• May 27, 2022

Nick Foles Tries To Explain What Happened In The First Cowboys Game

NickFoles5It was Sunday October the 20th, when the Eagles lost that game at Lincoln Financial Field to the Cowboys by the score of 17-3.  The pathetic play of the Eagles offense left some Birds fans traumatized because they couldn’t believe how badly the Birds offense played especially quarterback, Nick Foles.

The offense couldn’t do anything and Foles didn’t play like  the guy we’ve seen excel for all the rest of the season.  He was awful that day, missing wide open receivers, failing to see other wide open receivers and holding on the ball much too long.

In that game, he completed only 11 of 29 pass attempts for 80 yards and zero touchdowns for a 46.2 quarterback rating.  I remember him throwing the ball over the head of tight end Brent Celek, who was totally wide open on the play.   And on possibly Foles’ worst play of the season, he missed a wide open Jason Avant, who was in the end zone and the pass was so bad that it almost wound up being an interception.

Foles was eventually knocked out of the game in the second half after rolling out to his right and holding on the ball for much too long.

On Tuesday, the second-year starter was peppered with questions about his awful performance in that game.

“It’s just something in life that if you try to figure it out it will drive you crazy,” Foles said. “It’s easy to say it’s a bad day. If I look into every meaning, every little thing, everything I did, I would be driving myself crazy.

“Everyone wants an answer, but the answer is we had a bad day. Tough games like that, tough things in life like that, it hurts you. It doesn’t feel good. You feel it in your heart. It’s not fun. But you learn how to get better. You overcome obstacles and you grow together as a team and that’s the beauty of it.”

Foles admitted that although he tried hard to resist it, he hasn’t been able to resist thinking back to that awful game from time to time.

“There is time when you do flash back”, Foles said. “You can’t help it.  I just smile and I thank the good Lord for the opportunity, cause it is crazy after the Dallas game and all the emotions you feel trying to get healthy.  Just for our team to stay together throughout that entire time, when we went on a two-game skid and we weren’t doing very well.  The coaching staff kept us together, everybody in this Nova Care building, [everybody] in this city kept us together   We grew together as a team.  That’s why it’s so special right now we’re playing a meaningful game.  The playoffs start this week for us. If we win this week, we keep going.  If we lose it’s over, so we know what’s on the line.”

For the last couple days, Foles and his teammates have been looking at what happened the first time against Dallas.  They have to look at the tape in order to correct the mistakes which were made.

“I look at it in a critical manner,” Foles said. “I know we’ve grown as a team since then. And I’m going to use it to try to get better. I’m going to look at where we made mistakes, where could we have capitalized where we didn’t.”

“We dropped balls, we weren’t on the same page at times with who to block,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “We threw the ball inaccurately at times. We didn’t do a good job coaching and give them the best opportunity to succeed as players. We just weren’t very good. We can’t do that this Sunday.”

Later today, Foles and the Eagles will back on the practice field as they zero in on the total game plan against the Cowboys.  From observing him all year, one of the keys to Foles’s success has been his laser-like focus on executing the game plan that Chip Kelly gives him.  The Eagles second-year quarterback uses the practice time during the week to get focused and relaxed in preparation for the game.

“The most important thing is to relax and play the game”, Foles said earlier in the week.  “We really have to focus this week.  Have a great week of preparation. When you have a great week of preparation, it takes a lot of that pressure off your shoulders.  You know you executed during the week.  You know you’re ready for them and all you have to do is go out there and execute and play the game.”

Chip Kelly emphasizes the importance of repetitions both on the field, as well as mental repetitions in the class room, on the computer screen in the Nova Care Complex and at home.  He wants his players to get to the point where they don’t even have to think about executing the game plan.

“This is why you play the game”, Foles said.  “You play the game for meaningful games at the end of the season to give you team an opportunity to play in the NFL it’s for in the playoffs.”

On a side note, Foles played down the talk that he grew up rooting for the Cowboys.  He squashed that notion on Tuesday, when he talked about being a fan of the Texas Longhorns rather than the Dallas Cowboys.

“You know I was in Austin.  In Austin there’s the University of Texas.  That was a my professional team growing up was the University of Texas as a kid.   I went to the Texas Longhorns games.   Major Applewhite was always the quarterback that I liked.  I was a big fan of him.  Vince Young was there at the end of it.”


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  • You know what I like

    That for the last 2 months, every picture of the QB posted here under the headlines show a guy (usually in the pocket) standing straight up with both feet on the ground and the ball up by the shoulders, ready to throw.

  • You know what I like? If the defense only gives up 17 points Sunday night, this will be a 20 point victory and playoffs here we come!!!!!

  • Keys to Victory for Eagles:
    Run the Ball…give the ball to Shady…feed the monster…let the offensive line dominate. Keep Foles out of situations where he has to make tough passes in tight windows…Run The Ball! Defensively…shut down the Dallas running game and make Orton have to throw the ball down the field…crowd the line, take away the short easy throws that Dallas will probably try to employ to get him into the game…

    • excellent points.

      If Eagles will win on Shady’s legs along with the defense playing on receivers without giving a cushion.

      Take away the short stuff while applying pressure. BLITZ! BLITZ! BLITZ!

      Follow this game plan and the Eagles win 47 – 3.

      If the Dallas cowboys dink and dunk while converting third downs,playing keep away from the Eagles then all bets are off, because you can’t have a wounded hanging around.

      If they hang around Foles will go into the same mode we saw in October.

      My bet is a heavy dose of Shady and mid range passes to TE’s which leads to rushing TD’s to get us up early…then GRAVY BABY!!!!

      GO EAGLES!!!!


  • The only key to victory is that the Eagles dont get tight and play their game. The Eagles are a better team with or without Romo.

  • Has it been determined who made the decision to draft Nick Foles? Do we have Andy to thank, or is he a Howie pick? The 2012 draft class is looking like one of our best in years with 6 players making contributions on a regular basis. I’m not a huge Bryce Brown fan, but he’s better than most teams 7th round picks.

    • Cant blame the GM for bad picks and then wonder who made the good picks lol. The GM is responsible for who is drafted and FA brought in here.Give Howie all the credit. Andy was to busy coaching to be scouting college players.

      • You can’t dag? Really it’s what the experts on here do continuosly

    • I know a scout that was in the war room that draft day and foles was 100% AR decision. Say what you want bout the disastrous last two years but our prolific offense is all AR except ertz and Johnson. Chip is winning with Andy’s guys for sure.
      Before the ran chair gms start bashing. I met thAt scout at a wedding he played at UD with my nephew. He is now with KC

      • Reid was the reverse Buddy Ryan, except for two things. Beside one draft (3 secondary, Westbrook who I’m sure they envisioned as a spot player), he did fairly well on the offensive side(Except of Kolb- how’d that work out?). But he was ATROCIOUS, I mean HISTORICALLY bad on the defensive side. How many defensive ends after end after end were drafted. NO GOOD LINEBACKERS. NO SAFETIES. EVER!!!

        And then his application of philosophy. NO RECEIVERS. (Until one year. Then Jackson, Celek and Maclin, after the horse left the barn.) NEVER RUN. PASS, PASS, PASS.

        Yes give credit. Knew offensive line. Half a coach means a half a–ed team. That was Reid. Put him in the AFC of his period and struggle to make wild card. Steelers, Pats, Colts at their height? Reid was 3-17 against AFC playoff teams. 2-4 in KC after 9-0 start until he started playing a tougher schedule. 8 pro bowlers given to him. Can’t beat winning teams Always his Mo.

        Good riddance. Thank God.

        • (Except of Kolb- how’d that work out?)

          It worked out good – We traded Kolb and got Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round pick in 2012 – who turned out to be Mychal Kendricks.

  • I saw in an interview where Roseman singled out director of college scouting Anthony Patch who was high on Foles
    Then Doug Peterson liked what he saw at his pro day
    But ultimately It was Reid call to take Foles…
    So we should all really thank Big Red for the parting gift

    There are a lot of guys here who like to trash the GM for his picks …some have worked some have not…but 2012 & 2013 drafts has produced 8 or 9 starters for us..I would consider those good drafts

    • But they weren’t aggressive toward Wilson. Hmmm?

      • It was reported just last week that Reid wanted Wilson and would have pick him over Foles if he was still on the board.

  • What a great week here in Eagleland…..it is the holiday week……the Birds are in 1st place waiting for the last game of the season……we play those lowlife CowGirls on Sunday night….life is good.

    Shadey is set to break a franchise rushing record….DJax is set to break Mike Quick’s single season receiving yardage record….Foles is likely to set a season QB rating team record…..Chip Kelly has this offense setting marks in most every catagory. Can you imagine what he, his staff and this team will do together after a FULL offseason together and a year under their belts?? The rest of the NFC East had better make some changes, because the Eagles are only looking stronger and stronger over the next few years to come.

    The Birds defense has played very strong as a unit after a shakey start to the season. The pass rush and play up front has helped the linebackers play to the ball. The backfield, while not a strong point, has played very well against some of the better receivers in the league, and Williams and Fletcher have proven to be able to get the job done when needed. Billy Davis deserves a lot of credit, and with some new draft picks and maybe a FA addition, we look to get stronger next year.

    PLAYOFF’s baby…..it starts this week!! GO BIRDS!!

    GO BIRDS!!

  • Great article G, Reading what Foles said about the city and the team wanting to win is nothing short of inspirational!!! Right now as I read this I am wiping away tears of Joy!!! As an eagles fan you cant help but feel good about this team and what Foles has accomplished so far. He is a true leader. We are the luckiest fans in the world..

  • Good times!!

    No reason this O shouldn’t light the lamp come sunday…. Im praying our D has a Monster day!!

  • Yes Chip is winning with Andy’s guys. No doubt about it…Chip Kelly is a football genius. His innovations places him way above the pack and he should be coach of the year. He adjusts his system to the talents and limitations of the players. When receivers could not get open early in the year, Chip Kelly started using elaborate pick plays with crossing routes, placing DJax in the back field…this with domination of one of the best offensive lines in the league….with the best running back in the league has made the Eagles offense unstoppable!
    Masterful schemes and designs to plays that Chip brings is truly amazing! He also gets this city…”This is Philadelphia and we fight!”
    Inspirational, masterful playcalling and coaching…
    Chip Kelly is the Coach of the Year…no matter what happens this upcoming Sunday.

    • Still can’t do it can you?

    • All those things are true koolbreeze. And if you mix Kelly’s genius with:

      a league leading 118.7 QB rating
      a league leading 9.0 yards/attempt
      a league leading 14.1 yards/completion
      a league leading 8.6 TD percentage
      a league leading 7.93 Net Yards/attempt

      That adds up to wins.

  • Neither Foles nor the Eagles will mention anything about his possibly sustaining a concussion earlier in the game to avoid butting heads with the NFL over their head injury policy.

    Here is what Chip Kelly said in his press conference the Monday after the game:
    He didn’t say when Foles got the concussion, and really doesn’t go into much detail:

    Reporter: ‘Does Foles have a concussion?’

    Chip Kelly: ‘Yes, he does have a concussion.’

    R: ‘What’s his status?’

    CK: ‘It goes right into the league protocol of what you have to do. Same thing that Bradley Fletcher went through, Jon Dorenbos went through it when it happened in the preseason. So there are a series of tests he has to go through, and then he has to see an independent doctor before he can get cleared.’

    R: ‘Do you know what type of concussion, mild, severe?’

    CK: ‘No.’

  • I seem to remember Foles getting hit hard a few times early in that game, but I only saw fragments. I just remember that Foles didn’t look right at all.

    In this game, however, I don’t think the Cowboys are going to get any easy or cheap shots in, because Foles is now one of the Eagles meal tickets, while in that game he was still a ‘rookie’. Any attempts to mess with Foles, or McCoy, for that matter, will be met with a corresponding message from the Eagles, whether Romeo plays or not.

  • There was no way Foles was right that first Dallas game, he was concussed earlier, you just don’t go from that good, poised, smart to abysmal, he was struggling and to his credit as a man he didn’t make excuses

    Put the ball in Foles hands to make it happen

  • That was for koolbreeze who wants to minimize the accomplishments, ability of the young and very talented quarterback, probably the qb for the next ten years

  • Vinnie still talking shit .. but foles learned a ton from vick you can tell by the way he throws the ball and how his running form has changed.. Its his height which gives him an edge

    • Talking shit? If that’s how you read it….well who am I to disappoint?

      You’re right… I’m sure he learned a lot…like how to be accurate? No, that’s not it. To protect the ball? Nope, not that. To throw it away and not take unnecessary hits? Nope. To slide? Nope. Footwork? Clearly not. Pocket presence? Doubtful. Consistent dropbacks? Nope. Ummmm, how to throw a screen pass? No, not that. How to not ‘doink’ balls at the line? Probably not from Vick. Gotta be something,,,,,,Spreading the ball to multiple Wrs?,,,,nope. To take what the D is giving and not try for the TD every play? Nope. Read D? Nope. Hot WR on a blitz? Not from the superstar.

      Oh….but he taught him to run faster. This is what you are going with?

      Track and Field coach Vick has “changed Foles’ running form”??????

      You guys crack me up.

    • The Mensa master, at it again.

  • You may be right larwwd but regardless it’s a great story, peace

  • You are my man vinnie but you are missing the bigger picture here that larwd brings to the discussion

    It’s not about stats,, speed, arm, record, it’s about the relationship between a young qb and a veteran, we think Vick is not a good qb, but it’s obvious nick foles thinks differently

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