• May 24, 2022

The Eagles Aren’t Getting Much From Their Offensive Line

MattBarkley1I said from the start of the season that the strongest unit on this football team was the offensive line.  They haven’t been playing like it.  As opposed to getting better each week, the offensive line is playing worse now than they did at the start of the season.

Think about it, LeSean McCoy could only run for 48 yards in 15 carries, but that’s not a major story.  This team went into the game with a quarterback who wasn’t 100%.  Chip Kelly wanted to be able to let the running game lead the way, but he couldn’t do that with an offensive line that was losing the battle upfront.

Kelly who majored in the running game, was unable to find a way to get McCoy free for some yardage.  It’s impossible to do with the big guys up front getting their butts kicked.

Yesterday the New York Giants defensive line dominated the Eagles front five.  They have problems with Giants big, physical front four the last time they played, but some first half runs by Michael Vick in that earlier game and in the second half the defense forced a few turnovers and Nick Foles led the Birds into the end zone.

That covered the poor play from Birds offensive line which has lost its mojo.  Everybody pointed to center Jason Kelce because of a stunt the Giants were running, but the entire offensive line has been going in the wrong direction.

Veteran right guard Todd Herremans has been awful and yesterday he was being dominated by Giants defensive tackle Linval Joseph and the other New York defensive tackles.  Herremans isn’t coming close to getting the job done, there’s no other way to say it.  He gets beat too often in both the run and the passing game.

I understand the inexperience of rookie offensive tackle Lane Johnson, but he was letting New York defensive end Justin Tuck fly by him into the Eagles offensive backfield and make tackles on inside running plays and even runs to the team’s left side.  Johnson needs to become more consistent.

Former Pro Bowler Jason Peters has also been a disappointment.   I guess it was too much to ask him to return from the Achilles injury and play like he did prior to it.  I don’t know if we’ll ever see Peters play like he did prior to the injury.

On a regular basis, I’ve seen him get overpowered and pushed into the backfield.  The Birds had him pulling to the other side on a play yesterday and one of the Giants linebackers pounded him in the hole and he came to a complete stop.  There’s no way Peters, who is in the 340 pound range, should be letting a 240 pound linebacker stopping him.

I didn’t expect much out of center Jason Kelce in his matchup with the Giants big defensive tackles, but he’s got to at least get a draw.   New York is deep at the position with big bodies such as Joseph, Cullen Jenkins, Shaun Rogers, and Mike Patterson.  The Eagles interior offensive line of Kelce, Herremans and Evan Mathis couldn’t get any movement with the Giants defensive tackles.

The Eagles don’t have quarterbacks and receivers, who are good enough to carry the team’s offense.  If they don’t have a dominating running game, they’re not going to be able to do much offensively, especially with Vick at less than 100%, Nick Foles battling back from a concussion and rookie Matt Barkley possibly taking over the starter’s role.

The Eagles offense isn’t doing anything without a dominating running game.


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  • That’s Lame Johnson; …….not like Allen Iverson, “The Answer”,
    Lame Johnson, “The Project”……

    • Howie Roseman ( 8-0) vs Cliff Dorsey (0-8).
      once again only 2 of GMCliff’s crew made the field and both were benched. Howies first 5 draft picks made the field yesterday, 2 full time starters ( Wolfe and Johnson played every single snap )

      • That must be more of your rationalizing…LOL!!

        Do you mean Ansah, spraining his ankle? Only you would try to make it sound worse than it is. Bottom line is, he is better than Lame Johnson. No one would disagree, except someone desperate for credibility……

        Oh, and you wish Howie could touch me. To your point, make it on the field playing for the Eagles is a much easier accomplishment than playing for a winner with established vets, and Pro Bowlers. So stop flattering Howie’s inept genius.

        And they are still better pros than Howies picks, like I said again, and you continue to ignore this, so I wont continue to repeat myself to a loser like yourself…They all would be starting for the Eagles today, if they played on this team…all of them. As would most drafted this past year.
        That’s how bad Howie’s picks are………

        But you just go on, and continue to rationalize you see something better. I haven’t heard one person agree with you yet, and the evidence doesn’t either. Snaps have NOTHING to do with talent when you play for the Eagles…..

        • And Collins was NEVER benched…..FYI

          • And Lane Johnson, is still LAME……

            DCar already told you what he thought of him, after you said he could out duel Howie. Well that man agrees with GMCliff…while E0S, STILL HAS THE GOLDEN PENIS IN HIS MOUTH……pwbwhahahhaha!!!!!

            • GMCliff, I am a below average college football fan and know less than almost everyone on here about the draft. I get a lot of my information from the GCobb posters and article writers concerning the draft. But I quickly realized you were a flip flopper concerning draft prospects.
              Your GCobb pseudo GM posts can be summed up by Run DMC hit rap song ” You talk to Much”
              youtube /watch?v=EheLN-MDzrA
              I’ve narrowed your BS down to 8 players.
              You are not filtering out your spewed nonsense from 2013 this time. And just like I predicted you would fail.
              YOU TALK TOO MUCH !

              • Says you, and you stand alone on that.

                Reality is, my opinion will always be appreciated by those who have a better understanding of the game.

                I too, appreciate you being honest E0S, about you being below average…..There you go!! ,now you and Lame Johnson have something in common……LOL!!!

              • e0, you are wrong, & are all by yourself on this. Quit while you are behind! gmcliff, like myself, are huge NCAA Football, & Basketball watchers. He tries to think outside the box like I do, & bases his thinking on possibilities, hypothetical’s & future success. He also doesn’t except inept, unqualified, dopes, that plague all 4 of our local teams right now. He has a pretty good eye for talent, & is right, a lot more than he is wrong. Other than Connor Barwin, that is. You already are a part of his shirt club, keep it up, & you’ll be getting a dunce cap soon. 8D

              • LOL, GMCliff’s best frriend shows up! This ought to be fun —
                DCar – GMCliff is a Dingbat. You might not like Howie’s draft ( and you could be correct ) but here is what you blindly defend for that Dingbat Cliff.
                Ziggy Ansah hasn’t made an impact play since week 3. DCar please explain which Ziggy Ansah play stands out since week 3? Ziggy has faded for 5 straight weeks.
                Jamie Collins played 26 out of 80 snaps and only 3 snaps in the second half last week in Miami. That was Jamie Collins best game this year. They signed the ancient Andre Carter off the street as a pass rusher. NE is desperate for a 3rd pass rusher to spell Charles Jones and Rob Ninkovich. Jamie Collins is a weak side LB who is playing because Jerrod Mayo got hurt. GMCliff drafted him as and impact pass rusher ( see the problem here) Jamie Collins comes out of the game when it is a passing down.
                Bledi Wreh Wilson is the 5th cornerback on Tennessee and has zero total snaps.
                Montari Hughes has yet to dress for a game this year.
                Corneilius Washington has zero snaps for Chicago who moved DE Cory Whooten to DT from DE after DT Henry Melton was injured and still can’t get on the field even to give Shea McClennon( Cory Whooten backup ) a token breather. DE Shea McClennon gets zero pressure.
                Ty Powell drafted by Seattle in on the Buffalo Bills practice squad.
                Aaron Mellete zero snaps yet
                Damion Strafford – 4th safety on Tennessee ( special teamer and GMCliff’s second best selection)
                So DCar explain which GMCliff’s players are so exceptional? You might not like Howie’s draft but there is nothing on GMCliff’s crew to compete against Howie. That is why I laugh at Cliff Dorsey.

              • e0, I never said he was exceptional, just that he has a good eye for talent, in which Weaselman has none of, is unqualified to be a GM, & was given the job, because he was in the Lurie clan. Plain & simple. What exact roster transactions, & draft picks in the last 2-3 years, are you impressed with. He is as big as a buffoon as Ruin 2morrow Jr. 3 $#!t drafts in a row, 2 off-seasons in row of roster stiffs, & every year they win the salary cap bowl. This last draft in particular, was a joke, full of stupid picks, reaches, luxury picks, & head scratchers. WTF aren’t you getting? gm ain’t perfect, & I don’t always agree with him, but he is a very intelligent cat. Lighten up, open your eyes, & use your brain.

              • To Eagles0Superbowls

                Can you critique some of my Mock Drafts from Recent Years when you get some time..I am interested in reading your thoughts/analysis..

              • Fair enough Paulman and DCar— GMCliff, i made the rules and boxed you into a corner in a feud you wanted no part of in the first place for my own enjoyment. Thus preventing you from enjoying your other correct scouting winners such as Kentucky OG Warford and Mizzou DT Sheldon Richardson and predicted losers like Alabama CB Dee Miliner. GMCliff peace be with you! And I will only debate your scouting on your terms to allow you to show case your passion. I have been inhibiting your right to discuss the entire 2013 draft by distracting you with foolishness.

              • disengaged.

  • When Foles has a bad game we get articles that say: “The future QB isn’t on the roster” “Nick Foles must have had a concussion” “What Spooked Foles”

    Vick has a bad game and we get MORE of the same offensive line stories that we’ve been hearing for 3 seasons now.

    I’m tired of it. I’m tired of people declaring the fault be blamed on Chip Kelly for Vicks’ Hamstring and I’m tired of people acting like Foles was to blame but Vick isn’t to blame.

    1. Foles had groin problems so he was NEVER 100%. Yet no one cares to talk about that.
    2. Vick had 3 weeks to heal his Hamstring, which doesn’t even keep some Receivers! out of the game.
    3. The line has not been bad pass blocking this season, but they have been bad Run blocking. Foles, Barkley & Vick all have had time to throw the ball. It’s not their fault no one is getting open!

  • I’m not in the Eagles locker room, but I would suggest the problem on the offensive line might be one of attitude…If Peters is not with the program, then you have a 340 pound malcontent clogging up the works.

    Why aren’t we seeing the fast, no-huddle offense?…Is it because it involves too much work for certain people on the line?

    Perhaps G.Cobb has someone on the inside who can give us some insight…’O’ line must work as a unit…I don’t think Lane Johnson is the only problem.

  • Couple of posters made good comments about Bryce Brown: They have him going East-West instead of North-South…Sweeps and these type of plays take too long to develop and the ‘D’ has time to shut them down…Why no quick hitters or stunts with this line?…Can’t they figure out how to run them?

    This type of problem would be addressed on a Bill Belichik team, but maybe Kelly doesn’t have that kind of clout in the locker room.

    • “They don’t have him running East-West”
      It’s Bryce Brown deciding to run East-West”, he decides on where to run and which hole to hit. He’s a damn puss, afraid of contact and trying to turn run around the corner every time he gets a handloff just because he had a couple of successful long runs last year by doing so… He lacks mental toughness and will be out of the NFL by next Year

  • Agree with GCobb’s article – the OL is being pushed back. You can’t coach stregnth. Chip’s playbook has been scouted so well recently the plays’ success is based on talent not design anymore.

    • No thanks to Lame Johnson……

  • So let’s review. We have no QB. The O line which was supposed to be a strength features one guy that’s too small, two more that are getting old, another that was a poor draft pick (again!) and a fiftht that is too old and doesn’t really care either. We also will have no WRs after this year because you can’t give Jackson 10 mil and you can’t cut his pay or he will mope. Maclin is not coming back and everyone else sucks. The TEs. One was always average, the other was huge waste of money and the third may or may not have been another shitty draft pick. The defense has like 5-6 decnt players that should be back next year. The kicker is mediocre and untrustworthy and we have not had a return man since Brian Mitchell a decade ago. No way Mariotta is there for us and or anyone will make a deal for us to get him. Welcome to Buffalo! I feel the Marion Campbell years are back in Philadelphia.

    • “welcome to buffalo”
      I can’t tell what you are talking about here, but to be safe I will point out: Buffalo has a QB in EJ Manuel and he looked really good until his knee injury that happened to him as he ran out of bounds.

      Buffalo is most likely going WR in the draft. Hoping they don’t take Evans from the Eagles

      • What I meant was Buffalo has not made the playoffs since 1999 and we can expect a similar long run of futility similar to the Marion Campbell years of 1982-87 when we didn’t make the playoffs for six years. We are at three and counting.

        • I would take Buffalo’s OL, WR & QB, DL and LB Corps over the Eagles in a Heartbeat — I really like back-up QB Thaddeus Lewis (from Duke) and stated so last Off-Season when he was a Free-Agent on the Browns and thought that he would have made a nice Back-up with Kelly’s Read-Option System and for chump change
          The Biggsest single issue with the Eagles is their GM Howie Roseman who commands and gets no Respect from Players, Agents or even Football Analysts since he never played the Game and basically has no idea of what he’s doing as far Evaluating and Ggrading Talent.. Players that Sign or Draft with the Eagles do so with a giggle for they basically work and play for a bunch of Businessmen (Lurie,Roseman & Smolenski) and really lack any Football People within the Front Office … Players tune these type of Guys out after a little while ..

    • Jbird – 4-12 in 2012, the offense gets purged this off season like the defense did last year. Chip Kelly, Jeff Lurie, and Howie Roseman are going to have to decide if 2014 will be a suck for luck season to get their hands on Jamies Winston in the 2015 draft ( I recommend they follow that course of action)

  • Howie might want to purge Joe Banner’s center Alex Mack from Cleveland or Andy Reid’s left tackle Brandon Albert in 2014.

    • Nobody wants your advise Loser…..LOL!!!

      Fellas this guy – Who isn’t even an Eagles fan – thinks he can advise our inept GM, WHO WON’T BE HERE VERY LONG…….


      • GMCliff I referenced these players because of the feud between Howie, Joe Banner, and Andy Reid concerning the power struggle over the last 4 years. I have no concrete advice for Howie just shits and giggles. Post something entertaining?

        • I’m sorry E0S, I can’t help you there…I don’t know your I.Q, or your S.A.T Scores……LOL!!!

          Because that would be entertaining….

          • I. Q. -117
            S.A.T.- 1260 from the old test not the new one

            • This is TOO FUNNY. E0S, you left out that you played D1 ball and are an executive with a Fortune 100 company….when you are boasting on the internet you need to do a better job….TOO FUNNY.

              You and some guy named Larry on here are both in Mensa, right?? LOL.

              • LOL!!! He is Greenfan!!

                BTW E0S – GMCliff – SAT – 1389 …….FOOD FOR THOUGHT

              • Greenfan – LOL caught guilty as charged , never took an I Q test in my life.

            • You guys bragging about sat scores on a football blog, smh

              Jakedog, 44 long, chiseled chest, 32 inch waist lucky brand , express jeans , slim fit , beautiful long locks

              • 940 sat score, what god giveth he taketh away

              • I got a 1600 on my SAT Score (the Old Format) after I added up my 2 Previous Test Scores..

              • 6’3″, 240 lbs, 1350 SAT (Beat me gmcliff, you bastid), train in MMA & body building, Virgo, handsome somabiatch! No, really! Figure I’d get in on the act! But we all pale in comparison, to the MENSA master larrwd. He’s the best, of the best, & we are the rest! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

              • Now THAT is an online bio to be proud of. We can ALL learn from that one LOL!!

              • @DCar – You are straight crazy my man…LOL!!!

  • Lurie might want to smarten up and stop letting Howie make anymore football decisions. This kid is a train wreck! This was his draft and again we are getting no production from another draft in year one.

  • I predict Chip will quit after next year. He will not be able to get a QB because too many teams need one. And I get the sense he has more integrity than to wait around to be fired when he knows he can get paid to go back to college. I just hope he doesn’t kill this franchise by drafting Taj Boyd in desperation. Just take a WR and start having your agent talk to BCS schools that have openings.

  • I would not give up on Johnson so quickly. Rookies struggle.

    This upcoming draft should be OT (to replace peters) with the first pick, and OG (to replace Herremans) with the 2nd round pick. Perhaps a C with the 3rd pick.

    Seriously, that’s what I would do. 3 Olinemen to go with last year’s OT. You build a unit that can play together for a decade.

    Playthe new OT and G year with Johnson…the centre backing up Kelce to move in the following year. Barkley or Foles all year behind them (should havee been this year, I guess it will be next year). Then, if they don’t have it, or stink after a full year or so, you draft a QB who gets to come in behind a young and jelling line.

    Of course this should have happened last draft, but better late than never.

    Draft 1: Ol heavy (at least 3)
    Draft 2 QB (if required) and skill positions (wr, te)
    Qbs, wrs and oline get 2 full seasons maturing together.
    Draft 3 DL and DB and a 3rd or 4th round rb (dime a dozen)
    Draft 4 More DL and other D

    Then patience of course…look at Dalton now rounding into form…took 2+ years….Stafford rounding into form….took 3 years, and about 6 3+ int games….

    takes time to develop a QB. Vick fans want to dump our young QBs after a bad game. Pathetic.

    It really is that easy. Of course there is luck involved. For every Dalton, there is a Gabbert. But because it doesn’t always work out does not mean we should do what the birds are doing now….resigning useless vets for one more year to try and recapture old glory (that never actually was)….1 OL…a young TE who doesn’t play…then a mish mash of D and such…….

    just throwing darts.

    I want a clear distinctive plan. I want my clear distinctive plan!!!

    • SF did exactly that with their O line. Just kep drafting guys in the first round and now look at them. Best line in football without a doubt. But I would draft Watkins or the kid from A&M if they are there. Wouldn’t take Marquise Lee. He is another Maclin. Too small. All QBs and Barr will be gone by the time we pick around 8-10. But since at tleast three will take QBs Bridgewater, Mariotta and Hunley plus Clowney and Barr, Mathews and Lewan. The top WR could very well be there.

      • San Fran’s OL are Beasts & still young and will continue to dominate for the next 5-8 Seasons.. Eagle’s missed the Boat the last 2 Drafts bypassing many good OL

    • Lane Johnson hasn’t looked as bad as people are saying either. There is clearly room for improvement, but I think he makes a big jump in his second Season.

      I’m personally hoping Peters comes back stronger next year, but if not Lane could maybe even switch to LT at some point and we pick up a RT in the early second round.

      Then in FA maybe go after a Guard.

      • I believe Jason Peters Time with the Eagles is over with
        He will not take a Pay Cut and the Eagles will not pay him the
        Right Now the Eagles have $119 Committed for 2014 Salaries
        (figure the Cap to be somewhere around the $125 Range)
        Take a look at this List just for 2014

        J Peters $10 Million
        D-Jax $12.5 then $12 and then $12 (2015 & 2016)
        J Avant $4
        B Celek $4, then $4.8 in 2015 & $6 Million in 2016
        J Casey $4 and then $4 in 2015
        L McCoy $9.7, then $12 in 2015, then $8.8 in 2016
        T Herremans $4.2 then $5.2 & $5.2 (in 2015 & 2016)
        E Mathis $6 then $6.5 in 2015 and $7 in 2016
        D Ryans $6.8 then $6.8
        T Cole $6.6 then $11.6 in 2015, $12.6 in 2016
        B Graham $3.3, then $3.2 in 2015
        P Chung $3.2 , then $3.75 in 2015
        C Williams $6.4 and then $81 in 2015

        This Current Cap Figures do not include VIck,Maclin,Cooper, Nate Allen, K Coleman, C Anderson or any other Eagles who is a Free-Agent after the 2013 Season..

        Read them and weep..
        Cutting, Releasing Players like Celek, Herremans, Mathis, Cole, Avant, Ryans will cost the Team some Cap $$$,, and Trading underachievers at the end of their Careers with their Current Contracts is not going to Happen…
        2-3 Best Trading Chips right now are LT Jason Peters & RB L McCoy
        and that’s about it …
        Peters has 1 left remaining $10 Million and seems to not be very happy with the Eagles this year, maybe he expected an extension, maybe he doesn’t like the Zone-Read Blocking Scheme, whatever it is, he is not the same old dominating LT that he used to be before his Achilles Injury.. Maybe he’s only 85%-90% Healthy.. Maybe he is tired of Philly’s Crap.. Either Way evern a $10 Million for 2014, many Teams would love his Services (Falcons,Steelers,Lions,Packers,Dolphins,Ravens,Panthers, to name a few)

        • Celek, T Cole, Chung, Avant < all gone next season. No way they keep those guys.
          Chung, Williams, Herremans < All probably going to have to negotiate deals. Eagles roster is going to change big time next season and a lot of guys that are here now just won't be next year.

          • Damn, a lot of those guys are stealing money considering their performances this year.

      • Yes he has – He is averaging giving up 2.5 sacks per game over the last 8 games…

        What games were you watching? He gave up 2 sacks yesterday, and I cannot, and will not, forget the 5 sack game he gave up to Justin Houston.

        You want to tell me again he hasn’t been that bad?

      • Lame Johnson can’t play RT, BUT YOU THINK HE IS OUR FUTURE LT!!??

        He isn’t a LT Zukny. He is CLEARLY, a project RT EXCLUSIVELY, that may not be starting one day if the Eagles get a GM, that can evaluate talent.

      • Lame Johnson blows! WTF are you watching Zuk? The entire right side of the line, is a sieve again. Both Lame, & Todd, have been brutal this year. Peters, next year? Peters has looked pedestrian too! Thus the reason he should have been cut, prior to the season. Nobody, his size, age, & position, comes back anywhere close to 100% from an Achilles tear, let alone 2, in a month. Our O-line is brutal again. Mathis & Kelce, are the only positives.

  • We may be stuck with Louis Nix since the Steelers would take WR if they finish ahead of us in the draft.

    • Steelers never go WR early in the draft. It’s simply not their MO.

      • Steelers are going OT with their First PIck.. They had to Trade for old Levi Brown since their 2nd Round Draft Pick Mike Adams of 2 Years Ago has been a such a Bust…

        • So Evans or Watkins should be there?

      • Steelers selected Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress in the first round previously but I do think they would go OT before WR. Steelers have major cap problems next season, they renegotiated Ike Taylor’s contract this weekend in anticipation to the impending cap difficulty.

        • They also are one of the best WR drafting teams in the league. PLaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders. All are pretty good players. They also drafted Marcus Wheaten this season who is projected to be a solid number 2 WR. I can’t imagine them going WR in the draft.

          OL, TE, S, CB, < all bigger priorities for them.

          • QB also, Big-Ben is not getting any Younger and not sure that Landry Jones is the answer at back-up or Future QB.. though they seem to like him, but I thought he looked pretty overwhelmed in Pre-Season and was not very impressed with him, though he does have a nice intermediate Arm and some quick feet..

        • Steelers in the Short Term are in more Touble than the Eagles
          The have an aging Secondary that’s seen it’s best Days, a Poor OL, an underachieving DL (that has a lot of high Draft Picks on ) the often Injured QB in Big-Ben with no real back-up behind yet and still an unproven RB’s ( I am not sold on L Bell)

          • Yes people thought Tomlin was soooo under rated. How does he look now that Cowher’s players have aged out???

          • Le’veon Bell is their guy for the next 5 seasons. Steelers are VERY high on this guy.

            • Yes they are, though I am not very high on him, I think he lacks the Foot Speed to turn and get the Corner on consistent basis, but I that’s just my observation from afar.. He’s a big back, a bruiser and will probably be great between the Tackles, Short-yardage and Red-Zone situations.. He is supposed to have soft hands and a good pass receiver also, which I haven’t seen displayed yet..

              • agreed Paul

        • Remember that theSteelers drafted those WR when coming off good Seasons and Selecting 24-32nd of the First Round and grabbing the old “Best Pkayer Available”. Things are much different now in Steeler Nation as they have weak positions and age at others all up and down their Roster and will probably have a Top 12th Pick this Draft..

    • J-Bird -Here are some other talented Defensive, and Offensive Players we could look at in the draft, after the pick of the liter has been drafted.

      BTW, keep in mind, someone always falls.Here are GMCliffs 2014 NFL Draft targets:

      1. I think they should have a shot at Anthony Barr 6-4 255 4.67 – UCLA
      2. Vic Beasley 6- 2 245 4.65 – Clemson
      3. Khalil Mack 6-3 247 4.65 – Buffalo University
      * Ethan Westbrook – 6-4 275 4.79 – (DE) – West Texas A&M
      * Howard Jones – 6-2 237 4.62 – Shepard College

      – Cyril Richardson – 6-5 335 – Baylor
      – Gabe Jackson – 6-4 320 – Mississippi St
      – La’el Collins – 6-5 323 – LSU – OT/OG
      – David Born – 6-8 330 – Old Dominion OT/OG
      – Matt Hall – 6-10 325 – Belhaven College

      – Ha Ha Clinton Dix – 6-1 207 4.55 – Alabama
      – Tevin McDonald – 5-11 200 4.49 – Eastern Washington
      – Julien David – 5-11 214 4.52 – Howard University

      – Allen Robinson – 6-3 204 4.57 – Penn State
      – Jordan Matthews – 6-3 205 4.58 – Vanderbilt
      – Devin Street – 6-3 195 4.53 – Pitt
      – Julian Harris – 6-2 215 4.48 – Bryant University

      – Louchiez Purifoy – 6-1 204 4.44 – Florida
      – Kyle Fuller – 6-2 215 4.51 – Virginia Tech
      – Marcus Williams – 5-11 197 4.48 – North Dakota St
      – Jordan Love – 6-1 190 4.49 – Towson University
      – Pierre Desir – 6-2 195 4.46 – Lindenwood College

      Austin Safarian-Jenkins – 6-6 267 4.61 – Washington

      Daniel McCullers – 6-8 378 5.24 – Tennessee

      – Logan Thomas – 6-5 232 4.60 – Virginia Tech
      – Kevin Hogan – 6-4 225 4.65 – Stanford
      – Sean Mannion – 6-5 228 4.72 – Oregon State
      – Jimmy Garoppolo – 6-5 223 4.76 – Eastern Illinois

      • I saw Penn State, Alabama, Clemson, Old Dominion, & Vanderbilt play out of that whole list and I don’t have to work. Where did you get the time to watch 28 colleges play football?

        • I don’t work E0S, but I do a lot of Public Speaking on behalf of my son, for Autism Speaks.

          But I don’t watch a lot of games. I told you I’m working on my own internet scouting service, and every week since last year I have seen these players up close in my travels, and can tell immediately if they have it or not.

          I have the schedule of a GM as well.

      • Impressive gmcliff, you should put in your resume to nfl. Franchises, no joke you are the real deal

        • Thanks Jake Baby!!

          I would rather be a draft consultant/Co- General Manager, but I will ONLY do it for the Eagles, and the 76ers….I come cheap $150,000/yr.

          I promise at least 4 Superbowl Championships, and 3 NBA Championships…..Then I officially retire on top……

      • gmc, what about?

        Mike Evans- 6’5″ 225- Texas A&M (Stud)
        Brandon Coleman- 6’6″ 225- Rutgers (down year thus far, but good)
        Donte Moncrief- 6’2″ 225- Ole Miss (Not that fast, but good hands)
        Kasen Williams- 6’2″ 215- Washington (Broke his foot, huge upside, could drop to mid rounds)

        Deone Bucannon- 6’1″ 215- Wash. St. (Hard hitter)
        Hakeem Smith- 6’1 180- Louisville (Needs to put on weight)

        3-4 DE
        Ra’Shede Hageman- 6’6″ 315- Minnesota
        Stephon Tuitt- 6’6″ 315- Notre Dame

        DeAndre Coleman- 6’5″ 330- California

        Anthony Barr- 6’4″ 235- UCLA (Stud)
        Vic Beasley- 6’3″ 235- Clemson
        Kyle Van Noy- 6’3″ 235- BYU
        Khali Mack- 6’3″ 245- Buffalo

        • Ok I’m just gonna add on a few names to the list, including two diamonds in the rough.

          Calvin Prior Safety – 6′ 2″ 215 Louisville (think DJ Swearinger)
          Kelvin Benjamin WR – 6’5″ 235 4.5 40 Florida State
          Yamin Smallwood ILB 6′ 3″ 235 Conneticut
          Diamonds in the rough:
          Zack Kerr DT – 6′ 2″ 330 U of Delaware
          Jordan Zumwalt OLB 6′ 3″ 235 nasty son of a ……
          Jaylen Strong WR 6′ 3″ 215 ASU
          Ronald Powell OLB 6′ 4″ 245 Florida
          Julian David S 6′ 0″ 205 Howard University
          I see gm cliff mentioned Piere Desir CB 6′ 1″ 205 Lindenwood

          • I also mentioned Julien David from Howard as well Eagle…..

  • I see Eagles going after OT’s with their First Draft Pick (#9th to #13th Range)
    I will give my First 2014 Mock Draft here in a little while .

    • Yeah, that’s what they need to do, waste another high 1st rounder on a O-lineman. How did that work out with Lame Johnson & the Fireman. No f^#@ing way. They gotta go QB, or stud d-lineman, OLB, or WR, with their 1st 2 picks, & get OG with 3-7. They can upgrade the secondary, & o-line in FA.
      Tackles- Ryan Clady, Jared Veldheer, Eugene Monroe, Mike Oher, Rodger Saffold,
      Guards- Jon Asamoah

      CB- Grimes, Cason, Tillman, Shields, Browner, Davis, Talib, Verner
      Safeties- Byrd, Ward, Allen, Clemons, Whitner, Pollard

      • There are no Stud DL ,CB or Safety in this Draft DCar
        (maybe Clowney but he’ll be gone Top 3)
        Draft from Class’s Strength which is OL,
        LB, WR & QB..

        • I know paul, that’s why I aid upgrade the secondary & O-line in FA. Draft QB, WR, LB’s, NT. Weaselman, really screwed the pooch, not upgrading the DF, last draft & last FA period! Embarrassing, & unacceptable, especially still being $20M+ under the cap!

          • DCar, Paul, I trade Lame Johnson, if I can sign Clady, and or Oher.

            Browner, Tillman, and Michael Jenkins in FA, and Ha Ha Clinton Dix, improve our secondary immediately.

            So we can go Pass Rushing OLB, in the first round to begin fixing the Defense.

            • Clary is damaged Goods,
              Safety Jarius Byrd is damaged goods
              Donte Whitner is wrong side of 30 Years
              Nany of these Free-Agents you and DCAr clamor about are past their primes with best years behind them..
              Draft well and develop your own Talent is the way to go and unfortunately this takes time but this is the Posiition the Eagłes have themselves into for the horrible Drafts from 2009 they 2013
              There are easy fixes with this Group

              • Paul, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Browner, and Jenkins are young guys 26…Tillman, may be older, but he’s better than what we have, and provides better leadership than Cary Williams – allowing any CB drafted to develop gradually, and learning behind him.

                If you can draft a Clinton Dix, that is a secondary that can play together for 6+ years, minus Tillman in 3.

                OH, and I take a basically Young Clady over Lame Johnson. You lose nothing with Clady, but you gain stability trading Johnson. Upgrade the Guards, and your Offensive Line is stronger, and Younger than it was, with impact.

                I feel what the Eagles lack besides talent is, credible, veteran leadership, and professional experience. You have to have some good veterans, mixed in with talented youth.

              • Byrd past his prime?? Are you sniffing paint thinner? He has been cleared by Doctors to play, but is still holding out. He’s in his prime, & will be fine. If we signed Browner, Byrd, Orakpo, & either Clady/ Oher, I’d be very happy. Just as long as I don’t have to look at Cole, Graham, Williams, Chung, Allen, Peters, Herremans, ever again! Draft QB, WR, OT, & all defensive depth.

  • Don’t forget to factor in that the Read-Option attack no longer strikes fear in opposing defenses and has been largely ineffective for the teams that lived by it last year.

    Teams like the 49ers and Seahawks have been lining up in Read-Option formations and running simple inside handoffs – they basically abandoned the “Read” part of the Read-Option in most cases.

    Kelly better get creative or he will be back in college.

  • On the money G.Gobb…the Vick haters and bashers want to point to everything but the major problem on this team! How about this offensive line stepping up and doing some nasty aggressive run blocking so the running backs can get down hill!! You cant trick people in this league..sometimes it comes down to man vs man…head up beating the guy in front of you…how about that for a change!

    • koolbreeze, We should draft some good offensive linemen and re-sign Vick to a new contract.

      The Eagles should give Vick another chance with a beefed-up OLine – After all, he deserves it. I just know Vick could be great in this offense if all he had to do was take the snap from center and hand it off to a RB…Don’t you think?


      • Of course they should give him another opportunity, IrishEagle. They should do so until they have someone who is clearly better! Nick Foldes stinks…they should have traded him when he had some value…but oh wait… no one wanted him…so he had no value. No one really will want him now after seeing that terrible choke job against Dallas. Barkley cant throw the ball…he has the weakest arm of any QB in the league!…Not good at all…did you see the 25 yard pass he threw with all of his might to Jason Avant? See how Avant had to dive to the ground to get the ball!?
        None of the QB in the upcoming draft is reminding me of RGIII or Andrew Luck…I’m not convinced that any of them are franchise QB’s…so Vick might end up as the best that you can get!

        • None of the QB in the upcoming draft is reminding me of RGIII or Andrew Luck…I’m not convinced that any of them are franchise QB’s…so Vick might end up as the best that you can get!

          Okay, after a statement like that you should be committed to some type of rehab for people who have such a man love for Michael Vick that they lost all sense of reality.

          • Irish, you know you’re my man, but with the exception of Bridgewater……I have to agree with Koolbreeze….

          • You Vick haters suffer from serious delusions, IrishEagle! You dont see any of the team problems except Vick. Look…Quarterbacks are hard to come by in this league…why else would St. Louis reach out for an Brett Favre! The worst thing the Eagles can do in next year’s draft is reach for a rookie QB with a high pick that’s not a sure-shot franchise QB!
            If they cant get a franchise QB…Vick will another shot and they should get a young QB with some mobility and a good arm that they can groom for the position. Foldes and Barkley are not good enough and they dont fit Kelly’s system!

            • Koolbreeze,

              You have a better chance of catching diphtheria than Vick has of being the quarterback for the Eagles next season. Both Foles and Barkley have a better shot at starting for the Eagles next year than Vick does.

              If Kelly needs a mobile quarterback to run his offense then he better find one because Vick can’t stay on the field for three straight games at 33, he will be lucky to make it through training camp at 34.

              • Vick understands the situation. After this miscalculation and reinjury, he will likely take longer to rehab the hamstring this time. Factor in the Eagles’ bye week and it could be more than a month before Vick is able to play. By then, with perhaps four games left, what would be the point of going back to the 33-year-old with the expiring contract?

                If the Eagles are out of the playoff hunt, which seems likely, there would be none. And if the Eagles are in the playoff hunt, that would mean Nick Foles or Barkley is playing well enough to get them there. Either way, the season becomes about the future and Vick is not the future.

  • Eagles First Mock 2014 Draft based on a 6-10 Finsh and the 13th Selection in Each Round ,….

    1st (13th Overall) – OT Cyrus Kouandijo (Alabama 6-5 310lbs)
    2nd (45th Overall) – DE/OLB Chris Smith (Arkansas 6-2 265lbs)
    3rd (77th Overall) – Safety Deone Ducannon (Wash St 6-1 215lbs)
    4th (109th Overall) – WR DeVonte Parker (Lousiville 6-2 212lbs)
    5th (141st Overall) – Guard Brandon Thomas (Clemson 6-3 315lbs)
    6th (173rd Overall) – CB Keith McGill (Utah 6-2 205lbs)
    7th (205th Overall – ILB Preston Williams (Lousiville 6-2 255lbs)

    • Barf!

      • I like it Dcar..
        I could see Top 4 Picks all being Starters by their 2nd Year
        and at least Contributors in Year #1

  • Why is Andy 8-0, while the offensive genius can’t score a touchdown

    Andy no longer has to worry about windmills, solar panels, gay guys, other agenda

    Andy can finally play his players, doesn’t have to satisfy and be subjugated to ownership agenda, like trotting out the qb Mike Vick

    Yes, you have been swindled eagles fans, enjoy the windmills

  • GMCliff,
    Renember 2-3 Years ago I said DE Robert Quinn (UNC) would be a Beast and reminded me of a young Dwight Freeney but stronger and longer and you told me he would be a bust after have a so-so Rookie Seasom with Contract holdout then injurires..
    That same Draft, I also spoke up LB KJ Wright from Miss State who was a Teamnate of Jsmar Cheney when everyone was ga-ga over Cheney

    On a side note, you list QB Kevin Hoagan who is only a True Sophomore and
    Has no intention of coming out early for the 2014 Draft

    I also liked LB Thomas Keister from Dranforf and u said he was a bust, too slow for NFL and he’s having a nice Season for the Chargers

    We do agree one one Bust Pkayer for sure,
    LB Manti Teo who has made little to no impact for the Chargers,
    Remember Jon Hart talking about him being the next Tay Lewis for the Ravens and that they would Trade up in the First Round to select him
    Good Grief that Jon Hart..

    • Yeah Paul, I remember our post on Quinn.

      But, we’ve never spoken of LB Thomas Keister from Dranforf ……..(?)

      I listed Kevin Hogan because, I don’t think the majority of the hyped QB’s potentially is better than he is Paul.

      If you notice, I didn’t list any of them, because I wanted to symbolize my boycott from drafting any of them. I think the QB’s I listed will have better Professional careers than Bridgewater, Mariota, Boyd, Hundley, and Manziel. I think you agree with me, as I listed Sean Mannion, your guy this year, as a better option to groom for the future.

      What do you think Paul?

      • I gotta see more from Mannion. Putting up big stats against bad teams. Against Stanford, all he did was check down and average 5 yards per pass.

        • I hear you Bugs, but Mariota did the same thing before he played UCLA. Although Oregon won, he looked pedestrian compared to the hype I’ve heard about him.

          • I am not sold on Mariota either. His stats are unbelievable and he has a lot of athletic ability, but he also has tremendous skill position players, a strong offensive scheme and he plays in the Pac 12 which is not a very strong defensive conference. Many times he has wide open WRs because you have to stack the run against Oregon or they will put 300 rushing yards on you.

            11/07 @ Stanford and Hogan
            11/29 vs Oregon St and Mannion

            Those are the games that I wanna watch with him.

    • Fraudman, keep in mind that Manti Teo has contended with injuries this year. If you recall and I know you do, he didn’t play the entire preseason or the first few opening games. Its going to take some time for him to get fully healthy and acclimated to the NFL game. I said the Ravens would draft him, and they should have, he fell right to them. But they probably didn’t want to put so much pressure on Teo to fill Ray’s shoes. It makes sense. How can a player be a bust as a rookie? How foolish you sound, nothing has change here..

      • Lil Bron-Bron, did you have the same imaginary girlfriend as Manti, or are you still Lebrons biatch? Inquiring minds want to know!

        • To JH,
          Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome, who I regard, as one of the Top GM’s and Talent Evaluators in all of Football stayed away from Manti Teo simply for he is not an impact NFL Player and will be a back-up/spot starter type of player for his Carrer..
          To say the Ravens stayed away from Teo which was a position of need simply to nit so much pressure on him is the most Assanine Reason I have ever read on here .. Talk about using the word “Foolish” you are simply out of your League here on GCobb JH, please return to your Parent’s Basement ..

          • Wrong again Oldman Fraudman, I just don’t have the time to post on here every day every hour like you do. Is gcobb cutting you a check? No. Yet you post here every day all day like some pathetic lifeless guy. Don’t you have a wife and 2 kids? A boy and a girl? Go teach your son something other than how to research stats and or how to post a comment on gcobb.com. I’m sure he needs your attention pal..

        • First Fraudman, now Brokeman^^^… How’s that 3rd job working out for you buddy?! Did you buy a car yet or are you still carjacking folks on broad street?! We understand if you don’t wanna say..

          • Funny, coming from the convict, pedophile, that I used to lock up for a living! Go back into hiding in your cave, where you belong, & leave the talking to the real men. I have more, sense, brains, smarts, & material means, that you can ever hope to attain, sonny boy! Don’t hate, just go away again, & stay there!

    • I like your Prospect List Cliff…

      I think Hogan is the Class of the QB Class in 2015 along with Florida State’s Winston and even the kid from Michigan has some upside potential in another year or so..

  • I would Trade the Followibg 2 Players tonight before the Trade Deadline of Tuesday afternoon and before Practice starts this week
    – LT Jason Peters to Falcons for a 2nd Round Pick in
    2014 and a 3rd Round Pick in 2015
    – WR Jason Avant to the Colts for 5th Round Pick
    – RB Bryce Brown to the Cleveland Browns for a 5th Rd Pick
    – DE Brandon Graham to Vikings for a 4th Round Pick

    Let’s go Howie, work the Phones

    • I agree with you Paul, they have to get involved in making some trades. I would go after Josh Gordon.

      I would not trade Jason Peters. I would trade LAME Johnson, and cash in, while his true potential is being rationalized.

      I also trade: Herramans, (4th), Mathis (2nd), Ertz (2nd), Graham (4th), L.Johnson(1st), Barwin (2nd), Brown (3rd), and Barkley, Ryans & future 3rd (3rd)

      • your not going to get anything for Herraman’s…he’s shot gmcliff…the only legitimate trade piece the Eagles have is Vinny Curry…he is not a 3-4 defensive end or tackle…he is an explosive 4-3 end who has produced in the limited time he has been on the field! You probably can get at least a 2nd for him. The rest of those guys no one will give us much for them! Also, Johnson has played really poorly..he is a major reason why Vick was running for his life a lot of this year!

        • I know that.s true, but I have an attachment to Vinny Curry, Koolbreeze. I mocked him to the Eagles when he was drafted, and the EAGLES WASTED HIS POTENTIAL!!

          I don’t want to see him traded. I want the Coaching staff to get smart, and figure out how to use him. He will be a player that will haunt the Eagles trade him.

          • if they trade him that is

        • Eagles0Superbowls, will disagree with you on Lane Johnson. But we have eyes don’t we?……….

        • Wrong again KoolBreeze,
          Vinny Currly has played so little Football the last 2 Years that he has almost no Trade Value.. Maybe a 6th/7th Pick, but that’s about it
          Everyone knows the Eagles Pass_Rush Sucks the last 2 Seasons and teh fact that Curry has not even been activated for most of the games since 2012 is a major Red-Flag.. If he were that good, that explosive, don’t you think he would be playing .. or are both Coaching Staffs (last Years and this Years) trying to penalize him by not playing him.. something is going on with this kid Curry..

      • gm, what are we trading? We can’t afford to lose picks next year, & our roster won’t get us anything. You are overvaluing a tad. Gordon is a bad test away from a season long suspension. No thanks. Mathis is our best (& I use that loosely) O-linemen, Herramans is shot. Graham is a bust, & hasn’t even been on the field. Barwin is their best acquisition. Ryans is done. And they are not trading any of the last years draft class. I want a complete purge too, but those trades AIN’T happening!

        • I didn’t suggest we trade any picks DCar. Just the players for what we can get.

        • Gordon is the best talent available to play opposite DeSean. The possible suspension doesn’t bother me. Dude is a player. Sign Maclin to a reasonable contract, and draft 2 more in the draft, and we have serious weapons, for whomever QB’s…..

          • Agree with you 100%. If they can go into next season with DJax, Gordon and Maclin, then you are pretty stacked at WR. Depends on what they want for Gordon though.

            • Maclin isn’t re-signing with teh Eagles, He’s going to heading back to the Mid-West and closer to home as I have stated for 2 Years now.. He most likely with land with the Rams,Colts, or Reunite with Coach AR with the Chiefs..but there is little to no chance that he returns to the Philadelphia, He needs a brand new Start and out of Philly
              Cleveland and President Joe Banner will never make a Deal with the Philadelphia Eagles even if it’s good on Paper for the Browns.. His hate and disdain for Howie Roseman will overpower any Football decision that may actually benefit the Brown so forget about Gordon coming to the Eagles

              • I disagree Paul. He has already said he is committed to being an Eagle, and I’m sure he knows he not going to get more money from any other team because of his injury.

                I also know how you feel about him, which I don’t necessarily disagree with; I wanted him traded to Minnesota last draft, so we could have gotten Cyprien – but in that role, he would be value, so I disagree

          • Don’t want Maclin, Gordon, nor DJax, for that matter. We can’t keep both DJax & Maclin. Both are small, inconsistent, alligator armed, allergic to contact, fragile WR’s. It’s either 1, or the other. If they re-sign Mac, which I think would be a major mistake, DJax has to go. Can’t invest big $$$ in 2 WR’s, who have underachieved their entire careers here. We have to upgrade the entire WR corps, & get bigger, quicker, with skill. Enough with the one trick pony smurfs. As for Gordon, he’s very talented, but do you want more problems on this team? I don’t. Dudes a druggy, that is stupid enough to not stay clean, knowing he’s on the radar. No thanks. Let the jailhouse teams, like Dallas, Cincy, NE & Tennessee have him.

            • DeSean isn’t going anywhere DCar Brother…..

              • gmc, I know, that’s why Maclin can’t, shouldn’t, & won’t be back. He’s a waste, an underachiever, small, more fragile than Vick, & not worth the $$$. Can’t have carbon copy, smurf, WR’s anymore. They couldn’t play together before, why would anybody think after a season ending injury, & a history of injuries, & Hititis, would he be any good for us. He got to go. Anyways, the way this is going to go, we can get a top receiver in the top of the second round.

              • Maclin would be a 3rd receiver not a starter…I want Gordon. I don’t care what anyone says, he and DeSean would be killer, with Maclin, Avant, or Ertz (as a WR option), Robinson from Penn State, or Matthews from Vandy, both are 6-3 204, who you can get in the 3rd Round, because they are going to run slow at the combine, – makes for a strong Receiving Corp.

                I really like Safarian- Jenkins, TE from Washington, He reminds me of Jimmy Graham.

                You can get your replacements for Mathis, and Herramanns, in the 2nd Round, Cyril Richardson, La’el Collins, or Gabe Jackson, and or Ha Ha Clinton Dix, which I think is just as much of a priority.

  • GMCliff
    Herremans a 4th ?
    Mathis a 2nd ?
    Barwin a 2nd ?
    Graham at 4th?
    Last years Draft Picks Johnson for a 1st
    And Ertz for a 2nd would never Happen either
    For they are unproven and just like a new Car driven off a Car Lot, they drop a Round or Two right when you pull out..

    • Correction I do think that Graham can fetch a 4th
      I expect a few trades today..
      DE Jared Allen from Vikings
      WR H Nicks from Giants
      CB A Samuel from Falcons
      WR Miles Austin from Cowboys
      RB MJ Drew from the Jaguars

      I look for some Teams to Bolster their Playoff Chances
      Colts & Packers need a WR & TE
      Falcons need OT & DE
      Lions need a CB
      Chiefs need another WR

      And then there is the QB situation
      Browns, Bears are still in the Hunt but have injured QB’s
      And may look to upgrade
      Cutler in Contract Year, Bradford’s Future in ST Louis
      Is up in the air, TB Bucs have no one right now..

      • Tony Gonzalez to the chiefs.
        NE QB Ryan Mallet might get some interest.

        • Patriots have no interested in trading Ryan Mallet, he is the future QB for Tom Brady does not have much time left as neither does Peyton Manning, with Drew Brees & Ben Rothlisberger not very far behind either..

      • Nobody is getting traded Paul

    • I would trade the top 4 draft picks from last year because they are straight reaches.

      • OL and speciafically OT are Long-Term Positions like a QB where Teams are going to give “Franchise OT” a 2-3 Year Window to Develop..
        It;s the most Important Position other than QB, Pass-Rushing DE and a Cover CB that there is which is why thay get Drafted so high in the Draft..
        It;s the Way it is.. Most Teams with all things being equal are always looking for that next stud 10 Year LT to protect their $100 Investment in whoever the QB may be .. I don’t say I agree, but it is what it is.. Jason Peters wants $15 Million and an Extension and most likely won’t get it from the Roseman and Eagles.. His Days are mumbers so why not get a couple of high Draft picks in return for him and Play Alan Barbree out at LT

        • Its also why the EAGLES HAVE BEEN GARBAGE TOO….

          The way it is doesn’t always have to be. The definition of insanity – is doing the same thing over, and over when it doesn’t work…

          Howie should be on the phone trying to get Josh Gordon period, regardless of what he thinks Banner would say or do…which I also disagree with because Banner has already reached out to the Eagles about both Foles, and Brandon Graham…..Again I respectfully disagree.

        • careful paul your buddies believe an OT develops in 2-3 games!

          • It’s been 8 games, and how is that working out for us, giving up 2.5 sacks per game?……But you see progress huh?

            • actually there has been some improvement– you do understand that on RO plays he lets the DE free correct? last week they got killed because the DE’s didn’t hold to their assignments– a PA or QB keep would have cured that but…
              8 games in to a career and a RT will struggle especiallly when the offense as a whole sucks…

              • Blah, Blah,Blah……He is a project Ciggy.

                No disrespect; your my man, but Howie suckered the fans in thinking this is his guy, when in reality he wanted Dion Jordan. Lame Johnson is a project, there is no rationalizing of his ability on my end.

  • Don’t see anything happening today, especially from our inept, unimaginative, unqualified, weasel GM.

  • Hearing some Rumor’s
    LT Jason Peters wants Extension or wants Out and since he has 1 more season left on his Contract at $10 Million, he is very much in demand to Teams hwo have big needs at LT … (Falcons,Steelers,& Dolphins all come to mind)

    Falcons have $100 Million QB Matt Ryan that they need to Protect and are desperate to make a Deal but would have to clear off some Payroll as they probably done for the 2013 Season after a lousy start and key injuries to SRB Jackson and WR Jones & White but are looking to reload in 2014 to compete and go all in but what I am hearing is that they are looking to move TE Gonzales (possibly back to the Chiefs to give him a chance to Win and go out with the Franchise that Drafted him and the Chiefs could use him) and to Dump CB Sammuel on someone as he is having a lousy Season and the Falcons are playing their young CB’s
    Falcons to offer 2 #2 Draft Picks (1 for 2014 and 1 for 2015)
    If I am the Eagles, I am jumping all over this for Falcons will likely finish with a Top #12 Selection Postion in 2014 Draft unless they turn things around in a hurry..

    C’mon Howie, Make it Happen — It’s time to rid the Eagles of all bad attitudes..

  • Eagles will be lucky to get a 2nd round pick for Peters… and there are reports they are looking to deal Vinnie Curry for a draft pick… I hope Howie deals him for a mid round pick and he comes back to haunt them with 10 sacks per season… the kid has talent but doesnt fit the stupid BD scheme… I hate Roseman and his crew of morons. They screwed up last years draft and will continue to do it this year… I like some of the fans hated the Lane Johnson pick.. .the guy was a late 1st round prospect that rose to #4 why? cause they reached for a position again and not the best player…Roseman is a used car salesman, a LIAR!!

  • Two former Eagle defensive lineman start for the Giants and our offensive line cannot handle our castoffs.

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