• July 4, 2022

Eagles Cut 12 And Put Kruger On I.R. To Get Down To 62

AntonioDixon1The Eagles cut 12 players on Friday and put Joe Kruger on injured reserve.  That puts them at 62, on their way to getting down to 53 players at 6pm this evening.  The decisive cuts which will be made some time today before 6pm will be very interesting.  Will there be any shockers?

There weren’t any major surprises on the list but a couple of the guys, who were cut had started for the Birds in the past.

Antonio Dixon – He had been a good run stopper in the 4-3 defense, but he missed some valuable practice time and preseason game time due to an injury.  The younger defensive linemen such as Bennie Logan and Damion Square made him expendable.  They’re more versatile, as well as having a bigger upside.

Dallas Reynolds – I think the lack of versatility hurt Reynolds.  Julian Vandervelde, who is able to play both the center and guard position and he’s still here.

Trevard Lindley – He’s a cornerback, who was drafted by the Birds a few years back in the fourth round and suffered an injury against the Jets.

Dennis Dixon – This was a foregone conclusion at the quarterback position, but he’ll probably will wind up on the practice squad.  He could wind up playing for the Birds this year, if injuries hit the quarterback position.  He’s not the best passer, but Dixon does know how to run the system.

David King – He wasn’t impressive during training camp and the preseason.  The Eagles grabbed him in the seventh round.

G.J. Kinne – The young quarterback is a good athlete for a quarterback, but he never had a chance of staying here.

Ifeanyi Momah – He’s got the size, but doesn’t have a basketball background, so he doesn’t know how to use his size like a rebounder.  He’ll be on somebody’s practice squad and they need to get him on a basketball court.

Other cuts were the following:  Offensive Linemen – Matt Kopa, Matt Tennant,  Wide Receivers – Will Murphy,  Outside Linebackers – Adrian Robinson, Everette Brown,

Rookie defensive lineman Joe Kruger was placed on injured reserve because of a shoulder injury.  He needs to live in the weightroom in order to get bigger and stronger.  He was a seventh round pick.


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  • David Simms has been cut.

  • Sign drayton Florence!

    • NO!!

  • Danny Watkins has been cut! He can now be officially labeled a Bust!

    • He (Watkins) just never seemed to have that fire in his belly to be a NFL Starter.. In a weird way, he’s just too nice of a guy to play in the NFL..
      Someone desperate for Guard Depth may give him a look
      Watch for the Browns/Cardinals who have suffered major injuries to their Guards give him a look, but simply, Danny Watkins just doesn’t that burning desire to be an NFL Player and glad they released him

    • NOW, he can be officially labeled a bust?!? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Eagles Release TE Harbor meaning that they will keep 6 WR’s
    Between Salas, Shepard and recent signing Mileah all fighting for last WR spot

    Seahawks Release CB Antoine Winfield
    Giants Release WR Ramses Barsden & Safety Tyler Sash
    Chiefs Release TE Tony Moeaki who has had Injury issues his entire Career
    Packers Release QB V Young and RB Green
    Panthers Release QB Jimmy Clausen to no ones surprise

    • I just read an article insinuating Igwenagu may have beat out Harbor for a spot. Probably better special teams player.

      • of course he beat him out…Eagles have 4 TE’s counting Igwenagu who we’ll see at FB also…They had to cut a TE somewhere, weren’t going to keep 5…although I believe Casey should have been the one cut…Still waiting to see what Casey will bring to the table for this team.

    • there is a nice article on ESPN about the cutting of young.

      Shows the difference between the Birds and the Pack.

      In GB – see the same things you’ve seen for several seasons? “Can’t teach a 30 yr old new tricks”….cut bait right away.

      With Eagles, “Vick had 19 good snaps in the preseason, and we’ll quietly ignore the 3rd preseason game where all the old foibles returned… this year it will be different!!”

      • Tell us about Foles half against scrubs.

        Articulate what happened there.

        • You’ve still never been able to get your head around the hole 6 games vs 100 games experience thing eh songs?

          Difficult concept for you to grasp I suppose.

          Short yellow bus?

          • I dont’ think he was asking you to compare two players…just for you critique of a single players showing in a meaningless 4th pre season game….

  • Watching Eagle replay vs the Jets on NFL Channel
    It’s very apparent that CB Boykin is another Draft Bust, he simply is too small and cannot even bring a 5-10 WR of the Jets to the ground..
    He and #23 (Poyer) are too soft to play in the NFL
    This Eagles Secondary is in deep, deep trouble

  • Patriots Release DE Jermaine Cunningham who is another Draft Bust by Belecheck.. Cunningham was Selected with a high 2Nd Round Pick a couple of years ago and had no impact during his time in New Engkand..
    Pats also Release QB Tebow
    Browns Release WR Steve Brown
    Broncos Release Guard Ryan Lilja
    Jets Rekease QB Greg McElroy
    Ravens Releae WR T Doss..
    Chargers Release WR Robert Meachem
    Steelers Release RB Jonathon Dwyer

  • I am amazed how this Eagkes Scondary as a group gave little to idea where the ball is when in flight, none of the Players look back and see the ball in flight, let alone make a play o it.. As a former CB, this is Rule 1,
    You have to know where the Ball is in relation to your receiver..
    It’s as if this Entire Secondary waits to Receiver catches the Ball and then reacts to them.. This is brutal, where’s the Coaching.. I see DB’s running with their back to the ball, you can’t play like this in the NFL

    • the money they gave James Casey should have been allocated for NATE ALLEN”s job.

  • Eagled kept Casey Matthews over Chris McCoy, I didn’t have a problem with any of the moves this regime made up until this, that was a dead same school favorite move, they should be embarrassed!

    • Eagles went ILB over OLB…wasn’t about Matthews or McCoy…I totally agree with you though, McCoy should be on the team.

  • Danny Watkins was horrible but still better than Nate Allen and Brandon Graham. Nate Allen is not a top 75 NFL safety and dingbat Howie Roseman found 2 even worse Kenny Phillips and Wolff.

  • Jimmy Clausen released => Matt Barkley’s clone

    • Living in NC I have had to watch clausen for 4 Pre-Srasons..
      And Barkley has shown me more in one Pre-Season than Clausen whose arm and pocket awareness is just terrible
      Barkley has a shot with some arm conditioning and more game experience to be an adequate Back-Up in the NFL.. Claussen was not even a 3rd Stringer and an embarrassment to watch when in a game
      Barkley at least can read Defenses and get the ball out

      • I think the analogy is Popular big time college QB, who isn’t everything he seems on the professional level….He may be more skilled but same results.

    • This is crazy..I agree wIth E0S……..wholeheartedly!!!

  • poor decision cutting harbor .. he is our fastest TE and Casey is never going to play. knee now hamstring he will never play and retire after the season

    • Casey is 26-27 Years old and will be a nice Player in Kelly’s System

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