• December 10, 2022

Notes From The Sixers’ 113-103 Loss To Atlanta

kkhawesThe Philadelphia 76ers lost their match with the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night 113-103. Their record drops to 5-5.

  • The Sixers got off to a slow start, scoring just 17 points in the first quarter. Trailing by eight after one, the team fought back to score 39 points in the second quarter to take a slight lead into the half. In the third, the team came out flat, once again managing just 17 points.
  • In the second half, Atlanta point guard Jeff Teague took over the game. Teague was aggressive, and did nothing but attack the rim in the second half, earning him 13 trips to the stripe. Teague finished with a career-high 33 points and 10 assists.
  • The Sixers shot just 5-19 from three point land, and turned the ball over 16 times.
  • The Sixer three-point defense was an issue tonight, allowing the Hawks to shoot over 43%.
  • Tony Wroten got another start at the point for the injured Michael Carter-Williams, and Wroten responded with another solid performance, dropping in 22 with six dimes.
  • Evan Turner just keeps on producing. Turner poured in 27 points on 19 shots. He’s done a great job at creating his own shot, and he’s quickly becoming the guy that the Sixers turn to when they need a bucket.
  • After dropping 36 points against the Rockets, James Anderson came back down to earth. Anderson scored just two points, shooting 1-6 from the floor. He did however contribute four rebounds and five assists.
  • Thaddeus Young scored 17 with seven boards.
  • Spencer Hawes had another double-double with 14 points and 12 rebounds.
  • Hollis Thompson had a nice run in the fourth quarter, hitting a three-pointer and getting a steal that he slammed for two.

Final Thoughts

Sam Hinkie has made a lot of smart decisions since taking over as the Sixers’ general manager.

But he may have made a mistake when he decided not to pick up the option on Evan Turner’s contract for next year.

Right now Turner is looking like an early candidate for most improved player. He’s scored 20 or more points in nine of the Sixers’ 10 games this year. Its still early, and this is a very small sample size, but Turner is finally beginning to look like a pretty good NBA player, and seems to flourishing with the new head coach Brett Brown.

It will be interesting to see what Hinkie ultimately decides to do with Turner.

Can he still be a part of this team’s future?

Or is he destined to be dealt at the deadline for expiring contracts and future draft picks?

Denny Basens

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Jon Hart
Jon Hart
November 15, 2013 11:28 pm

Hinkie has a lot of options with ET. As we know, hes playing some of the best ball of his life. Hes putting up allstar caliber numbers. So the Sixers have 3 options.. 1.Trade ET at the deadline for a 1st round pick and or an expiring contract or impact player (possibly apart of a 3-4 team trade), 2. Allow ET to grow with this young team and resign him in the offseason, or 3. Stay put at the deadline, decline all offers and let him walk at the end of the season allowing his salary to fall off the books giving them more of an opportunity to sign two max contracts.

These are the options they have with ET. Questions remains, what is Hinkie gonna do?…

November 16, 2013 5:01 am
Reply to  Jon Hart

Mixedemotions on ET. It would kinda suck to develop ET for another team.lol. Kinda makes no sense to trade ET for a draft pick when you already have a former #2 pick in ET. Sounds counter productive. The Sixers are in a good positon with the expiring contract of Hawes and ET. With salary cap space and draft picks.. If ET was in his late 20s or early 30s I wouldn’t resign him but he is young. Let the season play out. If he continues to play like this you have to keep him, right?

November 16, 2013 7:04 am
Reply to  daggolden

Too much bad blood between Sixers and Turner for him to stay. Evan Turner will be traded, it is just a matter of when. Before Trade deadline of Feb.20 or Sign and Trade during summer. Evan Turner is a restricted free agent and the Sixers have the right to match his free agent offer. Sam Hinkie made his first mistake by not picking up Turner’s extension. Turner’s trade value would be greater if he was under contract for 2014-15 at 8 million instead of a restricted free agent.

November 16, 2013 7:12 am

Jeff Teaque destroyed the sixers.Atlanta kept picking the Sixers forcing a switch to get Hawes on Teaque and Teaque lit Hawes up on the switch. Sixers tried to put Evan Turner on Teaque to discourage a Hawes /Wroten switch and Teague just destroyed Turner on isolation. He was unstoppable. Brett Brown didn’t have the bench to address the weakness which Atlanta exploited. Michael Carter Williams was missed.
Memphis made a huge mistake giving up on Tony Wroten. He is only 20 years old. That kid is a legit NBA guard capable of playing both guard positions. The addition of Tony Wroten takes the sting out of losing Maurice Harkless and giving up a future #1 for Moultrie.

November 16, 2013 8:47 am

You have to love the way ET has responded this Season,
I do think some of the “bad-blood” was with the past regime of the 76ers so Turner has a fresh start and making the most of it..
I say Hinkle/76ers should keep him and look to add to the Front Line with a Scoring PF, another Defensive minded Guard and a pure shooter for the outside and then can really make a nice push next Season..
I do not want the 76ers to lose now, and lay down
Hoping for a a Top Pick, I want them to play hard, fast and to their best ability and attempt to win every time out which is what Hinkle/Coach Brown are all about.. Hinkle has positioned this Franchise in great shape for the Future in 1 off-season thus far and kudos to him for his planning and decision-making so far.. 76ers as presently built can Win 30-35 Games if they stay healthy and I say, What’s wrong with that, you play and compete to Win …

Jon Hart
Jon Hart
November 16, 2013 11:02 am

All we need from this team is to play some passionate basketball. Effort to the max. Win 20-25 games and sit in a position where you can end up in the top 3-5. Last year the Cavs won 24 games and got the 1st overall pick. The #2 pick was awarded to the Magic and they had 20 wins. The Wiz had 29 wins and they got the #3 pick (winning 29 games and you still get in the top 3? See, the league knew they weren’t tanking, evident by their record and effort). Bobcats had 21 wins and they picked 4th. #5 pick the Suns had 25 wins. Nola with the #6 pick had 27 wins. We need Nola to win around the same amount of games 27-30 so they’ll fall around 6-10. Their is an art to this. As you can see flat out tanking isn’t advantageous.. Win 20-25 and you’ll be in a perfect position to draft really high, but you have to show intense effort every night, no laying down or you wont pick high.. Yes its rigged but I like the premise.. Its a better draft system then what the NFL has..