• May 22, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 9-8 Win Over Chicago

dombrownfireThe Philadelphia Phillies snapped their losing streak on Tuesday night, taking down the Chicago Cubs 9-8. Their record improves 51-61.

  • Kyle Kendrick got the win on the mound, but he didn’t pitch very well. Kendrick allowed five runs over six innings.
  • Kendrick gave up four runs in the second inning and one in the third. He gave up six hits and two home runs.
  • Domonic Brown returned to the lineup after missing 11 games with a concussion, and the offense really clicked for the first time since Brown went down, scoring eight runs on 12 hits.
  • Brown went 1-4, with two RBI groundouts.
  • Darin Ruf went 2-4 with a solo home run and an RBI double. Ruf is now batting .309 on the year.
  • Chase Utley went 3-4 and drove in two runs. Utley hit his fifth triple of the season.
  • Michael Young hit out of the lead-off spot and went 2-3 with two doubles, an RBI, and a walk.
  • Cody Asche finally enjoyed a little success at the plate, going 2-3 with his first double.
  • Carlos Ruiz hit his second homer of the year.
  • Jake Diekman pitched 1.1 scoreless innings.
  • Justin De Fratus got the final two outs of the eighth.
  • Jonathan Papelbon finished the game in the ninth inning, allowing a two-run single to Nate Schierholtz. The closer then gave up another run on a fielding error by Brown.

Final Thoughts

A win is a rare thing these days in Philadelphia baseball.

It looks like Kyle Kendrick has finally become Kyle Kendrick again. Kendrick has given up four or more runs in six of his last 10 starts, and his ERA has risen into the 4.00’s. He’s not making good pitches like he was early in the season, and he’s just getting waxed right now.

Tonight’s win doesn’t mean anything, but it was at least fun to watch. Its nice to see guys like Domonic Brown, Darin Ruf, and Cody Asche perform well at the plate and provide the backbone for a win. These are three guys that the team will need to perform well for them to be competitive next season, and a performance like tonight is the type of game you want to see out of this team from now until the end of the season.

By the way, the Phillies designated Laynce Nix for assignment today to make room for Domonic Brown. If the performances of Brown, Ruf, and Asche weren’t enough to make you smile, rejoice at the fact that you’ll never have to see Nix take another at-bat as a Phillie.

Denny Basens

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  • Well stated Denny. Ruf, Brown and Asche actually work a pitcher and try to get in hitter’s counts. What a novel idea. Now, if we could just get Mayberry to go away like Nix.

    • Haha no doubt Nix was the biggest waste of a roster spot that we’ve had in recent memory. I say Michael Martinez and Raul Valdes need to go away before Mayberry though…Mayberry is a bonehead with no baseball IQ, but I’ll at least give him the fact that he can hit one out every now and then.

  • WTF, is Ruf doing in RF & Brown in LF?!? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, since Brown is a natural RF & Ruf played only LF? DUH!!!! This is beyond comical, it’s a cruel joke! Crapelbum, needs to be beaten with a cat-in-9-tails! Sickening team! Absolutely sickening! Can’t believe I actually still watch this trash truck juice. Must be morbid curiosity at this point, but I can’t wait for it to end!

  • Well now you watch to see the kids play. Get used to this OF with Revere in CF. I know you hate revere, but the lineup sure is missing a .300 hitter with speed at the top.

    • Revere and Brown were the Sparkplugs for the Phillies for a Decent Month in June.. As soon as Revere went down, followed by Brown’s Concussion, Season was Over..

      • Yep.

  • I enjoyed last nights game. Watching Asche, Brown & Ruf and seeing what they have is fun to me and they are the only reason I watch now.

    I am guessing Phils needs going into next year are C, 2b, bp, bp, bp and 2 sp.

    • wooooooooooo

      Todd Zolecki of MLB.com was told by a source that an agreement between the Phillies and Cuban right-hander Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez has hit a snag.
      It was reported late last month that the Phillies and Gonzalez had agreed to a six-year, $48 million contract that included an $11 million option for 2019, but the team has yet to acknowledge anything regarding the signing. It’s not known what might be throwing a wrench into things, but numerous reports have mentioned scouts with questions about Gonzalez’s elbow.

      make that 2.5 sp?

    • Probably will re-sign Utley, so they need a C to fill out the lineup. Not a good year for FAs, so good players are gonna be overpaid like McCann, Garza, etc. They will have some money, but don’t want another bad contract.

      As far as the bullpen goes, Gelb has a nice article on how Madsen and Bastardo have been the only decent BP guys that the phils have developed in the past 10 year. And now we know that Bastardo cheated and Madsen can’t stay healthy.

  • Phils and Utley agree to extension. Details to follow.

  • To MHenski,
    If Utley Re-signs with Phils before Free-Agency Period and gets more than the $12.5 Million Per Season that we talked about as our Bet
    Than I am not paying for resigning Utley while in-season is not indicative of a true “Market-Value” and stupid for the Phils to do so but GM Amaro is panicking and trying to save face in front of the Phils Fans/Local Media
    Utley has to reach the “Open Market” in Free Agency for our Bet to be legitimate…

    • Wow Paulman you are about as low class as they come. You make a bet with me with proceeds going to charity if charity if chase gets more than 10 million a year I gave you an additional 2.5 million to make it fair as I knew you weren’t even close and then what do you do? 2 hours AFTER chase Reups you change the terms even though we made the bet when it was in the News chase was off the trade block and they were in process of working on a new deal.

      That is about a big as a scum bag move I ever saw Paul especially over a $10 charity bet. You’re a total fraud dude, no class, a scumbag and clearly have no values that a gentleman would have.

      • Truly blown away that someone could be this much of a scumbag over $10 to charity. Unreal I feel bad for those individuals who raised you.

        • Your as stupid as Rueben Amaro..

          • Coming from you a person with no class, integrity, character, a man whose word means nothing you calling me stupid means nothing. Its just a pathetic attempt by you to deflect the lack of quality person you are. Regardless we just had a bet about the dynamics of baseball contracts and market value and you lost so if im stupid you are mentally handicapped.

  • PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Chase Utley and the Phillies have agreed to a contract extension that could keep the five-time All-Star in Philadelphia through at least the 2015 season, two people familiar with the deal told The Associated Press on Wednesday night.

    They spoke on condition of anonymity because the contract hasn’t been finalized. The deal reportedly is worth around $27 million over two seasons with multiple vesting options.

    • And what does he do, before the ink isn’t even dried on the ill-advised contract, he almost breaks his kneecap, on his bad knee, the 1st game out! They get what they deserve, when he inevitably goes down again. Probably for good next time! I have never seen such a clueless, bunch of inept bumbling imbeciles, in my life! Absolutely comical!!!!

  • Man if what you are saying Is truemhemski then paulman is a biggger d*** o then I thought , oops….shouldn’t say such shit after just returning from sensitivity counseling

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