• January 17, 2022

Report: Eagles Prefer To Keep Maclin Over Cooper

DeSean Jackson, Jeremey MaclinAccording to Jeff Mclane of Philly.com, the Eagles have made it a priority to re-sign Jeremy Maclin before Riley Cooper.

Per Mclane, the Eagles want to sign Maclin to a one-year deal, and pursue another starting caliber receiver in free agency. The team hasn’t ruled out bringing Cooper back, but he’s not their first choice.

I’m not sure that I buy certain aspects of this report.

I can’t see the Eagles going out and spending serious money on a veteran free agent receiver with this year’s draft overloaded on great talent at the position. Eric Decker, Hakeem Nicks, Anquan Boldin, and James Jones are the best veteran options out there other than Maclin and Cooper.

Are any of those guys worth breaking the bank for? Especially when the Eagles could just as easily retain both and Maclin and Cooper for less while adding additional talent in the draft? I like Decker, but I wouldn’t overpay for him. He’s a nice player, but I think his numbers have been helped greatly by Peyton Manning and playing alongside elite talents like Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas.

Nicks has intriguing talent, but he’s been injured just as much as Maclin. Boldin is too old to commit any serious money to. Jones, much like Decker, has played with an elite quarterback and a deep receiving corp.

As for the idea of the Eagles keeping Maclin over Cooper, you could make an argument for either player. On one hand, its beneficial for the Eagles to keep Cooper solely for his chemistry with Nick Foles, but I also recognize that Maclin is the superior talent and could bring a lot to the table if healthy. If I had to choose only one of the two, I’d go with Cooper because of his relationship with Foles and because he’s bigger, physical target that I think compliments DeSean Jackson very well. Maclin may have the better talent, but he’s too similar to DeSean and his injury history works against him.

Denny Basens

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  • Maclin is a lot better than Cooper, but Cooper has made himself a nice role in this offense. I love Coopers physical aspect when he runs after the catch defensive back look like they want no parts of bringing him down. Cooper competes with a fire needed on the team and he plays with a chip on his shoulder and is a good run blocker. Maclin is the better overall talent who also had chemistry with Foles in year one. he can run any route and has great body control. I don’t want to forget what kind of player he could be getting too excited about Coopers production last year. He is also a pretty good blocker outside and plays hard no matter the circumstances. Maclin has really good production to start his career and minus his ACL from last year he missed only 5 games in 4 years so he hasn’t been as injury prone as people think.
    2010 16gm 70catches 964 and 10td’s
    2011 13gm 63catches 859 and 5td’s
    2012 15gm 69catches 857 and 7td’s

    one thing that stand out is regardless of the QB or team situation he is highly consistent. In this offense 80 balls 1000yards 7 TD’s would be almost a sure thing. ACL is no easy thing to come back from but its not as devastating as it use to be. he had a full year and some to recover and with be fully healthy. I really would want them both back but if I had to choose ehhhh I would take Maclin and draft my next up guy. If you go the other way with Cooper and he is a flash in the pan it could hurt a little more than a one year deal for Maclin would.

  • The Eagles will “prefer” the player(s) that sign with them for the $$ they offer!!

    Maclin is the better “pure” Wr. Obviously much faster.

    But this report is just one of those reports that surfaces because there’s nothing else to write about.

    The “Eagles prefer Maclin” thesis conveniently ignores 3 very important details:

    1 – Cooper’s downfield blocking which is superior to Maclin’s and essential in Kelly’s offense.
    2 – His chemisty with the starting QB who clearly trusts Cooper
    3 – Kelly’s “bigger stronger” players philosophy.

    The best situation would be to sign both becuase they bring different abilities to the table.

    • I agree Vinnie, but we really don’t know what kind of chemistry Maclin will have with Montana I mean Foles haha.. He may come back and get over 1000 yards and 10 + tds. Both Desean and Cooper had big years, Maclin is a mix of both those receivers.. Id think Maclin would really excel in this offense, even more so than Desean and Cooper..

  • Last year, Djax played the right side and had his best season. That is the side Maclin has played his entire career. Reid always lined up DJax on the left.
    Djax 126 targets for 82 catches
    Riley Cooper 84 targets for 47 catches
    If Maclin is on the field those targets even out at best and probably return to where Maclin is getting more balls thrown to him. Can Djax handle that again?

  • If Eagles release Avant and save $4.6 Million
    For 2014, then Re-Sign Cooper & Maclin to Team friendly contracts and then use a mid-Round Draft Pick for a WR would be the way to go..
    From GM Roseman’s comments about this Draft
    It appears he & the Eagles really like some WR’s in this Draft
    I don’t see the Eagles having all 4 WR’s back
    (D-Jax,Avant,Cooper,Maclin) and then using a high pick at WR

    • I’m sorry but I said that and you and Dcar made it seem like a irresponsible move bc of the cap number spent on WR.

  • People, below is part of the article Denny was talking about, he left out the part about the Eagles looking for a receiver in free agency, if that’s the route they take you can believe if they draft a receiver it will be later on, as for people still talking about spending money, in case anyone don’t know, the cap moved up to 130 million this year which means we just got an extra 4 million to spend, I can see that extra money changing things for us and putting us in more of a position to take a shot at one of those big name safety’s.

    INDIANAPOLIS – The Eagles have prioritized retaining Jeremy Maclin before Riley Cooper as the wide receivers near free agency, according to NFL sources.

    If all goes to plan, the Eagles will sign Maclin to a one-year contract and attempt to acquire another starting-caliber receiver via free agency. Cooper remains on the radar, and the Eagles could circle back if they don’t land another target, but securing Maclin will take precedence.

  • @Eagles0suoerbowls.. Desean had always played the right .. And it’s not about the side he plays.. First of all DJ is our X receiver..the go to and presumably the num 1 receiver. The X receiver is the split end. He is the widest receiver away from the tight end. Mac has been our z/flanker wideout since he’s been here. And of course some plays he was the X. And yea DJ can handle it.. He’s far from injury prone.. Maclin a numbers are a result if the attention and double coverage DJ brings. Mac isn’t better than DJ in any part if his game. It was proven this last year Andy didn’t kno how to use him and chip sure as hell did..

    I believe we need to get Mac back under a one year deal. Because I think if chip can turn DJ into a top ten wr in one season, DJ is now gonna command even more attention leaving a faster and little more talented Mac to do some work. I like cooper. But he’s shown he doesn’t have that elite separation when needed. He’s crafty and a big bodied veteran..I would let coop go if he wants too much loot and draft a good young wr. Decker and Nicks are available but $$ is the issue. But chip wants and needs blocking wrs and that may help coop a lot to be brought back

    I also see chip drafting d’anthony Thomas… And t

    • Silencer – Mike Vick is a left handed QB so DJax played the left side as the #1 wr, Nick Foles is a right handed QB so Djax played there this season. Can Maclin play on the left side? I think DJax is a better receiver for all things you believe but he pouted when Foles was targeted Cooper and others instead of him late in the year with his on the field demeanor. Maclin will get more balls thrown to him than Cooper did, can DJax compose himself and be a good teammate if/when that happens?

  • It’s pretty ridiculous that the Eagles waited until now to try to get a deal done. There’s no question that Maclin is the better receiver and if officiation more resembles the playoff and superbowl officiation Cooper’s gonna be in trouble this coming year with as much as he likes to keep his hands on defenders down the field to create space. Personally I’d love to see Anquan Boldin in this offense, he blocks extraordinarily well and is a beast with the ball but it’s hard for me to see him leaving the 49ers unless they decide they just don’t want to sign him.

  • If this is true they will take a wr in the 1st rd of the draft or trade back and take one in the 2nd rd

  • Some very good looking OL Prospects
    working out today at Combine
    Could the Eagles take an OT at #22 to groom for LT to replace Peters who is in his final year of his Deal..
    We all know that Chip likes big,athletic OL
    and pkaces of a strong, versatile, athletic OL
    As the key to running his Offense
    GM Cliff– what OT’s do you like in this Draft

    • I was watching the Olympics Hockey and the combine during intermission.
      I wish I could remember who liked the OT from Nevada first to give him a High five for that find.
      GMCliff’s fat asses didn’t look good today:
      Tiny Richardson from Tennessee
      Cyril something from Baylor and
      Gabe Jackson from Mississippi ( he looked the best of the three) but I ignore GMCliff’s likes because none of those players would fit the quick pace offense that Chip Kelly likes which is all I really care about.
      Robinson looks like a winner, good call PMan.

      • That was me Eagles, talking about Botinio from Nevada
        I really like this kid but I think he’s more of a Guard in the NFL
        But he’s tough,great feet and versatile.. He helped himself a lot
        Today and provably moved into a 2nd Rounder..
        Kelly likes the long, athletic type of Players on his OL&DL and every position for that matter. Botinio is 6-3 1/2″ at tops, which is why I am not sure about him at spat in the NFL.. But at RT or Guard, I think he can be a stud ..

    • Hey…..back off! The Eagles taking an OT with their 1st round pick is my territory!

  • TE about to take the field at Indy Combine
    I like Amaro,Kenkins,Crockett & Evans

    • 2 TE’s while I really are M Jensen from Fresno State
      And Crockett Gillmore from Colorado State as 4th5th Round Rd picks

  • Colt Lyerla just ran a sub 4.5. 4.47. Is he worth a late round high risk reward pick? If his interview went well, I’d take a shot. He said he’s interested in being an Eagle because he’d like to be wth Chip.

    • A 2nd/3Rd Talent is Lyerly,
      Had off the field issues (arrested for cocaine)
      Suspended by Oregon, actually quit the Team for a while,
      But Kelly recruited him, knows him well and would be a steal
      In the 6th if his head is on straight despite the red flags about him .

      • They’re going to be all over Lyerly.

        • But then so will TMZ, the Penn state police, Philly’s finest and Jesse Ventura….so probably better to stay away.

  • Guys, why are you talking about TEs as if we might draft one? If the Eagles get rid of James Casy their going to bring back Clay Harbor, I think him and Ertz would do major damage in our system.

    • We’re talking TEs because the Eagles are going to draft one.

      Some of you guys are going to LOSE IT when the Eagles go OT, TE, WR (in some order) over the first 3 rounds of the draft.

      • I’ll bet anything u want if they draft a TE its at the last two rounds. No way their taking a OT with the first pick back to back years, if they don’t draft a safety in the first two rounds that means their picking a couple up in free agency, If your going to sit here and buy into the theory their going to draft the best available regardless of position and leave gaping holes on the D which even Howie admitted then you don’t have a clue.

        • I guess you’re one of the guys who’s going to be upset then.

          • Upset about what? Howie has Tom Donahue who built the Steelers D for Cower and Tom Gamble who helped built that 49er D, You really think everyone is gonna agree to take a OL with the first pick with all those holes on D? If you believe that I have some good swamp for sale in Florida. What they do in free agency will tell us what they do in the draft.

            • They had those guys last year too.

              Look, its simple, O players take longer to develop in the NFL than D players do.

              Oh course they know they have holes on D…they also know that they have holes coming down the line at (either) RT or LT and RG, plus holes at WR after the season with Maclin on a probable 1 year deal, and Desean really starting to whine about $$. Not to forget Celek, who;s really just average and will be 30 after the season.

              Again, as it takes Olinemen and WRs 2-3 years before they’re any good, taking themnow makes more sense.

              Is D the more “immediate” concern? Yes. But that’s not how you build a team, that;s how you continually chase your tail.

              This is a long term project. O for the second str8 year, then D the following draft.

              Add to that….Kelly loves his O.

              All I’m saying is, don’t be upset when the Birds use their early picks on the offensive side of the ball.

              • So your saying they should focus on the needs their going to have down the line then the needs they have right now? Bro, that don’t make no sense.

    • Value!

  • And I’m rooting for Dakota Dozier, because he’d have the best nickname for an offensive lineman in a rushing attack. 🙂

  • Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

    Cooper is top notch.

    And Maclin: Foles won his first game as Birds QB when he hit Maclin for a TD against Tampa in 2012: Sign them both.

  • Vinny i got to give it 2 u youre a funny guy they aint draftin no offense first they buildin the d after they saw that d dismantle best qb and o in sb they got their eyes opened bigtime like lotta other teams which really shouldnt have been such a surprise really cause great defense always puts the o away look at it this way its just u and7 guys keep tryin to jugg u up u think u winning that fight dont think so hey u should ask tom brady who would win that fight hehe

  • BTW, Bowdin would be a nice 1 year pickup but the Eagles might be better served by picking up a kid in the draft.

  • Reports from SF is that 49ers are close to resigning A Bokdin and I doubt very much after moving around the last few years
    That he doesn’t want to finish his Career with the 49ers..
    He fits their system Perfect and wants another Super Bowl
    Why leave a good Team, unless the difference in $$$ was substantial
    Which unlikely for him at his state of his Career..

  • ** Paulmans New Trade Rumor**
    Eagles Trade #22, their 2nd Round Pick & RB Bryce Brown
    To the Tennesee Titans for their 1st Rounder
    (#11 Overall)

    Eagles then Draft OT Tyler Lewan from Michigan

    Eagles then announce Trade of Eagles LT
    Jason Peters to the Atlanta Falcons for their
    2nd Rd Pick (#38th Overall) and the Falcons
    3rd or 4th Rounder in 2015..

    Eagles Draft at #38, OLB Keith Van Noy

    After the dust settles,
    The Eagles get a LT in Lewan for the next 10 Years
    An OLB in Van Noy who can do everything
    For basically swapping around Picks and trading Peters
    (Whose will be in his Final Contract Year) and Back-Up
    RB Brown who just doesn’t fit Kelkys system all that well anyways

    GM arisen an is hailed as the “Boy Wonder”
    By his NFL peers
    Titans get additional Picks during their rebuilding
    And zrB Brown to help take carries done Chris Johnson will be released
    For Salary Cap Reasons and the Falcons get their LT to protect Their $100 Million QB in Matt Ryan
    Everyone makes out in these Deals

    • Theyre gonna target Van Noy regardless in my opinion.. Chip loves guys with versatility.. dude can ball…

      Theyre not going to trade Peters.. Olinemen don’t get traded lol And hes the last guy you should look to trade

      • You don’t think a Trade to obtain the next LT (Lewan) to replace an aging high salaried Player who will leave the Eagles in Free-Agency after
        2014 is a good deal JH… And LB Van Noyvwill not last until
        eagles Current 2nd Round Selection of #54 and neither will LB Attachou which is why a Trade of Peters to obtain an early 2nd Rounder from the Falcons would be needed
        Stick with B-Ball my friend…

        • Attoachu, should be drafted early in the 2nd Round – We’ve GOT to have him Paul. We need as much Pass Rush as possible, in house for the future…..By not Van Noy please…

        • I wouldn’t trade up to get Lewan either Paul –

          You had it nailed on Greg Robinson Bruh – I was wrong, he is a beast –

          I’m not embarrassed to tell you that – Good Job
          Props to you Paul, but that is who you trade up for Brother…..

          • Thnz Cliff,
            Unfortunately I think too many Teams with the
            Top 5 Selections love Robinson potential also and
            don’t think they will pass or trade their Pick

        • Stick to bball huh paul?! Looks like you were wrong wrong wrong again, wrongman! hahaa JH does it again…

          JH knows his stuff, don’t question me man.

          Trade Jason Peters huh paul? Yeah trade the best most dominate and physically imposing player on our team since Reggie White, for a random unproven rookie..

          This guy Peters may go down as one of the best Tackles to play this game after its all said and done..

          This is a different eagles era here. They will resign guys over 30 that are worth it and that fit there culture moving forward..

          And guys need to keep this in mind, the new conditioning schedule Chip has these guys on, the smoothies the sleep schedules among many other new things Chip brought..

          This new conditioning schedule may have the power to extend careers too.. Maybe that’s an added factor to them resigning Peters at 32 yrs old..

          But like I said, you don’t trade away your best player on your Oline and team, for what? Some draft picks and a rookie LT? The Eagles need to just keep adding talent, they have the base in place, just keep adding to it, don’t let guys go unnecessarily. Keep the nucleus in place..

      • LOL!!!!!!!!!!

        SMH…..You really don’t know talent…Van Noy is Matt McCoy

        • I’m responding to JH Paul……

          • I like Atrachou also Cliff, a little concerned about his pass-coverage ability though..

            • Paul, he and Ealy are the same product…but they bring what we need……a potential killer Pass Rush….

    • LOL!!!!!!!

    • How does Bryce Brown not fit their system Paul?

      If Shady was hurt he’d be the starter; He was 2nd string not 3rd string or Practice Squad…..I know you don’t think that highly of him, but you have to remove your heart from this, and use your head….

      Your hang up was that he fumbled too much – He didn’t fumble once last year….now what?

      • Brown doesn’t run discipline enough to take advantage of holes between the Tackles where most of Kelly’s running plays/scheme are to go thru
        Brown has a huge tendancy to want to go outside to often his carries

        • that’s not true Bruh…

  • Maybe the Eagles throw in DE Brandon Graham with the Peters
    deal since they need a pass-rusher who plays in a 4-3 Schene that the Falcons run..
    These moves also clear another $13 Million
    From Eagles Salary Cap (Peters $10 million
    And Graham $3 Million) as Eagles come next Off-Seasom will have to pony up some $$$ to extend Foles,Kendrick’s,Cox & Boykin

    This is how you can continue to build your younger Core of Players by getting Value of older Pkayers who are not part of your future

  • I’m more interested in seeing what QB Chip brings in.

    That will speak volumes to what Chip really feels about Foles.

    If he bring in some stiff with no pedigree then that tells us Chip thinks Foles is the future, but things will really heat up if Chip gets himself an athletic read option QB with a strong arm.

    I’m keeping my eyes on it.

    • It doesn’t matter,per Howie Roseman at the combine presser, “there is not an opportunity for a starting spot here” referring to QB position. CSN Philly February 21, 2014….. LOL prepare to have your hopes dashed …then go back to root for the Redskins fraud!

    • There is no QB in Free-Agency or in this Draft
      That is going to compete for the Eagles Stsrting QB
      Position which belongs to Foles
      The best one out in Free-Agency is probably Vick and he already
      Lost his starters spot to Foles.. So it’s a moot point
      They will bring in a Body to compete with Barkley/Kinnie
      For reps at Camp and look to address the Future QB depth
      Next off-season, way too many other positions to address
      For the Eagles than worrying about QB
      Foles is the man, if he gets injured, then the Eagles are just like
      The Seahawks, Pats,Broncos,Giants, Packers,Falcons,Panthers,
      Ravens,Steelers,Chiefs,Saints,49ers,Chargers,Colts as far as who the Back-Up will be
      And just like all these Teams I’ve mentioned
      If any of their Starting QB’s goes down, then they all are in trouble

      • Paul, you know there are just some clowns on here who can’t deal in the real world and don’t know how to let things go, even when it’s over!

        • Yes Eagles, I should know better than to even wasting my time responding to Songs for he has his own “agenda” and won’t be satisfied until the Eagles have the next great “Black QB”
          As if that should make any difference at all, but to him
          It apparently does was is assanine..

    • Good point Songs…that’s what i’m looking for too! The Eagles might try to position themselves for a blockbuster move! If there is anyway possible to bust a move and make a bold grab for Johnny Manziel…that’s the move to make!

  • Well reality is setting in. Its looking more and more like Ward or Bryd wont make it to FA. I keep telling you tell Boykins to put on 5-8 lbs to get him up to 195lbs and move to FS then draft a slot corner. Theres your ball hawking FS. Bryd isn’t great around the LS hes just asked to play centerfield and that’s what Boykins could do. Then Boykins wouldn’t have to come off the field 50% of the plays. Eagle fans have been brainwashed once again with the Eagles saying Boykins need to stay in the slot. Who exactly are all these “great” slot receivers he must cover? Im hard pressed to name 5 great slot receivers in the NFL.

    • You just cant convince me that Boykins and his 6ints is more important playing a Santa Moss 50% of the plays in the slot is a better defense than him playing centerfield at FS for 100% of the plays. It just don’t add up. Now if he just physically or mentally cant do that Im ok with that. But damn if honeybadger can do it I would definitely try it in OTAs a TC.

      • I sure in the hell don’t hear teams panicking over finding a 3rd cornerback. But I do hear 15 teams in the league desperate in finding a ballhawking safety. You tell me which one is more important. My goodness. Bryd and Ward are being sought after by 15 teams. I sure don’t hear teams talking about we have to sign a 3rd friggin corner to cover the slot.

        • I would move Boykins all over the defense just like honeybadger. He would come down at times and cover the slot, he would blitz off the edge, he would play ceneterfield. Noway in hell should Boykins be covering just the Jason Avants, Cole Beaslys and Santana Mosses of the world 50% of the time then leaving the field while the Nate Allens and Chungs play the whole game.

          • You then do everything you can to bring in Donte Whitner. Then my secondary has Williams at CB, Boykins FS, Whitner SS and Fletcher at the other corner. Tell me you don’t like that secondary. That fucking secondary is comparable to Seattles. Then get a stud pass rusher in the draft if possible.

            • Whitner on wrong side of 30,
              There’s no way Eagles take a look at him as he will command more $$$ than Eagkes are willing to pay for a Stop-Gap płayercwhich they learned in signing Soapaga, K Phhilips & P Chung last year
              They will go with Youth at Safety in the a Draft and being back Bate Allen and a 2nd Tier Strobg Safety to replace Chung
              (Bethea or a Inhebigo type)

            • Comparable to Seattle’s? dag, stop snorting bath salts!

              • HABAPWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

  • u all smokin what cigar smokes hehe yea the nate allens and patrick chungs play whole game they gonna be gonna be gone like yesterdays news we should get both tj ward and jarius byrd blow everyones minds!oh pman i like your scenario wish it was real

  • Im hearing that one of my picks Odell Beckman Jr ran a 4.40 unofficial… dude is a blazer

    • JH….Odell ran a 4.31 in his second 40. I don’t think the Eagles will take him though. I think they are looking for more size. They already have Desean with simular stature (height wise) and speed and will probably bring Maclin back.

    • I looked back at my notes of posters that responded to my challenge, and funny I didn’t, see one response of a list of players from Jon Hart….

      This is exactly why I challenged those list be given before the Combine, because some guys want to pretend that they’re smarter than they really are based upon the performances of these players at the combine – when they have no clue as to what their real talents are..

      He was never one of your guys. I have no list from Jon Hart. Straight Phoney

      • Yes…the lists are going to come back to haunt some people. Lol!

        • It separates the men from the boys Eagle……..

      • Cliff, JH never put out a list but he has had conversations with me about a month ago where he raved about Beckham so he was on Beckham and Benjamin. You can give him that one.

        • Thanks BigL. I see cliff is still up to his desperate ways haha..

          I don’t give out lists of guys, who has time for that. I ll throw out a few guys I liked in college here or there but wont make mock draft boards because I have no time to devote to that..

          I mentioned Kelvin Benjamin and Odell Beckman jr. Both will be good players at the next level. Beckman actually has good versatility, you could line him up as a TE or WR, I would love for the birds to draft him..

          Also mentioned Kyle Van Noy like a year ago and recently. I like his versatility at LB. hes around 6’3 245 and can be moved all along the LB spots. I like his projection to the next level and I want the birds to draft him..

          • What do you mean by desperate?

            You provide no challenge to me JH…I TOLD YOU DON’T FLATTER YOURSELF…..No one takes you seriously. No offense but your shooting blanks at me….

            Everyone that participated had time to write their list. Those who weren’t cowards – that is not you JH, but someone else – but you need to relax with that mouth…

            • Cliff, a challenge? Wtheck are you talking about? You commented under my post saying crap about me not putting a list out. No offense but screw your list cliff. Its not important to me nor is this site, I come on here for entertainment purposes. So like I said, I shoot names out here and there, I dont repeat the names over and over like you paul and some others to receive the acknowledgement and praise if the guy is a player down the road. Screw that , I just dont need it bro..

              • And when I say desperate I mean your looking for a flaw in my point of view. We just don’t share the same opinion about prospects buddy. Its no challenge or battle of any sort on my end. You have your opinion and I certainly have mine. We ll see what guys pan out in the end..

              • I’m not paying any attention to you Jon..LOL!!!!!

                Your opinion doesn’t concern me. Why do you think I take you seriously as a talent evaluator? NO I DON’T

                I told you…I see that you take things for granted, thinking the college amateurs, are already better than the pros. then you talk up guys destined for failure……

                SCREW MY LIST??? LOL!!! Okay, Guarantee you I won’t miss you……..LOL!!!!!! He thinks I take him seriously DCar…..LOL!!!!

              • Anyone that puts “gm” before his first name on a site run by someone else, not affiliated with you at all (nor are you actually a general manager of any sort haha), screams of someone that’s arrogant/pompous, stuck on their view point, unyielding, unable to adjust their original thought on a player even when the proof smacks them in the face. Case and point Russell Wilson, haha.. Cliff you said that you “still wasn’t sold on Wilson” after he won the SB hahahaa That’s all I needed to hear..

                Learn to make adjustments to your viewpoint Clifford, esp when your proven wrong..

              • And more desperate behavior from you cliff, calling dcar into the discussion when he has nothing to do with this. Hes more clueless then you. His rants and cursing and nonsense is all entertainment and hes laughed at and cant be taken seriously.

                You have to call mr porter to come into this discussion because you cant finish it? I wasn’t challenging you but don’t think I wont. Id challenge anyone on here and Id call them out as well.

                Cliff your not an actual gm, get your life together man.. sheesh

              • I’m clueless, & laughed at???? Son, you need to get your head examined! Seriously! You are absolutely, mindbogglingly, senseless, & an embarrassment, & you are on here hypocritically calling other people, everything that you are. “someone that’s arrogant/pompous, stuck on their view point, unyielding, unable to adjust their original thought on a player even when the proof smacks them in the face.” That right there, is the most delusional, hypocritical statement, that I’ve ever heard on here. What a joke of a man you are!

              • Thank you Kindly for the mints, cologne and mouthwash at the club last night DCar!

              • Hey rootdown, I mean Jon Hart, go back in the bog you came from, turd! Let the big boys talk, & go wash your little one inch killer!

              • What club were you at, the Gay bar up town? That’s all you lil sis! I know you are strictly dickly, but I don’t play for that team. I like fur burgers, not sausage, kielbasa, or hot dogs like you, punk boy!

              • Don’t be shy DnoCar. It was the bar where you are the bathroom attendant from 8PM – 2AM, the bathroom cleaner from 2AM-5AM and the dishes from 12:-00PM to 8:00PM.

              • Yes JH, I still stand by my evaluation of Russell Wilson. and just to be clear…But even if he becomes a great QB,,he would still be 1 out of hundreds

                The SEATTLE SEAHAWKS TEAM, won the Super Bowl – The Defense to be specific – Not Russell Wilson

                Continue to flatter yourself.. No one else – except E0S – believes your more knowledgeable than me, and you know it….LOL!! you are funny…

              • Riiiiiight! You are a funny lil girl rootdown. I don’t think so. I have 2 cars buddy. What do you take Septa, with the rest of the heathens? Nice try! Like I said, go back beneath the the sludge, in the bog you came from.

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              • Cliff, I must be talking to a wall. Do you must wanna challenge me or something? Your boring the heck outta me man haha seriously…

                Go post a new mock draft or something because your a yawn…

                Check this out, you feel how you do about prospects and I have my own opinion..

                You’ll see soon that your way off..

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                Just like you won’t admit to all of us your so called source is the internet…We hear complete silence in reference to that answer.

              • Yaaaawn… Zzz…

  • Cliff….My guy, Martavis Bryant ran a 4.34 on his first 40, and a 4.35 on his second. I told you he was going to run in the 4.3-4.4 range. You said he would be a 6 round pick because he would run a 4.6 because your guy from Walter football said that he would. I told you, if you watched him, you knew he was a 4.3-4.4 guy. When you want to know about track or just speed projections period, come check me out. The guy from Walters has knowledge, but no insight when it comes to projecting speed because Martavis was clearly a 4.3-4.4 guy on the field of play.

    • I never said he would be a 6th Round pick Eagle. I said he was being mocked later than when you said he would be drafted….Please Good Brother, don’t get like Jon Hart, putting words in my mouth..

      That’s great to hear though, but, my question would be can he translate all that speed into his play? I’m all for the Birds drafting a WR, I just don’t think we need one in the first round. If he is the guy so be it.

      But Stephen Hill, burned up the Combine as well – for me I need to see more than just speed, and so do you…

      • If you say you did not say that..I’ll take you at your word, I thought you did though. He is not a first round guy. He will go either 2 or 3. For me, it’s just about who is going to be on the board. If the guy I want on offense is there, but the guy I want on defense is gone, then I have to take the guy on offense. I do believe defense needs to be priority, but at the end of the day it just depends on who is available.I definitely need to see more than speed. I’ve been satisfied with what I’ve seen Bryant do on the field, are there parts of his game that needs to be worked on..of course, but that comes with time, coaching and experience.
        I think Stephen Hill has not been helped by the situation he is in with his QB’s and other factors. I also do not know about his work ethic, whereI know Bryant’s work ethic improved greatly this past year as heshowed a lot of maturity this past season.

        • Stephen Hill is a bust, a combine warrior mistake. I’ve never knocked Bryant, I just don’t fall in love with guys just because their forty time is nice.

          Richard Sherman ran a – 4.6 40……Did mean he couldn’t play, or was less talented that the guys that ran faster times….

          • I agree with you, Larry Fitzgerald ran a 4.65 and ….well we know how tight his game is. 40 times certainly do not make the player as it is only a piece of the whole.

            • Exactly Eagle,,,,

  • Paulman only thing wrong with your trade is let’s say Barr or Mack is still there @11 who do you take then. I’ve always said they should trade peters you know the eagles are not gonna sign him to an extension so get something for him better than letting him walk for nothing.

    • If you going to make the Deal (With Peters)
      Then you have to take his replacement
      If your not trading Peters and you make a deal with Titans
      For the 11th Overall pick, then you take
      Mack first & Barr if Mack was gone..

  • This is all I have to say about the 40 Time
    There is a huge difference of straight-line speed and route running and
    Running in and thru traffic
    Look at Jerry Rice’s 40 Time when he came out,
    Yet whenever he caught the ball (which was 99% of the time)
    And made a move into the open field, no one ever caught him behind
    Pure speed is relative, it’s changing directions, running they traffic, running thru traffic and #1 catching the ball to begin with which seperared the Goid ones from the great ones, who has body control, who leaps at the proper times and snatch’s the ball at the apex of the pass, who can shield their bodies or use their size & strength (Boldin, Calvin Johnson,Fitz)
    Or their quickness to turn upfield and change direction on a fine
    (Welker, Etc)
    I don’t get all worked up or impressed with straight line speed for Football is rarely played like a track meet, is it good to have, absolutely, but you have to know how to use it properly in all facets of the game
    I stated then and now that Stephen Hill was a 1 Route Receiver
    And was not worthy of a 1st Round Pick.. He can’t run any route but the fly route in the NFL

  • Dri Archer, who I like as a return specialist just ran a 4.29.

  • Has anybody ever thought that just maybe Stephen hill isn’t good cause he doesn’t have a Qb there at all just sAying…

    • Uh…yeah. I stated that to Cliff. Coaching isn’t that great either.

    • A Hill was a 1 Teick Pony at Georgia Tech which runs the Triple Option
      And only passes 15 Times a game runs the Fly route 75% of the time after sucking in Secondaries in with run,run,runs..

  • GMCliff,
    I really like this RB Terrance West from Towson
    What’s your thoughts on him,
    Probably a 6th Rounder.. Built like a train and likes to run inside
    Between the Tackles but has a good wiggle to break to the outside
    And some wheels on him as good hands and not afraid of contact
    . I think he will make a solid NFL RB
    Even as a back-up..

  • This WR Jeff Janis from Saginaw Michigan State that I have mentioned a few times had a greatcworkout today and is faster than I thought
    He provably moved up from a 5th/6th Rounder to a 4th Round Prospect
    Keep an eye on this kid..

    • I beat you to Jeff Janis Paul, as I mentioned him a loooong time ago.

      • Yes you did Eagles,
        He’s a good looking Prospect and will help whatever Team grabs him
        I’m rooting for the guy.. Maybe the aeagkes will grab him in the 4th/5th

        • Good Call by the way Eagles

          • Thank you!

          • I can actually see a team like Green Bay or New England taking him and turning him into a very productive wide out.

            • He would be a good fit at either Team who both have needs at WRxas so the Browns with all those picks in the first 4 Rounds

  • So Benjamin at 240 ran a 4.53 and a 4.57. At his size and catch radius if he’s there at 22 you take him period.

    • If Pryor isn’t there, I agree with you big.

      • I still want Pyor at #22
        If Eagles Re-Sign Maclin or Cooper or both
        They really don’t have a oressibg need at WR
        For 2014.. Safety needs to be addressed once and for all and Pryor can be Day 1 Starter for the next 8-10 Years
        Eagles can grab many other WR’s in Rds 3/4/5
        Who can develop for a year or two
        The Safet Position cannot rely on mid/late arounmd Picks if they expect to Ddfend against the big boys of the NFC

        • You think we address needs in FA therefore go BPA? Not talking Byrd or Ward but like Clemmons and grab maybe another safety high if BPA. If not I believe a WR will be the BPA by time we pick.

          • I see Eagles doing very little in Free-Agency
            Outside of DT, then maybe a 2nd Tier Player or two at LB & Safety
            They will not pursue big $$$/Starter Types
            Renember they have approx $20 Million in Cap Soace but do
            Have Cedric Thornton, possibly Maclin/Coooer
            And Nate Alken/Colt Anderson plus nayge a Veteran Back-Up QB behind Fojes to address so that $20 Million
            Could be cut in half real quick plus you have save some for a Draft a Picks plus some possible extensions for score Pkayers still under their Rookie a Deals like Boykin,Kendrick’s, Kelce,Cox & Foles to start planning for …

            • The way Howie has been talking….I’m not expecting them to do anything major. He’s been saying that they are not going to be going after big ticket guys, but interim mid level guys. They want to get their main guys out of the draft and its going to take time to fill all the spaces through the up coming drafts in the next 2-3 years.

    • Kelvin Benjamin ran a 4.61 officially according to the NFL website. He looks like a TE hybrid like Dallas Clarke, Shannon Sharpe, Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, Aaron Hernandez. He is worth the #22 pick. That guy looks like a double digit TD guy.

    • he ran 4.62 officially – you don’t draft him at #22

      • you don’t think he is worth the 22 overall pick? He looks like a TD machine in the red zone. He is going to put on about 25 lbs easily.
        I would go Notre Dame at 22 -OL Zack Martin or DE Stephon Tuitt as a five tech DE

        • I am not very high on Benjamin
          I believe he would have been better served staying at Florida State and play another Season of College Ball, work on his route running, hands, blocking, etc and play with QB Winston another season and then he could have been a Top 10 Pick in 2015 Draft
          I just don’t think he can get sepearate on from NFL CB’s and doesn’t quite know how to use his size yet.. Reminds a little of a Sydney Rice who was more polished coming out of College and still never learned to become an elite NFL Receiver
          I stay away from Benjamin at #22 at all costs
          He will be a 2-3 year Project and provably end up a good Player, but at #22, Eagles need a Stsrter on Defense right away who can make an impact like Safety Pryor or Ha Dix or CB Marcus Roberson
          Or a strong Rotational DL like Hagenan
          Or even a situational good Pass-Rusher (Dee Ford)

          • Nothing like Sydney Rice, but at 22 you want a player not a situational type player.

      • Cliff you know we differ on Benjamin and I know your not saying don’t draft him because of a 40 time? your a football guy I know you know better.

        • No, Biggie of course not…I think it is important to get our playmaking impact on Defense; I don’t think it’s necessary to draft a WR, in the first 2 Rounds. We have to fix the Defense in Free Agency, and early in the Draft.

          Some misunderstand my stance on players. I like a lot of these prospects but not as much as I like:

          The thought of Kony Ealy, and Jeremiah Attaochu, coming off the edge rushing the QB, or Andrew Jackson knocking the snot out of someone coming up the middle.

          Kyle Fuller, Deone Buchannon, Stanley Jean Baptiste, and Walt Aikens, shutting down a high powered Offense – which compliments out Chip Kelly Offense – which leads to a chance at the SuperBowl….

  • Allen Robinson’s 40 was disappointing at 4.60 but his vertical and broad jump numbers were very good so he does have explosive legs.

  • I didn’t watch the combine so I am just scanning the figures on the NFL website.
    RB numbers that surprised me:
    Tyler Gaffney from Stanford has some good numbers, I didn’t expect that.
    Silas Read from USC I expected better numbers little disappointed.
    Carlos Hyde from Ohio State 40 was slow. 4.66. ( that is mid round not first off the board)

    • I think RB Gaffney has a similar game as
      Bengals RB G Bernard.. He’s maybe not as shifty,
      But bigger,stronger and should make a nice change of pace RB in the NFL
      He had sone stud games at Stanford and was durable
      And a workhorse carrying 25 times a game and has a knack for gettingvthose tought short yardage and red-zone runs into the end-zone
      Which is not a need for the Eagles but the Colts,Browns, Giants,Dolphins,&
      Possibly the Ravens with Ray Rice’s situation will take a good look at him
      I see him as a 3rd/4th Rounder

  • Jordan Matthews numbers from Vandy jump off the page. Where is he projected to go? He looks like a winner.

    • Jordan Matthews is Projected as a Mid 2nd To an Early
      3rd Rounder (50th-70th Range)

      • sold!

      • I’ve been hyping Matthews since the season. Can’t go wrong with a relative of Jerry Rice. Dude was a stud, even before the combine. He didn’t necessarily have good senior bowl week, that’s why no one raved about him. If you watch the tape, you’ll see, he’s quick, strong, gets YAC, & doesn’t drop balls. I’d love to get him in the 2nd, depending on what we get in FA, & the 1st round.

    • Agree E0S…Matthews is looking like a nice player that might still be there for the Birds. Great size (6’3″ 212) with some of the biggest hands of any reciever (10 3/8″) combined with All-SEC WR. He ran a 4.46 at the combine, and as DCar mentioned, he is a cousin of Jerry Rice. From reading up on him, he looks to be a pretty strong character guy too. Reminds me of Avant in his off the field background.

  • CJ Mosley,Hubbard, Attaochu, Christian Jones, Zumwalt, Dee Ford chickened out and didn’t lift today.
    Anthony Barr 15 reps is low.
    Trent Murphy 19 reps is low.
    Michael Sams 14 reps is low.
    Jackson Jeffcoat 18 is low.
    These edge rushers need to get at least 20 reps.
    Hageman 32 reps is good.
    Tuitt 31 reps is good.

    • I am realky intrigued by DT Hageman,
      Some Scouts say he is one of most naturally strongest Players in this Draft
      Some even say that he reminds them of a young Albert Haynesworth
      when he came out with his body type & quick first step and long frame at
      6-6″, 318 who will most likely be 330lbd by his 3rd Season in an
      NFL Conditioning Program..
      The question is his maturity & work ethic
      I believe the Eagles will take a hard, long look at him and with 3-4 other high energy DL on the Team already and a no-nonsense DL Coach Jerry A.
      I believe the Eagles would be a great landing spot for him
      Word is the Giants, Cowboys, Ravens & Packers & Patriots are enamored with him as well
      This a Draft is very thin at DL and especially at DT
      If Hageman is there at #22, the Eagles will have to strongly consider taking him for there are still good Safety’s/LB’s/CB’s & WR’s that can be gad in the
      2nd/3rd and 4th Rounds but very few DT’s to go around

      • I like Hageman…it fulls a need!

        • I would be happy with DT Ra’Shede Hageman with their 1st Pick at #22

  • Eagles somehow need to get 2 more early Selections
    1 more 2nd Rounder and 1 more 3rd Rounder in this Draft
    They gave 2 5th around Picjs and maybe can package a 5th and a Brandon
    Graham or Vinny Curry , Bryce. Brown or even a Brett Celek with these 5th Rounders and move up to the late 2nd or 3rd Rounds

    Falcons need Pass Rushers & TE to replace Gonzales
    Jets & Dolphins need a quality Starting TE
    Browns & Colts could use a quality RB

    Let’s say Eagles offer their 5th around Pick and Graham
    To the Falcons for their 3rd around pick (#70th Overall)

    And Offer the Jets/Dolphins TE Celek and a 5th Are Pick
    For one of their 3rd Rounders..

    • I agree Paul…except with the trading of our best TE….

      • Casey has no trade Value, Celek has the highest Value right now and ERTZ is the Future #1 TE..
        I say Trade Celek and a 5th Round Pick and get a 3rd In Return
        so that the Eagles can add more Talent to their Defense..

  • P-Man I want Pryor or Dix but I think Pryor will still be there. Sign a veteran S and watch Wolff and Prior veteran safety duke it out

  • After watching the WR at the combine both Maclin and Cooper can go. This draft is loaded with WR just as good as either. The learning a new system means nothing because Cooper/Djax etc learned a new system last year and flourished so that point is moot. You just have to draft one of these studs in the 1st 3 rounds with minimal financial ramifications. You can then focus your financial resources on another postion. After watching the combine every FA WR lowered his head because there value plummeted.

    • Dag…You have to be careful with rookies, savvy veterans will pick up a system faster than a rookie. You also have to concern yourself with the rookie wall, confidence, etc etc. You can resign one and draft another. I’m good with Kelvin Benjamin, Martavis Bryant, Jordan Mathews, or Donte Moncrief. I think it to be unwise to go into a season with two rookies and just one vet (DJAX).

  • wish list developing:
    #22 OL Zach Martin Notre Dame if he is gone DE Stephon Tuitt ND
    #54 WR Jordan Matthews Vandy
    #86 S Dion Bailey Southern Cal

    • Paulman Wish List

      1st – #22 Free Safety – Calvin Pryor (Louisville 6-2 210lbs)
      2nd – #54 CB – Kyle Fuller (Va Tech 6-0 – 195lbs)
      3rd – #86 OLB – Jeremiah Attachou (Ga Tech 6-3 252lbs)
      4th – #118 Strong Safety – Terrance Brooks (Fla State 5-11 200lbs)
      5th(A) #150 Guard – Brandon Thomas (CLemson 6-3 – 315lbs)
      5th (B) #154 TE – Marcel Jenkins (Fresno State 6-6 – 260lbs)
      7th – #214 WR – Cody Hoffman (BYU 6-4 – 225lbs)

      After this Draft, ESPN Analysts Mel Kiper’s says he will shave his Hair for a Charity Fundraiser in honor of Paulman’s Draft Picks and calls him the
      “GM Wanna-Be of 2014”

      • Paul…I think Paul Richardson is the best WR, in this draft. My late round WR is Ryan Grant. What do you think Buddy?

        • Let me check these Players out Cliff…
          I am not familiar with either of them to be honest with you..

          • Cool, I look forward to your opinion…

        • Ryan Grant is a jorden poyer late round type long shot, just not athletic enough.
          Paul Richardson is a real thin, Todd Pinkston thin. He will have to put on weight and if he does does he lose his agility.

          • Paul Richardson from COlorado is listed at 6-0′ – 175lbs and unless he has Return Skills, I am not so sure he fits in well as a Eagles WR
            Chip Kelly already has his Small,Speed WR in D_Jax and we all know that the other WR’s must be physical and be good at Blocking downfield.. I would pass on Richardson who looks like a good NFL Prospect, but just not with this Eagles Scheme unless he can be that Return Man on Kick-offs/Punts and be that 5th/6th WR and replace D Johnson’s spot who is disappointed and failed to take advantage of his opportunites in 2 Seasons
            R Grant has game, with more bulk and strength at 6-0′ – 199lbs
            again, unless he can play Special Teams in the Return Game, Just not sure if he’s a good Fit for Kelly’s System though he looks like a good NFL Prospect
            If Maclin is resigned, than the Eagles would have 3-4 WR’s all 6-0 and under (D-Jax,Avant & Maclin) and need to have at 2 least 2 WR’s with some size and physicality.. maybe Cooper is one of them, maybe not, but whoever they Draft should be that 6-2′-6-4″ and 215-225lbs range in my opinion and be able to play Physcial in the Red-Zone and teh Running Game for all we all know that is not
            D-Jax,Maclin or Avant’s strengths…

            • But we’re no looking for these guys to be impact this year. So they just have to continue to develop as pros….

              The Return Game – we need Dri Archer in my opinion…

      • I also don’t think that Attaochu, not running at the Combine, moves him out of the second round.

        • I believe Attaochu fallls to the 3rd Round..
          OLB’s Ryan Shazier,Kyle Van Noy,Trevor Reilly,Carl Bradford
          have all moved ahead of Attaochu are most likley 2nd Round Prospects

          OLB Telvin Smith from Fla State is listed as a 2nd Round Propect
          but is listed at 6-3′ & only 218 lbs which means there is little chance he can Play OLB at the NFL due to his lack of weight/strength and would just get gobbled up by NFL OL at the point of attack
          Does he have the Athleticism to Play Strong Safety in the NFL, I am not sure.. but I just can’t see a 220lb LB playing in today’s NFL..

          • I don’t think any of those prospects are better than Attaochu…especially Van Noy

            • They are all rated better by most NFL Scouts when taking in their All-Around Games…Attaochu is the better Pass-Rusher which is only a part of a LB’s repsonsibility, they must be able to Drop Back in PAss-COverages, Sheild BLockers and hold edfe in the RUnning game and Tackle well.. Attaochu is rated lower in these “categories” by most Scouts..
              I think Trevor Reilly is the “Best All-Around OLB” (outside of Mack) in this Draft — If he’s sitting there at #54, I grab him if I am the Eagles.. Reilly has size (6-5″ – 245lbs) , Athleticism and Toughness.. Forced 3 Forced Fumbles, Had 4 Sacks, 6 Tackles for Losses and 70 Tackles overall and with his length, bats down balls and able to cover TE’s out in Pass-Coverages…
              He did suffer a Knee Injury and had off-season surgery, but was not a torn ACL so not a major rehab. He does need to get Stronger which will occur being in any NFL Program and has the Frame to get to 255-258lbs in 2 Years time ..
              He actually is a lot like Connor Barwin.. Not great in any particualr area, but very good in All-Around Play and Fundamentally sound..

              • What scouts have said that Paul?? How many have you talked to personally?? Because that’s not true

                That’s why you can’t always base opinions on scouts, or media evaluations – it’s really about personal taste – to each his own – Mine is different…

              • If he’s like Connor Barwin, then I don’t want him…

              • GMCliff – new mock drafts coming out tomorrow across internet NFL mock universe post combine, are you going to be adding/subtracting names to your impact list? Rush 3-4 OLB maybe isn’t the strength of this draft. You may be force feeding that position in your Impact list like someone last year trying to convince others that Geno, EJ or Barkley were good QBs.

      • When healthy, Kyle Fuller is the best CB in the draft…..

  • ridiculous, I just saw Koly Ealy run the 40 and do combine drills in the underwear Olympics ( high five to ever came up with that name last year, funny stuff) he is not an OLB.
    GMCliff stop writing stupid suggestions.
    Ealy can be a decent DE but never in a million years is that guy a OLB or would anyone with a kindergarten education in football have ever suggested such an absurd suggestion with a first round pick.

  • Ealy is not fast, nor does he have the hips, nor change of direction, to be an ROLB. He’s a natural $-# DE. pauls boy Hageman, is a perfect 5 tech DE, like I sad. He is not NT. Mayock, Sapp, & McGinnus agree.

    • *4-3*

    • I knew Ealy did not have the ability or agility to play OLB. I could tell he was to stiff in the hips to flip and turn. He is and always will be a 4-3 DE. Can someone tell me how Dee Ford has performed. I Can’t watch it right now.

      • Never mind, I just saw he was advised not to participate due to a medical concern from a 2011 herniated disc surgery. That’s bad for his stock.

      • Auburn DE Dee Ford has withdrawn from NFL Combine workouts for medical reasons.
        According to the NFL Network, exams revealed an issue relating to a 2011 surgery Ford underwent for a herniated disc in his lower back. For now, it doesn’t look like a major red flag. The projected first-round pick says he feels fine and ESPN’s Louis Riddick hears doctors are just being “cautious.” Auburn’s pro day is scheduled for March 4.

        • Auburn’s Dee Ford will have a difficult time lasting in the NFL,
          He’s quick as hell but at 6-3 245lbs, will take a beating from OT/OL
          over Time.. I stay away as far as a I can from him at #22
          Now a Situational Pass-Rusher who plays 15-20 Snaps a Game is a Need that Every Team has, but I look for those Players in the 3rd/4th Round and not in the 1st Round

      • He does have the ability. That’s why they identified him as one that possibly could. All I want him to do is rush the QB from that position.

        Thank you Eagle, for your criticism. I’d rather hear it from my guys that answered my Challenge, rather than someone who thinks they’ve got it figured out by combine performances, at the last minute…

        I just ignore those frauds …..Keep expressing your objections..

        • I would have answered your challenge if you removed the restrictions of these are may guys and you can’t select them, they are all mine,mine, mine but you can select any of paulman’s guys because they are everyone’s, you just can’t select my guys.

          • I am dead set against replying to you. But this will be the only exception, because trust me I am flat out ignoring any of your comments.

            I never stated – ” they are all mine,mine, mine”….The challenge was for you to come up with your own player – with the exception of the ones I had already identified – Because to some my suggestions were unacceptable.

            So, mostly, everyone on GCobb.com, gave theirs – you didn’t because you were afraid to be criticized, and called on the carpet – Not because you couldn’t identify players that I had already suggested…….and you know it..

            or did you like some of the same players this clueless dingbat mocked. That can’t be, because that would make YOU an equally clueless dingbat…right ???

            No – Your a coward……You didn’t want to stick your neck out like the rest of us right??…So, don’t want to hear crap from you.

            Criticize to your hearts desire. I give less than a darn, and I will continue to ignore your meaningless heckling…….E0S is a nobody

            • Brothers we all have fun with this. Nobody, including GMCliff, gets these prospect down 100%. But it does give some indication as to where we need to make adjustments in our evaluations, for suggestions for the Eagles…

              Thank you to all that answered the Challenge…..:)

              • especially GMCliff, there I fixed your reply. you’re welcome!
                “Brothers we all have fun with this. Nobody, “”ESPECIALLY”” GMCliff, gets these prospect down 100%”

      • Kony ealy is not all that GMCLiff has cranked him up to
        He’s a good Player, but no Impact Player and definitely is no OLB
        I’ve read 2-3 Scouts compare him to Trent Cole believe it or not..
        I like DE’s Scott Critchcon from Oregon State, Marcus Smith from Louisville & Kareem Martin from North Carolina as PLayers with longer- term upside that Ealy who is a Pass-Rusher, but not very strong against the Run and is not mobile enough to play a 3-4 OLB and drop back in Pass-Coverages and at 6-4 275lbs, is not quite big enough to play DE
        and is another Trent Cole, Brandon Graham & Vinny Curry in my opinion
        Kelly wants long & lean DE’s with big wing spans..

        • We’ll see won’t we….

          • Believe me Cliff.. I really like Kony Ealy’s game but think he’s best-suited for a standard 4-3 and really see the Bears, Cowboys,Giants taking a hard look at him.. I do not feel he’s a good fit in a 3-4 and is too similar to what the Eagles already have on their Roster (Cole,Graham & Curry)

            • He’s definitely that, but He is a good player. I like his ability to rush the QB, more than anything else. You know I value your opinion, so I really hope you aren’t offended when I say, I respectfully disagree. I think he can grow into that.

              That’s why I want the Eagles to sign Jason Woirlds, to play Coles side, while he develops. Similar concerns with Attaochu, but again, I think he can also develop, while playing behind Barwin.

              • I just don’t believe the Eagles, Kelly andDC B Davis want to continue to add 6-4 270lbs Players at De..
                They are looing at 285-290lbs Players to Play the De..
                the Pass-Rush is going to come for the LB’s and some quick hitting Siruational Pass-Rushers who play De in the 4-3 Pass-Rushing Scheeve,, Ealy is not an updgrade of what they already have at DE (Cole,Graham,Curry)
                kelly keeps saying he wants bigger, longer Players and Ealy is just too much of what they already have in Philly as far as DE

              • Why?? He ran 00.8 seconds slower than Aldon Smith did….

                Yet he’s more stouter against the run, and sets the edge better, although Aldon is slightly a better athlete….

                JJ Watt ran a 4.91….I don’t put a lot of stock in the Combine. I watched him kick too many 10 ten players tails to write him off.

              • and yet the older Cole was starting for us at OLB…

              • 0.08…sory

    • I disagree DCar…I don’t put a whole lot of stock in the Combine, but it does give an indication where he has to work. I haven’t wavered on Kony Ealy Brother…

      • I don’t put much stock in the combine either gmc, but what I do watch is speed, change of direction, how stiff his hips are, & where he plants his feet on change of direction. He has hardly ever dropped in coverage, has feet for hands, & is a natural 4-3 DE, not a 3-4 ROLB. You don’t waste a first rounder, on a guy, that’s going to be a project at the position. You are as wrong on him, as much as you were right on Ansah last year. Didn’t you get enough with the square pegs, in round holes when the Hindenburg was here? Draft guys that you can plug & play. Enough with projects, & athletic freaks, that don’t fit. I for 1, am sick & tired of it! Now, if we draft Jeremiah Attaochu in the 2nd, that’s ok, because he’s better suited for 3-4 ROLB.

        • DCar, Attaochu, and Ealy are basically the same player Bruh.

          Some want the traditional OLB that drops in to coverage, but you don’t have to have that. They should be able to rush the passer first, and that’s what those guys do best….They don’t have to be a Clay Matthews type.

          Both of them are players Bruh…. and we need pass rushers, and I think both of them can fit in our scheme…..

          • We agree, to disagree on this gmc.

            • Fair enough Good Brother….Cheers!!

              BTW, Your Boy JH, said I was desperate to discredit him…/?????
              I’m not thinking about him…..what’s wrong with him?

              • gmc, the boy is sick in the head, bruh! First of all, you have to have a good reputation, live in reality, be an honest person, & actually know WTF you are talking about, to be “discredited.” Dude is this sites King of the @$$clowns, & is a court jester. Nothing less, nothing more. I’m tired of his antics, & @$$clownery. He opened up the can of works a few years ago, when he started calling paul & myself names, & saying that we both were fraud fans, for telling the truth about the Sixers. Now all of a sudden, he’s reiterating, what we’ve been saying forever. With his over-exaggerations, fake sources, sucking on Lebron’s nuts, fairy tale acquisitions, retarded lack knowledge, & him unable to live in reality, I cannot tolerate, & I will continue to go out of my way, ad nauseam, to make a JO out him. Although I don’t even need to do so, because he does a great job doing it all by himself, I will do so out of principle. I know it’s a bit childish of me, & a bit redundant, but I have zero tolerance for stupidity, idiocy, & for some punk, hypocrite telling me, that I don’t know WTF I’m talking about. So, whether he likes it, or not, I will continue to troll on every stupid thing he says. I’ll await his dumb responses now, about me cleaning his toilets, picking up trash, or him calling me Mr. Porter, or Freddy Mitchell, or whatever other, senseless, meaningless, verbal diarrhea, that comes out of his Lebron’s knob gobbler!

              • *worms*

              • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I need to ask this fellas, I really think the combine is horrible and has lead many a GM and coach to be fired because they fail to believe the tape and get caught up in this dog and pony show every year. The NFL gets too caught up in measurables and not enough game tape. Just another money maker for the NFL.

    • I wish they would let us watch the combine instead of puppet head hosts spewing about Manziel, Sams, Clowney, over and over and over again skipping the prospects doing combine drills. I would prefer they put Eisen and Mayock in a radio booth and never put a camera on them once.

    • Your right Biggie. That’s why the Combine isn’t a clear indication of a prospect actual ability….They may lack in some fundamentals, but that’s where coaching, and personal work comes in……

      There is something called game speed. Football isn’t played like that all game. It’s also a game of angles. The tape is more important, and some GM’s get caught up in, an outsmart themselves……

  • Example A Clowney running a 4.47 so now he goes back to being the number 1 pick? that 4.47 would be nice if he was a 266 pound TE but in the NFL you don’t get a 40 yard headstart to the QB. SMH

    • I’m interested in seeing Clowney, what I’m not interested in is them interviewing Clowney while the combine is happening missing other prospects perform nor am I interested in seeing a camera on Dee Ford at all since he is not participating in the combine missing others who are performing.

      • It’s become this way the last few years where teh NFL Channel and Hosts pick their Top 8-10 players to talk about and pretty much ignore 90% of all other Participates.. It just gets worse and worse each Season as far as Viewing it and hearing teh same stories about the same player over and over..

        Let talk about the Top 10-15 at Each Postions, their Strengths & Weaknesses, What are Good Team & System Fits, etc,etc..

    • i dont think the texans are taking a qb @ #1. i think its clowney or the auburn tackle

      • Could we see the Browns and Texans make a Deal..
        Browns want a QB and have 2 1st Rounders plus 1 2nd, 2 3rds & 2 4th’s Round Selections and could want to make a deal with Texans to get their Top Choice at QB while the Texans get additional Picks and can still get a QB in the 2nd Round or go ahead and Play Casey Keenum for 2014 until Coach O’Brien figures out what to do down there..

  • **** Eagles News****

    According to my source, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles reps did indeed meet with Johnny Tackle Manziel during the combine. ***Confirmed***

    My Thoughts: He’s the ideal type of QB Chip wants to run this offense in all its facets, including the zone read with the ability to take off and run for 10 or more yards..etc etc.. May not be able to move up to get him though so this could just be Chip and the rest of the Eagles reps doing there due diligence. But if and this is a strong if, Manziel slides to around 9-15, I see the Eagles moving up to draft him. I really like Nick too but that zone read option just isn’t there, for this offense to go 100% not 80-85% we need a QB that has the ability to run that… its incomplete until Chip brings that guy here..

    SN: Again, I’m a Nick supporter I just can’t deny it

    • forget MANZIEL…….Just a circus like Tebow for some in denial, before he’s out of the league too…..He can’t touch Foles..

      • it is easier to find a 7 foot tall hall of fame NBA center than find a QB under six feet tall just to start at QB in an NFL game. Maybe I’m naive and the rules as so soft now that tiny five foot QBs will be the norm now.
        I’ll play the odds and pass on five footers at the QB position.

    • ***EAGLES NEWS****
      According to my source the eagles reps spoke to all of the players at the combine. Reports have them making a run at clowny if he drops to 9-15.

      • Haveaseat, ur the only clowny.. haha… its clowney genius

        • I’ve seen you called out for spell check errors and you whine like a girl… Spelling aside my sources and report are every bit as credible as yours

    • the problem is, our offense worked a helluva lot better with someone who is slow, than it did when someone “who has all the tools Kelly looks for” (Vick) led the offense. We averaged more points, we were MUCH more efficient in the red zone, etc. While it was a lot of fun watching Johnny Football play college ball, I dont see him being any better than Vick was for the Eagles last year.

      And we all know what Chip wants in a QB, he has stated it many times.. He wants repetitive accuracy and great decision making.

    • Bust a move!!! Johnny Manziel is exactly the move to make…you hit on the head Jon Hart…we need 100%

  • Im hearing Malcolm Jenkins is the safety the Eagles are going after. Its gaining some steam according to reports.

    • Did I not call that Dag???

  • Lol I been said that a people said I was nuts lol

  • **NFL Rumor***
    Eagles in Talks with the Oakland Raiders involving WR D-Jax & RB Bryce Brown for some Draft Picks from the Raiders… Sources stating Raiders are Offering a 2nd & 5th Round PIck in 2014 and a 4th Round Pick in 2015 Draft
    GM Howie Roseman was overheard stating to a Front Office Staffer, “This WR Position is getting more Complicated by the Hour” ..
    More Details as I come up with them….

    • No they’re not Paul…..DeJack is going no where for the 100th time

  • Eagles were one of the 5-6 teams that interviewed Johnny Manziel. I guess everyteam has a certain number of interviews they get at the combine“Manziel met with Houston (1), Jacksonville (3), Cleveland (4), Dallas (17), Tampa Bay (7) and Philadelphia coaches and team officials, and very likely Oakland (5), this weekend before flying back to Texas late Sunday afternoon,” King wrote. Before Eagle fans say the Eagles are doing there “due diligence”. whats the point? Why waste one of your interviews on a player you have no intention on taking? It makes no sense. GB, Miami, NO etc have franchise QBs and didn’t waste one of there interviews on someone they aren’t taking. Whats the point? They aren’t deceiving anyone my goodness. Im telling you unless Nick Foles takes the Eagles far next year and has another banner year that forces the Eagles to sign Foles to big contract Foles is not getting some mega deal. For some reason he just isn’t Chips guy. Fans just don’t want to believe it. Im not saying they are right but everything that comes out of Chips mouth says he isn’t his long term guy. Foles really has to play well this year. I know what Howie just said “We are all behind Nick in the organization”, which was his best endorsement to date but things like interviewing Manziel just makes you wonder. I know this post will be spinned a different way but I just don’t hear this type of shit coming out of places like Wash, Indy, Carolina, etc who all have young QBs.

    • I think we all see that Dag, I don’t understand it but you are 100 percent right in this post.

      • Guarantee you the Eagles won’t attempt to draft Manziel, or any QB in the first 3 Rounds…..

        I don’t have to wonder about a QB that will fail in the NFL….

    • Its a solid post, daggolden…and it calls attention to some things that are very obvious…anyone who listened carefully to Chip Kelly saw a coach who is not sold on Nick Foles…he sees the defects and he’s not buying into the stats that Foles piled up against bad teams. Manziel you see a QB with mobility, that ‘it’ factor that gives a team confidence…Manziel in a Chip Kelly, QB friendly offense would do wonders…
      So all of the fools..umph..I mean Foles fans…listen well to Peter King…we have a really tough schedule against some tough defenses…Foles has to take the team far into the playoffs to get the big time contract…Chip just doesn’t believe in the guy…and I see why!

      • i see the cockroaches have come out from the cracks… pro bowl qb, playoff qb…. hmmm yet they want a 5 foot LOUD MOUTH, runt

        • Not only did Howie say that they are all 100% behind Nick Foles… He also said that there is no opportunity for any other QB to start next season for the Eagles. He said he told Mike Vick he wouldnt even get the chance to compete for the starting spot in Philly because it belongs to Nick Foles. Foles isnt going anywhere, Chip should very much love Nick Foles cause they probably would have only won 6 or 7 games this year if it wasnt for Nick Foles taking over.

          • You are being generous. Eagles would have won 4 or 5 had they not had their very own Bart Scott moment.

        • It makes too much sense Ciggy…So they want someone more popular – not more talented……..ridiculous

      • every time I read a post by koolbreeze I feel dumber.. It must kill you to see Nick Foles have so much success and support around the league.

        • That’s why I refrain from reading his posts now. He will follow the Jets after MV 7 goes there though. His time is limited here. He’ll pop up every now and then when he sees the letters QB. Other than that, he has nothing!

          • I feel bad for Jets fans now!

            • Not going to be Jets, unless they dump MM who doesn’t like the superstar as a QB……My $$ is on Minny throwing their next 2 seasons away on MV7wins.

              • Tamp Bay is where Vick will land and compete and Win Starters Job over Mike Glennon
                HC Coach Lovie Smith prefers Veterans playing QB and the Team would actually be a good Fit for him

          • You ‘refrain’ from reading period…I’ve laid out what the Eagles need to do…in free agency we need to go after Jarius Byrd…if we have to pick at 22 we should get the DT if available…if not…then we have to see how the board falls…the draft is a crap shoot…and most of what is speculated on this forum is pure garbage anyway…

            • LOL…. Do you still struggle reading Green Eggs and Ham?

        • Not my fault you feel dumb anittrust…funny your post have the opposite effect on me…I suddenly feel so much smarter! Nick Foles ‘success’ is really not that impressive at all…no one is really excited about Foles…everyone of substance says…’yeah, yeah…he had a good year…
          Hey…Foles deserves a shot…but so do us long suffering Eagle fans!
          If we have a chance to move up and get an impact QB like Manziel…pull the trigger and lets make it happen because and you heard here loud a clear…Foles is not the guy for this offense…defenses will expose him next year. But…he deserves a shot

          • “impact QB”???? really? 27 TD’s and like what 6-7 Int’s..that isn’t impact? taking over a mediocre team and leading them to the playoffs? impact? getting in for a quarter of the PB and winning MVP? impact? this manziel character must the second coming of montana

            • Johnny Football will be out of the NFL by 2016

              • 16 starts and a couple other appearances

                4600 yrds, 33 tds 7 ints 1.2% interception rate.

                not “impact” enough

                Never been done before in the history of the entire NFL….but not enough

                We need another mini-man running around like an idiot making one exciting play every 3 weeks….that’s what wins in the NFL.

                Manziel will soon be on the Raiders, or Browns, or Jags, or some other moribound franchise…..and the ‘experts’ will all be debating who their new QB of the future will be when they pick top 5 again in 2016.

                Poor Koolbreeze.

                Straight-laced, clean-cut, never says anything/does anything wrong, polite, straight ahead hat wearing, tattoo-less, always praising his teammates, awkward looking, slowpoke white boy, leading the Birds for the next 10 years….and if he stumbles….another slowpoke white boy waiting in the wings!!!

                Must be hell on earth for the guy…..

          • If for some reason the Eagles got Manziel and he could win more games than Nick Foles all Eagles fans would be happy. But, I wouldn’t count on Manziel being a better QB than Nick Foles,

            • I would! In Chip Kelly’s system Manziel would be much better than Foles! Throw out last year and all the weak teams that we beat with Foles padding his stats against Tampa and Oakland…while we had the best offensive line and running game in the NFL.
              Its gonna be tougher this year…the QB wont have all day to throw the ball….what we see with Manziel is the ‘it’ factor…the swagger, the ability to lead a team and make plays.
              The Eagles have not bought into Nick Foles…they keep sending to many indications and mix-messages…why even interview Manziel…if you have soooo bought into Foles…Why isnt Cooper the priority over Maclin…since Foles has such a great ‘rhythm’ with him? Why the extremely ‘lukewarm’ approval of Foles from Kelly and all you had to do is see the way he said ‘yeah’ to questions about Foles being a franchise QB.
              Just like many of us are not convinced….the Eagles are not convinced…and its gonna to take a big run in the playoffs this year with the tough schedule we got to convince them.
              I predict…Foles will not be the long term answer at QB here with the Eagles!

              • what we see with Manziel is the ‘it’ factor…the swagger, the ability to lead a team and make plays.

                What I see with Manziel is “High School Joe” running around making plays against inferior athletes. And, I’m not the only one who sees him that way.

                In fact, the reason the Eagles interviewed him is because they feel he could fall into 2nd or 3rd round like Geno did, and Barkley did.

                koolbreeze, you are a Vick follower – let me ask you a question… Do you think Manziel is as good as Vick? So, why would the Eagles let Vick walk in favor of Foles?

              • You right Irish…You’re not the only one who sees that….

                I don’t think he is an NFL QB….flat out…

          • Yeah, but you’re not an Eagles fan, you’re a Vick fan! Beat it fool!

          • considering EVERY SINGLE THING you have posted about Nick Foles has turned out to be wrong, I’m happy to see this post.

        • lol…..

  • The Eagles are a day late and a dollar short. The Eagles needed the #4 pick in this years draft. We would be talking about Clowney dropping to us at #4, we would be talking about taking Sammy Watkins, Mack or that stud OT Greg Robinson.We would be talking about trading back and picking up picks then taking Mike Evans. Lance Johnson wouldn’t even be a top 10 pick this year SMH.

    • It’s not Lane Johnson’s or the Eagles fault,
      Last years Draft was simply average across the Board,
      It’s how the Draft works sometimes..
      This years it’s very Deep thru the a First 3/4 Rounds at many Pisituons..
      The Key is for Wagles to get sone additional
      draft picks in the 2nd/3rd & 4th Rounds by Tradibg/packaging
      Sone Players that don’t fit but have Valur with some later Round Picks
      Like a Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham, Brett Cekek and try to move up
      In the earlier Rounds

      • there were 5 OL taken in the top 10 in last years draft and Lane Johnson was the best of the bunch.
        Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel, Dion Jordon, Lane Johnson, Ziggy Ansah, Bark Mingo, Jonathan Cooper, Tavon Aston, Dee Millner, Chance Warmack. On a redraft Lane Johnson remains a top five selection.
        Sheldon Richardson, Star Lotulelei, Eddie Lacy, Desmond Trufant, DJ Fluker, Justin Pugh, Kyle Long, Kiko Alonzo and Keenan Allen enter the top 10 but Lane Johnson stays in the top 10. Howie Roseman made a successful selection.

      • Again Paul…

        Lane Johnson didn’t even make the all rookie team – 1st team, 2nd team, or 3rd team!!….not a sniff of credit for his rookie year that has been overstated by Howie supporters

        It’s really telling of the opinions of his peers, and the rest of the league….

        Average to Below average….

        • and I counted well over 20 sacks given up by that stiff……I hope he does improve, because I want a Championship.

          But I think he is going to continue to be a weak link, along with a below average Defense, that I stated should have been upgraded 5 years ago.

          I am hoping for a focus on Defense for the first 5 rounds of this draft.
          A FOCUS- That doesn’t mean that if a WR, QB or OG, is available, that we pass on drafting them, – no, but FOCUS – on the DEFENSE…….

    • Lane Johnson didn’t even make the all rookie team – 1st team, 2nd team, or 3rd team!!

      His year was only good one in the eyes of eagles fans who are partial to Howie Roseman – not to those in the league, who can see the Offensive Line benefited MOSTLY by a healthy Peters, Mathis, Kelce, and little help from Herramans picking up some of the slack…….

      He is an average to below average O-Lineman who would be a possible 3rd – 4th Round Pick, in this years draft…

      • behind tiny richardson? rank the rookie OT from last season that are better than him? rank the RT in the NFL 1 through 32 and where Lane Johnson would be placed in that list? Rank where Lane Johnson would fit in the OT prospects in the 2014 draft?

      • I want GMCliff to list the 15 to 20 Right Tackles in the NFL that are better than Lane Johnson? Sine you just wrote this:
        “He is an average to below average O-Lineman who would be a possible 3rd – 4th Round Pick, in this years draft…”

  • Hey Paulman was that a real rumor about djackass or one of yours cause I think they can get more than that for him. And yes folks it’s official the birds can lie to you all they want but they are gonna either take a wr,Oline or cb !!

    • Every Paulman Rumor is purely my-own thoughts..
      I have no Sources anywhere, my Posts are strictly Original thoughts,even if they are crazy stupid … That’s how I Roll..

  • Has anyone mentioned Jerick McKinnon? 5’9 210, can play every skill position on offense QB RB WR also CB on defense. Hes an ultimate weapon. I watched him at Georgia Southern and hes electrifying. He didn’t disappoint at the combine either.. Ran a 4.35, 4.41 40 had 32 bench reps. He may be my other sleeper in this draft.. May have gone in the 4th or 5th before but will be climbing draft boards after what he did at the combine..

    • I like McKinnon too.. Kind of reminds me a little of a Darren Sproles type..
      Have him Return Kicks/Punts, Catch a few balls,screens, bubble routes, Run some reverses.. Just get the ball in his hands 8-10 times a game and he probably makes a big play or two and is a tough runner also..
      Would be a nice late 6th/7th Pick-up or even a Undrafted Signing and can probably take the Role of 2 Players and save a Roster Spot as your Return Man and 3rd RB ..

  • Paulina pman ur trade rumors are just stupid. Quit talkin bullshit n talk legit football u damn clown. We are not getting a damn QB to all who want manziel. We need D.. Nothing but D and a few good young wideouts and more depth on both lines. Eagles getting Calvin Pryor. Howie will try for JBYRD but won’t pay him crazy, that said Pryor it is. But if he’s gone u have Dix and n hopefully Gilbert.. Telling u.. Pryor is the next troy/dawk/ Taylor esk type safety..

    • Silencer, if you were so brilliant, you’d realize, that Troy & Taylor were CBs, not Safeties.

    • Silencer,
      I have been talking about Calvin since early January and like him big time as a Player and feel he’s a perfect fit for the Eagles ..
      and when did Isay I want anything to do with QB Johnny Manziel..
      I don’t even like the guy and think he has minimal Talent to last in the NFL for more than 2 Years and will get selected high due to the hype of
      “Johnny Football”

  • The nfl combine allows scouts, gms to become lazy and has otherwise permitted geeks like roseman to man executive positions at the highest level since by judging talent at the combine, which is based almost strictly on numbers, the only requirements scouts need is to not be either deaf and blind

    The combine is also a safety net for gms with no real scouting ability, it’s safe for them to invest a high pick in the draft if the prospect grades out like Tarzan, but plays like Jane. See Mike Mamula, Mr half a sack but first round combine warrior

    Its much like scouting has disappeared in baseball, with wanna be jock sniffers drafting pitchers largely on radar readings

    On top if all of that it is degrading, standing in your underwear, looking at your build, measuring hands

    Real scouts don’t need combines to figure out who can play in the nfl

    • if you could just take a peek into Jeff Lurie’s voluminous notebooks you would understand that Howie Roseman is by far the best talent evaluator in the building, LOL

  • Dware is 31, but can still ball and is one of the best edge rushers to lace them up. (hurts for me to admit this) I don’t see him signing here in philly, I see him signing back with dallas or signing on with a contender, if hes released as a cap casualty..

    • I stated back in January that D Ware would be a Cap-Casualty and all of you told me I was crazy… Cowboys are a Salary-Cap mess and D-Ware just does not really fir their 4-3 Scheme very well..

      • and he no longer can ball as you say.. He’s getting old, taking a lot of snpas, has continual issues with his Elbow/Should which makes him play with one good arm half the time… He’s from Alabama and I can easily see him signing a Deal with teh Atlanta falcons which is where he has a lot of Family,etc…

        • C’mon Paul nobody disagreed with you. Dware is the definition of wasted talent and soft. Fuck that guy.

      • DWare isn’t who he used to be but hes still disruptive when healthy

        • Which was 3 Years ago JH,
          .. Out with the Old, In with the New… “father time” waits for no one..
          anymore with the Speed,Strength and the hellacious collisions
          NFL Players have a 4 Year Windo at excelling.. After that, it’s all downhill unless you that Special Talented Player that makes up less than 2% of the NFL 1500 PLayers or so or unless you are a QB..
          But a RB, WR, OL,DL, Secondary.. Give them 4-5 Years and it;s downhill which is why I never sign any Free-agent over 29 Years Of Age,, Only so much wear & tear on a mans body…

  • ouch~! my linebacker convert to SS from USC wish list Dion Bailey looks slow at the combine. Help! need some secondary prospects in the 3rd round at strong safety to fill in my wish list?

    • Here’s a couple to check on that playerd Strong Safety in College

      Craig Loston – LSU (5-11′- 218lbs – Projects as a 3rd ROunder)
      Ahmad Dixin – Baylor (6-0′ – 212lbs – Late 3rd/4th Rounder)
      Isiah Lewis – Mich State (5-10 212lbs – 5th Rounder)
      Hakeem Smith – Louiville (6-0″ 192lbs – 6th/7th Rounder)

      Deep Under the Radar
      Deon Furr – Ft Valley State (6-2 215lbs – 7th Rd/Undrafted Free-Agent)

      • I agree on Lonston Pman. Mentioned him a few weeks back and think that if we can get him in the 3rd round that would be a good fit.

  • Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks an NYG of the world really make the Mannings and Bradys of the world irrelevant. Manning threw 100 tds and 2 ints last year until he faced a elite defense with a pass rush as did Brady. While Wilson tjrew for 150 yards a game same as Kapernick and won a SB and made plays. So i guess the stats really dont mean much unless you can do it vs the elite defenses.

    • If you want to beat a team with an elite defense you need an elite defense of you own – Which is why Carson Palmer beat the Seattle Seahawks and Tom Brady and Payton Manning could not.

      • Why would you need a elite defense vs a qb like Wilson or Kapernick who throw for 150 yards a game?

        • Seattles defensive players already told you playing vs a Kapernick and his mobility is much more difficult to defend vs a statue like Manning who if he gets pressure is useless. Hence the blowout vs the Broncos and the the nail biter vs SF.

          • Of course – because the Seahawks strength is their defensive backs playing in man coverage and turning their back on the QB. Sure they have more trouble with a running QB.

            But, two of their three losses came to teams that held them to less than 20 points.

            I don’t understand what your point is…. Are you saying the Seahawks and 49ers win on the strength of their QBs?

            Are you saying a pocket passing QB can’t beat the Seahawks? If that’s what you are saying then explain how Carson Palmer threw 4 picks and the Cardinals stingy defense still beat the Seahawks?

            • The same way a 32nd ranked defense in Dallas dominated our offense. The same way a 3 win Minnesota team blew our doors in. It happens from time to time. Thats how Arizona beat thm.

              • Maybe just maybe what this means is the QB position is not the most important position in the NFL maybe it means that the best overall team wins and that teams that focus entirely on building around the QB has it wrong. I’m just saying.

        • You need a crunch time Qb who can make plays in the clutch and critical moments of a game. Who can take advantage of good defensive play when the defense forces turnovers in key games. This is how Wilson and Kapernick have won playoff games by taking advantage of their excellent defenses…this is what McNabb did for us in winning playoff games…we dont have that Qb here and that will be clear by the time anyone begins talking about a new contract for Foles!

  • The Eagles may ship Foles to a Top 5-10 team and draft Manziel… Now that would be insane…

    You don’t meet with a guy if your not interested in him. Manziel had what 6 teams meet with him, eagles being one of them, and with the eagles picking at 22 had no business meeting with him, or do they? Remember Chip recruited Manziel, he wanted him in Oregon. He chose Texas A&M instead…

    Seriously expect anything, Foles is a good player but he could be GREAT in a different offense.. Maybe a West coast style offense, but not this offense that Chip runs where that zone read is so important..

    I like how Chip made the best of what he had this past year. This offense made a lot of guys look good, guys that looked average in previous years, lets be honest. Riley Cooper average and Foles a year ago looked average. Could it be that Chip is just a great coach?

    I like Foles, but no he doesn’t fit this offense 100%, just 80-85%. Chip wants to employ the zone read.. Who better than Manziel could run this?

    • Nick foles can run chip Kelly’s offense better than john manziel. They probably have john ranked much lower than most “experts ” do and interviewed him because they see it as possible that he will be there when they pick.

      Remember the entire world had Geno smith as a top 10 pick this time last year?

      • No he cant…simply because he cant run the read option. All of the stars fell in aligment for Foles last year and we still could not get a playoff win! The best offensive line and running game in the NFL with the best running back in the NFL going against the weakest teams in the NFL…Foles padded his stats like he should of…if the Eagles have the slightest chance to draft Johnny Football…they should grab him immediately…the kid in this offense, with his mobility, moxie, and football IQ would give us a much better chance with this tougher schedule that the immobile Foles

    • for the sake of Vinnie- i hope this does not happen

  • So I suppose they’re going to package Barkley in there too. Because he’s a pocket passer too and can’t run any read-option offense either 100% either.

    No point keeping him around..

    That would be a great move. Trade a guy who set records and performed great in the NFL…along with his pocket passing backup…

    then draft a 5′ 11″ party boy who can run around and get pulverized by NFL DEs

    Awesome plan.

    • Im with you vinnie… the problem is not the QB.. yawn… the problem is the D.

      It never gets old.

  • Why meet with Manziel if your sold on Foles? I need this answered..

    Lets see, Chip tried to recruit Matt Barkley while at Oregon, Barkley chose USC. So Chip got the opportunity to draft him and it was a value pick for sure but he also liked his game for years..

    Now the same is true with Manziel. He likes Johnny Tackle, lets be clear about that. Chip tried recruiting him. Now he and eagles reps interviewed with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a trade to bring him to Philly.. Or maybe they think Manziel will slide to the teens.. Either way, they obviously have a interest in the kid..

    Remember too, yes Foles played out of his mind last season and I like him, but hes not who Chip drafted. Hes not Chips “guy”..

    And too, never trust when a GM goes out of his way to praise a player.. Noone up to this point said Foles was the guy, even Chip didn’t. But here comes Howie, the guy who makes the trades and handles the cap etc etc.. Its a bargaining chip.. (no pun intended)

    Foles cant run the offense 100% just 80-85%… Chip cant do everything he’d like to do with Foles in there… If you have your guy here, you don’t meet with a high profile QB like Manziel.

    This tells me that theyre not completely sold on Foles…

    • Maybe GM Roseman wanted to gauge Manziel’s Leadership/Maturity and
      ask him about Teammates WR Mike Evans, LT Jake Matthews..

      • Was thinking the exact same thing Paul

        • Yeah that’s the reason. Hell why interview any of the players you are interested in. Interview there teammates. If I want to know about Mike Evans why would I talk to him I will talk to his QB. Damn I guess the Eagles have now revolutionized the interview process. lmao. They interviewed Manziel to find out about Evans. Just ask his college coaches. They should of interviewed Taj Boyd to find out about Watkins. lol

          • In the past they have interviewed plenty of prospects they had no intention of drafting – One year they interviewed:

            Eric Berry, Cam Newton, Ziggy Ansah, RGIII, – doesn’t MEAN ANYTHING!!!

            It’s just some more nonsense to write about ; a waste of typing energy. They are NOT drafting a QB in the first 3 rounds period.

      • I considered that but it doesn’t make sense because they could have easily scheduled an interview with each of those guys individually.. So that’s not it either..

        Chip likes Johnny. We cant dance around it. Hes like Johnny since his HS days. He like his skill set, leadership, heart, toughness, arm and legs. Period.

        Coaches don’t go into meetings with players asking about other guys they played with.. That’s disrespectful to the prospect they’re interviewing and senseless when they can interview those guys themselves..

  • We’ve all seen the best running smurf run many different offenses including chips now some of you blockheads wanna do that again. Wow

  • Wow revis island maybe traded again wonder what the birds could offer!!!

  • This may not be that big of a deal but during the Pro Bowl, on the last drive, Foles had an opportunity to bring them back and win the game. What happened? Well those guys on the DL were closing in on Foles so fast and he had no choice but to take the sack or throw it away. Team Sanders loss that game, and I mention this because what I feared and mentioned on here before about him reared its ugly head.

    The main thing being his footwork need improving. Hes very robotic in his movements. Its almost like his feet are stuck to the ground. I like Foles but I saw it again at the Pro Bowl…

    I just don’t think he fits this offense all the way.. He just doesn’t. Hes better suited for a different style offense, not this one,(he’d be great in New England or with the Bears and certainly with Andy and the Chiefs, those styles of offenses)… One of the reasons why they met with Johnny Football..

    • Your hot today…Jon Hart..although I wouldn’t use the Pro Bowl …the point is well taken…he just doesn’t fit this offense and I dont think he really inspires a lot of confidence in the locker room and the Coach is not all that confident in him either.

      • Hot air… I spent just as much time in the eagles locker this season as you, I talked to each and every player just as much as you and in none of my conversations with them and the never mentioned to me that nick didn’t inspire him. I know you went to dinner with chip on Saturday and talked about this because when I went to dinner with him on Sunday and had the conversation,,, he never said he lacked confidence in nick… I wonder why they say that stuff to you but not me

    • oh u mean the same pro bowl where nick Foles won the MVP in a losing effort? where he gave his team the lead with 1 minute left in the game? where he outperformed cam newtown? where he outperformed drew Brees? where he outperformed Phil rivers ? outperformed luck? where he was the only qb out of 6 to not throw a pick?

      absolutely moronic point of reference Jon hart.

      nick Foles after taking the lead for his team in dramatic fashion with 1 minute left lost the lead once again due to poor special teams and defense. then got the ball back at the 25 with 30 seconds and 1 timeout and still got his kicker in fg range. absolutely moronic to criticize him in that game. he didn’t take any sacks on either of the final two drives and unlike the mobile quarterback cam newtown who was sacked 4 times he was sacked once.

      your stooooopid

      • It means zilch. When rushed his feet and legs are stuck to the ground and when he tries to run away, forget about it, he looks like hes running in slow motion..

        My point was already made.

        Open your eyes pal, this offense would run better with a guy that fits the mold of what Chip really wants. Nick isn’t who Chip tried recruiting or even drafted. Yea he drafted Barkley, but he also recruited him. There are things about Barkley he really likes.

        Nicks not his “guy”… He likes Johnny Tackle Football. If he has the opportunity to draft him he will..

        Btw, if you knew anything youd know that Cam Newton showed this past year that hes not a running qb. Your the moron, having man love for Foles so much that your stupidly ignoring the fact that Foles is too slow to run this offense. Im a Foles fan too but idiots like you are so biased that its almost unhealthy..

        Get over it, Foles has holes. A lot of them, and 1 main drawback to committing to him fully in this offense is his lack of speed. Hes robotic and slow. There is only but so much you can so with your mind or arm.. Case and point Peyton Manning in the SB getting bullied and steamrolled… He couldn’t run away..



  • Bull crap! If Foles is your guy why would you subject him to endless speculation about his job? Chip Kelly has repeatedly sent hints that he is not big on Foles and going to interview a high QB like Johnny Football is further confirmation. Jon Hart is on the money….leadership, heart, toughness, arm and legs…Johnny has more to bring to the table than Foles!
    I dont think we will be able to get him…I think he is not going to get past the top 5 and we wont be able to put a package to get him….but if he somehow starts to fall…we should indeed grab him!

    • Why subject him…. He is going into his third year at $700k per…millions of dollars are on the table that’s why. Every time chip says Foles is great it adds years and millions on the table. Why would he pigeon hole himself… Coaches always do this shit
      Why look at Manziel… It’s the nfl off season, teams send out misdirections, lies, bullshit and misinformation all day everyday

      • Not a good reason haveacigar

        It doesn’t add up and im looking from your perspective. Chip recruited Matt Barkley, just like he recruited Johnny Manziel. He never recruited Nick Foles. Just saying…

        He likes who he likes.. Johnny has everything that he wants in a QB running his offense. The most important part of running this offense isn’t just having the mind like Nick Foles does have or just the arm, but you have to have excapability and able to run the zone read effectively…

        Chip said he wants this offense to go even faster, he felt they were moving too slow. You think Foles can go any faster? Lets be serious here and not biased because you like his height or his hair or whatever else..

        • He was talking TEMPO numb nuts! Well the good thing for chip if he follows your dipshit thinking he can always coach USC in a couple years when he gets canned.
          I hunk he is too smart for that… He will and has adapted. One thing I know about coaching is that a system can be and should be modified for your talent, just adapt to your terminology.

        • Remember….the Eagles met with RG3 and traveled to West VA to meet with Geno Smith. Come draft day, they paid him no attention as he sat in the green room looking like Jahr Jahr Binks. Meeting with Manziel is nothing more than due dilligence and an opportunity to experience meeting with him. Nothing to it.
          Ron Jaworski said he wouldn’t touch Manziel in the first 3 rounds. Wow!

          • lmfao best post of the day eagleshaslanded! jar Jahr binks!

          • Jahr Jahr Binks???? BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I couldn’t have even came up with that one! CLASSIC!!!!

            • The met RB Charles Sims.

              Obviously not set on McCoy at RB. Kelly never recruited him.

              • From what I’ve read, the Eagles have interviewed players (both at Senior Bowl and Combine) at these positions:



        • ‘not a good reason’…says who? …your ‘sources’ —
          When I met with chip he seemed fine with foles… i guess when you met with him he confided in you ‘everything he wants in a QB running his offense’….

          • They better start interviewing a “Kicker”
            And Reaign Punter Donnie Jones

  • Good News – Deone Bucannon measurables were spot on by GCobb repliers and he looks like everything you all projected him to be.
    The Bad News– he moved up from previous projection boards to late first early second round draft picks no later than pick 40 and won’t last until the #54 pick. The dropoff between Bucannon and the next safety is 40- 50 picks.

    • How did Strong Safety Jimmie Ward from Northern Illinois look
      5-11′ -195lbs and projects as a 2nd Rounder and has moved up the Board since a strong Senior Bowl Week..
      He could be on the Board at #54

      Or Free Safety Ed Reynolds from Stanford 6-1′ 207lbs and another 2nd Round Prospect..

      Ha-Ha Dix & Pryor are gone in 1st Round for sure
      Bucannon , Ward & Reynolds probably all go in the 2nd Round
      Ahmad Dixon,Terrence Brooks, Craig Loston all in the 3rd Round

    • Yeah…I want Bucannon in the second. Eagles need to find away to get more picks to move up.

      • I agree Eagles…seems like for the last half dozen years the Birds have always had a ton of picks, but only 7 this year. This draft is one of the strongest that I have seen in years, and here we sit with only 7 picks. I would love to see us trade some dead-wood scrubs for some picks, but figure that every other team is looking at the draft the same way and guarding the picks.

        • Yeah,they have to find a way though. If Pryor is there, they have to take him as he can play both free and strong safety. If Bucannon is projected to move up,trade down for an extra pick then take Bucannon early in the second.

          • I have a feeling Eagle, that they may draft one or the other – Pryor, or Buchannon – if they sign Malcolm Jenkins. I wouldn’t be mad if they drafted both but playing time would be awkward.

            • They have to get one or the other, as things stand now, I want both. Yes….mistakes would be made early on…but damn, in years to come, it would be an awsome safety corps! If they don’t manage to get one of them, honestly, it will be a disappointing draft for me.

            • Oh…and Cliff,I hope you’re right good brother!

  • I watched Aaron Donald at Pitt a few times this year and felt that he dominated the Notre Dame game and others that I saw. While he is only 285, I see that he also did pretty well at the combine. I think that he is going to do well in this league, but wonder where he will go and if the Eagles look at him as a fit.

    • I like Donald also from Pitt and think he can play the 5 Technique in a base 3-4 and shift inside as a Pass-rushing DT.. Give him2 Years in a NFL stength/conditioning Program and he will be 295-300lbs and has a very quick first coupld of steps and brings lots of energy and penetration..
      I am not sure I take him at #22, but he will go by the 40-45th Pick for sure

      On a side note about the Eagles meeting with Johnny Football
      Remember they may Trade down to a Top 6-10 Spot, then you could use Manziel as a Trading Ploy to move back down and gain some picks back if a Team really likes him.. The Eagles will probably mees with 3-4 of the Top Dozen Prospects just to check them out and keep their options open…

      • Greenfan,
        How did Timmy Jernnigan from Fla State look today ?..
        He’s another high-motor but a little undersized DT for the NFL but could make another good DE in a 3-4 and will need to bulk up once in the NFL

        • Paul, NFL Network replays the Combine throughout the night bruh..

          • Yes Cliff,
            I caught the DB’s last evening and missed the DL & LB
            And hopefully will catch some this week
            My NFL Channel at the house was in & out all weekend for some reason.. Caught the WR’s & RB’s at my favorite Sports Bar Sun afternoon.. This QB Class leaves a lot to be desired
            There is not 1 QB In this Class who is better than Foles for the next
            2-3 Years.. Not a 1 as you & I have said a few times..

            • There is not 1 QB In this Class who is better than Foles for the next
              2-3 Years.. Not a 1 as you & I have said a few times….

              Yeah Paul, there is a serious bust factor in play with some of these QB’s. Johnny Manziel’s hype is uncalled for – Tim Tebow in the NFL, the Sequal.

              I have a feeling one of these late round QB Picks is going to be a steal – Keep your eye on Jimmy Garappolo…..

              • In think there are a couple who can be serviceable as back-ups,
                but not be effective Starters in Year 1 or 2 at their Stage of development..
                Most years, garappolo would be a 5th Round PIck and a good one but with a weak class and so many Teams needing a QB short-term and long-term, Garappolo will now be a late 2nd/early 3rd for sure Pick and I juust don’t see the arm strength at this time to make most of the NFL Throws are required, but he’s a good player, a smart QB, with nice leadership & maturity qualities and a good all-around Athlete.. Jus tthink Eagles are set with Foles for the Short-term and need to address teh Defense,Defense,Defense and WR positions in the First 4 Rounds of Draft

        • Didn’t get to see much today Pman. I was traveling and only got glimpses of the combine.

      • Donald is too small, too short, & has too short of arms, to be either a DE, or a NT in a 3-4. He’s a 4-3 DE/DT tweener. Another Combine baby. Come on man!

        • He reminds me of a quicker Mike Patterson, when he came out.

          • That’s a good evaluation DCar…

        • Yeah DCar, I think you are right, a poor fit for this team. I liked what he did on the field, but his size against NFL players is a concern like you said.


    Peter King mentioned in an article that the Eagles met with Johnny Manziel. Say what? We’re going for Johnny Football? Uh, no. The Eagles have met with all the top underclassmen for years. This began under Reid/Heckert and continues today. Why? Scouts start doing research on prospects in May. They gather all kinds of info and build detailed reports. Underclassmen declare in late December or early January. The team may have done some preliminary work, but doesn’t have as good a feel for those guys. One way to catch up quickly is to make sure you meet with them at the Combine. This isn’t a big deal. The Eagles are just doing their due diligence.

    • Mhenski nobody said they were drafting him we just said it was interesting they interviewed him. Of course the Eagles are doing there due diligence, all the other teams that have franchise QBs are just stupid for not interviewing him. The Eagles are smarter than everyone else. They invented football and it is beyond comprehension that they will ever have another QB in the next 1000 years.

      • actually a lot more teams than reported interviewed him, matter of fact the story is such that only those teams mentioned wanted to be publicly mentioned….

        i know you didnt say we were drafting him but others said if given the chance we would without a doubt, others also said he is a chip quarterback just like they said mike was…

        all teams are not interviewing all guys like the eagles are. and eagles beat reporters are reporting this is standard operating procedure for eagles to interview all the top underclassman so its a non story.

        while i can sense your sarcasm when you write:

        “and it is beyond comprehension that they will ever have another QB in the next 1000 years”

        what is beyond comprehension is that they will waste a 1st or 2nd round pick on john manziel – IT WILL NOT HAPPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. If he drops to the 3rd, maybe just so they could take him, develop him and flip him down the line but I dont think they would even take him in the 3rd. The Eagles are trying to build something here and a quarterback is probably the last of their priorities and/or needs

  • Hey Paulman…good call on the “jason peters trade to the falcons” speculation…

    always can count on you to feed this blog with ur bs

    • Hahaha good stuff shady…

      SN- who is this guy?!

      • probably you

    • My Deal would have been a Better one for the Eagles long term…
      Peters will not see beyond 3 Years of this new 5 Year Deal but I am not surprised and even stated that Peters and his Camp would want an extension and not go into 2014 as a lame-duck Player with
      I lioke Peters and like this Deal but he is going on 32 and probably has 2 top Seasons left as a Top Tier LT

      • Way off Paul.. again

      • Unfortunately paul you were sitting at the negotiation table… we can all make a better deal negotiating against air! this is really a 3 or maybe 4 year deal…. good deal for both sides.

        • Like I said earler, I am glad Jason Peters gets to fiinish his Career as an Eagle.. He’s been one of my favorite Eagles since coming from the Bills..but Eagles do need a succession plan to replace him at LT by 2016 for he’s not going to play forever and RT Lane Johnson is a RT and not ready for LT at the NFL Level anytime soon and may just remain as a RT for his career which is fine also…
          I just look for way the Eagles can improve and obtain more Picks and Peters is one of the few Veteran Players that actually has a High-Value to Return which is why I even mentioned him in my
          “Trade-Rumor’s”.. just like D-Jax who isn’t going anywhere either..

  • And here is the problem with guys like Pman…. stat guys…… “My Deal would have been a Better one for the Eagles long term.”…. yes…. lets trade away 1 of our best players (one of the best in the NFL) for 3 years from now…..

    Pmna- this is the NFL, the eagles could cut ties with Peters 24 months from now and barely have it hurt them at all. OR…. they could watch him walk away 12 months from now and PRAY they land a replacement before then…. silly.

    The eagles, with this move, have locked up their Oline for a while. If there is an Olineman at the top of their board when they draft… fine, grab him… if now…. move along. Great Great move for the birds getting this deal done.

    Peters retires as Eagles 3 or 4 years from now. well done.

    • MY “Deal” was contingent on Moving up to Get LT Taylor Lewan who will be a 10 Year Starting LT from Day 1 and a potential All-Pro for half his Career and yes, maybe you go thru some growing pains in 2014 with Lewan, but Lewan’s upside over a very good LT in Peters, who has 1-2 Top Years over a 10 Young Player is not much of a comparioson and expecially when you compare the first few Seasons of Cap savings on his Rookie Deal..

      I tend to look a little longer-term to build sustained success and get some Trade value when you can… Stay with Staus Quo is fine for most, but I like to look at opportunities for improving,upgrading the Roster and Key Positions for the long-term when I can…
      That’s why it’s called a “Paulman Rumor” …

      • so- your deal would have put a combined 1 NFL season experience for our bookends of the Oline that is charged with protecting our starting QB who has Barkley backing him up??


        Ill stick with a good plan.

        • That’s the Problem with most GM’s Stevo in this day and age..
          They look year to year, season to srason instead of multiple seasons… This is how the consitently good Teams stay at or near the Top is by making some moves to updgrade the overall depth and quality of their Rosters over the long-term…
          again, I like Peters and have been one of his biggest advocates here even when he got injured and many wrote him off.. He’s a warrior and has a lot of eelf pride and a strong work ethic to remain one od the Top OT in the NFL but I if I put my GM hat on can add a a Top 3 Prospect at LT who can play for the next 10-12 Years and add some additional early Round Draft Picks in one of the deepest Drafat in years to replace a 32 Year old , then I have to look at that opposturnity long and hard….
          Taking the Status Quo approach Wins you nothing in the NFL or any other Sport for that matter…

          • how is locking up one of the best LT’s in the game for 5 years a “year to year” thing?

            “Taking the Status Quo approach Wins you nothing in the NFL or any other Sport for that matter”- yup…. and taking a crazy approach instead of the nobrainer lands you guys like Graham instead of the best S in the game.

            • Because Peters is 32 and has 2 more, maybe 3 more years left as he continues to age… And at $10-$11 Million a Season..
              Meanwhile LT Taylor Lewan will be 23,then 24, then 25, & 26 etc,etc making a couple of Million per Season on his Rookie Deal…
              Peters Deal is great for 2014 & even 2015,
              but doesn’t look so good from 2016,2017 & 2018 which he will be retired by then…

              • paul this is really a 3 (and outside 4) year contract for an all pro tackle… tackles play pretty long in this league at a high level— the eagles are trying to win NOW — they aren’t the sixers!!!!!
                what empirical evidence are using to say not so good for 2016? The same evidence you would use to say lewan could be a bust???? lewan could blow out his knee… sometimes you make such ridiculous statements it makes it hard to take you seriously on those rare times that you do make a decent argument!

              • With this idea in mind Paul… why not trade shady?

                2-3 years in the NFL for an All- Pro… and you want to trade him for a rook. Silly.

          • sometimes the best plan Pman is to admit you were wrong.

            • How am I wrong Stevo..
              Because the Eagles decided to extend Peters for 5 Season..
              how does this make me wrong about anything…

              • well- for starters…. because you put forth that he would be traded,,, and wasnt.

                also- because you put for that it would be better to plan for 2016 instead of investing in an all pro for 2-3 years.

          • and of course the problem with internet GM’s is when their deal, which is usually unworkable blows up in their face they aren’t left with a pile of shit! they just move on and be a know it all for another ‘deal’…perfect!

  • Brian Dawkins made this deal. 5 years ago this may have never happened. But letting Dawkins go and still searching for his replacement I truly believed fueled this extension. I guarantee no player at this age has ever received a contract like this for the Eagles.

    • dag- I agree. However…. Dawk was struggling to get on the field at that point and I believe him leaving actually fueled him to show us we were wrong. I- to this day- wonder if he would have retired a bird 1 year later if he stayed.

      All in all- all this deal does is give the Eagles a LT for 2-4 years with little change in his year to year salary. AND…. we dont have to try and draft a LT early.

    • they gave tre thomas a similar deal and runyon.. it is a very common deal for a solid tackle in the nfl…. happens all the time.

  • >>>>>>> breaking news<<<<<<<<<

    Jharts source just told me that actually the birds want Cooper of Jmak.

    Pman says " See, i told you so…. except for that short period of time when I said the opposite, I knew this all along".

    to which Vinnie says- "Mike Vick sucks."

    to which GmCliff says- "TELL ME YOUR PLAYERS!!!!"

    • *over

      • Good One,,
        For the Record, I want Cooper over Maclin and would have no problem of Maclin moving on in Free-Agency..
        It just would mean the Eagles having to Select a WR in the First 2 Rounds which is fine by me…
        IF Eagles Sign Both Maclin & Cooper, then a WR can be Drafted in middle/late ROunds..
        If Eagles do not sign both Cooper & Maclin,
        then they are in Touble at the WR position for 2014 and not only would have to Draft one early, but would probably need to sign a Free-Agent WR to give them some experience behind D-Jax & Maclin

        • Ill take either at a fair price.

          With all the FA WR’s floating around out there, the eagles DO NOT NEEEED to draft one high. BUT… if the guy they want falls to them… i trust Chip to grab a guy he can use for years to come.

          This Draft will be about getting the best players.. no matter where they fall. However…. i still say they land a CB, SS or OLB early.

  • Report Eagles and Riley Cooper close to multi year deal with Maclin and one year deal not far behind.

    • great!

      This means that our O will be intact for next season (tho we need a backup QB and possible a backup RB)

      This means that they can focus FA on D and see what falls to them in the draft.

      If all of this happens and the birds land a FS starter, draft a OLB, SS, OL and a speedy WR… how happy would you all be?

      then after the draft they find a backup QB.

      happy days ahead.

      • This also demonstrates that the Eagles want to bring back the weapon Foles is comfortable with as a safety blanket go to guy. Wanna keep that QB happy!

      • the beard is about to sign a deal too.

      • Release, Restructure or Trade the Following
        WR Jason Avant
        TE James Casey
        DE/OLB Brandon Graham
        RB Bryce Brown

        They have to keep Trent Cole for 2014 or else take a huge Cap Hit
        I give Vinny Curry & Todd Herremans 1 more Year before cutting
        ties with both Players, unless Curry really steps up

        Go out and get a Veteran SS in Free-Agency
        and LB solid in Pass-Coverage and a DT stout against the Run

        Then Draft Free Safety,CB, LB, WR,OL, DL & Returnman,Scat Back
        in the Draft

  • Cooper resigning?? Interesting.

    Foles and Barkley at QB and the addition of young, Cooper, Ertz, Lane Johnson……

    I knew Kelly was friends with Belicheck, but I didn’t think he’s turn onto the Eagles offense into the Patriots so quickly…..

    • I damn sure hope not. What have the Patriots done lately except bring in questionable character guys and choke in the playoffs. I hope that’s not the model.

  • The Eagles interviewed Manziel and I hope Roseman make a move to get em.

    That would actually be a great move for the Eagles.

    • I see it’s ‘internet time’ at the state mental institution

      • LOL….Exactly!

      • Pudding, & internet time.

        • yummy!!! PUDDING!!!!!! I LIKE PUDDING!!!

    • Dream on BUDDY!!! LOL
      There’s no starting QB spot open here…Howie Roseman 02/21/2014.
      No midget QB’s that will be hurt by the 3rd quarter of games!!!

  • Smoke screen songs, you like manziel as much as you like Foles, but he is unobtainable so to gain some cred here or to wash away your prejudice you clamour for manziel like that fraud kool breeze

    You are a smart man songs, but you ain’t fooling me

    And manziel will be a very good nfl qb, but the eagles already have one

    • Smart man? You believe somehow that his transparent racism is somehow ‘smart’ … Really you take his grammatically incorrect agenda as smart…yikes!

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