• August 16, 2022

Eagles “D” Must Not Go Too Far Trying To Stop Calvin “Megatron” Johnson

CalvinJohnson1At times, it’s hard for players or coaches to describe the greatness of  Detroit’s Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.  Yesterday they tried to give us an idea of how dominant this guy can be.

“Everything combined, with his height, his long arms, his speed, his vertical ability, just everything, nickel back Brandon Boykin said yesterday in describing Johnson.  “He’s the ultimate receiver, probably the best in the game.”

“Megatron” seems to be from another planet at times.  He’s a freak of nature at 6’5″ 245 pounds with long arms, a 42 inch vertical jump and he’s run a 4:38 forty yard dash.  At times he’s just unstoppable.

“I mean, you look at the Cowboys game, you would think when you have a guy triple covered, they’re not going to throw the ball to him”, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said.  “[Matthew Stafford] Staffs throws it to him and he goes up and catches it.”

“The combination of his size and his speed and explosiveness, I don’t think there’s anybody like that in this league.  He can just go get the football.

“I think sometimes when you’re playing people, you can say, ‘Hey, if we double this guy with our play call, we got two good guys that can double him. You’re in good shape.’  They’re still going to throw it up and a lot of times he goes and gets it.  That’s what makes it really difficult with him.”

The Eagles shouldn’t get ridiculous in trying to stop Megatron because that will open things up for the rest of the Detroit receivers.  You can’t try to put three guys on him.  You should double team him, but don’t overdo it and allow their lesser receivers to have career days.

This is like playing Michael Jordan or LeBron James, they’re going to get theirs, but you don’t want to open things up so much for their teammates, that mediocre players have career days.  Johnson is going to get his and you must compete with him, but letting the other guys have big days will sink you.

If Kris Durham, Reggie Bush, Brandon Pettigrew, or Joique Bell have huge days, you know the Eagles are in trouble.  It would best if they contain Johnson and shut these guys down. Mychal Kendricks must do a good job of covering Bush out of the backfield.  He’s capable of making big plays.

The other thing the Eagles can’t do is be in awe of Johnson, like they were of Peyton Manning in the Denver game.  Johnson is a great and they should respect him, but you can’t be in awe of your competition and expect to have any success.

Every time Matthew Stafford throws his way, the Eagles defensive backs must go up and compete for the football.  Stafford has thrown 14 interceptions, so he’s going to give the secondary the opportunity to pick the ball off.


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  • LB Kendricks covering Bush is a big mismatch G-Man,
    Kendricks does not have the lateral quickness – I suggest the Eagles use DB Boynkin on Bush and follow him wherever he goes when in the slot, in motion or lined up as a Receiver which he is many times..
    Don’t sleep on Nate Burleson who runs the double, post up and up route as well as anyone in the NFL.. He is sneaky fast..
    WR Kris Durham is more of a possesion-type of WR who has become a favorite target of Staffords on 3rd Downs, not very fast or athletic, just a good route runner with good hands and was a Teammate of Stafford’s while he was at Universisty of Georgia and have played together for years..
    Now look at the TE’s of the LIons
    Brandon Pettigrew is the main recieving target in the middle of the field and has approx 40 Receptions at 10 Yards per Catch and 2 TD’s but the Te to watch is Joseph Fauria who only has 11 Catches, but 6 of those have went for TD’s so be on the look out once inside the Red-Zone
    RB Joquie Bell is a versatile Back who can run between the Tackles, Catch the ball out of the Backfield and block pretty well when staying in the backfield… Reggie Bush is the big play back, but Bell is the tough yards back..

    • Bush will burn Boykins as well Paul…Boykins struggles against equally, or faster, shifty, players like Bush…and Bush is much stronger which is why G suggested Kendricks…but I agree with you my friend….. Kendricks, struggled spying Terrell Pryor, in fact was embarrassed……He’s got no shot with Bush.

  • We will have our hands full with Detroit’s offense…Bush has got serious explosiveness…we have to be discipline and have good sound gap control or he will hurt us in the run game

    • Bush is dealing with a calf injury. He didn’t practice, perhaps some of that explosion will be turned into a poof!

  • is Patrick Chung color blind? where he thinks red is green because he knocked Trent Cole off a Washington Fullback for a touchdown and Boykin off Fitzgerald for a TD. Maybe Detroit wearing blue will help Chung recognize who to correctly hit.

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