• August 17, 2022

Thursday Night Football Pick

ChrisJohnson1My Record Overall: 91-56

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

After coming up with a big win against the Broncos, the Colts laid an egg against the St. Louis Rams, getting blown away by Kellen Clemens and Tavon Austin.

Andrew Luck and the Colt offense is going through a bit of an adjustment period right now. They’re still adapting to playing without Reggie Wayne, who has been lost for the season with a torn ACL. Trent Richardson has been a major disappointment since being acquired from the Browns, and has actually lost some snaps to another first-round disappointment (Donald Brown).

Tennessee looks like they’re about to go on a downward spiral from now until the end of the year. They’re coming off of a loss to the winless Jaguars, and they just lost Jake Locker for the season with a foot injury.

I expect the Colts to bounce back and pick themselves back up tonight

Pick: Indianapolis 27, Tennessee 21

Denny Basens

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  • 31-13 Indy.

  • Indy’s OL is not that good and was humiliated by the Rams defensive front four last week. The dam is broken and Luck gets his butt kicked tonight.
    Andrew Luck was bailed out a few times this year with some very fortunate yellow flags in the fourth while behind. The only way the Colts win is pass interference and QB late hits. Straight up talent the colts offense is below average without Reggie Wayne.
    Titans 24- Colts 16

  • Thats Rams DL has humiliated a lot of OL this Season and is the Strength of that Rams Team.. Anywho, the COlts were mentally and physically spent after that unprobably comeback Win versus the Texans on Monday Night a week earlier and were flat and took the Rams too lightly (as did the Titans with the Jaguars) .. this should be an interesting game but I like the Colts to Win 24- Titans 20 for I am not sold on QB Ryan Fitzpatrick handling the Pressure from DE Mathis & Company of the Colts and expect him to toss a couple of INT”s

  • For the Record,
    2 Years ago , Paulman stated Rams DE Robert Quinn would be a Stud at the NFL Level while my good friend , GMCliff stated that he was a Bust and Overrated .. It takes time for Players to make an impact in the NFL and rarely do Players and Defenders make one in their Rookie Seasons.. Quinn playing opposite of Chris Long gives the Rams the Best DE Duo in the NFL next to the Panthers (Hardy & Johnson)
    Just thought I would throw that out there…

    • wow you are a genius. you should forward that assessment to nfl teams, maybe you would get a check to be their scout

      • No genius here Henski, just pointing out how many Posters and even the well informed Posters, which I consider GMCliff to be, are sometimes a little too quick to write-off Players and do make misses on their assesments, as we all do.. But when I read that a Player “sucks”, is a “bust”, “ain’t crap”, etc,etc.. I tend to remember those remarks , just as a I do when everyone jumps on the bandwagon for when a player has a good start to their Career ..

        • there is truth in what you say. Everybody in Philadelphia except Chip Kelly and Billy Davis wrote off Nate Allen as a bust, and this year, especially the last 6 weeks or so, he’s been playing like a solid NFL starting safety.

          • Nate Allen BLOWS! 4th year, & he’s still lost in the woods! Cut it out. The only players on this Secondary, that are worth keeping, are Fletcher, Boykin, & Wolff (only because he’s a rookie). You can flush the rest of them with the rest of the septic floaters!

            • I’ve seen more big hits from Allen in the past few games than the rest of his career total. A few things could have happened, 1) he is now completely over his injury and has put it out of his mind, making him more comfortable with his body, 2) this defensive system fits him better than any before, 3) we just have better coaches right now. Nate Allen has been tackling like a BEAST lately!

    • speaking in third person discounts any comment made

  • Well paulman has been right on more than any poster here, so I don’t give a damn what he calls himself, except Jakedog

    • Don’t think so. You can be right all of the time too, if you play both sides of every argument, the way Paul does. LMMFBO! But, he has been pretty decent with his college assessments.

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