• May 26, 2022

The Eagles’ Current Roster Is Not Good Enough

Casey MatthewsI will not jump to conclusions; however I will be honest with my disgust for how the 53 man roster looks “as of now.”  I am not pleased with names kept and players let go.  There are players that not only should have been cut, but are undeserving of playing in the NFL.  I’ve been “all-in” up until this point with the player movement, philosophy and language presented by Chip Kelly.  Today I’m left wondering his intent for his decision making.  This simply can’t be the final roster, I expect other moves to follow and for this mess to be cleaned up.

Has Chip demonstrated loyalty over talent to his former Oregon Ducks?   Is there unnecessary love of special team contribution that leads the Eagles keeping the likes of Coleman and Anderson?  Igwenagu, the fourth tight-end on this roster, what and why is this guy still doing here? Curtis Marsh has been awful, are the Eagles holding onto another high draft pick because the others have failed them?

I think of one thing and one thing only for the likes of Hughes, Marsh, Coleman, Anderson, Igwenagu, Maehl and Mathews.  These eight players or 15% of the 53 man roster are “special teamers.” Their actual skills are lackluster if they line-up in most offensive and defensive packages.  Eight players who could never be a “starter” for the Eagles if the player in front of them on the roster were to miss any time due to injury.  Explain yourself Chip.   This is not about a player or two; this is a lengthy list of questions.

Colt Anderson would have been my selection to stay with the Eagles moving forward.  The other seven previously named players would have shared a fair-well exit with Danny Watkins.  When I witnessed Coleman playing cornerback the other night, I never imagined him repeating this “stunt” during a regular season game.   Marsh and Hughes are out for the first few weeks with hand injuries, is it going to be the veteran Coleman or rookie Poyer as our fourth cornerback?  I personally would use Nate Allen as a cornerback over Coleman.  Slide Wolff into that starting safety role when you go four deep at the cornerback package.  Coleman and Anderson can lead the Eagles into being one of the best special team units in the NFL; but should never be used as defensive help.

I don’t want to be angry; but I am.  I see vacancies throughout this roster; and entering a season with several question marks is not promising.  Over-emphasizing the play from the preseason? I ’m basing my disgust on the proven track of not producing at the professional level.  This is not a good feeling Eagles fans, it’s a negative preception that will linger until other moves are made.   I’m waiting for changes, expecting moves and anticipating that relief is on its way.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Feel free to jump to conclusions, Jeff. Being a sports writer, It might be the only exercise you get…. That’s a joke.

    Anyways, it sounds like most of your problems with the roster moves are on the defensive side. I kinda feel like all those that were cut are basically interchangeable with some of those who stayed… they all stink to about the same degree.

    • Does typing not count as cardio? I have issues plenty on the offensive side of the ball, I’m a defensive guy first. You can score as much you want in the NFL, but you have to be able to stop the other team from scoring.

  • I think everyone knows, even the Eagles that the roster isn’t good enough to win the superbowl. Next breaking news story!

  • Wow Gus bradley just grabbed Chris Mccoy we kept Matthews let’s see what happens. Not that Mccoy is LT or anything, I just thought he could help with depth. But we shall see.

    • Bradley helped turn ex-Eagle Chris Clemons into one of the league’s top pass rushers out in Seattle…and obviously he saw something worth developing in McCoy. One more reason to follow the progress of the Jaguars closely this season.

      • Good point Denny, I forgot about Clemons.

      • It always helps when there’s 10 other guys on defense that can play. Everyone is a genius when you have players.

  • Your jumping the gun Jeff, Howie said this roster isn’t set, case in point, they just waved Curtis Marsh and picked up CB Shaun Prater off waivers from the Bengels, you can believe more changes are coming.

  • LB McCoy will make an impact for the Jags and be a nice contributor the next 3-4 Seasons meanwhile Casey
    Matthews will be out of the NFL after 2013 Season with the Eagles

    I could about 6-7 Starting Caliber Pkayers on this Eagle Roster
    RB McCoy, WR D-Jax, LT Peters, LG Mathis,
    DL Cox, LB Barwin and this is about it..

  • @ diddy and denny

    I know the roster isn’t set and we could potentially pick released players much better than our own. But the fact that a premier defensive guy like coach Bradley quickly picked up McCoy and we still got Mathews? Man I hope we got that one right. Chris Clemons playing as an elite after leaving here still bothers me.

  • A lot of people are getting worked up over the cuts. Don’t understand why really.

    Is it that big a deal the Eagles kept Igwenagu over Harbour? Is this going to matter one iota over the course of the season?

    We’re talking about minute differences between 2 (at best) 4th TEs on the roster.

    Matthews vs McCoy…who cares. ….Marsh, Lindley, Anderson….Frankly I can’t tell any of them apart.

    who the hell cares. I barely know who any of these scrubs are…nor to I care if they are released for another scrub.

    You may be angry that these scrubs are still on the roster, but its because there was no one to replace them with.

    This team is in a 3 year rebuild. There are only 4 picks in the first 4 rounds each year….most NFL teams add maybe 2 to 3 starters a year through the draft. This will be a slow process.

    And don’t get upset next year when the Birds draft more O with the first couple picks. Because its going to happen.

    This D is going to be cover your eyes bad for at least this season, and probably the next after that. But at least we have a former superstar at QB. That’ll help.

    • Just imagine this defense with a 3rd round project on offense.5 yards and a cloud of dust. Good grief. Talk about exciting. If were gonna lose lets atleast have some glimmer of excitement. Them 16 play 50 yard drives just don’t cut it.

      • At least I’d get to watch a young qb developing (hopefully). Watching the kid get better slowly over the season will at least engender some hope for the coming seasons..

        The way this team is currently constructed (on D especially) I’m going to need something to look forward to…and watching you know who make a “spectacular” 80yrd highlight play once every 3 weeks isn’t going to cut it.

  • Team will not Contend until “Amateur GM Rosenan” is gone
    and he is signed thru 20-5 so he is not going anywhere, anytime soon.. If we have learned one thing about Jeff Lurie, is that he’s loyal to a fault, and allows his employees to work out their Committed Contracts ..
    He does buy them out or cut the chord, he allows them every opportunity to succeed even when they are in over their heads as Roseman is..
    It is what it is with this Franchise, read it and weep Fans..

  • Damn Bridgewater can flat out throw the rock!. Wouldn’t be upset with him or Boyd who is a Russell Wilson clone.

    • Well, if Vick plays halfway decent and the Eagles muddle to 8-8 you won’t see either of them in Midnight green.

      Again, another reason why playing the old man is a stupid idea.

      • They arent going 8-8 with Vick dont worry. That defense is putrid. 5-11 or 6-10.

        • Then again, if they’re going 5-11, again I have to ask why Vick? Why not discover if Foles or Barkley can potentially lead the team in 2014 or beyond?

          I keep trying to figure out why Vick…and the “he won the competition” business is hogwash….the team is going nowhere anyway…Kelly must know this……SO….

          Maybe he chose Vick because he knows how terrible he is….perhaps he’s killing 2 birds with one stone…keeping the “idolize vick” types (players and fans) happy, knowing full well the turnover machine will lead them nowhere and guarantee him Taj or Teddy…..


        • They are not going 5-11 or 6-10.

          The team is no worse then it was in 2011 – better in many aspects. They are at minimum an 8-8 team. Defense isn’t as bad as you think it is. If they can hold teams to 24 – we will win more than we lose.

          • Crack is Bad

  • Would anyone consider trading a first and second to move up to get Bridgewater? If that would get it done.

    • Bridgewater is one of the better looking college qb’s out there, but not a franchise looking quarterback by any means. He has above average arm strength, but not very fast, only decent speed once out in the flat.

      • Bridgewater’s accuracy on short, medium and long passes make him a franchise QB prospect. That’s why guys like the Mannings who are slower than snails, Ben Rothlisbeger and now Flacco are premier QB’s, their accuracy. Cam Newton is plenty fast like McNabb, but accuracy is and was an issue, neither one of those guys got a superbowl. Now Colin Kapernick is the total package, fast, strong accurate arm and good decision maker.

  • Raiders will Select Bridgewater with 1st Overall Pick
    Jaguars Select DE J Clowney with 2nd Pick

    Eagles Trade their 6th Overall Pick to the Cowboys for Tim Tebow

    • God forbid. LOL. I think the sun has set on Timmy Tebow.

      I’m hoping – Anthony Barr- # 6 Philadelphia Eagles
      Lousciez Purifoy with the 2nd and Craig Loston – Safety LSU with the 3rd. I know it’s early. Just a wish list.

    • Heres the perfect scenario for Chip. Panthers go 5-11 again. Cam wants out going into last year of his rookie deal. We trade our #1 next year straight up for Cam Newton. Chip has his QB for next 10 years.

      • If the Eagles were in the middle of the first I’d do it if the panthers wanted the pick. I wouldn’t if we had a high first round pick. Cam still has issues with his accuracy.

        • Cam would never make in a demanding Northeast Market..
          He can barely handle the timid Charlotte Media
          And the laid back Panther Fan Base as it is..
          Cam is not going anywhere, but if he did, it would be Atlanta which is where he always wanted to play (which he stated numerous times) but
          as long as Matt Ryan is around, that’s not going to happen..
          Newton doesn’t handle the ball as quick as Kelly’s Offense requires..
          I think the Eagkez will finish 6-10 and end up with around
          The 10th Pick.. There are a lit of bad Teams this Season
          And especially on the AFC who are going to struggle for W’s
          (Raiders, Jags, Bills, Jets, Chargers, Browns, Titans )
          Then the Cardinals,, TB Bucs, Lions & Eagles will make up the Top 10-11 Draft Positions for 2014 Draft..

          • Agreed

          • Don’t forget about the jets.

      • Can Newton? When will you guys learn. Last thing this team needs is another pouting malcontent. The guy was practically on suicide watch last season…..

        This preseason he’s at 50% passing with 1 td and 1 int….there are rumblings everywhere that he’s on his way out.

        Dude scored a 21 on the wonderlic which is one point above vegetable.

        When are you guys going to understand that the ability to read a playbook is more important (esp long term) than the ability to run fast of throw far when it comes to quarterbacking?

        • The wonderlic is a test of processing speed which is not a full measure; of intelligence whether we are talking about football or mental acuity. It’s not even validated assessment. I

          • Look, I did the thing online (sans prep) and scored a 52 or something…I

            Questions like. Sam knows Bill, Mary knows Sam. Does Mary know Bill – yes or no.

            Then they get hit with this really difficult question about 1/3 of the way through (which they should skip) and go back to the easy ones.

            He scored a 21, and basically 6 year olds should do better than that.

            Remember, this is after he took several practice tests in anticipation.

            I am not suggesting he can’t read a playbook at all. I’m just stating he struggled at a simpleton reading comprehension/mental processing test


        • No one has suggested that Cam can’t read a playbook.

          Except for you. Which isn’t surprising.

          • He may, or may not be able to read one. I have no idea.

            I do know however that he couldn’t call one play from college when he was being interviewed by Gruden pre draft. And I also know that this year the Panthers coaches had to “simplify” their offensive terminology this year so he could better “communicate” it.

            Combine that with his wonderlick score, and you might begin to wonder whether he’s the sharpest tool in the box.

            Or not. Whatever suits your fancy.

            • Perhaps he may not be putting in the time to study the information to a mastery level. Questionable work ethic?Really it is moot; he’s not an Eagle!

            • Once again Vinnie, you demonstrate your ignorance when accusing others of being stupid, and reveal how little you actually know about football outside of your own assumptions.

              It was Gruden who was clueless about the fact that teams who run no-huddle simplify terminology in order to go fast. He’s used to the Worst Crap Offense where you put fourteen words in a play-call when two would suffice.

              You should read Chris Brown at smarfootball.com and Grantland who is great at explaining football. Read about his description of Peyton manning’s offense, which Tom Moore kept structurely simple with 10-15 core pass concepts and 3 base run plays. Or his column about the genesis of the Patriots offense, which was organizing the playbook into something easier to understand.

              Too many of the Worst crap guys think football is about complicating things, when true genius is making something that seems complicated simple to understand.

              All of the rookie Qbs last year everyone is impressed with? They were running those so-called ‘simple’ plays. Shanahan scrapped a lot of Worst Crap terminology in order to run a lot of the concepts RG3 ran in college. The same type of terminology and concepts as Cam Newton.

              • Excellent rebuttal Skayne.. I am impressed ..

              • Skayne that was a tremendous reply!

              • All true Skayne. Your point that too many of the West Coast guys believe that they are building a complex system, when the truth is the successful offenses of today are the ones that are able to simplify things. Truth be told, Vick was at his most successful here in Philly when in 2010 Reid and MM simplified their whole system and got back to the basics. Reid could not resist going back to his complicated system, and Vick was never even close to being as successful as he was in 2010.

                Great post Skayne. You have got me looking at things a little differently. Thanks.

  • Is this is even in Today’s watered down NFL where the level of Play continues to deteriorate.. About a 1/4th to 1/3rd of the Teams aren’t NFL Caliber any longer and the Eagles have fallen in this group I’m sad to say..

  • By the Year 2015-2016, the NFL will constitute
    A “Tackling Zone” between the Thighs and Shoulders
    Any Tackles made Higher or Lower will be a Personal Foul and
    Player’s to be kicked out Games, Funed & Susoended for multiple offenses of this new rule.. Players will no be able to lead with their heads (Ball Carrier&Defenders) Blockers will not be able to leave their feet when blocking
    And Racjlers will also not be able to leave their feet..
    Get used to it Fabs, the Spiet of a football as we know it has already been pussyfied over the last 10 years but we have not seen nothing yet..

  • No cam newton please. If i had my pick we would have a more conservative drop back passer. Not sure that happens anytime soon.

    • Not as long as Chip Jelly is the Coach, the way the NFL is moving,
      The days of Classic Pocket Passers will be one a distant memory..
      Watch the Ahigh School & College Teams, most of the succesful prograns are moving with agile & athletic QB’s working 90% of their plays out of shotgun/pistol formations.. The game has changed and is continuing to change and I am not sure I like the direction it’s going in..
      I do believe the NFL will move up the “Play Clock” from it’s current 40 Seconds to 35 Seconds.. Defenders will continue to fake injurires to help slow the fame down and to allow DC’s to substitute, it’s already happening on College Ball which is a disgrace to the Sport.. I saw about 5-6 examples in Saturday’s College Games, a Player goes down, Ref signals time, pkayer kats around and goez to sideline, no medical attention given and player goes right back onto the field on next play ..

  • “No cam newton please. If i had my pick we would have a more conservative drop back passer. Not sure that happens anytime soon.”

    Puhleeze…I’ll take Cam newton in a Chip Kelly offense any day of the week. Kelly would take Newton too…gladly. He’s not going anywhere, but if he was…I’d hope Eagles would be first in line to get him.

    • Rumors out of Carolina is he’ll be available earlier than you’d think.

      You’ll may just your wish….which apparently is not to watch the Birds win a superbowl anytime soon.

      • “Rumors out of Carolina is he’ll be available earlier than you’d think.”

        Sure. Vinnie.

        You know you used to like to compare Foles to Manning – you know who you can compare to Manning…Cam Newton:

        “urprisingly, Sunday also marked the end of whichever yardage record you care to recognize. Another first overall pick, Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, broke that mark going away by passing for 422 yards. Not only did Newton obliterate Manning’s record for the first game of any rookie career, he did it on the road (versus the Arizona Cardinals) and with a truncated preseason due to the lockout.”


        “With 7,881 passing yards, Cam Newton breaks Peyton Manning’s NFL record for most yards in 1st 2 seasons.”

        Yeah…Carolina is getting rid of him. Vick’s getting released too.

  • I realize this guys… sheesh… but my guess is kelly would take the best player he can get his hands on.

    • Stevo, if Teddy Bridgewater fell to you in the draft would you take him?

      • I like Boyd in that he;s a senior. I like that he’s played against difficult competition and has excelled in pressure packed games. I am a little concerned about his height and his completion % first 2 years. Has to be high 60s this year. He’s had great games against LSU in the bowl and recently against Goergia – that’s pretty impressive.

        Bridgewater has a high completion %, but I worry about the level of competition, and that he’s padded his #s a bit against the South Floridas, Temples, Ohios and Missouri States of the world. Whenever he faces a team of decent quality (Cinci, West V, Kentucky etc) his #s drop considerably.

        I like Boyd better overall….but there’s still a season to play. Besides, neither will be available….we have a superstar at the helm!!!

      • I dont watch college football. If i did.. my wife would prolly leave me. I couldnt tell you who i would or wouldnt take. All i know is that as of now… the birds better take cb, cb, fs in the draft.

  • Good that we’re talking about next year’s crop of available first round QBs….tells us all we need to know about the confidence level in you know who.

    • I hear what you are saying about the level of competition, however, Rothlisburger played against marginal competition too. If you have touch on all your passes, that’s sweet. If you can play, you can play. I don’t like Tajh Boyd, his height concerns me, plus I think his running ability will not be as effective in the NFL.

      • Check!

  • It’s hard not to like Taj Boyd..starting 35-40+ Games at the College level against good Competition does have Value
    Remember that Bridgewatercwas a true Freshman
    Last year and in his Sophomore Season this Year but he has an uncanny way of staying calm, standing tall I. The pocket and the ability to extend pkays with his kegs when needed.. I also like that Louisville plays a little a Pro-Style of Offende and is used to taking snaps under Center as well as Shotgun..
    So many QB’s thru High-School & Colkege anymore have only played in a spread/ Shot gun formation and then struggle in a pro style where your 5 & 7 Step Drops are new to them and they have the adjust their footwork and mechanics, etc,etc. We’ve seen Geno Smith, Blaine Gabbert,
    Chase Daniels in recents years struggle with this
    A QB to check out with good upside is
    Hundley at UCLA, tall, big arm, and plays in a Pro-Style Offense under him Jim Mira Jr for the Bruins and will know the Terminology, Teads & formations of the NFL Game.. Mora has a lot of ex-NDL Coached on his staff so this Kid Hundley
    Should be able to adjust rather easily
    Then there is younger Carr brother our at Fresno Stare, another 3 year Stsrter with a sting and accurate arm, size and a high football IQ while still being pretty mobile..

  • I can’t believe I am actually about to say this but I agree with Vinnie’s comment about the team being in a rebuilding stage. I think its going to be at least a few seasons before they are contenders. Not really expecting much this season, but I do think it will not be all bad and we will have some excitement and good games played on both sides of the ball.

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