• May 19, 2022

Use Of The N-word Is A Common Thing In Locker Rooms

RileyCooper16On a number of occasions I’ve been walking through the Eagles locker room and have overheard a couple of African-American players talking and one guy will say to the other, “Look n-word”.  I’ve stopped and squirmed at hearing it.  At times I’ve told them to stop using that word, while they’ve been other times when I just kept walking.

You hear it all the time from today’s players.  They’ve grown up listening to eat in all types of movies and music.  They’ve been using their word all their lives, so they see nothing wrong with using at work or any other place.

During the years when I was playing in the NFL, black players wouldn’t use that word in front of white players.  There were only a few players who would use the word at all, but they would never use it at work in front of black and white players. Now things have changed.

Nowadays, players will use that word like they were saying “hey brother” and it’s regarded as no big deal.  They use it in any and every occasion.  It’s the culture they grew up in and they see no reason to change.

Many times players will have music blaring out of their cell phones which has that word being said over and over and over in it. Riley Cooper and his wide receiver teammates listen to some of that music.  He tries to be cool like all of the black guys on the team, but now it’s gotten out of control.

He has probably been using that word on his own and he mistakenly let it slip out of his mouth while in front of a camera. People who use profanity all the time, can’t help but use it if they become angered or emotional about something.  Cooper had been drinking before the incident occurred and he had been angered by a security guards before using the N-word.

I think players should stop using that word.  I think that you can’t use the word as frequently as many people do and be surprised when somebody of a different ethnic group uses the word.


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  • Well said G.

  • Nah G, he put the ‘ER” on the end of the word!!!

    But on a serious note, it should be banned from everyone’s mouth. I swear it’s counter productive. I’m black and it makes me cringe when I hear some of my own say it.

    • Me also. I absolutely hate it when I hear the younger generation using it. They have no appreciation for the connotations behind that word relative to slavery and their ancestral history as pertains to the arduous civil rights struggles. A word used maliciously as doctrine by those that wanted to subjugate us to feed a collective ego of superiority grandeur. I also hate rap with a passion unequaled by any vitriol. In the beginning, I thought it was a passing fad. I can’t believe that crap lasted as long as it has.

  • Stephen A Smith said ‘until we and by we I mean ME have to stop saying that word and until we do we are hypocrites ‘

  • Jesus loves the little children

    all the children of the world

    Red and Yellow Black and White

    they are precious in his sight

    Jesus loves the little children of the world.

  • So Jay-Z says he made N*** classy.. He took the meaning out of it and made it something black people should be proud of. If that’s the case why did he also rip Riley Cooper. Not defending Cooper by any stretch, but why, if classy does Jay-z get upset?

    Sincerely, a Caucasian.

  • Silly to think you can put an end to using a word. Everybody knows the use and who uses it how why and for what. If a white person says it they should be prepared for the consequences if someone takes offense. If a black person uses it an someone is offended they should respect it and not use it. Other than that its out there period. For people to say black people use the word therefore nobody should be upset when white people use it is acting as if you don’t know your history. I say we shouldn’t be surprised but have every right to be upset. If that is the double standard that upsets you so much grow up. You think black people wouldn’t trade being able to use the word for lets say repayment for slavery. I understand as more and more generations are birthed we get farther and farther away from understanding why things are the way they are, but lets not get stupid. People say I’ve been called cracker before, still not the same. Nobody was castrating you and hanging you from trees while doing it so it does not have the same power. At the end of the day any white man that uses the word knows exactly what tree he is barking up. Yes it’s possible to get too cool and loose and slip up, but be prepared to pay the consequences.

  • Nu, my comments were not to lessen the severity of what Riley Cooper did. I certiwnly don’t agree with it, nor would I use that word to describe a friend or a race in general. I am playing to the line where as it should not be used by anyone, esp one of African decent, if it brings up these emotions. Also, guys like jay z should not be in essence promoting the stigma that cones with it.

    • I hear you and wasn’t responding directly to you, but reading you first comment it kind of falls into what I was saying. I don’t expect you to fully understand why its ok for Jay z to say it. I do not agree that he made it classy or is responsible for any use of the word. Nor is jayz or any public figured African American speaking for all blacks when they speak or self promote. Someone black saying the word does not bring up the same emotions its impossible for them to its not the same context. Even if a black person was upset at another black person any that words was thrown in with an insult the insult hold more weight. Those same comments made by a white person the Nword takes more precedence because you are taking a racial stance knowing the ramifications so its extra threatening to us like you really must have a deep hatred or be ready for violence. Riley Cooper clearly threatened violence to compound his issue. So no its not like JayZ saying he chillin wit his “N” or he is a rich “N”. Is it a slight double standard for those who aren’t racist but want to joke around with their black friends and can’t properly bust some stones? maybe but get over it and that’s not what Riley Cooper was up to anyway.

      • I do agree with you completely in regards to how he used the word. I do understand what you mean when you describe how it is used by and jay z and the different contexts for it. He most certianly sounded like a bigot when he said it. I don’t want to sound cliché, but these are the kind of conversations that can help people undersrand .

  • None of us are the Man we should hope to be.

    The history arguments are greatly ignorant. Slavery was very wrong. Many white people were also slaves… look up Serf. Slavery had nothing to do with Race. there is only one race Human. Slavery, Serfdom whatever you call it has to do with one group exerting power over another group for economic and political reasons. The beauty of having a world view such as mine is that one can see how God can take the machinations of Satan to have some men believe themselves god over other men (IE the warring black tribesmen that sold opposition tribesmen into slavery for their own profit, Or so called Nobles who took what they wanted from farmers whose only crime was to be born) and he can have us all end up here in the Greatest Nation Ever with a chance for each of us to make his own way with his own God given Talents. So for all the haters tell you Master He’s got a date with a very hot Lake! The rest of us learn to be the Man (or woman) we should be and let others do the same.

  • Eh.

    It’s not that Cooper used the word, it’s that he got caught using it on camera threatening a black security in the process. When private becomes public – you’ve got problems. Ask Paula Deen or Isiah Washington.

  • I’m glad “G” brought this out!

    White guys in the NFL locker rooms scream “I’ll “F” up every Ni&&er up in here” all the time.

    • lol.

      Good point.

  • Well…I hate to say it, but I expected this kind of article from Gary. It changes absolutely nothing though. Lesean McCoy, Jason Avant and I don’t know what other far more important players in to organization aren’t accepting Cooper’s apology and they they shouldn’t. After watching the actual footage it’s evident Cooper meant the word in the most derogatory way possible. Hopefully, Coach Kelly will realize the fissures are too broad and deep to heal before there’s an internal explosion that sabotages the growth of the team over what amounts to a mediocre player and racist person…I chalk the ill-advised move of not immediately cutting Cooper to Kelly’s inexperience.

  • If its okay for blacks to use it then it’s okay for whites, stop with this parcelling on right and wrong, man up Riley, don’t take this’ crap any longer

    • wow

      • Jakedog I got 2 tickets to a Jay-Z concert wanna go with me and try your luck with that?

        • Sounds like a good time dag, we can print and sell tshirts that say”I’m gonna jump that fence and fight all the crackers here bro”, lol, time for some levity here

  • Good article G..
    This entire episode with Riley Cooper was sad to hear about, but a drunken Concert fan who is flexing his machoism & celebrity a bit..
    but I do believe a bit overblown by the local media, national media..
    I mean the lead story on a 3 Philly News-Casts??
    How may people in Philly were killed, raped assaulted, robbed in the last 48 Hours.. How nany Jobs created, lost, etc, etc
    How is the School Budget shaping up for the upcoming school year and the contracts of Septa, Afscme Unions..
    I do not condone, support or inderstand what Riley Cooper said and was doing outside of being as a stupid drunken act .. As far as his playing ability, ehh as not shown me much either but this is what happens when dans, media and society place these athletes on some kind of Pedestal as if they are always going to behave, mod and daybtgevtight thing anymore than the rest of Eocirty does and to expect them be at a “higher standard” than what Society is just foolish and unrealistic..

  • I once had a summer roommate named Joe cool white guy besides him being a bone head. We never became the best of friends but we had a mutual like for each other, talked about things frequently and looked out for one another most of the time. Never had issues short of him blasting the TV at 3:00 and him not understanding you don’t put your sneakers on another mans bed lol. long story short the next session our suite was broken up and he called me begging me to room up with him, for whatever reason it didn’t work out and we were in separate spaces. later that session comes out Joe was up late one night with his buddy and they were talking Nword this and Nword that, but with like a fake black mans voice like Robert Downey from tropic thunder lol (before that movie even came out). Another friend of mines was sleep upstairs overheard came down and went nuts throwing chairs and carrying on. People ran up to me the next day to ask if I had heard. Now I know joe is not a racist he was a Dhead who just could help himself but to cross lines. If I had a dollar for every time he broke some unwritten man law I would be rich, but if you didn’t know him he was now a racist. He would look at me funny as if I thought something differently about him until I pulled him aside and told him I didn’t care about what he said but as far as other people he would just have to deal with it. My friend who overheard him and snapped stopped caring probably the next day, but others who heard about it just continued to try and keep it going. We stayed cool when we saw each other and eventually people stopped caring about what he did. Racism is a burden that only the racist person has to carry. So even if there are some Eagles offended by Riley they will get over it if they are not consumed by race themselves and Riley Cooper truly is not a racist it will play it’s self out. But like Lesean said when the cameras or nobody’s around just like Joe, Riley made his own situation tough regardless of who can say whatever and get away or not get away with it.

  • I agree with G. I am not black. I have played sports all my life and the N word is used in a variety of ways. The majority of teams I have been on have players who are predominantly ‘street’. Mostly blacks and Latino but also some white players. The N word is used often by everyone that is ‘street’ in the same way that an all black team would use it with no one is thinking that Latino teammate is a racist. The other way it was heavily used was to make an exclamation of anger when challenged. The phrase ‘I will f**k up any N. Was used often by players who were black, Latino, and white in ‘street’ culture to emphasize the strongest response when challenged.

    I don’t know if Cooper is a racist or just repeating a statement I’m sure he’s heard teammates make when they have been challenged/angered.

  • Via espn.com /by Ashley Fox/

    “PHILADELPHIA — After every drill Riley Cooper ran in practice Thursday, he jogged to the sideline and stood by himself. He didn’t interact with teammates. He didn’t talk. He was a man among 89 others, yet he was alone…”

    It always makes sense to report the truth along with an opinion, sad to see GCobb didn’t report this. As for NuGreembol, your “buddy” Joe is a racist he just didn’t want you to know.

  • I think the major problem with the word is that it now has different definitions to different people. I’m white and I’m amazed that the such a devisive word has somehow grown within the English language. The black community really has allowed this to happen because you can see the problems it causes most white guys who use it. Cooper’s wasn’t right in his comments, but that word is probably used around him at least 10 times a day, right or wrong. It is now simply used as another word for black by the majority of the younger urban generation. That is a problem considering its origins. It’s hard for me to get real upset about this because it’s just another word in many of the popular songs. I can address it with my kids and use it as another life lesson, but I’m already tired of the topic as I type this. Gary seems to us a real disussion unlike the rating hungry news stations.

  • Well, Gary chose to frame an unrelated topic within a discussion in a way that would make white people comfortable. None of that has anything to do with the fact the Riley Cooper is a racist that regrets being outed as a racist.

  • Live life long enough you experience see things for how they really are. G I have no doubt that black players in the locker rooms use this stupid ass world. I don’t use it and you know many other blacks don’t use it. So lets stop with the other double standard. pretending that other races, ethnics, cultures don’t indulge in the same hypocrisy. I know for a fact that they do. I as well as many other young black boys were raised to not to say and do certain things while amongst other cultures. Just the way things are. And if you were dumb enough to get caught breaking these generational rules, you received no sympathy from blacks in your community. Break the law or do some other illegal shyt, crying they(whites) did it too was never a justifiable excuse. Some of y’all know exactly what I mean. Get caught calling a Irish person that certain short word they well occasional use amongst themselves; probably a beat down; refer to Italians using a few if the choice words many of them use amongst themselves; beat down; Jews,etc…etc

    Aint nobody on this side(black) trying to here shyt from your dumb-ass when that well deserved ass whuppin happens. The way I and most blacks I know were raised; LESSON LEARNED.

  • I’m getting tired of hearing this “black people use the N word all the time so what’s the big deal?” Bs. Let me attempt to explain why we use it and hence why other people shouldn’t.
    When we were brought here as slaves we were systematically stripped of everything. Out freedom, our families, our culture and our god. This more or less severed all bonds that we had with each other. Every other race on the planet has a common bond in there respective shared heritages, language, religion etc. We do not because our identity is derived from whatever slave owner/region we were sold into. That combined with the subsequent decades of torture and humiliation is the shared legacy of all african americans. This left us with only pain as our common denominator. Eventually we took the word that represented that pain and made it ours. It’s sad but true. Most other races/cultures can trace their history back for centuries while African Americans walk around to this day with zero unity and no idea who is really related to who. So now we identify ourselves as ni$$as as a way to have something, anything in common.
    For this reason no one else should use the word and we should stop using it in public as well. Hope this makes some of you look at the situation different.

    • Appreciate the insight marley but in a world that strives for equality I don’t think you can have it both ways. Either use it or dont but if you use dont be upset when others do.

      I understand your point no doubt and I do not use the world but if we are talking fair then it should go for all people because if it doesnt then that is just something that keeps us divided.

      Just imagine if the NFL suspended Cooper, then what ? It would only be fair that if all people that used the word were suspended and if that didnt happen then that is racist and a situation were certain people are treated differently…

      • I should add I think differently of Riley after this well I never really thought anything about him but now I do . However its about time this issue gets some clarity. One thing is for certain though it is not ok for people to use in a derogatory sense but it is also not ok that one color human can use it and other color humans cannot…

  • I don’t think he should be suspended. A fine is all that’s necessary. But I disagree that if one race uses it that its ok for everyone to use it. I cannot go to south Philly and say wop or dego and I accept that. That’s how it should be. So should u accept that you cannot use the N word.

    • and it is those social norms that keep up race barriers… and for what its worth i never cared who called me a whop or dego, it means nothing. without papers just dumb, i got my papers now so what? nor do i care than my ancestors wanted to get paid by the day instead of the week.

  • Wow, everytime we try to move on as a people and change this ugly way of thinking something like this rears its ugly head into our worlds. Sadly we are dealing with a situation of race here, not even a months after the former patriots tight end is being accused of triple homicide. To me the lost of life trumps some silly, spoiled, rich, brat, who doesnt know the true meaning of the word he used. Was Riley’s comment Stupid(for lack of a better word)? YES! Should he be punished for his actions? ABSOLUTELY! He needs to understand the full magnitude of his words and find a way to build himself back up in not only his teammates eyes but people he offended all over the country. Having said this I also feel we as people,and the media as well, should’nt put this much attention towards Riley as his idiot comment, Instead let the individual handle his personal issues as we focus on this upcoming season, None of us are perfect so no one has the right to judge the next man. Personally, and if I may speak for all us, I have said some things angry, drunk, misguided, whatever, never racial but bad nonetheless, So I cannot condemn this man only pray for him.

  • I bet every person on here has said the “N” word at one time or another during their lives.. Thank God for no “You-Tube” when we were young..
    But taken a racial slur when drunk and making the episode the most important story of the week is a little over the Top..
    I am sure all players mutter terms like “Kike”,
    “Dego”, “Spic” N-word”, “Chink” & “”Wetback” “Dot-Head”, “Fag” , “Cracker” and countless others are part of the American Experience and venacular whether we like it or not.. I just think there are more pressing issues in our Society, our Cities and yes, with our Eagles other than what a drunk Riley Cooper yelled out at a Security Guard.. Who definitely should get a Personal Apology from Cooper at the very least, but time to move on..
    Ther are assholes everywhere in the world and they usually get what’s coming to them sooner or later..

    • Nah Paulman honestly Dego,, Spic, Chink, Wetback etc really isn’t in the African Americans vocabulary honestly.Those are just other derogatory names used by Caucasians. So don’t try to lump us in with you guys. Cracker? That word hasn’t been used in 30 years. White boy is a more common phrase no matter if your Italian, Irish, Polish etc. If we have problems with Mexicans we call them Mexicans, if we have problems with Dominicans we call them Dominicans, no slurs are needed. The only thing we are universal on is slurs for homosexuals(which Im not condoning just explaining). So I always get a chuckle when white guys use the defense of “well I am called this, I am called that”, yeah by your own people not minorities.

      • Pretty much nailed that Dag, most black guys wouldn’t even know that cracker means white person but I find it humorous that’s even part of this conversation. As a Christian man I am disturbed how Cooper is being treated was he wrong yes was he being ignorant that night? Yes, so if he sincerely apologized let’s move on and not try to define his life for one stupid mistake.

        • Biglion, for the most part I think every black man in Philly knows what Cracker means. So I disagree there. But anyways I agree that this is being treated on a ridiculous scale when considering what happens when other players commit crimes. Its apparently better to commit manslaughter than to say a racist or homophobic slur these days. Cooper has apologized numerous times. He was fined, sent away from the team, and will undergo counseling. Yet there are still morons out there on Espn like Mike Wilbon that say he needs more punishment because they are race baitters. He wants the NFL to suspend Cooper too. Yet if they did that they would have to suspend any player that says a racist word to be fair (and legal). The Eagles/ and every other team would be holding tryouts Invincible style, just to fill out a team. So if they gave out a suspension, its pretty simple to think what type of issues that would create, yet guys that get paychecks (Wilbon, Bayless) to talk about sports on ESPN cant get their tiny brains to comprehend it. Too bad there aren’t too many Brian Dawkins out there. he made perfect sense on this. This team will never come close to winning shit until we get a leader like that back on this team.

          • Didn’t D-Jax just last Year call a Radio-Caller a Fag while on the Air during a Radio-Call in Show out in California…
            Did he have to get sensitivity classes and get fined and leave the Team and Apologize for a week straight.. Did D-Jax ever even publicly apologize..
            This Off-Season with the Hernandez Murder Case and the major Black Eye that the Patriots and the NFL have taken, every incident is getting blown way out of porportion.. So the guy yelled a racial slur while Drunk at a Concert.. I think it was a stup thing to say or do, but come-on, really…
            Again much to do about nothing ..

            • Unless your the offended race how they hell can you have the authority to say how that race should react?

              • Because every person , every race, every religion has suffered indignities, some, a lot more than blacks, 6 million Jews exterminated, but they not only persevered but prospered, but you dag prefer to be the eternal victim

        • Biglion, Dag,

          I think the majority of black men are familiar with the term “cracker”. Certainly Travon Martin (who was just a kid), and his friend were familiar with the term, and used it to describe Zimmerman in their phone conversation.

          For the record – I’m not saying that makes what Cooper said okay. It’s far from okay. And I think Zimmerman should be in jail today.

          I’m just saying that I think you’re wrong about most black guys not knowing the term “cracker”….

          • Depends on where you are Irish, I live in Jacksonville and they are familiar with cracker and redneck, on the other hand my 21 year old son was born and raised in Germantown and he would never guess cracker was a racial slur.

            • Heard something on the radio the other day that really sums all this shit up, IMO every man women and child of
              Every race should think about this for ever saying that word. The caller said this (paraphrasing):

              I am 30+ year Black man and the first time I ever said that word my father told me I should never say that word again because for far too many people that was the last word they ever heard before they were hung or murdered in some other way. The word was created and used extensively to hate and it’s roots is just that. Not a word that should be uttered by anyone.

  • Time to play some football baby.

  • Cooper is ass anyway. Just cut this bum because he’s not worth the headache.

  • Some db was wearing a Cooper jersey to camp today. I didn’t know they even sold them.

  • In other NFL

    Packers suffer big blow to their OL
    As Starting LT Brian Bulaga tore his ACL and will miss the entire 2013
    Bulaga, a 1st Round Pick 3 Years ago has played mostly RT but was shifted to LT in the Off-Season to help sure up a real weak Position for them
    Former LT Chad Clifton has Retired and former
    1st around Pick of 2 Years ago Derrick Dherrod has been a bust in his 2 years and broke his leg in the off-season and is on the PUP list and not expected anytime soon.. I remember many Pisters wanting the aeagkes to Sekect Sherrod 2 Draft’s ago..
    In an odd move today, the Packers signed Free-Agent QB Vince Young to compete as a back-up to Aaron Rodgers..

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