• August 17, 2022

Eagles Looking For Improvement From Todd Herremans

ToddHerremans1The Eagles offensive line is one of the keys to the success of their season and they must play much better than they did last week against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Yes the coaching staff was disappointed in the play of rookie Lane Johnson, who was beaten for three sacks, but they expect that from a rookie.  Jason Peters has his problems with an injured finger, but they expect the hand to improve.

What they’re really getting frustrated with, is the play of veteran right guard Todd Herremans.  He hasn’t had one game in which he has consistently played well for the entire four quarters.

Pass blocking at the guard position isn’t a tough job, but Herremans has been beaten numerous times in just three games.  Herremans has made some good run blocks this year, but even in that area, he hasn’t been consistent.

A NFL source told me there have been conversations about replacing him at right guard  with Allen Barbre.  I wouldn’t say a change is on the verge of happening, but it’s been discussed and considered, so it’s important that Herremans gets things turned around.

Keep an eye on him on Sunday because you won’t be alone, the Birds coaching are keeping an eye on him as well.

The Denver Broncos don’t have a dominant defensive front, so the Birds should be able to handle them.  Their best defensive player, pass rushing phenom and outside linebacker Von Miller is out of action due to a suspension for using an illegal substance.



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  • “G” What was the game last year that Herremans bloodied vicks mouth and gave him a concusion on the goal line. Made him cough up the ball as well. Looking at that play I would say that if herremans had his foot work right he would not have ran into his own quarterback. I think he is washed up at this point

  • Herremans is 32 and on the downside of his career….expecting a guy on the wrong side of 30 to suddenly regain the form he had when he was 28 is an exercise in futility………………….oh……..wait……………

  • Vinnie why don’t you honor your word? You said you would not comment. And to take a topic about Todd and Bring Vick into the equation further lets us know you have a fetish and is a deal breaking sorry human being. I feel bad for you I really do

  • I have been hard on Herreman’s for 2-3 Years now and never thought he was anymore than an Average NFL OL.. I would like to see A Barbee, J Vandervelde or M Tobin gets some Snaps at RG (and think we will after the GIants Game with a few other changes with the Current Eagles Starting Line-up)

    I believe Celek, Herremans, Avant, Trent Cole, D Ryans will all be phased out by the 2nd half of the Season ..and quite possibly QB Vick too, as long as Vick is playing well, he will be the starter regardless if they lose, now if he plays poorly and they lose, then he’s on the bench in favor of Foles..

    • 2 words Cyril Richardson 6-5 335 tailkicker

      • Are you ready and willing to use that # 1 pick on him because he’s a first round talent. Another Guard out of Baylor…and that’s not an indictment on Cyril because of the Danny Watkins fiasco, it would just be ironic.

        • Not me! Either defensive playmaker, big, stud WR, or QB will be taken! Especially if this season inevitably plays out, the way it looks. This teams talent evaluation, will be flawed, & inept, until & unless Lurie either sells the team, or drastically changes frame of mind, & fires Weaselman, & gives Gamble the keys to the car! Next years draft, will only disappoint & infuriate again!

          • I see Ol, DL & LB addressed in the first 2-3 Rounds
            This 2014 NFL Draft, which is still way early,
            appears to be very thin with NFL Quality Defensive Secondary Players
            It is very Deep at OL, QB & WR Positions, average at DL, LB,TE
            And below Average at DB’s & RB as on now which will change as some underclassman players will come out early..

          • You know I think Defense is #1 priority DCar; I want Clowney, and some solid impact free agents, but you have to mix in some other needs as well including WR, S, OG throughout the draft especially in the first 4 Rounds.

            Cyril Richardson is a 1st Round Talent, that will be drafted in the 2nd Round along with Gabe Jackson of Mississippi, because of the long run on QB’s, and Defensive players coming out this year.

            You don’t draft a Guard in the top ten of the draft.

          • I’m liking WR Mie Evans from Texas A&M and D tackle Louis Nix III Nortre Dame)and Anthony Barr OLB from UCLA. It all just depends on where they pick.

        • 2nd Round Eagle. We can get another one if we trade Brandon Graham immediately.

          • I like Guard Gabe Johnson a lot, quick and light on his feet with size, strength to drive defenders off the line of scrimmage
            He will be a 10 Year Stsrter with multiple Pro-Bowls on his NFL Career if he remains healthy
            I do not like DE J Clowney, takes way too many plays off, is selfish, immature and a head case.. Has Shoulder and Foot problems already
            And has some very little this Season when he was playing
            He is a bust pick waiting to happen..
            Has Talent no doubt, but one fantastic highlight from last years Bowl Game where he almost took a RB’s Head off does not sustain
            His inconsistency and his poor attitude..
            Another over-hyped Player

            • I Know you don’t like Clowney Paul…….I respectfully disagree with your assesment.

              Gabe Jackson, should be a target along with Cyril Richardson, and Antonio Richardson, as a Guard, and eventual successor to Jason Peters at LT…

              • I tell you straight up why I don’t like Clowney GMCliff
                He was upset for being NFL Draft Eligible after last Years College Season.. So what he’s done is goinme on cruise control, and basically quit on his Team and Coach’s at South Carolina this year with being out of shape, unfocused and coming up with nagging injuries as to not practice and play in hopes that he does not get injured to hurt his Draft Stock and this rubs me the wrong way big time.. He’s Selfish and a Quitter in my Book
                Where he should have came into this Season with his hair in fire and just dominate, instead he’s sulked, called out his Coaches and is giving a half-assed performance at best so I wonder how this chump is going to be when he begins to collect a pay check..
                Give me a less talented player with a high drive and work ethic any days over this primary-Donna that is J Clowney
                I will give him 2 Seasons in the NFL and then be able I told you so
                Mark this down in your book, for many people who are close to the South Caroliba Program wish that was able to enter the steady and got out of Town.. He’s a Cancer, very Takented, no doubt, but a Cancer none the less and I don’t want him on my Team

              • Like I said My Brother, and this is just me my friend. I respectfully disagree. Have you heard that same feeling from the other GM’s or scouts among the league Paul?

                I will continue to evaluate all the prospects as things do change as we get closer to the Senior Bowls,and the Combine, but I don’t see what you’re saying. I want Clowney.

          • Cliff, what are your thoughts on D Tackle Louis III from Nortre Dame?

            • I haven’t watched Louis Nix this year at all. I did keep a close eye on him last year, and when he went up against Alabama in the Championship, it was obvious he wasn’t ready for the NFL.

              i know he is a big man, but his size shouldn’t be the most attractive attribute of his overall potential. He needs to be more consistent with other skills as well.

              What makes him an attractive prospect for you Eagle?

              • I’ve watched him this year, he’s been effective getting off the snap and penetrating, especially against the run. I will be watching him today as ND goes up against Oklahoma. I thought he was the only player that came to play against Bama in the championship . If you can, check him out today and we’ll come back to his strengths and weaknesses as an NFL prospect.

              • Nix will be a very good NFL Player, has size, natural strength and is tough with a high motor.. Weaknesses is that he needs to use his hands better and still gets a little high out of his stance at the snap which is critical at the NFL level to gain leverage.. All Coachable and easy fixes, he has a bright future in the NFL

              • @ Eagle and Paulman – Sounds great Fellas, lets see how his season plays out.

                I felt he was overwhelmed by Alabama’s Offensive Line. He needed to get stronger at the point of attack, his conditioning needed to be addressed as he was on the sideline for a lot of plays, also his quickness, and his ability to get off Blocks consistently was lacking as well.

                I would like to see him improve, as I do see potential; I wouldn’t mind having him on my team at all. He is my top DT this year.

              • I am talking about this year GMCliff
                Alabama’s OL made a lot of DL look bad last year..
                I am talking about 2013 in my Assesment of his play
                He has better condyionioning and is quicker and stronger than 2012.. By the way, the DL and in particukar the DT Position is pretty weak this Draft.. As a whole, the Defense in College Ball is down this year with not as many “Blue Chip” Prospects in the 2014 which is the Eagkes luck for it will be difficult for any major upgrades with the prospects on the Defensive side of the ball in the 2014 Draft.. This 2014 Deaft is about QB’s, OL & WR and pretty thin elsewhere in my opinion, remember that the 2013 Colkege Football Season is a 1/3rd of the way over already

              • I know your talking about this year Brother. I said I hadn’t watched Nix all year.

                This is a year they have to focus on LB, WR, CB, and OG, in the draft, and some of the same in free agency, along with creative wheeling, and dealing.

              • I also have a feeling that a lot of people may be disappointed by the final result of some of these QB’s. Don’t be surprised if some of them flop. I don’t think its as strong at the QB position as some may believe. Remember I told you that.

              • It’s a QB Driven League now Cliff and if for better or worse, Teams in need will take a chance on a young QB as opposed to the recycled QB’s that are out there like a Sanchez, Freeman, etc, etc..
                I see 4-5 Selected in the first Round,
                Also there are very few Defensive Studs in the 2014 Draft so some QB’s will be pushed up the Draft Board

                Bridgewater, Hundley, Boyd, Carr & possibly the QB from Ohio State (Braxton Miller) & then you have Winners from big programs like AJ McCarron, Andy Murray, Jonny Football Manziel, Maiotta from Oregon probably all selected by the 2nd Round

                Teams like the Jags, TB Bucs, Raiders, Vikings,Cardinals,Browns,
                & Rams, then even Good Teams with Veteran QB’s need to start grooming their back-up situation like the Steelers, Packers,Bears, Texans, Chargers, Cowboys, As their Startwrs are in their 30’s
                Pats have Maklet in the wings
                Broncos have Osweiller in the Wings
                Falcons, Seahawks,Colts, Redskins, 49ers all have young Stars at QB and the Bills, Jets got young QB this year

                What this all means in the big picture is that the Eagłes should see some Quality Players at other Positions drop in the first 2 Rounds of the 2014 as the Teams I listed above will probably reach for a young QB in many cases, so the key is have as many Draft Picks in that Top 75 (first 3 Rounds) to take advantage…

              • I get that Paul. Driven QB League, or not, I’m telling you that a lot of these QB’s will be overhyped, and eventually exposed as busts, and I wouldn’t risk my job, and take a chance on talent not strong enough to warrant selecting him high in the draft just because he’s a ballyhood QB. Thats Stupid.

                A good GM, should be able to sift through all the opinions of others, and see based on their constant development, and progress if it equates to a potential NFL Player.

                I also think there is more talent defensively in this draft than you realize, or give credit to.

              • Cliff, your missing my point,
                What NFL GM and zhC for that matter has the luxury to wait on Propects tonoannout, they are all under the shun to win now which throws common sense out the window at times..
                It’s a different game now Cliff, not the game we grew up loving to watch.. And I watch a Colkege Football every weekend and i I see even the Top Teans giving up 24-30-40 Pts every week
                Defense is no longer valued and coached well at the Collehe level nor is emphasized by 3/4 of the NFL Teams
                It’s the way it has become Cliff..

              • Don’t misunderstand me Paul. I hear you. I just think it’s not smart business. They cut their nose off despite their face; I get it…

                I still think it’s dumb. I say: Why not sign a serviceable free agent, until a better prospect becomes available. I wouldn’t waste a draft pick on someone not really worthy of being drafted. But thats just me.

              • I hear you Cliff and that’s exactly what the Eagłes did, sign 6-7 “Serviceable Free–Agents” in which Conner Barwin would probably be the only one who could Start for NFL Teams,
                The others were simply band-aids, I year Stop-Gap Players, and would be back-ups on most competitive Clubs

  • Knock off all this bullshit about vinnie honoring his word

    First, there is no dueling on a a blog

    Second vinnie was suckered by real talk. Vinnie expected like any rational fan that when you bring in a new coach you get rid of problem A1 behind Reid, the starting qb, Vick sucks, there will never be a chip Kelly team until he rids himself of the stink of Vick

    Now for the most important point, listen closely you fuvking nitwits, vinnie has brains and should not be censored. Even you fuvking nitwits

    No one on this site should be censored

    • No one forced him to take that bet. He wasn’t thinking like any rational fan. He was thinking like a typical Vick-hater. Kelly simply evaluated both Qbs, and Foles lost. Anyone looking at Foles’ lack of high-end talent could have seen that.

      No poster can prevent anyone from posting. But I remember somebody on this site trolling another when they welched on a bet. Welching just shows that he had no honor in the first place, and that he was just a hater all along.

  • Hey Jake Dog what are you 14 years old? Who the hell you think you talking too? Keyboard gangster? A bet is a bet. I didn’t hear Paulman complaining when he donated to a charity for his lost bet. And that was money on the line? You should be censored because you can’t have an intelligent convo without name calling. Smh. Oh well guess what? No matter what you or Vinnie say Vick is the QB for now so suck it in. Misery every Sunday. Every time he scores every time the team wins and every time he doesn’t get benched I hope you hurt more inside.

    • Every time he WINS… He hasn’t done much of that his entire career and particularly the last 3

  • With a name like that army I hope you served our country but my better bet is you wear your pants down your ass like a lot of punk ass clowns that need their asses beaten

    Vick is a real man, unlike that fraud mcnabb, the problem is that he’s not that good, he never was, I thought Kelly would know better, he might, but the ownership dictates more than you know, so learn up and stfu

  • Good good let the racism and stereotypes flow through you(Star Wars voice). Why would my pants be low? I am a grown 31 year old man father of 2. Army vet and current Police Officer!! So your premise is flawed. Land I wear a belt. Like I said. Honor your commitments and bets. But I guess that’s something that doesn’t matter when it doesn’t support your hatred or dislike for Vick or anybody on the Eagles roster you don’t care for. SMDH.

  • Army… thank you for serving.

    Jake… hes a grown man, he made a bet, he doesnt need dad to bail him out. Let jr fight his own battles… unless u want to make the payment for him? I wouldnt want that… besides your silly “ownership makes them play him” stuff you are a decent poster.

    We need herm to step up this week.

  • My apologies army, thank you for your service

  • Whats amazing to me is that a man cannot get repect here unless he tells u he has served our country. Then and only then is he worthy… sheesh.

    I would love to see us hit the reset button on here and go back to being united by the fact that we like the eagles. Lets go back to hateing the cowboys instead of eachother. Lets root for our coach.. players and team. Lets worry more about the other teams D than being right. This is my platform Stevo for gcobb press 2014. Lol

    • Leave off the last s for savings.

  • Jake no problem. I appreciate the thanx. Stevo you are right. We fight too much among each other about the negative until an outsider insults us lol. It’s the old adage we can talk about our own team you can’t lol. But you are right. I always say it’s about the name on the front of the jersey not the back. Down with the Broncos. Whoever is at QB!!!!



  • A pretty good looking SS from Washington State- Deone Buccannon 6′ 1″ 205 can cover and will definitely hit. I hope Chip is familiar with him…he is the opposite of the Eagles current safeties in every aspect. Second round pick should get him. Do you hear me Howie !!!

    • I am watching the Stanford/WSU Game now,
      And he does look pretty good (as do these Stanford TE’s , DE’s, LB’s, QB
      They are Well- Coached, well Recruited Team it’s like Men vs Boys out there
      Right now..

    • Please no more Pac 12 players ………

      • Cliff, don’t sleep on this safety, always exceptions to the rule.

  • Stanford QB Hoagan is only a Sophonore and will be a Strong Heisman
    Candidate in 2014 and the #1 Pick in the 2015 Draft
    A big Pocket QB with escapability and a NFL arm

  • I don’t think the birds take safety in the early rounds in the draft I think they go for jarius byrd in fa and pair him with earl wolff and that will be our safety’s for next 3-4 years that’s also the smart move to make you don’t wanna have to kids out there I say you draft a wr or a olb in the 1st rd

    • Jaryius Byrd is still hurt…has been since last year. Don’t get caught up on the latest hot names. Draft your players..seriously, Byrd would wanna go to a winning team anyway.

      • Jarius Byrd’s Career is in jeopardy,
        With foot problems, he is not the answer

  • Or he might wanna play for his old coach and maybe he just doesn’t want to to play for the bills

    • If he comes here burry me, He’s not coming here though…He is still hurt, and we always kill the Eagles for bringing in players with injuries. Build through the draft. This team is so far away from being competitive there is no quick fix solutions. Bring in young players and let them grow together as a cohesive unit. Use free agency to get you over the top, not dig your way out from the bottom (DREAM TEAM).

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