• May 17, 2022

DeSean Jackson Is Excited About Playing For Chip Kelly (Video)

New York Giants v Philadelphia EaglesEagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson talked to the local media today at the Nova Care Complex and expressed his excitement about playing for Chip Kelly and his uptempo offense.  Jackson said it took him about two months after the season for his injured ribs to heal.

He missed quite a bit of the season a year ago, but Jackson said he’s working out again getting in shape for the workouts and the season.

Last year, getting hurt towards the end of the year, fracturing two of my ribs, (was) very disappointing in regards to the season we were having last year,” he said. “I felt I was still able to help this team and do things I’m able to do to really spark the energy; spark my teammates and just having energy out there and just being myself.”

Jackson is excited about the possibilities of what he can do in this offense.  Kelly said he wanted to use Jackson the way he had used De’Anthony Thomas at Oregon.

Thomas ran the ball out of the backfield, split out as a wide receiver, went into motion as a slot receiver and returned punts. Jackson who is a good friend of Thomas’ looks forward to being used in many different ways in the Kelly offense.

“To see some of the things he did at Oregon, to myself, is a blessing,” Jackson said. “That offensive style was almost like cheating to myself to see that. I said, ‘Man, he’s cheating. He’s getting all these touchdowns, scoring all these points; doing all this crazy stuff.’ I’m just excited to hopefully be able to fit into that role and see how it turns out for myself.”

Jackson kinds likes the idea of the major change that’s taking place with the Birds.

“I definitely think it’s a fresh start,” Jackson said Wednesday. “Throughout this period of time, every day we come in here, we have to grind hard together and build that camaraderie, because there are a lot of new faces. Chip Kelly is the head man up here. A lot is different, but at the same time, I think it’s good because change is good sometimes. We’re looking forward to the opportunity.”

“I think this year coming up, with Chip coming in with the style of play of his offense, it’s really going to help me out a lot, just because I’m going to be able to get certain looks; get the ball in my hands, do different things we weren’t doing in the past five years,” Jackson said. “That’s going to be an exciting time for myself, but at the same time, I’m going to have to be fully in shape and fully prepared and fully ready.

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  • I hope Kelly has him Returning Punts which is what he does best..
    His 1st 3 Seasons, he handled 50 Punts for about 400 Yards in Return Yards per Season which helops the Offense a lot in getting good Field Position as well as his TD rundbacks…
    The last 2 Season, D-Jax has only 18 Punt Returns for a total of a 100 Return Yards.. Get the ball in his hands as often as possible and I never understood why the took him off of Punt Return duty. It’s wahat he does best and is moost dangerous, forget about getting injured, your paid to play the game.. so let him return Punts.. Now if it’s his choice not to return punts, than we have a problem.. but D-Jax is now entering his 6th Season and will be 27 this Season, so what are the Coaches saving him for.. Get the ball in his hands and especially in the open field and let him do his magic …

  • @pman, agreed let Djax do his thing.

  • Its not just about him returning punts, though that’s what he excel at too, but utilizing his speed by moving him all over the field, something I was saying Andy should have been doing instead of just putting him in fly routes all game long. Chip is creative and thinks out of the box so he ll utilize DeSean’s speed and put him in every position possible on the field, but one caution, Chip has to be careful putting him as a RB, unless DeSean puts on some muscle. His small body couldn’t handle that kind of contact on a regular basis..

    • Jrue Holiday- 5 points, 2-24 FG, 1-1 FT, 0-5 3pt, 3 TO in a lose to the bobcats last night. All star sham ——> 24 shots one free throw, he is a pussy

  • the more touches DJax gets in the center of the field the more injuries he will get. Djax is too fragile to run anything in front of LB and Safeties.

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