• January 21, 2022

It’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft Time

The NFL free agency period is virtually over and it’s time for teams to focus on the draft.  There’s been all type of talk about Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel, West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher, Oregon linebacker/defensive end Dion Jordan,

Here’s a look at my top ten right now and it’s sure to change.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel, OT Texas A&M

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Geno Smith, QB West Virginia

3. Oakland Raiders –  Sharrif Floyd, DT Florida

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Dion Jordan, LB/DE Oregon

5. Detroit Lions – Barkevious Minko, LB/DE LSU

6. Cleveland Browns – Dee Milliner, CB Alabama

7. Arizona Cardinals – Eric Fisher, OT Central Michigan

8. Buffalo Bills – Matt Barkley, QB USC

9.  New York Jets – Ezekiel Ansah, LB/DE BYU

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack, OG Alabama



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  • I guess G thinks Connor Barwin is playing strongside because you don’t draft strongside OLB at number 4 to cover Tight Ends. (#4 picks are elite pass rushers) It also hints at what G thinks &/or believes the Eagles think of Brandon Graham.

    • I really don’t like Brandon Graham in the 3-4 scheme. I would trade him.

    • If the Eagles drafted Dion Jordan, I’m not so sure it would be any indication of what they necessarily thought of Brandon Graham or Connor Barwin. It could be that Dion Jordan is the best player available and that’s the route the Eagles would go as have many teams in the past. Many seem to think Dion Jordan would be a project type player for a year or two and Connor Barwin’s contract is extremely team friendly so perhaps the thinking could be that Barwin is a year or two stop gap player while Dion is groomed. Also, you can never have too many play makers.

      I personally think the Eagles go OT or DT. Our o-line is getting long in the tooth and there’s no guarantee how healthy Peters will be when he gets back.

      • Yes it is……..

  • The Eagles could also be in play for a deal with the Jets, for Revis, the # 9 pick, and a 3rd, for the #4, Cole, and Mathis.

    And look at who Gary has mocked at #9 – Ziggy Ansah
    If I were Howie , I would also grab another #1 and draft- Star Lotululei, or Sheldon Richardson to play the other DE spot, with Fletcher Cox

    • Scott Pioli doesn’t have a job anymore because he reached for Tyson Jackson and Dontari Poe, so you better be right GMCliff.

      • He doesn’t have a job because the Chiefs weren’t very good as a team. Their chemistry, scheme, and production was terrible as a whole. Not because of drafting those two.

  • G has Chance Warmack to Titans, plus added Andy Levitre in free agency. Putting Warmack on that line with Roos and Levitre , CJ2k may return from hibernation.

    • Titans have had an exellent Off-Season and will suprise many in 2013
      They are now built for smash-mouth Football with CJ2K and bruiser Shon Green

  • Vinnie up there near Buffalo will get a pocket white QB to watch every 1:00 pm on CBS for free at pick number 8, LOL

  • I still think we should grab Jarvis Jones at #4. Or even if we trade down. The kid is a player. I don’t care about the combine or the pro day. I care about the tape. The tape says he can play OLB.

    • Birdo, full disclosure, I really only saw Jarvis Jones play in one game which was against Alabama. He looked terrible.

      • btc….Exactly right! That tells me two things. Either you shrink in big moments (McNabb) or you can’t hang with the big boys.Also, Have you looked at his arms? He might have like 15 inch biceps. I have bigger biceps than this kid. He looks real scrawny to me. I bet you he is like 230 saying he is 245. And even at 245, that is small!

        • He’s the same size as Von Miller.

          • And he recorded 2 sacks in the Bama game.

            • He also has Spinal Stenosis & ISN’T Von Miller! Injury bust, written all over him!

              • He was cleared of the Spinal Stenosis, doctors said he never even had it. And im just giving player references. People are saying he’s small but he’s the same size as Miller and is bigger than Patrick Willis so i’m not sure why that conversation is even happening.

              • Stay away from Jarvis Jones for health reasons and Manti Teo and Chase Thomas for they are way overrated all will have short NFL Careers and make little impact in the NFL. I tyhink Jarvis Jones will play well, but for a couple of Seasons only..

              • He wasn’t cleared! He got his own private Doctor to clear him! 5 other Doctors didn’t clear him, including the Combine crew, who are as thorough as they come! I don’t give a rats @$$, if he is the same size as Miller & Willis, he ain’t either of them! Are you F^#@ING high on bath salts?!? You just compared him to 2 of the best LB’s in the NFL! GTFO!!! Also, he is a lazy bum! He did nothing at the Combine & didn’t even properly prepare himself, for his Pro-day workout! Go learn something, before you get caught up in bogus hype!

  • Im fine with just about any of these guys.

    Id take an OLB or a CB before an OT but…. im fine with Smith too but I dont see in happening. I like what they are doing. Im was a sceptic at first but I like what we are working on.

  • I would be fine with Joekel or Fisher, Lotulelei, Milliner, or even Jordan. I want no parts of Geno Smith or Jarvis Jones. I would rather take Warmack at #4 than one of those two which will be both be busts here in Philly. Smith is a bust period I think. Akili Smith comes to mind. Jones would be decent if he landed in Baltimore or Pittsburgh but he will suck here.

  • Birdo….THANK GOD Howie is impressed by the combine!! That should keep us clear away from Jones. I am sure his TAPE against Mississippi Tech, Central Alabama, and Georgia Southern looks great. How did he look against the Tide??

    • J bird please name one defensive player that played great against Alabama this past season. I’ll wait.

  • Barring any trades, & with all of the innuendo, being thrown about, that’s how I see the top 10 going. I DON’T LIKE IT! If we waste #4 on a project like Dion, who isn’t ready to play in the NFL, & is already hurt, it will hurt this team for 2-4 years! We either have to draft a day 1 stud, or trade down, for additional picks. It will be a colossal mistake, if we draft projects, or injury concerns, like Smith, Jordan, Lotuleilei, & Jarvis Jones. Either trade down, or draft 1 of the O-linmen, Millner, Floyd, or Mingo.

    • IMHO, Joeckel, Fisher, Millner, Floyd, Mingo & Cooper, are can’t miss, plug & play studs. Warmack, is Max Jean-Gillies 2.0! In no way, shape, or form, does he warrant, a top 10 pick.

      • DCar, I don’t think any prospect is can’t miss. I personally feel that Millner, Floyd, and Mingo AREN’T can’t miss.

    • Mingo is not half the player dion jordan will be and you cant draft a cb with the 4th pick in the draft unless hes a deion sanders/patrick peterson and millner is no where near that level.The safetest pick is the ot fisher who will be a pro bowl player for 10 years .,

      • I like it Joe……

  • jbird — WHO looked good against the Tide? Tell me WHO

    • Johnny Football looked good against the Tide as did OT Joeckel
      Abd their Wr’s

  • To me the OT is a no-brainer. Does anyone realize just how much Todd Herremans sucks as a RT????? Any idea at all?? He fucking blows as RT!!! It is not just Danny Watkins that is an issue. If they don’t sign Eric Winston or draft Joekel or Fisher the O line will continue to be a problem next year and the offense will continue to sputter.

    • Agree 100% jbird! O-line is arguably as bad as, the Secondary, with, or without, the injury returnees! Peters, IMHO, should be cut, & Herremans isn’t a kid anymore. Not to mention, the entire right side, is a black hole!

      • Why would we cut arguably one of the best LTs in the NFL?

        • bc24, because he’s 31, 340+ lb’s, coming off of 2 torn Achilles tendons, is an O-linemen, who needs to use his lower body for power, leverage & push-off’s, & is slated to make $10.4M, with a cap hit of $11M. That’s why! BTW, he was, one of the best LT in the NFL! That’s 2 seasons ago, before all of the issues! Use your noodle!

      • Honest assessment. JP is now Tra Thomas circa 2008. Not PB but very solid. Mathis is under rated and very good OG. Kelce is a top ten C in a year or two. Heremans is servicable as an OG for another year or two. Just servicable. RT you have nothing. So how you could reach for Jordan or Geno Smith is beyond me. The idea right now should be this: Barwin is LOLB and Graham is ROLB. And that’s it. There is no way the guy you spent the 13th pick in the draft on should be backing up Trent Cole in his FOURTH season. Especially when he was so much better than Cole last year. It wasn’t even close. Cole needs to be gone. Seems to me Atl needs a 4-3 DE. They should give them a call. So unless you don’t think much of Barwin and Graham, OLB should not be what you are looking for. Also, how is Curry going to be an OLB??. He has no great pass rush skills. They need to feed him and see if he can play DE. He will be a wasted pick as an OLB. You spent a 2nd rd pick on a guy that is now going to be your number four OLB according to what I am hearing right now?? Thats a waste of a pick!! Curry can get up to 285-290. rain him as a DE. He is a run defender anyway. He is a high motor, try hard guy that lacks elite pass rush skills.

  • Birdo…they should definitely draft your boy. I didn’t want Kelly and I hated the D coordinator they hired. And they didn’t get one single stud from FA. So drafting Jarvis Jones will infuriate me. So that means they will do just that.

    • Jarvis Jones has dropped toward the end of the first Round to the mid 2nd Round…….FYI

  • Gm….I actually agree with the talking heads that say Pitt will take Jones at 17. And he will probably succeed there. He just won’t make it here. Don’t ask me why I think that. I just know the Eagles. I know their luck. They have to draft can’t miss guys or they will blow up in their face.

  • Players with the biggest Drops from January

    LB Jarvis Jones .. (Top 5 Prospect to Mid-Late 1st Rounder at best)
    LB Manti Teo …(Top ILB Prospect, a Top 15 Player to mid-late 2nd ROund and perhapes drops into the 3rd)
    DE Damontre Moore (was a Top DE Prospect and a Top 10 Pick, his work ethic and dedication have been questioned, only lifted 225lbs like 11 times at the Indy Combines, Ran slow at Combins and Texas A&M Workout day, seems disinterested and appears aloof & immature in Interviews per NFL Sources.. HAs Talent but questionable heart and passion and is more liekly a end of 1st/early 2nd Round Selection
    QB Matt Barkely .. (Top Rated QB all last Year and a sure Fire Top 5 Pick is probably the 2nd/3rd Rated QB and will still get picker higher due to limited QB Class)
    CB jonathon Banks .. (was 2nd Overall Rated CB behind Milliner back in January and probably a mid 1st Rounder, but a poor Senior Week, average Combine and Miss State Workouts and interviews has dropped him to the
    late 1st or early 2nd Rounder and probably to the 4th/5th Overall Rated CB)
    Safety Eric Reid .. was and early 2nd Round Prospect who has dropped behind other Safeties and has fallen now to a 3rd Round Prospect, lots of power and thump, but Tapes reveal many missed/blown assisngments, and problems in pass coverages.. a “In-the-box” Strong Safety for sure, but some are doubting whether he can be a 3 Down Player in this Pass-Happy NFL..

  • QB Landry Jones has dropped from a late 1st Rounder to probably a 3rd Rounder..

  • Honest assessment. JP is now Tra Thomas circa 2008. Not PB but very solid. Mathis is under rated and very good OG. Kelce is a top ten C in a year or two. Heremans is servicable as an OG for another year or two. Just servicable. RT you have nothing. So how you could reach for Jordan or Geno Smith is beyond me. The idea right now should be this: Barwin is LOLB and Graham is ROLB. And that’s it. There is no way the guy you spent the 13th pick in the draft on should be backing up Trent Cole in his FOURTH season. Especially when he was so much better than Cole last year. It wasn’t even close. Cole needs to be gone. Seems to me Atl needs a 4-3 DE. They should give them a call. So unless you don’t think much of Barwin and Graham, OLB should not be what you are looking for. Also, how is Curry going to be an OLB??. He has no great pass rush skills. They need to feed him and see if he can play DE. He will be a wasted pick as an OLB. You spent a 2nd rd pick on a guy that is now going to be your number four OLB according to what I am hearing right now?? Thats a waste of a pick!! Curry can get up to 285-290. Train him as a DE. He is a run defender anyway. He is a high motor, try hard guy that lacks elite pass rush skills.

  • Birds signed a punter, Jones, from the Texans and cut McBier.

    No big deal, Chip doesn’t punt anyway!!!

    • who in the eagle personal department keeps watching Texan games — ryans, casey, barwin, now a punter

  • The Eagles have to hit a home run with the #4 pick. Some are saying trade Brandon Graham because he won’t be effective in a 3 – 4? Ok, so that would mean Brandon Graham, Danny Watkins, jaquan Jarrett, Nate Allen haven’t done shit with Roseman as GM. And am i missing another other 1st or 2nd rd picks that the Eagles reached on? I’m still pissed about the move up to select Graham when we could have selected Earl Thomas from Texas. Sorry just can’t get over that horrible move

    • I feel your pain DMAN……..

    • add Winston Justice, Trevor Laws, Kevin Kolb, Matt McCoy,Freddie Mitchell, and Casey Matthews………They need to start thinking like GMCliff….

  • What is it that makes some of you grade a players nfl potential on how he played in one game over his stats and game tapes from his entire career? I really don’t get that. So in comparison if he had 8 sacks and 2 picks against Bama but sucked ass against everyone else he played that means he is potential nfl HOF material? Somebody please explain.

  • Eagles are bring in OLB Victor Butler formerly of Dallas for a workout, if they end up signing him you can say goodbye to Graham.

    • He was with the Jets last year Drew, and he is a DE/OLB like Ansah. But, I think they say goodbye to Graham anyway sooner or later.

      • Cole & Graham should be traded!

      • So if you’re wrong, you ready to join RealTalks club? club for dumb asses? I don’t do shirts, I just create a big billboard with your face on it, with the words don’t be a dumb ass….

        Butler was not with the Jets, he has always been with the Cowboys.. Considering snap count, Graham was the most productive D Linemen on the Eagles roster. Grahams injuries in the past is a big part as to why he hasn’t produced. Last year Graham being healthy, I saw some strong signs that he can be a serious impact player on the defense side of the ball…I see him doing well in 3-4, which is more of his skill set in my opinion. He may have to get a little leaner. Victor Butler is not better than Graham and the Eagles would be dumb to let Graham walk, now that he is getting healthy. This would be a personnel decision that would be questioned at a later date, due to productivity of the players involved in 2013.

        • No one said Butler was better than Graham. I’ve been saying he is expendable because of his limited ceiling as an impact player.

          Of course I’m aware of how his injuries effect his play, but if your going to crown him the new leader on this defense shouldn’t he have more than one year to prove he is consistent enough to be worthy of such hype.


          There are circumstances in each game that dictate, what can or cannot happen. You can’t count on someone like Graham that hasn’t done it consistently yet. What I think you wan to say is that he has a chance to BUILD on that season – Yes, a chance – When given the chance my point will be proven – last year meant nothing – He’s still Brandon Graham

          M opinions are based upon what I would do if I were GM of the Eagles not what the Eagles Front office will do. They aren’t smart enough to think like me, – nor you……………..

          • what is it with cats on this site? No comprehension skills whatsoever…

            I said, “I saw some strong signs that he can be a serious impact player on the defense side of the ball”….from that you gather I’m saying Graham is All Pro?

            you say in response ” What I think you wan to say is that he has a chance to BUILD on that season ”

            I’m saying exactly that but you can’t understand it when given from a more optimistic perspective.

  • Butler has been with the cowgirls for the last 4 years. Drafted by them

  • Brandon Graham is going no where. People hate him as a player because he is not Earl Thomas. Oh well build a bridge and get over it. Brandon will play the same role that Llamar Woodley of the Steelers play. They have the same build and the same skill set. Brandon was the most productive d lineman the Eagles had last year. That’s a statistical fact. He’s only going to get better. He was projected as a 3-4 linebacker going into the draft.

    • Smart man

    • Either before, or during the draft, or completely released after this year Brandon Graham will be old news………

      And as your reaching for excuses as to why it happened, I will hand you a t-shirt to wipe your not knowing talent ass tears…………….

      • For the record I don’t like him (Brandon Graham), because he isn’t very good.

        • Stats tell a different story. You seem to persecute him based off of what? Him being injured,welcome to the NFL it happens, once again, how are you evaluating him? Stats don’t lie and they are working against your argument. For the record I don’t get into the name calling. I can present a clear and concise argument with facts. Name calling is a waste of time and quite frankly takes away from the validity of ones argument. I may not agree with your opinion, however, I can do so in a mature fashion.

          • What stats Eaglehaslanded? Oh, you mean the 5.5 sacks, and 38 tackles? You think that is impressive. The story I see behind those stats is that anyone can overachieve. I can look at his play – on a play by play basis, and see that he isn’t all that you imagine him to be.

            I like to have the last word, but I won’t have it until the middle of the season – Then I can show you better than I can tell you – then you’ll have my concise explanation, because the proof will be in the pudding my friend. How’s that? We’ll agree to disagree, until he can prove otherwise……..Agreed?

            • For the amount of snaps he actually took during the games he played in, yes I do His snaps played to plays made was actually quite productive and he should have had more snaps based off of his production when actually in the game. I will agree, until he proves otherwise. I normally agree with a lot of what you say, not this time, but that’swhat makes this fun. I hit you back up during the season as it relates to Brandon.

              • Eagle, I think your reading too much into nothing. He just isn’t good enough. Jason Babin had 18 sacks the year before I said he should be traded. Brandon Graham had 5.5 sacks – his best year – and I’m saying that he should be traded, because like Babin, its all an aberration. Let it play out, and we will see……

      • Sweet. If he sucks this year, which I doubt, I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m not cutting the number #13 overall pick in the draft because people who have nothing do to do with pro football thinks he sucks.

    • Yeah, those 5.5 sacks, & 38 tackles, made him very productive?!?!? Comparing Graham, who has never played in a 3-4, to one of the most productive 3-4 LB’s in Woodley, is both asinine, & retarded! They do not have the same skill set. They only thing they have in common, is they both are injury risks!

      • Michigan.

      • hahaha consider his snap count and those 5.5 sacks and 38 tackles are pretty damn good!

        • that snap count point doesn’t say anything except that he is lucky.
          He is an average talent. Period.

          • Really, lucky? with limited snaps any production there of is “lucky”? yea thats logically thinking…has nothing to do with focus nor execution. Guess you are saying being in the right place at the right time helps..glad to see you finally seen the light!

  • Brandon Graham will have a break out year.. Stop hatin on the man. Did it ever occur to anyone that Jim Washburn was the cause for him not being productive? Cause I sure as hell did. Watch out for him, I’m telling you guys

    • Washburn wasn’t here for the most his career….so what was your excuse for him then? Just a year and 11 weeks…The injury year, wasn’t exactly impressive, nor the year after…………….

      • Injury!!!

    • CT, did it occur to you, that he is a BUM?!?

  • Hey maybe Graham will flourish in this new hybrid 3 – 4. I hope he kicks ass and has a great season. I’m completely fine with the Eagles keeping Graham. I just want to see production from the players drafted in thr 1st and 2nd rds. And no one can say that the Eagles have had productive players drafted in the past 2 or 3 yrs. I understand that injuries happen and that’s the nature of this sport, but no more reaches or any other kind of bullshit they like to throw out there about a certain player. Best player available. Period!

    • Correct. I don’t understand the hurry to get rid of the man? If he works out this year in this defense, great news. If he sucks as bad as some say, he has no trade value and his rookie contract will be up at the end of the year.

      • You would take advantage of his trade value now, instead of watching it go down further, when the reality of his true abilities comes to fruition, and I start handing out t-shirts……because we can’t get anything for him.

        They aren’t going to resign him anyway, after this year, so get something back for that bad pick.

  • Graham is under his Rookie Contract, is cheaper and younger that Trent Cole
    Graham is going nowhere this Year but Trent Cole and Phillip Hunt are both the odd players out in this new 3-4 Scheme.. Gragam was the best SE on the Eagles Team the last 2 months of last Season when Cole packed it in avd was busy getting ready for hunting season.. Cole is the one that needs to go.

    • But he would never sustain that production during a 16 game season as a starter. He isn’t good enough…………Who cares what he did for the last 5 games of the season….I’m looking at his entire body of work…I don’t think he is good enough.

      Take advantage of what ever trade value he has and upgrade the position.

      • You crack me up ..
        The Front 7 of the new Eagles Scheme with be rotating about 12-13 PLayers.. Probably only C Barwin, D Ryans, M Kendricks will see every snap … DL and OLB’s will be rotated in and out all Game long whether it’s Flectcher Cox, I Soapaga, C Thornton, T Cole, B Graham, V Curry and whichever Draft Picks (D Jordan, S Lotuleile, E Ansah, A Ogletree)

        Chip Kelly and most 3-4 Schemes are running in DL in and out based on down and distance and also switching up LB’s based again on whether running downs, passing dows, opponents, etc,etc

        I said from day 1 that Brandon Graham was a Rotational DE/OLB who’s best asset is coming off the edge in the pass Rush and will be a 30-40 SNap a Game player at most.. I don’t see anything changing with Kelly & Davis Coaching the Team now.. In fact, very few PLayers play every snap anymore and especially across the Line of Scrimmage so it’s a moot point on whther he could last physically and play 60-70 snaps a game for it will not be asked of him or many of the other Eagles in the Front 7 to do so…

        • Great post paulman, this is exactly how he’ll be used and if he produce he won’t play.

          • exactly, guysd think because your a 1st Round Draft Pick,
            that somehow a Player is going to be an All-World, All Pro and take every snap of every game.. Look up and down the 1st Round Selections
            About 20% to 25% of the 32 Sleections ever see substantial Playing Time their Rookie Seasons.. The biggset problem with Graham was since he injured his knee late in his Rookie Season, he realyl was not in Football Shape (Knee and conditioning wise) in 2011 and should have been placed on the PUP list which I stated numerous times back then..Insread it was a lost year for him and his confidence. Last Season in 2012 playing on a Defense that was one of the worst in the NFL and playing for Coaches and Schemes that were canned and fired during the Season with a bunch of players who quit on the Team, at least Graham, Fletcher Cox, C Thornton, D Ryans,M Kendricks were the only 5 Players who I saw, actaully gave a damn and at least tried and hustled and did not quit on their Teammates, Coaches and Fans and for this alone, I bring him back with a chance to have a good Season in 2013
            (Ryans/Kendricks both hit walls by November and were playing on fumes the last 4-5 weeks of the Season, remeber Ryans missed most of 2011 and some at the end of 2010 so he struggling to play all 70 Snaps a game and Kendricks hit the proverbial Rookie Wall in November like most Rookies do and their bodies are just not used to thhe weat and tear of a 16 Game Season and 4 Pre-Season Games and 4 Weeks of Summer Camp..

            • A voice of reason You see the complete picture!!!

  • Brandon Graham is not big, strong enough to be dominant in the nfl, he makes up for it some with his “high motor”, but then tires

    He is of the old failed philosophy of drafting on speed at the expense of size, and we are now seeing why it oesnt work

    It starts in the trenches, I don’t care how fast you are, unless you can impose your will on a player on any given play, you will not win a championship when your core players are gadgets like graham

    He was a very good football player at a major program, Michigan, but that shouldn’t have made him first round worthy, especially moving up to get him, real scouts, gms, look beyond stats, where you played, and look first and foremost its at the tools, and graham has marginal tools to play at this level

    • Jake I’m clapping!!!……..Well said!! You see exactly where I am coming from!!!

      Your statement, is testimonial to the fact that the truth hurts……..

      Make any positive statement you want about Graham, and you know what?……………. He is still a bum……….

    • Exactly jake! Great post!

    • Brandon Graham and Llamar Woodley is the same size. He is bigger than Elmis Dumerville!!!

      • But he is neither one of those players. Its nice he has their same measurables but he doesn’t have their drive, intensity or play in the same defensive scheme as those two do.

        It doesn’t matter, how you compare them to him reality is they are better players that he will ever be. I don’t see your point…….

        • You are right he is not them, he is who he is. My point is is that you are not allowing him an opportunity to build back up from his injury it is taking a little more time to flourish do to the injury he sustained. That’s not an easy injury you bounce right back from. How do you know he does not have the same drive or intensity our not in this mans chest to measure his heart or his drive, seriously. Time will tell. I see he worked his ass off to get back into shape this past off season, and from my understanding is working his ass off to prepare for this season too. Time will prove who is right or wrong.

          • Your right, what size t-shirt do you wear?

  • That maybe true. But I am not sold he can’t play in this league. I don’t have it misconstued, I don’t think he’ll be JPP, but I do think he can be productive. One year left on that deal, no reason to get rid of him.

    • I’m not saying he can’t play in the league Big Frank. My point is he isn’t a borderline All- Pro, because he had his best season as a Pro.

      That doesn’t say anything until he has consistently brought that same production year in and year out. He won’t do that ever.

      • I hear what your saying completely. He hasn’t produced to expectations, not even close.Saying that, I am not quite willing to cut the cord on him. If dosent play well this year. C-ya

  • I wouldn’t label him a bum gmcliff, just not the type of player his draft status dictates, not even close

    Now Watkins, he’s a bum

    • Your right Jake but he isn’t a borderline star either….Please!!

      • Never said he was a borderline star, gmcliff, said he had marginal nfl ability, especially as a starter

        It dumfounds me how so many want to defend the front office for this and other grossly incompetent picks, the fans knew well enough not to draft this guy, but the front office moves up to get him

        And paulman, if he loses any more weight he will be a legit d2 prospect

  • Graham might wear down as a DE, but now he’s a good sized rush LB. It’s amazing how everybody knows he can’t play a position they’ve never seen him play. Sort of the same way other people can predict Foles is a bum even though he had moderate success. Apples and Oranges I know that but until they buckle the chin straps this is just opinionated nonsense.

  • Not really big, we have seen graham play, we can compare him to the likes of jpp and others, and we can look at his tools, his lack of size, as you know in college ball you can dominate if you are lacking in size if you are incredibly fast compared to your competition, but here, in the nfl, everybody is real fast, so that adavange he had in college is not there, or at least not as much, so he struggles to be an impact player

    He can be a rotational player, but not your stud defensive end status for which he was drafted

    • Jake there is no comparison to those guys as a hand on the ground DE. For the most part going forward he’ll be a stand up pass rusher, we need to see what he can do before we label him a bust. And just for laughs JPP sucked last year big time.

  • He’s 6’2 and 270 pounds. That’s a pretty big dude.

  • Graham was already instructed by new Staff to lose 10 lbs and will come into camp about 258-260lbs for he will get a shot of securing an OLB Position
    Trent COle and PHillip Hunt are the odd-players out, T Cole probably makes too much $$ to trade and the Eagles take too much of a Cap hit by releassing him so he may end up staying on the Roster since they will get penalized by releasing him, Todd Herreman’s Contract is the same deal, at this point, they will be Eagles in 2013, but it will be both their FInal Seasons

    • When?

  • Good stuff Jakedog. That makes perfect sense. And its good to hear that Kelly wants to get bigger. It’s going to make a huge difference in the long run. No more midgets with high motors. Not working Mr. Roseman!

  • I think of players like Harry Carson, Jerome Trotter, they went to bum f#*k university, but they were men, football players with the right tools, Graham is not the same type of player, but he we had to here from navy about his accomplishments at Michigan, it don’t mean squat, he’s a marginal nfl player

    • bum f#*k university, is that near Trash truck juice Tech? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      • bwbwbwbhahahaha!!!!!!

  • Graham knows how to bend and flatten to get to the passer. He’s a good pass rusher, period. The guy has 8.5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles in 12 starts. And half the time they had him out of position.

    I don’t know how he will do in coverage, but he can get to the QB as well as anybody. I would be okay giving him a shot at OLB.

  • @irish

    Graham will get a shot at olb because of all the eagles have invested in him, to give up now like many of the fans have would be huge egg on thier faces, so from a business decision I have no problem with an attempt to shine up the turd, but fan to fan, don’t start telling me he is a good nfl player

  • I tell you this Jake, I’ll bet you if Graham plays a full season as a starter, he will be among the top 10 in the league in sacks. I’ll bet his sack total is in double digits.

    The guy knows how to get to the QB. If he gets a chance to play somewhere he will get sacks.

  • Damn, you guys don’t allow the human elelment to take place in the scenario of football, players get injured and it takes time for someplayers to heal and get back into game form. Making the transition into the NFL from college is a huge jump. We all agree on that I’m sure. When coming off an injury from that first year makesthe transition that much tougher. Give him a chance. If he can’t cut it, party on you were right. I’m willing to bet against you based off of what I know watching him play every Michigan game!!!

    • He’s had over 2 full seasons to heal & get in shape! Should we give him another 3, to give our analysis? He isn’t that good, & doesn’t fit with us, as a stand up OLB. Especially now that we got Barwin, to be our ROLB. Not unless Kelly is going for a full rotation, with Barwin & Graham. That I can see. But Cole needs to definitely go!

      • My man!!!

        • Graham is not going anywhere in 2013.. You guys are just going to have to deal with it.. Many more issues to be concerned about on this Eagles Roster than Brandon Graham.. He’s in his final Year of his Rookie Deal and it’s sensless to give up on him now, let’s see how he performs in the new 3-4 Schemes.. Again, I never envisioned him as an impact Player or a All-Pro Player but more of a 35-40 Snap a Game, solid Rorational Player who can get 8-10 Sacks a Year, make a few plays behind the Line of Scrimmage, cause a couple of Turnovers
          Why there is this much discussion on a Player who is going nowhere, and was easlily the Eagles Best DL over the last 2 months of last Season is beyond me.. Time to move on about the other 52 Roster Spots up for Grabs… If Graham lays an egg or shows that he does not fit the New Defensive Scheme’s well, then he will be gone after the 2013 Season, but not before then, and this is the reality of the situatuion.

          • Because Nimrods, like the ones above, are overrating, & overvaluing him, based off of 5.5 sacks, 38 tackles, during garbage time, in a lost season. Dude is a BUM, an inflated Smurf, who is the poster child, of the Hindenburgs, failed, nightmarish, regime! I want all evidence, that he’s ever been here, GONE YESTERDAY! Including Graham, Cole, Watkins, Matthews, Maclin, & Vick! I don’t give a F^#@ING rats @$$, if he’s on his final year, of his rookie contract, or not, he doesn’t fit, he blows, & needs to go!!!!

            • and he was still the Eagles Best DL on the Eagles the last 2 Months of the Season, so get rid of him and everyone else then, is that what you and GMCliff are saying..Give it up man…
              I have never bought into the Hype about him,D-Jax-Vick,Asmo, or any of the other Eagle Players.. He’s a solid Rotational Player who cwil contribure with the other 22-24 Players on Defense… I don’t get all worked up becuse he was Drafted at #13, which is not his fault, that was the Eagles Fault.. He is what I thought he was going to be and still be continuing to cry about selecting him instead of Safety Earl Thomas or JPP is water under the Bridge and meaningless to even waste time or energy over…

              • What about the rest of the season? When he was in there he didn’t do very much. I don’t care about where he was drafted, I just don’t think he is anything close to what some are proclaiming him to be based on his last 2 months of the season.

                Some had the same reasoning of the Eagles as a team, when they started to come together the last 4 games of the season the year before, and felt they would BUILD, on that momentum heading into the following season…..How’d that work out!!?

                This was one of the worst seasons in Eagles History…I say Brandon Grahams production will do the same – Just like I said Jason Babins would – Graham’s is even minimal but, it’s easy to see he isn’t all that, when you know football.

                Those who don’t think so, don’t know what they are talking about. I want to trade him now, because you can find a sucker, who will read more into his last 2 months of the season than reality reveals, (Just like most of you posters), and give us something in exchange for him – just like my argument with Babin – when all of you were wrong in your assessment of trading him last year……

                You are all welcome to your opinion, but don’t come back at me with all these excuses when I throw it in your face, when it turns out I’m right again.

  • Talk about PLayers who really have hurt the Eagles chances of winning Games the last 2 Seasons, I go back to Over-Hyped, QB Mike Vick, WR D-Jax, DE Trent Cole,CB Asmo and the Safeties, but that’s another wasted argument for another time..

  • Probably why Lurie cleared house and went with the young guys in the Front Office.

  • KC and Oakland without 2nd round choices, Howie and Joe Banner working the draft phones in Philly and Cleveland — There has to be a trade in the first 6 picks.

  • Come to terms with Graham Cliff, he’s not going anywhere in 2013
    And puzzled that you keep barking up that tree..

    • Your starting to sound like Songs used to about Kolb, or even worse, like a woman scorned, c’mon GM, your better than this..

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