• May 22, 2022

Eagles Starters To Go Two Quarters

MichaelVick&NickFoles7Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is planning on taking a closer look at his starters on Thursday when they battle the Carolina Panthers. Kelly wants to let his staters get a better rhythm for playing together and also get a chance to decide who his staters will be as well.   Nick Foles will be the starter this week at the quarterback position and he will split time with Michael Vick during the first and second quarters.

“We’re trying to get our ones more work in both the first and second quarters now,” he said. “We’ll see how that plays itself out. Does that mean it’s gonna be by series or whatever? It depends how many snaps and how long the series’ are.”

Third-string quarterback Matt Barkley will come into the game in the second or third quarter depending on the how the game is playing out.  If Kelly is happy with the number of snaps which Vick and Foles get then he’ll put Barkley back into the game.

I’m sure you’re going to get a good look at the defensive starters because Billy Davis and company will want to put on a strong showing this week, as a way of winning the confidence of Eagles fans.



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  • That picture just about sums it up.

    • Head and shoulders…

  • Lol, Foles is a big kid man dam.

  • Vick was blessed with speed, Foles with size. Ladies want to pick?

    • Vick.

      All day every day.

      Nothing wrong with 6’0 195.

      • I’ve met Mike Vick.

        I’m just under 6″1′ and I can absolutely guarantee you he is not 6′ tall.

  • Charles Johnson, Greg Hardy, Star Lotulelei & Dwan Edwards – That should be a good test for the Eagles offensive line. And we will most likely get to see how Vick and Foles handle some pressure in the pocket.

    There is going to be some real flyswatters knocking the ball down on Thursday night.

  • Good. More playing time.

  • The coaches talked about separation, this is the game that nick foles shows that elusive consistency that has evaded mike vick

  • TS Johnson, you no doubt some fine looking bitch, but watch out for old whitey foles….

    • LOL


      U a MESS jakedog.

      A. Mess!

  • Vick gained 9 lbs of muscle this year..

  • 9 pounds? I think not. You guys love to exaggerate everything about Vick.

    “Four pounds, four pounds of pure muscle,” he said, via NFL.com. “So, it’s a credit to myself.” Mike Vick.

    I’m sure those 4 lbs will change everything.

    • “He told ESPN that, under Kelly’s new training regimen, he has added 9 pounds.

      “All muscle,” said Vick, who missed five games last season. “I want to be strong all year.””

      • OMG your desire to contradict anything that doesn’t hold your obvious crush in the brightest of lights knows no bounds.

        Dan Hanzus article on espn.com:
        “Four pounds, four pounds of pure muscle,” he said, “So, it’s a credit to myself.”

        So he didn’t tell ESPN 9 lbs, he told them 4 and Hanzus reported it….

        ….but why would someone like you who can’t stand anyone saying anything bad against Mikey-boy, even something as frivolous as a 5 lb difference accept that?.

        Instead of going to the source, you take the one regurgitation that mistakenly says 9lbs and take it as Mike Vick gospel….

        “9 is better then 4, so I will only accept 9!!!” says TS

        (I’m assuming you’re referring to the clearly incorrect yardbarker article BTW)

        But I know that actually quoting the original article won’t convince someone as pig-headed as yourself. Good thing Vick told others it was 4 lbs.

        Bob Grotz article on North Penn Reporter:
        “Four pounds and all-muscle,” Vick bragged. “I’m trying to keep my body in the best possible shape to withstand the hits. Everyone says I’m injury prone so I’m trying to fight that. But it’s cool, man. That’s why we compete. That’s why we workout. That’s why we train hard.”

        You may also note that the few sites that say 9 lbs never actually have a quote from the man himself…very reputable sites like “sports by Colin” just took the yardbarker mistake and ran with it, without actually confirming what the guy actually said….just like you.

        Look, I don’t really give a shit whether its 4, or 7, or 9, or 25……

        The point here is you are, at this point, a complete joke with the obstinate way you either dodge or contradict any little thing that’s negative.

        Vick ran the offense a bit slower: NO HE DIDN’T AND IF HE DID IT WAS KELLY”S FAULT



        Too funny.

        • Go to the original Hanzus article on NFL.com and watch the video…… with Aditi Kinkhabwala:
          “he even joked with us asking if we noticed the 4 pounds of muscle that he put on this summer”

          But hy would you believe the sideline reporter a few mins after actually talking to Vick.

          Sports by Colin clearly more reputable.

          Sky is blue…..TS screams “pink!!”

          • Oh….and if you watch that interview, you better hit pause before you get to the end, because you won’t like what Dixon and Vick say about the tempo of the offense either

            So better just avoid that all together (hint: it sort of contradicts your whole “Vick went slow last game on purpose” argument)

            • Um….it’s a direct quote from the ESPN article. So what are you talking about.

              If there is a mix-up somewhere fine. But let’s not act like anyone is making anything up. I pulled the quote same as I’m sure larrwd pulled the quote.

              “So better just avoid that all together (hint: it sort of contradicts your whole “Vick went slow last game on purpose” argument)”

              lol. Once again. Vick ran the offense he was asked to run. Which is what I said. A video from pre-TC doesn’t tell em anything. You do know that Kely has said REPEATEDLY that his offense has 3 different speeds – his OREGON offense had 3 different speeds.

              ONLY YOU are hung up under some perceived “slowness” you calim Vick showed Friday.

              SO predictable.

              • What’s predictable is how you will defend to the ends of the earth even the most frivolous perceived slight against your schoolgirl crush.

              • It was on CSN actually in an interview. I wanna say the 2nd day of camp or so. He said 4 pounds of muscle a credit to myself. Words directly from his mouth.


      • Sure it is.

        Right next to your other made up favourites like :

        “Mike Vick is the best ever”
        “The fact that Mike Vick only has more than 8 wins once is everyone else’s fault”

        I have posted 3 direct quotes from the man himself where he says 4 lbs. You and your girlfriend have got jack……..and yet you keep screaming otherwise.

        Forget the mysteries of Stonehenge, or area 51…..Larrwd and his girlfriend TS have solved the mystery of the missing 5 pounds!! They can’t actually prove those mystery pounds exist, but they still remain adamant!

        What devorion…both to each other and their hero. Well done TS and Larrwd…..stay strong!

        BTW: Eagles Website. July 23
        Title: Michael Vick: I’m Confident in Myself” by Chris MacPherson

        “Vick still possesses amazing athleticism. He added four pounds of muscle to defend himself from the hits to try and shake the injury-prone label which he is well aware of.”

        Don’t go away mad Larrwd…..

  • Living in NC, and seeing the Panthers over the Spring/Summer
    this will be a good Test on both sides of the ball at the line of scmrimmage
    Defensively, The Panthers 1st Team has a very good, athletic an active Front f7 with a questionable Secondary ..
    Offensively, they have a decent OL, Cam Newton, Steve Smith,’Greg Olson and a deep RB Coros of D Willians, J Stewart, Big M Tolbert and Rookie Scat Back K Barner who played for AirPlay at Iregon and is an exisige and exciting g young player to watch.. It should be an entertaining first half to way u for a panthers are planning to play their starters the first half also..

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  • Also vinnie please dont respond to my posts. Im racist against you . Only you though.

    • 4

    • Nice

  • Okay paulman and Mhenski have resolved their issue and now an argument breaks out over 5 pounds. Its going to be a long season on g.Cobb. LOL

  • I myself even found the time to argue with Vinnie about the speed of the offense after both QB’s led scoring drives and played well. Ridiculous I tell you just ridiculous.

    • Pre-season nonsense Big. We need some more actual game time to have some real discussions. Tough time of year with only baseball and the Phils 100 games back.

      Hard not to argue with Vinnie though.

  • 4 pounds,9 pounds who gives a uckfe!

  • What’s killing me is this Foles, Vick shit is getting tired. I mean I prefer Foles but will back Vick 100% if he wins the job. I mean I cheer for the team as a whole not just one position. Plus I believe a lot of the back and forth with Foles and Vick is more race than anything. Which sucks but that’s just how things go in life sometimes. For me our biggest issue is not even the Qb spot, it’s the defense as a whole. I truly believe that Vick or Foles can be good in Kelly’s system he has different version’s that fit each Qb.

    • Vick is great in Chip Kelly’s system.

  • well its over…Mike Vick has clearly won the job…Foles can back up…terrible turnover in the redzone by Foles….we can all call this a wrap!

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