• January 21, 2022

On the Road Again; Hawks Win 2013 Stanley Cup

Kane_ToewsFour years ago (give or take a week), the Chicago Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup in 49 years.

Patrick Kane’s All-Star finishing move, otherwise known as “just throw it at the net,” beat goaltender Michael Leighton at the Wells Fargo Center, much to our collective disappointment.

Once again, the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup- in six games, no less- on the road.

Milan Lucic scored for the Boston Buins just past the halfway mark of the third period, grabbing the lead for the Bruins in a pivotal d0-or-die game.

In perhaps their second worst epic collapse (the worst also in 2010, *snicker*), the Bruins then allowed Chicago to score two goals in 17 seconds with less than a minute remaining in regulation.

The Bruins barely made it out of the Stanley Cup Quarterfinals against the Toronto Maple Leafs, having been down 4-1 early in the third period of that series’ Game Seven before scoring four unanswered goals. They should have known better than any other team in the NHL that “it’s not over till’ it’s over” is perhaps the most ironclad mantra in hockey.

Some Flyers fans may still be bitter about the 2010 loss, but tonight’s victory is a reminder of just how strong their core is. Kane, Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa, Patrick Sharp, Brent Seabrook, Duncan Keith, Nicklas Hjalmarsson, Corey Crawford and Dave Bolland (who scored the game winner) remain from the 2010 Cup team.

Kane was also awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy for play-off MVP, having scored 9 goals and 19 points in 23 games played.

The Blackhawks are in a better position with the salary cap than they were in 2010, so a mass exodus of players is not expected to take place for the team to continue operating. The fact that the organization was able to win the Stanley Cup again in four years after losing nearly half the roster is a testament to their organization and how well they have maintained a high level of quality drafting.

Everything begins at the draft, and the ‘Hawks would not be where they are today without it.

The 2013 NHL Draft will be held this Sunday in Newark. Hopefully the Flyers can learn from it and continue rebuilding.

Josh Janet

Josh Janet was raised in Northern New Jersey, but by an odd set of circumstances, is a Philadelphia sports fan. While recently converted to the Phillies, Josh is a diehard Flyers fan and can be expected to stay on top of the latest NHL news.

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  • For the Flyers to begin rebuilding, they would first have to admit they are rebuilding. Does the Mark Streit deal suggest that?

    The other day, I was thinking about the state of leadership in the 4 Philadelphia sports. Who is the best GM of the 4 Philadelphia teams? Honest to goodness I think it’s Roseman.

    That’s how bad it is right now in this town.

  • I believe the new GM for 76ers (Sam Hinkle) will prove to be the Best GM in Philly in 2 Years Time, which again, is probably still not saying much..
    Roseman was never qualified to be an NFL GM in my opinion and Amaro Jr & Holmgrem should be shown the Door already
    Paulman will have to re-open his Summer Camp for “GM Wannabee’s” for all the 4 Major Sports and help train some Talent Evaluators, Salary Cap Management, Free-Agnecy Aquisitions, Draft Strategy and Overall Roster Management.. My course will be 5 Days/4 Nights at a Cost of $299 per Person as a Site still to be Determined….

    • lol at the 76ers. they are gonna suck for way longer than 2 years. sams best chance for success is not adding anyone of significance this year and playing with a skeleton crew and hoping for more ping pong balls at the end of next season then do it again the following year. no good free agents want to play here because we have absolutely nobody on this team that is a legit nba starter less jrue

      • its lottto picks or bust for this team for at minimum 3 years

        • Your probably right, plus the Fans/Local Media in Philly suck which is another reason Free-Agents don’t want to come and play for the 76ers..
          Many Players don’t want deal with the BS and wrath that they get from the Philly Media/Fans..

          • i dont know if i agree with the above at all. we have some of the best fans out there and the media is no different than any other city… if you dont here the fans and media when you suck then you really dont have any fans and you have bad media…

            • They used to be Mhenski, but not any longer.. Many of Today’s Sensitive Players can’t handle the scrutiny of the Fans/Media that they will face in Philly (same in NY,Boston,Chicago) but it’s not the same everywhere.. Some Teams/Cities like St Louis,Kansas City,Denver,Seattle,Green Bay,Milwaukee,Buffalo,Indy it’s an whole different deal than the North East.. Many of you have not been outside the East Coast and don’t realize that it’s a different world out there and not everywhere is like a Big-Northeast City, in fact, most other places are not that way outside of the Boston – Washigton DC Corridor or what I like to call the real
              “Armpit of the Country”…

      • The 76ers will take a while, but I think Hinkle will be doing a better job with what he has to work with than what Roseman,Amaro Jr & Holmgrem will do..

        • F^#@ Hinkie, winkie! He’s a joke, & another bean counting dork, which only sport he played, is pocket billiards! GTFO! As for the fans & media sucking, for the reason why FA’s won’t come here, is BS!!!! If this team was relevant, for the last 3 decades, & the organization had an inclining of WTF they’re doing, there wouldn’t be a problem!

          • i think the same of hinkie dcar but i hope im wrong

            • It’s part of the Reason DCar..
              If the Franchise & Teams are struggling, then you have unruly Fans and a Rabid Local Media and the Quality of Life and Cost of LIving is not what your used to living in the Northeast, it’s all part of the Package..
              The biggest reason is to Win and to Play and earn the most $$$ is the most important reason why a Player/Athlete are going to

              Will $2-3 Million a Season go a lot further for a Player playing and living in Milwaukee, Indy, Seattle, etc,etc instead of High Cost of Philly.. Absolutely.. City Wage Tax, High Prooperty Taxes, High Cost of Living, poor Schools, High Crime, Continuous Congestion, etc,etc.. How you guys put up with it any longer is beyond me.. I was just home for a Visit 2 weeks ago and the amount of traffic,noise,pollution and just the amount of people is way more than I would up at this stage of my life.. If it’s all you know then you have no choice but to put up with it, but once you live away from the region, you realize how much better quality of life there is all around this Country when out of the major Cities…
              To each their own, I guess..

              • seattle has a higher cost of living, higher taxes, higher prop taxes, high crime… schoools are irrelevant as any athletes child is going to private

              • I hear you. I had a chance to relocate 2 years ago, when I left the force, to Savannah Georgia. Didn’t make the move because my Old Lady couldn’t get a Nursing position & didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting re-licenced, without knowing she had a position. I had a few gigs set up, & my 3 older kids are in Florida State, which would have been perfect. I can’t take the drugs, congestion, pan handling bums, crime, corrupt & inept City Government anymore, thus my career change, but I’m stuck for now. But, I plan on getting out in 5-6 years when I’m 50. By then, all 4 kids will be out of school, & I’m out. With satellite, cable & the internet, I can still get all the sports, it’s going to be hard though, leaving my life long home & my expanded circle of Friends & acquaintances. $$$$ ain’t an issue, thanks to my Wife & I working our @$$e$ off. We’ll see!

              • I moved away in 1987 at Age 24 and never looked back
                I figured I have saved $250-K for my Retirement living elsewhere
                all these years later (I lived in Indianapolis,Charlotte and now Boone)
                As an example, I pay approx $1200 in Property Taxes per Year for a 2 Acre Wooded Lot and a 3,000 Square Foot Home in a nice Sub-Division, that I paid $275K for 7 Years ago which would be $400K Plus in PA or Jersey.. I Pay $900 a Year in Car Insurance..I am on a Well-System that I pay $150 a year for my Water & Sewage Bill a Year, etc, etc ..
                I am about to turn 50 in late July and plan on Retiring in 10 Years.. My wife is a Nurse also, so we are mobile and can work anywhere in the Country, I just prefer to live in a less crowded region that offers great outdoor living which Boone,NC Offers and being in a College Town of 15,000 Students still offers Arts,Music,Sports,Etc and plenty of Activities (Hiking,Mtn Biking,Golf, Skiiing) without having to live in a “Big City”
                best move I ever made.. I travel Home to SOuth Jersey Twice a Years (Fathers Day weekend and Thanksgiving and that’s enough for me to be honest..)

    • It’s going to depend on getting a star. I’m all for the Sixers tanking and getting a chance at Wiggins next year.

      My choice was between Roseman and Hinkie. It’s just mindboggling.

  • Bryz is gone!

    • Yep. Wrote up a brief, separate post for it.

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