• May 17, 2022

Former Eagles Dawkins And Douglas Disagree On Birds Starting QB’s

BrianDawkins&HughDouglasPhiladelphia Eagles fans everywhere have an opinion about which Birds quarterback is going to come out on top of the signal caller competition.  Former Eagles Pro Bowl defensive players and now current ESPN NFL analysts Brian Dawkins and Hugh Douglas have their opinions as well and they squared off with those opinions and their predictions on ESPN.

Dawkins sided with the veteran and former Pro Bowler, Vick.  He pointed out that Vick’s skill set, his speed and quickness, along with his tremendous arm strength fits Chip Kelly’s system better than it fit Andy Reid’s system.  Dawkins talked about Vick benefitting from Kelly’s use of the read option.  He also explained how Vick’s ability to make plays by ad-libbing would give him an advantage especially when they started playing in the preseason.

Dawk didn’t act like he had his head in the sand the last two years because he did point out that Vick needed to eliminate the turnovers which have plagued him during the 2011 and 2012 season as well as for much of his career.  The former safety believes the team’s reliance on their running game and a healthy offensive line will benefit Vick when the quarterback competition continues next week.

Douglas started out by first of all talking about how he usually went along with anything Dawkins said because he trusted him so much, but he then revealed that this time he totally disagreed with him.

The former defensive end focused on Vick’s inability to get the ball out of his hands quickly which he felt would give Nick Foles an advantage in Kelly’s fast paced offense.  He also pointed out that Vick was unable to create a distance between himself and Foles during the OTA’s, which he said was evidence of his struggles with Kelly’s offense.

The former Birds sackmaster talked about Foles’ accuracy and ability to make quick, correct decisions.

They had a lively discussion with plenty of laughter and kidding.


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  • If they are close, I think Foles is the choice. Vick is not the future.

    • Agreed. Vick is what he is. His benefits don’t outweigh his risks. Simple as that.

  • Very insightful…

  • All valid points made by both Dawkins & Douglas which is why these first 2 Weeks are Critical on who can stand out and become the leader of the Eagles for 2013 moving forward..
    If Vick hasn’t had his head in the playbook and been working out on his own during this break from the OTA’s to mast the Playbook, it will be very evident to the Coaching Staff and his time will be short with the Eagles
    We all know Foles is a quick learner, and puts in serious time studying the Playbook/Video’s and if he can translate this to the field well, it’s his Job to lose.. (both MM & AR raved last year on how quick Foles was able to pick-up concepts,nuances of a Pro System, in fact MM stated publicly that FOles was probably the quickest QB he ever Coached to pick-up a Pro-System in his Rookie Year and MM has been around a lot of great QB’s over the Years)
    but knowing the Playbook and executed it are 2 different things..I believe FOles has the advantage over Vick for his smarts and work habits let alone his size, ability to see the entire field and the abilitly to get rid of the ball quickly,timely and accurately which we all know are not Vick’s best attributes.. Vick is at his best when the play ‘breaks down”, Problem with this is that you don’t game plan for plays breaking down.. everything is ad-lib with Vick and you cannot win consisntently, sustain drives and play effective QB by ad-libbing.. we have seen this too many times over the years with him and other running-style QB’s..

  • Paulman i agree. Perfect example i watched the come from behind win against tampa last year and i dont know if it was MM or AR but they said the very last drive which was the pass to maclin was really a 2 plays or in other words Foles himself simplified 2 plays and made it into one play just like that and at one point in the game he was drawing a play in the sand, Yeah he lost the rest of the games but he helped keep us in those games your not going to tell me Dallas Washington and other teams didnt respect foles at the line of scrimmage they definetly did he could of easily gone 3-3 or 4-2 in alot of those games, Defense let us down and i know this is old but he played with back ups and he still delivered about 24-30 pts a game. Like Chip kelly said he wants a QB that can run not a Running back that can throw. Foles didnt have to ran but he made adjustments and ran and scored a TD against Tampa Bays D. I say Foles.

  • If Bryce Brown doesn’t Fumble multiple times versus the PAnthers and COwboys, the Eagles could have won those Games and if TE off the streets Evan Moore doesn’t drop a sure TD pass at the 1 Yard line, the Eagles could have beaten the Redskins so Foles playing with basically a cast of back-ups could have won 3-4 Games out of the 7 he played and then the real clincher is that when Vick played the final Game versus the Giants, with the same back-up supporting cast, the Game was over by halftime.. in fact AR sent in Trent Edwards to replace the pathetic Vick by the 4th quarter…
    The MV7 Experience is over, lets move on to the Future with Foles and Barkely backing him up ..

    • “IF” my aunt had nuts, she would be my uncle.

      • If Vick doesn’t commit Turnover after Turnover,
        Maybe the Eagles had a chance to make the Playoffs in 2011 & 2012
        instead of being out of it by the 1st Weekend of November.. Hell the Leaves hadn’t changed colors and the Eagles were playing meaningless games the last 6-8 weeks… Good Riddance ..
        This will not be Chip Kelly’s Team until Vick is gone.. I’ve said it a 1,000 times and it still rings True.. Kelly needs to put his mark on this Franchise and not rely or wish on a has been, retread QB like Vick whose best days are behind him…

      • hahahahahah!!! LOL!!!

    • Although I like Foles and would welcome a change BC I am ready to see a traditional tall pocket passer it’s absurd to play the if game. Vick gas alot of if’s during his time as the starter in 11′ and 12′. Missed block in atlanta caused him to fumble and get a confusion. Jeremy mackins fumble against SF. Horrible defensive play, in that Giants game you mention Celek got it started by dropping a pass that led to an int. If he catches that pass the momentum of the game is different right? Lol. Them all this Foles is a student always in the classroom like give me a break how do you know what he is doing with all his free time? I like Foles as a QB but I’m not going to make up all these unknown reasons why I wouldn’t mind him being in there besides it was refreshing from the moment he took snaps in preseason to see that style of passer behind center. Vick haters start pulling and making all these reasons up to support how they feel lol. at the end of the day the Eagles turned the ball over at the same clip rather it was Vick or Foles behind center which is evidence of a bad team period.

      • Browns LB Cathches the Int off Vick and Eagles Lose
        Eagles don’t get the shaky the “Interference Call” versus the Ravens last year when Jacoby Jones burnt Asmo again for a apparent TD and Eagles start 2012 1-3 and not 3-1.. His True Colors come true when blowing the Steelers Games with a Fumble at the 2 yard Line.. Season was lost…

        • Paulman what is this, the what if game? Okay what if Riley Cooper jumps over Williams of Green Bay and catches the game winning TD. Or what if Matthews doesn’t smash Kolb does Vick even play that year. Stop being ridiculous.

          • I am not being ridiculous Biggy
            Anyone can play the “what if” all day long, the bottom line to me is that the Eagles were 12-23 going back to the end of 2010 and Vick’s poor play in many of those games led to this record.. Vick is what he is..
            Which is a big play QB for every 3 bad plays/decisions.. I am tired of playground mentality from Vick.. He had his chance and blew it plain & simple, time to move on from him just like it was time to move on Andy Reid & Company.. Why is this so difficult to understand
            Take the Eagles last 35 Games and they have been a bottom 1/3 of the NFL in terms of production and Wins, I am tired and over all the excuses.. This Team as I have stated is not as good or as talented as they think they are or have been so cht the chord already with the leading losers of the last 2 years..

  • I would give Vick the first 3 games to see if he can excel in Chip’s offense. If he show everyone the read option was made for him and put up a lot of points, and above all win games, the Eagles will be a team to be reckoned with in the NFC East……But if he flounder with turnovers and the offense is no different than when Reid Lard ass was here, then he needs to get benched and give Dixon a shot at running the read option. If he don’t work then scrap the read option and turn the page to start the rebuilding process with Foles and Barkley.

    That’s fair

    • lmfao. you want dennis dixon to run our offense. wow

      • are you thinking clowney, or a qb with our top 3 pick in the 2014 nfl draft?

      • naw..Vick..but if Vick don’t get it done in the first quarter Dixon can step in to see if the read option works.

        • Wow even bother with the Read-Option..
          Utilize the WCO Offense of Shurmur with the up-tempo and Rushing Attack by Kelly (like Stanford’s) and use your best,most decisive QB who can actually see over the Line of Scrimmage, make the proper reads and deliver the ball to your playmakers while also pounding the ball between the Tackles with McCoy,Brown & Felix Jones and utilizing Double/Triple TE Sets with Celek,Casey & Ertz and pound opponents into next week by using bigger and more physcial WR’s to help block downfield The Read Option is too risky for Turnovers & Injuries, and exposes the QB to get hit early and often so why bother, this isn’t College where you can outrun or only have to worry about 2-3 Defensers on the other Team.. Every Defense in the NFL is full of athletes who can run, hit and create turnovers.

    • Good sound position Songsrme2! Dixon would be a far better option than Foles…but Vick will excel in the offense because Kelly will fit it around his skill set and take full advantage of the running game to set up the passing game. The key will be the offensive line! If they play well the offense will be prolific and Vick will be fine. If not..the rebuilding process will start maybe with Barkley next year…but if for some reason like injury Vick does not work out…I dont think the QB is on the roster now…but will be picked out next year

      • Kool….exactly.

        I’m looking forward to seeing the running game which minimizes QB mistakes.

        The pass happy Reid never gave us that opportunity to see Vick in a run loaded offense.

  • Over and over again people keep looking at this issue the wrong way. The question to ask is simple…which Quaterback fits what Chip Kelly wants to do with the offense? Which QB can make the Read-Option a legitimate threat and open up big opportunities for Shady McCoy and the run game? Which QB can threaten the defense in such a way where the defense has to cover the entire field?
    The answer to these questions is Micheal Vick!
    Brian Dawkins hit it right on the head…Vick’s skills fits what Kelly wants to do far better than what Andy “Passaholic” Reid .The QB for this team is simple if you pay a lot more attention to the RUNNING game than passing…Mike Vick is the logical choice and he will win the QB battle….easy!

  • And once again the lying attention whore fraudman is posting in another thread about Vick. Shocking!

  • Foles gets 8 games and will cement himself as the starter (baring injury). Barkley will continue to push but eventually get traded for a 2nd and 3rd rounder in 3 years.

    If that is not the scenario you are hoping for you are not a bright eagles fan. I want Foles to win the job and convince every one he belongs because then we are set for the next 10 years.

    If Foles does not win the job and Vick does you get 2 maybe 3 years out of him and you still need to find a Franchise QB. Let Foles rub elbows with Tom Brady when they practice and scrimmage together and soak in a little Franchise QBness.

    If we get to Barkley and he can not do it this team becomes the 76ers of the NFL good enough to never fix themselves. (untill recently I think the 76ers will now get bad enough to get good again)

    • Love it Regal!! We are here brother!!! Smart Man…

  • Varkley return a 2nd & 3rd ?? How can this be
    He was just Drafted in the 4th Round in what was a weak QB Class, how could Barkley return that without playing in meaningful games??
    Makes very little sense Reagal..

    • On pure hype Paul.

      • What Hype are you talking about GMCliff,
        Barkley was a 4th Round Draft Pick and a good 2 years away
        From competing as a Starter, who is going trade a 2nd/3Rd Rounder
        For a Pkayer who was just selected in the 4th..
        Now 3 years from now, if he has some a starts under his belt and Pkaying well,, then why would the Eagles look to move him
        Barkley is a 3rd String this year, will play a couple on 2nd half’s in meaningless Pre-Season Games against 3rd Strings, how does his Trade Value increase unless he were to become a Starter..

  • Yeah – I can’t wait to see Mike Vick tuck the ball under his arm and take off running down the middle of the field again this year.

    I just hope Vick don’t fumble the ball too much, like he has 32 times in his 35 starts as an Eagle. And I hope he doesn’t injure his skinny 190 lb frame lunging forward for an extra yard like he has 8 of his 10 years in the league.

    I got a feeling Marcus will be bagging the Eagles to trade his brother when he sees the beating Mike gets in the read option offense.

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