• May 17, 2022

DeSean Jackson Surprises Everybody By Not Signing With Jay-Z

DESEAN JACKSON, CHIP CHINERY, DANNY WOODBURNEveryone thought Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was ditching his long time agent Drew Rosenhaus, so he could sign with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation company to represent him.  Instead he signed with the same agent which represents Michael Vick, Joe Segal.

The speedy wide receiver, who has a record label, Jackpot Records, was expected to sign with Jay-Z as a way of helping the record label, but that didn’t come about.

Jackson could be a free agent if he doesn’t have a big year in 2013 for the Birds.  Chip Kelly seems to prefer wide receivers with size, who can make plays in the red zone and make the tough catches across the middle.  He wants them to be able to block defensive backs downfield for the team’s running backs in the running game and that isn’t Jackson’s strong suit.

Don’t forget that earlier this off season, Jackson had to get a one-on-one sit down with Kelly because the wide receivers was running with the third team offense.

Of course Kelly has to like Jackson’s speed and potential to make a big play every time he touches the football.  Still, we’ll need to see how things go because the Eagles will have a chance to part ways with Jackson without it hurting their salary cap very much.  He’s slated to bring in $9 million dollars this year, but next year it’s supposed to go up to more than $10 million, but none of it is guaranteed and that gives the Birds the freedom to say good-bye with no salary cap hit.

Jackson also had time to do some acting.  He had a guest role in an episode of Disney XD’s Crash & Bernstein, which gave him a chance to work with  The show will air on Monday July 22nd at 8:30et.   Jackson ends up on a camping trip with a group of people that includes Mickey from Seinfeld and a purple puppet.   



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  • “The speedy wide receiver,” Should read “The former speedy wide receiver,” He hardly beat anyone last season….. Not sure if was the concussions, his age, fear of injury, or lack of heart, but he’s not the same guy we signed a few years ago. Most definitely has lost a step or two.

  • Hmmm seems like he has a lot going on for a guy some want to label an idiot. Football, music and acting now, I guess he is trying to secure his future. Not bad for an idiot. Hope he has a big year but no matter what I think he’ll have to renegotiate that number to remain with the Birds.

  • D-Jax is Due $12.5 Million in 2014
    $12 Million in 2015 & $10 Million in 2016
    Under his Current Contract..
    It’s not a bad idea for him or any other Player
    To have other interests off the field for an NFL
    Career can end on any Play..
    As I stated when Chip Kelly was hired,
    I trick Pony’s who run Deep Routes and comtribute little else will have a difficult time seeing the field, for Kelly’s WR’s must make tough catches,
    Run slants, block, do curl and bubble routes where there will be contact and this isn’t D-Jax’s Game..
    I expect him to play about 40 Snaps a Game and not in the Red-Zone, shirt-yardage and late in games when Wagkes and Jelly will rely more on Doubke/Triple TE Sets and run the ball more..
    I just don’t see D-Jax as a real good fit for what Kelly wants to do..
    and therefore D-Jax will not be happy in his reduced role and could cause problems later in the Season..
    But since that Collision/concussion against Falcons CB Dunta Robinson,
    D-Jax has not been the same fearless little player that he once was and clearly will not see the big $$$ of his remaining Contract
    It will be interesting to watch how this plays out but I do believe that this will be D-Jax’s final Season as an Eagle, his contract will make it impossible to trade so he either Re-Structures or gets released and becomes a free-agent
    To the rest of the NFL would be my guess on what happens next Off-Season
    I still expect him to Catch 45-50 Passes, 750-800 Yards and 3-4 TD’s which are decent but replaceable and definitely not worth his big $$$ Contract

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