• June 25, 2022

Eagles Have A Very Talented Player In Connor Barwin

ConnorBarwin16For years the Eagles have had major problems trying to contain opposing tight ends.  I think they’ll be able to rid themselves of that problem going forward because of the size and coverage ability of newly acquired veteran outside linebacker Connor Barwin.  Barwin has all the ingredients needed to defend a tight end.  He’s got great size at 6’4″ 264 pounds with surprising catchup speed and the ability to change of direction very quickly.

The former Houston Texan also has the long arms which are needed to get a good jam on the tight end.  I think this is one of the most important keys to limiting the effectiveness of the tight end.  You’ve got to make it difficult for them to get off the line and into their routes.  He’s shown me that he can hold up the tight ends with his jam.

Barwin will be asked to line up as the left outside linebacker on first downs. This will match him up against the opposing team’s tight end because most of the time, teams line their tight end up on the right side, because most offense are right handed.  They will run the ball quite a bit in that situation.

I love the idea of matching Barwin up with the tight ends in pass coverage and on running plays.  He’s going to be a handful for tight ends whether ti’s a run or a pass.

Barwin showed off his pass coverage skills today at Eagles training camp by jamming tight end Brent Celek to the ground and then running with tight end/H back James Casey step for step for about 40 yards then knocking down a pass intended for the receiver.  It was impressive to see a big linebacker like Barwin make the play on the ball.  He’s the best matchup the Birds have had against NFL defensive ends, since Carlos Emmons.

I can’t say the same for the linebackers on the other side Trent Cole, Brandon Graham and Phillip Hunt.  All three of them took turns getting beaten by the other tight ends.  Cole was beaten with two outside moves, while Graham was beaten by a deep throw down the middle then he was unable to stop an outside route.  Hunt struggled in his coverage as well.

Here’s the real deal.  Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis isn’t going to make a habit of having Cole, Graham or Hunt locked up in man-to-man match ups with tight ends or running backs.  The defense will likely be in a zone defense when he has these guys dropping into coverages.

Cole, Graham or Hunt will start at the right outside linebacker position and they won’t be there because of their ability to cover the pass.  They are there to rush the passer and that’s their number one job.  These guys will be in pass coverage only 10% to 15% of the plays.

Back to Barwin, I neglected to mention his pass rushing ability.  You’ll see what he can do in that area on second and third downs.  There will be occasions on first down when he will be turned loose on a blitz, but he’ll spend most of his time on the early downs, playing the run and covering the tight ends.


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  • BULL!!

  • Love to hear about G-Man
    I was very High on Conner Barwin and was super excited when the Eagles signed him.. Fans will love this Guy and the way he plays and will become on the Leaders of this new Eagle Defense. I know some Posters (GMCliff) state that he’s a Bum and Overrated, but he is very quick, strong and explodes off the vall and blocks and like most Players from the University of Cincinnati play with heart, passion and are fundamentally sound .. I believe Barwin and TE/FB Janes Casey were the Best Aquisitions this off-season that will pay nice
    dividends right away for the Eagles..
    2-3 Years ago Barwin was used more as a Oass-Rusher and was very effective opposite of Mario Williams when the Texans still had LB’s Ryans and Pat Cushing to drop in Oass Coverage..
    Last Texans traded Ryans to Philly and LB Cushing went down nearly with a season ending injury meaning that Barwin had to pkay the Cover LB for them so when fans look at his Sack Totals of last Seaon versus to thevYear before and wonder what happened, well that’s the story of what happened .. Fans need to understand better of what is being asked of a Player to do on a steam and are too caught up in numbers.. All I can tell you us Barwin is that he will be the most complete 3 Down LB the Eagles have had since Seth Joyner..

    • He will never be Seth Joyner.

      More like Barry Gardner, or Quinton Caver

  • Bold paulman, but I like it

    • Its more like wishful thinking Frank.

      Don’t you think his sacks were more because the opposing Offensive Line schemed for Mario Williams, and he benefited from that?

      That wasn’t the case the following year which you saw him for what he is…….average impact; nothing special.

      So don’t be surprised if turns out to be a disappointment, and nothing like G, and Paul says he is….watch the games, and wait for the excuses.

  • Sam is an important position in a always changing game. If he gets out there and has success on TE and RBs, not to worried about his sacks. I think that’s the real reason his sack total went down in Houston.

    • No …thats not it…

      Its what I said it was……..and more wishful thinking by the optimist,,,,

      • God complex much?

  • Could be a bit of both. I, for one, am not willing to write him off before he plays a down with the eagles. He’s not going to be blitzing a whole hell of alot, but he’s def going to get some chances. We will find out soon enough

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