• July 5, 2022

Danny Watkins Among Final Cuts As Eagles Get Down To 53

DannyWatkins11The Eagles made their final cuts on Saturday afternoon, getting the roster down to 53 players.

Among those released today was former first-round draft pick, offensive guard Danny Watkins.

The Eagles also released linebacker Chris McCoy, tight end Clay Harbor, wide receivers Greg Salas and Russell Shepard, offensive lineman Michael Bamiro, linebacker Travis Long, safety David Sims, and running back Matthew Tucker.

Denny Basens

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Thoughts On The 53-Man Roster


  • Wow they kept Allen WOW

  • Salas might get a call back if a WR gets injured. Clay Harbor will get picked up by someone.
    There are about ten more guys on defense that should have joined these bums. The defense is deficient in talent. Howie’s free agent overhaul is a complete bust and I think it should cost him his job. Patrick Chung is his only addition worth keeping.

  • This front office haven’t changed one bit.

    Nate “soft ass” Allen must be Rosie’s butt buddy.

    and Matthews?

    That bum ass cat did nothing!!!!!!!!!

  • Let them loose every game this year and get a high pick in the 2014 draft. This year is a wash anyway.

    • the Eagles could line up 13 guys on defense( 2 extra players) and they still couldn’t force a 3 and out.

  • Some Notable Players Released

    DT Marvis Austin of the NY Giants who I though had a nice Preseason from the games I saw.. Cowboys will probably sign him since they are thin at DT and now run a 4-3 like the Giants.. I think Austin could be an effective NT and he and Logan could make a nice combo.. I think Soapafa is at end of the line and have been disappointed in him and is getting up there in age

    Under the radar OLB Thomas Keiser of the Chargers who had a nice Summer Camp too.. He played at Stanford and Kelly should be pretty familiar with him

    Safety Winston Guy from Seattle will be fielding a lot of Calls,
    Seahawks are stacked in their Secondary and cut the 3 year Pro
    At 6-2, 215lbs and a nasty streak, the Eagles should go after him big time as I am sure the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins will be pursuing him also

  • I would like the Eagles to look at Marvin Austin too. I’m not sold on Sopoaga.

    • I agree…I’m not impressed with Sopoaga..and I do like the notion of going after Winston Guy of Seattle…I’m not comfortable with Nate Allen and I’m shocked that Matthews is on this team..might have been better to cut him and keep Clay Harbor

  • The only thing with Guy is that he is a strong safety where Mr Softee, I mean nate allen is a free safety. I do agree though, they should look at him though. He could replace Coleman. IMO Nate Allen’s replacement is either Craig Loston Safety from LSU or Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix Safety from Alabama.

  • A couple of Odd Roster’s around the NFL

    Cowboys only have 4 CB’s on their Roster after today’s cuts
    Arizona has only 4 WR’s
    KC Chiefs kept 10 LB’s on their Roster

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