• December 4, 2021

Nate Allen And Earl Wolff Splitting Time At Safety

Everyone figured Eagles safety Nate Allen had won one of the starting safety jobs, but that’s not necessarily the case, especially when you consider that Allen didn’t do anything exceptional in the preseason.  Rookie safety Earl Wolff, who is getting better every time he takes the field, has been told by head coach Chip Kelly that he’s going to be playing quite a bit on Monday night against the Redskins.

“I honestly feel like me and Nate probably will get almost an equal opportunity on the field Monday night,” Wolff said. “He Chip Kelly told me I’m gonna play every quarter. Like I said, I don’t know exactly how much I’m gonna play. I’m just gonna be ready to take advantage of every opportunity.”

Allen knows he’s going to start, but he didn’t seem to know much more than that.

“I’m not exactly sure,” Allen said. “I know we have some packages and stuff. But I’m not exactly sure what it’ll be like on gameday and how much we’ll rotate in and out. But we’ve just gotta get out there and make plays.”

Allen is the better pass defender and Wolff is better in run support and tackling.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they rotate these two all season long with the coaching staff trying to go with the guy, who best fits the needs the Eagles defense has.  If the Skins start running that football effectively, expect to see Wolff in there.

I would like to see Allen take more educated guesses when he gets the chance to pick a pass off.  He can’t continue to play so careful.  The former second round draft pick is going to either start making some big plays or he’s not going to be playing at all.   Allen is fast and quick enough to do a better job in pass coverage, but you’ve got to attack the football when it’s in the air.  He’s got to play with much more confidence.

Wolff needs to continue learning what to expect from the league’s talented wide receivers.  He needs to get more comfortable with the coverages to the point that he can play them in his sleep.  I’ve seen him get caught out of position, but I like the way he plays aggressively.  I think the coaches are looking at the young safety’s big upside and seeing him as their future.

I think it’s just a matter of time this season that Wolff will take over the position as the starter.


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  • Nate Allen should be splitting time with the guy driving the Mr. Softee truck. Nate can pour the soft serve into the cones while the other guy drives.

  • It’s amazing how it says Allen has to learn and Wolff has to learn, Wolff I understand, he’s a rookie but Allen? His third year in the league, ridiculous! On another note, Acho cleared waivers and wasn’t picked up by any team, kinda makes me wonder, we were all upset when he got cut after seeing how well he played in the preseason and yet no other team picked him up and yet Chris McCoy got scooped right up.

  • Just read the Eagles brought in OLB Vic So’oto for a workout, he’s 6″3 260 and was just released by the Redskins, can’t figure this out, Acho is still out there, why don’t they just bring him back ?

  • 6’3 260 is why andrew p

    he is built a bit like Connor Barwin

    If he can play he may be a replacement for cole in a year or at least a Barwin Back up

    • They did not sign him so my guess is he doesn’t fit what they want to do

  • It does not matter as this team has Stink OUT LOUD written all over it!

  • You See aside from having no prior NFL experience Chip Kelly knows what he is doing the competition doesnt end in the preseason it goes into the season and let the best man win and that is good because even if nate happens to beat out Wolff we already know Wolff Gained experience yes as a rotational player but its better then being rusty have no stats or experience and we wouldnt really know what we have at the Safety position.

    Smart move, also stop bashing chip we need special teams and we havent had decent ST since Harbaugh left and went to Baltimore, since when has ST not mattered it is an advantage for us that takes the edge off of our Offense and Defense. In a Few yrs Fipp our ST coach will be a primed candidate for some needy team that needs a coach.

  • Same reason he made it through waiver wires untouched maybe he is lacking in some areas that other players can cover and possibly cant be a great backup to barwin because he is a pass rusher and not a drop back OLB probably they are checking Vic So’oto because he can as you can view a video he is dropped back and intercepts a pass against the KC ala barwin. Dont get me wrong i like Acho but what they have on Defense for this year anyway maybe wont suit Acho well and remember he showed up against 2nd and 3rd stringers he didnt do anything against the 1st string. Your saying well neither did Matthews, but Matthews is for ST first and depth 2nd people dont see that.

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