• January 25, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 7-2 Loss To New York

docsucksThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their second straight game on Monday night, falling to the Mets 7-2 in Philadelphia.

  • Roy Halladay’s struggles continued on Tuesday night. Halladay completed just four innings, before being pulled after allowing three consecutive hits to start the fifth inning. His troubles began in the second inning when he allowed a three-run homer to John Buck, and the former ace was never able to find his groove. His pitch count was once again exceptionally high, he had reached 99 pitches in his short appearance. Halladay allowed seven earned runs on six hits with three walks. His ERA ballooned to 14.73.
  • Once again, Chad Durbin was called upon to stop the bleeding and he couldn’t get it done. Durbin entered the game with runners at second and third with no outs, and was able to get the first two outs but gave up a bases-loaded hit to Ruben Tejeda, allowing two runs to score. It was a difficult situation to expect Durbin to guide the team through with no damage, but he’s been pretty hittable in all of his early appearances so far.
  • Humberto Quintero made the start at catcher, and wasn’t able to improve the pitching performance at all. That’s not a knock against Quintero, that’s a knock against the pitching staff. Yes, neither Quintero or Erik Kratz is going to handle the pitching staff as well as Carlos Ruiz can. But the idea that Ruiz’s absence has had something to do with the effectiveness of Halladay and Cole Hamels is being overblown.
  • To make matters worse, the Phillies just had no offensive firepower to speak of tonight. The lineup managed just two runs on four hits. The team got no production from the five, six, and seven holes with Michael Young, Domonic Brown, and Laynce Nix going a combined 0-8 with a walk.
  • Ryan Howard drove in the team’s first run with a sacrifice fly in the fourth inning and Jimmy Rollins knocked in the second with an RBI groundout in the eighth.
  • Ezquiel Carrera made an appearance as a pinch hitter in the fifth inning, and struck out badly.
  • Jeremy Horst pitched two scoreless innings.
  • Raul Valdes badly needed to have a positive outing, and he managed to pitch two scoreless innings of his own.

Final Thoughts

It’s very hard to watch Roy Halladay struggle like this. The once elite pitcher looks more and more like a just a hollow shell of his former self, with no answers in sight.

That being said, I think it’s far too soon to write Halladay off. There’s certainly great reason for concern, but it’s not time to declare him a lost cause even though he’s pitched poorly for over a month now.

Right now, the former All-Star is lost. Before Halladay can begin to pitch effectively again, he’s got to accept that fact that can’t do the same things that he did in the past. A guy as established and proud as Roy Halladay is going to have a difficult time coming to terms with the reality that he’s no longer a top pitcher in the game.

The Phillies have no choice but to keep rolling Halladay out to pitch every fifth day. They’ve got to keep faith that the Doc will eventually straighten himself out, and become a respectable starter once again.

Denny Basens

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  • I agree Denny. Watching Halladay is painful. It’s amazing how quickly he lost “it”, like overnight. In other news, I wasn’t sure how good the Braves were going to be because of all the K’s in their line-up. The answer appears to be, really f’n good.

    • Even though his days as a 20-game winner and a workhorse of the staff are over, I think he can still be a guy that can regularly give the Phils a “quality start” (six innings, three runs or less), but he needs to find that form quickly…the Phillies can’t afford to wait much more than a month for him to reestablish himself.

    • We won a WS in 2008, with a lineup full of K’s. Goes to show you, you win with power, hitting, DF & solid pitching. Not the assembled garbage we have! K’s are secondary, if you can score a ton of runs. I still don’t believe that Halladay is completely healthy. I can’t remember anyone just die, the way he has. He has to be hurt, injuried, or has some kind of health issue.

  • Halladay must be injured.

    I first noticed something wrong in Game 1, NLCS series against the Giants 2010.

  • There is something medically wrong with Halladay. This all started that day in Chicago last year when he labored and got lit up and left because of a “stomach virus”. He has never looked the same. He seems to be in distress everytime he pitches. Then they report another “stomach virus” this year. I understand declining with age but there is more to this story IMO. Was he on PEDs and had to stop them? Nothing surprises me with athletes. Did he get sick on his South American fishing trip? Im just reaching but clearly something is wrong. On ESPN last night during the game they showed Halladay between innings warming up and he was wild. They said they have never ever seen him like this.

  • I think he needs to get his Blood pressure & Thyroid checked. Him always over-sweating, over heating, exhaustion & fatigue, can be those issues. He has lost a lot of weight & strength, & if the team Doctors give a crap about him, they need to check this. Also Halladay has to stop being stubborn.

  • yes serious bloodwork— whoever said this started that day with heat exhaustion i think you might be right– the sweating like a pig, the frustration whatever it is its got to stop for his own health as much as for him pitching well…

    • I know he works out, with reckless abandon, but nobody just falls off the map overnight, like he has, for just a stained lat muscle. He is either hurt, & stubbornly not saying anything, because his option won’t vest, or he has some sort of medical condition (BP, Thyroid, glands issue)! He definitely needs a major physical, including bloodwork, urine, EKG, etc, etc. It’s ashame, other than Hamels, Verlander & King Felix, he has been my favorite pitcher, the last 5-7 years.

  • I’ve sai it before and will say it again, Doc has not been the same Pitchercsince “heat exhaustion” overtook him that late a aughts Game at Wrigley Field
    In Aug 2011c he has not had the zip or movement or command of his Pitches ever since consistently like he used too.. He appears to labor just getting thru a routine Inning anymore..
    Phils 2013 Record 82-80 and 3rd Place, no Postseason this Year

  • Chase Utley is the only Phillie who is can’t miss action but you immediately get let down watching Ryan Howard consistently over matched striking out. That young Met pitcher has great stuff. I left the Braves series admiring Justin Upton, left KC series thinking my God why haven’t I ever heard of Billy Butler before. Now Matt Harvey looks like a future superstar. the Phils are no standing out.

  • the Phils will follow the same path the rest of the Philly franchises have this year – stink to high heaven then go on a real late winning streak ruining a high draft selection pissing me off twice.

    • and then spring a secrete vote of confidence extension to the Phils GM like Howie and Tony Dileo got to drain all hope for the future

  • When is the heat coming on amaro, if this continues the phillies will be lucky to win 80, amaro was on notice doc would not be the same, he’s the architect of this franchise that has consistently declined in step progression since he took over in 2009

    We here about all these great young arms, where are they, where is the Phil’s answer to Matt Harvey, this is going to be a long season

    Many of us have been blinded to these issues, yo included, it’s time to see this team for what it is

    Props to dcar who saw this coming a long time ago

    • Amaro may get fired– it is how the business works– right now he has two pitchers that are making a combined $45 million this year and they are 0-4 in their starts. Both of those pitchers were thought by EVERYONE to have been worth those deals.
      DCAR wanted the team BROKEN UP after a season in which they dominated and got knocked out of the playoffs early- they did not close the deal but to break them up would have been ridiculous– they had a probable replacement in left for ibanez who didn’t pan out and pence showed his warts etc–
      The team will be broken up this year no matter what, manual fired, utley, rollins, lee, ruiz and young with probable deadline trades — you will have a 22-25 year old team- win 60-70 games for the next couple of years… yippee!

      • I have stated along with DCar that the window was closing faster than many of yuor thought and that building a Team around the Big 3 & 4 (Oswalt) in a Hitter’s Park like CBP at the expense of a crappy Bullpen, Crappy Bench and an everyday line-up of aging,injured and overpaid Veterans living off their past accomplishments just didn”t make sense to me for the long-term health of the Franchise.. Yes, they Phils have Cashed in mightlily the last few Seasons taking advantage of the Teams Popularity and the fact that the other Pro Teams like the Eagles have Struggled, along with the 76ers and even the Flyers have been average
        I also have stated that I don’t think Charlie Manuel is a very good Game Manager and really struggles handling a Pitching Staff and in particular the Bullpen.. Manuel also has a tendency to overplay plays and not utilize his full 25 Man Roster which comes in very handy come the Stretch of the Season and in Post-Season Play.. He’s a put out my best 8 Players and let the chip fall where they may… You watch Managers like Davy Johnson of Nats, Bochy at SF Giants, Joe Madden of TB Rays,Kirk Gibson of Arizona,
        Showalter of the Orioles, Matheny & LaRussa before him of the Cardinals and they use that entire Roster without anyone complaining..
        Charlie is old school which is part of his charm, but the game has passed him by I believe ..

    • Yeah, but I’m negative, don’t know what I’m talking about, & ain’t a real fan, right?

      • you don’t take into account contracts, CBA’s, market etc!
        in retrospect they should have signed halladay to a 2 year contract and AFTER 40 wins in those two years cut him! of course he wouldn’t have signed that contract. they shouldn’t have traded for pence even though he hit .300 and solidified their lineup, they shouldn’t have banked on mayberry who had a great year in 11, they shouldn’t have signed a gold glove SS who is productive offensively,
        point is they have 2 top pitchers with a combined 14 era….. i guess signing them was a bad move.

  • Probably true paulman, many of us overlooked these faults because of our frustration with the other teams, particularly the eagles, for a period of time the phillies had a plan, were on the ascent behind the nucleus of young, home grown talent, they plugged ina few pitchers, Moyer, Blanton to make the staff above average but not spectacular, but the had a lineup that could mash, key bench, stairs, and shut down back of the bullpen

    Amaro put together the so-called four aces, never addressed third base, also really never addressed the corner outfielders, pat Burrell was a slugger with a great obp, his presence replaced with likes of Mayberry, nix, not the same

    Charlie is not a good game day manager but he’s not the reason for why the phillies are where they are, it falls on amaro

  • paul be specific in retrospect what you would have done after 11–mayberry had a very good 11 and was a logical replacement, pence was in right– there is the corner of–so be specific after 102 wins and a failed playoff and a full stadium, you blow it up????
    mayberry did not pan out but come on in 300 AB’s he had 15 hr and a .275 average- we know pence’s stats– how is that not addressing the corner’s?

  • I wanted the Phils to upgrade 3B since Pedro Feliz left..
    I believe Beltre was out there as Free-Agent and Aramis Ramirez..
    I liked RF Jeff Francouer as a cheap aquisition for RF to replace the Production loss of Jason Werth..I also wanted 2-3 Quality Proven Relief Pitchers for the Bullpen like a Mike Adams back in 2010, like a LHP Mike Gonzales in 2011, Kyle Farnsworh or a run at F Rodney or Rafeal Soriano after the 2010 Season to replace Brad Lidgeo
    I was never sold on Mayberry being an everday Player and stated so many times that he was a nice 4th OF..
    Bottom line, is everyone including teh Phils Management, the Fans and Media were going to give the Phils a Pass for a while since they Won the WS in 2008.. It’s the way Fans are… but the 102 Victories in 2010 was the last good Season than many of the Core Players have had and all are 2-3 Years Older with more injuries, more $$$ in the bank and perhaps a level of comfort since most are still “Revered” like Utley,Rollns,Lee, Hamels,etc,etc but that’s what happens when Fans,Media get too emotionally close with their Players.. It’s a Game,a Sport, not life and death, but it becomes obvious when a core of your Team is locked up in with big Contracts and are over the age of 32, that injuries, declining skills and athleticism are bound to happen… The Phils have had a nice ride and similar to what the Braves had in the late 1990’s who were another strong Team, but they have only Won 1 Championship and probably when we look back at this Phils Run, it will be similar to what many Braves Fans still say, How could a Team with all this Talent only Win 1 Championship…also the fact that the Phils beat the “newbie” TB Rays who were playing in their Teams first Post-season ever kind of takes a little luster off to be honest.. The 2009 Season/Series was the one that got away versus the hated Yankee,s .. Phils all even up at 1 Games a piece after a Split in NY and up in leading Game #3 at Home with a 3-4 Run Lead with Cole Hamels on the Mound who end’s up blowing the Game, and the Phils end up losing the Series since they could not get DH Matsui out in key moments of the Games.. The Phils INvincability nad swagger was gone from that moment on.. Once the Team/Franchise was expected to win, they played small which seems to happen regularly with Philly Sport Teams who are much seem to perform much better when in the underdog role.. When the Teams,Players get Hyped up, they underperform..
    We’ll see what the Future holds but post 2013 will be a very different Team and hopefully, a younger, hungrier, scrappy type of club.. This Core of Players are too “cool’ now and appear to have lost their passion of playing ball like they did in 2005-2009 when they were making names for themselves and were fun to watch and played hard to the last out and never quit on each other.. now it’s like PLyers are going thru the motions, too comfortable and hey if the we win, great, if we lose, then we’ll go get ’em again tomorrow..

  • you were up against the cap as far as Beltre and you had pence in right

    • This was for 2010 off-season, once Werth was moving on, Pence was not even in the picture than and was only obtained mid-season since D Brown was not ready and the Phils really had no one else to replace Werth

    • They could have signed Beltre, but opted for Planet head Polanco. Every single off-season move & non-move, not named Halladay, that Booben has made, has been a complete failure! Trading Lee, when he didn’t have to, thus having to admit to the mistake, by trading for a shot Oswalt. Resigning Blanton, then not trading him. Signing Ibanez, to replace Burrell. Not replacing Werth. Signing Polanco, instead of Beltre. Resigning Romero & Moyer. Falling in love with, & keeping rule 5 bums. Signing contracts for to long of a length, & overpaying. Being a reactive, not proactive. Signing/ trading for the likes of bums like, Fontenot, Luna, Sanches, Qualls, Durbin, Nix, Thome, Wiggington, Schneider, Bowker, Orr, KBerry Jr., Baez, Sweeney, Michael Martinez, Herndon, Lannan, Qualls, Condrey, Lopez, Taschner, Cairo, Francisco, Contrearas, Figueroa, Castro, Ransom, Gload. Resigning (overpaid, too long) Rollins, Nix, Wiggington, & Thome, instead of Cuudyer & Aramis Ramirez. impatiently, needlessly, overpaying, for Howard & Papelbon. Letting, Moss, & Grilli just leave for nothing. Letting solid veterans, in Valdez & Pierre go. Etc, etc. Everything I said AT THE TIME! But, you’ll claim, it’s hindsight, like the apologist, excuse maker, you are! That’s an impressive resume of trash truck juice, & rotting failure! NO EXCUSES! NO MORE PATIENCE! FIRE EVERYONE & REBUILD! END OF STORY! Last time I rehash it. If you don’t understand, you’re a lost cause.

      • lol i disagree with virtually everything you wrote.

        i do love the planet head polanco term tho thats great. haaaaaa

        • How can you disagree! Every transaction, was a failure! What are you talking about! It’s all fact! Come on dude, stop it already! You’re getting more worse, than hac! You are the only 2, still making excuses, & living in the land of OZ!

          • Thanks for the reminders DCar… Well not really when you have it all down.. All I know is that you and I have probably been the only critical voices of the Phils Franchise since 2009 when everyone was still Ga-Ga due to their 2008 WS.. As I have stated and probably you too DCar is that the NL was very weak from 2006-2009 Season and pretty much was the Phils and whoever else , 1 Year the ERockies, 1 Year the Padres, the Braves were rebuilding, the Mets & Cubs were chokers, the Reds were rebuilding so the competition was pretty meek to be honest with you.. but fast forward a couple of years and now the NL is stacked with good Teams, Good Young Players, agreesive Managers and Front Office’s while the Phils did go out and get some Big-Name Pitchers (Pedro,Doc,Lee & Oswalt who were past their primes) they left a lot of holes unattended which now they are paying the Price for .. a very weak bench, weak bullpen, average to below average Team Defense..
            This Team will still only go as far as Rollins,Utley & Howard will carry them and right now, this Triumverent is just not good enough to carry a club, they are ver the hill, too comfortable and just not the Players they were 4-5-6 Years ago..
            The Phils Team and Roster Peaked in 2009 and when they couldn’t win it that year and then got bounced out in the 1st Round of the 2010 Playoffs, then that was the time to start making some moves which DCar and Myself mentioned many times back then…

          • its too much to type out my thoughts. and really no sense in typing them as i wont change your opinion.

            i appreciate you being critical and you are just a totally different type of fan than I. The thing that settles me is that stadium is a top5 stadium in the mlb and is gonna be 70+% full every night if we stink or are great and that leads to us being able to spend with the best of them so when the right situation presents itself we can spend what we want and for who we want…

            ive lived through ed wade and the vet and know those days will not be returning anytime within the next 20 years so im confident we will rebound, we just have to go through the natural baseball cycle that occurs with all teams

            • You lived through the Ed Wade ERA, in which would not have been that bad, if the cheap f^#@ing ownership, would have spent $$$ in those days. You seem to forget, who built that WS Championship team! Who do you think drafted that entire nucleus & farm system together, including, Rollins, Utley, Howard, Ruiz, Myers, Madsen, Burrell, & Hamels? Wade & Arbuckle did! Not Gillick, & certainly not Booben! I’m no Wade apologist, but Gillick gets all the credit, when he added pieces around that nucleus, & got lucky with Werth, Victorino & Moyer, who were castoffs! You are a different kind of fan than me. I’m not happy, what just enjoying the ambiance & atmosphere of the park. I want to have at least a good product on the field, that can legitimately contend, with a competent GM, running the team! Not the fraudulent, overpaid, ancient has-been’s, never-will-be’s & band-aids, that we have.

              • Ed wade did a much better job than people give him credit for the reasons given above.

      • oswalt i believe was 701 down the stretch , ibanez a solid contributor, victorino was a rule 5 bum as was werth…. you are a total blow hard joke!
        i’m no pom pom waiver– i no you have to take some shots and your team isn’t going to be filled with all stars.– just a negative nitwick!

        • Hey nitwit, Gillick signed Werth & Victorino, not Booben, you idiot! I was referring to Herndon, Martinez, Inciarte, etc, etc. Oswalt, was shot, & wouldn’t have been needed, if not for the stupid Lee trade trade. Ibanez was more up & down, than a Kensington Hoe! Don’t let the truth hurt! You show your true colors, when you lose an argument, because you make $#!T up, & resort to name calling! Good job, havenoclue.

          • you say its the truth– so it must be so because you are the mighty DCAR — blowhard blogger, negative nitwick extraordinaire!

            • Whatever makes you feel good about yourself! I’m no blowhard! Also, what’s a “NITWICK”? Do you mean, what you are, “A NITWIT”? You are the only hypocrite, bragging blowhard, on here! Look in the mirror, havenoclue! It’s not my fault, that I know what I’m talking about, & you don’t, & have proven you wrong & foolish, countless #’s of times.

              • and you are right… just ask you and you will tell us– if you say it, it has to be true!–if you say it loud with lots of $@$%@ and caps it means you are really right–

      • 5 yeasrs 80 mil for beltre, oswalt was 7-1 down the stretch, blanton was solid, ibanez was a very good contributor, signing long contracts is the cost of doing business… he doesn’t live in fantasy world like you as for the other moves you mention they are minor and every team has a wigginton on their bench, rollins won a gold glove and is a solid offensive contributor.
        Oh and just because you don’t like a move doesn’t mean it was wrong–

  • and francour wasn’t available after 11– reality always seems to get in the way of your plans–
    an upgrade at 3rd would have been wonderful- locked into polly’s contract- if you want to say his contract was a bad move, ok in RETROSPECT it was but if you remember everyone was clamoring for more contact/fewer strikeouts- so they went out and got one of those players– they were trying to compete, it didn’t work that is sports- you also said signing rollins was dumb…which is a farce

  • Francour was a free-agent after 2010 Season and signed a 2-3 Year Reasonable Deal with the KC Royals.. Werther was a Free Agent after 2010 so I got my years mixed up but same difference.. I stated many Personnel moves over the last coupld of Off-Seasons which could have been updgrades and even this Season I still wanted a proven LHP For the Bullpen and 1 More Strarting RHP (Lohse) since Doc’s best days are behind him..

  • well you might recall that the phils had a pretty decent team in 11
    as for loshe–by this time next year you’d be whining that they signed a 35 year old pitcher to a 3 year contract…
    so the revere move was stupid? the adams move stupid, the m. young deal stupid? really? hmmmm

  • I actually like this Off-Season’s move’s by GM Amaro and especially the Revere for Worley, who I only see as a Career #4/#5 PItcher for an everyday CF and Leadoff Batter was a great Deal for Phils.. M Young is strictly short-term but a nice Player and Locker Room Guy to add and not too much $$
    Mike Adams is a very good Pitcher who I have always liked since he Pitched for the Padres 3-4 Years ago..The Reality is that their hands are tied with the Howard,Utley,Rollins,and big 3 Pitcher’s Contracts
    I do think they overpaid for both Rollins & Papelbon and above Market $$$ for their Services last Off-Season when their was not a very strong Market for either Player..
    As far as Lohse Goes, Paying him $13 is a tad too high, I agree, but he’s a fast Starter every Season and would give the Phiuls a proven Right-Hander
    who has Pitched for GOod Teams in Pressure situations nad has Playoff Experience and would have jumped at the move in MArch knowing that Doc is is struggling with lost velocity and control..

    • We have NO OF, including the light hitting, noodle-armed, non-getting on base Revere. We can’t even get to Adams, M. Young is ancient, with no power anymore, & a defensive liability, & D. Young, is Albert Bell 2.0. Bank on it! Resigning Durbin. Yeah, hell of an off-season!!!!

      • If it hasn’t been for Utley exceeding expectations, & a fluke hit by Frandsen, we’d have 1 win, with NO offense!

        • If it werent for cole & doc we could have 6 wins.

          • Really, what other #1 & #2 starters, do we have on the roster?!? That awesome KK? That future HOF Lannan? Or maybe we could have pitched Lee, for a week straight? WTF, are you talking about? LMMFBO!!!!

          • If we have Manager Sandberg instead of Old Man Charlie, the Phils would be 4-2 in my opinion.. Charlie has mis-handled the Pitching in at least 3 Games thus far…

            • dcare you say if utley doesnt overachieve and k fran doesnt get that hit we could have 1 win. i say if doc and cole pitch like they were paid to do we could have 6 wins.

            • i’m sure you watched every inning of every game and know exactly how sandberg handled his pitching staff in the minors–

  • you are right DCAR – signing Doc was the wrong move, lee terrible, hamels was stupid, pence did nothing for us., oswalt didn’t help–
    they were trying to win–
    you have to crack an egg–
    yesterday you had good words for revere today you rip him… I think DCAR is some sort of moniker for Angelo C.

    • I can’t stand Cataldi. So no, I’m not that @$$puppet! I’m just stating things as they are! If you had good reading comprehension, & were able to see through your deluded pinstripe glasses, you would have seen that I had no problem with Halladay, Lee, & Hamels, but again, you can’t read, or comprehend things, you interpret things wrongly & see them the way you want to see them, & put words in my mouth, that I DID NOT SAY! I’m OK with Revere, right now, because he is young & has talent in tracking down plays & has speed, but he is a punch’en Judy hitter, with infield power, with a noodle arm, that DOES not get on base enough! I say things as they are, my man, not what I delude them to be! If you can’t handle the truth, too bad, & couldn’t give a rats @$$ less!

      • Pretty hilarious though, how you mention the 2-3 good moves he made, but leave out the other 30+ disastrous, horrid moves, he made & didn’t make! You are the only blowhard, nitwit, joke on here!

  • when beltre is 36, breaking down and making $18 mil, the bobsy twins would be on here about too long and expensive of a contract for a broken down player… it is inevitable…

    • No I wouldn’t, because he wouldn’t be 36! He’d be 31, at the time, in his prime, when we should have signed him, instead of Planet head! He’s 34 now, so when he’s 36, his contract will be up, with a vesting option. BTW, we didn’t sign him, so your stupid, baseless, mindless, imbecilic, juvenile, comments & snide remarks, have no bearing, on any topic at hand! You Dumb @$$clown!

      • Best thing the Phil’s could have done was sign Beltre.. Since he’s in Texas, he’s good for 30hr 100 RBI and 300 average. Would have been te best 3rd baseman since Mike S. How sweet would e have been in the 5 hole?

        • Frank, watch what you say, the superfan will verbally reprimand & bash you, as not a real fan, & accused of postdiction!

        • I agree it would have been GREAT to sign him…absolutely but in the real world you can’t pay $18M for each position and have 3 $20M pitchers… iits impossible.
          i think beltre is borderline HOF… my point wasn’t that I wouldn’t like to have him over polanco– i mean thats a no brainer but in the real world the phils had actually 2 $20M pitchers w/hamels coming up and a high payroll.

  • when he went to the redsox he only got a one year deal — his deal with texas takes him to 36 at which time he would make 18- vesting is when he is 37 and thats $16- so you have to play the cards dealt– and that is a fact–

    • No $#!T! That’s a moot point! You said we’d be complaining when he’s 36 & breaking down. Your statement was stupid & pointless. I wouldn’t have complained, because we would have signed him, in his prime, still producing, as one of the best power hitting 3B in MLB, that has been a GG candidate. Also, if we still had him, at 36, when his option vests, it’s only one year, you jack@$$! Who cares. It hasd nothing, to do with nothing! You make no sense, with the nonsensical idiocy, that spews from your piehole! Just STFO already, & take you being wrong, like a man, you sissy!

      • you would complain because you always do– we signed utley howard etc in prime and you continually whine about them.
        again anything you say is gospel and anyone that doesnt’ agree is nonsensical jackass…
        oh i’m a sissy? i’m a sissy? your the one who threatens people on the internet that ain’t a sissy thats a fucking girl!

        • I don’t always, complain! Nor am I always, right. Where, & when did I ever threaten you, you delusional, irrational, jack@$$?!? I called out 2 people on here, for calling me homophobic slurs, bringing my dead Mother in conversation, & threatening me 1st! WTF, are you talking about?!? AGAIN, you see, interpret, comprehend, & make $#!T up, as what you want to see, because you’re delusional, & unable to have a rational thought, because you’re a mentally flawed, petulant child, & when proven wrong, can’t handle the truth, & cluelessly lashes out. I’m not perfect, nor do I ever act like I am. I’m not the 1, unike you, that comes on here, bragging about my prestine family, make believe, past accomplishments, like the blowhard, condescending, narcissist, self-important snob, like you! Again, keep making $#!T up Spielberg, you’re great at it!!!!

  • You are like a petulant brat child, when he doesn’t get his way, he acts like an @$$! ”
    I’m taking my ball, & going home”! WAH WAH WAH! Grow up, CHOOCH!!!!

  • You are one of the most delusional, irrational, nitwits, that I’ve never met! GEEEESH!!!!

  • Reports are the Phillies to lock in Kendrick on a 3 Years $33 Million Deal
    and also Dom Brown to the 4 Year $48 Million Deal..
    GM Amaro states that he want’s to lock in the next Core of Phillie Players
    for the Phil’s Fan’s…

    • was this reported in your mind or is it published somewhere?

      • Just throwing it out there to get DCar all fired up..

        • kendrick is very frustrating to me and i don’t know if i can take him for three more years… one day cy young and the next a single A guy coming off surgery
          he is a 10 game over 500 pitcher though as hard as that is to believe

          • personally i love kyles versatility and think he has been a way underrated asset to the Phils. he isnt anything special but he would be a plus #5 pitcher and decent #4 but i like him in middle relief best. it would be nice if lannan can be counted on to perform like a above average #4/#5 pitcher, morgan continues to shine and takes kk’s job and kk replaces durbin or valdes. thats my ideal situation.

            • i agree with that he just frustrates me because some nights he is brilliant and then… but i guess thats the definition of a good 4 pitcher

            • Kendricks was probably the most consistent and best Pitcher over the 2nd half of last Season, which is hard to believe, but he was…

              • It is crazy how well KK has pitched. Hamels did have a pretty darn good season last year tho. It’s hard to day KK was better. Somebody mentioned that of Kendrick’s last 42 starts, he has gone 6 innings in 32 of them while limiting opponents to 2 runs or under in 25 of those 42. Somebody correct me if I am wrong, not sure where that was mentioned or if I stole it from someone on here.

  • Paulman trolling and just caught a big sucker fish with a cigar hanging out of the mouth

    Seriously, though, if Dom brown continues to bop, young plays consistent, and with utley, Rollins Howard, all of a sudden this team looks dangerous, especially when Ruiz comes back and settles down the pitching, there is reason for optimism

    • Offense looks like its going to be good this year, we have a pitching problem though as it looks now. To date the Phillies have given up the most runs in the MLB

  • yes and that can be directly attributed to the two aces- i’m confident hamels will rebound- not as confident in doc right now.

    • feel the same about hamels and doc

  • that I know what I’m talking about, & you don’t, Every transaction, was a failure!

    How can you disagree
    It’s all fact– actually its all opinion… those are a just a few from you
    oh and according to baseball reference.com– beltre turns 36 in april of his final year of his contract to make 18 mil and in the vesting year he will turn 37 in april due to make 16…

    • those were taken directly from your posts… ‘i know what i’m talking about and you don’t, EVERY transaction was a failure, how can you possibly disagree (with the great and ominpotent) dcar” “its all fact”

      Ibanez was terrible– average 23 hr a year and 274– was he streak? duh of course but terrible? non-factor? and you state him being terrible as fact!

      • Dude, you have issues! You are an irrational, delusional, hypocrite! You say I’m the great omnpotent DCar, yet you always come on here talking down to everyone, like the wanna be superfan, you think you are! You need to get your head checked! You are the biggest irrational, delusional, nut job, I’ve never met! Can’t except reality, so you turn everything, on everyone else! You’re sick! I’m brutally honest, & state things as they are! I’m done with your crazy @$$, because arguing with an arrogant, irrational, loon, is mentally exhausting! Go away!

        • because you say so

          • Go f^#@ a corpse! That I said! @$$HOLE!

            • in one post you say ‘dude YOU have issues” then you say go f$#$j a corpse”…. it would take a person with issues to even think of a response like that…wierd

    • No $#!T! Again, has nothing to do with anything! You brought up an asinine scenario, that didn’t, & will not ever happen! D..E..L..U..S..I..O..N..A..L ….&….I..R..R..A..T..I..O..N..A..L!

  • “all transactions were a failure its a fact” as stated by dcar
    i never said all were successful– never- but i do recognize that there are confines that go into every decision and that some will fail and some succeed… but according to you they all failed.

    • Never said that either! Continue to embarrass yourself, nutjob!

      • DCar
        April 9, 2013 – 1:16 pm

        How can you disagree! Every transaction, was a failure! What are you talking about! It’s all fact!
        sure you did April 9 at 1:16

        • That response, to mhenski’s comments, in reference to the moves I mentioned, to the comments before I made those! You @$$hole! Why don’t you post the entire conversation, instead of taking out parts that suit your lies, delusions & irrationalities!

          “They could have signed Beltre, but opted for Planet head Polanco. Every single off-season move & non-move, not named Halladay, that Booben has made, has been a complete failure! Trading Lee, when he didn’t have to, thus having to admit to the mistake, by trading for a shot Oswalt. Resigning Blanton, then not trading him. Signing Ibanez, to replace Burrell. Not replacing Werth. Signing Polanco, instead of Beltre. Resigning Romero & Moyer. Falling in love with, & keeping rule 5 bums. Signing contracts for to long of a length, & overpaying. Being a reactive, not proactive. Signing/ trading for the likes of bums like, Fontenot, Luna, Sanches, Qualls, Durbin, Nix, Thome, Wiggington, Schneider, Bowker, Orr, KBerry Jr., Baez, Sweeney, Michael Martinez, Herndon, Lannan, Qualls, Condrey, Lopez, Taschner, Cairo, Francisco, Contrearas, Figueroa, Castro, Ransom, Gload. Resigning (overpaid, too long) Rollins, Nix, Wiggington, & Thome, instead of Cuudyer & Aramis Ramirez. impatiently, needlessly, overpaying, for Howard & Papelbon. Letting, Moss, & Grilli just leave for nothing. Letting solid veterans, in Valdez & Pierre go. Etc, etc. Everything I said AT THE TIME! But, you’ll claim, it’s hindsight, like the apologist, excuse maker, you are! That’s an impressive resume of trash truck juice, & rotting failure! NO EXCUSES! NO MORE PATIENCE! FIRE EVERYONE & REBUILD! END OF STORY! Last time I rehash it. If you don’t understand, you’re a lost cause.”
          April 9, 2013 – 1:07 pm

          “lol i disagree with virtually everything you wrote.
          i do love the planet head polanco term tho thats great. haaaaaa”

          April 9, 2013 – 1:16 pm

          “How can you disagree! Every transaction, was a failure! What are you talking about! It’s all fact! Come on dude, stop it already! You’re getting more worse, than hac! You are the only 2, still making excuses, & living in the land of OZ!”
          So again, don’t try to unsuccessfully make me look bad, because you only make yourself, look more retarded & imbecilic! Just STFO, & go wave your pom-poms, fool!

          • But don’t let the truth, & facts, get in the way, of a good delusion, bad comprehension & irrationalities! Keep on trucking!

            • Dcar I could be wrong but I dont think the context of the convo matters in this instance, your stance was every transaction was a failure.

              • Every transaction, that I mentioned above. That WAS the context of the conversation. Thus, the reaction. I don’t care anymore, the dude is clearly a mental. I’m done with this, after this post. Dude is like talking to Helen Keller!

  • Michael Young and his .375 ave is working out pretty well right now. Doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have power left, as he will still knock in a ton of runs behind Howard. He is a 1 year fix as they are banking on Asche next season.

    The Revere trade is going to be good long term as he will get to every ball in the OF for years to come. He does need to work on plate discipline, but I don’t care if my CF doesn’t hit for power. As long as he gets on base and can steal a bag. His obp is about the same as J-Roll, and Rollins still manages to score 90-100 times a year.

    Ruben has gotten them into salary cap hell right now which will only lessen some next year without Doc and Utley. I will be interested to see what he does with Chooch with Joseph potentially waiting in the wings.

    • young is a professional hitter– as i said last week it is a long season, try not to get too up or down— if young gets 200 hits (or close to it) we will score a lot of runs.

      • Micheal Young was never really been a “Popwer Hitter”.. He a solid contact, gap hitter who consistently bats .300+ and drives in Runs for he puts the ball into play and can het behind runners, pull the ball and hit Sac Flies based on the Situation.. A “Professional Hitter” is the perfect term for him for that’s what he is.
        I belive he will have a Strong Season and Bat around .310-.315 and hit approx 15-18 HR’s and end up with 80-85 RBI’s..

    • Like I said, in prior comment, Utley & Young, have been pleasant surprises, & Revere I’m rooting for because he’s young, & has talent. But, I’m always negative, & not a real fan, according to the great, almighty Superfan! So, that doesn’t count, & is to be disregarded!

      • including the light hitting, noodle-armed, non-getting on base Revere.but he has talent? hmmmm

        • Take his bad with the good, with him, because he’s still young & talented enough, to get around his arm. So now I’m being a little positive, & you have a problem with that too?!? I state all facts, good & bad! If you don’t like it, GFYS! Understand troll?!?!?

          • The facts on Revere- Young talented, with good speed, plays a good OF, hits for average, but doesn’t get on base enough, has zero power, not even gap power, & has a noodle arm! All facts! Good & bad, nothing more, nothing less! Not my opinions, FACTS! So what’s your issue JO?!? Go the f^#@ away!

    • not sold on joseph at all whatsoever. i am on the fence in if he can be a backup pro catcher…

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