• August 15, 2022

Troy Aikman: Cowboys Offense Better With Orton Than Romo

TonyRomoandTroyAikmanFormer Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback and three-time Super Bowl winner, Troy Aikman said the Cowboys will be a better offense this Sunday night against the Eagles with Tony Romo out of the starting lineup and Kyle Orton in there for him. Aikman was doing an interview yesterday on Mike Francesca’s The Fan radio show, which is on in New York.

It was a shocking statement.

“I think it was a good pickup for the Cowboys to have (Orton) as a backup, said Aikman. “He’s been there now a couple of years, and he’s fully capable of doing whatever they want him to do within the offense.

“They’ll probably be a little more balanced and run DeMarco Murray more in this game, especially early, and they probably should have done that in other games, and I think because of that they’re going to be better on the offensive side of the ball. I expect the Cowboys to play well, at least offensively.”

Aikman assessment doesn’t really have anything to do with Romo’s ability but it’s an attack on Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, his coaching staff, and their tendency to pass the ball more than run it.  He was also critical of Romo’s knack for changing running plays into pass plays at the line of scrimmage.

How do you explain the play calling of the Cowboys, who were ahead 26-3 over the Packers, then they threw the ball 24 times, while only running it 8 times on a  day when Murray ran for 134 yards on only 18 carries?

I don’t know if I think the Cowboys are a better offense with Orton at the starting quarterback position, but I do think Dallas is going to give the ball to Murray more often with Orton at quarterback than they would have with Romo behind center.



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  • Aikman may be right..

    Clint Longley:

    He is best remembered for his performance in a Thanksgiving Day game in 1974 against the Washington Redskins. Longley then a rookie, came into the game for an injured Roger Staubach with the Cowboys trailing 16-3 in the third quarter, and facing elimination from the playoffs. After hitting Billy Joe Dupree for a 35-yard touchdown pass, he led the Cowboys on a 70-yard drive capped by a 1-yard Walt Garrison touchdown run. Finally, with the Cowboys behind 23-17 and with only 28 seconds left with no time outs, Longley hit Drew Pearson down the middle for a 50-yard hail mary pass touchdown which gave the Cowboys a dramatic 24-23 come from behind victory.[2][3] Because Longley had no expectation of playing in that game and was completely unprepared, Cowboys lineman Blaine Nye sarcastically called his winning effort “the triumph of the uncluttered mind.”[4] The game was named the second-best in the history of Texas Stadium by ESPN in 2008.[5]

    After a training room incident in which he punched Roger Staubach during the 1976 preseason, the team suspended and eventually traded him to the San Diego Chargers for first and second draft choices, that the Cowboys would eventually use to draft Tony Dorsett.

  • This Game will come down to the this
    The Eagles Front 7 vs the Cowboys OL
    If Eagles can contain RB Murray, Swarm to the Ball, cause a Fumble or two,
    They win going away.. If Cowboys are able to run, get Murray out in Space, he is very dangerous and can be elusive
    Also don’t fall asleep on little slot WR Beasley who plays the slot, makes a lot of catches on 3rd down to extend drives and has become kind of a Wes Welker type Receiver that sort on has worked a lot with on the 2nd Unit all Year during practice.. I imagine Boykin will be covering him..

  • Yawn..just wait. It will be another 44-6 type ass whoopin

  • Always worry about teams in their first game with a backup. They usually play tough.

    Though I do think its a bit of a circus down there. Expectations are that Garett is out the door and I don’t think there are too many Cowboys who will be fighting to keep him around.

    And I think we’re good for at least one big Dez Bryant meltdown this game.

    So there it is…..

    Playing hard for a backup QB vs Lame duck coach and petulant ‘superstar’…..

  • We’re gonna smash these cowgirls and everybody knows it. SMASH!!!


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