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Assessing The Eagles: Quarterback, Running Back, Offensive Line

NickFoles&LeSeanMcCoy1The 2013 Philadelphia Eagles had a fantastic offensive season. They finished 1st in points per game 2nd in total offense and 3rd in rushing, 9th in passing,. All of these rankings took place with losing Maclin pre-
season and switching to Nick Foles due to the injuries with Vick.
Still, changes are needed and will be made through the draft and via free agency and possibly trade. Below is my assessment of what the team is currently looking at with their quarterbacks, running-backs and offensive-line. This is a six part series, with the next assessment taking a look at our tight-ends and wide-receivers.


Current State: Nick Foles is our starter and Matt Barkley will be one of the back-ups. Foles will have the ability to come in as the “starter” and not development into a starter after beginning the season as a back-up. Foles will have every opportunity to take his role as the starter and make the claim that he is indeed a “franchise” quarterback.

Moving forward: I envision the Eagles bringing in a veteran through free agency (not named Michael Vick) to serve as our third quarterback for the 2014 season.


Current State: We have the rushing champ and Pro-Bowler McCoy. Production was observed at times in 2013 from Brown and Polk when they received their touches. The Eagles could look to add a “scat-back” type player who could rotate in on third downs and return kicks.

Moving forward: The Eagles may look into drafting a “scat-back” player who could also return kicks in the later rounds or signing a speedster that goes undrafted.

Wishful but not likely: The Eagles trade Bryce Brown and a 2015 mid round draft pick for a veteran 3-4 outside linebacker.


Current State: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Jason Kelce was a monster all season, and to be left off the Pro-Bowl roster is ridiculous. Peters returned to form after the double Achilles injury in 2012. Mathis continued to be an underrated guard, and first round pick Lane Johnson really held his own throughout the season.

Todd Herremans was the weakest link to the offensive line, but how bad could he really have played with how dominant that line was for the majority of the season. The offensive line has three starters over the age of 30. Last season the question mark was could three of the starters return to form after season ending surgeries. The question that may linger this season is whether the Eagles start thinking about adding some younger guys for the offensive line. The Eagles have young, solid back-ups at the guard, center and tackle position. They are strong in depth with the offensive line.

Moving forward: The Eagles have no reason to devote a high draft pick to upgrading the offensive line. After spending the 4th overall pick on Lane Johnson in 2013 and the big contracts they gave to Peters, Mathis and Herremans, they have a stable mix of young and veteran starters returning for 2014.

Wishful but not likely: The Eagles are able to renegotiate the contract they gave to Heremanns, and a free up two million dollars as they paid him like a tackle and he is now playing his natural guard position.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • I know everybody loves Kelce but I think we need to upgrade. He’s smart, gets to the next level quickly and fights like hell. However, he’s to small. Look at the teams that attacked the middle ( all the 3-4 teams, because of the nose tackle ) Dallas, New Orleans, to name a few pushed the middle right back into the Qb’s face. Kelce only weights 280 at best. Their are 3 to 4 really good centers coming out this year that weight 315 and better, lets just get one. Hell one guy is like 6’7″ and 330 with great knee bend. ( Hello ) I think everyone on this site thinks Herremans must be replaced. End of story. Also, what a great year to get a quality QB in the later rounds and give Barkley a serious fight to make this team. I can see the Eagles picking the kid from Oregon as a scat back in the middle rounds.

    • Barkley SHOULD BE TRADED OR CUT!! A waste of roster space…..

      Wishful thinking is that there is something there to work with.

      He is NOT an NFL QB….Period

      • Any QB brought in will be fighting for the #2 spot, not the 3rd.

        A Vet should be brought in to back up our future franchise QB, and a rookie should be groomed as the 3rd string, while Barkley is traded to some sucker team that thinks more of him than whats realistic…..

        • Barkley is not going to be traded. Chip stated he wants to and is looking forward to working with him this up coming season. I think Chip sees something in him he likes that stems from coaching against him.

          • Waste of time…Should be traded no matter what Chip says Eagle..

          • I’d rather have Vick than have Barkley return to this team….

            • Yeah but…at the end of the day, he’ll be here. I’d prefer Dri Archer over Thomas.

              • Eagles will have another QB on Roster by Camp Time to
                Compete for Back-Up and in fact, would not be surprised to
                QB Kinnie as the #2 Back-Up
                Barkleybeill havevtobshowcwell in Pre-Season for a mid-round Draft Pick in return for he currently has lolittle to no Trade Value leading into this Off-Season.. Use the OTA,Summer Camp and a couple of Pre-Season Games to see if he’s worth to hanging on..
                My gut says that he isn’t but who knows..

              • I hear you Eagle. For me Archer, or Thomas, it doesn’t matter just upgrade the position..

                There has to be better than Barkley to back up Foles, or this team is in hot crap. I’d rather have Vick…seriously…He might be here, but we should only hope he has the games of his life in pre-season, so we can trade him to some sucker team like we did Kolb

    • D’Anthony Thomas is not a scat back. He is a WR, who will be used as a PR/KR…..

      • gmc, Thomas is not a WR. He’s a RB/ KR. Didn’t you watch any of thier games?

  • Unless someone gets hurt in training camp or early in the season I think Vick is done in the NFL and that includes the Eagles. I think they bring in a younger guy or even draft a guy they may secretly like if he slips in like the 4th round.

    We definitely need another RB in here. Sorry but Polk/Brown don’t do enough for me esp when they bring them in on 3rd down situations. We need a shifty 3rd down demon like a Woodhead/Sproils. They make the QB lives so easy.

    Oline looks good. I think Lane will be fine as he gets more experience (he was actually rated the second best player on the field in the Saints loss behind Foles). Mathis and Kelce are some of the best in the league at their positions. They keep talking about this Tobin guy. They will def draft Oline in the draft esp when you have an offense like this.

    • Oline looks good. I think Lane will be fine as he gets more experience (he was actually rated the second best player on the field in the Saints loss behind Foles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????).

      He gave up 9 hurries, and 2 SACKS!!!! He got dominated by the Saints. He wasn’t the 2nd best of nothing, except a bag of crap.

      You guys crack me up how you exaggerate the performance of some players on this team…..

      Pheags I know for a fact that you are smarter than that. That statement was an outright joke……

      • Its not an exaggeration. I read it somewhere after the game (think it was on twitter/profootballfocus).

        Lane played well that game considered he was going up against the Saints who I think lead the league in sacks. Cameron Jordan is a beast btw. Even if Lane gave a sack or 2 against him, the dude is a rookie. How many rookies OTs would manhandle Jordan? NONE.

        Sorry man but I agree with other people on here in that you tend to be unrealistic and delusional when it comes to rookies.You expect guys to just jump right in and dominate at the NFL when that is far from reality.

        Foles also held the ball too much in that game (mainly because he is still young himself/because no one could get open on certain plays). One of those sacks came on that bad play where he held the ball for like 7 seconds waiting for someone to get open. That one is on the young QB

        • Pheags then whoever wrote that was exaggerating, because he sucked in that game bigtime, and NOBODY can claim any different……

          I ‘m not close to unrealistic when it comes to rookies, it just some would rather stay positive about 2-3 games out of 16, that these rookies( we’re only talking about Lame Johnson, and Michael Floyd who too had 3 good games out of 32 career games, which proves my point about him), and feel Johnson is serviceable, but nothing close to special.

          Talk to me about the rookies I’m critical of, and turned out to be exactly what I said they were like Trent Richardson, Stephen Gilmore, Stephen Hill, Dee Milner, Devon Still, Jerel Worthy,….also about the ones I wanted the Eagles to draft and are now Pro Bowlers……Dontari Poe, Justin Houston, Vontaze Burfict, Bobby Wagner, Super Bowl Winners like Kelechi Osemele, and more to come………..

          Just for the record, I do not expect guys to just jump right in and dominate. I have NEVER said that.That is what the critics have stated. I just want more talented guys, who show they have more to contribute than just the inconsistent accolades of the rational Eagles Fans in the majority of a 16 game season, not 3-4 game out of the year……that’s not consistent play, or impressive.

          For intance, Foles showed that last pre-season when some were calling for him to start, and I said he was our future, yet most on here said he should have been traded…How wrong were all of you? ; some who are on the band wagon now, but don’t have the balls to admit it now.

          Please brother. I watched the game against the Saints, and he was overmatched….not the second best player for the Eagles on the field. That is a fact, not unrealistic, or delusional….

  • My 1st round draft prediction right now is 1) pass rusher/2)corner/3)offense. Basically depends on who they secretly like the most and if anyone of the slip to them at 22. All the mocks out right now are pretty much useless since its so early and no one knows what these teams will do in the offseason/what the new coaches will do.
    Then there is always the surprises every year on guys who slip (wasn’t Star/Floyd number 1-3 on most mocks right about this time last year). And on guys who get taken much higher than generally expected (Hayden, Manuel)..every year it happens.

    I just cant see a big fat DT in the first round with the way the NFL is such a passing league now. Most of those big fat DTs aren’t on the field enough now

    • Good Poibts Pheags about a big DT,
      Grab one in the middle Rounds like Logan was last Year..
      You need potential Impact Players at the Top of the Draft
      Unfortunately, this Draft is not real Deep with Pass-Rushers
      As in years past..
      This Draft is very Deep along the OL, WR,
      & RB and even some very good TE Propects..
      Eagles are going to have to so their Homework
      Free-Agency begins early March, Draft has now been pushed back
      To late May.. With so many Teams up against their Caps,
      I expect some big names to be released in Febuary before the NFL Calebder begins and Roster Bonus’s are due for Players under Contractcaroubd the NFL.. The Eagles Specific Needs & Direction will be much clearer
      Come late April leading up to the Draft..

  • gm cliff, the young man Thomas from Oregon is a running back not a wide receiver as you say. And I think he will be a scat back to start with as well as a PR/KR. The young man Johnson will get cut this year. Also I believe Lane Johnson is not very good right now. He’s a good run blocker, terrible pass blocker. I thought he would get better as the season went on but nothing. He’s not a piece of crap, but he needs work.
    I think your right on about Barkley, that’s why I said what I did. There’s guys coming out this year that make him look expendable. Vick would be our best #2 out there but I don’t think that he will want to be a backup.

    • That is a fair, and realistic statement. I never said Johnson was a piece of crap, but I am glad to post with someone who has the habit to open their eyes.

      Most on here claim the man is a Pro Bowler; I say he isn’t even a potential Pro Bowler. I have have stated before, he is better than what we have had in the past, but is nothing special, and I stand by that.

  • I like Thaddeous Lewis from Buffalo as a Back-Up
    He has started a few games the last 2 Seasons
    With the Bills & Browns last year, but a younger, athletic smart QB who could be productive when called upon..
    Tavaris Jackson is out there and don’t be surprised if
    Mark Sanchez,Christian Ponder, Tim Tebow,
    Josh Freeman, Matt Schaub, Bkaine Gabbert
    Are out there as potential back-ups once sobe Teams cut some players that don’t fit their future Roster..

  • Its official Percy Harvin is cursed! lol

  • There goes my Free-Agent DE Michael Bennett again for the Seahawks making another Big Play, even though GMCliff says he’s not all that..
    Probably the play of the game …

    • He isn’t….what did he do all game, before then ?.I saw Seattles defense as a whole dominate….

      but I din’t see anything impressive from Michael Bennett…

      There is the exaggeration that I’m talking about…..You did the same thing with Michael Floyd, and he’s nothing too with his 3 -100, or more games out 32 career games, while being benched….

      and I don’t care about almost gaining 1,000 yards. Maclin did that the year before…Whoopdedamndo……You don’t think that highly of him. But because Floyd is your guy you are exaggerating his real talent, just like Michael Bennett……Spare me Paul, please

      • Sometimes Cliff your so stubborn that you become foolish and seem to have a hard time admitting when your wrong
        Floyd ends up with 65 Reception for 1,040 yards and 5 TD’s and you scoff at his production.. How many Teans would live to have a #2 WR with these kind of numbers.. It seems you just can’t come to terms when Players you term as busts or not all that or are no impact are actually good Players or maybe you just have a problem when I’m right on Players, but whatever it is making you look like a fool here lately..

        • I’m not wrong. There’s nothing to be stubborn about, and when I have been wrong, I have admitted it plain, and simple….

          Trent Richardson had over 1,200 yards last year, what did that actually mean in terms of his talent, and he was rated higher than Floyd.

          He benefited from teams concentrating on Larry Fitzgerald, congrats, next year team will not allow him to be in a position to burn them, which he did in 3 out of 32 games…Please. Like I said if you like him put up a poster, and cheer for him. I’m not impressed.

        • Who are we talking about?…The only players I recognize as me being wrong about were Luke Keuchly, and Russell Wilson….who else?

          Not Michael Floyd, Not Lame Johnson, Not Trent Richardson, Not Stephen Gilmore, Not Dee Millner, Not Stephen Hill…..who? or is it just your guys, and Howies guys?…..Well, I can live with that….LOL!!!

  • Then another nice play by my free-agent wish list
    CB Thurmond from the Seahawks

    • How about my boy Jamie Collins tonight Paul!!?……

      • He had a great game, remember I liked Jaime Collins also..
        He has a bright future ahead of him and multiple Pro-Bowls in his Career

        • I know you did. He was one of the few player we agreed on in last years draft. I have stood by that pick all year, and still do.

          Playing for the Patriots, and cracking their starting lineup, is a lot tougher than starting for the Eagles; and I believe had he been drafted, he would have been starting for the Eagles,not Trent Cole.

          With the Starting LB tearing h up his knee. Jamie Collins WIL be starting next year, and be the most dominant player on that Defense in 2014..

          • Yes he’s a Starter for sure next Season for Patriotesxandcwoukd have looked good in Gree & Silver
            Not to change gears, but DL Michael Bennett had a Strong Game
            For the Seahawks as did CB Thurmond..
            Eagles need to pusue these upcoming Free-Agents.. .

            • No he didn’t Paul, and neither did Thurman; What I mean when I said that , to be fair, is that they had their moments, but individually they didn’t do anything that made them stand out.

              Jamie Collins!! tonight, he stood out. His name was called darn near all game, in coverage, sacking Luck, intercepting Luck, running down RB, and WR….

              Bennett had 1/2 a sack, and Thurmond, defended a few passes, what so special about that? I saw nothing that stood out, that said these guys were special…

              • Bennett caused a fumble multiple pressures on QB Brees
                And actually forced a 2nd Fumble that Refs didn’t call and HC Carroll failed to toss replay flag on
                Anyone who watched yeaterdays game and fails to see the plays Bennett made is not watching the game with an unbiased approach
                Be bet was in backfield multiple times which allowed Wagner,Chancellor etc to make Players
                I want Bennett on my team and you said he was old…
                He’s 27-28 Years old.. C’Mon Man… Your slipping Cliff

              • If you say you saw it , you saw it…….YOU SAW IT…..

                I didn’t see it, and I still don’t want him…..

                I saw him in on a few plays with other defensive teammates, but not on his own merit. …LOL!!!!!!!!!

                Thats that crap Darwin Walker used to do……

                I’m never slipping

  • Not sure if they drink the rain water out there in Seattle, but if any player from the defense is available in FA, I’m doing my homework on them. I’m so glad when the Eagles traded up to get Graham they knew Earl Thomas was going to suck in the NFL. Oh what could have been, but that’s right..it was Big Red who was controlling those drafts, a guy like Howie would never make such a mistake in judgment.

  • Songs Talke out Foles name and put Wilson or Brees name in your rant and it is exactly what both Qb’s did, not saying he’s better but it’s the samething. I think you left out the part of game managing when the Eagles were losing and Foles managed to bring them back and take the lead with 4 minutes to go. There were people before last years playoffs that were saying Flacco could’nt win a big game, but the year before he went into NE and marched his team down the field and threw the game winning touchdown, but his reciever forgot to catch it. How is that the QB’s fault. You can chose to look at the Eagles game anyway you want, There’s alot of minutes in a football game and the ones at the end matter the most, and at the end Foles drove the team down the field and won the game. Then the Defense lost it. I’ll bet anything if you asked the defense thats exactly what they would tell you. I actually heard a guy on here say That wait til Foles plays a good Defense with a good Scheme he’s gonna struggle, thats so dumb it’s actually funny, ask Brees or Wilson about a good D with a good scheme. How did that turn out for the two of them. There’s enough games and enough plays in football that if your looking for something wrong you’ll find it, but I think we got a QB that can win and I’ll take my chances with him going forward. 1 full season as a starter and if you can’t see that this dude has serious potential I just don’t know what your looking at.

  • For the record, it was profootballfocus that rated Lane Johnson as our second best offense player vs Saints… and with such an in depth rating system I would trust them even over my own eyes.

    • I wouldn’t. That is that sites exaggerated opinion. I’m not gullible like that. He sucked in that game. No more excuses except it…..you have no choice it’s on tape.

      He wasn’t better than anybody else on the Offensive Line, Front seven, or Secondary. My eyes are just as educated as theirs, and I have more of a pedigree, and I am not blind…….He stunk.

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