• January 25, 2022

What A Difference A Few Plays Makes For Cary Williams

Isn’t it amazing how quickly everything changes when a player makes some big plays?  That’s what happened on Monday night with Eagles cornerback Cary Williams.

Williams was the team’s most unpopular player during the off season.  He was missing off-season practices for all kinds of reasons and facing plenty of criticism from the fans.  On one day he was getting things done to his house, on another day he was attending his five-year old daughter’s dance recital, then he took off for a honeymoon.

On top of that, he got in front of a camera and told Philadelphia sports fans that he didn’t care what they thought about it.

There were entire days spent talking about all the “sconces” nonsense.  It seemed like a marriage that wasn’t going to work.

But, it all ended for now on Monday night, when Williams was on top of his game. He made a few big plays and washed all of the critical talk away.

Williams made a great diving interception of a Robert Griffin III pass.  First his coverage of Pierre Garcon’s out route was excellent.  He cut underneath the route to put himself in between the quarterback and receiver, then he laid out and made a great catch of the football.

He didn’t strike me as a great coverage guy during the offseason practices and training camp, but he’s a very smart player, who does a good job of communicating with his teammates and playing the situation.  He obviously learned this from his years in Baltimore, where he played with an entire team of smart players.

In the Washington game, Williams made the plays when it counted.  His coverage on Garcon couldn’t have been any better.

On another play, Eagles defensive coordinator sent him on a corner blitz and Williams tried to put his head through RGIII’s back, but the quarterback ducked.  Williams was still able to take him down, but if he had hit Griffin III the way he intended, the young QB wouldn’t be playing this weekend.

The cornerback broke up a fourth down play late in the game which sealed the deal for the Birds. He made other plays as well, like forcing run plays from his corner spot and coming off of his coverage to make open field tackles.

Williams plays the game with an angry attitude, which is the way defensive football is supposed to be played.  Unfortunately, it’s sometimes impossible for him to turn it off when the game is over.

“I think it’s been more than a rocky start,” Williams said after the game. “But at the end of the day I just want to play football. Every time I am on the field I want to put my best foot forward. I want my teammates to understand that they can have confidence in me, that I go out there and I prepare and I play my tail off each and every play.”

“Cary is a really, really good football player, and I think it showed tonight,” Chip Kelly said after the game on Monday night.  “I talked to him specifically at halftime. I thought he was close — and I’m not a big prognosticator — but I said I think you’re going to get one. He comes up that first drive and gets one for us, and we score off it. I thought Cary played really well.”

All I”ve heard fans say since the game is how much they love him.  They talk about him being a throw back cornerback.  I know it’s not going to last because he’s going to get beat at times, but it was amazing how quickly things changed.

Although Williams and his teammates are getting plenty or credit, there are two major factors in the success of the Eagles defense.  First of all, Robert Griffin III was a shadow of himself in the first half and clearly off his game.  Brandon Boykin said he rarely gets the chance to turn all the way around and see a quarterback throwing the ball to his man.  Griffin threw the pass to Santana Moss about two seconds too late.  Griffin was just rusty, he was pure rust during that first half.

The other major factor which worked out in the defense’s favor were the calls made by defensive coordinator Billy Davis.  He kept a safety deep to take away the deep pass but he went after Griffin with blitzes which prevented him from getting comfortable in the first half.

Williams will probably get the chance to make some big plays against the Chargers.   Phillip Rivers and the Chargers receivers can move the football, but they can also make mistakes.  Rivers will likely throw for plenty of yardage, but he’s also likely to throw some interceptions.

If Williams and his secondary buddies will compete throughout contest and catch the football when they get the chance, the love affair will last at least another week or two.


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  • “On one day he was getting things done to his house, on another day he was attending his five-year old daughter’s dance recital, then he took off for a honeymoon”??????????

    NON STORY!!!!!!!

    He missed practice because of life balances that he needed to tend to. Moving to a new City or Suburb and needed to get work on his house completed? Little girls recital(THAT ONE REALLY GOT MY BLOOD BOILING!) He got married and took his honeymoon?

    Get a Fuqing GRIP! Ever heard of WORK LIFE BALANCE? You run your own company are your employees ever allowed off? Cary Williams is the toughest SOB on Defense we have LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!! Please! Let them have at him he probably dont need it from you………….

  • Everything that Carey Williams “gets” from the fans, he brings on himself whether you like it or acknowledge it.

    And every athlete in this city gets crapped on if they are perceived as not caring or not invested in the team. You may not like it but it is what it is.

    Lastly if he is as tough as you say, he probably doesn’t need you to defend him or lecture others about it. He clearly doesn’t care, so why do you?

    • Probably the mention of his daughter set me off. Athletes get it from the fans in Philly………. The minute the sports writer becomes the fan and post stupid shit like this about the mans personal life…… It’s not a reflection of THIS FAN. We need to hold the writers in this city accountable! ThEY DON’T SPEAk FOR PHILly when u try an bring someone down like this. It’s Stupid. And frankly SOMEONE HAS TO GIVE A DAMN……..!look don’t become the story. Am I titled to my opinions THANkS!

  • Of course you are entitled to your opinion. I am with you on the recital, but I am not on the house thing. He had the entire off season to do that or the weeks between OTAs and training camp. That rubbed me the wrong way.

    But look at this way…maybe he played that game with something to prove to the fans? Maybe he thrives being that guy? In that case, he has found the right city.

  • ***Paulman NFL Trade Rumor*****

    Denver Bronco’s Von Miller Arrested again the other evening, while already serviing a 6 Game Suspension for multiple Arrests this past Off-Season..
    \With the High Visibility already brought to the Denver Broco’s Front office with their GM & Director Player Personnel (Heckert and the other guy) getting arrested, word is that Owner Pat Bowlen has had enough of Von Miller and has told his Front OFfice to get rid of him..
    Chances are very liekly that Commisioner Goodell will extend Miller’s current 6-Game Supsension to a 10-Game Suspension and possibly even for the remainder of the 2013 Season so any trade for him would be for the Future ..

    With this being said, the Bronco’s need some OL & RB Depth
    The Eagles Send OL Todd Herremans, RB Bryce Brown and next Years (2014) 2nd Round Draft PIck to the Bronco’s for OLB Von Miller…

  • the philly writers give the fans here (especially the not so closeted racists) the raw red meat they know sells. that’s why the so-called vick/foles qb battle stayed in the papers until vick clearly won the job in pre-season and showed he earned it on mnf. they know the fans here don’t like young talented outspoken black athletes who can ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’ (see iverson, barkley, dick allen …etc.) and don’t give a rat’s ass about what they or the public says. so they spread crap about players personal lives and other bullshit that so-called fans like paulman, bugsy, vinnie (anybody checked in on him in his mom’s basement or heard from him lately cause he’s been mighty quiet) …etc. can run with it and spread more doo-doo. case in point – like the so-called hospital report, (from a reliable source his sister @ jeff) which paulman has now tried to walk back, about vick being injured. and now this “NFL Trade Rumor”. since williams has shown that as he said the eagles ‘D’ needs to play tough and nasty and that it’s what a player does on the field that counts all these haters wanna ride his dick like vanessa del rio.

    • Cant get with the racist context in this one. GCOBB IS BLACK! and an EX Eagles Player. This post is from him, and probably the responding comment to mine. Those facts make it harder for me to reaqd this. Here you have a former African American Philadelphia Athlete making money off of feeding these clowns the shit they want to hear, and Sometimes agreeing with them, not on the racist shit(Maybe not even understanding the closeted shit they post, being affluent and all) but on the completely boneheaded crap they post which mostly is not football related. Now you got this Ex-player/ Reporter calling out the mans Daughter, and wife because he went to a recital and Honeymoon…… DISAPOINTED “G” You got traded to Dallas Right? Should have stayed there…….. Chip Kelly ignores these idiots in press conferences and makes them look otherwise dumb. See Below and do the same!

      • Now you got this Ex-player/ Reporter calling out the mans Daughter, and wife because he went to a recital and Honeymoon

        What’s your point? Are you saying that because “GCOBB IS BLACK! and an EX Eagles Player” that he should support Williams, cause he’s black too? Do you see this as a black-on-black crime? lol

        If so – you are the racist

        • “Cant get with the racist context in this one. GCOBB IS BLACK”

          Can you read Fuqing idiot? Come on G u can do better. Trying to keep the racist crap to a minimum. What I am really trying to say G is that you hate on this city and the Eagles because they traded ya BUM ASS!!!

        • Also Saying it is Classless, and Un MANLY to mention his girls like that His wife and Daughter. CHUMP!

    • Here’s something you should consider gilliedakidd888

      Nearly 70% of the NFL is black! The percentage in the NBA might be higher….Almost ALL young talented outspoken athletes are black! I’m sure the press would be more than happy to pick on some young talented outspoken white athletes if there were any to pick on!

      Where is the white Iverson for us to hate on? Where’s the white Barkley? Show me a white CB who skipped practice and we folks will be happy to hate on him…… Better yet – just show me a white CB!

      Quit trying to find a reason to say you are being mistreated, it’s bullshit. It’s the poor Irish that are getting a raw deal.

      • Love it Irish. I am Black with an Irish Last name. I too get a raw deal buddy:)

  • Wow, I have never made a “so called fan” list. Your basis for that claim is what? That I criticized Williams for missing a practice to pick out sconces? Is that it? You better have something else.

    Am I also a closeted racist because I would love to see you back up that claim. Show me one post where I made a racist claim. If it is just what I said about Williams than you are ridiculous, because that had nothing to do with the color of his skin.

    What else ya got?

  • How did race enter this discussion? Man oh man.

    • What’s your point? Are you saying that because “GCOBB IS BLACK! and an EX Eagles Player” that he should support Williams, cause he’s black too? Do you see this as a black-on-black crime? lol

      If so – you are the racist


  • I had more of an issue of Williams comments about this defense being “soft”, when at the time he had missed all OTA’s and had only attended 2 practices and missed the first preseason game. Also, he had a reputation for being a liability on the field and getting stupid penalties.

    I would say that so far, he has proven my concerns were unwarranted. They guy played great in the first game, and gave the defense an aggressiveness they needed without stupid penalties or blown coverages. If he can continue this way on the field, all of the other stuff will go away, lets hope that it does.

    As far as the racists stuff, I will leave that to others on here who seem to find racist motives in every comment and action. I don’t see it, but I am sure that I will be called a racist for making that simple statement.

  • Theone you are a funny dude, thinking gcobb still pissed because Philly traded his bum ass to Dallas, seriously, how do you come up with this stuff, keep posting , good entertainment

  • Ca

  • Cary Williams reminds of Al Harris when he played for the eagles — a walking 15 yard personal foul penalty a game — he is so aggressive. Cary Williams might not be the best eagle but it appears he might be the hardest to replace if not in lineup. There is a big talent disparity between Cary and Poyer.

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