• August 8, 2022

Phillies Notes: Maikel Franco Impressing; Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez Looks Rusty

fnracoMaikel Franco Off To A Good Start

Third base is one of the Phillies’ major question marks going into the 2014 season.

Cody Asche is the early favorite to start, but he could get some competition from Maikel Franco. He’s been making plays not only at the plate, but in the field as well, which could greatly help his case. The Phillies could use some additional power in their lineup, and Franco would be a better power threat than Asche.

“He’s one of the better guys,” manager Ryne Sandberg said. “He’s getting some good rips at live pitching. I just like the way he uses the whole field. He’s not a one-way type of a hitter. He does the situational things very well. He has good basic mechanics and fundamentals that allow him to cover the whole plate and use the whole field.”

Gonzalez Struggling 

The Phillies are counting on Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez to win a spot in their starting rotation. Gonzalez hasn’t pitched competitively in two years however, and he’s looked really rusty in the early stages of Spring Training.

Gonzaelez has reportedly been struggling with his velocity and command in the early going.

“Um, well, he’s a guy that’s coming back from injury and hasn’t pitched competitively really for a couple of years,” Sandberg said. “I know that we’re using a lot of patience with him. That’s really the biggest part of the strategy with him so we’ll see how things go and how he progresses and really see what that looks like.”

It’d be a disaster if Gonzalez were to start the season in the minor leagues. The Phillies are already without Cole Hamels and Jonathan Pettibone; their starting pitching depth is fading fast. They need Gonzalez to secure a spot in the rotation and give them some stability.

Denny Basens

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  • Espn projected the Phils to finish 66-96. Espn makes GCobb repliers look like optimistic homers with their 78 wins projections.

    • I am staying with my 72-76 range Wins Prediction which will
      Put them 18- 20 games behind the Leaders of the NL East

  • Like I said pman they dont win 80

    • I agree with you, the time to blow this Team up
      Was last Summer, instead they got older and are wasting a Season in my opinion which which now take another year longer to rebuild..
      What are they waiting on, while the rest of the NL East improves, the Phils continue to fall further behind..
      If I was a Season-a Ticket Holder and still lived in Philly,
      I would be pissed big time..

  • The 2014 Philadelphia Ifs Ands & Buts…

  • Hamels may only miss 2 starts and with the addition of AJ and the open dates, the SP should be fine – if nobody else gets hurt. My guess is with all the pessimism the Phillies may surprise (like all the experts who thought Denver was going to have its way with the Seahawks).

  • The Steal of Free-Agency belongs to the Baltimore Oriokes for Signing RF
    Nelson Cruz on a 1 Year Deal at $8 Million,
    Of course sone a Risk with Cruz who served a 50 Game Suspension and missed a big day in Free-Agency this Year
    But if he puts up big numbers or even his Average a Stats from the last few a Seasons, there is no reason that a highly motivated Cruz will
    Get his 25-30 HR’s and 85-100RBI’s with a solid Line-zip surrounding him in Baltimore (Machado, JJ Hardy, Jones, Davis, Weiters & Markakis)
    The O’s may end up with 5-6 Players hitting 20 + HR’s in their everyday Line-up
    Oriokes also Signed SP Jiminez and a Top Pitcher from the Korean League
    They may not out pitch many Teams, but they will score some runs
    and if they can get their Bullpen straightened out,
    May surprise and compete in the tough AL East

  • Ok we all know this Philly team is OLD! Worse case scenario is Howard, Utley, Rollins and Ruiz show their age and ride off and play for teams that love old guys – like the Yankees. We are stuck with the baby Phillies: So what does that look like?
    1st base: Franco
    2nd base: Hernandez
    SS: Galvis
    3rd base: Asche
    LF: Brown
    CF: Revere
    RF: Ruf
    C: ?
    P: Hamels, Biddle, Pettibone, Kendrick,
    So .what do you think? Is the future that bleak?

    • I am afraid, that Yes it is…

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