• May 27, 2022

Roy Halladay Gets Rave Reviews From Batting Practice Stint

RoyHalladay1One of the keys to the Phillies season will be the arm of Roy Halladay.  Is he still an ace or is he a star on his way down?  It was reported a year ago at spring training that his fastball and other hard stuff didn’t have the zip on it, which he had been known for throughout his career.  He went on to have a very disappointing season before shutting things down due to arm trouble.

During the offseason there was plenty of talk that Halladay would have to change his style of pitching because he couldn’t throw his hard and heavy stuff down in the strike zone.  Maybe the critics spoke too soon or maybe the star pitcher will be unable to throw his hard stuff later in the season.  Right now, Phillies hitters told Ryan Lawrence of Philly.com that they’re seeing the old Roy. 

“He looked great. He looked like Roy Halladay,” said new Phillie 3rd baseman Michael Young “That was the Roy Halladay I remember seeing all those years in the American League. Everything was down in the zone; it had some zip; it was coming out of his hand really nice. I thought he looked great.”

“He looked good,” second baseman Chase Utley told Lawrence. “He had a little life on his fastball – I know it’s the first time – but it’s always good to see a little extra life on the end of his fastball. It was good. It was crisp. He had a little giddy-up at the end. He threw some cutters, some changeups. Located them pretty well. I imagine he’s pretty happy with how it went.”

“Doc was fine, Doc was fine,” Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee told Lawrence. “Overall, I thought it was a good day of BP today. I thought most of the guys threw pretty well, as far as being in the strike zone, command, that stuff.”


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  • We will know pretty quickly if this was BS when the guys in other color jerseys start batting….

  • Finally a Phils article, there is hope for this season, Rollins stated its the best group he’s been around in the infield, big bounce back years from Howard, utley. Speed on bases. Chad durbins return will be big, Phil’s finally under the radar, that’s where they thrive, gonna be a great season

  • i am known on here as a phils optomist… i understand that the ‘ifs’ are huge this year and we all know what they are. but i really look for a big year from howard, ROLLINS and michael young…. and believe it or not delmon young was a former number 1 who went shitty– i think maybe he is out to prove something– again, add that to the list of ifs!

    • OY VEY!!! G….T….F….O!!!
      You ain’t no optimist, you’re a stepford, cheerleader! LMMFAO! Just messing with ya! Let your words, hit Gods ears, because with $#!T, patch work job, Booben did, it’s almost a given, that we’re no better than 3rd & out of the playoffs! He needed to either go all in, or start the rebuild! He accomplished nothing, but putting band-aids, on seeping gashes! We have ZERO shot, to win the playoffs! Kills me to say it.

      • maybe its because its spring training time but i’m glad he didn’t reach on a huge 3-5 year contract at the inflated money they were spending this year. i did want hamilton for a minute but in the end i’m glad they didn’t give someone like shane 3 years at $39….
        if at trade deadline they are out.. well let the destruction begin with the only untouchable being cole.

  • I love this time of the year, I am taking my two boys over to Clearwater next weekend spring training is the best.

    • sure is! with all this nonsense about the stinking eagles, all the bynum craziness etc… just to know they are on the grass, chewing seeds and taking swings, it just marks a great time of year.
      wish i could go, its on my bucket list!

      • cigar I’m about 2 and a half hours away I get my boys down there as many weekends as possible, they maybe the only two kids under 10 in Jacksonville walking around wearing Phillies gear.

  • We could have the Gcobb televised debate there.

    I am getting more excited about this season every day especially since the Phils are the underdogs this year.

    The bullpen looks to be an area of strength this year instead of the debacle from last year. Charlie has options in the lineup. They have some young players to be excited about. Full season from Howard and Utley. Contract year for Utley and Doc.

  • i was so excited when the Flyers started to rid myself of the Eagle and Sixers sub .500 losing only to have the Flyers join them —-
    Phillies save us from being the worst sports city in America

  • I liked Worley’s game and the Flying Hawaiian was always fun to cheer for — so i am interested in Seeing Revere play — big shoes to fill

  • I think the Phils have a groups of Veteran Players that are highly motivated to play well and to have a great Season.. I expect many players like Utley, Howard, Doc, Michael Young, John Lannan, Delmon Young all to have a chip on their shoulders to prove that they still have the passion & skills to be big time MLB Players.. I really like the make-up of this Club and this may be the Strongest Bullpen on Paper that the Phils have ever assembled
    I do think the Phils need to get off to a good start and if Pitchers Doc & Lee can come out of the gate with solid Pitching and some early W’s to show for it, the confidence of the Staff and the entire Team will be thru the roof and carry them thru a Good Season..

  • Washington is really good — they are like this group of Philles were 5-6 years ago ( Rollins and Howard playing MVP ball and Utley benefiting from hitting between them) I hope they can compete with the Braves and maybe wild card but I know Washington is better than them

  • I know the Nationals have put together a good team, Atlanta doesn’t scare me they added some firepower but more strikeouts then production in my opinion. We need our core guys to be healthy and Brown/Ruf to produce and we’ll be in this thing. The bullpen should be lights out with Adams in front of Pap. Just stay healthy. Is anyone here counting on anything from Delmon Young?

    • I think both Youngs will switch spots — Delmon starts on IR but finishes well and Micheal Young starts well and finishes on IR
      I don’t expect anything from Dominic Brown. his numbers will resemble nothing more than what a Ben Francisco or John Mayberry can do
      Darren Ruf, I hope can put up Ibanez type power numbers

  • Washington is stacked with a bunch of hungry young and talented players mnixed in with a few Veterans .. What is going to be interesting to watch is now they are getting all the “press” and now have high expectations to not only Win the NL East but to get to the World Series, so let’s see how they handle these expectations and pressure and especially for a Team/Organization that’s doesn’t have a history of Winning, sometimes these Expectations & Pressures can be misplaced and get the best of them.. .. We have seen many times and even with the Phils the last few Seasons ago where they expected to Win it all, and failed to live up to expecations due to injuries, unmotivated players, bad locker room or whatever.. Phils are in a good spot right now for the National Media is not paying much attention to them stating they are too old,injury prone,etc,etc..
    I like the Phils in this underdog role a lot better than the prohibitive favorite

    • Washington can hit a home run with any batter — that lineup has Power hitters everywhere

  • Washington is going to be interesting going forward. They play to an empty park, they have 4-5 guys who are arbitration eligible next year… so when contract squabbles happen, decisions are made as to who gets the bucks and who doesn’t…. but i do agree with that nucleus they should have a 5-6 year run that is very similar to what we just had….

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