• August 15, 2022

Report: Phillies Considering Signing Bobby Abreu

BobbyAbreu1You can never say never when it comes to sports.  That’s the case for a report which just surfaced from Comcast Sportsnet’s Jim Salisbury tells us the Phils are sniffing around former Phillies Bobby Abreu and considering bringing him back to the squad.  They’re looking for a left-handed bat coming off the bench.

“We’re looking at all the left-handed bats still out there and he’s one of them,” Amaro told CSNPhilly.com.

I think Abreu would be a good choice because he’s truly a professional hitter, who goes to the plate with a game plan.  He’s very patient at the plate and he rarely strikes out.

Having a patient hitter like Abreu around the team would be a good thing because the Phillies need to get more patient attitude at the plate.  Abreu would be a good, veteran hitter for all the Phillies hitters to be around.


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  • LOL Back to the Future.

  • lmfao Gary thinks this is a good idea. haaaa. Reuben & Gary must be smokin the same stuff

  • Wow….with this news I am so underwhelmed. Just underwhelmed. Reuben, your moves are brutal! I can wait to get to the ball park this summer.

  • oh Jesus. fuck this team

    Bobby Abreu – OF – Phillies
    Phillies signed OF Bobby Abreu to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.
    CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reports that Abreu will receive a salary of $800,000 if he makes the Phillies. Entering his age-40 season, Abreu probably would have been better off in the American League, but the Phillies will give him a chance to win a job as a left-handed bench bat. He previously played with Philadelphia from 1997-2006.
    Source: Jerry Crasnick on Twitter Jan 21 – 3:15 PM

  • Hey Rubes, I wonder is Gregg Jefferies is still on the market, too? Maybe give Ron Gant and Hard Hittin’ Mark Whitin a ring see if they’re still up for another go at it? Guess old man Vernon Wells just wasn’t a useless enough look for ya. I mean, shit, Bobby Abreu didn’t even play in the league last year and hasn’t done anything close to dick in a solid 3+ years but he’s “had a nice winter season”. Well whoopty fucking do Rubes! Atlanta and the Nats are attempting to improve their club with decent scouting and homegrown talent while we’re desperately looking for old car parts to salvage what is left of this once mighty engine. Almost every impact player on this roster is past their prime (Rollins, Utely, Howard, Chooch, Lee, Papplebon). Revere and Brown are the only young ones that have All-Star potential but if they max out they still won’t be good enough to carry this squad back to the playoffs. Only silver lining in Hamels and we can only trot his inconsistent, golden left arm out there once every 5 days.
    This entire offseason has been a tantamount to a slap in the face and possible a gunshot to the nuts to this entire fanbase. Ruben Amaro has to be trolling everyone at this point. Not only does he bring back 36-year-old (I re-fucking-peat, 36-year-old) Marlon Byrd but Amaro parades around the media saying all offseason that “Byrdie” is the missing link and will jump start this offense. Hey Ruben. Fuck you. But before that, read through the damn lines, man. Your boy has been in the league since 2002 and his only, I re-fucking-peat, ONLY good year was last season. This sauced up pig will make it 20 games before he either gets hurt or suspended for the year, and that’s a certified fact. And now looking into Abreu? Unacceptable. Try to light a fire under this franchise and rejuvinate the fans after 2 shit seasons in a row and you consider signing the most apathetic player of all-time that not only will bring minimal production on the field but will be counterproductive to the clubhouse. I swear to shit I think Ed Wade is pulling some strings behind the curtains and I don’t like it one bit. Whole thing stinks to high heavens.
    Let’s get it started people: #FireRuben
    Little known trivia: Who did we trade straight up to Tampa Bay to get Abreu? Kevin Stocker. Boom. Now use that tidbit to the friends at the bar before going back to the realization it may be a long while before we even sniff playoff baseball in this town again.
    UPDATE: Seriously, #FIRERUBEN

  • Abrue can still hit, but where does he Play in the Field ??
    and Who pushes his wheelchair down the First-Base Line for him when he puts ball in Play ??
    Maybe they can just bring back Sarge Matthews and have him learn how to Bat Lefthanded … Good Grief, this 2014 Phils Team is going to suck…
    I predict a 5th Place finish in the NL East behind Nats,Braves,Mets and yes, the Marlins….

  • G….T….F….O….!!!!
    Bobby Abreu, & another Chad “Gaudin” signed! FU AMARO, FU!!!!!!

    • fire reuben chants will be extremely loud this summer

  • Man he is a horrible Gm, this team is going to really be bad.

  • Word on the street is that Von Hayes is trying to make a comeback, and Reuben is listening.

  • Rueben sucks, Reuben sucks, Reuben sucks, the chants are starting now.

    • pdiddy, I’ve been chanting that for 3 years now, but all I caught was irrational arguments, & greif in return, from his PR gang on here. Now everybody sees, what paul & I have been saying for 3 off-seasons now. He is the absolute worst front office employee, that this city has ever had, & the only reason why he still has a job, is Montgomery’s stupid loyalty to his family. F^#@ .300 Monty, & F^#@ Ruin 2morrow Jr. He is inept, short sighted, & cannot judge talent. It’s alot different, when you just ain’t wasting $$$$ bidding against yourself, & have to build a real team, & make smart decisions.

      • *grief*

  • what a cancer to bring back this will be likr the matrix friggin virus the fat slob looks like a beached whale be great next to howard total 8 outs 4 so 4 po and 600lbs

  • whats he gonna do for an encore go to a cemetary and dig up somebody and have a non roving outfielder this guys a fukin idiot i’m from south philly and let me tell u if i still lived there no fukin way i go see this blowout patched fukin poor excuse for a team! What is it with montgomery and the rest of those fools whats amaro got on them got to be big.

  • Paulman r u kiddin me he can still hit! He couldnt hit the water if he fell out of the fukin boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reuben’s gonna make Charlie Manuel suit up and pinch hit!!!

  • Yea I could just see that Chuckles waddleing to 1st base

    • Hey….at this point why not, maybe we can dust off Pete Rose while we’re at it!

  • Thank God I kept my Abreu jersey said nobody ever.

  • ***Breaking Phils News***
    A few Friends of my 82 Year-Old Father, bumped into GM Amaro at the
    Sarasota “Bocce Ball” Club yesterday afternoon..
    GM Amaro had 3B Pedro Feliz, RPH Pedro Martinez,
    and Reserve IF Brian Bruntlett with him as Guests of
    former Mobster Johnny “Potato Head” Roselli…


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