• July 3, 2022

The Unseen Reasons Why The Eagles Are Winning

NickFoles1There are many keys to winning in the National Football League, which are easy to see from a distance.  There are other keys to winning in the NFL, which aren’t so easily seen.

One key to the Birds four straight victories has been the development of Chip Kelly as a NFL head coach.   Kelly has shown me that he’s humble enough to admit mistakes and wise enough to correct them.  Some coaches refuse to ever admit mistakes and they won’t admit that there are other coaches who know that game as well as they do, but Kelly doesn’t belong on that list.

Last week he said he runs the “See Coast”, which means if he sees something that works he will use it.  That’s a great attitude for a coach.  He seems to be more interested in having his offense work than getting all the credit.

If Kelly had been reluctant to listen to any advise or criticism of his coaching, I could have understood.  He has won a great deal during his time of coaching at New Hampshire and the University of Oregon.  The new head coach has impressed with his willingness to accept criticism and make changes if necessary.

Do you remember how he helped blow the San Diego game by not properly managing the clock?  Notice how he does a much better job in recent games with time management at the end of games.

At the beginning of the season, he admitted that he wasn’t doing a good job of game planning for the red zone.  Now in each game, he’s got a well orchestrated series of red zone plays that are designed to get the ball into the end zone.

Everybody has been raving about the numbers Nick Foles has been putting up, but it’s not about the stats with Foles.  It’s about winning for the young quarterback.  He had another good day throwing the football.  He threw three touchdowns, completed 21 of 34 passes for 237 yards and took care of the football, which was the key to winning.

“That’s just the game of football,” Foles said afterward. “It’s a crazy game, and things happen. I’m definitely happy about that [holding call] because it could have changed the course of the game. I need to be smart with the football and maybe just take a sack there.”

Quarterbacks who are willing to take a sack or throw the ball away are focused on winning and not just getting good stats.  Foles is a very disciplined and sober young man, who knows that winning will take care of everything when it comes to playing in the NFL.

I think something should be said for the Eagles coaching staff.  They have played a key role in the improvement of this football team.

Kelly made a point to look for coaches who could teach the game and I think that’s one of the reasons for the drastic improvement in this football team now as compared to the beginning of the season.

Defensive coordinator Billy Davis has done an outstanding job of putting in his system, teaching it to his players and staying with it.  He has stressed communication between the players before and during the plays.  Communication was a problem earlier in the year, but they’ve taken care of it.

Defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro has done a tremendous job of teaching and developing the young defensive line.  They’re becoming a force.  On some plays you see two or sometimes three defensive linemen putting pressure on the passer on any given play.

The big thing I see and hear from the defensive line is intelligence.  They’re able to make adjustments during the games.  They can explain what happened to them on a given play because they understand the game.

The Eagles defensive line has gotten better each and every week.  Now with the most important ahead, they’ve got to feel good about their depth.  The starters are Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton and Benny Logan with no-let down from the backups Clifton Geathers, Vinny Curry and Damion Square.

At the linebacker position, we saw second-year linebacker Najee Goode step in for Mychal Kendricks and not miss a beat.  You have to give inside linebacker coach Rick Minter credit for a doing a good job of working with the two young inside linebackers.

The Birds outside linebackers had a big day yesterday with Trent Cole contributing two sacks and a forced fumble.  Not to be outdone, backup outside linebacker Brandon Graham contributed two sacks of his own.  Both of these guys had been defensive ends throughout their NFL careers, but they were asked to play outside linebacker this season.  It’s taken awhile, but you can see that Cole and Graham have found his groove in rushing the passer from the outside linebacker position.

Outside linebacker coach Bill McGovern has had his work cutout from him.  His job was to convert Cole and Graham to the outside linebacker position.  McGovern was probably all smiles during and after the game, yesterday.

At the safety position, you only need to look at the improvement of Nate Allen.  Rookie Earl Wolff has improved as the season has continued.  Allen is doing a much better job of tackling in the open field and he got his first interception yesterday.  Clearly he’s playing with more confidence, which comes from better understanding the defense.  You’ve got to give defensive back coach John Lovett the credit of the improved play at the safety position.

Wolff will be returning soon from the injured list and I think he belongs on the field in place of veteran Patrick Chung.

You can tell that rookie tight end Zach Ertz is a better football player now, than he was at the beginning of the season.  He was the leading Eagles receiver yesterday with two touchdown catches amongst his five grabs for 68 yards.  Many times rookie receivers will rush their routes, meaning they won’t give the defender enough time to bite off of the fake.  Tight ends coach Ted Williams has done a tremendous job of working with Ertz and helping him come into his own.

Ertz wasn’t doing this early in the year, but he’s developed more patient, so he’s taking his time during the routes and realizing he only needs to be open at the end of the route.

Many times assistant coaches get very little credit, but if you talk to the players, they’ll tell you how important the assistant coaches are in the development of young players.

Another unseen reason this team is winning, is their player leadership.  They have some good veteran leaders like linebackers DeMeco Ryans and Connor Barwin on the defensive side of the ball and guys like Jason Kelce, Foles, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson on the offensive side of the ball.  Some of these guys lead with their performance  others are more verbal. I like the fact that this team has a bunch of guys, who love the game of football.  Some of them seem to live at the Nova Care Complex because they’re up there so much.


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  • Last year around this time I was looking forward to next years draft…now I’m looking forward to winning the division, and possibly being that Cinderella team that goes deep into the playoffs. What a turn around from last season. I know it’s a bit early for talking playoffs, but who the hell expected the Eagles to be where they are at today. Keep it going Philly!

  • New coach who focuses on running the ball and making tackles. i am loving life.

  • “That’s a great attitude for a coach. He seems to be more interested in having his offense work than getting all the credit.”

    A great quality in any human being is being able to correct your mistakes to ultimately succeed. Andy Reid was one of the most Stuborn SOB’s we ever saw, and that precisely was his down fall. Once his new divisn figures him out,k he will suffer the same fate.

  • While I have some reservations about Kelly, I am not out there on the field with the players on game day and at practice, so I can only be an armchair coach…Kelly seems to be adding a bit each week, and he’s still getting used to what his players can and cannot do.

    His choice of assistants has proven to be very good.

    He is certainly a big breath of fresh air after Andy Reid.

    • I kinda disagree with you frank. It seems like they run the same 7-10 plays every game. Its working but it seems the same to me. He got the TEs involved this week but other than that its the same basic run plays, the same otion play when Foles keeps and runs to his right, the same play action and the receiver runs across the field deep. Not criticizing just saying nothing really looks different.

      • left

        • Huh? They run out of different formations and a large variety

      • Nah, we don’t disagree: I agree with what you wrote, it’s just I’m allowing for the possibility that maybe he has to give it to the players little-by-little.

        Yeah, the running game needs a lot of work…But he DID get the TEs more involved this week, and we even saw James Casey…I would love to see more of Casey, as he was supposedly a full back, too.

  • Just imagine this offense once they upgrade the slot receiver. Can you imagine putting a fast shifty slot receiver on this team.I love what Avant has done over the years but for the life of me I cant understand why Avant gets so much playing time. You get 1 catch a game out of him.They must love his blocking. If that’s the case put Casey or Ertz there.

  • My post on November 19th.. GCobb where’s my check?
    Jon Hart
    November 19, 2013 – 7:18 pm

    We can see the improvements that this Eagles defense and team are making. Their not just making small improvements, were seeing them get better and better each week. I think this has a lot to do with the youth movement. In years past (including last year) we had a lot of high paid high priced veteran players who weren’t young and hungry anymore. Most of them were playing for a check. They didn’t play with any passion or desire or love for the game. They just cared about themselves. They didn’t respect Sean McDermott, who many on this site disrespected but have you been watching the job he’s doing over in Carolina as the DCoord? Lights Out defense.. Also with Juan, the Vets just didn’t buy into him or what he was trying to do. Now you get rid of the disruptive players and you replace them with young hungry guys. Some may not be household names right now, but these guys are playing with an intensity that I haven’t seen from an eagles defense in a long time.. Most of the credit goes to Bill Davis, but also the DLine coach who is more than a just a DLine coach. I suggest you go and research that man Jerry Azzinaro. Hes also the Assistant Head Coach. You cant overlook his contributions to this defense thru intense film study and teaching. Were actually witnessing coaches patience with young player allowing them to grow. Were actually seeing growth right before our eyes! When was the last time we can say “Wow that guy really is showing growth each week” When? Seems like Andy surrounded himself with poor teachers as the years went on.. But I digress.. I’m proud of the offense who I knew would shine but I’m really proud of this defense who the majority of fans didn’t have high hopes for. They are really starting to become the anchor and bright spot of this team..

  • Speaking of Andy, it looks like he has to start doing a better job, again.
    Seriously though you cannot put enough emphasis on the coaching staff’s importance at this level. All the metrics on these kids coming out of college are off the charts. It’s how you coach them up that determines whether or not many of them become successful pros. For the first time in years we have middle and low round draft picks who are helping the team win games, and it is because of coaching I am convinced. We haven’t seen that here in years and it is how winning teams are developed and how they keep winning.

  • Speaking of Andy, it looks like he has to start doing a better job, again.
    Seriously though you cannot put enough emphasis on the coaching staff’s importance at this level. All the metrics on these kids coming out of college are off the charts. It’s how you coach them up that determines whether or not many of them become successful pros. For the first time in years we have middle and low round draft picks who are helping the team win games, and it is because of coaching I am convinced. We haven’t seen that here in years and it is how winning teams are developed and how they keep winning.

  • Coach AR surrounded himself with “Yes Men” who were Coach’s that didn’t challenge him or his System or add to it.. Coach AR has no real Feel for Defensive Strategy and relied on the late great Jimmy Johnson to handle the complete side of the Defense and when Jimmy Johnson got sick and passed, had no one to step up and lead the Eagles Defense and instead went thru a Turnstile of DC’s, Position Coach’s that came to a head last year and let’s not even talk about Coach AR lack of attention to Special Teams.. Chip Kelly Understands Defense’s, Offense and Special Teams and likes to surrounds himself with go-getters, innovators, and Coach’s that Teach and Stress Fundamentals and who are not afraid to take some risks and be aggressive… It’s been a great First Season with CHip Kelly and Company and the real exciting part is that this is just the Tip of the Iceberg.. How more advanced can this Eagle Offense be with let’s say a Jeremy Maclin lining up in the SLot, or another year of experience and growth that Players like Foles,Ertz & Lane Johnson can bring …
    Then on Defense, and you see the DL comprised of Players that are 22,23,24,25 Years of age who will only get better and better
    The focus on this Off-Season should be to add an Young Pass-Rushing OLB, and Secondary Help at CB and Saferty for the years ahead, put this with more OL Depth at Center/Guard, a Younger WR or Maclin’s Return and you have the makings of a very good Team for the next 5-7 Years …
    The Eagles will have some difficult decision’s on whether to keep some aging High Priced Players whose best years are behinf them… A Todd Herremans, Jason Avant, Trent Cole,P Chung,etc,etc all come to mind …
    They are close to Cap $$$ for 2014 standing at approx $117 Million in committed Contracts/Salaries right now for 2014 which does not include Players entering Free-Agency this Off-Season (R Cooper,M Vick,J Maclin,Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman,Colt Anderson,Phillip Hunt) let alone pursuing other veteran Players who will hit the Market and then leaving $$$ to be able to sign your Draft Class… So lots of Critical Decisions …
    Can a Dennis Kelly take over for a Herremans
    Can you CUt Avant and use his $4.5 Million Due in 2014 and sign Coooper and Maclin
    Can you cut Trent Cole and his 2014 $6.6 Million Salary which jumps to $11.625 in 2015 and $12.6 Million in 2016 and replace with Brandon Graham or resign Phillip Hunt or Draft a OLB in the Early Rounds of the Draft
    Can you cut Safety Patrick Chung and his $3.25 Million in 2014 and $3.75 in 2015 and repalce him with Earl Wolfe and Re-sign Nate Allen and then Draft another Safety in the Draft to replace Kurt Coleman..

    Then you look at PLayers with Big $$ who maybe you can extend and renegiiotiate which is must easier to do when a Team is Winning for Players are more likely to do so if they feel Franchise is in the right direction
    but look at Celek ($4.075) Mathis ($6 Million) Cary Williams ($6.4 Million) D Ryans ($6.8 Million) which are due to these Players in 2014

    Lots of eexciting down the stretch for 2013 with a lot of implications for the Future of the Franchise as well as tough,difficult Decisions that need to be made for the Off-Season, Do you want to gut the Secondary again for the 3rd Time in 5 Years by replacing many of the Players.. I don’t believe so, and why would you when they are finally playing well as a unit .. Do you want to upgrade, sure you do, but that’s what you use the Drafat for and with the present Coaching Staff that has shown great paitience and teaching ability, why not Draft young Secondary PLayers that can learn and grow into your system than going after a couple of high-priced names that you either can’t afford, or may be not be good fits for the System in Place
    I believe the Eagles should build on what they have started and
    release a few players that are cost-prohibitive any more (Avant,Heremans,Cole,Chung) and then attempt to extend-renegoitate wit Veteran Players to keep them as Eagles (Celek,Ryans,C Williams,Mathis)
    and then Draft another 8-10 Players to fill the departed players Positions
    (OLB,OL,CB,Safety,WR) and continue to build the Team’s Depth from there
    I really expect the Eagles to be very quiet this Off-Season in purusing any big name Free-Agents for a couple of Reasons, #1) they can afford to #2) they like the Progress of many of the Players on their Current Roster

  • It starts at the top in any organization ,we were hypercritical of roseman ,and he needs get lauded for what appears to have steered the franchise in the right direction.Jeffrey had the insight to trust coach Kelly ,who in his prior press conference admitted that he wanted diverse opinions in the room.This is vital as yes men are just that ….fresh ideas and egos parked outside has contributed to a young dynamic group of coaches…what will happen is ,we stand to lose some coaches and that will be vital ,to encourage there advancement,yet try to maintain the stability within.We stand 7-5 with destiny in our own hands ,who could have asked for more? I see halftime adjustments (not mentioned ) in this post by G Cobb ,who still seemingly can’t get past the left handed compliments regarding foles …he’s more than managing games ,he s on the threshold of opening eyes around the league ,his stock is soaring ,and that as well as the leagues attention to this system of speeding up the tempo (it’s a copy-cat league) has Been. Huge contributing factor to the teams swagger …They have an identity ,they have a swagger ,and guys are vested ,as G said there. Putting in time and then some at the Nova care complex….they’re behaving as professionals …that buck stops with coach…I’m not taking shots at Andy ,I’m just comparison shopping ,and one coach doesn’t carry himself with a swagger and arrogance and the other has assembled a group of men ,who understand pushing a sled after practice ,decays morale ,doesn’t build it…kudos to the whole organization and with a bright future we may one day sooner than later march on brad street ,and man how sweet will that be ….the beauty of optimism and reality is it allows for dreams …we as a fan base have bought in ,as well …we are all galvanized …

  • at the conclusion of the season it might be hard to not rank Chip Kelly in the top 16 of NFL Coaches which would pull Howie Roseman up the rankings as well to the top 16.

  • Chip Kelly has proven he’s the best new coach in the nfl, his ceiling is comparable to the ceiling of his qb

    That’s right, he said on wip this morning foles , barring injury , is his qb moving forward, many years to come

    The sporting news has proclaimed foles should be in the mix for MVP consideration

    This is the best eagles team moving forward in a long, long time, the eages have a franchise qb, promising young players on defense, offense, great social teams

    They say the qb makes the coach, no wonder Kelly has hitched his wagon to foles

  • deserteagle
    December 2, 2013 – 7:51 pm

    “.the beauty of optimism and reality is it allows for dreams …we as a fan base have bought in ,as well …we are all galvanized …”

    This is a scary post, fella…Sounds like an Obama press release, and we know what all that talk of ‘Change’ brought us…See, Obama looks and talks better than Bush, but they both work for the same boys.

    Chip Kelly’s version of the Eagles hasn’t won a damn thing yet, only shown that a new coaching staff was a necessity, and that some good players were on the roster, ready to step up if handled correctly.

    In any case, don’t base your dreams on a pro sports team…It’s just a sucker’s bet.

    Let’s simply hope that the improvement we currently see continues, as it is better as entertainment.

    Thank you.

  • excellent article G! Chip Kelly definitely deserves credit for this tremendous turn around..he has done an excellent job with all aspects of the team! I wanted Bradley but Lurie made the right call!

  • Damm that Russell Wilson is killing the Saints!!

    • he looks good tonight! he sets he feet on scrambles better than anyone I’ve ever seen before to pass during duress. better than text book technique.
      Seattle is a tough place for a road team to win — hasselbeck beat the Saints 3 years ago post superbowl year as a 7-9 NFC West automatic bid team vs a 11-5 Saint team and reigning Super Bowl Champion in a playoff game on wild card weekend.

  • Frank ..comparing a local team franchise to a political ideology is a stretch my man …one has paying fans one has corrupt lobbyists …I’m old enough to understand the difference ,you. Need watch more sports on fox and less commentary on FOX ..I trust in the birds and I do hitch my wagon and dreams to my sports teams that’s why they call us fans ..I know better than to root for corrupt politicians …a government has elected official who play in there own arena with the rules defined by them ,the eagles ,are a philly team ,not national in scope and,the analogy to Obama or Bush is silly and I won’t even quantify it. Just root your ass off and enjoy the diversion from the shit you have no control over ..you’ll live longer and happier ..I don’t walk with my chest out after an Obama win ,but I damn well don my green jersey ..

    • The Comentary and the sports on FOX are the same Way biased. I wish they would switch our games to CBS with Jim Brown, Cower, Sharp, Boomer, and Marino.

  • By the way my dad is 87 ,dreaming he finally cries for joy as we have a parade is REAL as it gets for me …my son my Dad ,and myself flew to Jacksonville hoping and even using divine intervention ,trying to get the Lombardi trophy ,so close yet….this is the first time since T.O I’ve had a ray of hope ..if that’s wrong for you ,you need prioritize

  • If change is chip for Andy …I’m all in ..

  • Cool down koolbreexe, never saw you that excited about the best young qb in the nfl, why is that …….

  • Maybe nick should get a tan and there would be a lot more blacks rooting for him

    • Hey look everybody the race baiting GCobb idiot Jake is at it again. In other news water is wet and ice is still cold.

      • agree- always trying to start trouble. I believe I was branded a racist at one point. sigh….

    • Far be it from me to speak up for Koolbreeze, however, I think you are way off base here jake. Reading Koolbreeze’s posts, I think he is just interested in an athletic QB, regardless of what the ethnicity or so called race of the QB is. Russell Wilson is the product of a so called biracial marriage so that doesn’t fly with your argument. Now, if Kool says I don’t want a Manziel (Whom I think blows as well as Tajh Boyd) then maybe there is some credibility to your claim. I think Kol just wants a running QB, that does not speak of race, just performance.

      • Eaglehaslanded, I want a QB that wins…period. If we had Tom Brady on the team then the offense should be build around his skills. Its Chip Kelly who likes an athletic QB…thats what he prefers but it is obvious that he works with what he got. Russell Wilson would be a perfect fit because he makes good decisions with the ball, he doesn’t turn it over, when he runs he protects himself well…he’s young, and he has shown that he is a crunch time, clutch performer…he does not get rattled and nervous in the big games.

        • I can respect your sentiment, but Russell Wilson belongs to Seattle. Right now you have a QB who has won, a 6-1 record, and setting records. You have to give patience and opportunity a chance. Who was Tom Brady or before he had time to achieve his accomplishments? Russell Wilson is lighting it up, but there is only one Russell Wilson so no need to covet him, he has not won a superbowl either. If you’re an Eagles fan ride what you have right now, he may just turn out to be special. Please don’t act as if every QB you like throws the perfect pass 100% of thetime or doesn’t make mistakes. That’s your criteria and measurement for Foles….NotEnough.

          • You like an athletic QB too, a running QB, that’s why you like Vick, it’s certainly not for his winning ways or decision making!

        • Koolbreeze,

          If you want a quarterback who wins, what the hell are you doing wasting your time passionately longing for the return of the Vick? He is the biggest loser the Eagles have had under center since Doug Pederson.

  • During the 4th quarter of the Eagles’ win over the Arizona Cardinals, Chip Kelly’s offense had 4 drives. They mustered just 45 yards on those drives, three of which ended in punts. Kelly was profusely criticized for his clock management by the FOX broadcast team of Kenny Albert (“Kenny”), Daryl Johnston (“Moose”), and Tony Siragusa (“Goose”), or… “Kenny, Moose and Goose.”

    5, 6, 4, 2, 4, 4, 4, 4, 10, 7, 8.

    That’s an average of 5.3 seconds left on the play clock for each snap. But why would Chip Kelly not take advantage of running off every last second? He was asked about that after the Eagles-Cardinals game.

    “We were just trying to get the proper looks,” said Kelly. “I think there was going to be plenty of time if we didn’t convert in those situations.”

    Frankly, I have no idea what that even means, but I think I can translate. I believe Kelly was saying “None of your business, Holmes.”

  • It’s amazing how the two hottest QBs from last years QB rich draft are the two that were picked in the third round.

  • I wonder if Detroit’s DLine coach Jim Washburn holds any animosity toward Jeff Lurie and Howie or was his beef solely with Coach Reid? Does anyone know the back story concerning his termination last year ?

  • Washburn is a perfect fit for that staff and team. Undisciplined, arrogant, underachieving…

  • eagles- I believe it had to do with the way he was speaking to players. If they were winning games, it could have been ignored but…. when you are losing and your line coach is screaming stupidity… hard to ignore. Honestly…. i am so glad those days are over. No bombs away playcalling (and by that I mean ignoring the run game) no Oline Dcords. It was LONG overdue. The 1 move this year that felt like the past was signing “torn ACL” guy Phillips. They messed up there.

  • Thank you Mr. Cobb. I’ll take from here…

    First I have to admit I was wrrrr. I was wroooo… Sorry I’m having a hard time
    saying I was wrong.

    I thought the defensive coaching staff was going to set an all time record for futility. I expected the offense to be good. But this NO NAME DEFENSE has to be the story. After giving up a 100 points to Denver, I was packing my bags for the season. I fractured my leg in 3 places, jumping off the Eagles bandwagon, and broke a rib jumping back on. (Good thing I’m a vet with health care)

    I am so happy that the Kansas City Chiefs have begun to falter. I kept telling their fans it was all a mirage….That stubborn knucklehead is going out in the first round of the playoffs. Kansas City get ready for a whole lot of “I got a do a better job of putting my players in a position to win” speeches. No corrections. Just a bunch of “no information” Speeches. Good Riddens Bum.

  • TEMPE, Ariz. — Arizona coach Bruce Arians says there “were obviously very, very many problems” with the officiating in the Cardinals’ 24-21 loss at Philadelphia.

    Of particular concern were three plays near the end of the game.

    One was a holding call on safety Tyrann Mathieu that negated Patrick Peterson’s interception. Another was a holding call on linebacker Matt Shaughnessy on the Eagles’ final possession. A third was a no-call when the Cardinals felt there was pass interference on a fourth-down incompletion to Michael Floyd the last time Arizona had the ball.

    Asked if he felt the calls will cost the Cardinals a playoff spot, Arians said, “It possibly could, but I think a lot of things have to happen here in the last four weeks. I would hope that we give up all that talk this week and just focus on the St. Louis Rams.”

    • Arians said he sent “about 15 plays” to the NFL for review by Dean Blandino, the NFL’s vice president of officiating.

      “The proper channels have been followed,” the Arizona coach said, “and obviously there were very, very many problems” with the officiating.

      • “As long as everybody owns up to it, you move on,” Arians said. “It’s part of the game. We’re here working our tails off this week. Those guys (the officials) are back at their other jobs.”

        • I saw where Chip Kelly said he is still trying to find out who was flagged on DJax punt return that would have iced the game before all the drama at the end.

          If you are an Eagles fan Theone, what the hell do you care what Arians thinks?

          What’s your point?

          • Old school,

            Theone’s point is that Nick Foles didn’t beat the Cardinals… the refs gave him the game.

            As long as the refs cheated the Cardinals, guys like koolbreeze, Theone, and other haters don’t have to acknowledge that Foles beat a team with a top 5 defense and a winning record.

            • Just watched the coaches film. What is pretty amazing, is that, while not every throw is on target or perfect.

              Every single throw was to either an open WR or to the single covered WR/TE/RB.

              Foles made the right call on every single throw. They weren’t always good throws, but they were always the right decisions.

              That’s refreshing. Koolbreeze and Theone have never seen that before, so they can’t comprehend it.

            • Why throw me up in that mix, Irish Eagle…I said openly…Foles got the win…Theone is simply pointing out that we got some big breaks from the officials!. The Cardinal defense shut us down in the fourth quarter…made a big time play in forcing a turnover from Foles that MAYBE would have have cost us the game but the refs bailed us out.
              All of that being said…’Maybe’s” dont count in football. A Win is a Win…we won so Foles touchdown passes should be emphasized more than his mistakes because…we won!
              Foles passed his first big test…he beat a good team and now he has another big test against Detroit…and if he takes us to the playoffs…the job should be his to keep! Bottom line!

              • We got some breaks from the refs???? I guess you guys, did not see the 3 big plays called back, including the DJax punt return, from the bogus ref calls? The refs sucked for both teams, & you 2 clowns are frauds! Give me a f^#@ing break! I was on the fence with the kid, but this kid has been nothing short of a revelation, & @$$clowns like you 2, still don’t give him the credit he deserves! Grow a pair, & just admit, that you are butt-hurt, because your boy ain’t playing, is finished, has gotten outplayed by pretty much a rookie, & move on! Disassemble your Vick altars, & move on!

    • floyd got mugged on that play no doubt

      • arians sounds like a total pussy too no doubt

  • Spare me Vinnie! I guess that throw to Patrick Peterson in the fourth quarter of a tight game with playoff implications was the ‘right decision’ too huh. …Listen…sometimes its better to be lucky than good…we got some breaks from the refs and we needed those breaks-every winning team gets some breaks along the way! Foles gets credit for the win. He has his first win over a team with a winning record! He is doing a good job …except in the fourth quarter when we need to close these games out.
    Foles passed the first big test…he has got another one against Detroit this week…I’m consistent and clear on what I want from the QB…WINS…If Foles gets us to the playoffs, he’s the man for the job..its that simple.

    • Actually yes. He had 2 guys open but the unblocked blitzer hit him as he threw. Perhaps should have eaten it.

      Go watch Russel Wilson turncoat.

    • are you really saying that the expectation for foles as a starter is ‘playoffs or bust’? when he didn’t get the job till what game 6? he took over a team that was what 2-4 or something like that? really? hmmm that seems to be a tough grading scale.

      • thats kool for you. no expectations or performance demands from vick but win this week or foles is a bust, win next week or foles is a bust, playoffs or he is a bust.

        its clear

        • It’s been win/now before the season ever started…It was going to be a win/now mentality with any QB that suited up to start the season…The days of bringing a player along gradually, are long gone fellas…There are too many players to choose from to just sit by and wait and see if this player is going to be the one. Foles is expected to win especially now that he has shown he can do more than just manage a game! If you can’t be depended upon to lead your team to victories “playing the most important position” then you shouldn’t be in the game bottom line. Waiting around for players to develop, just really doesn’t happen anymore fellas…Therefore, win now is expected!

  • The Seattle Steroids looked pretty good last night…In Pete Carroll we trust, yeah?

  • LOL…Vinnie…your an idiot! Its clear that it was a terrible play by Foles in crunch time. He should not have thrown the ball…bad plays and poor decisions in the crunch time of games tells you something about the QB…the offense has stall in the fourth quarter of the games and its has been the defense that has bailed us out.
    But of course, I know that you haters want to twist that around…so let me make it clear again…Foles gets credit for the win!. He has his first win over a team with a winning record! He is doing a good job! If Foles gets us to the playoffs, he’s the man for the job..its that simple.

    • Arguably the 1st or 2nd best Qb performance against the Cardinals this year.

      Bring up one bad play.

      Go watch Russel Wilson or whoever your new hero is.

      • Had it been #7 making one bad play, you’d most definitely point it out…LIke I haven’t seen any stats, about how Foles has done throughout the course of the game like you’ve done with Vick…

        IE…Vick has this many bad quarters to good quarters…

        Foles hasn’t been lights out or even good in every single quarter, nor was he good in every quarter this past weekend…yes he was great on some drives here and there..But through the duration of games, like you judged #7 on, I don’t see the same type of logic being applied by you in regards to Foles?
        Remember the first game of the year, even though Vick was lights out, you still had to hate on him and say he played good for 1 and 1/2 quarters…
        So someone doing exactly what you’ve been known to do…you have a problem?

    • Wasn’t a terrible play at all if we are talking about the throw that got picked but negated by holding. Was actually a great read as desean was wide open on the crossing route. A pass rusher got a hit on foles arm/shoulder at the time of release which altered te throw. Do you expect him to just fall to the ground when rushers are near? This is a pocket qb bro he isn’t gonna turn his back to a defender than run backwards 15 yards then throw like a mobile qb. He is gonna do what statue pocket qbs do… Get used to it.

      I know its a hard transition kool but this is what a good pocket qb looks like.

      It really is Hilarious your expectations and critisizm with foles especially considering you never had expectations or critisizm for the guy on his way to canada. It makes it extremely hard if not impossible for anyone to do anything but laugh at you here and think you’re a fraud fan.

      • mhenski…what happened was he threw the ball up for grabs as he was being it…instead of simply taking the sack. He wasn’t making anything happen in the fourth quarter…the Eagles was punting over and over again…he got desperate and made a dumb play.
        I know in the euphoria of Foles its hard for you to admit that he made a mistake…but on this play…it was a bad play on Foles part.
        Having said all of that…’maybe, close, if’s…dont count’~Foles was bailed out by the refs on the play…he got the win…so I’m chalked it up on the plus side for Foles.
        What is hilarious is that you guys are already prepared to make him the franchise QB…while those of us who are a bit more balanced have a clear, specific criteria for him…that says get the wins…lead us to the playoffs…and the job should be yours.
        Guys going to Canada and all that stuff only shows that you are many of you guys are fraudulent Eagle fans who jump on and off the bandwagon when the team does not follow your narrow perspectives. What we true Eagle fans want is a QB that can give us a Super Bowl…we dont need another Kevin Kolb, or AJ Feeley who were QB’s that played very well for the Eagles…but when the shit hit the fan…they could not get the job done!
        Foles has a shot…take us to the playoffs…and then he deserves the job!~ Period! He passed test one…now he has another test against Detroit…just win…I dont care about his stats…just keep protecting the ball (like another great QB for the Eagles used to do-Donovan McNabb but never got any credit for it)…get the wins and its your job-Foles

        • Ehh, last time I checked, Chip Kelly made the decision that the Job was Foles’ and wasn’t interested in Koolbreeze’s criteria or blessings to deem him the starting QB. Gotta get over it with your “Another test is in front of him, the pressure is on..take us to the playoffs and your the starting QB, the job is yours”. One of the main reasons this team has a chance to go and we can speak of the playoffs is because of Foles performance! 6-1 19 TD’s – 0 Turnovers. Please don’t talk about luck. As great as Russel Wilson’s performance was Monday night, luck played a part in the TD that the defender almost picked off but the WR was able to grab it out of the air. Luck happens in every game, and even the greatest QB’s in history has had a little luck on their side!
          So predictable!

        • if throwing the ball to a wide open receiver was a mistake, yea your right awful mistake by foles.

          if quarterbacks are just supposed to not try and fall down when defenders are close yea he should have just took the sack.

          if foles being bailed out by the refs translates to the defender had a handful of jersey holding it and he was rightfully penalized which negated a interception, you are right he was bailed out by the refs.

          if you want a superbowl why did you root for vick to keep starting?

          if you have a clear, specific criteria for foles that says get wins and lead us to the playoffs why did you not have any criteria or a different criteria for vick?

          • LOL…you guys kill me! He did throw the ball to a wide open receiver mhenski…the problem was the guy that was open was Patrick Patterson and he plays for the Cardinals! On this play the defender had him in the grasp…he threw it up for grabs…and Patterson picked it off…the call on the Honey Badger was bogus…and we can be fair and admit it…I’ll take that everytime!
            Vick beat Foles for the job fair and square, mhenski…why cant you guys get that through your thick heads?? The first few games the defense was horrible…Vick got hurt in a Giants game that we were winning…when he went out…Foles came in…we lost the lead and then the defense turned it up forced turnovers got us the win!
            I have been extremely consistent…unlike many of you Vick haters who turned on the team because Vick was the QB. Vick won the job in training camp..when it was head up he proved to be better than Foles…he got hurt, Foles came in and has played extremely well.
            Where have I said…”put Vick back in now that he is healthy??”
            Vick has taken us to the playoffs, we lost in the first round…I say Foles should do the same…our defense is playing lights out…the O-line is playing lights out…the running game is excellent…Foles needs to ride the wave and lead us to the playoffs…if he does not…if he fails…then we need a franchise QB…probably will need to draft one. If Foles gets the job done..then he deserves the job.
            I am not asking Foles to do anything that I would not have asked Vick to do given the same circumstances!

            • no the wide open player was desean jackson right after he broke free of peterson holding him, avant also was wide open after fighting through the holding by tyrann which was called.

              watch it again and put it in slow mo, if you still dont see it bring a copy of the tape with you to your doctor and tell them you cant see it, they will fix your eyes or brain

              if we caught a break on a bogus call id admit as i did with the no call on the obvious PI against floyd

              • LMAO!!!

    • Tell me something koolbreeze – was it Foles fault when the Redskins came back from a 33-7 third quarter deficit to nearly win the first game of the season, when Vick played the whole game?

      Kelly’s playcalling is the problem in the fourth quarter of games. It has happened with two different quarterbacks.

      • No IrishEagle, Foles was on the bench in that game and the defense was horrible during those first few games…a number of us (me included) during those games was wondering if Bill Davis knew what he was doing!
        Kelly’s playcalling is fine…the problem has been the execution of the offense by Foles in these fourth quarters..Foles started missing easy passes like the swing pass to Shady…he tightens up a bit in the fourth quarter when the game is tight…Kelly in these situations tries to keep the pressure off of the kid and put it on Shady and the offense line…it worked against Green Bay but against a tough defense against the run like Arizona…it was more difficult…so we need those ‘hometown’ calls that the refs gave us…and that I’m always ready to accept! Good work by us doing a good job getting on the good side of the refs #byanymeansnecessaryfortheWIN

        • I see – so when the Eagles offense stalls and goes 4-and-out on every 4th quarter possession when Vick is playing, it’s the defenses fault. But if Foles is playing it’s because he tightens up?

          FYI – Foles didn’t throw to McCoy in the 4th quarter. In fact, he only threw the ball 5 times in the fourth quarter – he was sacked twice had to scramble away from pressure twice. There was 13 running plays in the fourth quarter, most of which went for short gains. According to Kelly, the Cardinals put an extra guy on the line.

  • Still want to defend that miscreant koolbreeze eagle has landed, read his above posts, the bar is always set higher, not that he knows what a bar is, maybe he could nose up to a bar

    You black dudes, and your white wanna be leader stevo, you guys are pusses , I have had my fill of you, I came here to enhance my eagles experience, I have jousted with some great black posters, phillywill was the best, songs was another great poster, you guys bring nothing to the table except pussy beta male jersey wearing fools , you say I race bait, well if speaking the truth brings out the worst like biglion, well yes call it whatever you want, but on balance this is the most racist blog covering eagles football, it’s not even close and that’s saying a lot compared to the biased racists on the national level, it was ad when I came here years ago, it’s way worse, way worse

    This is a derelict website, except for great posts by dcar, paulman, gmcliff, vinnie, phillywill, haveacigar, and the misunderstood songs, most of you others are the biggest bunch of panty waists I have ever had the pleasure of not knowing

    You think you can hide behind a keyboard. False. I could describe most of you to almost perfection based on the fucking girly, thug vibes most of you impart

    Yet some want to challenge me to a fist fight, well as I said to probably the biggest pussy of them all, big lion good luck, I have had some beat downs against tough men, not many, but some, and there ain’t any trolling here, maybe dcar, a tough dude I am certain.

    Good luck to the eagles, keep up the good work paulman, vinnie, gmcliff, songs, great jousting with you, and phillywill if you read this peace to you my friend

    • You are a clown a grade a clown, you can’t post anything without bringing up color, and yes Jake I will make a special trip back to Philly to stomp a hole in your dumbass. Or I can just sit back and point out how much of an idiot you are. Your just like your idiot father Vinnie. Idiot 1 and Idiot 2. Otherwise known as Jake and Vinnie. LOL you sound like your ready to go cry somewhere buck up punk.

      • LOL!!! WTF!!!

        • Sorry Eagles these two dudes get me riled up, I know I should let things go but I’m not built that way.

          • It’s cool, that post of jakes along with his recent attacks on Denny is out there. I’m concerned about his mental stability.

      • Mr. Doubletalk at it again.

        Always on his pulpit commenting on the moral compasses of others. Always spouting off about how people need to live up to what they post on here.

        People MUST live up to their word, else he ‘knows’ what kind of person they are.

        Of course he doesn’t follow his own preaching.

        On here again saying he’s going to make special trips to Philly to stomp someone, when everyone on the Eastern seaboard knows he will never actually do any such thing.

        According to Bigcharlatan people must live up to everything they write.

        Except him of course.

        I don’t always agree with everything Jakedog says on here, but I’ve got to give it to him, he’s got the biggest balls on this site.

        • No double talk idiot # 1, I don’t like you or Idiot # 2. Straight to the point and being honest. Jake makes me want to beat his ass, you I just like to point out how full of crap you are.

          • You don’t agree with him and you continue to consign on his race baiting which as I said before makes you just as bad. Such an idiot he throws you bone and you thr

            • And you throw it right back, mutual respect between two idiots how lovely.

              • Biglion821…your right…there are a few racist idiots on here who mess up good football talk. They have exposed themselves for what they are…pure idiots…LOL

        • What big balls? Anybody can sit back in the safety of their own domicile and type gansta ish, talk ish and make all kinds of pledges and threats to do this, that and the third, knowing damn well they will never have to follow through or live up to what they are spouting off. That’s why I don’t waste my time with that nonsense. It doesn’t take balls to be a keyboard gansta tough guy. Just an imagination, that’s all!

          • And secondly, jake says he hails from the tough section of Northeast Philadelphia. Anyone from Philly knows the Northeast is not thought of as tough. Try telling someone from the bottom, Mantua, North Philly, the badlands or 52nd street that…they’ll laugh your ass right back to Northeast Philly, Bucks county or where ever the blip you come from. People from the aforementioned areas see Northeast Philly as the suburbs, seriously!!! I know growing up I would have loved to have lived or gone to school in the Northeast. Get real!!!

        • ill comment on this one,

          Sorry Vin but when i stated that you would NEVER live up to your word…. you were clear to me that you ARE a man of your word… AND… you went on to talk about my moral character for doubting yours. You are…. as ive said from day 1.. a hater. AND… it has changed your character it seems.

    • Jake – Seriously dude, are you for real. Get over it, it’s simply not that deep!

    • HA! JakoffJake…the bar has been set by us true long suffering Eagles fans who deserve a Super Bowl win. Its about winning…and what gives us the best shot at winning…thats what the true Eagle fans want…as to your racist rants and delusional complaints about the website…go find another website to trash with your racist fixations and lame claims. Nobody cares about your internet, tough guy claims…we are here for football talk pure and simple…there are plenty of guys who disagree with me but keep the talk to football…guys like Paulman and others…but you cross the line..why not because your so tough…its simply because your an idiot!

  • Internet UFC. I F^#@ing love it!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! >XD

    • LOL, I can’t help it D.

  • Since I can’t make it InfinityLive, will there be a pay per view option?

    • LOL

  • Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians was openly unhappy with the job done by game officials in the team’s Week 13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, going as far to call the league office for an explanation before he even left the locker room Sunday.
    Arians told reporters he sent copies of 15 plays to NFL headquarters in New York for review. Eagles cornerback Cary Williams isn’t on board with Arians’ public effort for clarification.
    “Let’s not be crybabies, man,” Williams said Tuesday, via Philadelphia Magazine. “I thought the refs kept them in the game to some degree at times. But it’s football, man. It’s about going out there and executing. If they came in here with a different attitude, maybe not so nonchalant, thinking it was going to be a cakewalk. …
    “I’m not big on teams sending stuff in, and ‘This is what needs to be called.’ Play the game, dude. It’s football, man. Either you come in and win or you blame it on the refs. Don’t blame it on the refs, blame it on your preparation that week. I’ve never been a fan of coaches sending stuff into the refs unless it was blatant. To me I didn’t think there was anything blatant out on the field.”

  • Lets be honest…if the shoe dropped on the other foot…and we lost the game..we would be openly unhappy with the calls too! Arizona got some tough calls…oh well…as a long time, long suffering Philadelphia sports fan…I say it was our turn to get some breaks…we have seen plenty of bogus calls…I remember the Championship game when McNabb was about to take us down on the final drive to tie the game and on the key 4th down Kevin Curtis was interfered with! We didnt get the call and Arizona got the win!

    • if you whine about refs then you are a sissy– 50% of the bad calls go for you and 50% go against you over the course of a game or season

    • Koolbreeze just curious, do you happen to live in Philadelphia or anywhere near it? Or have you even been here before? Because most of those delusional Vick fans that disappeared were never even Eagles fans to begin with and could probably not even find Philly on a map. The fact that those guys are long gone now just shows what type of fans they were…funny how they posted when the team was struggling but now they magically disappeared, when the team is looking better than ever…wonder whats bothering them?

      I believe you also never answered the simple question…If all you care about is winning when it comes to the QB…why were you all about Vick like all those other frauds….cause he was a loser in an Eagles uniform and during his entire career. So winning cant be it…

      • pheags88..the reality is that you like a lot of these guys are fake Eagle fans who abandoned the team when Vick beat Foles head up for the job! You had jumped off of the ship because you hated Mike Vick. Now, Vick who has been a tremendously loyal teammate to Foles…a good solider who has helped the kid develop…showing excellent character.
        Now, Vick gets hurt…and Chip Kelly makes the right call to stick with the hot QB…and you guys are all now Eagle fans???
        Get da F*#k outta here…you guys are frauds…plain and simple

        • where are you from and where are you now kool?

          • He is not an Eagles fan Mhenski, he is a Vick fan.

            Just do a google search for koolbreeze and vick and you will find post of his from back in 2008-09 when he was riding Vick’s jock before he was an Eagle.

            It’s a joke – there are several of them on this site who followed Vick from Atlanta to jail to the Eagles.

            There are a couple regular posters on here that are from VA Beach who just root for the hometown boy. Which is fine, but don’t be calling yourself an Eagles fan.

            • koolbreeze
              June 26, 2013 – 10:01 pm

              Vick’s injury problems are going to be significantly reduced due to Kelly’s emphasis on running the football. Most of the Vick haters on here, as you well understand Songsrme2 , know nothing about Kelly, football, or QB’s…they are simply Vick haters.
              If Foles was so great….where were the trade offers for him?

        • LOL love how you didn’t even answer the questions because they expose you for what you truly are.
          I’ll answer the simple questions for you since you don’t want to do it yourself..
          1: you don’t live here or anywhere around here. Probably haven’t been to Philadelphia (or anywhere else in your life)
          2: You don’t care about winning when it comes to the Qb. Funny, you never had that “just win” standard before Foles. Truth is you just criticize Foles the way you do because he is white and that clearly bothers you because you are just another stupid racist. (and you are bitching about the calls after we win, who the hell does that)

          Btw I live in center city and have gone to 90% of the Eagles home games since I was a kid. I bet you don’t even know what the hell the Linc/or Vet looks like other than from google you fraud.

          I also have gone to see them play year after year at Giants/Wash/Balt

          Furthermore, I actually know Vick personally through family. I dont have a problem with him off the field right now. But just because I (any many other realistic Eagles fans) know he sucks as a vet QB and cant stay healthy to save his life just shows I am not delusional and nothing else. You would have to be on crack to think he would succeed/play 16 games this year

  • You wanna talk about whining…how about all of the whining to give Foles a break! Foles has done a good job…all he has to do to keep the job is earn it by getting us in the playoffs. The Offensive Line is playing excellent ball keeping Foles clean in the pocket and opening up holes for the run game…The Defense is playing lights out…getting turnovers…special teams are playing excellent…Donnie Jones is a Pro-Bowl caliber punter…and Foles is doing the job…playing at a high level….OK…keep it up and get us to the playoffs
    We have seen Kevin Kolb, AJ Feeley play very well at high levels too…over the course of several games…but we all know they were not franchise QB’s…lets see Foles get us to the playoffs…none of our upcoming opponents are as good as Arizona!! He has beaten the best team we will face…so now getting to the playoffs in these circumstances should be a lock!

    • The Eagles may have to win out…that would mean win 8 games in a row to get to the playoffs, when did Vick do that? You continue to miss the real point. Foles is the QB unless he gets hurt. Close the book on the ifs and he has to’s. It’s a wrap!

      • Vick only EVER won more than 8 games once over his career!!

        Now Koolbreeze demands Foles win 8 in a row or else he’s not starter material.


      • Just as you aptly exposed that bitch-ass bigot jake; please be advised that koolbreeze is well within his rights to expect Foles to provide a playoff berth. A measuring stick that distinguishes him from the previous flavors of the month i.e. Feely, Kolb, Detmer, Hoying. Personally I don’t need that, but it isn’t unreasonable. I’ve followed this team for too long to buy into the faux fan loyalty. Many of these same posters shitted on the team JUST BECAUSE Vick was theqb. They were pissed that Kelly made it a competition. And were incensed with him when he announced Vick as the obvious winner. This site has been inundated with race-baiting posters like Jake and Mhenski for quite some time. Now even fraudman has decided to cash in his “privilege” card to accuse GCobb himself as well as other presumed black posters for not fully endorsing Foles and yes, Riley Cooper.
        Jake racist comments are quite prominent on this site. But the selective offense that those who agree with him take is really what fuels the divide.

        • So now the qb is responsible for wins? When the previous qb was running the show and lost it was a team game… I get confused by this.

          • hac don’t include me in with this bs qb argument. unfortunately you seem to have a blind spot when it comes to football. as I’ve stated in a previous post, you’re baseball arguments are spot on, but you sound like Vinnie and the gang in regards to football. my responses have been consistent, in regards to qb play. I was fine with retaining vick. I understood what COACH KELLY wanted to retain him. I chuckled at the suggestion of open competition satisfying the obsessed. I also stated til my fingers hurt that UNLIKE KOLB foles passes the eye test and I liked the kid. I also stated that he was not as bad as the dallas game. I also stated that if his level of play continued we would not have to address qb in the draft. what I didn’t do was whine, bitch, and moan when he assumed control as starter like yourself and jack-asses you align yourself with did when KELLY named vick the starter after an open competition.

            • i never mentioned you– actually there are a few on here who when we were playing under a different qb who said “don’t blame the qb, its a team game” now with the new qb they say “if he doesn’t win us into playoffs then he ain’t the man” and i’m just confused why the team is responsible for W/L under one qb but the qb is responsible when the other guy is in.
              BTW i’m not aligned with anyone– take a look further down the post, I believe the sickest poster on here is obsessed– i had no problem with naming vick the starter other than… i assumed incorrectly that this was a rebuilding year and that the playoffs weren’t in the discussion and that they needed to get younger…

              • Then I apologize and stand corrected if I misrepresented any of your statements. And no I don’t need Foles to get me to the playoffs to confirm him as the starter. All I need is more of what I’ve seen. Toughness, turn-over free football. I get the feeling that we are not seeing the full playbook from chip. That both excites and frustrates me. I would like to see -as others have stated- more 2 back and TE sets. and while I’m being greedy; more forced turn-overs from an already stingy defense.

                The kid has been arguably better than ANY qb in the league. I never played into the he never played anybody or weakness of schedule. You play who you play. he’s won. He’s on my team. I’m ecstatic. But I due worry that when he comes down to earth from his current best in the league; where will he land. My gut tells me he’s light years away from Dallas and well above some qbs considered previously better than him.

        • please be advised that koolbreeze is well within his rights to expect Foles to provide a playoff berth

          LOL – Please be advised that nobody gives a shit what koolbreeze expects…

          Many Eagles fans considers Mike Vick and his .500 record to be in the same category as Feely, Kolb, Detmer, Hoying. Nothing more than a flash in the pan. Only he was allowed to hang around too long.

          Vick started out 8-3 his first season here and went 12-17 since. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you have to be a racist to want Vick on the bench.

          Don’t take my comments to mean that I think it’s okay to make racist remarks on a message board. Because I don’t think is okay – for anyone!

          • Irish if nobody cared what koolbreeze thought about foles they wouldn’t be responding to his comments. So I call bullshit on nobody giving a shit. And once again, there’s a reason other than Jake’s and a few other simpletons claim of Lurie and the league trying to pacify blacks, for retaining Vick’s services. The most sought after coach during the off season made it clear he wanted Vick and explained WHY. To suggest that he and the career back-ups listed bring the same skill set to the table -especially in regards to Kelly’s offense- is absurd.
            As regards to your comments and racism. Jake and several others are on record with their race-baiting comments. Most (not all) who agree with them show there true intent with selective outrage. You can not claim objective and get in bed with filth like him and his like.

        • cold…Kool is within his rights to say or expect whatever he wants. Some of the things he says, in my opinion, are not aligned with the performance that the QB (Vick) put forth. I’ll say it a million times. When Vick was playing I rooted and cheered him on. Now Foles is in there, I give him the same support. There are no qualifiers with me. If you can play and win…I’m with you. Everytime Foles wins and meets Kools laid out expectations, Kool has some other stipulation for the next game. I never saw him posts these same stipulations concerning Mike….I wanna see Mike do this, that so on and so on. That’s a double standard, that’s why people keeps pointing out his hypocrisy and double standard. That’s why his agenda is so transparent! In all honesty I don’t care, I just like calling him out on it! He doesn’t take it to heart like Jake!!!

          • Kool is well within his rights to eat a shit sandwich, doesn’t mean he should do it.

            • Exactly Irish, If the Eagles signed Tim Tebow and Chip made him the starter cause he could run fast it would be the same exact thing here (and btw that bum actually has a recent playoff win). Knowing the Eagles would fail with a QB like that just means were not stupid and nothing else.

              Now criticizing a young QB in Foles the way people do on here, when he is winning and putting up all time great numbers is a different story…you either have to be a racist or a crackhead to do that.

          • Eagle if Kool didn’t have the same expectations of Vick, then I agree he isn’t being fair. hell he probably does like Vick more. That would explain it. But liking Vick more isn’t a crime. Just like many who liked Foles better wasn’t an issue for the reasonable amongst us. It’s the outrageous obsessive comments that are the problem. Eagle even if Koolbreeze does have a bias towards Vick, then cooler and reasonable heads like yours can call it out. But you and I both know that what’s been going on with the fringe element on this board isn’t even remotely the same. I, like you, wasn’t impressed with Vick’s body of work outside of 2010 and his start this year, but I understood and agreed with Kelly’s reasoning for wanting him. But c’mon man, you see the venom on this board.
            I’m all for keeping Foles as the starter. Shit he’s arguably playing better than ANY QB; -that includes brady, peyton, brees, etc- not a difficult guy to get behind. But what happens when/if he comes back down to earth? I stated before that he wasn’t as bad as the Dallas game, but this run now is cartoonish…lol.

            • Cold…I can’t argue with you on your points, I do see it, those who think like that are losers. Your comments make sense. I just hate double standards and hypocrisy and will hi lite (expose) it when I see it or hear it.

    • Koolbreeze – the Eagles defense is lucky, this foles hasn’t been giving up free 7 point plays to Eric Berry or Deangelo Hall anymore

  • detroit is leading their division… its compelelty ridiculous to say a qb that is 5-1 after taking over a team that was 2-4 can’t have a hiccup in the month of december… he will throw an int or 2 in a game… its going to happen– he is going to try a tight window or get hit while throwing and thats football.
    and please stop with the kolb feeley thing.. they NEVER played at a sustained level like this– very few qb’s in the history of the game has

  • BTW, this Foles needs to get us to the playoffs or he isn’t the guy next year shit is likely BS…Now that Mariotta is staying, it pretty much guarantees Foles is the starter for at least next season even if he were to go 1-3 in these last 4, and throw like 10 ints (which would still make his passer rating better than like 90% of the Qbs in the league).
    I could of saw Chip drafting Mariotta/Johnny Football. Now Mariotta is not available, and I think Johnny Football goes before we pick (now that the LSU guy is injured).

    • foles was 1000000000% the guy next year even if a rookie version of a peyton manning clone was available via the draft

    • Johnny Manziel blows. So does Tahj Boyd… I can’t help saying it. Can’t even fathom either one of them in an Eagles uniform.

      • Personally I would not touch either guy in the 1st round. Even though I wouldn’t be surprised if Manziel ended up the best QB out of this draft, his size and attitude bothers me. The dude is a headcase in college imagine what he will be like with millions of dollars. No way I touch him in 1st round.
        I don’t think Boyd is a 1st round talent either.

        Obviously, I want the pocket passer anyways (since thats what wins SBs) and these guys don’t fit that either.

        I just thought Chip could easily take one of them. But with the way Foles came to play this season, he will be the guy next year at least. Even if Foles played pretty bad the rest of the way I still think he would be the guy for 2014.

        • Cause I think he has done enough already for Lurie

      • Exactly right Eagle!!

    • Damn I like that Mettenberg kid, shame he got hurt. I’m hoping for a no QB draft in 2014 for the Eagles.

      • Agreed. Not a priority. Much rather look to fill holes and get value in other spots.

      • Haven’t I been saying that Biggie, since before the season began. We don’t need a QB…..

        Do you now agree that we need to fix a Defense ranked 31st in overall Defense in the NFL. I know they’ve held their own these past few games but, any Defense can play over it’s head, eventually, if you don’t have the horses, the reality of this Defenses potential will rear its head.

        Fix the Defense!!! OLB’s, OG, WR, and Safety in the draft.

        • Yes Cliff you called that one before the season even started.

  • Glad we got a preseason mention here though. Couldn’t have a day go by without one.

  • And AJ Feely and Kevin Kolb made an appearance. Why no Bobby Hoying???? Its easy to see why Kooltwit might have gotten them mixed up with Foles.

    with Eagles

    Feely 55% 1700 yrds 11 tds 13 ints
    Hoying 53% 2400 yrds 11 tds 15 ints
    Kolb 56% 2000 yrds 11tds 14ints
    Foles 62% 3500 yrds 25tds 5 ints

    I can see how you might get these 4 guys confused with one another.

    • say whaaaaaaa? i havent got passed line 1. are you sleepy but want to dance?

    • Vinny, get ready for this one… I agree 100 percent with you on this. Clearly foals is doing everything needed to run this offense and leaves the rest in the dust.

      • Stupid voice to text… *foles.

    • John Elway after two years starting
      53% completion %age 25 tds 29 int’s 179 yd avg per start 67.9 passer rating

      Nick Foles after starting 12 games
      62% completion %age 25 tds 5 ints 252 yards per start 98.7 passer rating
      Not Enough!
      Nick Foles could throw 50 straight ints and still have a higher passer rating than Geno Smith who’s QBR is 10.0 lol…pathetic.

      Not even John Elway would have been good enough for Koolbreeze.

  • yawn- again we dance….

    1) Foles lost in preseason.
    2) Vick won in preseason
    3) Vick played well enough to put up points and win games. (hard to beat P. Manning’s Den. and the chiefs. Should have won the SD game (where the d?)
    4) Vick got hurt.
    5) Foles lightes it up.
    6) Barring 4 really really bad games…. Foles earns the starting job all of next year)
    7) Go from there.

    All this crap about wanting to be right… or be the first guy who called it… or.. all this stupidity about either guy you wanted… WHYYYYYYY???? We are winning and our QB is rocking it. AND…. dare I say it… we may have the best backup QB in the NFL. What are you losers crying about??

    • say whaaaaaaa? i havent got passed line 1. are you sleepy but want to dance?

    • I’ll call out the frauds on here as I please, esp the delusional idiots/racists who call themselves Eagle fans when they couldn’t find Philadelphia on a map.
      Its funny that you mention “losers crying” on the board. You constantly cry about people talking about the QB position. Do you really think the Eagle fans on here are going to listen to you before they think to talk about a position of the team cause clearly no one fucking cares what you say. Eagle fans are free to talk about what they want in regard to their team, esp the most important position in deciding a future Superbowl. Only a real loser would spend time in their day to read things they obviously don’t want to talk about. What kind of lunatic does that

      • Yawn. Ignore.

      • And so will I.

        • Very sleepy

          • very corny

    • And this is why there claims of guys like you, bigs, myself, Real, TS, and a few others as being fans of JUST VICK were/are bogus. You spend as much time qualifying your statements this way just to prove you’re not a biased fan. You and many of us have done this. We’ve just all made the mistake of just calling out pure BS and obsession with one player. Even now in the midst of an outstanding run by Foles, THEY STILL can’t leave you know who out of it.

      • Yup.

        • While I don’t doubt real talk is a fan I do with ts. But it’s noticeable those 2 big mouths have had very little to say the past few weeks

          • Of course you would in regards to TS. Funny thing though. Many doubted whether you, jake, Vinnie, and quite a few others were real fans even before the season started the way y’all carried on about a certain player.

            • Yep

            • whoever questioned peoples fan allegiance who hated on vick are stupid.

              the guy stunk. sorry i and we dont / didnt want to know heading into a season we will be below average and have horrid qb play. i felt the way about vick that i did when we were starting doug pederson, it was a fact we would stink before going into day 1 and what real fan wants that?

              • The logic in which you believe, the Eagles stunk because of QB play is asinine! utterly ridiculous! The defense wasn’t half as good as they are now…Kelly’s play calling has been much more consistent. The play of certain players all around the boards has improved. From Nate Allen, to Lane Johnson. Its a team sport, son…what we are watching nowadays, is complete team play…not just one player…What would of happened had the defense allowed 35 points every game this year? I’ll tell you, more losses!
                Its getting old, its the same ole shit on here just a different day…
                Still waiting on a solid article on the Eagles D from this site…
                Back to BleedGreenNation for the remainder of the day!

              • Not sure what’s so hard to understand qb play is the most important position on every team. Nobody has more influence on a season than that position. I didn’t want doug and I didn’t want Vick and I didn’t want kolb. You can’t compete for a title with these guys no matter your other personnel, your coaches , nothing you just can’t.

                Now you made your point quite clear but 11 years and the eye test says your wrong. Wanting Vick to be the qb proves that the people who wanted that either care more about Vick than the team or just don’t comprehend the reality that he is an awful qb and always had been

          • I’ve been on plenty. Check the Cardinals threads playboy. I just don’t spend my time arguing with you fools anymore…too many of ya’ll are still bitching about a player who isn’t even playing anymore.

            Can’t go a single thread without some dumb shit from you, Jake, Vin, and several others. Typical. I’ve (generally) ignored ya’ll hence the “not too much to say).

            As usual you’re wrong and a fool…continue to show your ignorange. MBitch.

            • I’ve been on plenty. Check the Cardinals threads playboy. I just don’t spend my time arguing with you fools anymore…too many of ya’ll are still bitching about a player who isn’t even playing anymore.

              Can’t go a single thread without some dumb shit from you, Jake, Vin, and several others. Typical. I’ve (generally) ignored ya’ll hence the “not too much to say”.

              As usual you’re wrong and a fool…continue to show your ignorance. MBitch

              • ‘Translation of the post above – I was wrong about everything I ever said on here ever because I am a stupid, obese, unemployed heffer and I am too embarrassed to come around anymore. I was wrong that we wouldn’t be able to the run the ball anymore, I was wrong about vick putting butts in seats, I was wrong that foles is like Alex Smith, I was wrong that when I said we wouldn’t throw the ball deep anymore. Combine all that with the fact that I now realize Vick isnt 50% the QB Foles is on Foles worst day and Vicks best and I hang my head in shame.

                Now I have nothing to come on here and argue about and I cant post my factless statements anymore because it is too obvious I was wrong every single time I posted.

                I am not on here as much because I have changed my focus to losing weight and writing about weight loss on blogs.’

                my response:

                congrats ts on admitting your mistakes, you have a lot of character. i am also glad you decided to try to lose weight and get more healthy, I hope it leads you to living a long life.

              • MBitch at it again.

                Still the most ignorant, dumb son of a bitch on GCobb. Well next to Jake and Vinnie. Such a Keyboard Gangsta. *rolls eyes*

              • Neat I another fact less post by ts, you are an expert in the faceless posting category. Hopefully you will be as good at losing weight because you are a cow. I hope you find a job one of these days too, I know your creditors are hoping the same so that you will start paying off your debt.

                Maybe you can help me , I have often wondered how poor people can be so fat. Logic would say they should be skinny because they can’t afford enough to keep them fat. How does that work?

  • If u are reffering to me..
    Um… try again. Ive been talking about the eagles sinse jaws days. I didnt want vick but i wasnt going to cry for 5 years about him. if pheags thinks i dont know where philly is… someone will have to explain to me why i grew up at shriners hospital in philly. Spent 4-6 months in the hospital throughout the 80’s. Sixers would show up to bring our christmas presents and i once played

    • Yeah, I don’t think he was referring to you.

      You spent 4-6 months in Shriners hospital on Broad Street, or on Roosevelt Blvd.?

      I was born, raised, educated, and married within one mile of Shriners hospital on Roosevelt Blvd.

      • Rossevelt. Many birthday parties in the back. Best yard in the world.

        • sorry- 4-6 months a year btw.

    • I don’t think he was referring to you Stevo, you are one of the most level headed guys on here, I let my anger get the best of me with the two idiots but I know we are all Eagle fans but some of us in a rush to be right disparage guys we need to be rooting for. I will stand up and say it looks like Nick Foles is proving me wrong because I didn’t think he was a winning NFL QB, I changed my tune during the pre season because it was apparent to me we had two QB’s who could produce in this offense but this kid has taken it to another level.

    • I wasn’t referring to you in regard to not knowing Philly. My point about you is that you cry nonstop about Eagles fans taking about the QB position as if anyone gives a shit to what you or anyone else thinks before they post. You are a hypocrite. You don’t like when people bitch about the QB, yet all you do is bitch about why people talk about the QB. Not too hard to understand

      And of course its fun to expose the racist fraud “Eagles” fans for what they are. If you didn’t notice, just see how many of them disappeared all of a sudden.

      • agree with both points… to a point.

        1) Agree- i try not to dive in but some of the stuff you guys say just drives me nuts. Guys like Vinnie have what they wanted all along and he still cant stop crying about the backup. Do you see how silly that is?

        2) Agree 100%- anyone who put the name on the back ahead of the name on the front is mind boggling for me. I just dont get it.

        Hypocrite??- eh- thats a bit much…. but so is most of the crap you say.

        • Look closely…I only ever mention the backup in response to twits like Kool and to a lesser extent Big who still pine for their hero.

          Though you must admit, its hard not to forget about the backup when his offense fell behind in 3 of the first 4 starts. When he pick 6ed vs KS (in a game lost by 10)

          Where, as a veteran starting QB he completely stunk vs both KC and Denver and then again against the Giants.

          I know your story is that the O was just as good no matter who….that may be true for games 1 and 2, but not 3 and 4.

          He was leading an offense that was completely anemic those games. Win one of them and the Birds are in the drivers seat with a win in hand.

          It is unfortunate the Eagles went that route to begin the season. They’d be in better shape if they hadn’t.

          The only time I mention the backup is when idiots like Koolbreeze spout off about how the team is just lucky under Foes, or would be better with the former superstar at the helm.

          The move to Foles has revitalized the team. Energized it. You dismiss the complete change in team psychology/attitude that began when the move was made. Gone from “not again” to “look what we have here!” Excitement.

          its more important than you think.

          • Vinnie what you fail to realize is that this isn’t about Vick being bad its about how great Foles has been. There are only 4-5 QBs in the NFL that would start for the Eagles over Foles now. Brees, Manning, Rogers and Brady and probably Cam and Wilson. Dalton would be Foles backup, RGIII, Ponder, Rothlisberger, Weeden, Smith, Smith I could go on and on. Foles has played lights out and would start over 80% of the QBs in the NFL. Its a testament to his play.This is way more about his great play than Vicks lousy play.

            • Just stop idiot # 1. Be happy that your man crush looks to be the franchise QB, I respond to your attacks on a guy for no damn reason, it’s not all about his play. During a write up about Vick being a good teammate and knowing that Foles is the guy everybody talked about maybe he likes it here and would be willing to stay as a back up. Your response was something about he’ll take the most money because he has to pay for his cars. You hate and it blinds you, you are a fraud just like your son Jake.

              • And you’re so selusional and blinded you can’t even recognize a joke dumbass.

              • No- his man crush got traded to the cards. If you think he is bad now… go back and see what he said about Kolb.

                Vinnie, its not about Vick. Its about how well Foles has grown.

                And… bogus about only responding to twits….. you’ve managed a Vick slam on a post about the food served at the complex- you are obsessed and should relax.

                Also- why cant you just understand that we played the friggin Broncos at the start? CRAP…… see…… you made me do it again. MOVE ON!!

          • We would also be in drivers seat if we beat Dallas too, or does that game count you flipping idiot.

            • Injury much? You will notice I did not mention the superstar’s game(s) vs the giants because he was hurt, or back from injury too early…so if I didn;t mention either of those (I kept it to the stinkers vs Denv and KC) then why mention the dallas game when Foles was also clearly hurt from early on.

              • Yep make a borderline racist comment and write off as a joke. Typical and predictable just what I ex

  • Vinnie I too believe that your anti-christ is a below average qb and stated that many times on here. his followers can be annoying and blind but I believe you may be sick– are you one of those guys that has vick posters all over his wall with X’s over his face or a bullseye painted over him?

    • Had a dartboard specially made.

    • Cigar annoying is being labeled a Vick follower and reading so called fans talk nonsense. Like brewski and I have stated that fuels the anger on this site. Keep joking with the idiots and it allows them to keep posting crap.

    • Just like you have an altar & dark room for Amaro! Hypocrite! STFU!

      • Were you born a whiney asshole or is it something you’ve grown into?

        • You know about @$$holes, don’t you butt-miner? Because you are so far up Amaro’s @$$, he needs a colonoscopy, to find you! Don’t throw stones in a glass house, trying to crrect people, you f^#@ing POS hypocrite!

          • Only in your internet tough guy fantasy world! I will post as I please so stfu . Quit your constant whining and phony I’ll kick your ass internet persona

  • BL you have engaged him over and over again on this thread– don’t lecture me about ‘allowing them to keep posting’
    and you by the way are a reasonable vick supporter– i was pointing to the lunatic fringe as i was pointing to vv being on the lunatic fringe.

    • Thank you cigar, it just annoys me sorry if I jumped on you.

      • See there you go.

        “Yep make a borderline racist comment and write off as a joke.”

        The guy is all over the internet last week (2 weeks ago – whatever) because HE HIMSELF launched a website shoing off all his cars, plus having other athletes do the same.

        So I say, IN JEST, MV will go to the highest contract because he has to pay for his cars.

        And you say that’s “borderline Racist.”

        And then, with a straight face, you say others view things through bias and prejudice.

        • Stop being naive or playing stupid. If you don’t understand how that can be construed as being borderline racist then I can’t help you idiot.

        • Damn you vinnie just when i call you the most obsessed lunatic on the internet I read your post, google ‘mike vick cars’ and he has a web site touting his 5 tricked out high end cars…i thought he was more mature than that! his earning’s are way down, he doesn’t have $100 mil in the bank….filed for bankruptcy once and now wasting his limited cash is being spent tricking out cars… damn– i love the advice herm edwards gives to players, he calls it the rule of 1—1 wife or girlfriend, 1 car, 1 piece of nice jewelry, one house etc….

          • No no no no Haveacigar. Bring up that very website, make a joke about it and you are a racist just like me. So watch yourself there with talk about fiscal responsibility……..because Biglion will ‘know’ where your true intentions lie…..

            • i get along with BL just fine i believe he is reasonable– you sir are a bit obsessed. Do you have the capacity to comment on any other player or situation?

              • Very reasonable.

                Vick posts a website. I crack a joke.

                He calls me a racist.

                Very reasonable.

            • vickapologists now congratulate themselves for being eagle fans unconditionally and detectives with the ability to decipher who, what, why, where, when, and how posters hate vick and love foles which they then congratulate and reassure themselves again that they are unconditionally eagles fans –LOL
              Nick will stumble or get injured and the avalanche of repressed love will over flow for Mike Vick from every corner of their unconditional eagle fandom like gitty school girls.

              • Why are you even here? Your not even a fan based on your name so nobody gives a damn what you have to say.

              • Look below.

                Biglion “knows” you are not a fan because of the internet name you chose.

                Of course his name means he will be cheering for Detroit this weekend. Biglion. That’s why he’s all pissy about my slagging Matt Stafford a bit. He’s a Lions fan. Its clear.

            • No we can talk about your dumbass comments about Matthew Stafford wearing his hat backwards, you are such a clown.

              • Am I a racist for making fun of the fact that he wears his hat backwards?

  • Mike Vick only won more than 8 games once in his entire career, LOL.
    Stats like that is why Vinnie is the best.

  • Can we effin talk about how to beat the Lions instead of the same conversation that has been going on for 5 months now. Cripes.

    Foles is the starter for the rest of the season. Some people have to accept that and others have to stop effin beating their chests about it. There is venom, hypocrisy and fanatics on both sides.

    I wanna know what the Eagles are gonna do to stop the Bush/Bell combo and of course Megatron. The lions are good at getting those RBs into space and they like to run a lot of screens. I think that the LBs are gonna have to have a very strong game to keep them contained. We all know that Stafford will throw picks, so they need to get some pressure on him and force him into bad throws.

    • Sure Bugsy keep the pocket clean for Foles and hold Megatron under 200. Another very winnable game.

    • Containing RB/Scat back Reggie Bush is the Key to slowing down the Lions..
      Megatron is going to get his Catch’s & Make Plays. no matter what
      Watch for Nate Burleson, back from injury and he’s one of the WR’s who lulls you to sleep and then does a double-move up the sideline once or twice a game and is sneaky fast
      A big contributor tot he Lions Passing game is WR Kris Durham, who has bcome one of Stafford’s security blankets and who he looks for on 3rd Down and is more of that middle of the field possesion type of Receiver with Good Hands and has a knack of getting open..
      Lions are using TE Pettigrew more this year and back-up TE Joseph Fauria once in the Red-Zone a lot .. Fauria has 11 Catch’s but 6 for Touchdowns ..

      Bottom line here is that Eagles must get pressure on Stafford and get him off his spot and make him move a little and not have his feet set on space where he can step up.. Stafford has a tendancy to throw while back-pedaliing which can lead to Int’s Opportunities..

  • This defensive line scares the hell out of me.. they are good… this is a tough game for the birds….

    • Cigar, I thought the same thing this year and last year, but they never seem to produce up to expectations. They are still giving up 24 points a game (more than the Bird’s D) Arizona has a better defense than the Lions, so I am not scared of them as much as I am afraid of the potential of the offense.

      Overall, this team has been and is an underachieving, inconsistent, undisciplined group and that comes down to who their coach is. Schwartz has never been able to get the best out of his players or any consistency whatsoever.

  • Yes- Im done dancing with the idiots….

    This D is good- the line is dominant BUT…. we can beat them the same way we beat the cards….. fast accurate throws. Here’s my gameplan….

    On D

    -stop bush. you cant stop megatron… you just cant. So, make sure we limit bush.
    – beat up their TE’s. make them feel it after every catch. Not dirty.. just hard hitting.

    On O

    – Copper- I have a feeling that Cooper has one of his best games. Their CB’s are small and we should be able to get it to him.
    – Shady may struggle but I think they should use some screens to get it to him in space.
    – Let er FLY!!! Djax’s speed could really destroy them… look for him to really find space.

    I see LOTS of yards in the air this week and Foles gets his record.

    • That’s why the oline has to keep the pocket clean there is yards to be had against this secondary. Foles will have another huge day if the protection holds up.

  • Quick screens to Shady and move DJax around to get him in space…Quick strikes will render the Lions defense somewhat compromised. I don’t think they will be able to handle the Eagles air game. Lions D is impossible to run on, however, we will have to try in order to keep them honest.

    Our defense will just have to continue to be physical…no, megatron can not be stopped, however, I do believe we can limit their backs, both Bush and Bell. The key to stopping the lions air attack is to pressure, harass and pound Stafford early in the game to force him into mistakes and get happy feet. Stafford is mistake prone when the heat is applied to him!

    Go Eagles!!!

    • FYI

      Reggie Bush (calf) was limited to light individual during Thursday’s practice.
      Bush didn’t have his helmet and didn’t do any cutting off his troublesome calf. He’ll likely be listed as a non-participant at practice for the second straight day. At this point, it looks like Bush is shaping up as a game-time call ahead of Sunday’s 1pm ET start against the Eagles. Joique Bell needs to be owned in every single format just in case.

  • @vinnie no, it makes you an asshole for bringing up Stafford wearing his hat backwards idiot.

    • You so sure about that?

      Lots of talk in and around Detroit about Stafford’s comittment. His lack of prep, laizzez-faire attitude.

      His propensity to be photographed rocking the spring break like a Uni freshman, his sideline demeanor, and yes, his juvenile clothing choices are all contributing factors to that.

      Stafford (and others) know what proper professional attire should be. Its a long standing tradition. Ignoring that, and in fact flaunting that he ignores the standards set out for his profession, and instead still dressing and acting like a 17 year old (generous) tell us a lot about the man and his professionalism. His comitment to his trade.

      Certainly tells us more than an internet moniker. You continually tell everyone here you ‘know’ people based on their names here….so there you go doubletalking again.

      Ok for Biglion to ‘know’ someone, comment on someone, insult someone based on their internet name….but rip anyone who does the exact same thing based upon how someone dresses.

      Your hyprocasy is incredible.

      • Yep same talk on here about how a selfish me first guy Vick is right? See idiot I’m from SEC country and his character and commitment has never been questioned down here. That young man has never been in any trouble but you pick on him because he wears his hat backwards you are a clown with no common sense a get off my lawn asshole. I’m a lions can because of my screen name? I guess that 821 after my name doesn’t clue you in on the lion part you unbelievable idiot.

      • Coming from the lying idiot who can’t keep his word questioning someone’s character because he wears his hat backwards. Talking about hypocrisy. LOL

        • “I’m a lions can because of my screen name?”

          Awww…are you pissy about that? Don’t like it? Hurt your clearly fragile feelings?

          Funny, because yesterday, in regards to Eagles0Superbowls you wrote:
          “Why are you even here? Your not even a fan based on your name so
          nobody gives a damn what you have to say.”

          How does that go about “if you’re going to dish it our you should be willing to…..”

          Never mind. Clearly doesn’t apply to your kind of doubletalk morality.

          To review:

          1 – Vinnietheevictor is a bad person because he didn’t live up to a ‘bet’ made between 2 made up internet named ‘people’ who have never actually net in real life. Bigcharlatan is sill so offended by the bet between two people who have never met that he slags on and on about it for months. He says, people who don’t live up to their word have no moral fibre…
          ….yet he consantly challenges Jakedog to fights knowing damn well there will never be any fight.

          2 – Vinniethevictor is a racist because he cracked a joke about the cost of the cars in the car website Mike Vick himself has been promoting.

          3 – Eagles0superbowls is not an eagles fan because of his made up blog moniker. Bigcharlatan can make this judgement about Eagles0 because he knows what type of person Eagles0 is due to his made up screen name.

          Bigcharlatan is of course allowed to judge anyone he wants based on their screen names, jokes about cars or anything else he’d like. He is allowed to make comitments he will never keep, but if anyone else does the same they are of low moral fibre.

          I can just picture you sitting at your keyboard during one of your…. bebe-la-la hissy fits…fists all clenched and shaking.

          Dude, your whining is pathetic.

          And BTW – Astrology hasn’t been ‘hip’ since 1972.

          • my screen name is a direct shot at Jeff Lurie’s Championshipsssssssssss speech and Joe Banner comparing the Eagles franchise to Pittsburgh —
            BigLion loves Mike Vick, I understand it is hard for him to watch Vinnie be correct every time he writes about Vick but The Victor is. I can’t tell BigLion who to Love his heart decides that on his own. It is not wrong to be different BigLove, you can love Vick all you want.

            • It’s not about Vick or did you graduate from the same non comprehension institute of Canada that Vinnie graduated from? Go cheer for the Steelers.

          • Sorry idiot I just like pointing out how stupid you are, comprehend much Jake with his race baiting makes me want to literally punch his lights out but you don’t get that because his race baiting in your words gives him big balls. LOL you cannot deflect your lack of character idiot you just can’t. Attacking a kid with no apparent character issues because he wears his hat backwards that’s you dumbass. Researching stats for your man crush that’s you dumbass, having no character that’s you dumbass.

            • “Attacking”

              You are such a puss. Sorry to have hurt your best buddy Matt Stafford’s feelings. Didn’t know he was so special to you. Your name does say you’re the BigLion though.

              BTW – challenging people to fights from behind a keyboard with no intention of ever backing them up is juvenile. Guess what pinhead, my dad can beat up your dad.

              Pretending to ‘know’ who someone is based on their moniker or what they talk about this player or that is inane.

              You want to keep playing ring around the rosie for another couple months? Suits your bebe-la-la tantrums.

              Go wear your new hero Matt Safford’s jersey this weekend and enjoy the game.

              • Shut your dumb ass up!

              • No I’d rather you honor your word and go away since that won’t happen because you have no character, I’ll keep calling you idiot #1 and like real talk says below this, to shut your dumb ass up.

  • This team is on a 4 game win streak, right? You would not know it from reading this string. I have been moving the past 2 weeks and didn’t have much internet access, but watching the Birds play has been great.

    Jake…you lost me dude. Longtime poster, plenty of football experience and knowledge, and wild passion for the team, but the recent rants aimed at race-baiting on GCobb has no place here. Sure, there are others on here that consistantly only view the team through a prism of race, it doesn’t excuse the comments or make them acceptable. I disagree, plain and simple.

    This team is showing that they are growing TOGETHER as a TEAM. The coaching staff is learning and growing. The players are communicating and learning from mistakes. This is a team on the RISE. Are we there yet? Surely not, but this is a team on the asend, not the desend like we have seen from AR over the past 4 years.

    Enjoy the team bird fans. We are tied for 1st in the division and it is the second week of December. We have a coach with a plan, and things will only get better over the next few years as his staff gets expereience and we find some players to plug some of our most obvious holes.

    Watch out Lions….we are establishing a new home win streak record at the Linc….GO BIRDS!!!

  • I’m with you Green. I think that this game like most will come down to turnovers, and I will take the Birds because of that. The Lions are sloppy with the ball (Stafford 14 picks) and fumbling issues with Bush. Plus although the defense can be dominant against the run, they give up a lot of passing yards and are undisciplined.

    I like the Eagles in a high scoring affair.

    • As far as the Lions are concerned, there is no doubt that they are a good team, a talented team. However, if you look at there stats at Home versus Away, there are big differences. They are a Dome team, and they play like a Dome team on the road. Megatron has crazy stats (I know, I have him on my fantasy team), but if you go a little deeper, he has half as many receptions on the road compared to at home, and 500 yds versus 800 yds receiving. With Sunday looking like it will be a cold and blustery winter day, I would believe that it will play in the Birds favor. Yeah, they are a good team, but to become a good team we will have to consistantly beat good teams, especially at home.
      I am really looking forward to seeing how our offense does against this defensive line and the Washburn wide-9. I am sure that he will have those guys trying to play out of their minds in defense of his precieved disrespectful departure last season. It will be a great test for our offense, but as we learned the past few seasons, the wide-9 opens some opportunities that can be exploited. I cannot wait till Sunday!! GO BIRDS!!!

      • Absolutely. Their splits for the road are bad and it is gonna be in the 30s on Sunday with potential light snow.

  • “I’d rather you honor your word and go away since that won’t happen because you have no character”

    Just as soon as you honour yours, spend some of your allowance on a bus ticket, and stop Jake’s ass like you promised.

    • Don’t need to his punk ass isn’t posting any race baiting posts anymore that you think gives him big ball status. LOL so idiot #2 is gone and you need to honor your word and follow.

    • I’ll be flying up for the Cowboy game, care to join me idiot #1?

  • This is getting out of control. We are all grown men and we should realize by now that we can’t even control the morality of our next door neighbor who we see in person everyday. How can you expect to control the thoughts and words of posters on a public bulletin board.

    Please, just stop responding to each other if you can’t keep it to football.

    • I’m trying Irish, I really am but FYI your basically doing the same thing. LOL telling us not to respond to each other. And Vinnie since you struggle with comprehension I’ll go slow I will be in Philly the week of the Cowboy game and I will be at xfinity live to see Jeff/Denny do you care to join me?

      • im in big. see you there. go birds. i hope ts comes i want to smack dat ass

      • And Irish I’m just busting your chops you are correct. This does need to stop!!!!!

  • I have family coming to town for that game, but I might sneak over to Xfinity.

    I’ll have on my Sunday clothes though, so I wont be able to wrestling around with any of you fellows. LOL

    • LOL

    • While I doubt someone who has been so obsessed with the ‘bet’ and has spent over 10,000 words commenting on it over the past 3 months is suddenly going to stop, it would be for the best.

      As for the invite….this will be the first year in the past 25 that I will not be making it to Philly to see a game (or two). Not going to cross the Atlantic for a game (well, perhaps for the SB)

      My being over here is, without a doubt, one of the leading reasons the Eagles will probably make the game. Would be apropos. One of the reasons I chose to come to Europe this year and not next was because I figured the Birds had no chance….(esp with you know who coming back for his final flop of a season)

      Eagles in a SB game that I’d have to watch alone from midnight till 4am one Sunday night! Fitting.

      • Unlike you idiot I can keep my word, so this is my final response to you in regards to anything you post football related or not so I’ll give you the opportunity one last time to fire away no matter how idiotic or ridiculous. So let er rip idiot. BTW this has been fun and it’s a shame you can’t make it across the pond.

        • Come on fellas you knew I was gonna get one last good dig in before I called it quits. LOL back to football unless that idiot Jake shows up again.

          • Just let me know when your big promised rumble will be so I can set up my lawnchair and grab a bag of popcorn for the big showdown. (that we all know will never happen – nor care that it will never happen).

            • xfinity live bouncers will be breaking up Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca type fights when Denny and Jeff herd these dingbats into a confined space week 17, lol!

              • Those guys carried that grudge for 50 years! (Almost as long as Biglion has been complaining about “the bet”)

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