• July 2, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Giants

MichaelVick3Kelly Mismanages Another Game

Chip Kelly did another poor job with his gameday management.

The head coach called a poor game once Matt Barkley entered the game.

When the Eagles got the ball down to the two-yard line, Kelly decided to put the ball in the hands of his rookie quarterback and send him on a designed rollout. The result was a Barkley fumble, a turnover, and a lost opportunity for seven points. That’s a terrible, Reid-esque decision to call a play like that and ignore one of the best running backs in football. First and goal on the two with your third string quarterback? That’s the time to run the ball with LeSean McCoy. Plain and simple, Chip.

Kelly asked Barkley to run his read-option plays throughout the second half, but the rookie clearly wasn’t up to the challenge. It was clear that Barkley wasn’t confident running the read-option. He never pulled the ball down and ran it himself, and the Giants were able to to stuff the run easily.

On the first Eagles’ drive of the third quarter, the Eagles got down to field goal range, and Kelly decided to go for it on 4th and 9 instead of taking the points. Once again, you can’t ask a rookie quarterback to come in and make a throw in a situation like that. Take the points, Chip.

Kelly’s offense failed to establish a run for the second straight week, and his offense was shut out against a defense that averages over 35 points per game.

All in all, a horrendous job by a coach who looked just as overwhelmed by the NFL as his rookie quarterback today.

Quarterback Mess Continues

The Eagles quarterback situation just seems to get worse every week.

Michael Vick got the start, but left the game before the end of the first half. Vick was absolutely brutal in his limited action, completing 6 of 9 passes for just 39 yards and an interception.

Vick began his day with an interception on a poorly thrown ball to Brent Celek. The veteran threw the pass behind Celek, and the turnover led to three points. Vick careless with the football on the next drive, on a sack he nearly fumbled the ball away but was able to recover. On the third possession, Vick killed the drive with an intentional grounding penalty.

Vick managed only two first downs against a New York defense that averaged over 35 points allowed on the season. He left the game after reinjuring his hamstring, and was replaced by rookie Matt Barkley.

Once Barkley entered the game, the offense finally began to move the football. The rookie drove the team 78 yards down to the New York 2, but committed a backbreaking turnover with a lost fumble.

While Barkley had some good moments, he’s a rookie quarterback and he’s clearly overwhelmed by the speed of the game right now. He’s turnover-prone right now. He also struggled to run the read-option, handing the ball to his running backs on every play and never once pulling the ball down and running it himself.

Defense Does Their Part

The Eagles defense turned in their second straight decent performance.

The defense gave up yards and allowed the Giants to move the football throughout the game, but they were able to clamp down and keep New York out of the endzone in the first half, forcing Tom Coughlin’s group to settle for four field goals in the first half.

In the second half, the defense allowed only three more points. They weren’t able to force any turnovers, but they kept the Giants out of the endzone.

However, on a critical third and 7, the defense allowed Eli Manning to find Brandon Myers for a critical completion to extend the drive and put the game out of reach.

Although they weren’t perfect, they did well to keep the Eagles in the game. They only gave up 15 points, and that should have been more than enough to come away with a win against a team as bad as the New York Giants.

Quick Thoughts


  • Was anyone else bothered by Michael Vick sitting by himself on the sidelines for the rest of the day once he went out. Shouldn’t the supposed leader of the team be talking with his coaches and the rookie quarterback, doing everything he can to help out?
  • LeSean McCoy struggled to run the ball for the second straight week. McCoy gained just 48 yards on 15 carries.
  • DeSean Jackson was limited for the second straight week, catching eight passes, but for only 63 yards.
  • James Casey sighting in the first quarter. Casey was used on a screen play, and picked up a first down.
  • The tight ends as a whole were underutilized once again. Brent Celek and Zach Ertz combined for just three catches for 22 yards.
  • The offensive line gave up four sacks and struggled to create lanes for McCoy.
  • Jason Kelce gave Michael Vick another low snap in the first quarter.


  • Cary Williams good coverage on Hakeem Nicks in the end zone on third down in the first half.
  • Nate Allen great open field tackle on Hakeem Nicks on third down of the first New York drive of the third quarter. You have to give Allen credit, he’s played some decent football over the last month.
  • Connor Barwin did well in the pass rush, forcing Eli Manning into an intentional grounding penalty and batting a pass down at the line.
  • Mychal Kendricks led the team with 12 tackles, but gave up a critical completion to Brandon Myers at the end of the game.
  • Fletcher Cox had the team’s only sack.
  • Trent Cole has 0 sacks through the first half of the season.
  • Cedric Thornton had another solid game with six tackles.

Special Teams

  • Najee Goode scored the team’s only touchdown, recovering a botched snap in the endzone in the fourth quarter.

Final Thoughts

The wheels are falling off for Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles.

At 3-5, the Eagles have now lost two straight home games, both to division foes, and are falling further away from first place and inching ever closer to basement of a terrible NFC East.

The quarterback situation is a mess. None of the three options are playing well, and the team may be forced to go with Matt Barkley next week against Oakland, making a win out west even more difficult.

Today’s effort was an absolute disgrace. This was a game that the Eagles couldn’t afford to lose. The New York Giants are still a sloppy, mess of a football team, and they managed only 15 points today.

Chip Kelly’s offense has scored a grand total of three points in the last two weeks. This team has a lot of work to do.

Denny Basens  is the editor of GCobb.com. Email him at dbasens@ycp.edu




Denny Basens

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  • Brace yourselves…..here come the excuses…….
    I’ll start it:

  • And to think. Hollis Thomas declared Vick is better than. Matthew Stafford this weekend. Its official, the Vick lovers are crack heads

  • Vick is the worst, an eleven year vet to show this poor

    Chip Kelly made the worst decision bringing thisputrid qb back

    He has no options other thanfoles

  • If all you can gain from this loss is more dumb shit about Vick then you are clearly one of the obsessed.

  • Fox showed Vick spending more time adjusting his hat…..juuuuuust so…..then they showed him adjusting plays at the LOS,

  • I pray that this was the final chapter in the sorry story that is the pathetic career of one Mike Vick.

    Foles for the rest of the year (should have happened week 1)…see if we need to draft a QB or not.

  • More than the quarterbacks, I don’t like the direction this team is headed. I hated the Kelly hire when they did it, because you never trust a college coach who wears a visor and runs a gimmick offense (spurrier). Like most die hard Eagles fans though, I wanted to reserve judgement until seeing a body of work. From going with Vick to start the year when I felt you needed to begin the search for your franchise qb going forward, to two point conversions for no reason, horrible time management (SD game), opting to kick 60 yard fg’s with 2 yards to go last week than going on 4th and 9 this week and leaving a 50 yard field goal on the field. Or bringing in a rookie qb and having him throw every single snap going into halftime with three TO’s and 2 minutes of time, only to have the inevitable turnover at the 2 yard line. What about adapting the offense to whichever qb was playing, than running the stupid read option with M. Barkley. Has this coach ever heard of a run between the tackles or is everything a finesse sweep to the sidelines where the back runs 20 yards to gain 2. Is there a play in which the quarterback is under center in Kelly’s “vast” playbook? Not impressed with this coach at all so far and that gives me pause about trusting his decisions for the future of this team.

    • Agreed. Where is the long term vision?? I began to get nervous the first interview this offseason when he said there was no long term thought…all about WIN NOW.

      This is not a WIN NOW team.

      All kids all the time for the rest of the year.

  • It’s funny how the offense began to function when a QB other than MV entered the game…….how is that funny?….funny like a clown?….here to amuse you…..ok time for my meds!

    • Yes a healthy Barkley vs. a gimpy Vick. Shocking….

      • Even me, the president of the mv7 fan club is sick of your excuses. Look next year when he is playing for the Calgary stampede I will buy whatever package is necessary to watch Canadian football and when our hero starts in 50% of their games I will root like crazy… But it’s time for us worshippers to realize our messiah is done in the nfl… Shame

        • Stampeders actually. But they have a QB.

          I think the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, or even better the new expansion Ottawa Redblacks are better CFL options.

          And wouldn’t that be the ultimate in irony. Vick coming to play for my hometown RedBlacks. Its obvious this is going to happen.

          • Vinnie I love to duck hunt… As newly converted president of the MV7 fan club can you get me some time in the field for some ducks and geese?

            • We can work that out for you no problem. We could set up a whole weekend.

              I actually know quite a few of the ‘higher ups’ on the Redblacks team, so we could set up a nice weekend for the fanclub next fall. Set you guys up in a private box for a game, then off to the Wilds of Quebec for some 4 wheeling and duck hunting if that’s what you’d like.

              Anything for the club. FIrst class treatment all the way!

  • Vick clearly wasn’t healthy. Surprise a Qb plays bad football on one leg. Shocking.

    Barkley doesn’t seem to know what offense he’s in. About half the time he should have pulled the ball and ran with it…he refused for reason I”m confused about:

    1. He doesn’t liek to run
    2. He was making the wrong reads.

    Why Kelly kept calling read option plays when Barkley made it clear he was never gonna keep it is beyond me. The one good thing is the the East is bad. So the rest of the year should be interesting.

    • LOL

      Foles clearly wasn’t healthy last week either. Didn’t hear you coming to his defense!!

      I told you what would happen if Vick couldn’t run.

      He’d have to play quarterback.

      Too bad he never learned how.

      VS Giants

      12 of 23 for 136. 0 tds 1 int and one fumble

      16 of 25 for 197 2 tds and 0 ints

      Only a Vick lover would take choice #1

      All last week I read how I have to discount Foles’ achievements because they came against the NYGs and Bucs.

      Then your hero comes out, for the second time, and shits the bed against the Gmen.

      Your boy has played a good half against the Skins, and one good half against SD (both pathetic Ds) and has completely stunk against everyone else.

      He’s 1-4 this year (and you can’t blame the D today)

      He was 3-7 last year.

      He has left the game in 4 of his last 6 starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Either by coaches pulling him (NYG last year and Denver this year) injury (NYGI this year) or by quitting (this game)

      He’s finished. You are finished.

      Oh…BTW…Kelly kept calling RO plays when it was clear your hero wasn’t going to keep it either…I’m losing faith in Kelly quickly…..

      Do you know why Barkley didn’t run with the ball?? Because QBs should do everything possible to NOT run with the ball…..

    • tsjohnson5, when has he really, honestly and truly played good on 2 legs?
      2010? He’s been mediocre since he entered the league. His statistics are mediocre, his win % is mediocre, he turns the ball over A TON, and he gets hurt all the time.
      If Mike Vick was the same in every way that he is and except that he was Caucasian, he would have been out of the league years ago. Maybe he could have made a career as a backup, but he was lazy early in his career, and lazy players don’t make it even as backups. Coaches keep thinking they are going to turn him into something and none of them have.
      At what point does Vick take the blame?

    • An even better question is why was he even drafted. If he can’t sell himself as a threat on read option plays then why have him out there. That’s on Kelly for not clearly seeing this.

  • Barkley is as immobile as Vick on one leg, and yet he moved the ball like a hot knife thru butter……..interesting. Of course the end result wasn’t any better, but seriously……we are comparing a rookie 4th pick to a “superstar” veteran.

    • The only one making comparisons is you.

      An injured Qb vs. a Healthy one is no comparison. I don’t have issue with Barkley per se…he just seemed like he had no desire to run with the football which made no sense. None at all.

      • Injured when? After the first play? The second? The tenth? Not at all? His arm was still functioning, or was it??

      • TS you may be sexy but you are one dumb bitch

        The quarterback is not supposed to run, at least in the eyes of the enlightened, including rg3 father, who said the qb who prefers to run than pass is dumb, get with it, you are losing your sexy tag

      • Because he is a qb! I’m watching Denver right now and as I’m watching I can tell that Peyton manning has no desire to run withh the football…. He blows

        • Read option play…choice to keep or handoff, Barkly was supposed to keep on a several…wide open space in front of him, he kept handing off. Either:

          1. He doesn’t want to run at all ever.
          2. He was making the wrong reads.

          You all so can’t pull your heads out your ass to follow a simple conversation. It’s about the QB making the right decisions in THIS offense. Not what some other QB is doing in another offense.

          • Ts you are right … Vick is the best QB in football I apilogise

  • Vick should have never started this game. It should have been Barkley preparing from Tuesday. The Eagles dropped the ball on this one. This game proved that the read option for this team is decided by the coach, not the QB! I also wan to know why Vick was just setting by himself when was pulled from the game. Go be with your TEAM man!! Hopefully Foles gets cleared to play next week and we can ride him the rest of the season. McCoy has been garbage the past 3 weeks. That’s what we should be concerned about. What happened to the guaranteed win with Vick starting? It’s the NFL guys noting is guaranteed.

  • It’s as clear as ever that we do not have a QB on this team that can run this offense. I mean run it for 16 games, all aspects of the offense, not just part of it. Some tough choices are going to need to be made at the end of the season boy. May have to make a painful trade……….

    • I think that trade should start with MeSean. That punt return was trash. No effort, and then the icing on the cake was avoiding contact and missing the 1st down. He quit there’s no other way to put it.

      • Right on brother, he shoulda had first down on that play, was clearly avoiding the hit…….

      • Desean Jackson ran horizontally on a key third down pass, instead of vertically, avoiding contact, another loser, get rid of him, Vick, and McCoy, a triumvirate of losers, pussies, what about me guys,trash

      • 2 games in a row. And a season ago. He’s a fairweather player.

        Vick quit today too….though he put a lot of effort into constantly adjusting his cap just so……

        I would have cleaned house pre-season saying goodbye to Mesean, Vick, and (blasphemy) Lesean…..hopefully that will happen this offseason.

  • What the f are you talking about, if Vick can’t play because he can’t be a running back he has no business starting because he’s not an nfl qb like jake and vinnie have even preaching to these racist dogs,

    Hey chip Kelly, you are now knew deep in shit because you bowed down to ownership , brought back this eleven year stiff, what’s your next move , hahha

    • Its true…Kelly is now in deep shit (of his own doing),,,,where can he go now? Back to FOles? Fucking QB carrosel.

      Should have had the ball to do what needed to be done this off-season. Clean out Vick and all his lapdogs…..start fresh…

      Now its a mess.

  • Kelly’s lost this Team and Season
    I stated all week that Kelly needed to adjust his scheme and scrap the read-option for a 85% HeLthy Vick with the likliehood that Narkley would have to replace him at one point in the Game..
    A home Loss, divisional For who came in at 1-6
    Chip Jelly Kelly has proven to me what I thought all along, he’s a gimmick Coach that relies on Tempo and Depth which wins you games at the College Level but not at the NFL.. Give him 2 Seasons and his ass will be back in College.. Lurie, Roseman & Snolenski (Three Amigo’s) hired the wrong Coach
    And Roseman has no business the be a GM of a BFL Franchise
    F the Eagłes for they get what they deserve now..
    I do feel bad for the Die-Hard Fans who continue to line the Pockets of these “amateurs” I hate to say I told you soo, but Paulman was spot on with these Chump-asses in putting together this 2013 and I knew when they Re-signed Vick with the reason that they are in it to Win now was a f’n Joke and it’s been downhill ever since outside 1 good half of Football opening game against a 1 legged QB named RGAiII who gift-wrapped that game and media, Fans went ha-ga over Kelly as I thought they would..
    Only in Philadelphia.. Such Chumps..

  • McCoy should be on the chopping block as well.

    • Agreed. The 3 amigos have to all go I think.

  • Can someone tell me how a 12 Year Veteran and former 1st Overall Draft pick, in Mike Vick ,even with a Hamstring pull from 21 Days ago, gets outplayed by a Rookie 4th Round Draft in his 2nd appearance in a NFL Game
    Really, are you F’n Kidding me!!!Matt Barkley??
    Kelky has F’d up this rebuild Season in Year 1 so bad that he will get to try it again anext Season in Year 2 as HC, What A Fool he is??

    • Barkley knows how to throw the football. That’s all that matters. Ability to throw the football.

      • Barkley sucks period

  • Triumvirate of cancers :Vick, Jackson, McCoy

    • True.

  • Ship Kelly out of here

    • I don’t know if that’s the answer, but he needs to adjust from this read option. A more NE style of offense would suite this team just fine. We are using absolutely no TE in our offense which is crazy.

  • McCoy might be able to be saved, but the team needs to sit down with him and tell him how things are going to go if he wants to be on this team. My last straw with him was the throwing the chick out of the van earlier in the summer. Kid is STUPID!

  • Trade them All
    McCoy and Peters would retun some High Draft Picks.. As we see every week around the NFL, RB’s are a dime a dozen..
    T Cole, Herremans, Celek & Vick would not, but rid Roster of has-be end
    I would keep D-Jax for he is the only Playmaker left on this Team..
    McCoy has 2 more years left and is replaceable

  • Get rid of Bryce Brown who has looked like ahot this Year and was a 1Hit Wonder as I stated he would be.. Tries to take every f’n hand-off to the outside and looks for the Honerun on every Carry, sucks as a blocker to..

    • yeah Brown has been a major bust.

  • Coach AR and his Chiefs are 8-0 and is the runway Coach of the Year with Alex Smith as his QB and average WR’s & TE’s..
    Coach Marry is helping develop a young Geno Smith at QB of the Akers that’s everyone wrote off in the Pre-Season as a legitimate QB and has more Wins in 2014 than Superstar Vick.. Go Figure..

    • It went horribly wrong for fatso at the end of his tenure but any idiot on here who thought he was a bad coach or didn’t adjust or whatever is a complete idiot!
      He deserved to get fired! But he is a very good coach….

      • There is no doubt that AR needed to go and probably 1-2 Years Sooner
        For he became stake & predictabke and too comfortable as did MM.
        I am pointing out is that AR & MM are Orofessional Coaches which is more
        Than I can say about Jelly Kelly..
        Everyone knew that Fokes was due to diagnosed Concussion
        For at least 1 to 2 Weeks.. We all knew that Vick is still bothers with his hamstring but as a 12 Year Veteran with over a 100 Games played in the NFL, I find it hard to believe that a smart game plan and a focus on this Game should gave been to control the Line of scrimmage andI didn’t see or read where this was disayrd from the first Series on.. Just Brutal Job by Kelly, Vick and the entire Offensive Unit..

  • Last weeks game smelled really bad:I think sports books cleaned up on the over.

    This week smells funny, too.

    Kelly smells funny right now, too.

    • Birds were 5 point favourites. I weren’t a fan I would have put a lot down on the NYG +5 vs a Vick who couldn’t run (and thereby useless) backed up by a 4th round pick.

      I was pretty shocked when I heard the line was -5……strange.

  • What happened in the 100 yard dash today?

    Isn’t QB running important?

  • Kelly chewed through 11 qbs in 6 short college seasons at Oregon.

    Is anyone surprised the Birds are on their 3rd QB this year???

  • Mike Vick has been pulled, injured, or quit in 4 of his last 6 starts.

    WIN NOW with Vick!!!!

  • Geno Smith with 159 yards and 2 pick 6s in his 8th start??????


    I thought fans were supposed to give up on young QBs when they struggle in their 8th starts!?!?!

    • Not when that qb is in competition with the 2nd greatest qb of this generation… In that case the young qb must be better than perfect

      • 2nd greatest QB of this generation?? Are we talking about.. Manning? Brady? We can’t be talking about Vick can we? Cause that would be ludicrous

        • Dude… I have been turned by the Vick fan club… You clearly don’t understand that mv7 is a victim of having bad coaches and team mates… If he was playing in New England he would have 3-4 super bowls

          • How many coaches has Vick had?. I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic or are really this insane!

            • You must not keep up with gobb

  • More than any other issue, Kelly needs to be held accountable to how he’s handled the quarterback position, the most important position on the team and it has been a disaster overall

    The defense has played well but with a stable offense and qb you have two more wins

  • Can anyone please tell me what the game plan was today? When if ever was the ball thrown down the field.Our running plays all go east to west in stretch plays ,our tight ends ,whom we spent a ton of money on in free agency has been invisible.Where is the coordination between upstairs and down? A few game time decisions make me scratch my ass? You calla time out on 1st and goal at. The 2 yd line and run a rookie qb on a rollout? Why? You chip are ,inspiring very little confidence ..we have a QB who can’t make it from quarter to quarter ,a back up who may have totally lost his confidence and a rookie who has shown the masses he can’t run your read option…Your running back who seemingly was a stud has become impotent in the system,the tight ends invisible ,the wideout me Sean is plum out of excuses ,and cooper and avant don’t get off the line of scrimmage vs jam coverages. I see personnel being totally misused and being asked to do things that they aren’t capable of.we are now winless at home for more than 10 games ,nobody’s denying its a mess ….worse yet I’m not sensing the coach and the organization have a plan B …let’s also understate the obvious ,last week we tried a 60 yd field goal with a time out and 4th and 2 ….we never showed moxie ,like a hard count ,we just went with your gut…this week we have a shorter field goal on 4th and 9 with a rookie qb and shun the field goal…like the ducks you coached they appear calm on the surface but all he’ll is breaking loose below the surface …all I see is a. Rook at the helm in the huddle and on the headset …

  • heard larry fitzgerald available dump the stiff pinkston gaybird djack and get real stud wr still lot left in his tank

  • Th NFL is built on four pillars: Ticket sales, television, merchandising/ advertising and gambling…They all interlock and interfold…Which is the strongest?

    I really couldn’t say: You would need to have some relative balance, as they all scratch each other’s backs.

    So, it’s hard for me to really take the NFL seriously as a sport or a game.

    This year, things are pretty wide open: the Broncos look good, but so do the Chiefs…Can’t count the Pats out either, and, possibly, the PTB like the Saints or the 49ers.

    I don’t take ANYTHING the media says seriously, as they are just puppets in the advertising pillar.

    The QB controversy always is good to keep the dollars flowing.

    Homeboys like Vick, Jackson, McCoy know where their bread is buttered, and are smart enough not to take all the Kelly hype seriously…Not to mention a Jason Peters.

    For those who can’t get enough, Angelo Cataldi will interview Howie Roseman tomorrow morning.

    I still like Foles, but he go talked to last week.

  • Trade Lesean Mccoy? LOL CMOn MAN!! You guys are too much. This kid has been in the league for 5 seasons and has never had a slump. If anybody deserves to have one on this team its him. This is the NFL. Your not going to donimate everyweek and every season. I guarantee you he wins the rushing title this season. Keep Desean, Maclin and add a big WR. Get rid of avant, cooper, damaris Herremens etc

    • Dude 5 years as a RB? If they can get a 3rd rounder take it

      • McCoy did not have a very good Season last year either
        His pass-blocking which used to be decent, sucks anymore
        rB’s cone and go and have about a 4-5 Shelf life in my opinion except for the few Special Ones (Enmitt Smith, etc)
        What are Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones Drew, Arian Foster,
        Chris Johnson all doing this Season…
        I see Teams who run by committee have more Success in Today’s Pass Happy NFL.. Like the Patriots, Bengals, Saints, Broncos,Jets than relying on one back to carry it 25 Times a game, week in and week out..those days are over
        Eagles have approx $ 40-45 Million tied up in Players like
        McCoy, Peters, Herremans, Celek & Cole for 2014..
        And now the Trade Values for Herreman’s, Cole & Celek are about
        non-existent.. McCoy & Peters can return 2nd Round Picks or be used to package to move up to the 1st Round if need be..

  • From the top of Jeff Lurie’s teased feminine hair to the bottom of the soles of the janitors feet, the current Eagles organization is a disgrace to Eagles fans worldwide and to the NFL. Barkley sucks, Ertz is too slow. Instead of boosting our season we propelled the Giants.Chip, why no scoring for seven quarters? Now we can’t run or throw. You think defenses have our number?

  • the offensive system right now seems to be more important than what plays are best for the personal.
    Bryce Brown is a good 2nd string rb if he is moving forward – Bryce Brown is not good if handed the ball flat footed.Yet week after week they keep giving Brown the ball flat footed and he keeps running straight to the sideline for minus 5 yards. over and over again.

    • Bryce Brown is afraid of Contact and will always run to the sidelines..
      I don’t like his game at all him and thought he was a fluke with the 2-3 Big Fames he had last Season.. Have you seem him to attemp to pass-block,
      What a joke, I rather see Polk and Tucker rotate for at least they run hard and not afraid of contact…
      McCoy has been very disappointing after a fast start,
      He should demand the ball and step up and instead, he seems content on his 15 Touches a game..

    • He’s better than Trent Richardson……..

      • I would take Richardson over Brown on my Team
        Brown will be out of the NFL by 2014 as I stated he would last off-season after you guys went all ga-ga over him, he has no mental toughness Cliff..

        • And let the record show that I am no big fan of Trent Richardson either or most Players from Alabama as they transition to the NFL , they underachieve like Mark Ingram, Kareem Hackson, J Arenas, Mark Barron, Hightower, Kilpatrick and soon to be the Hets First Rounder whose name escapes me right now..

  • Barkley doesn’t suck, Ertz is plenty good. so is Foles…But they’re bit players in the bigger drama.

    This year is about Peyton, maybe Andy Reid, maybe about Drew Brees ‘comeback’, can ‘Tom Brady do it again’, a lot of ‘stories’ out there.

    Chip Kelly will have to wait his turn…He obviously is not ‘innovating’ this year…Why didn’t he have Barkley just hand the ball to McCoy down on the 2 yard line?…That was the coach’s call…He couldn’t seem to adjust last week either…After calling a very good game the week before…It was the coach’s call not use his TEs, too.

    It’s always puzzling when NFL teams do 180s.

    Defense seems to be improving; but then the Giants aren’t really setting the world afire on offense.

  • Chip Kelly keeps feeding 30 year old Jason Avant. He has over 50 plays thrown to him and one TD. Giving Jason Avant the ball is not going to score points yesterday, today or tomorrow.

    • Eagles have one of the least Productive WR Corps from Top to Bottom in the entire NFL.. They gave up too soon on Russell Shepard
      Who will turn with a better Xareer than Danarius Johbson who now can’t seem to field punts cleanly and adds zilch to the passing game after all we heard all Summer from Eagłes Camp & Coaches..
      Newcomer Jeff Maehl has seen more balks his way than Danarius Johnson

      • Paulman all 3 WR could be gone next year.
        Cooper won’t be the starter next year,
        I would assume Chip will search for speed in his slot in the off season so Avant will be replaced. DJax is the wild card, no way Howie and Jeff honor that 12 to 13 million 2014 contract. Does DJax bolt or renegotiate?

  • I wonder if there are still those same clueless morons out there that think QB is the least of our problems?

    Yea lets talk about our safeties guys when we don’t have a franchise QB (only the most important position in sports but yea no big deal) and to make matters worst we keep rolling out this 12 year bust (who not only had one of the most pathetic performances I’ve ever seen today BUT also showed no leadership skills when it matter most, sitting like a loser with a towel over his head by himself instead of trying to help a dude in his 2nd career game win us a game)…

    Seriously, the ONLY thing the Eagles franchise has going for them in the future is that the NFC EAST looks like shit. Eli and Romo are not getting any younger, Cowbows will have to gut their roster next year (like 30mill over the cap), RG3 looks like a fluke and will probably not make it past 30 in this league…

    • Good observation.

      2 weeks in a row his young “teammates” were struggling and the superstar who says he is always “there” for his teammates that he “loves” is sitting all by himself with a towel or sideways hat on his head,

      Nice body language.

      Nice effort.

      The Eagles do have an opportunity with a fading NYG team, a Washingteam that gutted its drafts for a small running QB who will be in the trainer’s room every year of his career, and a Dallas team that is something like 30 mil over the cap next year, and 78 million over the next !!!!!

      Too bad the Birds didn’t start the makeover a couple years ago like they should have.

      While they never should have followed this mypopic “win now with Vick” program, they still they can be proactive and roll young kids out for the rest of this evaluation season.

    • haha- nice one.

      Ill say it over and over…..

      we have more probs than just the QB.

      Im right here, say my name dude. Call me out.

      If you think that QB is the only problem…. you cant be helped.

  • 10 straight home losses? We haven’t seen our team win at home in over a year…thats just cruel, and a slap in the face to all the true fans in this city. they should make beer at the Linc free until we win a fucking home game

  • I expected a 6-10 season. I hope Chip Kelly isn’t so stubborn to try to reboot this offense next year with “his guys 2.0” the exact same way. I get it he has to figure what will work and won’t. I just don’t see the benefit to running what is essentially a draw play every dam running play. I remember when Andy Reid refused to use the shot gun for his first 6-8 years now Chip Kelly refuses to take a snap under the center, ever!

  • Who would have thought 8 games into the season that the strength of the team is the much maligned coach Davis and his defense, consisting of mostly border-line NFL talent. As opposed to the offense with several “superstar” players and captained by the offensive genius. IMO the read option is a college offense and an NFL fad. It’s just not sustainable over the long term to subject your QB to that kind of abuse. Unfortunately, the read option also seems be the only variation of offense our much heralded coach seems to want to run.

  • If Vick was worth 13 last year,
    7 million this year,
    does Vick hope he only drops to 3 million next year?
    Maybe Vick should start practicing how to hold field goals and PATs to make himself more marketable.

  • LOL Lesean McCoy didn’t have a good season last year? He had over 800 yards rushing behind the worst Oline in EAGLES HISTORY. Not one RB in the world could have ran behind that damn thing. Not to mention he missed like 5-6 games. He still would of had 1000yards. Lesean McCoy is only 25 years old. He can play elite for another 7 due to the fact he barely gets hit. He is not like a AP where he braces contact and overpowers people. He’s the Floyd Mayweather of RB right now. Period. Best back in the league. Trade Desean and Maclin both before you get rid of the MVP of this offense.

    • Maclin is a Free-Agent and not under Contract after this Season is up
      If Eagłes OL was that bad last year, then how did Bryce Brown run for 500 + Yards behind 2nd Stringers in 5-6 Games
      Good RB’s are a dime a Dozen, Elite ones are few and far between
      McCoy is a Good Back, not an Elite on who can Carry a Team

  • Chip Kelly was enamored with the skill set of three punch less cancers, Vick, Jackson, and McCoy, it is his downfall, meanwhile the less heralded defense is for the most part comprised of quality football players even if not as talented

    You win with quality people in any organization. The eagles offense not only laks quality, but degenerates

  • See….this is the garbage bullshit disgusting shit REAL Eagles fans have to suffer through so idiots can see their hero play on our team. We have to suffer through a coach who looks clueless and overmatched. We stated our fears and opinions in march and what did we hear? Haters clueless not real fans. Vicks gonna get hurt! No he isn’t hater you just wish he gets hurt. Chip runs a college offense it won’t work!! Yes it will hater Vicks skill set matches this offense. BULLSHIT!! My team has been hijacked and I’m sick of it. My only joy was seeing Dallas lose today….as a fan I demand better. Not selfish players who say I or me a thousand times in a news conference. Myself and others saw this coming from a million miles away. We are called haters and negative not real fans we know nothing about football. I’m not gonna say I told you so..I’m gonna say go fuck yourselves I want my football team back!!

    • BRAVO!

    • Co signed

      • I’m in.

      • I am with you Xevious.. Great Post and True..

    • You dumb fuck…the Eagles weren’t doing much of anything before Vick came a long…in fact do we have a SB? Until this team gets a group of players with heart you’ll be watching mediocrity for next got damn decade…you dumb fucks crack me up…what makes you greater than me? or anyone else? because we root for Vick? because we root for a player who has more haters than any NFL player in the history of the game? Talk about selfish….”Bitch this ain’t “Your Team” its “Our Team”….

      Also, yes Vick got hurt like you said…fine…that’s when your Golden Boy Foles, is supposed to come in and take the job…what’s being said about the QB Foles who is softer than Charmin…where’s he at, on the injured list along with Vick…do you guys listen to yourselves, I don’t think so!

  • Past two weeks. The League has caught up with Chip. The Eagles do not have enough talent to win without out scheming right now. The Defense is improving and that is a good thing. Need to have Chip commit to a young QB baring injuries. (Should have played Foles from the jump) No way he is as bad as the Dallas performance. He looked like the game was fast for him which makes little sense as he did not have that problem much before. We need a receiver who can beat man coverage (Like how nicks just went up and got it for Eli making him ALWAYS open on a back shoulder fade. This team has no leader (thanks for picking vick chip) because he castrated Foles by not calling tie goes to the younger and jettisoning vick before week one.

    Every one of you degenerates who wanted Vick on this team YOU ALL ASKED for this to play out exactly as it is and CHIP has screwed the pooch from the beginning.

    I said way back in week one that Chip told me all I needed to know when he picked Vick. Boy I wish I was wrong.

    • You got it right Regal.

  • Think about this- If foles has the job for the year maybe he doesn;t choke vs dallas and stays healthy and we might actually be leading this pathetic division.

    • I was thinking about that.

      Perhaps if he had been able to start off the season against the Wsh and SD creampuff defenses like VIck did, he could have build his confidence a bit.

      The Eagles could not possibly be in worse shape, and we would have gotten the kid valuable playing time.

      As it now stands, 3/4 of the first 8 games have been a complete waste with VIck at the helm.

  • 5 Mistakes starting the Chip Kelly Era
    1) Re-Signing Vick
    2) Drafting TE Ertz with 35th Overall Pick
    3) Drafting Bennie Logan in 3rd Round
    4) Keeping T Herremabs, T Cole on Roster
    5) Relying on a Read-Option Scheme week after week

    A host of Others,
    No going out and getting a legitimate #2 WR when Maclin went down the first week of Training Camp..
    Not having Training Camp Conpetition for the Kicker
    Having a Zero Return Game.. What’s Danarius Johnson’s Job other than to fair-Catch or Fumble.. Why not utile D-Jax on occasions

    • Im of the mind that you Find a Minnesota Vikings out there and trade Herschel Mccoy for a boat load of picks.

    • The problems began at an early Kelly presser when he said he was not thinking ‘long term’,. That Eagles’ fans would not accept long term struggles, that they wanted a winner.

      I am sure that’s the story he sold to Lurie also….”don’t worry, I can make it work with Vick…I have an offense that’s PERFECT for him”

      What an insult to Eagles’ fans who KNEW this team was a long term rebuild.

      This year’s draft should have been OL, OL, OL (though I don’t hate the Ertz pick – yet).

      Start Foles and let the oline Gel and Foles develop. If he did. Perfect, they go into 2nd year with a young gelling Oline and QB. If he didn’t, then take a QB with a top 5 pick to work behind the young gelling Oline. Then get the young QB a couple safety blankets (TE and WR) and then on to the D in year 3.

      Clear. Long term. FOrward planning.

      To insult Eagles fans and say that they couldn’t handle a rebuilding program is insulting. (to me anyway)

      And so what do we have instead? A team lurching along with the 33 year old superstar in and out of the lineup on a quarterly basis.

      No idea at QB
      Still holes on the oline (heremans and an again Peters)
      Whining malcontents at WR and probably RB
      and of course the D

      no direction. No long term plan

      Seduced (like so many before him) by “win now with Vick”

  • Somethingelse that is starting to really burn in my crawl is the Behavior of the much maligned Superstar QB. It is looking more and more like Vick was hurt going out there. Like he told the medics and coaches he was feeling better than he actually was. The more reports I hear the more selfish he looks. If your honest with everybody maybe Barkley gets more 1st team reps and feels a bit more comfortable no? Also Mr selfish, Mr leader, Why were you pouting on the bench acting like a 5 year old when you had a rookie QB in the game that could benefit from some advice? Even if you are a shitty QB you have experience and the team is supposed to look to you as a leader. I found Vicks behavior reprehensible. If your gonna pout stay in the locker room. Im sure some people will defend this behavior. If you do, you need help.

    • What are you talking about??????????

      Vick is the “undisputed leader” of the locker room!!

      To suggest otherwise is akin to blasphemy around here.

  • The best move now would be to cut ties with Vick …he’s a cancer,festering on the sidelines….just the fact that he has a voice on this team ,is a hazard to its growth.It emboldens the next guy taking snaps ,it isn’t implausible to trade him ,take whatever you can get…it’s apparent he exhibited the ultimate selfishness by inserting himself into the lineup by being disingenuous …the meagles…on this team are all about Me …first…Until Jeffrey grows a pair,nothing on this squad will ever change ..it’s time we stop with the diversions ,created by the media…it’s not about anything but …follow the $…it starts at the helm …Jeffrey ..this mess lies at your feet ,pluck the shit off your soles and show your fan base you give a shit ,about the finish line before the bottom line …

  • Kelly. Chip Kelly.

    As so many successful college coaches before him, we are now faced with watching how the coach will face his “gut-check moment”.

    Will he fold or will he step up and meet the challange?

    The highly touted “offensive genius”, has lead his team to score only 3 points in the past 8 quarters. Where are all of the mismatches that we were told he generates with multi-talented personnel sets? Where has the run heavy offense been the past few weeks? Where is the ultra-aggressive coach that hates to punt and is know for successful 4th down attempts?

    There have been college coaches who make the jump to the NFL, but even some relatively successful ones like Pete Carroll had a failed first attempt before landing a second and more successful try. Are the Eagles going to be Kelly’s “first attempt”?

    One of the more disappointing parts of the last 2 loses is that our much maligned defense has begun to play better, play more as a unit, while the highly touted offense has all but died.

    I still believe that Chip Kelly is a smart coach. It get’s tougher to say that each week as the losses mount, but as a fan I refuse to turn on the coach after half a season. It is a “gut-check” moment for Chip Kelly, no doubt. This is a proud and relatively successful franchise with some of the best fans around. I have rooted for them during some very rough years, and I believe that things will turn around. Injuries happen to all teams in the NFL, and with Kelly’s history of going through QB’s in college (I think it was 6 QB’s in the previous 4 years at Oregon), he should have been prepared for the likelihood he would need to be playing a few games with Vick. I am not giving Kelly a free-pass becuase of injuries, now is when he and Shurmer need to go to work and find out what this team can do with the players who are healthy.

    We are about to learn a lot about what our HC is made of. If he falls back into a shell and looks to go back to college, the ultimate “Peter Principal” situation, or if he comes out with fire and leadership to start demanding a better performance and more importantly providing a better gameplan to be successful. One way or another we are going to learn what our coach is made of, and I plan on rooting for this team to win every game, every week. No different than the last 30 years, just a new coach.

    • Kelly started 11 qbs in 6 years at Oregon.

      He’s now on his 3rd this year.

      Ain’t an offense that asks the QB to take extra punishment each week grand!

      People calling for Mariotta. Great. I have no problem with that.

      But put him in a read-option attack in the NFL and you’ll get to cheer for his very short and injury plagued career.

      • No doubt the read-option style is leading to more injuries at the QB position. The average career length of a running back in the NFL is about 5 years. I believe that if more and more teams try to run the read-option in the league, we will see a dramatic decline in the average career length of the QB’s also. Defenses are too easy to design a plan to punish the QB in that style of offense. Overall I think that while there has been a breif trend towards exploiting the talents of running QB’s, franchises will soon learn (like the Redskins are now learning), that while they field an exciting team, and may have a certain level of success, they will need to limit the number of hits that the QB takes if they want to be a consistantly successful team.

      • I was not aware of this, but it does make perfect sense.
        It really makes me appreciate Randall (and to a lesser extent McNabb) even more. Randall ran a ton, out of need, out of play calling, out of fear for his life. He had a long healthy career (the times he was injured he was in the pocket). McNabb took a lot of shots as well and had a pretty healthy career as well.
        In the end, I believe that it will be the fatal flaw in the read-option offense.

        Thanks for the data vinnie

      • Agreed

  • The same lame, tired, and dim-witted Vick bashing continues while the massive problems on this team are ignored. The quarterbacks are hurt…Vick and Foldes..oops, I mean Foles. Barkley cant play…the wide receivers and tight ends particularly Brett Celek, on this team are below average…they cant beat press coverage consistently…the offensive line is a major problem…they have not established the running game they havent opened the holes, Peters has been average but has not dominated, Hermanann has been terrible, Kelce has been terrible!
    The Eagles needed to establish a dominating running game to open up the passing game…none of the Eagles quarterbacks have had the luxury of a consistent running game to take pressure off of the passing game and the key culprits in this is NOT Shady McCoy…it falls directly on the offensive line.

    • funny i don’t see the same lame, tired and dim witted vick love that we normally see either? where has marcus, oops i mean skayne been, unreal is absent, ts god love her is still on here plugging away for her guy making excuses etc, songs excused vick for going out there and hurting the team while last week said foles was selfish for going out there hurt….
      Now that vicks career is over i’d like for the fan club to reflect on a career that wasn’t?

      • The game was played yesterday (on a Sunday)….Fortunately, like many of you I have a life, and it doesn’t revolve around G Cobb…I wasn’t thinking about rushing on to GCobb to give my explanations or thoughts of the game…I have real friends and family, I am able to converse with on a daily, unlike some of you dumb asses…so now that we have that out of the way…

        Vick shouldn’t have played a minute in the game…He looked ass, the O Line looked ass, which made Shady look ass…Its never been about one player with me, like it is with you clowns! Vick wasn’t the sole person to blame, defense played very well again and kept the game close…This game completely falls on the offensive side of the ball, all players/coaches.

        Vick may be done as an Eagles, he may not return next year….

        Guess what, it would change nothing for me, because I’mma still be right there rooting for my Eagles…To me it means we become even further from witnessing the good football we want to see…….A healthy Vick is the best QB on this team for this system, bottom line….have you noticed how the best player on the team McCoy has struggled….don’t see anyone pointing that out…its all about Vick….has the line done a good job for McCoy? how about WRs blocking up field on the screens….?

        I saw a pathetic effort all around from the offense….and considering Vick played less than half the game, if all you saw was Vick, you obviously didn’t watch the game!

        • Excellent points RealTalk777…the bottom line is that the Eagles QB’s are hurt…Vick tried to gut it out for the team but he just could not do it. The real fans of the Eagles want to see the Eagles win ball games…Vick gave them the best opportunity..for the offense that Chip Kelly has installed. He has the strongest arm to threaten the defense deep, he has the speed for the read option, and he has the experience.
          Unfortunately, he got hurt..just like a lot of QB’s in the league. However, the Vick haters want to ignore what lead him to getting hurt…instead of being able to hand the ball off to Shady McCoy and have the o-line make some holes…Vick had to run far too much. Instead of the receivers beating man coverage…Vick had to run too much.
          Guess what…I dont care who the QB is on this team…if the offensive line is not doing the job…the QB will be hurt in this offense! Its inevitable…if the O-line dont start doing the job…Barkely will be hurt in Oakland next week! If the Eagles draft a QB…he will get hurt too…if the O-line fails to do the job!

  • The calls for Mariotta are really a shot in the dark…who knows if this guy can play! He not reminding me of RGIII or Andrew Luck at all. The Eagles better concentrate on putting a dominating offense line together that will be able to open holes for the RUNNING game…that’s what the Eagles need!

  • Watch for QB Sean Mannion of Oregon State – 6-5′ 235lbs and can throw, read defenses and move around in the Pocket well…

  • OSU hasn’t played anyone this year except for Stanford which was coincidentally his worst game of the season. He was 41-57, but for only 271 yards. All short passes.

    Had solid games against Wisconsin and UCLA last season, but tanked in games vs. Oregon and Stanford last year. 2 Tds and 8 ints in those 2 games. He might just be another PAC 12 product like the SC qbs and what sadly Brett Hundley seems to be turning out to be too.

    • I said it last week…the Vick apologists will get a Michael Vick start against the Giants, you got that start. I also said I wanted to hear the excuses when the results were poor. Well here we are and the only person talking is koolbreeze (skayne and RealTalk777 must be in mourning) with more ridiculous excuses. :ast week Vick lovers were saying that the team had a chance to “win now” so Vick should start as he gave them the best chance to win. Now after a brutal performance all Vick lovers can say is that the team stinks…that Vick is the only star. Last week they’re competing for a playoff berth, this week the Eagles are garbage because Vick played bad. I amazed at the lengths you people will go to make excuses for this dude.

      I honestly think the offense looked good with Matt Barkley when he came in. That drive before the end of the half was fantastic. The play call at the two yard line was dumb and Barkley should have thrown the ball away (he’s a rookie who will learn) but the drive to get there was great. I don’t understand why they went to all that read option nonsense in the second half…I think it slowed the team down and killed the rythem. That being said, considering he took hardly any reps with the first team, I think Barkley showed improvement since the Dallas game. Isn’t that what you want? I say give what’s left of the seaon to Matt…I’ve never been a Foles guy, just doesn’t look fluid out there…and see how he does. If improves and plays well maybe you have a franchise qb, if not draft someone else. Just keep in mind first round picks aren’t guarantees to be studs as history as shown (llok at the McNabb draft in 99…that was supposed to a draft ripe with qb talent compared to the Elway/Marino draft). And don’t talk about Barkley’s arm strength…Montana didn’t have a big arm, 4 rings. Give the kid a chance.

      • Healthy Vick should play there’s no question….So now you’re saying the offense is better with Barkley than Vick? that’s what you saying Mike D?

        • unreal you say you are a true eagles fan and i don’t doubt that but don’t you see this is a rebuild. when the colts rebuilt they dumped freaking peyton manning!!!! you have to see that its not about winning this year…its about building this thing up to contend in the playoffs

        • With Vick in the game the Eagles offense didn’t more the ball at all….or were you not paying attention? Barkley came in for the last drive of the first half…and basically threw the ball every play…and almost got a TD. So yes…the offense had better rythem with Barkley in there…even the commentators said as much at the time. In the second half I think those read option plays slowed the momentum down and killed the rythem. Either way I saw improvement from Barkley which is impressive considering he took hardly any first team reps. Michael Vick needs to be neched the rest of the year, I’m not a Foles fan at all so he should be the third string guy. Let Barkley play…I like what he has shown so far…his willingness to keep throwing the ball without fear, learning from mistakes and making quick decisions. There are growing pains with every young quarterback, you have to ride it out and stick with them. The Eagles need to give this kid a legitimate shot, that means not making him look over his shoulder every other game. If he shows improvement and grows as a player, they win some games, you might just have a franchise qb. If not move on. Nothing to be gained by starting Vick…he’s a never was player and the stats and record show that. I know that hurts considering you’re love affair with him…but at some point when a relationship is on it’s way to ending you have to face facts chief. Don’t worry you’ll fall in love again one day.

          • You must have a learning disability or comprehension issues….I said..”so now you’re saying the offense is better with Barkley than Vick?” different than asking or saying the offense looked better….

            Anyway, the offense looked better because you had a player on the field who shouldn’t have played in the game in the first place…if you think Barkley offense is better than a Vick led offense you’re on crack…and if you think Barkley is the future of this team you’re on meth!

            Also, I have no respect for you, so writing a long winded essay like above is a waste of time…I’ll read the first sentence from your posts that’s all

            • They say when someone resorts to insults when they’re having a debate it’s proof they are losing the argument. Yes the team is better off with Barkley at qb then Vick as he gives them a chance to move in a different direction. I’m not sure where you draw the conclusion that Barkley can’t play. Peyton Manning threw 11 picks through his first three nfl starts, Troy Aikman had a losing record after his first three years in the league, Drew Brees threw more picks than tds his first three years in the league. What do they all have in common? They all won super bowls. When people like me say Vick should be gone is based on a very large sample size littered with below average play and a poor win/loss record. People like you who bash Barkley are doing so based on less than one full game of work on the field. In other words you have no idea what youre talking about and would follow Vick off a cliff if he asked you to.

  • This Tool, Denny Basens! (yeah pretty good feeling he’s the a hole who edited my comment last week)

    In regard to Barkley said “He also struggled to run the read-option, handing the ball to his running backs on every play and never once pulling the ball down and running it himself.”

    How do you even know that Kelly gave Barkley the option to keep the ball?

  • The Best line from Chip Kelly yesterday was:

    “And right now we’re unstable at the quarterback spot and we are not playing well at the quarterback spot. And we lost our two games because of it.”

    Lets see….you resign a 33 year old QB who is always hurt. Then put him (and the others) into an offense that exposes him to even more punishment by running all the time.

    And now you ack suprised that you’ve chewed through 2 QBs already?

    The “instability” at the QB position is precisely due to the decisions Kelly made at the QB position.

    Should have dumped the china doll Vick and instituted a pro style offense for Foles and let him go at it for at least 1/2 the year. Then if failing, on to Barkley., who would have at least been getting reps all year.

    Now what? Maybe Foles back in, probably Barkley who has been 3rd string all year and barely practicing. Great. Into the fire kid…who need practice????

    And on top of that, the team is 3-5 and you can guarantee to see a lot of ‘quit’ in our number one WR as the season progresses. Set those kids up for success!!!

  • This season went down the toilet on the day Chip Kelly chose to re-sign Michael Vick and name him the starter.

    The entire football watching world knew that Vick had zero chance of playing the season without injury. For Chip Kelly to think he could install a 33 year-old injury prone QB into a read-option offense was stupid.

    Vick confirmed the other day that he played the KC game and the first half of the first Giants game with a groin injury. So the simple fact is – Vick made it through two games before his skills were limited by injury. FROM RUNNING!

    Some of you people might love Michael Vick, but do you really think those two or three great games he gives you every year are worth it?

    If Kelly had any brains he would do what Reid did last year – see what the young QBs can do, and leave Vick on the bench…. In two weeks when Vick is finally healthy and the Eagles are 3-7 who needs him….

    Andy Reid is laughing his ass off at Chip Kelly for stepping on the same rake as he did….

    What’s funnier is guys like Songs, and tsjohnson5 will be saying Vick’s contract should be extended and given another season with some new offensive linemen.

    • Irish Eagle is the smarter Irishman I have ever come across and will get my invitation to Join the “Eagłes Mensa Club” as a full-fledged member with all the Benefits fitting a Genius… Well Said IE..

      • paul, you have to get larrwd permission 1st, since he’s the gcobb top member of the MENSA club. Didn’t you know that? What’s wrong with you? BTW, where is the brainiac?

  • Vinnie – we said about the same thing at the same time…. haha

    • Great minds…

      Anyway…loved the “stepped on the same rake” line…..I can just picture the editorial cartoon now……

    • hahahaha….just proves the point…dumb asses think alike

      • Yeah – your point of view proven to be REAL successful – you fucken duchbag!

        • haha…that’s what this is about who’s right who’ wrong…the only thing you’ve been right about is Vick being hurt….you’re not a NFL QB for 10 + years and suck…that’s fact! Your point of view on Foles hasn’t been proven either….in fact it may never be proven? So sit back shut the hell up and enjoy the continued mediocrity of this Eagles team with or without Vick…Until you grasp football’s a team game, you’ll continue to be disappointed….

          • “the only thing you’ve been right about is Vick being hurt….you’re not a NFL QB for 10 + years and suck”

            No doubt RT777, any player who has been in the NFL for 10+ years is no joke. However, it is often said that one of a players most improtant “abilities” is reliability. If the player has a history of injuries, however much the player may try and play through the injuries or even if they are a series of “freak injuries”, if he is unable to be on the field, he has little use to the team. And in a position as important as QB, every team in the NFL is looking for a QB that can play week in and week out without fear of injury. That is why when this team decided to ignore the history that MV had with respect to injuries, they set a course that was very predictable. That being said, Foles has also shown in the limited time that he has had to play here, that he also has missed games due to injury. Kelly will need to focus at some point of identifying a QB that will lead this team in the future, and structure an offense that does not have this QB taking alot of planned hits.

            • Agreed!

          • Thanks for the advice RealTalk, but I’m well aware that football is a team sport. I’m also aware (like Chip Kelly is) that it’s impossible to win with instability at the quarterback position, regardless how good or bad the rest of the team performs.

            Maybe you hear of Vince Lombardi – he knew a little about football. He said – “your 21 players might be better than my 21, but if my 22nd player is better than yours, I’ll beat you” He was talking about his QB.

            Team sport or not – you don’t win if your starting QB is ineffective.

            • RT777 is carrying a torch for Mike Vick. If it were any other quarterback he would be running them out of town. It’s impossible to have a reasonable debate about this because no one responds with facts…just insults. Last week they were saying the Eagles could make some noise in the playoffs with Vick which to me indicates that the team is good enough to win now. But wait…hold your horses…Vick has a really bad game and now we’re talking about his injury and that the team around him is terrible. I said I couldn’t wait for excuses after this one and I gotta tell ya they’ve been great so far. I’ve been posting career stats for over a week and no one can come back at me anything substantial to support their claims that Vick is better. This year should be about moving forward. Let Barkley finish out the year…he’s shown improvement…let’s see what he can do.

              • Because logically Vick isn’t better. He is a bad QB not once stat he has says is anything but bad. No other player in the History of the NFL has been given so much money for so little return. Even his two playoff wins were unproductive. 126 starts 60 wins…fact. Career 56% in a league where the median in 60% fact. Always hurt Fact…Turnover machine Fact…A fumble an INT and a Sack in the first 4 plays yesterday…Add an intentional grounding 2 a few plays later fact. 2 winning seasons Fact. He isn’t the sole reason we lose but when he is on the field he contributes mightily.

  • Kelly took any chance of Foles developing confidence this year by bringing Vick back. should have traded the kid and kept dixon if you wanted a runner.

    Running QB’s are stupid choices though as they are always beat up.

    • Foles stinks…he had a chance to develop his own confidence by beating Mike Vick out of the job in training camp. We would have won the Dallas game if he had just played average…he choked and got hurt…again…just like he did last year.
      The bottom line is for Chip Kelly’s offense to really be effective in the NFL you need a dominate offensive line who dont get QB’s killed and open up holes for the running game! When the O-line plays well..Vick does very little running…he begins running…when bum O-line fails to block properly.

      • You are a moron who does not understand sports psychology! If you start the kid and tell him it is his show he does not feel like every throw is an evaluation.

        Foles had undue pressure on him in the Dallas game and by the way while he was choking they could not establish a running game to take some PERCIEVED pressure off of him.

        Maybe he is never anything great but he is far better than what we saw two weeks ago.

    • the read option requires a qb with an running threat.

      That’s Chip Kelly’s offense.


      He gave Foles a shot!

  • To me the biggest problem is “Chip’s Offense” – it’s a college offense and a professional flavor of the month. Of course the Eagles decide to hitch their wagon to it a year after it caught the league by surprise. Maybe Kelly will employ some “run-n-shoot” plays for next season. I just don’t get drafting Barkley, a pro-set QB, if this coach is hell-bent on running a read-option attack. Why not just keep Dixon as Regal suggested and draft the best defensive player available?

  • Songs, rg3’s father has stated that a qb that would run instead of throw is a loser

    He gets it, he wants his son to beat teams with his arm, his intellect, not his athletecism, although his great athletic ability will help to evade pressure, extend the play for the arm, a scrambling qb, on occasion only, but not a runner and ultimately the best quarterbacks win by getting the ball to the playmakers to take hits, never the field general by design

  • And what father in his right mind would want his son qb to be a running quarterback, pure stupidity, give and his father credit for that, theyvalued his brains, his health, over running around like Vick does and gets pounded, stupidity

  • The reference was to mcnabb and his father, mcnabb to his credit did not want to be a running quarterback

  • Yes Running QB = Scrambled Eggs

    Pocket Passer = RB / TE / WR taking more hits.

    Football – Win in trenches (OL) Establish Run, WR Run Routes, Devlope BREAD and BUTTER plays IE Back shoulder throw to Big WR on sideline = Complete for 1st down or incomplete, Fade in corner TD or incomplete. Sprinkle in what ever else you want.

    • Eagles can do NONE of this.

  • Pretty simple but great formula for success just put forward by regal eagle, the same formula the Steelers employed, more recently the ravens, but we have genius, guru, whose offense can’t score touchdowns except when a pocket passer was at the helm

  • And moving forward it has to be foles, Matt Barkley is undersized, weak arm, he’s a gamer so it appears, but he does not have the skill set of nick foles

    Nick foles should be groomed to be the qb of the future, the so called franchise qb, if Kelly goes this route and builds around him, gets rid of Dax, McCoy, builds a defense, then you have something to be excited about

    But this ownership will never, never allow this to develop

  • If the coach had come out this year and cut vick and said foles is our guy moving forward the team may be in an even better position right now.

    IE they may have won another game or 2 or they may have lost another game or 2 either way win or suck we would be closer to a FRANCHISE QB. But nope we went with a 33 y/o with a history of being brittle to run a stupid
    YES STUPID concept offense.


  • It was Jelly Kelly’s Decision to Re-Sign Vick to begin with wasn’t it??
    They should have went into Season with Foles, Debbis Dixon & Barkley
    With sone Wildcat/Read-Option Plays for Dixon to utilize on occasions and as a back-up to Fokes in case of Injury..

    • Chip is trying to win. Vick fits the type of QB he wants to run his offense. Not Foles. Barkley is showing some promise, though he keeps being thrown in the fire at the wrong times, cant do that to a rookie QB and expect him to succeed. .At least give him a week of 1st team reps.. But this week will be interesting to see what Chip does at that position. Resigning Vick made sense, he’s just injured right now unfortunately. He pops his hammy without being touched. It really sucks. Was thinking they could sneak into the playoffs, still can, but not with this injury riddled QB position, noway nohow.. Their is instability there..

      • Hey convict, when did you get out? Told you to adhere to that restraining order. It’s 100 yards, you need to stay away from schools!

      • no one could have predicted that 7 would miss games due to injury… no one! it did not make sense– he has not been a good qb in this league he is injury prone… it was the single biggest mistake made by a coach trying to establish himself as an nfl coach

  • I say we just let barkley start next game.. I actually like barkley.. I dont think foles is tough enough for the NFL

    • Cause Aikman never had a concussion

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