. it sickens me to watch Paul george play good as he does and our top pick be just ok. Moultre is another player that should have been playing smh. I like Doug Collins but he is delusional at times, starting lavoy and Thad in the front court is a joke.

  • How’s about that STUD ET?!?!? CHAMPIONSHIP BAAAAAABY!!!!!! Where you at LIL BRON-BRON? You only comment when they win their 1 out of every 5 games! GTFO, with this garbage team!

    • Stud? If your implying that I called ET a stud your way off and wrong. I never said that, I said that he isnt a bust and has been playing well this year. He just snapped a streak of 20 pts 5 rebs 5 as for 5-6 straight games, thats not bust stats.. And you live in Philly so you should know that this team has been hit with injuries, three key injuries. But obviously like Fraudman, you dont watch games either..

      • I watch each, & every game, & have wasted my hard working $$$, to go down there 4 times this year, to watch these bums! So again numbnuts, you are the REAL fraud, & know absolutely nothing! They suck, just like you!

        • SOOOO, keep deluding yourself into thinking these stiffs, are choc full of so called potential. They ain’t $#!T, you ain’t $#!T, you don’t know $#!T! Leave town, & take the waste of oxygen Bynum with you!

  • ET a Top Pick 3 years ago now, He’s a Bust JH..
    He would be a 7-8-9 man on every other Winning Team in the NBA
    Averaging 15-18 Minutes a game And for a Top 4 Pick, that’s a Bust
    There dozens and dozens of Players producing more than he on a consistent
    Basis around the NBA since he’s been a Pro

    • he is a normal nba 2nd pick.. the lottery really means LOTTERY!!!! it is why the nba is such a brutal game. there are more busts in the top 5 than their are superstars. in ET’s draft all top 5 picks are busts… well maybe bust isn’t the right word… they arent’ franchise changers and without drafting a franchise changer you are relegated to a .500 team struggling to make the playoffs… i think bust is too harsh a word.. certainly no star! certainly no durant (franchise changer)but derrick favors was the next pick and is a pia that plays 20 per, averages less than 10… yuck!

  • That Draft Class was a weak one..
    This Year’s Draft Class is pretty weak also, not many blue chippers at all..
    They need to get some tough,physical players for the Ppost Area..
    If you can play sound Defense and REBOUND, you have a chance of stealing games in the 4th Quarter even if you are Offensively challeneged..
    The 76ers have been one of the worst Rebounding Teams for the last 10 Seasons in the NBA since the Matombu/Tyrone Hill Combo..
    The NBA as a League has to do something to balance out the competitiveness of the LEague.. Free-Agents are going to play for the 76ers,Wizards,Bobcats,Kings,etc,etc.. They all want to play for the Big-Market, and established Teams ..

    • So the Sixers arent a big market established team? Your not making sense once again. Obviously they are a big market team and established. A guy like Jrue Holiday is someone that can entice FAs to come play here. A 22 year old Allstar PG that enjoys getting the ball to his guys in there sweet spots and hes one of the best scoring PGs in the league, guyswanna play with a teammate like that. Also money can be the driving force behind alot and the Sixers will have alot of cash by this offseason. I expect the Sixers to sign a big name Free Agent and a few role players. But its evident more than ever before that Basketball talk just is not your forte and the underlying reason is because you havent watched the NBA since 1992… Haha

      • Jrue Holliday may have made the All Star team but he is not an All Star caliber player — that all star selection was a gift ——– I’v never seen a player have the ball in his hands so long and consistently take 20 shots a game but never get to the foul line — he is a PUSSY, a step back jump shot pussy just like Evan Turner, both of them are afraid of contact
        Jrue Holiday’s typical game line 18 points on 20 shots, 5 Turnovers, zero foul shots and a LOSS or in other words a scaredy cat line all the while the opponent PG is torching him a for season high in points, Jrue 2 personal fouls a game also high light his scaredy cat defensive approach also
        Jrue “scardy cat ” Holiday

      • No Philly is not a “Desirable Big Market Team” that any Star Players want to come to.. It’s not the City JH, it’s the losing Culture and Rosyer of the Team that Big time Players don’t want to play for

  • There is not much to hope for with this team. I think they need to give Bynum another week or 2, but if he’s not ready to play at that point, shut him down for the rest of the season. The last thing we need is for Bynum to play well for the last month of the season, offer him big $$$, have him sign, and have him tank the rest of his career. I fully expect this guy to be with the Knicks or the Nets or Celtics next year playing great, but I don’t think he wants to be here, so shut him down.
    Hopefully this year’s lottery pick ends up being better than Evan Turner.

    • Perfectly stated E-$$$$

  • **Sixers News**

    According to a source, the Sixers are actively shopping Evan Turner.

    My Thoughts: He does not fit on this team. He has been up and down all year. Its time for the Sixers to move him. Im curious to see what his worth is. A 1st rounder? Maybe. His salary is not very high $6.68 million for 2013 so theyll obviously have to include more players like Kwame Brown ($3million) or Lavoy Allen ($3million) or Dorrell Wright ($4million). We do know this, the untouchables are Jrue Holiday and probably Andrew Bynum. Everyone else is expendable. But dont be surprised if Evan is traded by the February 21st deadline.

    • I have zero faith this current regime Thorne, Collins, Dileo or ownership will win an Evan Turner trade —

      Vuc, Harkless and 2 future first round picks gone in one off season to miss the playoffs and now they want to back track again and give away Turner also
      Gone Speights, Turner, Vuc, Harkless and the only draft pick left is Holliday

      • You have to give up a little in order to take a huge step forward and not stay in mediocreville. I would trade Evan for a big and or a shooter. I like steve Novak of the Knicks but I wouldnt trade Evan to the division. I really dont know Evans worth

        • shooter? that is all they have – they need dunkers and above the rim guys — every time Holliday, Turner, Wright, N. Young, stop and miss a penetration jump shot they should be yanked until the next wimp does it — they need some courage

  • You are a imbecilic, buffoon! Now all of a sudden, that he’s on the block, YOUR THOUGHTS ARE- “He does not fit on this team. He has been up and down all year. Its time for the Sixers to move him.” What happened to he isn’t a bust?!? What happened to all the good, young, potential, he has?!? For the last 2 years, you have done nothing but, slurp his @$$, make excuses, rip & rag on, & name call Paul & I, for stating the truth & facts on what the stiff is! You need never comment on here, EVER AGAIN! You couldn’t get a rack of basketballs, for ET, Brown (BWAHAHA), Allen & Wright! BYNUM, UNTOUCHABLE?!? O.o
    You are a f^#@ing idiotic, clueless, imbecilic, buffoon, with ZERO credibility! STFU & GO AWAY!!!!

    • Hes not a bust he just does not fit on this team. Its not hard to tell. I said this last offseason. He is a good player, just not a fit on this team with a PG like Jrue that dominates the ball. Evan needs the ball in his hands.. You have alot of issues man, you say the same stuff over and over. Try to expand your vocabulary, I know your almost 50 years old but its never too late..

      • Thad Young doesn’t really fit either
        the sixers are favored in the Inquirer by 9.5 points against Bobcats tonight, How? they can’t score over 80 points any more so they expect the sixers to hold Charlotte to 69.

        • Thad can fit on any team. He defends, rebounds and brings alot of energy. Hes not going anywhere. Especially being that hes not healthy right now and no team will trade for a injured player. Besides, Doug loves Thad

          • thad is a low post scorer only,
            if Bynum does suit up ( no need to laugh at me, I know it ridiculous statement) thad has no high post or perimeter skills

        • The Bobcats will be a tough out tonight after coming off a loss last night to the Lakers. So its not going to be easy but I see the Sixers pulling this one out.

          • The Charlotte Bobcats as a tough out.. WTF are you talking about JH
            They’ve won 11 Games all Season and only 5 on the Road all Season..
            If this game is even close by the 4th Quarter will prove what an indictment this 2013 76ers Team and Coach Collins truly are..

            • You dont know how the game of basketball works. The Bobcats had a 20 pt lead on the Lakers lastnight but gave it up and the Lakers beat them. That was a heart breaking loss. Therefore, the Bobcats will give the Sixers everything they have tonight. I still expect the Sixers to win but yes it will be a tough hard fought game.. Oh it will be televised in North Carolina so you can finally see a game tonight! Rather than fake it and act like you watch them when you never do.. haha

      • You’re the village idiot, with the issues! You can try to take the spotlight off yourself all you want, by trying to reverse things on me, but continually contradict yourself, post idiotic comments, & have zero fact, nor knowledge to ANYTHING, you ever post. So, keep making yourself feel good about your useless, pathetic life, by thinking you’re breaking, already broken news, & that you actually know something. Son, I have more knowledge, smarts, & intellect 1 of my brain cells, than you have in your entire peanut head! I’m going to be 44 imbecile, not 50

        • Same difference, 50 year old grump. Angry with your life. You can’t formulate a thought or carry a discussion without calling names that I hear from little kids. Grow up oldman..

  • Jon Hart
    February 7, 2013 – 7:15 am
    Stud? If your implying that I called ET a stud your way off and wrong. I never said that, I said that he isnt a bust and has been playing well this year. He just snapped a streak of 20 pts 5 rebs 5 as for 5-6 straight games, thats not bust stats.. And you live in Philly so you should know that this team has been hit with injuries, three key injuries. But obviously like Fraudman, you dont watch games either.. YOUR POST, IN THIS SAME ARTICLE….. WHAT AN IDIOT!

  • Averaging 5 pts, the past 4 games!!!! Man he’s AWESOME!!!!

  • **NO Saints hire Rob Ryan as DC as Paulman stated they would last week
    Sorry JH, I was right again and you were wrong again..
    You better pick a new Sport, , maybe Soccer and the Philadelphia Union

    • Fraud, all I said was that they did not hire him at the time you mentioned that he was hired already and you was wrong wrong wrongman. What is today Saturday? You mentioned it last what Tuesday as “Saints hire Rob Ryan as DC” which was way premature (Too busy reading reports off the internet). Grantham just withdrew his name from the Saints potential DC candidates yesterday and today they signed Rob Ryan. So to bust your little old decayed Boones NC bubble, I was right once again.. And you just made a fool out of yourself once again Fraudman

  • To add to my earlier point about Turner being shopped, both Doug and Evan do not get along. They had an argument on the sidelines a few games ago, Evan did apologize. Its reported that theyve had shouting matches at practice. It appears that Evan has become a team cancer. They have to get rid of him now while he is still young and has some trade value.

  • Turner has little trade Value and would have to be package with Thadd Young to return a legitimate post or Power Forward.Turner is a 15-18 minute per Game Player for 75% of the Teans in the NBA

    • You have no clue what trade value he has. Your not a General Manager. We will know when it happens. And again you don’t watch games so saying Evan would be a 15-18 mins a game guy on other teams is just ludicrous. Start watching games and then maybe you’d know what your talking about. Hes not a guy that just comes off the bench for energy purposes. Hes just not a fit on this team it doesnt mean he wont be a fit elsewhere. Prime example Nick Vucevic

  • This is what I know about Evan Turner
    3rd Year in NBA (no more youth excuses) and though he started the Season playing his best Ball thus far as A Pro, he lacks the toughness and smarts to be consistent enough to be anymore than a role player in the NBA and yes, even for a crappy team like the 76eds and would hardly see the Court on the Top 12 Teams in the NBA, he’s was not worthy on a Lottery Pick selection
    Plain and simple and I don’t have to be an NBA GM to recognize this

  • LA Clippers are in town tonight, huge game to close out this 8game home stand. Point Guard Chris Paul whos #1 on my list of active PG’s in the league goes up against our guy Jrue Holiday #2 on my list of active PG’s in the league. This will be a battle from beginning to end. The Clippers played a game yesterday against the Knicks beating them in that contest. So the Sixers have a prime opportunity to take advantage of a tired team. Let’s Go Sixers! Close this 8 game home stand out right! Showyaluv!

    • I wish I would have read this before today
      Jrue got torched
      you can’t still believe Jrue is in Chris Paul’s class
      just look at the stat line for this game
      Jrue couldn’t score on Paul and Paul didn’t miss one shot on him
      Chris Paul pinned Jrue into the Half court corner with his speed on Defense all night long

      • Are you not seeing the roster the Sixers have and what the Clippers have? No comparison as to who CP3 passes to and who Jrue has to give the ball to. Get outta here with all your Jrue hate you sound ridiculous. I said b4 the game that CP3 was the best in the league and has been for years now. Jrue is still #2. Dude is avg 19pts 9as with lesser talent than what paul has. If you can’t see that the Clippers are superior than your more clueless than i originally thought

        • Jrue gets dominated again
          Chris Paul 9-11FGA for 21 pts. 11 assists one turnover and a win
          Jrue Holiday 4-13 FGA for 10 pts. 9 assists three turnovers and a lose
          Jrue has his usual stat line more shot attempts than points scored and a lose

  • **Sixers News**

    According to a source, the Sixers are a team to watch in the Josh Smith sweepstakes. Im being told that the Sixers are dangling both Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner.

    My Thoughts: That trade makes perfect sense for both sides. The Hawks need a big and we need a athletic SF/PF on this team. Seems to me that evans confidence is gone, along with his heart. Time to get rid of him. Along with Spencer Hawes.

    • would Josh Smith welcome that trade — he is a moody locker room presence if unhappy

      • Josh Smith.. Are you kidding me.. Another overpaid, malcontent…
        This Franchise is a joke .. Evan Turner is a bust and the only way that Hawks would consider is if Thdd Young were included and not Hawes..

  • ****76ers Lazy-Ass, piece of shit Player William Bynum is reporting more “Pain” in his Knees and has delayed any further activity as far as a ‘Comeback Date”
    As I stated back in October/November , this wasted Transaction from last fall was a stupid ass mistake for Bynum simply does not want to play for the 76ers for his heart and mind are set on the Knicks/Nets as I have stated a dozen times.. let the garbage go to New York.. what a wasted Season had in 2013 putting their hopes on this piece of trash…
    JH will be following up with his usualy “Pom-Pom” and will probably say I am a hater or racist or that I don’t watch enough NBA to be worthy of an opinion and I will have to remind him that I know a piece of shit when I see them and William Bynum, though large, is a piece of shit…

    • Andrew, Paul, not William. LOL! But your point is gotten regardless! XD

      • I rest my case..

        • His First Name is now Bum-Ass any way you look at it JH..
          I told you months ago not to count on him and suggested if would be a huge mistake for the 76ers Team and Organization to count on him..
          Hell I hardly follow the NBA and knew this this from afar, way back in November.. What a joke the 76er Franchise and you are in believing in this Bum-Ass Bynum..

  • Sixers lose to Bucks, as usual
    typical Holiday line more shot attempts than points scored and turning the ball over the most in the NBA per game. 6-17, 16 pts 5 TO and a loss
    Jrue went 0-6 in the 4th quarter including a brick with :05 sec.left sealing a Bucks win while
    Jennings torched Jrue for 21 and a Buck win
    I don’t blame Jrue all the way, Doug Collins fairies up and went small and it backfired.
    He went with 3 point guards in the first half and lost a 13 point lead, Then closed the game out with Evan Turner at PF which allowed Dalembert to dominate the Offensive boards the entire 4th quarter for 14 game rebounds including 7 offensive rebounds. Sam Delembert dominated the glass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only when Doug is the coach of the opposing team
    Doug “small ball” Collins your time is up Grand Pa

  • Jrue Holiday is a mirage until you look at his stats
    it’s not that hard to score 19 points a game when the head coach allows the player to turn the ball over 4 times a game on 20 shots
    If Doug Collins gave Moultrie 20 shots a game he’d average 19 points a game
    if Doug Collins gave Nick Young 20 shots a game he’d average 19 points
    if Doug Collins gave Evan Turner 20 shots a game he’d average 19 points
    if Doug Collins gave Spence Hawes 20 shots a game he’d average 19 points

  • Collins has lost this Team..
    It’s time to blow it up after this Season and get a new Program and Coach in..
    They are a bottom 1/3 rd Team in a very unbalanced NBA League and they really don’t have anywhere near the Talent level that 20 Teams have in the NBA..
    Questionable Coaching, Line-ups , and Player Rotations
    This Franchise is stuckin neutral and is actually beginning to fall backwards again after some Progress the last 2 Seasons… They really screwed up this off-Season with the Bynum Trade.. Should have kept Vucevic, and even Iggy for 1 more Season, then still would have had Draft Pick Harkless and had a solid young, exciting, more athletic nucleus of Vucevic,Jrue, Iggy,Thadd,Harkless,Moultrie, ET to build around ..

  • 76ers put all their Eggs in the Basket on one Andrew Bynum and lost miserbly
    Most around the NBA have always questioned Bynum’s heart,maturity and committment and now the 76ers have to deal with the consequence’s
    So yes they will clear some Cap space, but with the recent History of this Front Office & current Coaching Stafff, does it even matter, who can this Franchise attract to even come play for the 76ers outside of “B” level players who get a chance to play more minutes..

    • I disagree Paul Iggys time was up and it was a good move to get his ludicrous deal of the books. Vucevic stinks… Hopefully Bynum can come back and play and then we can resign him to a a non max contract. Hopefully we can also move Turner he is aweful. At least the sixers are looking for ways to improve rather than stick with Iggy and if Bynum doesnt pan out then we got a ton of money to get some players. Jrue is starting to become a guy people will want to play with…

      I would have took Oscar the grouch and a satchel of wooden nickels for Iggy instead we got a 7 foot bench warmer

      • With Iggy, Vuc, Brand and Williams the Sixers were a top 8 playoff result team in the the NBA
        Doug Collins had Vuc set 3 pt line screens and shoot 15 foot jump shots —
        Orlando has Vuc averaging a double double playing low post BB. Doug Collins chose Lavoy Allen over Vuc and it is proven to be a disastous decision
        No Gm in the league would accept a Bynum and Allen for Vuc trade right now
        Denver would turn down a Iggy for Thad Young & Evan Turner trade right now
        if the Sixers just kept their draft picks and made no trades they would be a playoff team and a real good basketball team
        Speights, Young, Iggy, Vuc, Dalembert, Williams, Allen, Vuc, Holiday, Turner, Williams, Harkless, Moultrie, Green

  • Speights has been a disaster and a real attitude problem every where he’s been. I believe he’s on his 3rd Team the last 2 Years because of his attitude,lack of work ethic is his lack of Coachability which is a shame for he’s got talent.

  • **Sixers News**
    According to my sources, the Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers have had preliminary talks about trading Andrea Bargnani for Spencer Hawes. Their could be more players involved.

    My Thoughts: This tells me that the Sixers are prepping for BYNUMS long awaited debut. The fortunate part for thr Sixers is that they are in the eastern conference and are just 4 games out of the 8th spot. There is alot of Ball to play. I wouldn’t mind them adding a Bargnani who has a good outside game and can post up too. The Sixers need to shake things up..

  • Bargnani is a good all around Player and an excellent passer as well,
    I would like to see this move but it’s going to take more than just sending Hawes to get him, probably multiple Players involved from both Squads

  • **Sixers News**

    According to a few NBA inside sources, the Sixers are still in the mix for the Josh Smith sweepstakes. The list includes Bucks, Nets, Celtics, 76ers, Wizards and others, sources say.There is a strong belief that he’s moved by the Feb 21st deadline.

    My Thoughts: I see the Sixers really stepping up here and making a deal to acquire Josh Smith. I see them taking a huge chance here and getting him. If not Josh Smith, then they will make another deal. Either way you look at it I don’t see them standing pat and ending the year with this current roster.

    • the team is boring, so they should probably do something –
      I watch but I watched the Clarence Weatherspoon years too, I’m not a difficult sell
      the off season was a bust – every move failed
      Tony D wouldn’t have gotten that GM job today if they had known the results of this summer’s moves

  • Josh Smith is a Cancer and not a good teammate for a roster filled with young players.. A Veteran Team needing Forward for a Playoff run would be a better landing spot for him, but for a rebuilding Franchise like the 76ers are,
    This move has very little upside at Ll in my opinion
    Smiths a decent player but comes with baggage about his attitude, coach ability and overall positive model for young players.. Stay away

    • Josh Smith might not want any part of the Sixers
      the stadium is empty, they don’t get TNT or ESPN/ABC games, Philadelphia is still considered an NHL town even after the comcast/ ed snider sale

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