• December 4, 2021

Eagles Must Consider Trading Down In The First

DionJordan1The Eagles need to spend quite a bit of time looking into the options which would be there if they decide to trade down in the first round.  I don’t think they’re going to trade down, but it’s something they need to consider, if the guy they really want isn’t there or if a team is willing to give up a “King’s Ransom” for the pick.

“I think we’ve got more depth for the first three rounds than maybe any time you and I have done this draft,” NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said. “But I’m not seeing the difference-makers at the top end. And I’m not sure that the fifth pick is that much better than the 20th pick or the 30th pick.”

If Mayock is right, then trading down should be an option for the Birds, not a definite move, but an option.

Dan Graziano of ESPN wrote about the importance of the Eagles number 4 pick.

“The pressure is on Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman to use that No. 4 pick to find a crucial, building-block player who can be one of their team’s anchors for years to come. That’s what picking in the top five means. That’s the only priority.

The last time the Eagles picked in the top five was 1999. They had the No. 2 pick that year. They took Syracuse quarterback Donovan McNabb, who won 101 games (including nine playoff games) and five division titles in 11 years as their quarterback. That’s called nailing it. That’s the kind of thing the Eagles need to be trying to do this year.”

Here are some of the players, who will likely be drafted between the second half of the first round, picks 17 to 32 and the first half of the second round, picks 33 to 48.  If the Birds were to trade down they may be able to pick up three or four of these players in that area.  Again, the key is that the scouts have declared that the talent from 17th pick to the 48th pick is virtually the same.

Oregon defensive end/linebacker – Dion Jordan –

“I kind of like (Oregon linebacker) Dion Jordan, who I think is two years away from being an Aldon Smith-type player,” Mayock said. “He’s only about 240 pounds, but he’s 6-7. He’s got frightening athletic skills, and he’s a year away. He would be a situational pass rusher year one, and if he puts 20 pounds on, I think he’s going to be a perennial All-Pro. I really like the kid. But, again, that’s a little bit of a risk/reward. You’re betting on this kid two years from now.”

Washington cornerback – Desmond Trufant

Of the top-rated cornerbacks, Washington’s Desmond Trufant is the best bet to put forth an eye-popping time. While smaller (5-11, 190) than many of the lanky, press corners for which this class will ultimately be remembered for, Trufant demonstrated his great speed and fluidity by dominating the Senior Bowl practices. Those close to the Trufant family believe Desmond could run faster than Marcus did in Indianapolis back in 2003… and he was clocked at 4.38 seconds. – Rob Rang, NFLDraftScout.com

Alabama nose tackle – Jesse Williams

Williams, who grew up playing rugby and basketball in Brisbane, Australia, only took up football at the age of 15. Once he joined the sport, however, it became obvious that his combination of size, power and athleticism could result in big things.

He transitioned to nose guard in 2012, putting together a second-team All-SEC season. Williams anchored the No. 1 scoring defense in the nation playing the zero-technique position he took over during spring practice.

He has even seen some snaps on offense in goal-line situations as a lead fullback and with his rugby background, he hopes to get his hands on the ball. At 6-3, 320, he has the muscle and agile feet to line up in any defensive scheme. – CBSSports.com

Florida – safety – Matt Elam

Elam emerged as a standout once given the opportunity to start last season. He finished the year second on the team in total tackles (78) and led the club in tackles for loss (11), pass breakups (seven) and forced fumbles (two). He also intercepted two passes, including one against Tennessee’s Tyler Bray.

While perhaps a bit smaller than scouts would prefer (5-10, 202 pounds), Elam has proven himself to be a playmaker throughout his career, demonstrating not only instincts, athleticism and physicality, but ball-hawking skills (six interceptions) and timing.

The two-year starter was at his best under the brightest of lights, making game-changing plays against Florida State, Georgia, LSU and Tennessee, and pacing the Gators with 11 tackles, including a sack, in the Sugar Bowl loss to Louisville. – CBSSports.com

Florida International – safety – Jonathan Cyprien

Jonathan Cyprien appeared in all 12 games in 2009, earning honorable mention all-conference accolades while starting seven games and finishing second on the team with 78 tackles.

Cyprien would go on to earn second-team All-Sun Belt honors each of the next two seasons before emerging as a first-team pick in 2012 with a team-high 93 tackles and four interceptions. He closed his career having started every game the past three seasons, and leaves FIU with 45 career starts – the most by a safety in program history.

While many expect Texas’ Kenny Vaccaro to be the first safety drafted in April, Florida International’s Jonathan Cyprien has been gaining momentum all season. And with a strong pre-draft process, it wouldn’t be surprising if he supplants the Longhorn defensive back as the top safety in this class for several teams. Cyprien is an aggressive striker with the speed to cover in space and the physical demeanor to be a force vs. the run. – Dane Brugler, NFLDraftScout.com.


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  • And there it is again. Qb. Mcnabb in 1999. Imagine if they had taken akili smith instead (they were considering).

    It then wouldn’t have mattered if we had drafted defensive pro bowlers for the next 3 years…..Reid would have been fired year 3.

    Must. Must. Must have a franchise qb 1st. We do not have that in vick or Dixon. We may have that in Foles.

    Trade foles and eagles are hiring a new coach in 2015.

    Do birds need d? Yes. Online? Yes. Secondary? Absolutely.

    But qb 1st. Team remains a joke till the stupid idea that mv is a starting qb s finally put to rest.

    • Well duh… noone is saying the qb is not important.

      What ive said over and over is that….

      1. Saying foles is a hall of famer over and over does not make him 1.
      2. Drafting qb at the 4 spot is stuuuuuppid.
      3. IF Foles is a square peg for the chip ststem… its stupid to keep him. But u and i are in agreement that chip was not who we wanted.

  • If they trade down it shouldn’t be lower then 15, unless they get a 2 and a 3 for the pick. they need new blood and they need to get as many picks in this draft as possible and after the draft bring in as many undrafted free agents as possible they cannot be serious about bringing back the bulk of this terrible roster. I am solidly back on the Howie must go bus.

  • Man Vinnie let it go my man, until they break out the new offense and Vick is a bust let’s just wait and see, if he’s terrible like many on here predict then Foles will be the the starter.

  • Well from what I understand there won’t be a demand for the eagles pick…and I’m not a draft follower but it would be nice to get a ten year building block…
    As for the qb damn if Foles isn’t the guy it means we are what hoping to suck and then hoping there is RG3 in the draft? I’m not a fan of that plan

    • Damn straight… Nobody wants the damn pick. Take your damn OT and call it a damn day.

  • Before we talk about the draft and what the Eagles should do lets wait until free agency is about over

  • Very true Mr. Turk..everyone just needs to wait and see what the Eagles do i free agency first. I just want a stud player with that #4 pick

  • G what the hell u doing we dont need small corner or safety anymore seriously and taking shot on guy they may take 2yrs to connect no way.

  • Here’s the Problem with trading down this year
    There are franchise QB’s or WR’ or RB’s in this 2013 Draft
    So the Demand is just not there to get the Trade Value of Past Drafts
    The best case Scenario I see potentially is with the St Louis Rams who have both the #16 & #22 picks in the first round and would love to get OT
    Joeckel or Eric Fisher who won’t Iast to #16
    I believe the Chuefs will take Joeckel at #1 leaving Fisher on the Board at #4
    Maybe the Eagle can trade #4 to Rams for their 16&22 and still have a chance for Safety Vicarro and Xavier Rhodes which would be an excellent
    Foundation for the Secondary moving forward
    But Teams giving up 3-4 Picjs to move up to the Top #5 in this years Dradt is very unlikely since no Franchise QB, WR or RB are out there this year

  • I believe the best way to acquire more picks in this Draft is by trading some current Players with reasonable Sakaries and good health that may not fit the new schemes of the Eagkes moving forward
    Example Naclin to the Chiefs (if WR Bowe leaves in Free-Agency)
    Trent Cole to the Colts to replace Dwight Freeny at 1/2 the Salary
    These are the only 2 Players who could return 3rd Round Picjs back to Eagkes where they could end up with 6 Picks out of the Top 100 Selections
    Beside these 2 Players, I don’t believe any other a players return any higher than a 5th Round (Jenkins or Herrenan’s)

    • Some so called experts felt Evan Mathis was a Pro Bowl caliber player, he has more value than a 5th Round Pick…….

      Some also feel that Brandon Graham, is about to break out, and realize the potential he was drafted to fulfill – I know Paul, he’s only a few years removed from an injury – But, he would still return more than a 5th Round Pick………..

      They are going to have to consider sacrificing future #1 picks, – not all – but some. This draft is so deep at so many other positions, Howie has to get what he can this year to make this team dominant.

      GMCliff feels he will screw this up royally, and will be fired in 2 years.

      • I agree that Graham would return a 3rd Rounder in Return I just think that Roseman is still high on him and wants to keep him, remember that he was best DE for the Eagles over the last half of the Season or so
        MCcoy would bring a high Pick too, but I don’t think Eagles moving any Player
        Mathis could probably bet a 4th Rounder in return, but only finesse Teams would be interested since that suits his skills the best and he does have a big contract also so I am not sure how much demand he would command

        • demeco ryans was worth a 4th and a switch of 3rd rounders
          asante samuel was worth a 7th
          winston justice was worth a switch of 6th rounders
          Brandon Graham is not as good as those 3 and at 5 million his contract is non moveable for a part time game player for 8 games a year (durability issues)

        • u know why Roseman is still high on Graham ? because he drafted him, contradicting what the owner stated trying to absolve Howie from the 2010 draft. HAD WE TAKEN THE BEST PLAYER ON THE BOARD ( EARL THOMAS ) WE WOULDN’T EVEN BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION. one other thing accumilating extra picks means nothing if you can’t draft correctly.

  • Paulman, the colts would laugh at trading a third for a bum like cole, teams covet draft picks, especially early picks, cole has done nothing recently for any team to give any meaningful pick

    I do agree though that maclin might draw interest, and probably foles, but the two of them should remain as the eagles rebuild .

    • paul over values players and then whines when they don’t get a third rounder…’if they had done what fraudman says and traded cole for a 3rd rounder –if only they had listened to me’ blah blah
      its ok that he has his view of the world…just don’t whine when it doesn’t happen because you have no idea what teams will pay for a guy.


    • I don’t think so either.. Walter footballs Mack had him going to Baltimore in the first also.

      • Frank, isn’t it amazing, a guy can go from a 3-4 rounder, to a 1st, over 1 game (Senior bowl)? It’s asinine! I like the kid too, & think he will be a solid-good S, but people like GC, are getting out of hand, over-reaching, because of media hype! Same reason why our roster is trash truck juice! Over-reaching, over-values, bad drafting, & square pegs, in round holes! He AIN’T a F^#@ING 1st rounder!

  • the eagles have enough proof by the lack of quality on the roster that they lose every trade (down up or whatever) —— that’s why every team in the NFL calls them on Draft Day
    Typical Draft day conversations in every city outside Philly — “Jeff has no real friends just employee friends, give him a call and make him feel good about himself and them fleece him for their pick “

    • You might be right on that one E0S……Lol!!!

    • Yeah when Oakland, Cleveland, Dallas, Tenn, SD, Miami, Cinncy, Buffalo, Wash, Seattle, KC, Arizona, etc etc call with all their success in the last 15 years Lurie must be envious. Hell Luries team has more playoff wins in that span them all them teams combined in his tenure. How can he compete with them lol.

      • your right
        Jeff is great what was I thinking we fans are so lucky. The Gold Standard Plan rewarded the fans with an almost championship. Next time I go to the Linc, I’ll be sure to go to the Flyers section of the parking lot to spend money at Xfinity Live — I don’t have to do that when I go to a Phillies games because their owners built a real entertainment stadium not like the Eagles Cheap version. Jeff Lurie couldn’t even build a winner in the local stadium wars. He is a Loser

        • No he isn’t great hes the worst owner in the NFL what was I thinking. The Eagles are the worst franchise in the NFL since hes been owner. Your right.

          • he didn’t even have the foresight to build a fan friendly Nova Care Center for training camp with a Xfinity Live — Ashburn Alley atmosphere

          • dagg, your sarcasm, isn’t amusing, it’s quite clueless, & stupid! If you’re on limp wrists sack, just say so! He’s a lying, clueless, condescending, limp wristed, silver spoon fed, weasel, trust fund baby, who will NEVER, get this City, or its fan base! He is NOT, a good owner. By changing uniforms, building a non-fan friendly stadium, on our dime, not allowing hoagies in the stadium, having the Hindenburg for 14, mostly miserably disappointing years, countless lies, winning the salary cap bowl every year, taking the fans for granted, having the F^#@ING BALLS to raise ticket prices, after an abortion of season, hiring this $#!T staff, & keeping Rosebuds & Vick, is all you need to know about that pu$$y! He can choke on his $$$$! He won’t EVER, get another dime of my hard working $$$$ down there, from me, or my family!

            • hahaha…unfortunately DCAR…he doesn’t need your money…Problem is that you only see things your way…You know how many football fans will be joining the bandwagon, because Kelly was hired? Or because this player/that player was acquired. Your not hurting his pockets…

              But honestly I can’t blame Lurie one bit. Lurie brought in Reid and the Eagles become one of the most successfully organizations in the NFL, of course no SB…but I was happy when the Eagles got out of the cellar, how bout you? Along the way there have been some close calls too…So to say that he doesn’t care about winning is one of the most clueless and stupid things I have ever read…

              • Unfortunately, he already fleeced the masses for 19+ years, & has a cash cow, so yeah, he don’t care about ANYONE! I see the truth & fact, not delusions & illusions! If he cared about winning he wouldn’t be winning the salary cap bowl every year! So for you to believe that, is one of the most clueless & stupidest things I’ve ever read! You’re always more intelligent than that, bruh! Don’t believe his hype, lies & BS! I love them too, but I don’t mindlessly wave pom-poms, without criticism, to anyone! You should know that by now! I use my eyes, brain, facts, truth & reality.

  • Graham and ryans are staying. We are not trading away 1/2 our team and cutting the other 1/2. I can see tradin cole perhaps but thats about it. Foles too if the price is right but i like foles and want to see him battle it out in camp and prove hes our guy.

    Drc is gone and my guess (after the pft report) is that nnamdi redoes his deal and goes into camp as our #2 cb. I think we grab a fa cb and draft one high and nnamdi doeznt make it of camp.

    • I hear you Stevo-
      If the Eagles are open to restructuring Nnamdi’s deal, my question would be to what? 7?8? mil…thats still too high in my opinion…But I think Nnamdi would be able to get that much somewhere else…If the Eagles are willing to pay Nnamdi 7/8 mil, I think they would be better off signing DRC for around the 10mil mark that he is likely to get. I’m def fine with letting Nnamdi walk…DRC I still believe he can be a top CB in the league. I give the DC and defensive coaches half the blame in regards to the defense struggles…considering what 4 DC’s in 4 years? yea I think I can cut “some” players a break.

  • Nnamdi should be cut post haste, it’s not even a close call, I don’t know what football games you were watching last year, but this guy can’t play, can’t run, can barely tackle, the fact that two of the bums from last year, two overpaid, over hyped, too old, Vick and Nnamdi, it’s a real bad omen, not only are they not cut, they resign one and talks with the other, bad, real bad

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