• August 12, 2022

Eagles Starting Uptempo Conditioning Workouts This Tuesday April 2nd

EaglesOLinemen1The Eagles players will start going through conditioning and weightlifting workouts at the Nova Care Complex this Tuesday, April 2nd.  This won’t involve practicing in uniform as a team.  They can’t have the coaches working out the players in football drills.  It’s expected to be weightlifting and intense conditioning.

There seems to be quite a bit of anxiety about what they’re going to be doing when the workouts start.  It sounds like circuit training, where you never stop moving during the workout in order to keep your heart rate at a high level throughout.

“It’s going to be very intense, is what I’m expecting,” said offensive lineman Todd Herremans. “But I think that April 2nd, we’re going to start our training sessions, and that is going to be simulating what we’re going to be doing in practice and in the games. It’s going to be pretty intense. Constantly going, you’re going through one drill, and then you’re going to jog to the next one, and then you do that, and then you jog to the next one. So you’re constantly moving, and he’s basically probably going to get us in the best shape of our life.”

I Herremans hit it on the head.  I’m Chip Kelly will try to take advantage of the fact that the big defensive linemen get worn out during no huddle situations, to the point that they just stand in place during the play.  One of the reasons the no huddle offense works so well, is because the pass rush evaporates when the defensive line get tired.

One of the keys will be getting the Birds offensive linemen in great shape, so that they can take advantage of those situations.

“The weight conditioning is a little bit more up-tempo than it was under [previous strength and conditioning coach]Barry Rubin,” Eagles center Jason Kelce told reporters Thursday’s during a fund-raiser for Herreman’s charity.  “I think that part of the reason why is because we’re going to run up-tempo. Instead of being able to relax and just kind of walk around the weight room and do your lifts, it’s more at a steady pace where you have a set amount of time rest period. I think the receivers and those guys might be doing a little bit more conditioning. They know they’re in for a lot of running in this offense.”




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  • The key will be running. Welcome to the world of sprints.

  • Which is why I can see the Eagles select OT
    Lane Johnson over Fisher, Guard/Tackle Justin Pugh over Fluker
    And Guard/Tackle Kyle Long over Larry Warford
    Johnson, Pugh are very athletic and Kyke Long played for Kelly’s program in Oregon and knows the pace and system well..

    • That would also go opposite of Kelly’s desire to have a dominant Big Bully Offensive Line. Those players may do well, but those are the type of Players Andy Reid would draft.L.Johnson, Pugh, and Long….NO thanks

      Fisher, Fluker at Guard, and Warford at Guard, are all potential All Pro’s. It would be stupid to whiff on that. If They do, I will tell you I told you so.

      • Fluker is a fat tub of Crisco! Andre Smith 2.0! No thanks!

        • We agree to disagree. Like you said no more smurfs, and Fluker moves well enough to kick tail in the trenches.

          I don’t think the Eagles will draft him unless Stoutland insist, but I would.

          • Fluker is an average OL — He slimmed down for the Alabama pro day which is a plus but showed up at the combine over weight — not bad not great

  • Screw people that know the system. I want beastlike talent that can learn the system. That conditioning Program should be able to get all such talent into shape……….even the ones you don’t think highly of Paul.

    I don’t want them to draft a guy just because he knows Kelly’s system, and is a mediocre to below average talent. I want guys that can dominate.

    • There hasn’t been one Offensive Lineman from Oregon that is a star to All Pro.

      Lets talk Centers- Travis Fredricks – Wisconsin – 6-4 323, Brian Schwenke – California – 6-4 318, and Barrett Jones – Alabama – 6-3 312, I’d take any of the three.

      • I like All 3 and Barrett has played Center, Guard and OT while at Alabama and would be a great pick-up on the 3rd Round and probably save the Eagkes A Roster Spot since he can play up and down the line so you could carry 9 OL instead of the usual 10 OL which frees a spot for another WR, TE on Offense

        • Barret Jones also won a national championship at all 3 of those positions. That impressive. I also like the spat that he had with Mr. Webb during the national championship game. He’s a smart, tough kid that is versatile.

  • If Tevon Austin drops in the first round do you try to move up and get him? There goes 3 positions for 1. PR, KR and slot receiver. I seriously doubt he drops far enough but what if he is sitting there at 25? We desperately need a PR/KR. Its a major major hole and so important to upgrade that position. I personally feel it is as important as any other need on this team.

    • Can you imagine lining up DJax, Casey, Maclin, Austin and McCoy on offense? How helpful would it be instead of KO being returned to the 30 instead of the18 yard line? Who is sick of the Chad Halls of the world returning punts for 3 yards and a cloud of dust? Would love to somehow get this kid.


  • I don’t think there is anyway Austin drops that far in the first round. He will be picked likely 10-15. A guy I like a lot in the second round is DeAndre Hopkins. I think he will be a real player on the NFL level.

    However, I think they might be done at the WR position. At least I don’t think they will spend a high pick on one. I wouldn’t be surprised if they grab one of the top TEs in the draft. Everything I read said Chip will stock pile on TEs. Maybe they grab Kelce’s brother in the mid rounds.

    • Great call on DeAndre Hopkins from Clemson,
      I am very high on him as well and believe he will go on with a nice Career in the NFL, size, strength and Speed
      As far as Tayvon Austin goes, I believe he goes 15-20
      With a shot at going to the Panthers, Rams, Colts or Bengals..
      I believe Chip Kelly will have D-Jax returning Punts full-Time again
      And try to get him as many touches as possible in a game
      I also believe he will be removed once inside the Ted-Zone and replaced with bigger targets on the Outside as I have been screaming for 2 years now..

      • My WR targets would be Quinton Patton, and Da’Rick Rogers, add these two to the receiving Corp with the 6-7 Receiver, we just signed, Avant, and DeSean, and you can say goodbye to Maclin, and Riley Cooper.

        • With the Signing and Contract extension given to A Benn
          You can already say good bye to Riley Cooper, and probably to
          Jason Avant after 2013..
          I still sense the Eagle Trading J Maclin to the Rams, Vikings
          Or Cheifs

          • Avant will be on the team. But, I would trade Maclin, and Brandon Graham, and a #1 in 2015, to the Rams, or Vikings, for both their #1’s.

            There is no guarantee that Arelious Benn will beat out Riley Cooper, or will make the team either.

            • Why would the Rams or Vikings trade both their 2 First Round 2013 Draft Picks for Maclin,Graham and a Future #1?? Makes no sense GMCliff
              Rams are attempting to make the Playoffs now as they had a great Draft Class last year and have signed some nice Players this Free-Agency.. and the Vikings made the Playoffs last Season with no real QB or WR Threat.. Both these Teams want and need their 1st Round Picks to continue their Progress and Mormentum..

  • Gonna be alot of players, McNabbing on the field.

    • LOL

  • Happy Easter to everyone

  • Eagles will select Eric Fisher with the #4 pick. They haven’t signed any offensive lineman in free agency. No way do they go with what they have currently on the roster. Unless they have some sneaky plan and sign Smith or Winston before the draft.

    • I agree DMAN
      I see the Eagles focusing on OL/DL with their first 4 Selections

      1st (#4) OT Eric Fisher (Central Michigan)
      2nd (#35) DT Jesse Williams (Alabama)
      3rd (#66) Guard Larry Warmack (Kentucky)
      4th (#101) DE/OLB Michael Buchannon (Illinois)

  • YESSSSS, ABOUT TIME WE GET SOME “ROADGRADIN” BEASTS IN HERE WHO’LL BE IN GREAT SHAPE!!!! No more little men with high motors, we need some nasty tough guys in here going non stop for 60 minutes!!!!!!!! Lets do it big Chip!

  • This is way off topic, I want to send a shot out to KEVIN KOLB. This man is the richest non playing football motherfucker I have ever seen. Man Kevin has gotten over like a fat rat and hey bless him. Cause I would take the money too, Kevin laughing all the way to the bank. LOL

    • Your Right Pdiddy,
      Kold has earned about $40 MIllion Plus since the 2009 Season and has done very little to warrant such a crazy amount..
      He Made $10 Million his Final Season with Eagles
      and approx $25 Million in his 2 Seasons with Arizona (Counting his Roster Bonus $$$)
      Now he signed a 2 Years Deal with the BIlls which could pay up to $15 Million over the 2 Years based on Performance,Stats, & Incentives.. not bad for an “Ass from Texas with the Noodle Arm” as Songs would say..

  • Great article GCobb, I’m looking forward to the new look Eagles and the start of these workouts too.

  • Lol funny shit pdiddy

  • Fellas I really like everything that the eagles have done so far. I think that this O-line is going to be way different. I don’t think Kelce, or Mathis will be starters. Those guys fit Mudd system, Chip like big boys so I won’t be surprised if they replace both of them. You know what this might sound crazy but don’t count on Watkins. I know he sucked the last few years but he really couldn’t grasp Mudd’s system. Plus a lot of people forget he actually played tackle in college. Only the Eagles and their grand wisdom made him a dam guard. So don’t be surprised if Watkins is allowed to compete for a tackle spot.

  • You know I really don’t think the eagles pick Geno or E.J. I think they like that kid from Arizona, you noticed they haven’t said anything else about him. When the Eagles make moves they do it in stealth mode. They were to out in the open about Geno and E.J. thats just not their style of doing things. I agree with pman I also think they could still be players for Revis will see tho.

  • Kolb is not close to his contract status, but the same for a long list of nfl qbs, including Vick, what’s the point

  • I hope the eagles do not draft either smith or Manuel, two scrub nfl qbs, they should draft chance warmack, build around nick foles

  • I know I am rambling tonight but I can’t help myself tonight. The more I look at that #4 spot, I think they go defense. Not really sure if they do d-line or linebacker. But my gut tells me it will be Dion Jordan, they still don’t have a legitimate strong side linebacker in this defense. Conner will be the pass rusher but they still need someone to cover Te’s. My opinion of Joekel and Fisher is that they are both good. But I don’t think either one is dominant tho. They both will be very good starters even pro bowlers but their not like franchise changing type tackles.

  • Jake before you take it there I have been on record as saying Vick ain’t shit so don’t go there. My point about Kolb is he hasn’t even played liked eight games yet in a season and that man has got crazy paid. I am actually happy for anyone who can get paid like that for not doing much man bless him. And I have also been on record as saying I like Nick Foles and thinks he should be the starter here.

  • My last post for the night, I know diddy gone wild right. But I gotta get this off my chest. I see Desean and his tweets all up in the club partying and shit. That’s cool he’s young and rich enjoy, but brother come to play some dam football this year. I think they should actually put him back on punt returns too. He is our most dangerous return man, you got your money young fella now let’s get back to tha Djax that struck fear in the heart of defenses.

  • someone please advise the conditioning coaches that little guy is not a Wide Receiver it is brandon graham

  • My thing is…. I cant listen to anyone tell me how great Foles is when they were singing the praises of one Kevin Kolb. We had to endure the hype machine for him after 1 or 2 starts.

    My thing is…. I want Foles to win the job because he is better. I want him to light it up and show the world he is the starter and leader of this team.

    My thing is….. im ready and willing to see that happen but I wont hold my breath because a Kolb fan told me this will be so.

    Im pumped to see this D… Im pumped to see this QB battle…. Im pumped to see a team that kinda may look like a throwback to the Eagles I loved so much as a kid…. bigger… meaner…. hungry!.

    • kolb and foles are good backup QB at reasonable prices, when Kolb got started money 3 times then it turned horrible

      • ill push back a hair- We know this is true about Kolb. We can see that.. his career paints that picture. But we know nothing about Foles. My gutt feeling is that you are right… BUT…. the 3rd rounder is young and we know little/nothing about his future.

        • Kolb/Foles/Kafka . Who else am I missing all the same guys the jury is still out on Foles but I suspect he is just like the other 2 can’t play. Lets stop the nonsense if all these teams are hurting for QB’s then somebody would have made a really nice offer for him because he doesn’t fit what Kelly wants go do.

          • great great point Big.

  • If i’m Chip Kelly… my first team meeting looks like this……

    1. I/m Chip kelly…. welcome to MY camp.. welcome to MY team.
    2. Im looking for leaders….. I want guys that can lead men both on and off the football field. MY leaders are hungry…. put team first and want to win.
    3. I dont care what you make. On the field, we are equal.
    4. Noone talks to the media. I dont want to hear about dreamteams or playoffs or goldstandards or dynasties. Those that have been here are losers. you’ve won nothing. Thats why im here. SO NO TALKING other than the normal… “glad to be here” soundbites”.

    now….. lets get ready to run.,

    • what about shut out ability ?

  • Seahawks agree to trade QB Matt Flynn to the Raiders. Now this throws a monkey wrench in the draft. Now i can see the Eagles moving out of the #4 spot if someone other than the Eagles want Geno Smith..

    • Andy Reid , Howie and Joe Banner all have for sale signs up, but KC, Cleveland, and Oakland don’t have 2nd round draft choices

    • I Reported the other day about Flynn to the Raiders meanding Carson Palmer will be released by the end of the week with his horrible contract and will free up some $$ for the raiders
      This also means that the Raiders nad the Bills (who signed Kolb) will not be looking for Geno Smith and any other QB with their 1st Round Selections which will make the Eagles #4 Overall Pick less in demand..
      I now see only the Browns at #6 and Cardinals at #7 as remotely interested in using their Top PIck in Geno Smith, and if he is not selected by the Cardinals at #7, he may drop a long ways to the middle/latter part of the 1st Round (ala Brady Quinn from a few Years ago)

      • Why does that exclude them? How did Flynn make out as the Seahawks QB of the future? Geno Smith will be gone by pick 8. The loser in all this is Barkley he drops out of the first round. The Eagles will not trade the 4th pick and it’ll probably be Fischer or Milliner.

      • you are not a reporter. Just a reminder,

        • Yes I am a reporter, I may not have a Degree, or any Certification from any legitimate School of Jounalism, But I report my thoughts and comments on Topics of the Day.. Whether it’s right or not, is Debatable, but in the end.. I voice my opinion and thoughts on the matter, making me a “Reporter” — A person who researches,collects, writes and reports information… That’s me and all the rest of us on here… Ha Ha… Is GCobb a “Reporter”..

          • I should have stated that all of us on here are, but Jon Hart, who is a copycat and a poor example of a reporter, but he’s only 15 so I will cut him a break..and plus his Mom grounded him about the Bynum Deal so he’s pretty down on his Spirits and don’t want to come across as insensitive and as “piling on” when a kid is down…

  • The Raiders are still high on Aaron Pryor though they know he is still a year or 2 away.. Flynn will run their base Offense and Pryor probably involved in some RO/Wildcat Plays to bring him along slowly.. For the Raider to now add Geno SMith makes no sense… Now if they simpley dumped Carson Palamer and make Geno their 2nd Pick, I could possibly see that, but now adding QB Flynn, already having and invested 1 Season in Pryor, why add another young QB.. doesn;t make sense for a Team with 20 other holes to fill

    • Aaron?

      • My Bad, Aaron was a Boxer whose passed on now and had some great Boxing Matches back in the day with Leonard, Argeullo,
        You know who I am talking about… Terrelle Pryor who I am not very high on, but the Raiders seem to be..

        • Yea I was only busting your chops.. I do recall Aaron. I’m not very high on Prior. Best thng to happen to PSU was Pryor choosing Ohio state

  • I see the Eagles sent a coach to workout Stanford TE Zach Ertz. Interesting because I’ve been saying all along the Eagles’ 2nd pick would be a TE.

    I still think the working out of Ertz is just a backup plan and the real target is Tyler Eifert.

    We’ll see. Monster WR/Tes across the line to catch passes from monster QB (Foles only guy who fits the “bigger people” bill….though I still would be suprised if he became the starting QB)

    • Could there be a deal with the Eagles & Jets on the Horizon
      Eagles send TE Celek, DE T Cole, Safety Nate Allen, WR Riley Cooper ,RB Dion Lewis and a swap of 1st Round Picks (Jets getting the #4 Overall, and the Eagles Getting their #9th Pick Overall and CB Darelle Revis)
      I would not put this past GM Roseman who wants Revis so bad, to make up for his huge blunder in going after Asmogoah 2 Years back..
      Remember where you heard this from first….

      Jet’s need Bodies real bad and have like 12 open Starting SPots on their Roster from DE, LB, Safety to WR and the Eagle Playes I mentioned really don’t fit the new Chip Kelly Scheme on Offense or the 3-4 Defense

  • @stevo

    LOVE IT!!! If he did that he should be enshrined immediately. I especially love the part in #4 where he reminds all that were here last year; they’re all LOSERS. A team as putrid as last years deserves no pass. You stink until you prove otherwise.

  • Remember this Eagles Core of Players are 12-22 in there last 34 NFL
    Games and haven’t Won a Playoff Game since 2007/2008 and there should be no one immune to being replaced outside of LeSean McCoy and Jason Peters and yes, this means Mike Vick, DeSean Jackson, Brett Celek, Jeremy Maclin, Todd Herremans,, Trent Cole, Nate Allen, Jamar Cheney, etc, etc

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