• May 17, 2022

Chip Kelly Wants To Build A Bigger, More Physical Football Team

EaglesOLine3For about a decade and a half, former Eagles head coach Andy Reid built the Birds with the thought that he wanted to assemble an undersized, fast and quick football team.

Yesterday new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly made it clear that he doesn’t want to go that route and I think that’s a good thing for the Birds, not that Reid didn’t enjoy a great deal of success as the Birds head coach.

“We want taller, longer people because bigger people beat up little people,” Kelly told a group of local sports reporters at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix, Arizona.

For years we’ve seen the Eagles defensive front get pushed around by a big offensive line.  It will be a pleasure to see the Birds on the bully side of things, when they’re picking on a smaller team.

Of course, size isn’t the only factor in football, but it’s a very important one, just like speed and quickness.

“I think everybody is looking for the same thing”, Kelly said. “You want an athletic person at all spots. But they still have to be tough, hard nosed, physical, be able to knock people off the football.”

Yesterday, while pushing the idea of getting bigger and more physical, Kelly was making sure everybody knew the Birds future wasn’t totally dependent upon him bring brilliant new ideas to the league.

“We don’t run some magical offense or defense,’ Kelly said as he tried to lower the hype which surrounds him entering the NFL head coaching fraternity.

He tried to shut down the thinking that his ideas were going to take over the league and dominate forever.

“I would say they could be right,” he said in respond to a statement about the read option being just a trend. “Anybody can say whatever they want. I don’t have a crystal ball.”

Kelly also downplayed the difference between his offense and the west coast offense espoused by Reid and Kelly’s offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur.

“From the passing game schematic standpoint, a lot of the principles we threw at Oregon were west-coast principles. We’re very much on the same page. And the run game, we’re very similar on the same page, except we hand it off out of the shotgun instead of being under center. It depends how you look at it. We run power schemes, we run sweep schemes, we run inside zone, we run outside zone. Pat did all those things in Cleveland.”

If Kelly wants to lower the hype concerning his arrival in the NFL, it’s probably too late.  NFL fans and Eagles fans in particular can’t wait to see


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  • Last season being the “softest” team in the history of the National Football League that is exactly what this team needed.For 2 years now the Eagles have been painful to watch,I for one am beyond happy they are changing the culture of this football team!

  • No more Smurfs, midgets, dwarfs & Oompa Loomps, with high motors, will be a good start. Get tacklers, hitters & playmakers that are all 6’0″-6’6″ + & everything, will already be an improvement. For example, go back to last year, to see what this prior regime was all about, when Coleman got plowed over by Cribbs, in Cleveland. I thought his head came off, with the helmet. Lop off the dead meat, & get some Prime rib, & Filet mignon in here! Lets hope we have the butchers to do so! I’m not convinced, & I’m very skeptical & pessimistic, when it comes to Weaselman & Kelly. We’ll see????

    • ****Richardson, not Cribbs.****

  • Kelly also mentioned how he liked the fact that the are demons had 2 different Offenses in place
    1) One with a RO when RagaiII was playing
    2) Another when QB Cousins was playing

    I have stated since Kelly’s arrival that I would not be surprised to see 2 Basic Offenses to utilize both Vick & Foles during Games utilizing their Skill set and to keep Defenses at bay and having to prepare for both to Play during games
    Which I expect to happen depending on Opponent, Scote, who has the hot hand, etc, etc..

    • Paulman, thats exactly whats gonna happen, they did it in Washington and didnt skip a beat.

  • Kelly needs to find his Dawkins, McNabb, Reggie White, or Randal Cunningham
    His signature superstar difference maker to lead his team — The best player on defense is Ryans is not a superstar, and the best player on Offense, McCoy is a twitter dingbat.

  • I am on record as saying i didnt want chip kelly because I was under the impression he would throw throw throw (i am also on record for saying I dont watch my college ball)… but I want to 2 a 100% flip on what ive said because…..

    1. Chip Kelly will run the ball.
    2. Chip Kelly wants a bigger and meaner D.

    Amen Amen Amen.

    • *i want to do a 100% flip.

  • Star Lotulelei looked good in camp the other day. I’d be ok with him at #4. And if you think about it any of the top 5 sounds good to me. Geno Smith is the one that kind of worries me. I’m sure he will be a good QB in this league, but we need an impact player now.

  • Andrew, Could argue that Washington was better with a more traditional offense than the one run by RGIII (howls of disapproval – how dare you say that!!)

    Take a look at what happened to RGIII when he faced an opponent for the 2nd time:

    NYG 27 pts 17 pts
    Dall 38 pts 28 pts
    Phil 31 pts 27 pts

    Now I think this was a combination of things….and the beating he took played a role in his diminishing success over the second half….but the Read-option invites beatings (one reason I think its just a fad)

    The other factor is the MV in 2010 factor. Everyone suprised…..The read-option was brand new this year…..Ds were suprised and could not handle it….but they bgan to adjust…..there will be an even greater drop off in the RO’s effectiveness next season.

    Foles on the other hand…..he had 2 opportunities to face the same team:

    Dallas 17 pts (in 3 Qs) 33 pts
    Washington 6 pts 27 pts

    SUrvey sample was too small to determine if it is a trend or not….but Massive improvement in both games facing the same opponent. This bodes well.

    So I think whoever whichever team has him at the helm has a greater chance of long term success than will the Eagles running a “kill the QB” option attack.

    • so what your saying is….. I dont like Mike Vick and I will use every post-even posts about the D, to beat everyone over the head with this.

      Ok, got it Vin, thanks.

      • FU

        I post on here all the time about the D, and oline, and everything else.

        Here’s what happens:

        “True, we need new secondary”

        Wow. Exciting stuff.

        I will repeat what I’ve said a million times. Everyone agrees we need almost an entire new D. Everyone agrees the Oline sucks. Everyone disagrees about the QB situation. BUT, the QB situation is tha absolute most crucial of all the positions that need to be sorted out.

        I think its a shame we’re going to roll with about 6 scramblers over the next 3 years when I believe we have one pocket passer on the roster who could be better than all of them….and who plays a brand of football that often doesn’t get shown on ESPN highlight reels, but year after year wins the final game.

        • True Vinnie…you are right even though you post nonsense/garbage about the OLine/defense nothing of substance, general comments as you state above….shows you don’t know shit about the game…the only thing that kind of makes sense if the shit you talk about #7 (injuries, turnovers holding the ball at times) …Other than that, we can all tell you don’t know shit about the game of football. When Vick is done in Philly, I doubt we’ll hear much of anything from you! RealTalk!

  • Up tempo, quick read offense, double tight end sets, gashing runs, bubble screens with super-quick players. That is what I understand so far of what Kelly may be looking to assemble in Philly. He has repeatedly stated that he will taylor his offense and defense to the skills of his players, not force a “system” on players that don’t fit. The Oline will need to get healthy and hopefully add a player for the Birds to be successful. Using Casey and Celek on double TE sets for added blocking and flexibility. I can see new WR Benn turning his career around and being the “hybrid” type of player (much like Casey) that Kelly likes. There are alot of positives here, but just as much will need to happen before the start of the season.

  • Wow it only took till 2013 for the Eagles to realize that Football is a game for BIG men.

  • In truth, nobody knows what’s happening with the Eagles right now in terms of who is running things: Is it Kelly, is it Roseman?…If the latter, God help us.

    I liked the FA signings, almost all on the defensive side of the ball…Perhaps coach Davis had input here…Seems like we got a solid, if unspectacular, group of FAs who will give some backbone to the defense, thus saving on some draft picks.

    Last year, the Eagles defense looked like a dress rehearsal for the ‘New Age NFL’ which means no tackling allowed.

    As far as QB is concerned, Nick Foles is far and away the most talented QB and the one with the most potential on the roster…The signing of Vick gives me a lot of pause as to who is running what.

    If Geno Smith is signed, then debate over: He will be the ‘QB of the future’…This also makes me wonder…As far as these ‘flavor of the month’ QBs like Robert Griffin, or even Russel Wilson, this type of QB has never won a Super Bowl…Colin Kaepernick is of a different sort, a complete package, and someone who has been under the tutelage of an established coach in Harbaugh.

    ‘Traditional’ QBs like Flacco, Manning win championships…Kaepernick is more like these guys, but with the ability to run, too.

    In any case, it will be an interesting draft, training camp and season, as we find out what Kelly is really all about.

    • Not so! Frank Dialogue
      Enough of this ” only one type of QB can win a SuperBowl” hype. I remember at least one running QB named Steve Young who I believe may have won the big game. Steve Young ran for more yards than Randall Cunningham!

  • Oh, and one last point, gentleman: ‘Size matters’ when it comes to NFL QBs.

    Flacco, Manning, Rothlesberger, also Kaepernick and Foles are big, tall dudes…They can scan the field…Peyton Manning, too.

    You need this size in an era when defensive players are taller, bigger…
    QBs like Brees and Brady are exceptions that prove the modern rule.

  • Frank, Brady is a pretty big dude, I’m not positive but I think he’s like 6foot 6. Also quarterbacks and the position are evolving, one of those guys is going to win a superbowl. There’s not a guy in here that would’nt take anyone of those guys. I don’t understand how you could watch those guys play and not think that they are the real deal. I do agree with you about the Eagles qb’s though. I would love to just see us design an offense around Foles and see what he can do. I really like what I saw from him last year. He has the things that good NFL quarterbacks have, poise, pocket awarness, ability to move around the pocket and keep his eyes down field. I think were gonna give up on this kid and he’s gonna end up being the real deal. He’s been working with the manning’s since he was a young kid and even helped run there qb camps. Hopefully he gets a real shot at it.

  • Tom Brady is listed as 6-4 1/2″ Fyi

  • the Carson Palmer rule of you can’t hit QB’s in the knee and the expanded Tom Brady Rule,of you can’t lunge at the QB’s legs while on the ground changed the size of QB. 6’6” football players could now play QB in the league where before that size QB may have been consider too tall.
    I wonder how the new RB can’t use his helmet as a weapon rule will change the size of a RB. My first reaction is Eddie Lacy size RBs are gone. Will RB with karate chop fore arms emerge? Will water bug speedsters emerge? Will stand up straight running backs like Eric Dickerson emerge?

  • Na the Eagles will find a way to fuck that up. Nick Foles is a winner. He has mechanics to become a solid NFL QB. His poise in the pocket really impressed me a lot. The only thing i would like to see is for Foles to throw the deep ball better. A few floaters last yr. A part of me would like for the Eagles to draft Geno Smith with that 4th pick (if he’s available) and a part of me would like for the Eagles to trade out of that 4th spot and get more picks. So many directions the they can go in

  • No way in hell Tom Brady is 6 4, and good post dman

  • dman…Foles is a winner? what have he won?

    He’s not even in the same class as Geno Smith.

    • How is that Songs? That Foles isn’t in the same class as Geno Smith?

      Geno Smith, hasn’t established a class for himself, basically because hasn’t played a down in the NFL. I guess he wouldn’t be in JaMarcus Russell class when he came out either huh?

      This has always been my theory, as to how some guys think on here in reference to the latest, and so called greatest during the pre-draft period. All of the sudden, all the new available talent becomes more experienced, and better than whats already established.

      Fact is, Geno Smith isn’t in the same class as most QB in the league, including Nick Foles;

      At least Foles has had success as a starter, and has established himself as having the potential to be the guy, based on his play, not on assumed hype like Geno Smith.

      He will be forced to start with whatever team that drafts him (It won’t be the Eagles), and he will show by his play, that he wasn’t ready to handle it yet. But some will reason that, we should give him a chance, because they saw him do some things at West Virginia, that you are holding on to that doesn’t translate to the pros…….He isn’t in Foles Class..

      • I respect your answer cliff but it makes no sense, so guys like Griffin and Luck wasn’t in the same class when they were drafted of guys already in the league? Using that premise everybody drafted in the first round is overvalued while I agree that teams shouldn’t hand positions to guys just because of where they were drafted it happens every year in the NFL. And to say Nick Foles showed success last year is a stretch.

        • @Biggie – RGIII, and Luck hadn’t established their quote unquote class until they actually performed in the league. They were drafted on well established performances in college;

          Performances not equaled by Geno Smith, who is okay but rated as the top by default because no one else has shown the same level of talent, but doesn’t possess some vital skills to be considered in RGIII, or Lucks Class even before he is drafted.

          and EJ Manual, who was average at best.

          For the expectations of a 3rd Round Pick; He did have success, and proved himself worthy of being considered the franchise QB, despite the overly critical, criticism from those who post on here

  • DCAR – Stop it. I could not stop laughing at your post….Thought his head came off…

    While it was horrific to watch our defense get plowed, the 1 and 2 wide receivers on the Eagles are soft as marsh mellows. 120lb “Disappear “Jackson and “fine a soft spot to fall” Maclin are garbage when you compare them to what Boldin and Fitzgerald do, grabbing the ball and run after catch.

    Desean Jackson has not lifted a weight or ate a full meal his entire career. He’s motivated to get paid and that’s it. He got paid and took the season off. I said all along that paying him was a mistake and he proved it.

    Shady, Celek and Avant have no problem with contact, but Jackson and Maclin are the softy brothers and should be replaced with a SEC receiver with speed. Take your pick, they are all tougher than those 2 marsh mellows.

    • bsm, can’t disagree with you one bit!

  • Let me ask you this gmcliff, if foles is as good as you think he is, why is Kelly bringing in all these other qbs, traveling around watching other qbs, with the owner for smith

    May be the better question is with the evidence above what evidence do you have my friend that the eagles are not picking smith and are sold on foles?

    • Due diligence, Posturing for more draft picks, and making the point that, you better work hard, because anybody can be replaced so bring your A game.

      We already have our QB, and our backup QB for the future, is in next years draft. We will draft a O-lineman – Fisher or Joeckel, or a Defensive player – Lotululai, Jordan, or Ansah, – which could be had even if they trade down.

      Gamble knows he needs more picks, and drafting a QB, at 4 limits their ability to address more pressing needs on defense.

      We are not drafting Geno Smith to be our QB, unless we are selecting him for someone else.

    • Unless we draft Mike Scott in the 4th Round….

      • Who is Mike Scott? Do you mean Matt Scott from AZ? I don’t think it makes sense to hope and get your franchise QB next year because you have no idea where you’ll be drafting.

        • Not a hope BTC, just the fact that there will be better talent available next year, so why compromise a high draft pick on a talent that isn’t all that anyway.

          and yes Matt Scott…..

          • And whoever it is that they draft will be playing behind Foles anyway….

  • @big, did you read Reuben Frank’s article where he did an analysis of foles rookie year and how was near the top in most categories compared to qbs considered elite, some hall of famers I believe

    You say you have played football in college, I have as well, and I know you watch a lot of football and you strike me as an intelligent poster, so I must conclude you know, should have some idea of talent

    You have watched foles, did you see the same presence in the pocket like I did

    Did you see him stare down field, knowing he was going to take a hit, still deliver the ball

    Did you see him step up in the pocket under pressure and make the throw

    Do you believe the scouts who says he’s got an nfl arm capable of making the big throws, or are you going to believe the many who just throw out there that he has a weak arm because he threw the ball with a broken hand

    I am just trying to explore the thought process behind your statements, sentiments that foles is not that good

    • I did read it Jake and actually I have changed my tune a bit with Foles, if given a fair shot of running a traditional offense he is the best on the roster. I just think Kelly is jerking his chain and messing with his NFL future. If Kelly’s bread and butter is the read option then stop screwing with the kid get whatever you can draft Smith or Scott and move on.

  • Jake there is quite a bit I do like about Foles with his pocket presence being above average. I don’t get into arm strength nonsense because Chad Pennington was somewhat successful and my 50 year old arm was better then his.

  • Gmcliff said it so it must be done, it’s foles as the starter

  • But, seriously, it ain’t happening, gmcliff works in the world where talent, smarts prevail, but that’s not the real world, the eagles brass doesn’t think like gmcliff, so

    See you later nick foles

    • That is true. My comments are purely based on what I would do if I were GM, not necessarily what exactly what the Eagles WILL do.

      But, I do think they will hold on to Foles. He is the best talented QB skill wise on the roster. The defense, would be my focus.
      I would trade Daryll Tapp for a 4th Round Pick.
      Danny Watkins, and a future 3rd Round Pick, for a 2013 3rd Round Pick.

      I would swap picks with the Jets at #9, their 3rd Round Pick, and Darelle Revis for our #4, Trent Cole, Evan Mathis, and a conditional future #1 2015.

      I would trade Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Graham, and a future #1 in 2016, & 2018 to the Minnesota Vikings, for their 2 #1’s. …and trade down using the later pick into the 2nd Round, and continue trading down for extra picks.

      1a. Ezekiel Ansah DE/OLB
      1b. Star Lotululei DE/DT
      1c. DJ Fluker OG/OT

      2a. Jonathan Cyprian FS
      2b. Larry Warford OG
      2c. Jamie Collins OLB/ILB

      3a. Terron Armstead OT
      3b. Quinton Patton WR
      3c. Sio Moore SS/OLB

      4a Da’Rick Rogers WR
      4b.Montori Hughes DT
      4c.Matt Scott QB
      4d.Ty Powell LB
      4e. B.W Webb CB

      5a .Michael Williams TE
      5b. Marc Harrison WR

      6. Manase Fuketi OG/OT
      7 Ray Ray Armstrong S/ST

      • So you want to get rid of one of our best defensive players in Graham and one of our best offensive players in Maclin? Then you want to draft a guy who has little experience playing football and who might be much older than people thought? Luckily out FO doesn’t think like that. That being said, this is a draft where’d I’d definitely be ok trading back.

        • That’s exactly why they haven’t been able to win a SuperBowl either BTC.

          Overvaluing talent like a mediocre Graham,(Thats the point he isn’t one of our best defensive players) a washed up Trent Cole, a one trick pony in Jason Babin, still not being able to identify talent at the linebacker position. Etc, etc, etc…..Conner Barwin is this years Jason Babin – Your right they don’t think like me – That’s unfortunate because they probably may have won 2-3 SuperBowls, drafting the right players

          Maclin is going to want big money next year, and I relieve myself of that headache. A decent player, yes, but not really all that, especially when I can improve my team…..He can be replaced, and I can get two potential All Pro’s……..

          yes, I would trade both of them especially Graham, who I am not the least bit impressed by. I would take him, and his one okay season, and ship his ass to Minnesota…………he is not good enough!!

          Just like I said about Dan Connor, but Graham doesn’t suck, he’s just limited in his impact.

          BTW, how did that Dan Connor experiment work out for the Cowboys?
          Just like I said,” HE SUCKS”

          • Who cares about Dan Connor and what does he have to do with the Eagles? I just don’t see how you can devalue Graham the way you do. I think you’re just down on his first couple years which was all injury related. He was named to PFF’s All NFC east team and runner up on ESPN’s all NFC east team.

            Fair point on Maclin’s contract but DJax is the ultimate one trick pony. DJax should be traded IMO; not Maclin. Maclin just needs a QB. Foles was looking like that guy last year.

            • The Eagles agree with me there. I told all of the haters that DeSean wasn’t going anywhere, and he was given the contract he should have gotten the year before…….and I will say it again DeSean isn’t going anywhere.

              Returning Punts, and leading the team in total yards, even though he missed the last few games of the season, I don’t see a one trick pony.

              Brandon Graham is booty BTC. Who cares what accolades he got, to me it never translated in to consistent dominance, and it wouldn’t because he is limited in his impact. You cant’t sell me on Brandon Graham.

              • The eagles agree with you? I’d say you agree with them. You can’t rip the front office then pat yourself on the back when they make a move that you predicted.

                And as for Brandon Graham, I’ll take multiple experts’ opinions on Graham who get paid mega bucks over yours. I also saw it with my own eyes during the games he played in. Graham will be a pro bowler this year. Lock it up.

              • If you think Brandon Graham is going to be a Pro Bowler, you honestly need him, to prove to you that I am equally as knowledgeable as these who you claim get paid mega bucks, and are wrong year after year.

                What are you going to say when he doesn’t become a Pro Bowler besides GMCliff, I wear a size medium t-shirt?

            • Oh, BTW, the Dan Connor reference was toward all those who have questioned me in reference to what would be good for the Eagles. I was right about him.

              I see that Brandon Graham, is this years Babin, and Dan Connor, and I will be right again……..

  • Why would the Vikings Trade their 2 First Round Picks GMCliff
    For Future Picks?? They made the Playoffs last Season and with the Bears having. new Coaching Staff and the Lions still needing a Quality Defense to contend, the Vikings will most likely contend for a Wild-Card Spot behind RB Peterson and new WR Jennings along with up and coming TE Rudolph
    Peters on’s window is not for much longer, so why trade 2 1st Rounders to a NFC Competitor for Future Picks, makes little sense from their perspective don’t you think, they have New Stadium being built and will ride AP as much as possible, he’ll Cassell may even beat out Ponder at QB for them

  • I see 2 AFC Teams as possible Trade Partners (Bills or Jets)
    The Bills for mthe #4 Pick to get QB Geno Smith
    Or a Deal with Jets involving QB Foles for CB Revis with Draft picks involved
    Whether they swap Positions in Round 1 or 2
    Since Jets are tight on $$ and still Sanchez’s High Salary, it’s very unlikely
    For them to be interested in Geno Smith at this time until Sanchez is off their books and Foles is relatively Cheap right now and of course has a good relationship with Jets new OC Marty M and could get the Jets Offense up and running with a minimal learning curve
    If Eagkes make no Deals/Trades, , then I believe they Draft DE/OLB Dion Jordan with the #4 Pick to play opposite of Barwin which makes Trent Cole and
    Possibly Brandon Graham expendable

    • At this point, I’d be shocked if we draft defense at #4. Our offense wasn’t much better than the defense last year and we’ve already filled a number of holes on defense through FA.

      • Get Ready to be shocked……The only offensive player they will draft in the 1st Round, is an O-Lineman.

        And if you imagine that the Offense, is as much of a priority than the Defense, then maybe there is the problem in your thinking.

    • Foles isn’t going anywhere…again; just like last year with DeSean Jackson you will be wrong again my friend….

      • D-Jax didn’t earn his big deal from last year and didn’t even return Punts
        He has this year to prove to me that he is worth his contract and indeed not a 1-Trick Pony, his last 2 Seasons have been nothing but mediocre production wise if you ask me GMCliff

        • But his production is better than Maclin, and any other Receiver on the team,

          • gm, DJax is just as a big of a pu$$y as Maclin. & what production do you speak of, he has done nothing for the last 2 years? Like I said 2 years ago, he should have been given his walking papers, especially after quitting on the 2011 season, & Vincent Jackson should have been signed, in FA instead! Both Maclin & he, should be axed, with the rest of mutts! Both are small, fragile, overrated, over-hyped, prima donnas, made out of tissue paper, in which neither are true #1 WR’s! If this is the starting OF that we go into the season with, we could be looking at your starting QB (Vick), & both your starting WR’S (DJax & Maclin) on the DL!

  • I think they will grab an OT in the 2nd Round since they signed 2 CB’
    & 2 Safeties.. They signed TE/FB Casey and WR Benn so I sense a
    Pass-Rusher De/OLB or DT with 1st Round pick and then OL with 2nd RoundPick

  • I say Dion Jordan at #4 and OL Jonathoon Cooper, Justin Pugh or Kyle Long
    (In that order) at #35 depending who is on the Board at #35
    And I would be fine with these first 2 Selection

    • Paul, don’t dismiss the possibility of drafting Star Lotululei. If Jordan slips to #4, the Eagles will draft him without a second thought of Geno Smith.

      I like Cooper, but they wont draft him. They can grab that OG in the 2nd Round

      I don’t like Pugh, or Long as pros at all…….

      • I like them both in Kelky’s fast paces Offense, your player Fluker wouldn’t last a half laying at this new Tempo Kelly will emply

        • I think he proved himself at his pro day that he is a legit NFL Player; I think he would be fine.

          Chip Kelly, did say he wants Bigger Guys who can knock guys off the ball, and beat people up. At 6-5 338lbs, and Warford at 6-3 342lbs, I see what he wants, and should draft.

          • Fluker is Andre Smith 2.0! Another fat pig, who’ll be pushing 400 lb’s in 2-3 years! No thanks! Same goes for Warmack. He’s Max Jean-Gillies 2.0! No thanks, I’ll pass on them both! I’d take Joeckel, Fisher, Johnson, Warford, Long, & Cooper, over their lard @$$e$! They all would fit Kelly’s scheme better. Fluker is not a 1st round draft pick, & Warmack is not a high 1st rounder either. IMHO, they both would be reaches.

            • DJ Fluker would be an All Pro Guard in the NFL.

              DCar did you see BTC’s Post that Brandon Graham was a stone cold lock to be an all pro this upcoming season? What do you think? I can imagine what you are going to say, but I want to see it in writing.

              I laughed hard before I could respond to that ridiculous statement.

              • Maybe at guard. But not here, & not 1st round worthy. 2nd? Possibly? You & I, have a better shot, at being All-Pro’s, than Graham. He doesn’t fit in a 3-4, & will be nothing more than a rotational, situational, pass rusher, the remainder of his career! These Nimrods on here, act like he set the NFL on fire, last year. He was an okay player, on a horrific DF! 5.5 sacks & 39 tackles, isn’t exactly future HOF #’s! Put down the bong fellas!

  • Connor barwin is artificially strong, he played forward on the bball team at cincy playing more his natural weight, beefed up for the combine, even more so now, that picture of him on another article says it all, if you played, been to the gym, you know what I’m talking about

    So yes gmcliff, he does remind me of babin, and eventually he will fade and get pushed around like babin

    • I disagree with your Barwin Assesment, he is much more athletic that many fans think.. He can drop in pass coverage, run to the ball and has more natural strength than let’s say a Paul Kruger or current Eagles Trent Cole or Brandon Graham who probably are not fits in this new 3-4 Schene they will employ, Graham nay have a chance but Trent Cole us the odd-nan out and will probably be dealt to the Collts/Browns or Patriots come Draft weekend.

      • Conner Barwin is nothing special Paul. They need to draft some impact to play behind him, and be proactive in recognizing that they have nothing special in him…He is a name, but not the long term solution at OLB.

        I think his impact on this team will be marginally average.

        • He is better than the other OLB out there (Kruger)
          He is not the sole answer no doubt, now if they Draft a
          dion Jordan with #4 or Collins in the 2nd Round to play opposite
          Of Barwin, than they have something

          • Yes Sir!!!! yes they would!!! I would love that……

          • I disagree that he is better than Kreuger….especially with his meager 4 sack season last year. He won’t even be as productive as Babin.

            We can do so much better than Connor Barwin.

            • Krueger had a good last 6 games of the season, Cleveland way over paid for him. Barwin is a better player and will do better here in Philly than Krueger in Cleveland, mark my words.

              As far as the statement that Barwin is product of “beefing up” for the combine, the guy has performed at a high level in Houston for a number of years. He is a proven player.

  • The smart move would be to trade down and get picks or draft one of the three lineman, or Jordan, but the eagles rarely do the smart things, especially recently

    Geno smith at 4

    • Drafting Geno Smith would not be smart Jake……….

  • The only way the Eagles Draft Geno Smith is if they have a Deal with the Jets to Send Foles and a combo of Avant & Trent Cole or Nate Alken for Revis…the Jets need bodies and can’t do anything until Revis and his $15 Million are off the their books

    • I agree with that scenario Paul, with the exception of Foles being part of the deal, but it could include the #4, and #9 1st Round Picks….

      I’m going to tell you again Foles isn’t going anywhere……..

  • I hope not because I like Foles prospects of becoming a very good NFL QB, but I question whether he can be successful in Kelly’s fast tempo, variation of a RO Ofeense which ago led would struggle big time with for it does not suit his skill set at all as I have stated many times before and unless Kelly utilizes 2 different sets of base Offenses, Foles will not be the long-Term answer as the QB of the Eagles moving forward who h is why Kelly has an intersect in EJ Nanuel and Mike Scott..

    • Remember your evaluation of Thaddeus Young, and how strongly you felt he wasn’t a player?

      Well look who has established himself as a borderline All- Star? Keep that in mind…..

      Kelly has an interest in every prospect in the draft. So What. That doesn’t mean he is going to draft them. EJ Manual is an overhyped bum. Matt Scott, who I do like will be a better pro than Manual, and Smith, but is a project right now.

      Foles is the future QB of the Franchise, and I have no reason to backpedal from that statement. Chip Kelly’s approach to the offense won’t change that.

      I’m surprised you saying this Paul. Last Offseason Foles was YOUR GUY!!

      • Your not listening GMCliff. How many times do I have to post that I like Foles chances to be a good NFL QB. but not in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo Offense where the QB has to throw on the move a out and this is not Fooes strength..
        It’s not what I think about any Player, it show they fit in this new Eagle Schemes and System that they will employ.

        Do I think Trent Cole is a solid Player, yes I do, do I think he fits with the Eagles new 3-4 Scheme, no I do not.. You understand???

        • Yes I do Good Brother………

          • And on Thaddues Young, an close All-Star, really.. C’mon Cliff
            Your better than Mathis, Thad is a nice Apkayer who would strictly bee a 6th/7th Man off the Bench for the Top 10-12 Teams in the NBA

            • You still don’t get it. He would start on every team except the Heat, as they are built now with LeBron. Don’t forget he was also on the ballot with Jrue Holiday.

              My point in mentioning Thad is there are times your evaluations are flawed, by not being able to see the true talent of a player; At least as far as basketball is concerned…..LOL!!!!

              • Averaging 15 Pts a Game and 7.5 Rebounds a game for a bad Team that has no other real scoring options with a below average shooting% and questionable ball handling skills is not what I think
                Is a near an All-Star Player in my book, but I do not follow the NBA much and hate what the NBA Game has become and stand by my assessment that Thadd Young is an average NBA Player, nothing more, nothing less
                Your telling us that Thadd Young would be a Starter for the Bulls, Spurs, Clipppers, Thunder, Knicks,Pacers, Nuggets, Grizzlies and Nets over their Current Forwards.. I doubt that very much but to each their own

              • Thad is a player, with no true position. A true tweener, with no skill set to fit anywhere! He’s too small, frail, & weak to be a PF! His ball skills & shooting is not good enough to be a SF! He’s allergic to contact, like the rest of the team, & is skilled, but very flawed player. He also got waaaay overpaid!

              • We agree to disagree. You forgot to mention that he has lead the team in scoring for stretches when Holiday wasn’t on his game, and is considered one of the better defensive players in the league.

                Also during that contract year, a lot of teams called his agent about bringing Thaddeus in, but the Sixers had exclusive rights to negotiate first. Some of those teams were the Spurs, Pacers, and Knicks. Your both wrong about Thad.

              • gm, Thad is the NBA version of Graham, an okay, undersized, tweener, without a true position. Nothing more, nothing less. I like Thad, but he is not, nor ever will be a difference maker. He’s just a guy, & couldn’t care less, if he got the boot. Nobody on this team, is an untouchable.

  • Eagles have a dearth of superstars on this roster. Since before the last draft Howie has been claiming the Eagles draft stradegiy is to draft best play available. Use the #4 pick to find a superstar like AJ Green, Patrick Peterson, Joe Thomas, or Aldon Smith. The Eagles need elite players. Use the #4 pick on an elite player.

    • Eagles do not have a “dearth” of Superstars on this Team
      1 truly All-Pro Caliber Player and that’s RB McCoy, please don’t overvalue/overhype Vick, D-Hax as Superstars for they have Won nothing in their Careers and are not anywhere consistent enough to even be in the conversation as Top Players in their positions..
      In fact both Vick & D-Jax ranked average to below average versus their counterparts statistically speaking and have been parts of a team that has been 12-22 in their last 34 NFL Games as Eagles

  • Gmcliff, you are the most knowledgeable here, the eagles don’t think like you do, I see the same things in foles that you do, but it will go unnoticed, I hope I am wrong

    I want chance warmack as a beast John Hannah type, or Jordan , followed by fisher and big Luke

    Draft an interior lineman, build around the best qb you have in the system right now.

    • Is this an oxymoron post, because GMCliff hates Warmack?

      • I don’t dislike him E0S, I think he is a player. I just don’t think it’s wise to take him at 4, when Larry Warford, DJ Fluker, Alvin Bailey, and Brian Winters are just as talented, and I can get in the later Rounds.

        • Agreed! I thought you were touting, taking Fat boy Fluker at #4! LMFBO!!! My bad!

          • No DCar, he will go in the 1st Round but between 15-20.

            • Not happening. But if your right, I will not except a “Kiss your @$$ club” T-shirt! So don’t get any bright ideas! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

              • pwahahahahah!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

    • John Hannah was an OT, completely different Pisition than Guard
      So poor comparison..I like Warmack also but would prefer Jonathon Cooper in the 2nd Round or Larry Warford in the 3rd..
      You don’t spend a #4 Pick for an interior OL
      Eagles have to get a Defensive Playmaker with 4th Pick and it looks like OLb Dion Jordan or CB Milliner to me is the best pick at the Spot
      Then grab OL in the 2nd/3rd Rounds since they Have Peters, Herrenans returni g as OT’s and Kelce at Center and have players Mathis/Watkins locked up for a couple of Seasons so no need to use a 1st Round Pick at OL
      In my Opinion..

      • We are still on the same page here on that topic of Warmack….Great Post as usual Paul!!

      • I think Howie screwed up not making a strong push for Sabastian Vollmer, who has re-signed with the Patriots. He would have made it easier to not be handcuffed to draft an OT in the 1st when when IMO, we need to focus on the defense for the majority of the draft.

        I really like Jonathan Cyprian at S, and Jamie Collins, at OLB in the 2nd Round

        I like Terron Armstead in the 3rd Round Paul at OT

        I like Blidi Wreh Wilson in the 3rd, and B.W. Webb in the 4th at CB

        I think we could use players like Quinton Patton, Da’Rick Rogers, and Marc Harrison, – Big, Fast, Smart Receivers, that can take some pressure off DeSean.

        Tell me what you think Paul, DCar, or anybody, about my guy Ty Powell LB out of Harding University.

        • I wanted Vollmer badly, too! :((
          Winston is still out there. Powell is going to be a good player! What round, 4th-5th? I really am liking ROLB Michael Buchanan, ROLB William Gholston, ROLB Cornelius Washington, OLB Chase Thomas, & OLB Lerentee McCray, around then also.

          • I think that Cornelius Washington will be as good or better than Jarvis Jones, in the Pros

          • I think that Cornelius Washington will be as good or better than Jarvis Jones, in the Pros. Ty Powell in the 4th.

            • Me too! Sounds good. IMHO, JJ, has bust & injury waiting to happen, written all over him.

      • Dear Mr. Paulman:

        The credential committee of gcobb.com regrets to inform you, after careful consideration, that your status as the second most knowledgeable talent evaluator has been irrevocably revoked. This decision is based on a rash of grossly misinformed posts, the most significant of which was your post above, that John Hannah was an NfL tackle.

        In your stead the committee has elevated Mr. Jakedog. If you have any questions, please direct them to Mr. Jakedog.

        Very truly yours

        The credential committee of gcobb.com


        • Paulman is the king of gcobb for his James Casey first free agent signing prognostication – massively over paid Casey but he called it.

        • LOL!!!!!!! pWHWHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

          • I also called the Eagles would heavily pursue and be very interested in NT Soapaga, LB Barwin & Safety Kenny Phillips so this was a Good Free-Agency Period for “Paulmandonis” ..
            Back to the Draft

        • Poor Paulman! The modern day Rodney Dangerfield! You still the man Paul! XD

          • I am suspending myself with full pay and benefits of course, until Draft Weekend…

  • All gcobb posters should be required to read gmcliff as a primer on talent evaluation, followed by paulman as a close second, and dcar takes the bronze

    • God I sure hope the Eagles don’t take a guard at 4. You can’t be serious.

    • My old lady, said she’s going to bronze my Johnson, when I die! I’ll take the bronze, could be worse! LOL!!!!!!

      • LOL!!!!!!

  • I am damn serious, this guy will dominate for years to come ,you have bought onto the popular myth that a guard is not a first round pick, well in light of the Watkins debacle, it’s not that unreasonable, but chance is the best pick for the eagles, build around foles

  • True eos, he’s wrong on tht pick, but gmcliff is the big dog on talent evaluation, not even close

  • Eagles need 1 more 2nd Round Pick so their smartest overall move is to Trade back to #4 to a Team that wants a shot at Geno Smith like Buffalo, Cleveland
    Vikings and get and additional pick or two.. If Eagles can get 3 total picks
    out of the Top 50 Selections, they can get Starting Players at OLB, DT and Guard or CB Bd improve 3 Positions of need with Young Talent

    • Yes, I agree Paul. In fact as many picks as they can get.

      At least 1-2 more second Round Picks, and more 3rd, and 4th Round Picks where the gems are in the draft.

  • My fear is that Eagles believe they have solved their depth issues on Defense with their signings, I agree that more Picks are needed but kinda doubt that will trade some Veteran players (Like Cole, Graham, Maclin,Mathis) toor future high Picks to acquire them so I think they go DT,OLB, OL with their early Picks then fill out Safety/CB in the Mid-Rpunds than DL/OL in late Rounds
    I would rather them shed Vereran Ayers as I listed who I don’t think fit their new schemes wellness and who still have Trade Calue but doubt that it will happen
    I will check out that LB Aty Powell closer and let you know my thoughts,
    I really do like J Collins from Southern Miss

  • Vollmer re-signed with the Pats. So does this mean the Eagles will go after Eric Winston? Or do the Eagles think they are ok along the offensive line. Man i sure hope they don’t leave Herrman’s at tackle and Watkins at guard.

    • It means they likely could go with Fisher or Joeckel at #4.

      • Unless they sign Winston, or Andre Smith before the draft which is possible, but who knows with them.

  • I hope they take a defensive player with the #4 pick, I would like an elite pass rusher. I wouldn’t mind trading down a couple spots and taking Ziggy. Then take someone like Menelik Watson in round 2…

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