• July 4, 2022

Sixers Season Beginning Mirrors That Of The Eagles

mcwJust like that the Sixers went from the #1 both in Philadelphia and in national NBA media discussion, to the recipients of two consecutive double digit losses. In all five games this season the Sixers had trailed by double digits. The difference with the last two games, very simple, their comeback failed. The same effort and grind that caught the attention of the league simply was not enough to pull out the win versus the Warriors and Wizards.
The two time defending champions Miami Heat and championship contending Chicago Bulls did fall victim of the Sixers being on the winning side of similar battles. Because the Heat and Bulls have such high expectations which is the complete opposite for the “Wiggins sweepstake hopeful” Sixers, those two wins out of the three to start the season sent an allure which captivated everyone.

There was something very familiar with that feeling however. This feeling reminded me of one that I had felt before, and not too long ago. Recall the first half of the Eagles-Redskins game to start the season? The NFL and NBA are completely different sports and season expectations for the Philly franchises; but similar results after a small representation of the professional organization. The Eagles scrambled where the experts predicted they would finish for the season, and Las Vegas odds makers were modifying their numbers and taking on new betting customers from https://www.sbobet-thai.com/sports/soccer/.

The fact is the Sixers have talent with four players on this roster. Their fifth starter and bench players could very well be one of the worse in the entire NBA. We are seeing the potential from our first round rookie. We are witnessing Turner taking it upon himself to prove that he was not a flop, picked second overall a few years back. Hawes is demonstrating a desire to rebound the basketball and also versatility to shoot the ball from three point range with some consistency. Young is making it known that he is more than a “sixth man” candidate, and he does not have to be labeled a “tweener” between a small and power forward. The Sixers are giving effort, and what more could you really ask for? They don’t have the talent that the elite teams have. They have pieces, exciting pieces that you want to watch grow into their own under the tutelage of our rookie coach.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? We have some young pieces which make our future look really bright with another off-season to collect some talent through the draft and free agency. The season started brighter and more captivating than anyone’s expectation.

The Sixers had a similar start to the Eagles this season. From this point forward, we will experience the ups and downs of a young team, behind a rookie coach, who voices the need for his players to be in shape, give effort and approach the game with an upbeat style of play.

The Sixers are a young team. The Sixers have some pieces that make you want to watch more than just a quarter of the game here and there. No championships this season, but maybe slip into the playoffs?

Be good enough to get into the playoffs, but play your way out of the sweepstakes to draft an elite player that could change the course of direction your team takes for the next five to ten seasons?

This is sports in Philadelphia right now, November 2013. Win now or is it about planning for the future?

Jeff Kolsky

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  • In preseason MCW looked like a potential bust — he was turning the ball over too much and was all right penetration — I thought Evan and MCW would have trouble playing since Evan also likes to penetrate right but I was wrong . MCW is a nba player and nice selection.

  • How anyone equates 1 half of Good Football in which your opponent (The aredksins) turn the ball over in 3 of their first 6 plays from Offense to the 76ers who Beat the Heat & Bulls in their first Week is beyond me..
    Typical Philly hype..

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