• July 3, 2022

Eagles Must Force Rookie QB Mike Glennon Into Mistakes

The Eagles will be facing a rookie quarterback, Mike Glennon, on Sunday when the Birds play the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay.  They’ve got to get after him early because the youngster is probably seeing ghosts right now.

In the fourth quarter of his first start, with his team leading 10-0, the Glennon-led Buccaneer offense turned the ball over three times to let an awful Arizona Cardinals team beat them in the last seconds of the game.  Glennon threw two interceptions in a span of three-minutes that cost Tampa Bay its first win of the season.

Glennon can’t have a great deal of confidence right now.  Defensive coordinator Billy Davis and the Eagles defense needs to make sure that he doesn’t get any more confidence.

On the first interception with 3 minutes to go on the clock, Glennon dropped into the pocket and stared down hjs number one receiver Vincent Jackson as he ran a crossing route at about 15 yards deep.  Jackson was being covered by one of the best in the business, Cardinals Pro Bowl level cornerback Patrick Peterson.   Peterson was draped all over Jacskon and seemed to be running the route for him, while waiting for the rookie to make the mistake.

The youngster stepped up in the pocket and let it go as if he didn’t even see Peterson hanging all over Jackson.  He had to know this was an awful mistake when he let the ball go.  Peterson stepped in front of Jackson and picked the pass off to set up what would be the game tying score.

On the second interception, Glennon was off target on a throw to Jackson and Peterson picked it off as it sailed over the receiver’s head.  It was like taking candy from a baby for Peterson as he came down with two interceptions in the last three minutes of the game to keep the Buccaneers winless.

This young man has thrown the ball only 43 times in his career so far and he has completed 24 of them for 193 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.  He’s still wet behind the ears, but Glennon has a strong and accurate arm, but very little mobility in and outside the pocket.

Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano seemed to be trying to keep things safe for him by taking few chances with his play calls.  They’re going to be intent on keeping him out of third and long situations, by running the ball on first and second downs with Doug Martin.  The second-year running backs is short, strong, quick and determined.  He runs with an attitude and will break tackles, so the Birds need to get more than one or two guys in on the tackle.

After the two picks in the fourth quarter against the Cardinals, he’s still wondering whether he can play at this level or not.  They can’t let him get things going and get his confidence up.

If was Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis I would run a corner blitz from his blindside and try to frighten him at the start of this game.  I don’t want to see the Birds come out and play a lot of loose zones and let him reestablish his confidence by throwing check downs to Martin.

If the Birds can stop Martin and the Eagles offense can stay away from turnovers, Glennon is going to have a very tough time, leading the Buccaneers to the end zone.


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  • not a fan of Glennon – his ball sailsl — I expect quite a few of Eagle interceptions this week. Boykin and Cary Williams both made unbelievable interceptions this year hope to see it again

  • after looking at the pictures and captions i immediately thought so glennon is vick but cant run

  • This game is going to come down to our defense playing liked they played against the Giants. Luckily for them Tampa’s offense is worse than the Giant’s offense.

  • If foles continues to impress, smart, quick throws this game will not be close

  • REFRESHING!!!! thank you for this.

    To start the game on D im sending 5 rushes at him every single play. Mix in a 6th here and there. its man to man D, tell our CB’s to blanket their wr… even giving up a holding call or PI if needed. Hit Glennon on every play, let him know we are coming for him all day.

    After 2 or 3 drives of this he will begin to freak even when pressure is not coming… so… show blitz and drop the LB’s into zones underneath their WR’s.

    If they do step 1 and 2 well… its picks all day. NOW- before anyone tells me HOW to beat this plan… clearly every plan has a counter plan- im just telling you what I think would work against them.

    On O- If Im Kelly, i do not try and run the hurryup and snap at 19 secs on the playclock like he does… this week I would run the hurry up but drain the clock down and pick apart their D. Foles seems to be a student of the game and I bet he can do a good job of this. I want to see a similar style as to what SD did to us.

    If Vick plays… i would use him here and there… not 100% of the time. Mix him in… i see no reason this cant work.

  • “If Vick plays… i would use him here and there… not 100% of the time. Mix him in… i see no reason this cant work.”

    Mix who in?

  • I strongly agree G….our defense needs to really jump on this guy early….do not let him have any early success that could lead to some confidence. I believe that they may have one of their starting OL out for the game, hopefully that will be an advantage for our pass rush, but regardless, we need to put pressure on this rookie qb. He has a history in college of turnovers, and we cannot let him have early success on Sunday. Go at him early and often!!
    GO BIRDS!!

  • Stop Doug Martin and you beat the Bucs IMO. Force Glennon to toss the ball 40 times…sigh, Im writing this but scared that the birds will find a way to blow this. How many flipping times have we seen these Rookie no name QBs come outta no where and beat the birds? Anyone remember John Skelton a few years ago? He’s a huge bum…As I posted in another thread I think the Eagles should win 17-13 but man this is scaring me just because it seems like one of those games.

    • Can’t say that the exact same thought has not occurred to me. The unknown rookie…Kenny Britt anyone…..they always kill us.

  • For obvious Runnin Downs– I don’t even think the Eagles DL needs to dominate,but to rather stand up the Buc’s OL Blockers and make Martin have to bounce East & West and to the outside, he’s much more effective runing North & south thru the Tackles/Guard Gaps.. Get him moving laterally and he is not as explosive or as difficult to get down as he is with running straight up the gut with some momentum behind him..
    Do watch for scat/back Mike James out of the Backfield and tough-nosed FB Brian Leonard who will also get some touches in short-yardage..
    If Eagles DL Penetrate too deep too quick and don’t stay disciplined,then they will in effect, allow more running lanes for Martin to run thru..

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