• May 26, 2022

Tampa Bay Will Be A Good Test For Nick Foles

NickFoles2With Michael Vick likely out of action for Sunday’s game, Eagles’ backup quarterback Nick Foles will get his first opportunity to start this season.

Foles played very well in his first significant action of the season, helping guide the Eagles to a come-from-behind victory over the New York Giants last Sunday.

But now Foles will face a much stronger challenge this Sunday, if he does indeed get the start.

The second-year quarterback is going to face a very tough Tampa Bay defense. This defense, which is already familiar with Foles after facing him last season, has undergone some significant improvements with the off-season additions of Darrelle Revis and DaShon Goldson. They’re also capable of putting together a pretty solid pass rush, averaging over four sacks a game.

The defense has been the strength of the Buccaneers so far. This is a unit that allows only 17.5 points per game, and held Drew Brees and the powerful New Orleans Saints offense to just 16 points. Tampa Bay may have a struggling offense, but their defense is not to be taken lightly.

So the challenge will be for Foles to overcome this staunch defense, and put up enough points for the Eagles to come away with another road win.

It was one thing for Foles to come in and succeed against a terrible New York defense that allows over 35 points per game and spent their week preparing for Michael Vick. The Giants couldn’t get any kind of pass rush on Foles, and I don’t believe their defense is capable of stopping anyone.

Foles succeeding against a defense that gave Drew Brees fits could be a whole other story. How will Foles react against a competent pass rush? Where will he go if Darrelle Revis is able to win the majority of his battles against DeSean Jackson? These are very legitimate questions that we won’t have the answers to until Sunday afternoon.

Denny Basens

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  • Good thing we got the kid who broke all of Brees’ passing records in High school. Now that the game seems to be slowing down for him and the line is offering some protection I expect a balanced up tempo attack with high percentage throws, blitz beating screens and the occasional shot down the seam to Ertz and Celek.

    I feel like Foles has shown enough after last season and in preseason and in fill in roles that it does not appear that the NFL game is too big for him.

    If it were a QB other than Vick heck if it was 5 who will ALWAYS LOVE YOU (lol) Everyone would have already been on board for this kid to start from the jump. (thats not because Vick is good (he is average) it’s the who Vick fools gold phenomenon )

  • Revis may have to cover Jackson all day but does he want to be tackling McCoy, Brown and Polk all day????

    Balance is possible in this offense with a Pocket Passer and the Quality at RB we posses.

    Foles will get the ball out quick negating to a degree the pass rush that TB DL can generate. Much like Peyton Manning does. (AGAIN I am not saying Foles is near HOF Manning level I just see play style that will look similar) From most reports Foles has a Very High Football IQ.

  • Untrue about vick.. He adds another dimension that allows mccoy to gain alot of yards. When foles is at the helm Mccoy does not run as well because defenses are not worried about vick.. Even the coaches have said this..

    • So McCoy, who had a bad half rushing with Foles, has not had a bad half with Vick right? (7 rushes for -4 yrds)

      Nothing but uber-production with Vick, and no yards under Foles.

      That’s the new narrative being espoused by the Vickpologists. That the Eagles have no running game when FOles is under centre. Because McCoy had a bad half. He hasn’t had a bad half at any other time.

      Of course its bullshit.

      In the frst half vs the NYG (with Vick) he ha 1 run of 17 yards, and another 13 caries for 33 yrds. 2.2 yrds/carry. NYG was sutting down the run all game, not just with Foles.

      First half vs Denver he had 11 carries for 36 yrds. Again, one was a 10 yard run. Otherwise he was 10 carries for 26 yards. WOW! Vick was REALLY helping him there.

      Second half vs SD he had 3 carries for 6 yards. @ yards a carry? What? I thought he was always amazing with Vick and terrible with Foles.

      the whole, “there is no running game” without Vick because of one bad half with Foles is just another in a continuing desperate attempt to sling bullshit in an effort to make the fading superstar look competent.

      • You stay missing the point.

        It’s not a Vick/Foles issue – you can change the names of the QB and if we were still running a zone/read scheme a mobile QB will open up lanes for the RB better than a non-mobile QB.

        “First half vs Denver he had 11 carries for 36 yrds. Again, one was a 10 yard run. Otherwise he was 10 carries for 26 yards. WOW! Vick was REALLY helping him there.”

        Way to cherry pick stats. And miss the point all at the same time. Impressive. You can’t subtract yards a RB had to prove a point. The yards happened and are part of the overall narrative. SMH

        Also McCoy went from about 4.0 yards a carry to -4 with Foles in…that wasn’t a coincidence. When you add on Vick’s yards (yes some came on run plays that broke down but not all) then having defenders having to account for you QB makes a difference in this scheme.

        With Foles in some things are going to have to change. You saw that in the Giants game when they immediately started calling more pass plays. Kelly’s not stupid, the run game becomes much easier to stop with Foles in not just ’cause of the lack of Vick’s threat to run BUT our overall lack of offensive talent – without the added threat of a QB running, that’s one less man a defense has to worry about and now the numbers are more in their favor.

        • I agree,
          But having a more Pass-First QB opens up the Passing attack the entire field to see and throw too when from the Pocket
          A running,moving QB actually closes off half the field when rolling/running right or left.. Give a Pocket QB who can see and utilize the entire field

  • You will pick up McCoy rushes with Pass Receptions. McCoy will still run the ball fine as well. Peyton Manning is a statue and Rhodes carried his team in the superbowl. NFL teams can run the ball with pocket passers.

  • The great Irony of this week is that I will be in Western Ireland Sunday, in an area (that I’ve now found out) will be sans Wi-Fi! So its probable I’ll be missing Foles first start of 2013. Funny that.

    Oh well, I’ll get to watch his other 10 starts this year. So its not that bad.

  • As much as I want to see the game on Sunday I would I would totally switch places with you Vinnie.

    Me = Jealous of spending time in Ireland (Bucket List Location).

    • You’ll make it. Its been on my places to visit list for a long time. Looing forward to it. Have a small house rented just ourside of Clifden (on the Atlantic coast – an hour west of Galway). Has 6 or 7 pubs and hopefully I’ll visit each. (maybe one will have Sky sports and will tune in the game Sunday at 6).

      Clifden seems like a good base. Lots of hiking available in the area for the daytime. Plenty of small towns within an hour drive.

      Then its Dublin next weekend. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

      • Can’t wait for the update. Hope you find a pub that is plugged in!

  • wasn’t Goldson suspended for vicious illegal hits?

  • tampa doesn’t sell tickets –nobody cares about the team down there – the stadium is officially 20% empty but that is with fudged fuzzy math calculations

  • I thnk WR Danarius Johnson has a Big Game..
    He needs 5-6 Touches a game on Bubble Screens,Quick Slants, Reverses, etx and let’s see what he can do and would also take some pressure and hits away from D-Jax..

    • you think the birds will line him up for that many plays? I think they tried Jeff Mahle last week in Riley Cooper’s spot. And Jason Avant looked real good in the preseason settling in zones while Foles was in the game.

      • We heard all Off-Season, Summer long how D Johnson was a great fit for this Offense and ready for a break out season,.,, I still think they can get him the ball 4-5 Times a Game and let’s see what he can do and at least have another Speed Guy out there besides D-Jax. who to be honest. can’t risk taking the hits and punishment of running Bubble Routes,Reverses, Slants, etc,etc since they need him at WR so bad..
        Let D Johnson run those Plays would be my suggestion to at least keep opposing Defense’s honest .

    • I don’t think he’s even gotten on the field as a WR…he should, but I doubt he even gets the snaps…first time I agree with Eagles0….and probably the last.

  • Line up D-Jax & D Johnson on the Left and both run Deep Post Routes, then delay the TE (Celek/Ertz) and run a drag route to the left numbers, catch the ball and run upfield for a 30 yard gain..


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